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David M.

1526 Saltbush Ridge Road, Highlands Ranch, CO 80126
Home: 303- 791-2331 Cell: 720-300-6075
Award winning VP and CTO with 20+ years experience building partnerships that re
sult in trusted relationships with team members, business partners, customers an
d executives. Passionate about leveraging technology that enables top-line reve
nue growth and retains customers while maintaining overall profitability. Insp
irational leader who creates a fun, engaging environment that respects human cap
ital and enhances positive company image with community involvement.
2010 CIO Magazine Ones to Watch award winner and Standout award winner for Chan
ge Leadership for proven ability to lead teams and change, drive innovation and
deliver value to the business.
Slashed customer complaints by 90% with transformation of enterprise-wide proce
sses and systems that has led to reduced customer defection.
Reduced overall IT expenses by 50% with new application and data center archite
cture while improving stability and agility to make changes in response to the g
lobal financial crisis and divestiture from a fortune 500 company.
Lead an enterprise-wide Business Process Management (BPM) program that enabled
a 75% reduction in employee expense. This initiative was in response to busines
s imperative to dramatically reduce costs due to the global financial crisis.
Won gold award Global awards for Excellence in Business Process Management and
Workflow representing North America. Case study published in BPM Excellence in
Practice 2010
Crafted sales force and back office systems that differentiated Dex Media for s
econd largest leveraged buyout in U S history by The Carlyle Group and Welsh Car
son, follow-on IPO and ultimate sale to RH Donnelly.
Fiserv Investment Support Services (Fiserviss) / Lincoln Trust Company, Denver,
CO 2006 - present
Provider of financial systems and support for Financial Representatives and Indi
vidual Investors.
Vice President and CTO Managed $18M budget, 30 employees, 25 local contractors
and 30 India resources
Reported to the CIO. Was responsible for development of a new enterprise-wide a
rchitecture in support of the sale and split of Fiserviss to TD Ameritrade and L
incoln Trust Company. Overall responsibility for IT development and data center
including a new .NET portal, Data warehouse, Business Processing Management (BP
M) solutions, new data center and vendor selection.
Established an enterprise-wide BPM program that enabled a new level of collabor
ation and process improvement. The result is a 90% reduction in customer compla
ints, reduced cycle times by 75% and ability to handle work with 25% of the orig
inal staff. Gold Award winner Global Awards for Excellence in Business Process M
anagement (BPM) and Workflow.
Lead a major conversion to a new core trust accounting system using Agile devel
opment. New external .NET portal with SOA architecture. Created active data ware
house that interacted with correspondence management system and BPM systems. In
November of 2009, Lincoln Trust received recognition for this project with the
InfoWorld Top 100 projects award.
Architected and deployed an enterprise-wide data warehouse that has enabled the
company to compete on analytics, including customer profitability and process i
mprovement analysis. Won Computerworlds 2009 Best Practices in Business Intellig
ence awards in two categories; Innovation and Promise in Business Intelligence a
nd Driving Process Management with BI.
Setup offshore development and testing team in India. Obtained a zero turnover
rate in 2 years by developing a deep partnership. Reduced IT development cost
s by 40%.
Successful working in a large complex matrix organization of 20,000 employees a
t Fiserviss. Managed complex vendor partnerships with both onshore and offshore
vendors in India, New York, St Louis and Israel.
Obtained a complete turnaround of a strained business relationship. In 2006, a
n Executive VP stated that she would fire all of IT If I could. In October of
2009, the same Executive VP co-presented with the CIO at the Gartner Business Pr
ocess Summit in Orlando. The title of the session was: Case Study: Business Par
tnership Building, More Than Just Project Delivery.
Architected a new application and hardware environment in support of company sp
in-off that resulted in reduction of overall IT costs by 50%. Setup new data ce
nter at ViaWest and transitioned operations support to third party vendor.
