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THE Publisher takes leave to offer his sincere thanks to
the Officers of the various Vohm~eer Companies who
hav~ so promptly and cheerfully furnished him with
copies of their Muster Rolls of the 7th August, and with
other information relative to the Review. The greatest
care has been taken to insure strict accuracy in printing
the Lists, &c.; and it is believed that with one or two
exceptions, where returns could not be obtained, they
are all perfectly complete an.d···~~~. If, however, any
omission or inaccuracy haf.o:c~~~({i~ will be rectified
in the next edition, if bro~ght }~~-etliately before the
". .' ~ . .. '.;"
notice of the Publisher. . ', ..



phevfing the Po,itiol\.t of the
The Royal~t~~ibnte"s.
-----... 1lotyt'ood. Fa,l""k-, ~1t.

No sooner bad the English Volunteer Review of June 23 become

a matter of history, than every Scotch Volunteer had made up his
. mind that there must be another. The question was never deba.ted.
Every man of us "was wUliu'," like Mr Harkis; and Her Majesty,
who was the Lady in the question, took ns at our word. It was not
jealousy that prompted the desire for a. Scottish Volunteer Review.
Every Scotchman's heart glowed with pride when he read the
stirring account of the Hyde Park display. But every Seotch-
man felt also that it must be his endeavour, as it was his duty, to
shew that his native land had not fallen short in this the greatest
national movement of modem times.
Edinburgh, usually so dreary during the dog-days, presented a.
strange scene on Monday, August 6. Everywhere preparations
were going on. Here werc tons of bread and hundredweights of
beef on their way to the schools and granaries where the VO}Ull-
ttler8 from a distance were to be quartered. There perfect fore~t:'l
of evergreens and roods of bunting were being carted about for the
decoration of ~he city buildings. Not a member of any of the
Edinburgh Volunteer Corps could address himself to anything.
"Wait till the Review is over," was tbe only answer to the most
pressing calls of business. Men proverbial for steadiness and
business-habits wandered recklessly about the principal streetl'l,
seeming to care for nothing, save that occasionally a wistful

eye would be cast at the indicator of an Allervid in an optician's

window. The opticians, by the bye, made up for the idleness of
others by the unwearied energy with which they adjusted tele-
scopes and polished the lenses of lorgnettes, descanting the while
upon their admirable qualities as Review-glasses. Hawkers
in the streets drove a thriving trade ill "medallions, struck by
authority, on'y a penny! " Tailors danced hornpipes of rage and
despair round. journeymen, who denied that" them there huntill'
coats for the Fife gents" could be finished in time; while in the
workshop, the Volunteer movement was spoken of in terms the
reverse of flattering by blear-eyed unfortunates compelled to get
up in the middle of the night to complete the frogging and braid-
'ing of Ensign Sopht's new coatee and inexpressihles.
During the whole day, corps from different parts of the country
were arriving at the various railway stations, and marched to their·
quarters, accompanied by crowds of little boys of that shrewd and
intelligent street class, whose opinions on the efficiency of a c~rps
are rapidly formed, generally well-judged, and always emphatically
expressed. The BreadaJbane men attracted a great deal of notice.
A fine, active, and well-built body of men, they will form, without
question, one of the most efficient of our Scottish Volunteer Corps,
and considering the disadvantages they labour under, lllany of
them having to walk six or seven miles to drill, the progress they
have already made is most praisewort~y. On the whole, the popu-
lace seem more in favour of the kilt than any other dress, the
corps so clothed being always received with marks of· special
It is impossible to speak too highly of the exertions made by
the civic authorities of Edinburgh to provide accommodation for
the Volunteers, and which were only equflled by the kind alacrity
with which public bodies and private inuividuals placed all the
conveniences in their power at the disposal of the Magistrates.
Schools, halls, hospitals, granaries, distilleries, and every descrip-
tion of building, were turned into temporary barracks, where every.,.
thing that could be done was done to insure the comfort of the
men. All throughout, the greatest liberality was displayed, and
no pains were spared to make all the strangers feel at home.
During the whole of Monday, the wea.ther, which is usually only
permitted as an introduction to conversation,. formed the most
engrossing topic. Many sighed, for barometers, On being tapped,
gave indications decidedly of a dropsical tendency, the hand point-
ing steadily to the wrong side of "change." Children, with the
same fictitious pleasure which results from stopping the clock on
a holiday, forced the lady to stay out, and the gentleman to retire
into the house-barometer. But all in vain; the only solace that
could be got was in the wilfully false statement always made in
like circumstances, viz., that the weather is always the exact
reverse of what is indicated by the barometer; and so the fate of
the morrow, the" quid sit futurum cras," was left to the morrow
-to shew.
Towards evening the bustle in the town increased People
crowded to the spots where companies of the city corps were
getting their last finishing touch of drill for the morrow. In some
of the city squares might be seen companies of the' Artisans, in
their working clothes, practising the advance in line and royal
salute. "Present Arms-one-two-three; count the motions in-
wardly, alid stand perfectly steady," says the captain, who knows
his men are being watched by critics numberless from provincial
corps, who are looking on in the crowd Before dismissing, the
men get an admonition about dressing, and touching to the pivot,
and the other "incomprehensible nonsenses" of " How not to do
it," and are further directed to bring with them to the Review
what in battalion orders is facetiously termed" some light refresh-
ment," but which their captain tells them had better be substantial,
as they will be undcr arms for about nine or ten hours.
During the whole of Monday, as well as on the day previous,
the Queen's Park' and Arthur Seat were visited by thousands
anxious to anticipate by imagination the spectacle they were to
see there on the day of the Review. The Grand Stand, about
which so much correspolldenc(' took place, and so many telegrams

were sent, was a very handsome erection, tastefully decorated

with evergreens and banners, and capable of containing about
three thousand persons. A splendid banner, twenty-five yards
square, having the Scottish lion on a yellow ground, was placed
on the summit of Arthur Seat, while other flags and a large
number of bell-tents decorated the inner slopes of Salisbury
Crags. In town all the principal public buildings and monu-
ments shewed flag-staffs, promising a flaming display, while the
hotels, the large warehouses, and all the places of public am~
ment, were wreathed with evergreens and decorated with ba-nners.
In one or two streets halyards were stretched from one side ~
the other, from which floated the national standard of almost
every kingdom of the civilised globe. In several places gM
devices were erected, consisting for the most part of the loyal
.. V. A.," which some of the would-be witty insisted on reading
.. Volunteer Artillery." The labour of }>rcparation was carried on
far into the night; but at length all was ready, and all were
resting to prepare themselves for the greatest day that Scotland
has seen during the present generatiolL
Early on Tuesday the whole city was astir. Thousands, in
holiday trim, were in the Park by eight o'clock to see Her
Majesty drive from the railway station to the Palace, and
these returning to town swelled the throng which already had
begun to move with restless activity through the streets. The
sky was rather leaden, so all that could be done was to con-
sole one's self with the old proverb about" morning gray," wilfully
overlooking the fact that the evening previous had been anything
but an "evening red." Even as it was, every one seemed deter-
mined to carry out Mark Tapley's maxim, and to be "jolly," de-
spite all inconveniences. Irascible old gentlemen, who, on any
other occasion, would have broken their umbrellas over the offend-
ers' heads, submitted to be jostled and pushed about with bland
good humour. Sundry excited individuals, who had got blue or
West-end tickets for the Grand Srond, but who had certain reasons
for wishing to be of Mrs This or That's party, who had white

tickets, eagerly sought an exchange; while it is hinted, though we

don't believe it, that certain parties turned an honest penny by sub~
scribing for tickets, and retailing them, at a Jew's profit, to disap.
pointed applicants.
At last the living stream began to flow deep and strong. From
an early how', train after train brought its freight of Volunteers
and visitors from every quarter. Here and there might be seen a
handsome fellow, with sergeant's stripes on his sleeve, and his
young wife on his arm. How proud she was of him, and how her
little foot beat time to his steady, soldier-like pace! She knew she
had in him one who would shed his heart's blood to protect her;
and what he was to her, that the Volunteers of Britain are to their
native land. And should the day ever come when the Volunteers
shall be called on to stand, shoulder to shoulder, in defence of their
Queen and country, it will then be seen that those are not the.
worst soldiers for whom domestic life has its charms-
.. Smooth amorista azoe roughfl/lt warriors."
Among the many uniforms, it would have been strange if there
had been nothing to criticise; but, of course, every man was ready
to defend his own against all comers. Perhaps it is hardly fair
to speak of the appearance of a dismounted trooper; but it is
impossible to refrain from saying, that the tight breeches and
Hessians of the Fife Mounted (who look so well when in the
saddle) are anything but becoming when seen on terra firma,
and recall t{) the memory Chancer's description,-
.. Ful loDge were his leggea and ful lene,
Ylike a staff, th«e was no calf Y8ene."
N 0 Volunteer, however, will be persuaded that his own is not tlu~
most perfect ulliiorm; so true it is-
.. There '8 no defonnity 80 vile, 80 ~,
That 'tie not somewhere thought a chann, a grace,"
and, therefore, we shall not attempt so hopeless. so thankless a
By about one o'clock, all the corps which had arrived in Edin-
burgh were on their way, to the Park, being led by brass, Bute,

bagpipe, and all kinds of music, good, bad, and indifferent, and
by two o'clock most of these had taken up their positions. So
admirable were the arrangements, that there was no crowding or
delay at any of the four entrances of the Park, each of which had
to afford passage for upwards of 5000 men within little more
than an hour.
The scene which presented it.self to the Volunteers as the slopes
of Arthur Sent burst upon their view, made many a strong man's
eye glisten. The rocks themselves, here rugged and precipitous,
there clothed in rich verdure, so emblematic of the national charac-
ter, are alone an interesting spectacle. But when that noble amphi-
theatre was crowded by the thousands, the tens, ay, the hundreds
of thousands who assembled that day, it was a sight which no
man in that army of Volunteers could look on unmoved. Every
Volunteer saw in that crowd not a mere mass of gaping sight-
seekers, but the representatives of the people of his fatherland,
that people whose nationality, whose property, whose very exist-
ence, might some day depend upon the exertions of thaJ; army.of
which he formed a unit. And every man knew also, that in the
vast multitnde there were those to whom he personally was dear,
whose hearts thrilled responsive to his own; and every man felt
ennobled and uplifted to a sense of the greatness and power of
that unity of love, that national one-mindedness and loyalty which
for centuries has formed the grand basis of Britain's glory and
greatness. And what were the feelings of tllat living mass of
spectators, as they saw thousand upon thousand of their dear ones,
fathers and husbands, brothers and sons, form up in deep solid
columns upon the plain below 1 Doubtless mingled feelings swayed
them. A feeling of wonder, dashed with honest pride,_ that within
little more than a year, so great, so disciplined an army of self-
supporting soldiers could be brought into the field. A feeling of
gratitude to Heaven, and gratitude to those who had devoted them-
selves so unselfishly to insure the safety of their country. But
we are guessing: those who composed that host of spectators can
alone say what they felt.
To tIle lover of the picturesque, nothing could be more encha.nt-
ing than the aspect of Arthur Seat. On the spots more favourable
for seeing the Review, nought was visible but a sea of heads.
The two slopes of the Fairy's Knowe and Salisbury Crags, with
their western precipices, put one in mind of
")Vaves mountnillJl high, all suddenly con!\,,!al'd;"
while far away to the east, thc hill was covered on every spot 110t
too steep for standing ground. The light and many-coloured
dresses of the ladies, contrasting with white petticoats and tlle-
greensward, gave an additional liveliness 00 the scene, the whole
forming a picture inconceivably grand, and which no artist could
attempt to portray. Some of the discipline of the reviewed
seemed ~o have communicated itself to, the onlookers, for there
was nOlle of that confusion alld danger usually concomit8Jlt whh
a large crowd-good humeur seemed the panacea for all troubles.
If two" roughs" got quarrelsome, the bursts·of laughter which the
sight of their fierce visages eliciteu, soon: made them ashamed of
themselves. Little boys deteeted filching pork-pies £rom hampers,
were only chased by an empty soda-water· bottle. Lilliputian
artillery of corks kept popping unremittingly, and~vendors of re-
freshing (1) b~verages kept up a lively business; while gooseberries,
held in inverted parasols, went the round of many'a, party seated
on the grass. No doubt the light-fingered volunteer corps· shewed
their good drill in their usual degage manner, and shaDed the
" loot '} with the honour proverbial in their ranks.
The opposite side of the parade-ground presented a somewhat
different aspect. The Grand Stand, with its decorations} formed an
excellent background for the saluting base, while the tall flagstaff
ill the centre marked the spot where the lWyal carriage would take
its stand. The rank, the beauty, the talent} ann the genius of
Scotland were there worthily represented. The hrilliant and
elegant costumes of the ladies, and the bright scarlet coats of the
military, were well set off against tbe dark shading given by the
civilians, who} let us hope, for their own credit, were-<lr then
and there determined to become--honorary members of some of the

