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Debbie Shanks ds83d2c4@westpost.

9926 North Big Horn Butte
Oro Valley AZ 85737
520-395-6500 cell
520-395-0129 home
Seeking position with a progressive business that provides a positive work envir
onment and encourages continued growth and development both
professionally and personally.
30 Year Healthcare Career History:
Jeffrey Nelson M.D.,F.A.C.S. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 2009-Now
Practice Manager
Implemented New Computer Software & Hardware System-Nextec Software
Implemented Comprehensive Marketing Plan, Developed Practice Image (Branding Pra
Increased Monthly Production up to 50%
Reduced Accounts Receivable while Maintaining 100% Collections
Implemented New Medi- Spa within Medical Practice
Introduced new Equipment, Services and Skin Care Lines into Practice
Improved Retail Sales Revenues through Display, Training and Marketing
Job Responsibilities Included but not limited to:
Daily /Monthly Production, Collection Management and Balancing
Accounts Payable Management & Budgeting
Internal, External, Internet Design and Management
Calendar Event and Promotion Sales Planning
Aesthetic and Retail Supply Ordering and Vendor relations
HR with staff Recruiting, Training, Reviews, Goal Setting & Individual P&L Repor
Front Desk Reception Coverage first 7 Months While Maintaining Management Duties

E-Dental Solutions / Embellir Med Sp: 2007 2009, Tucson AZ

Dental Practice Manager / Med Spa Manager / Administrator:
Left position to move into Plastic Surgery Medical Practice
Created New Company Embellir Med Spa within Dental Practice
Increased Dental Production 85%
Eliminated Dental Accounts Receivable Maintained 100% Collections Each Year
Developed Practice Image, Branding with Comprehensive Marketing Strategy
Designed Web Site E-Dental
Job Responsibilities Included but not limited to:
Monthly Production / Collection Management E-Dental Solutions& Embellir Med Spa
All Practice Marketing for E-Dental Solutions/ Embellir Med Spa
Accounts Payable E-Dental Solutions / Embellir Med Spa
All Treatment Presentations, Front Desk Duties, Customer Service Management (Bot
h Businesses)

Glenn D. Krieger DDS PS 2005 2007, Seattle WA

Dental Practice Manager / Administrator:
Left Position Re-Locating to Tucson AZ with Husband
Increased Production 50%, while Working 20% less days per year
Degreased Accounts Receivable 80%
Hired Associate Dentist so Dr. Krieger could Pursue Increased Lecturing
Job Responsibilities Included but not limited to:
Practice Goal Setting / Budget Setting with Doctor
Monthly Production Management / Monthly Collections Management
Personal Clinical Schedule of Doctor / Practice Management
Managed Comprehensive Marketing Plan

Oak Tree Family Dental Care: 1994 2005 , Seattle WA

Dental Practice Consultant Retained as Dental Practice Manager
Left Position as Practice Sold and Position no Longer Available
Orchestrated Practice Purchase and Merge of Existing Practice to Take a Near
Bankruptcy Practice to 2.7 Million Dollars Annually
This Included: Developing a Business Plan & Recruiting Business Financing
Practice Required the Hiring of 3 Additional Associate Dentists to Handle Increa
sed Patient Care
Job Responsibilities included but not limited to:
Complete Business Management & Planning
Schedule Management & Choreograph + AR Management
Managed / 17 Employees, including FD, DAs, RDH, & Assoc.DDS
Managed Practice Internal & External Marketing
Human Resources / Staff Hiring & Reviews plus, WISHA/HIPAA
Equipment & Dental Supply Purchasing

Optimal Dentistry L.L.C. 19941998 States of WA, CA, OR

Owner/ President Dental Consultant / Dental Systems Analyst:
Worked as a Sub-Contractor for Practice Brokers Specializing in the Selling and
Purchasing of Healthcare Businesses. Responsibilities Included Ensuring Maximum
Business Potential through Profitability, Managed Production, Accounts Receivab
le, Business Marketing, Insurance Contracting, as well as Staffing.
Managed up to 15 Practices at a time throughout WA, CA and OR.
(Client List Available Upon Request)

Education, Specialized Training and Professional References Available Upon Reque