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Douglas J Willis

Ballentine Blvd.
Norfolk, VA 23509 US
Phone: 757-572-9608
To serve a business that is in need of the experience that I have acquired and q
ualities of which I personally possess To work in a professional yet personable

My proven abilities include but are not limited to: Leadership (helping people t
o stay on task and accomplish the goals assigned and staying aware). Team Membe
r Participation (the ability to work within a group setting).
Computing, Communication, I have the ability to converse across gender, racial,
social economic, and other man made lines

Employment History
Special Events Security
04/15/2009 Present Event Staffing Inc.
Secure perimeters, check for contraband, check for
Access passes, direct to proper contacts, provi
communications and information, clear closed off
escort persons, protect property and persons
Norfolk, VA
Lead Security Officer
09/2006 - 06/2008 Securitas Security Services Austin, TX
Responsible for the safety and security of the persons and property at the ass
igned post. Assured the proper accessibility in and out of the facilities. Ope
rated/ monitored/and or inspected the safety equipment at an assigned post. Supe
rvised those assigned under me.
Roving Security Officer
11/2003 - 09/2006 Allied Barton Protective Services Austin, TX
Received better job offer at a post from this company. Responsible for Safet
y and Security of posted areas. Supported multiple sites as a roving officer.
Inspected sites upon assignment. Lead roving officer.
Armed Security Officer
05/1991 - 10/1992 ABM Security Austin, TX
Responsibilities included the safety and security of people and property as we
ll as the different places I would be assigned. I greeted and answered question
s of the public and advised them as to directions or the buildings operations as
it would relate to them. I oversaw move ins and outs. Parking lot patrols wer
e a priority.
Senior Officer 2 Correctional Officer
11/1986 - 04/1991 Travis County Sheriff Dept. Austin, TX
Responsible for inmate control in regular units until advanced to officer supe
rvisor in a work release unit. Assisted the Sergeant in charge of the work rele
ase facility as lead officer. Assigned task to my crew. Conducted shakedowns
and searches. Counseled inmates and applied disciplinary measures as set forth b
y policy. Assisted in restraints, led trainings, conducted and assigned patrols
, attended and called meetings. Conducted shift change information pass on. Pa
rticipated in disciplinary board meetings. Checked with inmates employers. Ove
rsaw feedings and visitations as well as activities.
Federal Corrections Officer GS-7
06/1985 - 02/1986 Federal Bureau of Prisons Bastrop Bastrop, TX
Responsible for the custody and control of inmates. Oversaw the safety of all
persons on the facility. Protected all things on the property. Transported in
mates from place to place. Shakedowns of all locations on the facility. Search
of visitors and inmates. Oversaw visitations, Controlled activities in the liv
ing areas. Long distant commute from Austin for my troubled vehicle at the time.

Armed Security Officer

08/1979 - 07/1980 Security Guard Services Inc. Austin, TX
Responsible for the safety and security of the tri-buildings of the IRS, Treas
ury, and Veterans Affairs. Patrolled the interior and exterior areas. Notified
and noted unusual occurrences. Search of property and persons coming and leavi
ng the facility. Stopped unauthorized activity. Greeted incoming persons.

Military Police/ Correctional Officer

07/1976 - 07/1979 United States Army Fort Hood, TX
Trained in Basic Law, Leadership, crime prevention, and many others related sk
ills. Responsibilities included: Inmate control and care. Leading daily (day s
hift) exercise, arranging transport of inmates when called for. Advanced to Act
ing Sergeant of the Max. Physical control at times. Disciplinary recommendation
s. Advanced once more to Charge of Quarters the 256 MP Company was the main comp
any to many branch military police companies that functioned also after hours.
These companies personal often had to run issues by me before I would have to wa
ke up the companys Captain. I often had to make decisions. The position also in
cluded being Charge of Armory.
Education History
Completion Date Issuing Institution Qualification Course of Study
06/1976 Lake Taylor High School General High School Diploma
06/1976 Norfolk Vo-tech Center Vocational School Certificate Air Conditioning
Refrigeration Plumbing and Heating
11/1976 U. S. Army Military Police School Vocational School Certificate Basic
12/2003 Southwest Texas State U (Texas State ) 3 Years at College Directing/Th
eatre /minor in social work
04/1989 Austin Community College Associates Degree Radio, Television, Film, S
ociology, Communications
Certification Title Issuing Organization Completion Date
Correctional Officer Federal Gov. 01/1980
Armed Security Austin Community College/TX State Police 08/1979
County Corrections Travis County 11/1986