corps which passed in review before them. Ranged on eitber

r-,ide the Royal Bagstafl' were the members of the ancient toxo-
pholite body-guard, whose appearance to modern eyes led one to
('Now, by two-headed Janus,
N hath framed stnwge felloWII in her time! ..
These were under the command of a well-known anti-Volunteer
Viscount, who once enunciated the proposition that no general
officer would command the Volunteers. Some were inclined to
t.hink it strange that such views should be represented on such an
oceasion, and that a body armeq. with so apparently unpractica.Ple
a weapon as a bow, should be commanded by one who denounced
the Volunteers, because in his opinion they were useless. We can-
not help thinking, however, that his presence was intended as an
amende honorable frolll an bonest man, ready to admit a hasty
error j and if so, "let bygones be bygones:" in name of the
Volunteers of Britain we ofl'er him the right hand of fellowship.
Between one and two o'clock tbe sky, which previously had
somewbat brightened, suddenly lowered, and a smart but brief
shower fell, and, tllOugh lasting for scarcely ten minutes, caused
a magical mushroom growth of umbrellas. So sllOrt was it that
it only resembled a threat on the part of t\le watery god, and
served to indicate what he had in store for us bad he been unpro-
pitiously inclined. As it was, when Phrebus-tc superis gratus et
imis"-again shewed his jolly face, everything and everybody
seemed rather the better for the rain than otherwise. And during
the whole of the rest of the afternoon the sun poured down a 11000
of rich, golden light, giving to the whole scene a charm and a
warmth which nothing else could supply. It is one thing to ob-
ject to rain, and another thing to feel the want of water. The
Vohmteers, on ascending the parade-ground from the road, bad to
breast their way against a simoom of dust, which foreed its way
in at eyes, ears, nose, and mouth, with a percolating power incon-
ceivable. The most careful toilet, and the most daintily-brushed
coatee, were almost instantaneously begrimed like the working

clothes of a collier; and all the efforts to restore an appearance of

tidiness, by handkerchiefs and otherwise, proved more or less
abortive. Even these clouds of dust added another to the many
.. e'ffects" of the scene, although, taking all their effects together,
their services might well have been dispensed with. 'l'he only
consolation of the dandies, as they gazed ruefully at their cuffs,
was, that if they were not quite the thing, the Queen would know
the reason why. Horace speaks of some who were fond of dust-
"pulverem collegisse juvat;" how they would have revelled in
delight had they ever come so far north as Edinburgh! There
is a racy grittiness about the dust of Auld Reekie that is not to
be met with elsewhere,and must be felt to be appreciated.
Each corps, on being dressed up to its position, was allowed to
_ stand easy, when instantly there was hauled forth from cartridge-
boxes, pockets, and shak08, the ~ight refreshment spoken of above.
The various good things were bartered and exchanged on all hands.
The man with the hard-boiled eggs gave one for a sandwich, and
another for a bread-and-cheese. The sherry man fraternised with
the possessor of cura~a, and just the least taste of the" cratur" for
a finish, was in great demand. In a very few minutes all was
consumed, and like giants refreshed, the Volunteers began to look
about them, observing with critical eyes the appearance of other
corps on their way to their places in line. " There's Lord Elcho ! "
shonts Sergeant Finesight, the winner of a Whitworth at Wimblt>-
don, as the handsome young Colonel rides past in his drab and·
knickerbockers. And" Who's that?" asks Private Nameless, as a
benevolent-looking old gentleman in tartan trews reins up his
Highland pony to take a look at the sombre ranks of the E. R V.
Private Bytheright is positive it mnst be Lord Clyde, who, he
knows on good authority, is to be present, and thinks Corporal
Halfface is quizzing him, when he says it is the Marquis of
Bread&lbane. An immense amount of chaff was carried on
at the expense of the scarlet staff, who galloped about with
all that apparently meaningless frenzy which is so astonishing to

The position of the troops, when formed to receive Hcr MRjesty,

was thus arranged : -
The Fife Mounted Rifles and the First Brigade of Artillery
011 the extreme east of the parade-ground, facing the west; the

Second Brigade of Artillery, the Engineers, and four Brigades of

Rifles on the south of the parade-ground, facing northward8; the
remaining three Brigades on the west of the parade-ground, facing
eastwa.rds. Each Brigade consisted of four battalions, with the
exception of one or two on° the left, which had only three hat-·
talions. Thc whole force was under the command of Lieutenant-
General Sir George Augnstus Wetherall, K.C.B. and KH., and was
composed of two Divisions, the first consisting of the Mounted
Rifles, the two Artillery Brigades, the Engineer Battalion, and the
first three Brigade8 of Rifles, under the command of Major-General
Lord Rokeby, K.C.B.; and the second consisting of the remaining
four Briga.des of Rifles, commanded by Major-General Cameron,
C.B.: Commander of the Forces in Scotland.

FIRST DIVISION.-The only Mounted Volunteers were the Fife-

shire Company, a fine body of men, splendidly mounted.
The Artillery came next, in the following order : -
First Brigade-First •Battalion-City of Edinburgh (1st-6th),
Northumberland (1st and 2d), Haddingtonshire,,
Durhamshire. Second Battalion - Midlothian Coast (1 st-3.,]) ,
. Cumberland, Berwick-on-Tweed. Third Batt:ili.on-Forfarshire
(6 companies), Kincardine, CaithMsS, 4th Aberdeen.
Second Brigade-First Battalion-Greenock (1st-3d), Ayr:"
shire (1st and 2d), 3d Argyle, Wigton, Dumbarton (1st and 2d).
Second Battalion-Fife (1st-9th), Inverness, 2d Stirling, Nairn.
Third Battalion-Lanark (lst-l1 th).
Engineers-La.nark (1st and 2d), City of Edinburgh.
After the Engineers came the Rifles, in the following order : -
First Brigade- First and Second Battalions-City of Edin-
burgh. Third Battalion-Midlothian (5 companies), Roxburgh

(1 st and 2d), ] st Selkirk. Fourth Bat.talion - Berwickshire

(1st-5th), Haddington (1st-5th), Berwick-on-Tweed (1st and
Second Brigade-First Battalion-Forfar (7 companies). Se-
cond Battalion-Fife (6 companies). Third Battalion-Northum-
berland (1st-3d, 5~b), Cumberland. Fourth Battalion-Durham
(6 companies), Newcastle-on-Tyne.
. Third B1'igade-First Battalion-Stirlingshire. Second Bat·
talion-Aberdeen (6th and 7th), Iflverness (1st, 3d, 4th), 1st
Sutberland, 1st Nairn. Third Battalion-Perthshire (8 com·
panies), 4th Kincardine, 1st Elgin. Fourth Battalion-Sd Perth-
shire, Argyleshire (4 companies), Linlithgow (3 companies).

SECOND DIVISION.-Fil'st Brigade-First and Second Batta-

lions-Renfrew. Third Battalion-Ayrshire (7 companies).
Second Brigade-First, Second, and Third Battalions-Glas-
gow. Fourth Battalion-Glasgow and 1st Bute.
Third Brigade-First Battalion-Glasgow. Second, Third,
and Fourth Battalions-Glasgow and Lanarkshire.
Fonrth Brigade-First Battalion-Lanarkshire. Second But-
talion - Dumbarton. Third Battalion - Dumfriesshire (7 com-
panies), Peebles. Fourth Battalion-Glasgow Southern Battalion.

At three o'clock, the nominal hour for the commencement of the

Review, there were still some considerable gaps in the line, and
people began to be apprehensive that some accident must have
happened to prevent the appearance of the corps destined to fill
them up. But ever and anon, the rolling of drums a.nd martial
music announced the approach of some of the truants, who had
been detained by railway delays, and who marched coolly and im-
perturbably across the parade-ground, as if to carry out the Irish
reading of tempus fugit, "there's no hurry," till forced into a
"double," in some cases approaching to a run, by the goading of
a red-coated aide-de-camp, who galloped frantically at them the

moment their heads popped up on a level with the inspection-

ground. By half-past three o'clock all had arrived, and all was
ready,-the Volunteers in Review-order to salute; the Review-band,
with their instruments' at their lips; the spectators on the tiptoe
of expectation; and away towards the Palace galloped another of
the red-coats, at the most furious pace that heel and spur were
capable of inducing.

WITH her usual punctuality, the Queen was ready before all was
ready for her; so, scareely had the "scarlet runner" disappeared
behind the wall, when a distant cheering, the booming of artillery,
and the straining of the necks of the fair ladies on the Grand Stand,
announced that the Royal cortege was approaching. No cheering
from the Volunteers however. They stand like statues carved in
many-coloured stone, till the unfurling of the royal standard and
the two G's of the bugle give the signal for the Royal salute, when
up go 20,000 rifles and several hundred swords as by magic, and
down they come with the simultaneous ring which tells so forcibly
its own tale of steady and painstaking drill. And while the soul-
stirring chords of our National Anthem swell upon the breeze,
the whole of that mighty host stands mute and motionless, not
in the cringing servility of serfdom, but upright and stately,
offering the free homage of a loyal people to a beloved and cher-
ished Sovereign.
. "Mann kann in wahrer Freiheit leben,
Und doch nicht uugebuuden eein.....
When the bands ceased playing, the whole shouldered arms, and
the Royal cortege proceeded to the east end of the Park, and
passed down the whole line, from right to left, in the following
.. "A nation may be free, and yet the ",-hile
Submiseive etill to rule."

Detachment of 13th Light Dragoons (Troop),

preceded by the Staff-Adjutant.
Her Majesty's Aides-de-Camp.
Officers Acting as Deputy-Adjutant-General,
and Deputy-Quartermaster-General, with
The Queen's Equerries in Waiting,
not otherwise employell.
The Adjutant- The Quarterrnaster-
General. General.
in a carriage and four, accompanied by Her Royal Highness the
Duchess of Kent, H.RH. Princess AIice, H.RH. Prince Arthur.
On the right of the carriage on horseback, H.RH. the Prince-
Consort, on the left His Grace the Duke of Buccleuch, KG.,
Lord-Lieutenant of the County, and Captain of the Body-Guard
of Scottish Archers.
A second royal carriage and four, containing aRH. Princess
Helena, H.R.H. Princess Louisa, H.RH. Prince Leopold, the
Countess of Desart, the Lady-in-Waitipg, attended on either side
on horseback by Major-General the Hon. C. Grey, Equerry-in-
Waiting to the Qu~en, and Lieutenant-Colonel the HoIl. Dudley
de Ros, Equerry-in-Waiting to H.RH. the Prince-Consort.
A third royal carriage and four, containing Lady A. Bruce, the
Lady-in-Waiting to the Duchess of Kent; the Roll. Beatrice
Byng, Maid of Honour to the Queen; the Right Hon. Sidney
Herbert, Secretary of State for the War Department; Lord James
Murray, Equerry-in-Waiting to H.RH. the Duchess of Kent-
attended on either side by Colonel the Hon. Sir C. Phipps, KC.B.,
and Major Elphinstone, V.C., Royal Engineers, on -horseback.
The Lords-Lieutenant of Counties to which the Volunteers
belong, Mounted and in Uniform.
Assistant Assistant
Adj utants-General. Quartermasters-General.
Detachment of Light Cavalry (rroop.)
Her Majesty scrutinised the yarions corps with great attention
as her carri:lge drove slowly past, albeit occasionally the dust_was

almost blinding. The Duchess of Kent and the Princesses seemed

to take great interest in the Review. Our lady readers will, per-
haps, thank us for the information that Her Majesty wore a pale
lilac silk dress, a green silk bonnet, with Maltese lace trimmings
and green feathers, a Stuart tartan shawl, and a white pal'asol with
white fringe. This last she changed for a dark green one, some
say in compliment to the riflemen, ot.llCrs, with more show of
reason, as a better protection against the clouds of dust which
swept across the parade. The Duchess of Kent was dressed in
black. The Princesses wore white straw hats, trimmed with green
,ribbons and white feathers, with light-coloured cloaks and dresses.
The cheers from the hill as the Royal carriage passed down the
front were redoubled, and ran along the thousand-deep line of
loyal hearts from right to left, like a BrobLlignagian feu-de-joie,
being caught up again by the favoured few on the Grand Stand,
as the procession returneu. to its original position in front of the
Royal standard. And now began the real business of the day.
The Review bands, being those of the -13th Light Dragoons, the
78th Highlanders, the 29th Regiment, and the We~t York Rifle
Militia, advanced from the line, and took up Ilo position opposite to
the Royal flagstaff, leaving a sufficient space for the Volunteers to
pass the Royal carriage. Here also the General COlllmanding in
Chief and his staff took their stand. On a given signal the whole
army was put in motion, and the marching past commenced.
The general effect was very striking, as brigade after brigade got
into motion. There was not the gorgeous blaze of scarlet and
gold which gives so dazzling an effect to a review of our regular
troops, but the quietness of colour generally pervading the mass
had a novel and pleasing appearance, and led olle irresistibly to
the thought that, as the movement was so evidently not got up fOl"
show, its continued efficiency and its permanence were the more
to be looked for.
"Was gliinzt ist fUr den Augenblick geboren;
Das Aechte bleibt der Nl1chwelt unverloren."*

, * "What glitters is the creature of a day;

The truly real doth never pass away:'

