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Cox Communication Oce

anside, CA
Central Office Technician October 2007 - September 20
El Cajon, CA
June 2009 -
December 2009
o Performed cutovers/upgrades from pre-existing AD
C/ Scientific Atlanta transceiver equipment to new 1GB spectrum C-COR CHP 2000 e
nhanced optical network transceiver equipment.
o Integrated existing network services infrastructure (video on demand, set top
controllers, high speed internet, digital phone, Cheetah/HEC network monitoring
services) into new equipment.
o Performed node splits between existing ADC/Scientific Atlanta equipment and C-
COR CHP 2000 equipment.
o Installed JDSU/Acterna PathTrak Network monitoring systems.
o Utilized spectrum analyzers, optical to RF converters and light meters to test
and troubleshoot all RF and optical network elements.
o Designed how cables such as RG-59, RG-58, CAT 6 and Fiber will be ran with an
eye for the aesthetic.
Scripps Health San Dieg
o County, CA
Wireless Infrastructure Upgrade September 2008 - March 2009
o Replaced All existing Access Points in Enterprise (Qty 500)
o Assisted in upgrade from Cisco wireless network to Foundry wireless network.
o Installed Cisco Switches to proved POE on remote sites.
o Coordinated schedules with Clients.
o Coordinated Man power to meet the install schedule.
o Provide all required documentation for newly installed equipment and decommiss
ioned equipment.
o Decommissioned and cleaned all removed equipment to include: Cisco Access Poin
ts, Bluesocket Controllers, Bluesocket BVMS, Blue view Management System.
Brunswick Zone Lone Tree, CO
Mechanic Operations Supervisor April 2004 - Sept 20
o Trouble shoot, repair and perform preventative maintenance on the GSX pinsette
o Maintain the refrigeration, plumbing and HVAC systems contained in the buildin
o Repair structural damage to sheet rock and siding.
o Keep buildings network system operational.
o Fix computer errors that occur with Microsoft and Micros.
o Run phone and CAT 5 cable when new systems are to be incorporated.
o Order machine parts and janitorial supplies extensively with Lotus Notes.
o Create work forms for my employees using Word and Excel.
o In charge of a five man crew (three mechanics and two
R. Orange Engineering
Denver, CO
Installer/ Technician March 2003 - April 2004
o Contracted to install and decommission broadcasting and audio systems (analog,
digital and high definition) for major businesses and arenas.
o Pulled CAT 5, fiber, coaxial and A/V cables.
o Made and finished connector ends to Tri-X, BNC and fiber by using solder and/
or epoxy.
Qwest Communications Northglenn, CO
Frame Attendant March 1998 - April 2002
o Reviewed and interpreted service orders and all central office drawings includ
ing schematics, wiring lists, wiring diagrams and equipment drawings.
o Installed and performed routine maintenance, analyzed defects, repaired and ma
intained complex equipment such as switching systems, circuit equipment, network
terminal equipment and data/digital equipment by using electrical and/or electr
onic measuring devices.
o Removed or replaced connections on wire distributing frames using wire-wrap, s
oldering and punch down tools per work order specifications.
o Ran diagnostic tests and analyzed defects on various telephone switching equip
ment using volt-ohm meter, oscilloscopes, TBERD, Cable analyzer.
o Worked on telephone equipment such as next level, pair gain, DSL, DSX, UDC and
o Replaced defected PICS and various circuits
o Helped Net Techs and Cable Splicers test cable pairs.
o Received and inquired orders on computer systems such as FOMS, WAFDI, Word Doc
and C Doc.
o Ran and/or trouble shoot DSL, ISDN, Unbundled loops and performed some work on
orders running and provisioning DSO and DS1.
o Trained new and existing employees for Frame Attendant and Central Office Tech
o Completed training for installation and maintenance on cable drops, UDC, SLICS
and PBX. Bringing phone service to the customer.
Colorado Seamless Gutters Denver, CO
Installer/ Foreman January 1999 - June 1999
o Installed house gutters on new and existing residential houses throughout the
Denver Metro area.
o Used ladders and other equipment to hang gutters and downspouts.
o Performed the required work with professionalism, all a while using excellent
customer service skills.
Graduated at Brighton High School in 1998
Initial Frame Attendant Course 7000CB
Advanced Frame Attendant Course 7002C
Network Fundamentals for Frame Attendant 7000CA
Basic Installation and Maintenance Course 16300000
Smith System Driver Improvement Training
SMDS (Switched Multi-Megabit Data Service) 52253
Ron Knight - Cox Manager (619) 997-8072
Mark Donica - Scripps Health Network Engineer
Gene Fletcher - Qwest Manager of Central Offices
(303) 965-0910
3284 S. Acoma Englewood, CO 80110
Carol Giampaolo - Qwest Central Office Tech
(303) 972-2773
4871 S. Jellison St. Littleton, CO 80123
Bobby Voss - Family Friend
(303) 659-6459
690 Skeel St. Brighton, CO 80601