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Elsie Dorzin 824 Kyomoon Dong Guri-Si, Gyeoonggi-Do South Korea 471-020 Home: 631-247-6466 Self-Motivated individual with a drive to succeed, experienced in retail managem ent and human resources seeks entry-level Marketing or Human Resources position QUALIFICATIONS SUMMARY * Over 10 years of experience in logistic management and customer service, 2 years in retail and human resources Dedicated, detail oriented and hardworking, with an unmatched drive to produce r esults Continually recognized with positions of increasing responsibility for outstandi ng work ethic Strong communicator with ability to motivate diverse groups to work together International orientation: lived in over 12 countries to include 2 years in Sout h Korea, 1 year in Turkey and 2 years in Germany ; language skills include conve rsational French and Spanish Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE JangJa Elemetary School, Guri-Si Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea ESL Teacher (8/2009 - Present) Provide advice and assistance to over 660 students, management staff, school adm inistration and Korean teachers daily Maintain effective relationships with students and higher administrative staff Provide assistance with grammar, punctuation, and oral communication Provide guidance, advise, mentor students and help in the resolution of minor pr oblems Coordinates and manages class schedules, as well as maintaining and grading stud ents' class work, assignments, and papers Enforce classroom policies and procedures Perform administrative duties such as typing, faxing and answering telephones ACHIEVEMENTS Developed and maintained new English Language materials for a total of 1,200 stu dents Created new winter and summer extra curricular activities resulting in a 15% inc rease instudent participation. US Air Force, Ogden, UT Logistic Manager (2/2001 - Present) Maintained and coordinated files contracting support for professional staff Researched and collected data from Defense Logistic Agencies Coordinated communications/meetings between shops including all necessary office functions and document managements

Received calls, visitors and responds to inquiries and make referrals Coordinated and completed all repairable and expendable assets. Received, reviewed and typed correspondence, emails and outgoing mail Dealt with manuals, technical references and law regulations * ACHIEVEMENTS Developed new method of continuity resulting in a 20% time savings when receivin g weeklydeliveries Received ' Employee of the year ' award in December 2002 Responsible for overseeing all database management for mission-critical F-16 pro ject Marshalls Corporation, Ozone Park, NY Operations Manager (8/2007 - 11/2008) Provided advice and assistance to employees and sales floor supervisor in matters related to conduct,performance, attendance, and customer dispute resolut ion Recruited, hired and trained over 40 associates Assigned sales floor supervisors/subordinates to resolve small issues Maintained day to day operations and coordinated proper processing and display o f merchandise Provided guidance and assistance to new associates, who demonstrated leaderships skills, for promotions Scheduled and arranged for meetings, conferences, teleconferences, and video tel econferences and notified employees Took appropriate actions to correct behavioral or performance deficiencies in em ployees * ACHIEVEMENTS Implemented, within first year, stricter regulations of employee's record to ens ure compliance with labor laws and regulations resulting in a passing score duri ng annual audits for the first time in store's history. Reduced office supply expenses by 15% by implementing electronic fax and encoura ging paperless documents and recycling. Established and maintained clean , professional and profitable retail outlet loc ation. Served as impenetrable gatekeeper for storemanager, freeing her to focus on lead ership responsibilities. Target Corportation, College Point, NY Guest service Manager (9/2006 - 8/2007) Drove sales by overseeing the guest service and merchandising of two to three de partments with sales ranging from $100 million Negotiated and administered labor agreements, policies and procedures concerning subordinates Scheduled and arranged for meetings and notified supervisors and employees alike In charge of all travel requests, arranged schedule of visits, made reservations and notify organizations and persons of the visits Provided team with orientation and training, counseling and coaching, and on-the -job support Composed routine correspondences including schedule of appointments and answerin

g inquiries for all employees ACHIEVEMENTS Managed team of over 100 part-time and seven full time employees EDUCATION English Language Arts - Hunter college, New York, NY 2009