To attempt anything like a description of the uniforms worn

by the different corps, would be about as easy as to arrange the
colours in a Berlin-wool basket after a couple of kittens had taken
an afternoon's amusement out of the contents. Suffice it to say,
that from the bright scarlet of the Cavalry and Engineers down to
the palest of pale grays of the Dumfries Rifles, there was every
shade of colour and colourlessness that can be conceived. Among
the Artillery, as might be expected, blue was the favourite hue;
while the Rifles, beginning with the dusky gray of the City of
Edinbnrgh,-whicb, with its polished belts, gives to a column
when seen froUl a. distance, the look of a stack of the Earl of
Zetland's best Jewel,-wandered through every variety of gray
mixture, with here and there a patch of green, and an occasional
bright facing or stripe, which last gave a pleasing floral effect to
some of the columns.
To reach the spot for wheeling into the saluting base, as that
line of march is called in which the saluting point is situated,
each column had to pass behind a rising ground which hid it from
the view of the Grand Stand and the other Volunteers; and when
it emerged, it was marching at wheeling distance-that is, each
company was following the other at a distance equal to its own
length. Like masses of ore passed. into the bowels of some
vast machine, and reappearing in solid compact bars, so column
after column was lost to view, to reappear in steadily-moving
straight lines of companies, which mlU'ched. along the saluting
base with a regularity of step that, in most cases, could not be
surpassed. Placed at certain points on the line of march were
pioneers of the 78th Highlanders, and close to these it was the
duty of each officer commanding a company to pass-a very
wise, substitute for the usual flags, which are so easily avoided,
and are generally knocked. down by the first company that
reaches them, "covering" being proverbially the weak point
of Volunteer officers. Not one inch, however, will Pioneer Pipeclay
be induced to budge for all the Volunteer captains in Great Britain.
Not even when Her Majesty's escort, in taking up ,its position.
makes a show of riding him over, does he· move a muscle. So
finn does he stand, that the rasp of the hilt of Captain Dressup'lI
sword against his sporran is heard by the ladies in the Grand
Stand, who, by the by, allege that though otherwise totally motion-
less, Pioneer Pipeclay, like "pallida mors," kept marking time--
.. equo pede "-with his heels t{) the musie of the Review band.
These are not the first volunteers he has seen. He is ope of the
heroes of Lllcknow. Does be give bis adherence to the views of
our Peels and Robertson Gladstones or not 1 One would like to
have a crack (Scottice) with him over a good foaming pot, and
have his views on things in general, and the Volunteer movement
in particular. . Who knows 1-perhaps some day the joint opi-
nions of Pioneer Pipeclay, and Private Tomkins of the Grenadiers,
who performed the same r6le in Hyde Park in June last, may be
advertised to be published, in a neat volume, "suitable for a
Christmas or birthday present." Doubtless they will be well worth
Her Majesty watched the various corps as they flowed by
unceasingly with great apparent delight; She seemed in higb
spirits, and smiled and bowed to the corps as they passed with
more than Royal condescension. The Prince-Consort seemed also
to take a very lively interest in the scene, scrutinising the corn:'
panies, and nodding his approval to the Duke of Buccleuch, with
whom he conversed during the greater part of the Review. The
Princesses, too, seemed to enjoy the whole scene, as did also the
Duchess of Kent, who, we are s()rry to say, looked far from well
What the brilliant staff of officers, many of them be roes of world.:.
wide renown, thought of the display we cannot say, but doubtless,
with the usual generosity of their ctoth, their criticisms would be
lenient and their words encouraging. The people in the Grand
Stand could not restrain their enthusiasm. Even the near neigh-
bourhood of Royalty failed to prevent sundry bursts of applause,
as an unusually good marching company passed by. All the
Highland corps were favoured with special marks of approbation,
as indeed they are on every occasion.

At times Her Majesty must have found it a difficult task to

preserve her gravity, as certain gallant captains, whose faces she
was familiar with in a civic capacity, strode by, their faces be-
grimed almost to the hue of their coats, giving them a comical
air of sternness, ludicrously at variance with the occasion. " Like
master, like men," almost all the First Division presented a sooti-
ness worthy of a band of coal-heavers. And on and on, for about
an hour and a half, rolled that sea of living waves, to the amaze-
ment of the Volunteers themselves, who, from their position in the
ranks, could form no estimate of the vast mass of which they
formed a part.
Each battalion, after its rear company had marched past, closed
up again to quarter-distance in double time; and here the genius
of the lamp, Colonel M'Murdo, displayed his masterpiece!. The
Volunteers as they came out of the saluting base, were wheeled
up, under his direction, into parallel masses of columns, and
passed along to their original ground as soon as it was vacated
by the rear of the whole body, which was still on its way to
march past. In 80 masterly a manner was this manreuvre con-
ducted that the whole of the First Division was formed up on its
original ground in line of contiguous columns, and ready for the
advance in line and Royal salute, while company after company
from the Second Division was _still rising to view from behind the
knoll already mentioned, and moving steadily on past the Royal
standard. Meanwhile, the uninitiated in the Grand Stand were
making all sorts of insane conjectures. The endless lIuccession
of companies seemed completely to bewilder them, one young lady
insisting that" these were the same ones over again j" and an old
gentleman in a white hat protesting that they had walked the
course three times at least.
In all, 348 companies marched past Her Majesty; and, as each
company consisted of sixty men-besides officers-and sergeants-
the grand total cannot have been anything under 22,000 men.
Of these, from 1800 to 2000 were Volunteers from the North of
England, thus leaving about 20,000 as the total number of Scotch
Volunteers who took part in the Review. Such B. result cannot
fail to be gratifying to every Scotchman, and has been cheerfully
acknowledged by all the English press as most creditable to the
zeal and energy of Scotland. Only one paper holds aloof, and.
beyond a contemptible scrap ot telegraphic news, says nothing.
Is it from· constitutional spleen, which will not admit that any
good can come out of Scotland 1 If so,
rt He's quite right, 'tie always the beat way,
&y nothing, whe~ you nothing have to 811.1."
Scotland can afford to despise such paltriness i though-
u It', ~1 in • bocty's power,
To keep at Times from being lIOur"-
for when he does speak, he does his stinging well, but verily his
silence will never slay us. That Scotland, with so few resoQ.rces,
and so limited a. population, should be able to bring together so
powerful a body of men-surpassing considerably in numbers
that brought together by the wealthier and more populous sister
country-is a fact of which no Scotcbman would be a man did
he not feel proud The fact is, when Scotcbmen are roused into
taking up a scheme, they never do it by halves, but go into it,
heart and soul, with an indomitable energy which defies all
obstacles, and a steady, unswerving zeal, whicb insures ultimate
success. And, if in numbers the Scottish Review had rather the
better of the London, how much more did it excel in the beauty
of the spot on whicb it was enacted f Arthur Seat and Salisbury
Crags formed an amphitheatre such as no other city in Europe
can boast, where there was room for all Scotland to look on;
while, instead of the dull leaden sky of June 23, the whole scene
was bathed in tbe light of a brilliant harvest sun. Doubtless tl:e
corps who were so loud in favour of the flat plain ot Stenhouse
Muir, or the corn-fields of Stirling, in preference to the Queen's
Park A.t Holyrood, were converted at the last moment as they
entered the magnificent arena, in which they were to shew, not
their prowess certaillly, but their paces.
But "to return to our sheep:" the marching past, as a whole,

was a success, most of the companies stepping with that firm,

elastic tread and upright carriage, which are so strong an evidence
of good training. In speaking of the good appearance made by
aJl, it would be invidious to particularise, and therefore we shall
mention no corps by riame. At intervals, happily few and far
between, a little wavering was observable, in some cases the result
of an over-nervousness to excel; in others, caused for the most
part by the guilt of some solitary individual, who either walked
pronia oculis, (not marched, for no man can march with his eyes
on the ground,) and thus ruined the dressing, or else contuma-
ciously, in spite of the oft-repeated past admonitions of his
captain, and the present anathemas, not loud but deep, of the
sergeant behind him, would "just have one look at the Queen "
in passing. In almost every corps there are one or more repre-
sentatives of two classes-first, the enthusiastic volunteer, who i~
always at drill. but never learns anything, who will sit on his heel
in his bed-room by the hour, and yet never hit the target; and.
second, the man who is sure he can do it aJl without any trouble, and
therefore never even takes the trouble to do well what he can do.
These are the men who should be put in the front rank, if you
wish to give your company a degagl look. If that is not your
object, get Number One to resign and become an honorary member,
and make the corps too hot for N urn ber Two.
The marching past lasted an hour and forty miuutes, the rate
of passing being about three to four companies per minute. And
during the whole of this time Her Majesty's attention never
flagged. She stood up in the carriage during the greater part of
the time, only resting occasionally, and for a few minutes.. From
a quick-eared lady in the Grand Stand we learn that knickerbockers
were not highly favoured among the Royal party, although we do
not vouch for the accuracy of the fair reporter's notes. Occasion-
ally, as a familiar face presented itself among the mounted officers,
a more than formal bow wa.<f the answer to the salute. Indeed,
t.hronghout t\le whole Review Her Majesty seemed overflowing
TIll: REVIEW. 21

with kindly feeling to the whole of the Volunteers, and to be

deeply affected with the majestic nature of the whole scene.
The bands whose duty it was to pla.y while the Volunteers were
marching past, did their work admirably. Ever and anon, as a
glimpse of tartan was seen in the distance, they gave way to
the pibrochs of the 78th Highlanders, which in the case of the
Breadalbane men was unnecessary, as they strode by with five
sturdy chiels at their head, who blew with might and main, making
some of the staff dance a hornpipe obligato the reverse of digni-
fied, their steeds being generally perfect models of military de--
On entering and passing out of the saluting base, each column
had to wheel to the left in double time; ~nd this most difficult
movement was in most cases performed with a steadiness and ease
at which many of the military men on the ground expressed their
admiration. The movement is one which requires intelligence.
and it is ill this that the Volunteer rises superior to the common
soldier. In everything else which is the effect of mere drudgery
and training, the soldier of the line will always be facile princeps;
but in those specialties of drill which demand a more than ordi-
nary exercise of intelligence, the Volunteer may yet excel Some
of the battalions which were made up of companies from different
quarters, and which had never met before, were, of course, not so
proficient; hut we are speaking of those corps which formed com-
plete battalions from their own ranks.
So admirable was the arrangement above alluded to, by which
the respective corps were brought back to their original grounu,
that not ten minutes had elapsed after the marching past of the
last company, before all was ready for the advance in line, the offi-
cers having taken post in Review order, and the men standing with
shouldered arms. On the signal being given, the whole line ad-
vanced, the Review bands playing. The effect of this was, in one
word, indescribable, and when the whole was simultaneously halted,
and the Royal ~lute given, the silent grandeur of the scene, broken

only by the chords of the National Anthem, sent a thrill of heart-

stirring awe through the assembled multitude. But on a sudden
the deathlike silence is broken, and the pent-np enthusiasm of the
Volunteers breaks forth like the bursting of some vast reservoir.
A cheer, such as only Britons have in them to give, goes forth
with the full power of 22,000 loyal throats;:-a cheer such as old
Holyrood never heard hefore, and probably has heard for the last
time, caught up by the crowds on the hill and. rolled back to the
plain, again and again to burst forth with redoubled energy, until
it merges into one prolonged, heart-stirring, joyous roar, shakos
and caps and busbies being held o'n high on swords and rifles and
carbines, till the whole mass resembles a few thousand yards of
dahlia-props, with the flower-pots on the ends;---.& sight and a sound
probably never to be experienced again, and most surely never to
be forgotten by one of the countless throng who that day ponred
out their ovation of love and loyalty at the feet of a beloved
Horses may be trained to stand almost anything, but a real
British cheer is one of the few things they are never well up to,
simply because cheering cannot be got up for the purposes of
training. Consequently, when t.hat deafening cheer burst forth,
some performed a bear's dance on their hind-legs, one or two laid
their riders on the ground and made oiF, or stood with that stupid
bewilderment with which a horse always looks at his human
burden after having shewn it the shortest road to grass. By far
the greater number, however, slewed rouud, and, with flattened
ears and bent haunches, curtsied back from the line, like a prima
donna acknowledging the plaudit!J of an enthusiastic auditory,
the rider looking excessively foolish the while, as a man always
must do when forced backwards against his will
At last the uproar somewhat subsided, and all watched Sir
George Wetherall, to whom Her Majesty was speaking. She spoke
tI. considerable time, and we are told expressed her very great

satisfaction at the manner in which the Volunteers had acquitted


themselves, her approval being conveyed by Sir George Wetherall

to the officers commanding battalions, and by them to their
respective corpl!, along with the intimation that in due time ..
formal General Order would be issued from the Adjutant-Genera!'s
office, which would contain an expression of Her Majesty's opinion
of the .Review.
It waS now nearly six o'clock, and the Royal procession pro-
ceeded towards the Palace, the cheers being again renewed &8 Her
Majesty's carriage approached the line. The euthusiasm of the
men near whom she passed rose to such a pitch, that all the st&rch
of soldierly etiquette was for the moment forgotten, and' they
rushed pell-mell, heJ:ter-skelter to the carriage, which they sur-
rounded, cbeering vociferously, waving their caps and shakos, and
giving full vent to their feelings by the most frantic demonstra-
tions of loyalty; and it was only after the line was passed, and the
postilions had nrged their horses into a trot, that the ruen returned
to fan into their places again, hoarstl and happy.
For about half an hour the crowd on the slope8 had been slowly
and almost imperceptibly melting oft' from the surface of the bill,
and tbe thaw, as it was aptly described, reached its height as the
Royal cortege left the ground, descending in a perfect avalanche
into the plain, and leaving only scattered groups, who stayed be-
hind, either to see the Volunteers quit the ground, or else to wait,
like old ladies in church, till the rush was over. Still, notwith-
standing the immensity of the throng, thanks to Superintendent
Linton and the natural advantages of the ground, there was none
of that dangerous rushing and squeezing so common and often so
fatal on similar occasions. Women with children in their arms
were scarcely even put to discomfort, and the only annoyance wa.<:,
that if by any accident companions got separated, their chance of
being reunited was somewhat shady. Mr Waxy found, to his
horror, that his pretty wife had disappeared with that handsome
cousin of hers, the young Inner Temple man; and while he knew
himself a fool for indulging in so ruinous a luxury, his jealousy

