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SEPTEMBER: Division III coaches are

now allowed to send you recruiting
materials and call on the phone.
OCTOBER: Make sure to check out to find out
what constitutes a core course.
Meet with guidance counselor to set
up a long-term class plan.
DECEMBER: Get to know all the
coaches at your school in the sports
you plan on playing.
FEBRUARY: Introduce yourself to
the training staff and your school’s
athletic director.
MARCH: Start researching colleges
online and in books.
MAY: Sign up for at least two AP/
honors classes for sophomore year
in your strongest subjects.
SUMMER: Take summer school
classes to catch up on any missed

SEPTEMBER: Ask friends or family DECEMBER: Research summer MARCH: If you haven’t already, start SUMMER: Attend on-campus camps
members to videotape you at games camps held at colleges you’re making informal college visits. at colleges.
or meets. Keep a file of your stats, interested in. MAY: Calculate your current core If you have enough highlights from
newspaper clippings, awards, etc.
JANUARY: Registration for most GPA; if it’s low, register for a couple your sophomore year, put together
OCTOBER: Join a couple of extra- summer camps opens (and fills up of AP/honors courses for junior year. a DVD to send out.
curricular activities or clubs. fast). JUNE: D1 men’s basketball and men’s
Check out online college exam Take summer school classes to
Volunteer work always looks great ice hockey coaches are allowed to
daily questions (sat.collegeboard. catch up on missed credits.
on a college application, so find a send you recruiting materials and
com and place to donate your time. call on the phone starting June 15.

SEPTEMBER: All other D1 and D2 NOVEMBER: Scan college websites, FEBRUARY: Create or update your SUMMER: Ask guidance counselor
college coaches are now allowed to looking for athletic department highlights DVD to send to college to send an up-to-date copy of your
send you recruiting materials. D1 questionnaires to fill out. coaches. Remember to give new transcript to the Eligibility Center.
coaches can now call on the phone. copies to your coach.
DECEMBER: Ask your coach to College coaches (except for D1
Give your high school coach copies
assess your athletic talent. Ask him MARCH: Start thinking about and basketball and football) are allowed
of your DVD. Make sure your coach
or her to recommend showcases lining up teachers, coaches and off-campus contacts with you
and the school’s AD have your
and camps for you to attend. counselors to write recommendation starting in July.
contact info, and let them know it’s
letters for you. Attend showcases or camps
OK to give out to college recruiters. JANUARY: SAT exams held in
Register with the NCAA Eligibility January, March, May and June; ACTs APRIL: Keep up with volunteering The Common Application becomes
Center at in February, April and June. Register and extracurriculars. available on Aug. 1 at
and take one test twice or both once JUNE: Beginning June 15, D2
OCTOBER: Meet with guidance
before the end of term. Remember coaches can call you on the phone
counselor to update your class plan. Update your highlights DVD.
to list the NCAA Eligibility Center as once a week.
Take the PSAT (a practice SAT test), a score recipient (code “9999”). Remember to give new copies to
usually held the third Saturday of your coach.
the month.

SEPTEMBER: As of the first day of NOVEMBER: The early period for JANUARY: Completed applications APRIL: Admission decisions for many
classes, you’re allowed to go on signing national letters of intent (for for regular admission are due at colleges mailed and posted online.
official visits (see p. 54). those receiving athletic financial many colleges. The regular period for signing
aid) for basketball and many sports Reply deadline at many colleges for letters of intent for basketball and
Narrow the list of schools you’re begins second Wednesday of the students offered early admission. any sport not listed in February
interested in to at most 10 with the month (11/10/2010). begins the Wednesday of the week
help of guidance counselor, coach FEBRUARY: The regular period for
Applications for early admission are following the NCAA men’s and
and family. Throughout the fall, visit signing letters of intent for football,
due at many colleges by the middle women’s basketball championship
or revisit as many as possible. field hockey, soccer, track and field,
of the month. (4/13/2011).
Meet with guidance counselor to cross country, and men’s water
check the number of courses you DECEMBER: Last chance to take polo begins first Wednesday of the MAY: Reply deadline at many colleges
need for graduation and to fulfill the SAT or ACT and have it count toward month (2/2/2011). for students offered admission.
NCAA’s core course requirements. regular admission; scores from Mid-year transcript supplements JUNE: Graduate from high school on
exams taken during spring term due at some colleges for either time (in eight academic semesters).

may affect freshman eligibility. early or regular admission.

OCTOBER: Take the SAT (Oct., Nov.) Ask guidance counselor to send
or ACT (Sept., Oct.) at least once Early admission decisions for many MARCH: Deadline at many schools final transcripts to the college
during fall term. colleges mailed and posted online for financial aid applications. you’re attending and the NCAA
the middle of the month. Eligibility Center.


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