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Multi-tasking, results-oriented professional with more than 10 years Highly acco

mplished, versatile and respected professional presenting with over 10 years ext
ensive accomplishments within diverse environments utilizing exemplary managemen
t, analytical, organizational, and people skills. History of accepting full acco
untability for divisional direction and strategic management, development of new
services and operations, and revenue performance and enhancement strategies. Dy
namic leader, consistently achieves outstanding results in challenging environme
nts while building and maintaining strong, loyal relations with both clients and
colleagues. Moves and relates effortlessly across all levels of management.expe
rience in diverse security and administration environments. Effective leader wit
h wealth of knowledge and proven ability to lead and effectively recruit, train,
and manage motivated, culturally diverse, and success-driven teams of highly qu
alified personnel. Innovative thinker with background in new program development
and implementation in areas of training and recruitment. Possess excellent writ
ten and verbal communication, documentation, professional development, and perso
nnel administration skills. Recognized and decorated leader with ability to crea
te and foster efficient and productive workplace environment with exceptional le
vels of interpersonal and team communications.
____________________CAREER ACHIEVEMENTS____________________
* Increased productivity for the finance department and without losing profitabi
* An evaluated, developed and reviewed national and local Health program based o
n regional community needs assessments.
* Directed customer relations, sales promotions, supplies ordering and equipment
maintenance. Hired, trained and scheduled staff.
* Led the life cycle planning of a variety of large-scale and small-scale projec
ts, facilitating all HR, budget allocation, publicity, delivery, and assessment
* Served as liaison with regional manager, vendor account executives, and commun
ity leaders to coordinate store management, sales focus, and community involveme
* Drove strong and sustained profit improvements by controlling costs, and steer
ing stable departmental operations with high employee retention rates
* Provided professional development and training for educators, supervisors and
coordinators in Health and Lifestyles Field while directing civilian, military a
nd volunteer personnel.
* Effectively employ proactive management and problem resolution techniques.
* Supervised and monitored the work activities of subordinates and staff.
* Brought office into compliance very successfully by training staff and impleme
nting policies and procedures, and service standards.
* Streamlined processes and procedures in engineering and facilities design for
Ameritech, including vendor and contractor management, inventory/logistics, cons
truction, procurement, and monitoring/administrating all site, installation, pow
er ant network operations teams.
* Designed setup directions and trained other technical staff to minimize equipm
ent damage.
____________________QUALIFICATION HIGHLIGHTS____________________
* Increased productivity for the finance department and without losing profitabi
* Increased sales at competitor's expense after assessing competitive market pos
ition. Performed sales, marketing, and market trends research, identified and te
sted markets, set-up prospect database, developed marketing campaign, and handle
d follow-up.
* Regularly made sales quotas. Rapidly mastered new product data.
* Maintained responsibility for management of in-store promotional activities an
d advertising materials.
* Maintained responsibility for more than $100,000,000 in products, effectively
managing inventories.
* Managed all aspects of departmental inventory management, including purchasing
and procurement on an international scale.
* Trained staff in new programs, policies, computer updates and product informat
ion. Recruited applicants for management positions. Assisted in several new stor
e openings. Supervised staff of 6 associates providing inventory control, custom
er service, and shipping/receiving.
* Ensured proper staffing to establish high standards of customer service.
* Developed good rapport with clients.
* Consistently met and exceeded sales goals and product quotas.
* Monitored receiving, check-in, and stocking of merchandise to verify accuracy.
* Conducted research on success of security techniques in order to focus on the
most successful strategies employed in the industry.
* Consulted with local law enforcement to increase awareness of crime patterns a
nd assist in investigations.
* Prepared and presented crisis management plan to train other security personne
l on emergency procedures.
* Trained colleagues to present security plans using professional presentation s
* Investigated and analyzed patterns in courier travel to demonstrate security v
* Maintained responsibility for security and appropriate use of equipment valued
in excess of $100,000.
* Mentored and coached team members to deliver quality service and advice to cli
____________________PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUND____________________
2008 to Present - Asset Protection Associate
Wal-Mart , Baldwin Park, Ca
Easily establish rapport with people of all ages, cultures, and beliefs. Develop
ed effective internal controls and always operated within budget. Earned a reput
ation as a valuable and cooperative coworker by: being fair, honest, and willing
to help others when needed; effectively resolving conflicts at appropriate time
s; and assisting new managers and other staff to become familiar with policy and
operations. Helped prioritize work schedules and delegated assignments. Dealt t
actfully and effectively with difficult customers. Demonstrated ability to apply
sound knowledge to diverse applications. Demonstrated effective and consistent
technical support. Compiled reports and records. Computer literate. Developed a
loss prevention department from inception. Compiled data and completed monthly s
tatistical reports. Conducted security-training classes focusing on bomb threat
procedures, emergency preparedness, asset protection, and public relations. Appr
ehended both employees and customers when surveillance proved theft had occurred
. Apprehended suspected shoplifters based on company protocol. Arrested persons
who committed theft, fraud, and forgery. Investigated theft of store merchandise
. Conducted investigations uncovering data and other evidence, and forwarded fin
dings to detectives. Developed sharp observation skills for noticing people, det
ails, and effects. Conducted and organized monthly audits, and maintained CCTV a
nd other security measures. Assisted in management decisions such as check appro
val, refund approval, and using anti-theft devices in historically high-shrinkag
e areas. Implemented programs to deter theft. Ensured safety for customers and t
enants, assisted customers when needed, enforced facility rules and regulations
and assisted law enforcement persons. Investigated theft, fraud, embezzlement, a
nd accidents. Interviewed and hired security personnel to fill vacant positions.
Assisted the team in potentially violent arrest situations. Responded immediate
ly to emergency incidents and security requests. Maintained weekly, monthly, and
annual reports for cash sales, associate purchases, internal and external theft
, cash shortages and overages, audit controls, and on-going investigations. Poss
ess private security armed and unarmed license. Controlled internal and external
shrinkage through loss prevention and apprehension, stockroom, fine jewelry and
service corridor security and inventory control and cash room audit controls. N
otified, collected, and prosecuted people for using misappropriated credit cards
and personal checks. Maintained acute awareness of surroundings. Worked underco
ver to apprehend individuals responsible for theft. Supervised and coordinated t
he activities of 5 store detectives. Demonstrated ability to assess risk and res
pond appropriately.