RH Donnelly / Dex Media, Denver, CO 1996 -2006
A public company selling and publishing Yellow Pages, White Pages and leading In
ternet local search.
Senior Director Managed $15M budget with approximately 60 resources
Reported directly to the CIO. Was responsible for development of application a
rchitecture. Implemented business intelligence program to enable performance ana
lysis to increase productivity for operations and sales. Implemented Data Wareho
use Business Intelligence solution using KPIs presented via dashboard.
Challenged to create innovative sales force and back office systems that would
differentiate Dex Media for second largest leveraged buyout in U S history by Th
e Carlyle Group and Welsh Carson, follow-on IPO and ultimate sale to R H Donnell
y. Won Dolphin of the Century award from Yellow Pages Publishing Association fo
r Prep Smart application used by sales.
Architected open system access to core ERP system using SOA enabling content di
stribution for Google and Switchboard. Developed the first version of DEXonline
, an award winning online internet site for local search. Installed Peoplesoft
Financial and HR systems. Developed CRM and eCRM initiatives including e-mail m
arketing, data mining and statistical analysis. Known as a turn-around person fo
r projects in trouble.
Appointed by CEO as Data Czar with responsibility for enterprise wide vision an
d direction for structured and un-structured data management. Developed KPIs fo
r tracking improvements to quality and completeness of data. Enhanced value of
content with new innovative sources. Continually improved the quality of the da
ta. Selected by RH Donnelly CIO to lead business intelligence program.
Implemented Documentum software suite and processes to manage un-structured dat
a. Implemented eRoom collaboration environment for project management, presenta
tion development, and contract negotiation. Automated the data transformation a
nd data quality tools using Ascential ETL tools. Installed scanning, recognitio
n and storage processes. Pioneered development using XP development methodology
Lead the conversion of over 60 independent databases that were of various techn
ologies. Architected a new integrated system. Was also responsible for mapping d
ata from three independent billing systems to the new system. This was accomplis
hed with both onshore and off shore staff in Israel. The success of this conver
sion earned Dex the CIO 100 award from CIO magazine.
U S WEST, Denver, CO 1987 -1996
A public company providing telecommunication services.
Senior Project Manager Managed $4M budget with approximately 50 resources
Director level position responsible for the implementation, enhancement and mai
ntenance of Payroll, Human Resources and Inventory management systems. Extensiv
e internal and external customer management. Developed a phone tracking and con
tact management system for 3M. Effectively worked in a large matrix organizati
on of 65,000 employees at U S West.
Creative approach to maintenance and enhancement of legacy systems earned Maint
enance and Enhancement Programmer of the Year award from US WEST from over 1800
Developed and supported HR applications using CICS and VSAM. Implemented enter
prise-wide Health Care system for all U S WEST companies. Lead efforts for datab
ase design. Supported migration of legacy applications to refined architectural


UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX, Denver, CO - BS Business and Computer Information Systems

CENTER FOR CREATIVE LEADERSHIP Colorado Springs, CO - Leadership Development Pro

2010 CIO Magazine CIO 100 award
2010 CSIA IT Project of the Year
2009 InfoWorld Top 100 projects for Data Center project
2009 Computerworld Best Practices in Business Intelligence for Innovation and P
romise in Business Intelligence
2009 Gold Award Global Awards for Excellence in Business Process Management (BP
M) and Workflow North America
2005 CIO Magazine CIO 100 award
1999 Dolphin of the century award from Yellow Pages Publishers Association
1989 Maintenance and Enhancement programmer of the year
2010 CIO Magazine Ones to Watch award
2010 CIO Magazine Standout award for Change Leadership
2009 InfoWorld Top 100 projects for BI and BPM
2009 Computerworld Best Practices in Business Intelligence for Driving Process
Management with BI
2007 Computerworld Best Practices in Business Intelligence for Innovation and P
romise in Business Intelligence
1991 U S WEST Presidents award for data warehouse project