drove him nearly frantic. Meanwhile Mrs Waxy, whom her brute
of a husband was maligning in thought, was imploring the cousin
not to mind her, and to go in search of poor Waxy, who will be
dying of fright about her, and this, said coz, acting like a sensible
man, flatly refuses to do, insists on seeing Mrs W. safe out of the
crowd, and is thanked in the evening by Waxy himself, who has
got over his little touch of deli1"ium uxorium. Mr Trimbler, after
holding his son's arm during the whole Review for fear of losing
bim, relaxes his grasp for a single minute to have a peer at the
Queen as she passes on her way back to the Palace, and is re-
warded for bis loyalty by finding that Master Trimbler has broken
from his moorings, run foul of a half-tipsy cad, and is getting
tolerably well pummelled in consequence; and on Mr Trimblel"s
interfering, and endeavouring to prevent further breach of the
peace, he is saluted on the calf by the cad's bull-terrjer, which, up
to this moment, has been acting bottle-holder to his mMter, and
seeing fair-play between the combatants. Mr Moneyless, whose
son has disappeared along with his sac dB voyage and all his cash,
goes to the Police-office to see what they can do to recover his
poor boy, and finds to his astonishment that the young hopeful
has been there before him, leaving a message for the "Governor,"
to say that he had gone to tbe Theatre, where he might follow
him if he chose.
Ladies also, who had been disappointed of seats on the Grand
Stand, and had been compelled to brave the crowd on the hill,
though in no danger, suffered some little inconvenience. Circles
of steel were doubled up, bent, broken, and twisted into all sorts
of shapes, while not a few cane hoops for kites were obtained by
thievish urchins who prowled about for prey. In fact, to use a
slang phrase, there was a good deal of stealing of hoops and bone-
ing of steels, which, as it could not be helped, was philosophically
8Ubmitted to. In the Grand Stand even, allowance had not been
made for the fair sex in proportion to their proportions; and the
manner in which twenty-four inches by twenty-two was made to
contain belles to whom the one in York Minster is a trifle. was
in itself a practical lecture on the compressibility of matter.
While many little incidents like the above were occurring in
the crowd, and the ladies on the Grand Stand were spreading
their ample skirts like 'birds stretching their wings for flight, the
to us most wonderful part of the day's proceedings was being
performed by the Volunteers-vi.i., 22,000 men passing out of
the Queen's Park, by four exits, ill very little more than half an
hour. Colonel M'Murdo had issued to each corps its directions,
and these were implicitly obeyed,-the Volunteers uncoiling from
their columns like vast many-coloured snakes, and winding their
way out at the various exits without hurry, yet still with wonder-
ful speed; so that, ere one could appreciate the fact that the
Review was over, the whole plain was bared as if by magic, and
nothing left to tell of the gorgeous pageant just concluded but
the dibri8 of papers, and corks, and bottles, which, having served
their purpose, and being of no further use, even to the owners,
were abandoned.
While the City of Edinburgh Rifles were "standing easy," wait-
ing their turn to pass oft' the ground, Lord EIcho, who in bis
uniform as Lieutenant-Colonel of the London Scottish Rifle Corps,
had taken an active part in the day's proceedings, rode up to
the column to converse with Lieutenant-Colonel Davidson,-the
commanding officer, the Lord Advocate, the senior Lieutenant-
Colonel of the corps, being absent on duty in ParliamenL He was
received with some deSUltory cheering from those who happened
to observe him, when a stentorian voice-by some erroneously
attributed to the Captain of the 1st Highlanders, who, however,
cheered as lustily as anyone-shouted, "Three cheers for Lord
Elcho !" .Instantly three cheers rent the air, Much cheers as a
man cannot receive more than 011ce in a lifetime, while the dark
mass closed around him, to the great astonishment of his steed,
and probably of himself, leaving him no escape from that" painful
pleasure," or rather pleasurable pain, to truly noble minds, of

making a speech in reply to an ovation, which so often turns the

best orator into a blushing blunderer. When silence had been
restored,-& tnatter of considerable difficulty from the unruly
enthusiasm 0' the- men,-his Lordship spoke in a quiet tone
of voice, but with that clearness of intonation which is 80
much more easily heard. than loud speaking, and which always
insures attention. Holding his cap in one h&Dd, while the
other played with the mane of his horse, on which his eyes were
fixed,--:he apparently not being able to look his brother-volunteers
in the face without betraying his emotion,-he spoke words" digna
sacro silentio." He said he had come down to be with his East
Lothi&D friends and constituents at the Review, and had not ex-
pected such a reception as this from the Edinburgh men. He
could not attempt to thank them tor so kind, 80 cordial, a reception
in any other way than by going on as he had begun, until the
130,000 British Volunteers already enrolled were doubled or
trebled, numbers being the thing to look to in the Volunteer move-
ment. The recent Review in Hyde Park had had a most wonderful
effect in bringing forward recruits, &Dd such might and would be
also the result of the present most successful Review. He would
urge on all the iniportance of getting their friends to join the
movement, and that they should stick to their self-imposed work
like men. On this the cheering was renewed, and the young
lieutenant-colonel rode away visibly affected. •
This little impromptu demonstration not only served to wile
away the time, during which the E. R. V. were kept waiting their
turn to leave the field, but also afforded an admirable instance
of the good effects of drill and discipline in giving men the power
of rallying quickly, after being thrown into confusion. A3 above
mentioned, when Lord Elcho came near the corps, the men quitted
their ranks and crowded round him to give vent to their enthusi-
asm, and when he left them they were in about as pretty a jumble
as a mass of unsorted types, what printers very aptly denominate
.. pie." As his lordship rode off, the word "Fall in" was given.
aud repeated by all the officers, and before you could have got

through the Greek Alphabet, every man was in his place and
ready. We are often told that the Volunteer movement en-
courages a loose style of drill, and that consequently there is a
want of discipline, for which no amount of zeal or good shooting
can compensate. We doubt much the accuracy of the assertion,
and we appeal to anyone who has taken the trouble to watch the
Volunteers on their parades to say whether it be not the fact, that
the Volunteers, from the time they fall in till they are dismissed,
have always been drilled with the same rigid discipline which
obtains in the regular army. - Inde<?d, where they are drilled in
public, the strictness observed is generally even greater. A dis-
criminating (1) public, with its own usual narrow-mindedness,
laughs at the slightest miatake when made by Volunteers, even
though it be an error such as any troops might fall into, and
which would raise no laugh if committed by regulars. The
Volunteers are thus more put upon their mettle, and their drill-
instructors arc obliged to attend very carefully to minute points
or discipline which might otherwise be disregarded. There is,
therefore, little fear of the Volunteers becoming the disorganised
armed rabble which some of our military martinets seem to dread.
The Duke of Cambridge, at the dinner in St James's Hall, af~r
the Volunteer levee, gave it as his advice to Volunteers, to become
wen-drilled soldiers before they tried to assume the degage rifle-
man; and if the Volunteers themselves do not adopt this advice
from choice, they must· either be forced to it by circumstances
such as we have mlmtioned, or else the sooner they are disbanded
the better. Our own view is, that the Volunteers as a body llrefer
being well (which means strictly) drilled, and that the isolated
individuals who become Volunteers in order to gratify a personal
vanity or a love of finery, will either be obliged to acquire their
duties from a fcarof ridicule, ~r else will soon be brought to
desert a movement with which they have notlling in common.
That in reality the Volunteers, as far as they have yet gone, have
not been loosely drilled, is proved by the reports of Her Majesty's
• Vide" How Not to Do It: A Manual for our Awkward Squads," pauim.

Inspectors on the corps they have visited, and by such occur-

rences as we have above detailed. But this is a digression, for
which we must ask pardon.
The City of Edinburgh Rifles, who had been almost more ex-
posed to the dust than any other corps on the ground, and whose
dusky uniform makes a black face look excessively absurd, from
the very want of a contrast, had, on leaving the ground, to pass
close by several other corps who were still waiting for their turn
to leave the field. Among these were some of the corps from the
North of England, who had acquitted themselves in such a manner
as to uphold the honour of their country. They had had the good
fortune to be placed on the western grassy part of the Park, where
there was little or no dust, and consequently, in comparison with
some of their less fortunate brothers ill arms, their appearance
was perfectly angelic. As the Edinburgh men came up to them,
they were greeted with a hearty cheer, but which irresistibly
slid into aD" equally hearty guffaw of laughter, as their nearer
approach brought their coal-whipper visages to view. The sooty
ones grinned in reply, but it was indeed "horribly a ghastly
smile," and the shouts of laughter were rt:doubled, while facc-
tious hints were thrown out about a probable rise in the price
of soap, and much similar badinage was good-humouredly fired off.
On their reaching town the fun got crueL Confidential hints were
thrown out by the ccetus wlgares that there was a "lum a-low"
(Anglice-ehimney on fire) somewhere, so that they had better
make haste. It really was rather trying. In whatever way they
treated their tormentors, 'twas all the same. If they tried to laugh
back, the effect was so horrible that the crowd howled agailL
If they frowned and tried to look angry, the effect was so irre-
sistibly comical that they themselves had to join the coalition, and
laugh at one another. And ori they trudged, elated and tired,
proud and dirty. May they never be stained by a bloodier dust!
Long after the Volunteers had left the ground, groups of people
still hung about the slopes of the hil~ or wandered over the now
desolate-looking Review ground, we suppose going over again ill
imagination the spectacle they had witnessed; and it was not until
evening had closed in and given place to night tha.t the last
lingerers reluctantly acknowledged to themselves that

A DAY of excitement is seldom followed bya quiet evening.

Accordingly, every one sallied forth, with his pass-key in his pocket,
to see whatever could be seen. Edinburgh, from its wide streets
and broad pavements, is not the unpleasant place most towns are
when crowded, and an evening stroll, when anything unusual is
going on, is extremely agreeable. We do not believe the :Modem
Athens has been so full as it was on the evening after the Review,
since the occasion of Her Majesty's first visit to Scotland on her
accession to the throne. We doubt if even then the throng was
so great, although the attractions of a general illumination were
added to the rest. The day of the Review wa.~ more or less a
holiday throughout the whole of Scotland, and, consequently, the
number of strangers was greater proportionately than it would
have been on the occasion of any ordinary festivity. During the
whole afternoon, the city had been silent almost as the grave.
As far as the eye of the solitary policeman on his beat could
reach, not a living creature was to be seen. Even Pri~ces Street,
which the most pelting thunder-shower can never empty, was
silent and deserted, except that occasionally a cab, containiftg a
country visitor who had missed the early train, dashed madly past
on its way to the Park. London on a Derby-day is by some
supposed to be synonymous with emptiness itself. In comparison
with Edinburgh on the afternoon of 7th August, it sinks into
positive insignificance. Not only was there no creature to be
seen, but there was no sound even to break the appalling stillness.
For once the whole public were agreelt, and had gone en ma888
towards ODe goal
About half-past five o'clock, the living tide had begun to flow
again, those who had fled the general rush coming into town in
~wos and threes, like the advanced skirmishers of an army. On it
came, with a distant hoarse hum, rushing into the town by all the
avenues, till the whole area was filled by a moving mass, through
which the Volunteers steadily wound their serpentine path. Even
now, when the Review was over, they still seemed to be upon
their mettle, marching upright and firm, DOt Iltiff and starched
like stage soldiers, but with an erectness of carriagc free from
effort, and an ease of motion free from looseness-a combination
truly rare, but which, in our opinion, forms the true essence of a
soldierly bearing.
Many of the provincial corps marched direct to the trains which
were to convey them home again, but by far the greater number,
having got rid of their Enfields, sallied out to swell the throng
in the streets.. During the day, the eye could only take in the
general effects of the different uniforms, but now was the time for
the critic to take his survey. ,By seating himself in the bow-
window of a hotel in Princes Street, he could see passing before
him the uniforms of almost every corps in Scotland, and it would
be hard if he could not construct one to his taste, by taking piece-
meal from all those parts which he approved. The objection
which occurred most forcibly to anyone who had an eye to the
practiCIU was that in most cases the cartridge-boxes were uselcss,
from their diminutive size, and still more so from the manner in
which they were hung. Made for the most part on the pattern of
cavalry pouches, they will hardly contain more than twenty rounus,
while, from their being hung aslant on the centre of the back,
their contents cannot be got at conveniently, and the first sevm·e
shower would damp the ammunition and render it useless. This
is an evil which must be rectified sooner or later, and therefore we

