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Jon H.

415 Euclid Ave.
Erie Pa 16511
Phone: 814-460-9002

To gain employment somewhere I will have the opportunity to learn and grow over
a long term career.
Superior Toyota 07/13/2009 07/02/2010
Assistant Service Manager:
Greeting and needs assessment of incoming customers, schedule and walk in manage
ment, scheduled follow up, tech hour management for team of 4-7 techs based on t
heir objectives, warranty follow up and authorization paperwork, data entry, app
ointment scheduling, management of team, goal and objective setting tracking and
management, pricing needed repairs, explaining repairs and maintenance to custo
mer, selling said repairs, ordering special order parts, tracking the arrival of
special order parts and scheduling customer when parts arrive, work with Reynol
ds and Reynolds as well as many on line resources, understanding and servicing c
oncerned customers during largest recall in Toyota history, keeping up with an e
ver changing market place i.e. model yr. and changes in them, on going testing a
nd evaluating of said knowledge, very fast paced problem solving, opening and cl
osing of the shop.
Bankers Life and Casualty 06/01/2008 06/30/2009
Insurance Agent:
Cold calling, client follow up, field prospecting, customer service, policy serv
ice work, client interviews and needs assessment, explanation of product as pert
aining to clients needs, appointment scheduling, time management, keeping curren
t on taxation as well as Medicare and Medicaid laws, continuing education, maint
ain licensure of all Health and Life products, training new agents, data entry,
logging of clients, sales, presentations, and mileage.
Erie Concrete and Steel Supply Co. 04/01/05 06/01/2008
Warehouse Man:
Identify grades of steel, Inventory control, order filling (keeping on schedule)
, use of cut torch, do-all and hyde-mech saws, caliper, micrometer, tape measur
e, and over head cranes.
As fill in supervisor- dispatching, shipping and receiving, time studies, invent
ory control, deliver work orders (deli gate), schedule decisions (over time\extr
a days), oversee all work being done by a crew of twenty.
Carter Lumber 03/01/2003 04/01/2005
Outside Sales:
Cold calling, managing lead list, lead generating, trade shows, customer follow
up, customer service, purchasing, inventory control, new product research, new a
nd existing product presentation, organize vendor base, set up meetings between
prospects and vendors, organize sub-contractors, construction estimating of resi
dential and commercial properties, manage employees in the load building and del
ivery process.
84 Lumber Ashtabula Oh. 10/01/2001 03/01/2003
Outside Sales:
Same responsibilities as Carter Lumber other than as follows: in charge of all s
hipping and receiving and a much lager part of general building maintenance.
Nissan of Erie 02/01/2000 10/31/2001
Lead generating, present product- feature\benefit vs. objections, customer\lead
follow up, customer service, inventory knowledge, market knowledge, product cert
ifications, and some finance.
Gary Miller Inc. 08/01/1997 02/01/2000
Same responsibilities as Nissan of Erie other than as follows: initiate dealer
trades, order inventory, receive inventory, training, sales team leader.
Unicom Wireless 02/01/1997 08/31/1997
Sales/ Management/ Trainer:
All operations of the Cleveland store- hiring, scheduling, corporate sales, insi
de sales, account set up, phone programming, light phone maintenance, order inve
ntory, lead gathering, lead follow up, basic accounting, data entry, and market
Country Fair 12/01/1995 02/01/1997
Assistant Manager
Employee scheduling, store upkeep, order inventory, receive inventory, cash depo
sits, inventory quality assurance, bookkeeping, data entry, accounting, training
, comparative price check, hiring and firing.
Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Edinboro Pa
Earned Credits: 30
Major: Marketing

Skills, Qualifications and Achievements:

Automobile sales:
Certified salesman in various makes and models
Outside Sales:
Certified in the sales of many construction or construction related products.
Certified in estimating residential and commercial buildings.
Assistant Manager:
Received many awards for customer service, quick thinking, under budget man hour
s, and low shrink.
Insurance Agent:
Licensure of all Health and Life products, rapid advancement to customer service
team as well as training team, completion of Winners Edge and Building the Prac
tice seminars.
Assistant Service Manager:
Toyota certified in service management as well as parts specialist, many classes
and seminars involved with said management incl. technical knowledge as well as
sales and management, one of the highest service parts sales index scores in th
e entire region (proving my dedication to customer service before after and duri
ng the sale).