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Blank Chart for Plotting Astrological Cycles

©12-2009 by Donna Cunningham and CJ Wright

Meanings of Houses:

1. First impressions and first approach to 7. Partnerships—personal and business, close,

situations, appearance, image, self- committed relationships, types of people we
presentation, the basic physical vehicle. attract, sharing.
2. Money and ways of earning it, money 8. Sexuality, money you don’t earn (inheritances,
management and attitudes toward finance, grants, etc), taxes, partner’s resources, birth,
things valued more than money. death, transformation, healing.
3. Communication, thinking and learning style, 9. Higher education, advanced studies, religion
siblings and near relatives, neighbors, basic and philosophy of life, legal matters, foreign
coursework, commuting. lands, distance travel.
4. Home and home life, roots, family ties, heredity, 10. Career and long-term goals, how you are
family influence, the nurturing parent, senior remembered, parental authority, bosses and
years. the type of boss you are.
5. Children, romance, creativity, self-expression, 11. Friendship, relationship to peer group, the
performing, leisure activities, gambling and teenage years, group membership, social
other forms of risk-taking. consciousness, activism, aspirations.
6. Work and its meaning, work habits, types of 12. Things that are repressed or hidden, self-
jobs, coworkers and employees, health and defeating behavior, chronic illness, chronic
health habits. illness and care facilities, selfless service,
retreats, spiritual quest.