take the liberty of pointing it out for the benefit of any future
corps which may be formed, as we have no doubt the stimulus
given to the movement by the recent Reviews will have the effect
of adding a great many new companies to the presently-existing
Of course, the whole conversation turned on the one topic.
. If'alk as one might about it, it was impossible to talk it thread-
bare. Tbose who bad been in the Grand Stand were besieged
with questions as to .. how the A.B.B..V:s, or the X.Y.L.'s looked
as they marched past,-Did the Prince Consort really say any-
thing about them to the Duke of Buccleuch 1-W as the Queen
standing up when they passed 1" &c. Of course, a considerable
'amount of good-hnmoured cruelty was practised. The captain- of
the Ardnaduig Rangers was told by his wife that bis marching
was disgraceful, and that as he passed, she heard Col. M'Murdo
mutter, l. Confound that fellow, he will spoil the whole thing!"
A sergeant of the 15th Wogsalg was informed by a young lady,
to whom he is attached, that there were gaps in his company
through which she could have walked; to which the sergeant
replies, that they must have been gaps indeed through which she
could pass. Lieutenant Mactavish, who is about 5 feet 2i inches
in his boots, and who happened to have the command of his
company, was feelingly told, that as he marched up, one of the
princesses called him a funny little man, and pointed out to the
other that the point of his sword was about six inches above the
top of his head. The Volunteers took these and similar slaps
with perfect good humour; the grand consolatory idea, by which
all private troubles were got over, being the universal opinion
that the whole affair, taken together, had tnrned out such a
triumphant success.
The civilian visitors to the Modern Athens were dift'erent from
the ordinary run of strangers visiting town. There was every
grade, from the Highland laird, with his kilt and splendidly
jewelled dirk, down to the village plough boy, who gaped open-
mouthed at the V. A~'s and gas crowns with which some of the
buildings were ()I'lWnenteci. ne D.eW&-vencioDJ I!elliDr seooaci
editi.oDB OODtaining aecouais of the Review did good firadiag
among the eoUlltry 'risitera OIl their . , tQ \he, who
wished 00 C&lT)' with them a J'OOOrd of tM ~ event; while
othen, ~ & badly~priuted sheet with a wretched woodcut GI.
a Volunteer, in a very short kilt, at the top, got their sOOek oft'
their hands by tJJe UIlblushiug di'ont.m:r' with which tbeJ auured.
their hearers, that it was the only programm.t of the Review IIDC-
.ti.oned by t1ae Commander-in-Chief.
The n.ilway 8t&tlions d1lri1lg the whole eve:niDg were litenl..lJ
besieged by Volanfleel8 ani visitors, who. beiDg rotally IUl&ble w
get aacommodati<ln ia rown, were &1lXi01l8 to get home 18 fast ..
wmble. As fast as possible, turned out ro be very slow indeed.
Numbers came rushing about eight o~d.ock ro get into the eight
o'c'klc« tJ'lliD, and found, after they had taken their .ea.. and
t.hanked their stars that they had got them, that the, ".not·in
the eight o'olook at all. bllt lV8l'e in a half..pa8Il seven train
for aaollhsr line, which had not been able 110 -stut ,.... The IOOIlIB
00. the plaiform resembled :Bedlam let looae. At QDe' ,ad 'ft8 lhe
bad of some provincial corps, rather faneif1l.lly dressed in broWJl
H1l8Iar jackets, tl'immed with lilac; and white troUlleI'8, blowiDg
away with might and main a pa.rlillg and somewhat tuD.elesa tmae,
the d:nunmer apparently tryiDg which md of his dram 'Ifl)1IId 'I!P
first, the Nashmg all the time, in dance et 'IIbe
• I< piaos" of the m1l8ie-aheet; and amidat this awful din thelle

were Volunt.eers ahonting into the ears of porters to know what

had become of lheir riftes, whichW been left in the. baggage-
'room, &Dd been baDded eut to some other corps, and the portem
~ ignorance in reply; WOIDel'l B8l'e&'IDing for their elWcinJl,
who had wandered after some more tba.D. usuaJly enticing lIDifOl'Bl;
oonstables shouting out the positions of the d.i.flerent trains; meuth
:and steam whistles blawing,-in sh~ a. general maddeaing noile
Sld ooDfnsioll, which made tna.ny an intendibg traveller regret tIae
lIWney he had spent OD hie ticket, and :res&lve to pub up rw1iae
night with any sort of shake-doWD. h~ eould ~ rather thaa .....
attempt to get into a train at such imminent risk to his shins, his
ears, and his temper. As to the matter of temper, it was amazing
how good-humoured every one was in spite of ev-ery difficulty.
Some of them certainly were "j oIly" under very creditable circum-
stances indeed, seeing that, after waiting a couple of hours for a
train, they had to start on a journey of fifty or sixty miles, with
their knees and chins meeting as they sat in the bottom of a cattle-
truck, while others, even less fortunate, were cooped up sixteen in
a compartment, with half-a-dozen squalling children, a drum, a
saxhorn, and a pair of bagpipes. In spite, however, of' these and
'similar inconveniences, no one allowed himself to get depressed.
Every one had too much that was pleasant and agreeable to think
of, to brood over or even to bestow a thought upon the ordinary
or extraordinary discomforts of excursion travelling.
We ought, in justice to the Railway Companies, to say that
they are in no way to blame for any discomfort to which their
customers were put. It was impossible for them to do more
than they did to forward their passengers. The traffic was
such as no' foresight or resources could provide for; and ill
.considering what is due to the Railway Companies for their
exertions in relation to the Review, we would be acting un-
fairly did we not chronicle a fact .which above all others
redounds to their credit, viz., that notwithstanding the enor-
mous traffic which inundated all the lines leading to Edinburgh
on the 6th, 7th, and 8th of August, not one single railway •
accident took place in connexion with any of the trains run
for the occasion. It is true, we should he thankful to a still
higher. Power for such merciful preservationfromuisaster, but
this is not inconsistent with a due award of praise to those who
performed so well the duties intrusted to them. When we reflect
how quickly the happiness of every one on that joyous occasion
might have been turned into gloom by any fatal occurrence, such
as ,has of late been so frequent, we cannot be-too thankful to
those who had duties to perform attended with so great risk, and
who acquitted themselves so well.
After all the cheering of the afte.moon, ODE! would have sup-
posed the whole stock of "hurra.hs" was expended; but this was
far from being the case. In the fulness of their hearts, the Volun-
teers were ready to cheer at anything or nothing. The corps, on
their march to the railway stations, were cheered by the crowd,
and cheered back in reply. If they met any of the other corps
with whom they had been brigaded, they redoubled their shouts.
In the cafes and eating-houses, men who had never seen one
another before were eating and drinking together, proposing
toasts, aiBging, cheering, and enjoying themselves, as if they were
old acquaintances. The Volunteer movement in this would seem
to have originated & Freemasonry of its own. Every Volunteer
· claims & right to fraternise with. his brother Volunteers, and this
feeling is always reciprocated in such & manner as cannot fail to
convince that the movement, in its essence, is a movement of the
" Denn ea muss 1'on Herzen gehen
Was auf Berzen wirken !lOll"·

Besides the impromptu entertainments just mentioned, there were

others going on. The Bankers' Corps from Glasgow were being
entertained by their Edinburgh brethren in the Floral Hall of the
Experimental Gardens; while the Glasgow University Corps, after
· having refreshed themselves in their quarters at the High School,
had the pleasure of being escorted to the train which was to con-
· vey them home, by the Edinburgh University Company, who,
notwithstanding the fatigues of the day, turned out to & man,
fully armed and acc~utred to do them honour. All who, by pre-
vious arrangement, had provided accommodation and rations for
themselves, were well oft'; but how those fared who had not done
so, depended entirely on their good or bad luck. That accommo-
dation, such as it was, could be procured for all, is not so surpris-
ing. We ourselves saw & party of three quietly enjoying their
tumbler on the floor of .the passage of & hotel; but how all

• "That which would inlluence the heart

1Il11it pNeeed from the heart."
got! :food. is still a. mytltery. In fact, we are inclined to think .
that the solation lies in the fact that many were not red, and
'W1mt hOnle fastlng. If 80, the Review will have 8erved the
tlBeful end of giving to It. tmt at least of the VoIUllteer8 I!()me
notion ot the b&rdships of a campaign. One thing we Were de-
lIghted to observe--the~ Was none of thd drunkennaas for
'Whiab. Soot1~d is so unhappily notorious. Never within the
.mentory of man has any great public demonstration taken place
in the Northem Metropolis which has been distinguished by 80
great a freedom from intemperance,-that gtmeral bane of &ll
holidays and excursions. The Volunteer n10vement has, through-
out the country, done much to wean the national mind from
Ignoble pleasures, and to give a higher moral tone to th~ people,
and this was strongly exemplified in the sobriety which charac-
terised the late Great National Demonstration. That such will
continue to be its result, and in still greater measure, we firmly

8t 8withln, who had let the 7th oft' so easily, was determined
to shew what he could have done, had he not chosen to patronise
the Review, and give us ,I Queen Victoria weather." Accordingly,
on the 8th, from early morning till night closed in, it rained in
one perpendicula.r, penetrating, percolating pour, which no Mae-
intosh or Nicoll could protest against. Those Volunteers \lVho
had :remained in town were Br caution to behold, with their
plumes pasted on to one side of their shakos, and their tunics
Btetuning. The banners, which on the pre'rious day bad made
the whole town look 80 lively and gl1,y, were 1la.ttened down on
theIr poles, to which they clung with weed·like tenacity, indicating
that j118t in proportion BB they had given enlivenment to the scene
as it aetuaJIy happened, so they would have added another item to
Its gloominess bad it been otherwise; for if anything could in-
crease the miseries of a wet gaJa-d&y, it is the feelings induced by
the wretched appearance of soaked decorations and drenched
banners. Ev6l'J one seemed thoroughly to appreoiate their esoape.
The first thing said by all, &8 they looked out in the morning and
sr.w the black sky and pelting rain, was, "Suppose the Review had.
been I" or, "What if yesterday had been like to-day!" If
the Review~y had been a wet one,-if, instead of the bright
91lDlmer sun. whi()h, made the scene so gorgeous, there had been
nothing but dark clouds and rain, and, in consequence, many of
the corps had not arrived, those who did marching past a. closed
carriage and a drenched staff, with draggled plumes and miserablQ
faces, it would have been a blow that Scotland's enemies would
have rejoiced at. Perhaps, then, the Review, with the aspect of a
failure, might have been thought deserving of more notice by,.
certain leading newspaper which, as it has been a success, declines
to patronise it. At all events, it is only another proof how m'Q.Ch
depends upon the weather, and that even a national movement
may have to rely for much of its vigour upon a few hours of
91lllShine. For, mo$(; unquestionably, had the day of the Review
been a sin:U13r one to the day which followed it, the natural effect
would have ~n to throw a. damp over the whole movement,
which no amount of argument could remove, or philosophy over.
come. Individuals might have tried to pass it off by saying that
the same might have happened at any Review, and that, therefore,
it could not in fairness be said to have affeoted its success, and
thu.a that no evil could acorue i but then, though every large con-
course is composed of individuals, all of whom may, as individuals,
be shrewd and sensible, still it is a well-known, though ourious,
fact that all large bodies, as such, are fickle and easily moved,
readily giving themselves up to elation on the one hand and to
despondency on the other. This being so, the depression which
might have been the result of a wet 7th of August, a day which
had been looked. forward to 80 anxiously by all, is a subject which
we would rather not contemplate. We are too glad to be able to
chronicle that, in weather as in everything else, the Review waa 110
specially favoured and so eminently suocessful.
Aa if unwilling to leave the arena in which they had won such

