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For you company I can utilize my strong background assisting the Project Manager
with all jobsite-related tasks.
I would be responsible for all construction-related activities including the fol
a Supervise and coordinate all craftsmen and subcontractors in the execution of
the work.
a Monitor Quality Control a" Ensure compliance with project plans and specificat
ions through direct supervision, communication with Architect, Engineers and Own
a Jobsite Organization a" Monitor material deliveries to correspond with project
schedule and Owner approved staging plans.
a Schedule Coordination and Maintenance a" Monitor project schedule and provide
updates to keep construction on track.
a Monitor and Enforce Jobsite Safety a" Provide direction and leadership in main
taining a safe work environment.
I bring decades of experience to your company. I began work as a Superintendent
in 1997. I have been responsible for the supervision of all company craftsmen
and subcontractors in the execution of my projects. Also included in my job des
cription were competent monitoring of quality control, jobsite organization, sch
edule coordination, maintenance, and most importantly enforcing jobsite safety.
Prior to working with private large construction in 1997 I worked in carpentry a
nd moved on to owning and operating my own residential and commercial constructi
on business for 15 years.
a Cabelaas, Lacey, WA - $35 million a" 2007
a South Seattle School district- $10M 2009
a Wal-Mart, Bonney Lake and Yelm, WA - $15 million a" 2006 and 2009
a Janet West Housing, Bainbridge, WA - $1.2 million a" 2004
a Meridian Condos, Bainbridge, WA - $17 million a" 2004
a Navy Exchange, Poulsbo, WA - $11 million - 2005
a Environmental Learning Center (LEED certified), Bainbridge Island, WA - $42 mi
llion a" 2002-2003
a Cherry Hill Mortuary, Poulsbo, WA - $7 million - 2000
a Kitsap Community Credit Union, Port Orchard, WA - $4 million - 1998
a Walgreens #10995, Tukwila, WA - $2.1 million - 2008
a Park Hill Multi-Family Housing, Issaquah, WA - $12 million - 2001
a Reikie Mixed Use, Seattle, WA - $8 million a" 2001-2002
a Security House Renovation, Seattle, WA - $2.5 million - 2000
a University Child Development Center, Seattle, WA - $6 million - 2003
a Walgreens #12497, Renton, WA - $2.4 million - 2009
a Timberland Mason County Library, Hoodsport, WA - $2 million a" 1997
a Turner Pease Building (historical renovation), Seattle, WA - $4 million a" 200
a Old Bellevue Apartments (multi-family), Bellevue, WA - $10 million - 1999
Wal-Mart Storm Water Professional
WA State Storm Water Management Certification
OSHA 10 Certification
OSHA 30 Certification
Hazardous Waste and Handling
Fire Watch
Department of Defense Construction Certification
LEED Certification Training
Corporate Strategies and Management Training
Project Presentation Training
Behavioral Safety Training
Sexual Harassment Awareness
Competent Person Scaffold Training
Performance Management
Mold Awareness
Don Cunningham, Graham Contracting, 206.729.8844
Rich Franco, Principal, Mithun Architects, 206-623-3344
Dave Goldberg, Architect, Mithun Architects, 206-623-3344
Dana Warren, Project Coordinator, Warren Company, 206-749-9484
Tom Hawkes, Owner, Hawkes Electric, 360-426-9955
Mike Farr, Owner, Advanced Interiors Inc, 253-891-8138
John Glennon, Owner, Lakeridge Plumbing & Mechanical, 425-821-8773
John Erikson, Owner, Malibu Corp, 206-780-9731
Bill Reddy, Member, Bainbridge Housing Resources Board, 206-842-1909
Frank Ambrey, Senior Project Manager, Rafn Company, 425-702-6600
Fishing, Hunting, Baseball, own children's activities, and home improvement pr
One of my fondest childhood memories during the each holiday season was Lincoln
o Anticipation of getting started
o Looking a pictures: Preplanning
o Getting stuck; Asking for help; working together to resolve roadblocks
o Satisfaction of a job well done and pride in accomplishment