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Julian Dorsey

Social Studies
Fashion Assignment

When the words “Egyptian clothing” come to mind, the first thing I think of is

practical. Most of it is designed for the comfort of the Egyptians in the hot desert sun. A

lot of the garments in Egypt are made of linen, harvested from young flax shoots. The

fabric can be died with most of the people wearing different variations of white.

All men wear wore some kind of kilt. They are fastened at the waist with a

buckle. Shawls or cloaks can accompany kilts. Women wear long dresses made of

sheaths. Another popular type of dress worn by women is a wrapping of cloth around the

body and shoulder to create a gown. Poorer people’s clothing had poorer quality than that

of the wealthy or powerful.

Oddly enough, both men and women shaved their heads. For what reason, I do

not know. They were covered by wigs of course, but why women when they already have

naturally voluminous hair. Jewelry is usually a collar adorned with beautiful beards and

various types of makeup. The strangest aspect of Egyptian appearance in my opinion is

the fact that men wear fake goatees. I don’t understand why when they can already grow

perfectly suitable beards. Maybe uniformity has something to do with it.

As for what Egyptians walk around in, the answer is nothing. Most people just

walk in their bear feet. Egyptians of higher status of course can wear sandals along with

workers in which foot protection is required. One of the Egyptians’ king or their

“Pharaoh” adorned his feet with leather sandals gilded in gold. Other cases of leather

sandals were reported along with beads and paint. The most ridiculous form of footwear

however, is a sandal where the toe is attached to the ankle strap. I wouldn’t learn to walk
differently just because of a footwear fashion statement.

As for children, rarely do they wear clothes at all. Some of their garments reflect

that of adults’. They are usually bald with one braid on the side of their heads called the

“lock of Horus.”

Jewelry was usually worn by both men and women and consisted of necklaces,

bracelets, armbands, and rings. They are worn for many reasons, manly luck and religion.

They are worn in the afterlife as well and “protect” the dead body from evil. I don’t know

why earthly possessions would need to travel into the afterlife since the person is dead


Overall, Egyptians are smart when it comes to how they dress. They have

somehow mixed function with fashion and I think it works beautifully, although, they

could lay off the whole false facial hair bit. Besides that, I love it.