honours, many of the Volunteers from the provinces were to be

seen still lingering in Edinburgh for days after the Review was
over. Most of these, as well as thousands of the general public,
visited the Queen's Park during the days immediately following
the 7th August, to look at the scene in which the Review had
taken place, and to compare it with its more usual and solitary
aspect. When one stood on the spot where the royal carriage had
taken it$ position, and looked out on the bare parade from which
a day or two before some 22,000 men had dispersed, and were now
scattered over the length and breadth of Scotland, it was impos-
sible not to feel that every one of these men had returned to his
home more loyal, more patriotic, with nobler views and nobler
feelings, abetter man and a better citizen, in virtue of the honour
done to him by one whose reign, more than that of any former
sovereign, has conduced to the improvement, advancement, and
development of the national character in all its nobler aspects.
And along with this came the thought that, as th6$e men had
come from far and near at the call of their Queen, for the honour
of passing in review before her, with how much greater alacrity,
and in how much greater numbers, would they come at the first
threatening of danger to herself, or the kingdom over which she
rules. Like the fiery· cross of old, the call to arms would fly
through the length ~nd breadth of the land, and not only would it
find all willing, but, thanks to the Volunteer movement, it would
find a large army ready in the true sense of the word,-that is, pre-
pared, both in drill and in skill in the use of the rifte, to stand
shoulder to shoulder with the regular troops in defending their
Queen and their country to the last. And what ground could
have been chosen which, in its natural qualifications and its his-
torical associations, was so suited for such a great national festival?
for it is in that light we look upon the Reviews both of June 23
and August 7. A plain, looked down upon by that Palace which,
from time immemorial, had been the residence of the kings of
Scotland, and commanded by a natural amphitheatre, from which
all Scotland could behold the spectacle of her sons devoting them-
selves anew to their Sovereign and their country. And the influ-
ence' of that day, and of that soone, will continue to be felt long
after the actors in it have passed away. Such demonstrations of
a nation's power and a nation's loyalty are not empty pageants, like
an Eglinton Tournament. They stamp upon the future an in-
delible impress, which the waves of time cannot effaCe. Things
will se~tle down into their ordinary course. The Review will be-
come altogether a thing of the past; it will cease to be constantly
spoken about, and, perhaps, for a time it may be forgotten, but
deep down in the national heart will the ramifications of its influ-
ence continue to extend, purifying, enlarging, and ennobling.
Such events are not the property of the generation which is privi-
leged to see them; they belong to all time, and to all time does
their influence extend.
Few properly appreciate the zeal displayed by the Volunteers on
t·he occasion of the Review. It sounds strange in the ears of some
that credit should be given to them for coming, when it was
entirely for their own gratification and advantage. But we would
ask.. how many men were there present, who, had it been a mere
matter of. personal gratification, would have stayed away? Con-
sider the loss of time, and the expense to which' many were put,
who, to gratify themselves, would never have left their work or
opened their purse-strings, and you will then be able to form an
idea of the practical self-denial which was shewn on that occasion.
To all who were not of independent means, and who did not reside
in the metropolis, attending the .Review m~st have entailed, if not
a loss in purse, a 1088 in its equivalent--time. And when there is
further taken into consideration the time spent in previous drill,
and special preparation for the Revi,ew, some notion may be formed
of the work which the Volunteers have taken upon themselves, and
which as yet they have so well and so cheerfully fulfilled. Drill-
ing is hard work at any time; but when men are tired before they
go to drill, it is harder still When men have been at work all
day, some at the desk, others at sedentary occupations of one sort
or other, an4 very many at manual labour, it requires zeal and a

..D"lD fiIJI :&iilt DW •

self-deDial. "'mch Done but those who have exercised them eau
fully appreciate, to give up part of the evening, if it be only half-
an-hour, to become a machine in the hands of an o:fficer or drill-
sergeant. At the very time, perhaps, when a man wO'lld like to be
:resting bim86If from the fatigues of the day, and enjoying the
society of his family, he mut, despite even the entreaties of his
wife, sally out again and submit to another hour of drudgery. We
are not speaking o.f those who drill for a few weekl, and then, when
the acit.ement has worn off, never appear upon parade, except at!
the presentation of a silver bugle, or some 8i.milar show oceaaion.
We are speakiDg of such men as were reviewed. by the Queen, men
who still stiok to their work, as to a duty; who look upon it as a
8eri.ous matter that the Queen should accept their serrices as
Volunteers; who feel that by shamming volunteering, as some d~.
they would be acting a. traitorous part to their country, and giving
themselves out to be what they are not. What right has a man
to eall himself a. Volunteer whose only claim to the name is that he
once enrolled. himself in the ranks of this or that corps 1 No man
is a Volunteer who is not in real earnest in the matter, and who
does not make up his mind thoroughly to learn his duty. Happily
the Reviews of tondon and Edinburgh have shown most cleariy
that the great body of Volunteers in this country are men whose
object is not to wear a fancy dress and· to play the soldier, but
who have banded themselves together with the determination to
qualify themselves to defend their native land, should their ser-
vices ever be required. And again we say that the self-denial
and the moral courage shewn by all who have joined the Volunteer
ranks with the earnest P11I'p08El of learning their part, is not to be
appreciated at a casual glance. It is indeed strange to observe
how the tone of those who disapprove of the Volunteer movement
has ehauged since its com.n:tencement. At that time their cry was
that the VtWunUer8 were, and always would be, useless. Meanwhile,
the Volunteers, not heeding their sneers, worked steadily on during
the summer of 1859, and through many a dark winter night; and
~this stt:mmer their zeal haa been rewarded by the two national
Reviews, at which they have bad an opponunity of sbewing wha'
progress they have made. The result has been beyond their most.
sanguine hopes. Military men have expressed themselves amazed
at the proficiency attained. within so short a time. and have pu~ an
end to the possibility of the assertion of the would-'be-wise ob..
jectors,-that the VO~8 are not, and never will ~ efficient or
good for anything. Now they find out that ii is the m01HJmeni
that is useless, as there is no one waDUng to invade us. Be that
as it may, it is quite plain that we cannot depend npon their aecond-
sight to tell us we shall not be invaded, nor does it follow, suppos-
ing it admitted that no one wants to invade us, that the desire to
do so cannot arise, in which ease it might be too late to prepare to
meet the danger. But putting all such matters out of the ques-
tion, is a movement useless which tend.s-to improve our national
phyBiqtuJ, to wean DJ from a dyspeptic or an intemperate habit of
body, to keep down expense, (it is here the shoo chiefly pinches,)
which tends, In short, to strengthen our bodies, to invigorate our
minds, and to keep the natiOn in & healthy and improving condi-
tion 1 To this there can be but one answer.
In speaking of the outlay attending the Review, we must not
overlook the noble liberality of many who, at their own expense,
brought bodies of Volnnteers to the Review, and entertained them
while in Edinburgh. Such truly patriotic conduct is beyond all
praise, and only serves to !hew from another point of view the
deep seat which the movement must hold in the national mind to
be productive of such results. We could mention by name many
instances of snob generosity, some of them being truly of a princely
character, but this would be invidious to those whom we omitted,
who all did their utmost. Besides, it was not with the wish to
have it blazoned abroad that they acted as they did. Their re-
ward they have re~ved already, in the gratitude. the respect, and
the love of those who experienced their generosity.
There is one person to whom, above all others who were in any
way connected with the Review, the thanks of the Volunteers and
of the nation are due,-we mean Lieutenant-Oolonel M'Mnrdo, the

Inspector of Volunteer Corps. No· one can e&lculate the labour, the
difficulties, the trials of his situation. Before he came down to
Scotland( and while it was still uncertain where the Scottish
Volunteer Review was to be held, the Queen's Park was carefully
gone over by several military gentlemen, who agreed that 12,000
men were all it could possibly hold So sure and certain was this
said to be, that it was proposed to anllounce that. no more appli-
cations for permission to attend the Review could be received
beyond 12,000 men. We are further almost certain that no one
supposed, till within a week of the Review taking place, that thel's
would be more th&D 15,000 at the Review, &Dd some even pooh-
poohed the notion that Scotland could bring together so many as
preposterous. However, application after application was sent in,
and accepted, until the total amounted to 22,000 in round num-
bers. Here was a nice little lot to be got into a place which it
was said could not, even on a pinch, contain more than 12,000
men. Talk abont getting 50,000 out. of Hyde Park! That was a
trifle to getting 22,000 into and ont of the Queen's Park at Holy-
rood, and manrenvring them without confusion while there. Yet
this Colonel M'Mnrdo succeeded in doing. The 22,000 Volunteers
assembled with the utmost ease and regularity, were moved about
without the least approach to a "lock," and were all got out of
the Park in little more than half-an-hour from the conclusion of
the Review. It has often been said, with great truth, that jast in
proportion as a difficult feat is well performed, in the same pro-
portion does it look easy of execution to the spectator. And cer-
tainly the uninitiated onlooker at the Review of August 7, when
he saw the ease and the freedom from confusion with which the
immense mass of 22,000 Volunteers was moved about in the some-
what confined and inconveniently-shaped area of the Queen's Park
at Holyrood, never for one single moment conceived how extremely
difficult it was to do at all what Colonel M'Murdo succeeded in
effecting with such apparent ease. We are certain, however, that
nothing could be more difficult than the task which Colonel
M'Murdo was required to perform, and we are equally certain that.

no one in the same circumstances could have acquitted himself

with greater eclat, or more to the satisfaction of the military
authorities. When we further take into considemtion how short
a time was allowed for the preparations for I!O great an event, and
that, short as the time was, tbe preparations themselves were ten-
fold more complicated and arduous tha.n they otherwise would have
been, in consequence of the enormous number of applications which
were sent in for leave to attend the Review,-far exceeding the
expectations of the most sanguine,-and also of the period
at which many of the applications were lodged, we cannot too
greatly admire, or too heartily applaud, the energy and skill. ap-
proaching almost to genius, with which the whole of the Review
arrangements were made and carried out. Not only did the
arrangements include the necessity of making the very most of the
limited space in which the nevitlw was to take place, but they fur-
ther comprehended the infinitely more difficult operation of distri-
buting into battalions I!Ome 250 corps from all different parts of
tbe country. This, like all the other arrangements, was effected
in the most masterly manner, I!O that among all the Volunteers
who were present but one sentiment has been expressed-viz., the
greatest possible satisfaction with tbe admirable arrangements
made on the occasion.
For several days after the Review, every one was on the qui
mve for the issue of the promised General Order from the
Adjutant.-General's office in relation to the Review. It was the
-first thing that was looked for in the newspapers every morning;
and the first question asked by every one was, .. Is there any
news of the General Order yet?" Second editions were eagerly
sought for in the hope that they might contain it, or news relating
to it. The telegram-board in the Philosophical Institution was
daily besieged by countless subscribers, and not a few non-sub-
scrlbers, anxious to devour the contents of the Order the moment
it was published. Four days elapsed, and still it did not appear.
People g9t fidgety-hoped that there was no hitch about the
matter -at tbe Circumlooution Office, and speculated wildly as to

the cause of the delay. Was it that Her MJijesty would not allow
the Order to go forth without its being first submitted to het"
for approval? At last, however, on Saturday the 11th August.
the long-looked-for and aImost-despaired-of Order appeared. and
proved all that the most ardent and enthusiastic Volunteer could
desire. Aa it forms one of the most important links in the
history of the Review, and, in fact, of the Volunteer movement
itself, we shall give it in full, calling attention to the fact that its
language is not in the fOJ'Dlal AIld oonventional style of similar
Orders, but conveys Her MaJesty's satisfaction in the most conde-
scending, and even most cordial terms; and that, though brief
and business-like, it omits nothing that could in any degree assist
in conveying to the Volunteers who were present at the Review
Her M1Jesty's approval of their loyalty and proficiency;-

"HORSE GUARDS, S:W., August 10, 1860.

"Tho Adjutant-General has receive4 the Queen's com-
mands to convey her thanks to the several corps of
Artillery and Rifle Volunteers assembled at Edinburgh
on the 7th instant, and to assure them of the satisfaction
and gratification with which Her Majesty beheld the
magnificent spectacle there presented to her.
"Her Majesty could not see without admiration the
Boldier-likebearing of the different corps as they passed
before her; and she finds, in the high state of efficiency
to which they have attained in an incredibly short space
of time, another proof that she may at all times surely
rely on the loyalty and patriotism of her people for the
defence, in the hour of need, of the freedom and integrity
of the empire.
"By order,

Along with the foregoing came the following letter to the Lords-
Lieutenant of the various counties : -
" W AB O"rOE, 13th .A vgu.Bt 1860.
" I have the pleasure of enclosing a copy of a General Order, in which the Adju·
tant-General has been authorised to express Her Majesty's admiration of the
soldier-like bearing of the Volunteers reviewed by Her Majesty at Edinburgh on
Tuesday last, and of the high state of efficiency to which they have attained in an
incredibly short space of time, and in which Her Majesty finds another proof that
she may at all times rely upon their patriotism and loyalty.
" In communicating this document to you, and requesting you to enclose copies
of it to the commanding ofIlcen of the different corps in your county, I avail my·
self of the opportunity to eKpreBS to you the high gratiJilBtion with which Her
Majesty's Government have observed the rapid success of the Volunteer move-
ment throughout the-country, the zeal and public spirit which were displayed by
the corps present at the late Review, and the very efficient manner in which they
went through the various movements that they were called upon to perform on
that occasion.
" I have also to convey to you the thanks of the Government for the asaistllnce
whillh you have afForded me in the raising and organisation of thiIJ force, and for
the zeal with which you have discharged the onerous duties which have devolved
tlpim you in connmon with it.
" I have the honour to be, your obedient Bel"Vant,
.. Her Majesty's Lieutenant for the County of ----."

