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Joshua G.

Evans (785) 312-0980

15619 South Brougha
m Drive, Olathe, Kansas 66062

Complete understanding of Accounts Receivable process
13 years customer service/sales/collection representative
Effective use of computer/web-based research tools
Knowledgeable in Customer Relationship Management
Proven Leadership Capability
Demonstrated Communication and Training Skills
Ability to Focus on Important Process Details
Graduated December 2000
Bachelor of Arts-Music
Graduated June 2008
Master of Business Administration (MBA)
American General Finance 06/2008 - 05
Financial Representative
Take applications for real estate and non-real estate loans, issuing checks and
deciding if the application needs to be sent to underwriting
Calling delinquent accounts and resolve these issues.
Interact with retail business' and setup contracts with them.
Receiving payments in office and prepare documents for auditing
Chrysler Financial Overland Park, KS 08/2006-06/2008
Customer Service and High Risk Collections
Responsible for resolution of outstanding Accounts Receivables
Perform research analysis and ensure information is accurate and correct.
Effectively interact with clients to ensure proper resolution of all accounts.
Ensure efficient utilization of company resources by meeting all job requirement
s on time.
U.S. Army Darmstadt, Germany, Iraq 02/2001-02/2005
Multi-channel Transmission Systems Operator
Installed, operated and maintained multi-channel, line-of-site, tropospheric
scatter communications systems, communication security devices and associated eq
Requested logistical support for radio, vehicle, and testing equipment.
Gathered statistical and operational information daily for communication systems
Diagnosed faults using testing equipment and training manuals
Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers (BOSS) President
Responsible for the welfare, recreation and community services supporting 5,000
single soldiers in the greater Darmstadt area.
Planned recreational trips for 80 soldiers
Coordinated local volunteer work for soldiers including the Special Olympics and
the German-American Festival.
Acted as a liaison between soldiers and higher command authority to ensure the w
ell-being and success of the soldiers.
Maintained a budget for the fiscal year and held numerous successful fund-raisin
g events accumulating over 5,000 dollars.
Coordinated and managed a successful team of personnel responsible for the histo
ry, finance, recreational, community service and fund raising committees.
Spoke to all incoming soldiers (over 3,000 personnel) about the opportunities th
at BOSS has to offer them.
Represented the Darmstadt BOSS community at the U.S. Army Europe BOSS conference
and presented and overview of the Darmstadt program and received an award for t
he BEST BOSS installation in the U.S. Army.
Represented the Darmstadt BOSS community at the ALL ARMY BOSS conference in Wash
ington, D.C.
Line-of-Site Communications Supervisor
Supervise operations and assist 12 technicians in the inspection, operation and
maintenance of multi-channel, line-of-site, tropospheric scatter communications
systems, communication security devices and associated equipment.
Prepare and distribute daily status of equipment and radio communications for op
erational and statistical reports from observations of soldiers under my command
Set up antennae for line-of-site with a 99 percent Successful Bite Rate for 12 m
onths during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Counsel personnel on a monthly basis to review job performance and recommend fur
ther training, awards, and/or advancements.
Ensure that soldiers comply with standard safety measures including use of prope
r safety equipment and safety procedures.
Relay information of maintenance, line of communication changes, and timelines t
o soldiers.
Teach classes to soldiers on methods of procedures based on training manuals.
Escorted and supervised Iraqi workers in repair and reconstruction of numerous p
rojects during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Other Experience
Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant, Brookside, MO 10/1998-01/2001 and 03/2
Customer Service responsibilities
Training new employees
Awards and Achievements
Overseas Service Ribbon
Advanced Individual Training Ribbon
Global War on Terrorism Award
Expeditionary Medal
Operation Iraqi Freedom Award Southwest Asia Service Medal
Good Conduct Medal
Army Commendation Medal (3)
Certificate, Advanced Individual Training, Multi-channel Transmission Systems Op
erator-Maintainer, 2001
Certificate, Morale, Welfare and Recreation, BOSS Program, 2002

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