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Road to Nowhere

The sound of the worn tires and the powerful moter filled theenviroment. Just
some meters before the finish, Shepard was driving his car in the last position.
He tried to make a decent race, but almost all cars overtook him. He was the
last to see the flag. He drove to his box. He got out from the car with an angry
face. Some mechanics spoke with him, however, he did not pronunce a word.
He removed his helmet slowly and he stared at it for a moment. He threw it
violently to the floor. Shepard had lost every single trace of motivation to drive
The skywas empty of clouds; futhermore, Shepard had no clear future. He
reached his house some hours later alone. His chief, Frank was waiting on the
• Hi Shepard. How is it going?
• Shut up, I’ve got nothing to say.
• But, Why are you angry? You’re an excellent driver.
• You must be mistaken.
• Your father was a nice driver, but you are even better.
• I was in the last position. I tried to make an effort. I should leave racing for
now on.
• You are designed to race. Your blood is made up with fuel.

Both of them entered in the house. Frank sat in the sofa,that wasin the centre of
the room. He looked at the walls while Shepard was in the kitchen. Articles
coming from different newspapers were pasted. They talked aboutBort,
Shepard’s father. Some years before, he was an important race driver. He won
almost all races and some international championships:
• Shepard, will you follow his steps?
• I won’t win anything, I don’t have his technique.
• You are his son
• Yeah, but... he’s dead now.
• Let’s take a walk.

Frank and Shepard walked through the city to the circuit. They continued
speaking about Shepard’s problems. When they reached the circuit, Shepard
wanted to return home, but Frank stopped him:
-Now, put your helmet on and take your car.
-I don’t want to do it.
-I’m your chief, and I’m your friend. This would be good to you.
-No, no and no.
-Put your helmet.
- Do you want to laugh at me?
- I just want to help you improve.

The motor started to burn fuel throghtout the road.After a few minutes, Shepard
continued with bad times per lap. He had stupid mistakes driving the car. He got
our from the car:
-As you see, Frank,I’m not a nice driver. What do you want?
-Your father wouldn’t lose the hope. He would practise till he could be the best.
- Stop naming my father!
- Ok, Okay, return to your car.
- Tomorrow, now I have to do some shopping. Tommorrow, at 10 o’clock in the
- Can I trust you?
- Sure.

Shepard went to a supermarket to buy some products to have dinner. He

thought about how he had treated Frank before in the circuit and he felt bad for
it. He was not motivated but he started to think that he could be as his father.
Later on, he found some people in the street cheering at him with banners. He
couldn’t defraud his supporters. He watched the news while he was having
dinner at his sofa. Some hours later he went to sleep and he set the alarm
The sun was shining and Shepard was happy. It was the first time that he was
happy to drive cars, not even when his father took him to his box. In the circuit
was Frank and another person:
-Hi Shepard. Are you ready to begin? This is Rafael; he will be your trainer
today. Now, I have to go to a meeting. See you later.
-Bye for now Frank.

Shepard was quiet for a moment. Rafael was a tallman, around two meters. He
though that Rafael was better for basketball, not for racing. Rafael told Shepard
to sit down adn watch some videos.After three hous Shepard was ready:
-And remember, the first to use the break, the last to leave the curve.
-Let’s do it.

At the same time, Frank was returning, to the circuit. He saw how Shepard was
driving, like a real professional. No mistakes. Frank thought that he was
preapred to participare in the next grand prix, the next week. Shepard stopped
his car, and Franl clapped.They wnet to a localbar to celebrate it.

Shepard continued training every day. The day before the race, Frank spoke
with him about Bort.
As the other days, the sun was on the top. Shepard got up early in the morning.
And as the other days, he went to the circuit. But today, it was different; he
could be a great driver.
The circuit was full of people, conming from everywhere and shouting in a loud
voice. The other twenty-three drivers were in their boxes. The system was
simple; the positions were selected ramdomly by a computer. Shepard had to
star in the ninth position. Twenty minutes later,the cars were in the road, ready
to fight for the victory.
The light was red. The tension of the drivers. The motores were ready.
Green.They started to drive their cars along the circuit. The fisrt laps were easy.
He managed to overtake some cars and get the third position. He had to go into
boxes to refill his car with fuel for the last laps. After returning to the road, he
had a gap of five seconds with the second car. He used all his technique to
recover it. Ten laps to go; Shepard’s car was behind Mr Valvedian’s car. He
didn’t commit mistakes and he overtook him in a chicane. The first place was
held by Pochetino Balboni.
Shepard thought that the glory and the duty were for the winner. Nobody
remember who was the second man to reach the moon. So, he continued
pressing the accelerator. Shepard heard a strange sound come from the motor.
A white smoke appeared with no solution for Shepard. The car didn’t work and
he had to stop it. He couldn’t win the grand prix but he was ready to race.

Javier Pérez Paniagua