To all the Volunteers, and especially to all those who took part
in the great Scottish Review, we would say,-Do not let your zeal
flag now that the greatest day of the Volunteer movement may be
said to be over. Let the Review not be to you a thing altogether
of the past; let it be a present reality, cheering you in your future
progress in the labollr you have taken upon yourself. Your motto
must be .. Forward!" Much as you have learned, you have much
yet to learn. The difficulties you have already overcome must not
induce you to sit down at your ease to contemplate the ground
you have already gone over. The longer you delay returning to
the drudgery of your duties, the more will the desire to idle in the
matter grow upon you. Take Lord Elcho's advice, and "stick to
your work like men." Depend upon it, drill is never properly
acquired, nor can it produce steadiness in the field, until it has be-
come a matter of habit. Do not saytho.t you know your drill
well enough, and that it is not essential for a rifleman to be
well drilled. Good drill and good discipline are twin cherries on
one stalk; and no commander will choose men because they are
good shots, if they have not learned discipline and drill It is all
very well for thoroughly-drilled soldiers, who can rally into a well-
disciplined body in a moment, to act the dlgage rifieman, if need
be; but it would be mere folly for those who had nO discipline to
fall back upon, to hope, by· irregular wmare, fa defend their
country against disciplined troops. Bravery is well enough; but
what is nobler than bravery is the patience which will submit to
toil, and toil with very little apparent advantage, and voluntarily
go over and over again the same lesson and the same m.on.o&onoaa
course of discipline. This it is, however, which forms the truly
useful soldier, and for the want of this no amount of zeal ,will
compensate. Work on steadily, then; do not look back. You
· have taken upon yourselves a task, and have done your duty
well up to this time. Go on, do not retrograde because you
find it somewhat irksome now that the first excitement has worn
off. Let it become a steady habit, and it will lose all its irksome·
ness. As you gave yourself heart and soul to it at first, and being
pledged, you cannot in honour go back-look onwards! Work with
an object. You have an object: the noblest object of any man's
career as a citizen,-to make himself able as he is wiUing to defend
·the Cl)untry of his birth and the land of. his fathers in the day of
danger. In the beginning of the present century, when our land
was in imminent danger, our troops being engaged in fighting the
battles of their country on a foreign soi~ a Royal Proclama·
tion went forth asking for Volunteers to arm in defence of their
cOuntry; . and what was the result 1 The returns of the year
1806 shew that there were in the United Kingdom at that
date a number of Volunteers considerably exceeding 300,000
men. Why should the present generation, which far exceeds
•the former in' population, fall short in the number of men
able and willing to volunteer their services for the better security
of the peace and the happiness of their native land! It is· true,
we admit, that the enrolment of the old Volunteers .took place
at a more exciting and critical period, than the present, the
country being actually at· war with that power from whom an
attack was dreaded.· But this reduces the question 10 one of
mere excitement and alarm.· Now, as then, the citizens of Great
Britain are asked by their rulers to enrol themselves in the ranks

of the Vel.anteers for the purpose of supplying a recogniJed.

in those national defences llpOll. which we rely for protectioa
against attack, and. which ought a.lwsys en be maintained in 8.Il
efficient ltate in time of p8IIftl, ill order that deficiencies may not
require to be snpplieci whea pedlaps it may be too late in do 80
with eftect: DO doubt t\e ll'I.1Dber of Volunteers already enrolled is
very considerable, amounting, as it does, to more than 130,OOQ
blen, but still this falls far ahort of the number which the begin-
ning of the present eentury c01lld. -bout. We sincerely hope and
firmly believe that the real solution of the m&tter will be found. to
be in thii,-that the Vohmteer movement of the present day is still
in its infancy, and that as it has not shot up all at once like a
tree planted in & too fertile ground, but has grown gradually and
steadily to ibl present dimensions, so it will continue steadily to pro-
gress in numbers and in efficiency. The numbers are still steadily
increasing, and, 88 we said before, we do not doubt that the effect
of the two Royal Reviews will be to bring forward a still largel-
number of new recruits to swell the ranks of the Volunteers. Let
all, however, resolve to do everything in their power to adva.nce
and. to nourish the movement. Let those who have already joined
ende&vour to persuade others to do 80, and let those whom eil'-
cumstances prevent from taking & personal part in the movement
by joining the ranks, give rwery other support in their power to
this great na.tional undertaking. Let it be the resolve of every
man whose heart is with the movement that it shall become one
of the permanent institutions of the country; and let us never
hear again of British gOld being expended in proeuring foreign
mercenaries as long as there are British hearts able and ready
and willing to fight without pay, in defence of their lives, their
liberties, and their native land.
We sincerely hope, in conclusion, that the recent Royal Reviews
will have the effect of mnoothing and removing any little jealous
feeling which lltill exists between England and Scotland. For
many centuriet England e.nd Scotland were at constant feud.
. . .
Their animosity was .all the more rancorous, and' their hatred of
each other all the more cordial, from their being compelled to live
in such close proximity. . Hating one another, and yet, as it were,
chained together by circumstances, they for many centuries weak-
ened each other by constant warfare and constant bloodshed.
England could never be at war with any foreign power without
Scotland at once becoming the most cordial ally of that power;
nor could the invasion of any other country be attempted by
England without danger of an attack from the North. .AB
Macaulay somewhere says, the rancour which exists between two
nations at war with each other, but locally separated, always
falls far short of the rancour of two nations which, though inter-
nationally separated, are yet, .from circumstances, locally inter-
mingled. Happily, however, through the course of events, the
barrier of separation which existed between the two countries
has been removed; and, under the name of Great Britain, the
two lands, united, have attained to So national greatness which,
disjoined, they never could have reached. Still, however, the
weeds of jealousy will occasionally crop up, and endeavour to
choke the cordiality of feeling between the two countries. Away
with such paltry in1luences and unworthy sentiments !
Let the Volunteer movement do its part to smooth down those
little ro'agbnesses which still exist to mar the union of the two
sister countries. It. is as British Volunteers, and not as English
or Scottish, that the thousands of brave compatriots have enrolled
themselvE!& Let England and Scotland go hand in hand, ready to
defend the liberties, the hearths, and the homes of Britain. As
we have one Queen, 80 we have one common cause j therefore let
us with one heart and one mind join hands in our solemn vow of
allegiance, and become one in deed as we are one in purpose. It
is in combination and oneness of purpose that our strength must
"Blunt wedges rive hard knots j" but the wedge must be solid,
compact, and firm. "Union is strength j" but the union must not.

be IQerely PIle of words and charters, It must be & heartfelt, 8.

CQrdial, a brotherly 'IUlion. Let this truth sink deep into the heart
o~ every British Volunteer. You have one common C811SC al1d
one common object of affection, bave one bean.
"Be wise, be firm, be cautious,
¥Ilt be bold I
Be brothers true I be one!
teach but what the Phrygian
Taught of old--'--
Divide, uul be undonQ."

No. I.
LftTER to the LORD PROVOST OF EDINBUnGH, from the War Offiu.

WAR OFFICE, 16th hly 1860.

My Lono,-I have the honour to &OIalQWledge the receipt of your Lordship'8
letter of 2d insts.nt, and to inform you, in reply, that Her Majesty has been gm-
Iiou.Jy pl.-I to signify her Intention to hold a Review of Volunteer Corpa at
lildinburp on the 7th of August nen. Those Corps which 8I'e deairous of be~
preeent on the occasion should notify their desire to this Office, through the Loms:
IJeutenant of their respeotive counties, not later than the let proximo.-I have
tbo hoaour to be, my Lord, ,.our ~rdship'8 obediBDt servant,
(Signed) B. HERBERT.

CIBouL.ul Jr- WM ~ fo aomfll(J"~ OjR«r&

WAR ODICE, id Awgut 1800.

S~,-HER M.u~TY ~ving graciously signified her intention to hold, at Edin-
burgh, on the 7t~ iI\BtaDt, a Review of the Volunteer Corps serving in No~
Britain, I am ~ by Mr Secretary Herbert to inform you that pennilBiOll hIIIl
boon ~ through th~ Lord-Lieutenant of your County, for the Corps un~
your co~d to b\l llrescnt on that occasion, OD the underatauding that the1'lQ
ahall be no charge u~n the public caused thereby j that the arrangements for
their conveyance' and accommodation shall be made by the Corps; and that ~
ordel'll and inatructioll8 iaBullCl on the oocaaion unde!: his authority shall be strictly
I am to request, therefore, that cV"y exertion may be mllde by you to bring
the Corpl under JOur ooDUllalld to a state of efBcieDCJ', and tb&t you will poim out
to the memb!ll'll the n~ty for their ateady and ptll'llllvering attendance at drill,
in order to enable the Corps to appear with credit,at the Review.
With thia view the Secretary of State for Wer reliee upOn ,.ou, all Commanding
Officer, not to &llow any Volunteer to attend who ill not tit, in point of proficiency
in drill, to appear before Her Majesty.
I am to add, that the formations and movements which will take place at the
Review will be few and very aimple, and will not include manoeuvring orfiriDg, or
marching paat in alow time.
You &re requeeted to fill in the enc10eed FOl'InB, and forward the BetIlrDll to
Colonel H'Murdo, C.B., 66 North Frederick Street, Edinburgh, (No. 1 being re-
quired at once); and an,.subeequent,alteratione which may occur as to number or
&rr&ng8ments &re to be duly notified to that Ofticer.-I have the honour to be, Sir,
lOur obedient 1I8I'VaIlt,
To JM ()jiaIr Cttmmandi",!/
.................................... Vol_~.

No. IlL


1'1' Ut n~ that the Corps of Volunteertl which attend the Review on tAe 7th
instant mould be formed into proviaional Battalions, avensing ten oompazU811 of
thirty IDes, or 600 strong. '
Tht. organiaation will be effected as much lIB poeeible with reference to the
localitiee of Corps in their reapectiw countiee; and where the aggregate strength
of the Corps in any county may not be sufficient for the purpose, the Battalion
will be completed from the neighbouring county.
In like manner, Brigadee will be formed of BattaliOWl,-drawn from counties
bordering on the aeme line of communication..
In consequence of the earl,. arrival of man,. of the Corps in Edinburgh. the
arrangementlllaid down in the Notes at the foot of Return No. la will be modi.6ed
according to instructions which will be published hereafter.
But it is to be full,. understood all a principle, which must on no account be
departed from, that the places of rendezvoWl, wherever the,. are, must include
complete Batt.tJ.ions; and that no portions of anyone Battalion are to be l~t.ed
in I18parate parte of the city.
The Hveral Batt.tJ.ions are to be formed, told off; and marched from their re-
IpIlCltive rendezvollll at the precise hoUl'll ordered. It mWlt be borne in mind that
punctuality ill indiapenaable to all combined operationa. The Volunteel'8 will be
lihmt and ~,. in the ranb, and attentive to the worda of command given by
thelr Battalion Commandere. There ill to be no cheering without ordere.
Bayonets are not to be fixed; the Drill for the mort B.i.t1e only it to be ad-
hered to.
Battalions will move oft' with arma at the trail; and will shoulder when on ~
1&l\1t.U!g bae&-lWUming the trail when they apin e10e to quarter diataDce.

No ObJeotiOD will be made to Hav81'll8Cb beiDg worn by moll CODlpauiea ..

require them, provided they are uniform ill pattern, and wom over the left
shoulder; and by all the maoi.ben of the Corp&.
ThOllllCorps which have uniform greatcoats, are to carry them Deatly folded
aocordiDg to regimental pattern.
Particular reganl ill to be had to uniformity in dreaB aDd appointments.
Of1lcenl commanding Corpe will take care ~t the iDBtructioDl which will be
publiahed for ·leeving the Park are etriotly carried out; DO deviatioD from the
plWCribed order of march will be permitted.
It ill to be clearly underetood that the proportioD of Serjeenta allowed by the
regulatioDl only (viz., ODe per twenty rank aDd file) will be permitted in the BD'
pemumeraryranb of compauiee; all other.NoD-CommiseioDed Officers being extra
to the establiahment and holding lance rank only, mU8t be in the I'IIIlks.
The Bands of VOIUDteer Corps will DOt play during the Review; lIpBCial azn.nge-
menta will. be made for the muaic required OD the occaei.OD.
There will be a StafF-Officer OD duty at each terminue, who will communicate
.ordlml to the Commanding Officer of every corps 88 it arrivee; the orders of the
StafF-Officers are to be implicitly obeyed by Officers oommanding Corps of Volun-
Officers commanding Corps will give to the Officers commanding their rellpBCtive
BattalioDB accurate statee of their respective Corps, according to the accompanying
form; theee ~ to be giveD to the Majore of Brigade OD the ground.

Field .te o/~ ~ CfWP' 01 VoluntM'l mn-d by Her Ma,juty,

EdinbU'l'flh, 7th ..4ugu1t 1860.

Non-Com. Rank and
and eadquartera. • 011100.... Pile. Total.

By Order ot the Secretary of State for War,
EDINIIUJIQD, 3d ..4 vgvtt 1860.

