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2538 Crestview Dr. John A.

Casselman 630-851-5843(Home)
Aurora IL 60504 312-954-8850(Work)
Professional career spent in a face-paced environment where I am responsible for
directing technology strategy, consulting with department heads and working as
a trusted advisor for the business. My responsibilities include ensuring that th
e application architecture and technology blueprint supports the needs of JP Mor
gan Chases Retail Brokerage Group and all of its underlying business units, cust
omers and partners. Responsible for supporting system needs for multiple lines
of operational business units including Insurance, Brokerage and Mutual Fund Wra
p. I am also responsible for managing day-to-day assignments of developers.
MBA in Business-Marketing from Benedictine University. BS in Computer Science
with a minor in Business Economics from Benedictine University.
Summary of Professional Experience
Systems Development Manager Chase Investment Services Corp.: (JP Morgan Chase A
pril 01-Present)
Over 18 years of systems development with 9 years of experience architecting a
nd delivering highly scalable and high available solutions to solve enterprise l
evel business problems using well known industry proven technologies and strateg
ies (J2EE and Windows based).
Strong Analysis/Design skills concentrating in Straight-through Processing sy
Deep understanding and experience in technologies related to Brokerage and the
Investment management related business.
Thorough knowledge of enterprise level tools and technologies required for App
lication, Systems, Data and Information Architecture and Development.
8 years as a hands-on manager of application development for the Investment Ma
nagement side of JP Morgan Chase. Currently managing 10 developers and 5 consul
tants. Responsibilities include yearly reviews, salary adjustments, recommendat
ions for promotions and managing day-to-day activities. Responsible for working
with systems engineering staff to help set the technical and architecture direc
tion for JP Morgan Chase Securities Corporation and other Businesses within IMG.
Consistently shown the ability to manage several different projects at the sam
e time. Responsible for project planning and process management.
Managed the systems development life cycle during implementation of a high pro
file workflow project supporting JP Morgan Chases Brokerage Back Office. The ap
plication was developed using IBMs Workflow Process Choreographer as the workflo
w tool and Blaze Advisor 5.1 for rules engine processing. The application was b
ased on a J2EE/Oracle environment. Straight-thru processing of Mutual Fund tra
des , New Accounts and Account Maintenance. Responsible for project planning an
d process management. Directly responsible for allowing the LOB to cut dedicat
ed FTE by 1/3 saving millions of operational dollars.
Technical lead in merger and integration decisions representing JP Morgan Chas
e Securities Corp. Responsibilities include reviewing both the technical archit
ecture and business processes for several different organizations within Broker
Dealer Support Services. Ultimately, the decisions were made on surviving platf
orms and business processes. This project will save the combined Bank One and J
P Morgan Chase millions of processing dollars per year.
Managed the systems development life cycle during the implementation of a high
profile project, which took in vendor daily, feeds from 8 different vendors sys
tems and validated, transformed and loaded them into the banks central customer
information system.
Managed the entire project life cycle for a project that integrated new accoun
t related documents into the account open flow. Utilized fax server , indexing
tool and IBM workflow tool. The system created a back office environment which
is virtually paperless.
Represented JP Morgan Chases Retail Brokerage business during a business proce
ss review for Brokerage operations. Several mergers have dramatically increased
the workload of Back-Office operations. The purpose of the review was to stre
amline processes where possible and incorporate workflow and imaging to increase
efficiencies. As a result of this process 10 new major initiatives where defin
ed and started.
Managed vendor relationships for Brokerage Clearing Company, IBM and various o
ther systems hardware and software companies.

Systems Development Lead(JPMC 4/95-01)

Lead design and development of a straight through processing facility to post
customer account information from JP Morgan Chases Wingspan Bank to a Vendors cl
earing platform. The system allowed near real time access to brokerage applicat
ions for external customers. The system was built using Unix/Oracle/C/Pro-C/DCE
environment. Managed the creation of an intranet system for operations support
functions utilizing Visual Interdev, Oracle 8.15, MTS, Visual Basic for BO, DO
and Visual SourceSafe. Led the project team consisting of 3 developers, 1 busi
ness analyst.
Managed full project life cycle for the development of system which captured 1
5 flat files from a vendor parsed through them and posted data to a SQL Server 7
.0 environment utilizing DTS. . Lead the project team consisting of 3 develope
Managed/coded the creation of a data warehouse for Wingspan Investment service
s customer information. Involved capturing data from several sources and postin
g it to the warehouse on a nightly basis. Managed the process of selecting a re
port-writing tool. The tool allowed internal customers to query and report on t
he data in the warehouse whenever they needed to. Visual Interdev, Oracle 8.15,
MTS, Visual Basic for BO, DO and Visual SourceSafe. Lead the project team consi
sting of 5 developers, 1 business analyst.
Managed the development of a Customer Service / Account Acquisition system. T
he systems included customer call tracking, maintenance, prospect management and
fulfillment. Utilize Active Server Pages for GUI presentation. Oracle and MTS
as the Data service.
Managed the development of an Online Application processing system, allowing c
ustomers to enter application data and open accounts real-time. Utilize Active
Server Pages for GUI presentation. Oracle and MTS as the Data service.
Managed/coded full project life cycle for Brokerage Commissions processing sys
tem. The system provides commission detail reports and payroll feed for 250 bro
kers as well as management reports for sales managers. The completion of the sy
stem reduced processing time from 1 week to approximately 1 day. The system ut
ilizes a SQL Server 6.5 DBMS with a Powerbuilder 6.5 GUI for ops and an ASP GUI
for the brokers in the branches.
Managed/coded full project life cycle for creation of brokerage back-office wo
rkflow system. The system provides a method of transmitting service requests fr
om any brokers PC in the 400-branch network to back-office brokerage operations.
Request completion times were dramatically reduced. The system also produced
powerful managerial reports detailing the turn-around times for operations to co
mplete the requests. The system uses both Oracle and SQL Server as its DBMS, Fi
lenet Visual Workflow for the work flow monitor, Powerbuilder 6.5 as the GUI for
operations, and ASP for the GUI for brokers
Managed/coded quarterly releases of Brokerage New Accounts/Contact management
application. Organized and helped prioritize requests coming in from the busine
ss managers for enhancements to the system. Allocated staff to work on releases
. Planned integration and distribution of new release. Powerbuilder 6.5 as the
GUI, SQL 6.5 as the DBMS. Middleware piece for communications with Mainframe.
SNA for communication link with vendor.
Programmer/Analyst(First Chicago 04/92-95)
As a Project Leader on the Account Analysis system my responsibilities include
working with users to improve and upgrade the Account Analysis System, project
tracking, work distribution. The system reports monthly corporate accounts ser
vice charges. Upgrading the system from a System/36 environment to AS/400 relat
ional database environment. Mainframe system requests for Community Banking Grou
p. Creating new jobs and producing reports or files through SAS and DB/2.Manage
d 2 major systems conversions to support bank mergers.
Programmer/Analyst(First Chicago 04/92-95)
As a programmer/analyst I was responsible for the analysis of business problem
s and finding innovative ways to solve them through Mainframe and AS/400 technol
ogies. Programmer/Analyst through the full system life cycle of a warehouse/dis
tribution system. The 2-year project utilized AS/400 technologies such as Synon
/RF hand held scanners/Bar coding/RPG etc.