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Carrie L.

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To obtain a position with potential for growth and contribute to the overall suc
cess of the organization.
Utilizing professional knowledge and problem solving skills with room for advanc
ement and career potential.
Promote and market the company maximizing income potential. Service customer que
stions, problems and concerns. Educate motivate and lead others to provide excel
lent service and produce results. I am Computer literate familiar and proficient
with Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook.
2007-2010 State Farm Bank First Line Supervisor for Pre and
Post Closing
State Farm Bank is a virtual bank based in MO and an enterprise of State Farm Co
rporation. The start up of State Farm Bank was in 2007 servicing all 50 states.
When I started, there was no post-closing department. There are four different
sections within this department. Post Closers, Collateral, Trailing Documents an
d Secondary.
a My responsibility as the Post Closing Supervisor was to create the department
hiring the right people for the right positions.
a I trained and developed all four sections of Post closing on federal laws, sta
te requirements, state specific documents and company policies and procedures fo
r all 50 states.
a An important obligation of mine was to handle all customers, attorneys, title
companies and other departmental issues including escalated problems.
a I created reports monitoring scorecards for closing and post closing employees
a Suggested alternate solutions to achieve the closing and post closing needs of
a I came up with ideas and suggestions to save costs for the company resulting i
n thousands of dollars.
a Helped create and integrate departmental reports for supervisoras and manageme
nt to track daily, weekly and monthly business profits and losses in departments
a Traveled to corporate creating presentations and presented to different depart
ments on (A positive attitude workforce, How to handle external and internal cus
tomer issues, Building morale and tips for supervisors on how to get the most fr
om their employees.
1998-2007 First Franklin Financial Closing Manager/ Post Clo
ser/Closer/Doc Prep.
a Responsible for hiring and supervising of closing department and post closing
in Illinois office
a I was instrumental in start-ups of satellite offices for MN, MO, and WI.
a Relocated to MO supervising, creating and hiring personnel for closing and pos
t closing department covering all satellite branches.
a Traveled to other branches I trained employees on lending policies and company
procedures for each state. This included the training of employees on federal r
egulations and state specific regulations within the closing and post closing de
a Acted as liaison between corporate and branches.
a Maintained and audited for quality control of executed loan documents to ensur
e accuracy and compliance.
a Supervised and regulated daily wire transfer and checks from and to various ti
tle companies and attorneys.
a Researched and approved title companies with proper liabilities insurance and
updated information yearly.
a Approved all Power of Attorneyas and transactions.
a Worked with Brokers and underwriters regarding all stipulations so funding wou
ld be in a timely manner.
a Maintained all daily, weekly and monthly reports for closed and funded loans.
a Responsible for the processing of loans and document preparation for final app
a Ordering of appraisals, title work, and verification of employment.
a Coordinated closing dates with title companies and borrower
1997-1998 Direct Mortgage Partners Inc Closing/Post Closing Managers
a I managed a closing / post closing department of 5 support personnel
a Responsible for staffing, educating and evaluating personnel
a Supervised funding of loans and intervened with all closing and funding proble
a Handled daily wire transfers with corporate office and warehouse line to title
a Maintained quality control of executed loan documents through delivery with
corporate post closing.
a Responsible for ensuring that all post closing issues were handled promptly an
d properly
a Prepared all weekly and monthly reports on closed/funded loans
a Worked directly with Branch Manager, and Operations Manager establishing proc
edures for compliance and providing excellence in service and production t
hat resulted in making Oak Brook the #1 branch in just 10 months.
1996-1997 Cityscape Mortgage Corp Closing/Post Closing Manager
Managed, selected, developed and evaluated a staff of 6
a Coordinated closings for brokers and lenders
a Had sign off authority to assist underwriters in clearing conditions; pre and
post closing
a Liaison between funding personnel and brokers
a Traveled to Corporate Office attending meetings, preparing presentations, sett
ing goals and expectations for Branches.
a Handled all post closing issues with Corporate Office
a Prepared weekly and monthly reports for closed/funded loans
a Trained all new employees on all company products in market
a Designed and implemented a training manual for various state specific products
a Ensuring that closing documents were prepared correctly

1995-1996 Third Federal Financial Closing/Loan Processor

1991-1995 Crestar Mortgage Capital Corp Closer
1988- 1991 GE Capital Mortgage Loan Processor

Available upon request