No. IV.
HOBS. Gn£ll»!I, S.W., 4th ..4.", 1860.
Un JL.1111'ft hanng intimated that it ill her pleaaure to review the Ri1le Corpa
col1ected in Edinburgh in the QueeD's Park OD the 7th A.ugust 1860, the
following directiODB will be observed OD the OccasiOD, viL :.,--
1. The Corps to be revi'ewed will be formed into two DiYiaiDDl under t.lie oom-
mand of Major·General Lo~ Rolteby, K.C.B., and .jor-General CameroDo

C.B., the whole UDder the obmmaDd 01 LieulllDlm~ Sir GtOrge

Wetherall, K.C.B.
2. They will be drawn up in the Queen'. Park ID. Une Of OOIIt;\gaOIm qUaner
distance I)()lu~ l1li dIracted by the ofBeenl in OIIIJiDuIDd~ tile bbrth
-the right resting m potence on the IlIIlutiDg hUe, the left ~
,. potmaI towards
3. The Royal Standard will be p\&oed to mark the BBlutiDg poinl.
4. The staff' and others fol1lliD8 the eorfIgej • hereafttlt detIiletl; will IIIMIIlble
at Holyrood Palaee at hal£-pllllt two o'elook.
IS. Her Majl!sty Holyrood Palaoe at fIb!'IIII o'Glock p.a., aM elriet the
Park by the south-eastern corner of the garden.
6. A Royal 8alute ri1 be Iited by the batt8rf of Royal. ArlmetflltatillbelllJll the
Queen's Drive above the Illdge of the IO~~ 8I1tnliOll of till!
commenCing when Her !ilajesty leaveII the PaI&cI!.
7. On Her Majesty's arrival at the Royal Btandam, the Tolutl.teers ~ give a
Royal Salute.
S. Her Majesty will, after l1!C8iving the salute, tlriYb dmnl the line frOm rIgI1t to
9. When Her Majesty has returned to the ,Royal Standard, the Volunt8eril *ill
march pllllt in open coll1Il1l1ll of compalliel!, and re-form iD line of ContigUous
colUIDJiB on the original grtlund.
10. The line will, after being re-formed, adTance • few paces In quicit time, UId
salute as before.
11. Her Majesty will leave the ground in tlU! same ordet as she entered it, the
Royal Artillery saluting as Her Majesty lea.vEtll the Park.
12. During the marching past, the cortege in attendance upon Her Majesty will
be drawn up on either side the band, and fronting the Royal Standatd.
13. The ground will be kept by the 13th Light Dragoons and 78th Highlanders
oft" duty, and 100 men of the 22d Dep6t Battalion, under the command of
Lieutenant-Colonel M'Intyre, C.B., 78th Highlanders.
U. A Guard of Honour of the Royal Scottish ArcheIII will be formed at the
Royal Standard.
1/i. In consequence of the limited space, no offiC8III except thOBe eugaged at the
Review will be permitted to enter the enclosure.
16. None but the Royal ~es will be admitted within the enclO81ll'8.
17. No equestrians except the rorUge in attendance on Her Majesty and the
mounted officeIII reviewed will be admitted.
18. All speCtatoIII will be required to stand in rear of the troops markiDg the
square, which must be kept perfectly free.
19. Directions for details affecting the troops will be given by the offiC8III in im-
mediate command.
20. Tho sta.ft' forming the cwUge in attendance on Her Majesty at the Review, with
the Lords Lieutenant of cowities to whioh the corps to be reviewed belong,
will attend at 2.80, and the proceasion will be formed as detailed below : -
1. Detachment of13th Light Dragoons (Troop) 1.
preceded by the Staff.Adjutant.
2. Her Majesty's Aides-de-Calnp. 2-
3. OfficeIB Acting as Deputy.A.djutant General, 8-
and DeplltJ-Q~ With
The Qu_', Equei'ri.-iD.WaitiiDg, ~ ~ empl.,-.a
4. The Atljutnnt-GenermI. The Q1.tattertnaeteGeneral. 4.
8. tlarriages of Her Majesty. 6.
7. The Lords-Lieutenant of Counties to whi~h the Volunteers belong, 7.
Jlounted and in unUorm.
8. Udatant Adjutattt-Ge1lera.1s. A.aaI8tatlt ~~ B.
t. Detachment of Ligl1t Caftl:ry (Troop.) f.

In addition to the direction by Colonel M'Murdo to the Volun-

teers, the following supplementary memorandum was issued :-
Officers commanding companies must be very accurate in their covering and
dlstBnce in column, on the march IUld at the halt..
Companies of thirty files, in quarter-distance column, will be about 10nr paces
distance from the rear rank of one complLtly to the froni I"lm1t of the next.
In talitIg ground to n flank by fours greAt must be taken to keep exact
distance between each section of fours. No opening out must be allowed.
After having wheeled into the saluting point olignment, each ba.ttalIon must ground to its front sixty pa.ces, the covering corrected, and ready to open out
from the front.
AB each company opens out to wheeling distance the supernumerary rank must
lee that the men have got the prbper I!tep.
AA BOOn 118 the rear company of each battalion has palled her Majeety fifty
paces, the officer commanding (who will proceed to the centre of hit battalion on
the reverse flank) will give the order to olose to quarter cllIt&nce on the leading
OOtllpany, so tha.t the rear company may dl.stinet1y hear the order given.

At the conclusion of the Review the troops will ieave the ground
sim.ultaneo'USly accordiJ1g to the following official programme,
issued by Colonel M'Murdo :-

Pass out-from the Right-by the Old London Road entrrmlll!.

lit Battalion.-Pass out-from the Right-by t.he Old London Road entnmce.
On going out of the Pm the 1st Edinburgh City and 1st Berw1ctahire, the left hand; the Northumberland, HaddiDgton, and Durham Corps,
turn to the right towards St Margaret's Station.
2a' Battalion.-P/¥l8 out-from the Right-by the Old London Road entrance.
Aftet' quitting the Park; the 1st and 2d Midlethian follow the Edinburgh

.,City and Benriobhire Corps. , The Cumberlandand Benrick.apoll~Tweed

follow the Durham Corps to St Margantt'a Station.
3d Batlalion.-Follow the Jrfidlothian Corps of the 2d Battalion.
1st Batlalion.-Remains atationary until all the Corps upon ita left are cleared
from ita line of maroh; then it moV88 from ita left to Holyrood Gate, IIIld
is collll8quently the 1aat Corps 'which pa888II out of that gate.
2d. BattaUon.-Diaeugagea to ita right front; and follow. the Bd Battalion lat
Artillery Brigade, to Scotllllld Street Station.
3d Batlalion.-Remain• • t.dy till ita left is clear; then mQves from ita left to
Holyrood Gate.
Enginem.-Remain steady till their left ia clear; then move from the l.ft of
Companies to Holyrood Oate.

lit arul2d BattaliOftl.-Remain at.dy till their left ia clear; then move from the
left to Holyrood Gate.
3d Batlalion.-Movea, at once, directly to the rear BB far BB the Queen'. Drive,
then by ita proper right, through the Meadow Bault entrance to St liar-
garet'. Station.
41h. Batlalion-Moves directly to ita rear, BB far BB the Queen'. Drive, and folloWB
the 3d Battalion.

2D BRIQADlI--lsT DmsIoll'.
] It BatlalWn.-Disengage& to the right front, &Dd mOftB by the Old London &.&
entrance, following the 2d Battalion 2d Artillery Brigade, to Scotland Street
2d Battalion.-Follows the 1st Battalion.
3d Batlalion.- Will march directly to the road in ita rear, halt, QIld front.. The
Northumberl&nd Corps then move by the right to the Meadow Bulk en-
trance, following the 4th Battalion 1st Brigade, to St Marga.ret's Station.
The Cumberl&nd Corps remains halted till ita left is clear, when it moves
to its left along the road, to Holyrood Ol\te QIld Lothian Road Station, fol·
lowing in rear of the 3d Brigade 1st Division.
4th. Battalion marches directly to ita rear BB far BB the Queen'a Drive; and
moves to ita right by the Meadow Bank entrance; following the Northum·
berland Corps of the 3d &.ttalion to the St M&rgaret's Station.

3D BRIGADB-ll1'1' DmaION.
lit Battalion to follow the 2d Battalion.
2d BaUaWm to follow the 3d Battalion.
3d Battaliotl to follow the 4th Battalion.
4tA Batlalim to disengage to ita left rear; and march-left in front-by Holy·
rood Gate and the Canongate, &C.

The entire 2d Division, consisting of four Brigadee, will move off In IUcceBOIl 01
Compe.nlel from the left (begiDnb:Ig with the left Battalion 'of the 4th Bri.
gade), through the entra.nce; by Abbey Hill and Prince.
Street to their l'IlIlpOOtive railway stations. -

The foregoing movements will be executed aimultsneoualy on the order being

given by the Lieutenant-General to march homs.
OftiClml commanding Brigades will 888 tha.t their BattsJ.ions quit the ground
with regularity, and strictly in acoordance with the foregoing orders: and the
Majors of Brigade w.ill II6ti8fy themse1vI!I that the &mr.lJ~ent8 for the return of
the several Corps to their hom. aTe clearly understood by their respective Com-
manding Ofticers. They will be distributed to the Railway Stations; and it will
be their apooial duty to regulate the distribution of the several Corps on arriving
in the vicinity of each Station, 80 118 to prevent oonfuaion, or bloolring up of
thoroughfal.'8ll; and, in oonjllllCtion with the Railway authorities, bring the Corps
in aueeellllion to their respective Trains.
By Order.



(A. Wued by order o/tJl.e Secretary 0/ State/or War.)

Lieutenant-General Sir G. A. WETHERALL, K.C.B.,

COIIlIWUlding both Divisions,
To tak post on tJl.e "ght of the Line.
Major-General Lord RoKEBY, KC.B., Commanding.
Fife Mounted-RiHe Volunteers-consisting of four troops from Cupar,
Kirkcaldy, St Andrews, and Dunfermline-Lieutenant-General the
Earl of Rosslyn, Major-Commandant.
Colonel llicLEAN, R.A., COIIlIWUlding.
Lieutenant CHAMBERS, R.A., Major of Brigade.
First Battalion. - Lieutenant-Colonel Morris, R.A., Commanding-
Captain J. Ballantyne and Captain Addison Potter, Majors-con-
sisting of City of Edinburgh Companies, 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th,
6th, and 7th; Northumberland, 1st and 2d; 1st Haddington;
1st, 3d, and 4th Durham; and 1st Berwickshire.
Second Battalion.-Lieutenant-Colonel Sir J. G. Baird, Bart., Command-
ing-Captain G. Roland, Major-Adjutant, Captain William Elliot
-conaiating of 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th Midlothian;
PROGlWrBfl£, ETC. 69
1st anti 2d. Midlothian, Leith; ht, ~t1, 3d, and 4th Cumber·
land; 1st Berwick-on-Tweed.· ,
i'Ainl Battdfion--Lieutl!nant-Colonel Ahdei'8tln, C.B" R.A., Command·
ing-cons&!ting of 1st, !d, 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th, and Vth FotfIltBbire ;
1st Kineal'dine; 1st Caithneea; 4th Aberdtert.

sKboN'D A:Rt:u.r.:nt- lUUOADE.

Oolonel GAllDInR, R.A., OommandiDg.-LkmteDIl.Dt Bowmr, R.A.,
JUdor of Brigade.
Firlt Battalion.--Captain John Soott, Greenock, Commanding-ooDBist-
ing of 1st, 2d, and 3d Jl.enfrewshlre; 1st, M, and 3d Ayrshire; 1st
and 3d Argyllshire; lat W~nshire ; 1st rmd 2d Dumbarioaahire.
Second Battalion.-Captain W. fL Ma.i.ilahd DougaU, R.A., Command-
ing-oonsisting of 1st, id, 3d, 4th, ~th, 6th, and 8th FJf88bire; 1st
InternesPrihim; 1st and 2d StirliDgahb.'a; and 1st Naims1lite.
Third BattalrAm-Major J. R. Stewan, Commatullng; Acting·AdJutant,
Captain Donald MatheJ!lOli-oonsiating of 1~ ~ Id, 4th, 5th, 6th,
7th, 8th, 9th, lOth, and 11th;

Captain R<mald johnstone, Commanding-oonsisiing of 1st and 2d
Lanarkshire; and 1st :F.dinburgh City.

Lieut..colonel DAVIDSON, late EI.C.S., Commanding.-Major JoNES,
Major of BripIe•.
Fir" and Sec<md l1attaliom.--Captain E. S. Gordon and Captain Sir G.
Home, Bart., Commanding; Acting·AdJuants; Lieutenant A. T.
:8oyle and Lieutenant S. lFlood PlIg&--COnsiating of Edinburgh
City RiIles. ,
Third Battalion..-:-Major Arnaud,. Late ElC.S., Commanding; Cap-
tain Soot! of Gala., Acting Adjutant-consisting of 1st.. 2<1, and 3d,
Midlothian; 1st and 2d Roxburgh; and 1st Selkirkshire.
Fourth Battation.-CapWn the Honourable A. F. Cathcarlj Com.
manding; Captain Alexander lGnloch, Acting MaJor; Lieutenant-
Colonel G. L. Home, Acting AdJutant-consisting of ,1st, Id, 3d,
4th, and 5th Berwickshire; 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, and ~th Hadding-
tonshire; 1st Kirkcudbright j and Berwick-on·'rweed.


Lieutenant-Colonel C.R; Commabding.-Lieute:blrb.t-Colonel
ttrA1ID, Major of Brigade.
ll,.. ~-oaptain AIison, (In Forfar), Commanding; Oaptain

William Lawes, Adjutan~nsisting of 1st, 2<1, 3d, 6th, 7th, 8th,

9th, and lOth Forfarshire.
SfJCO'IUi, Battalion---Captain Sir Thomas Erakine, Barl., Comma.nding-
consiBting of 1st, 2d, 3d, 5th, 7th, and 8th Fifeshire.
Third Battalion.-Major Potter, (1st Northumberland Ri1Ies~ Com-
manding-consisting of 1st, 2d, 3d, and 5th Northumberland
and Cumberland Administrative Battalion.
Fourth Battalion.-Lieutenant-Colonel Sir John Fife, Commanding;
Major, John Robey Redm.ayne-consisting of 3d, 6th, 7th, 8th,
11th, and 13th Durham; and 1st Newcastle-upon-Tyne.
Lieutenant-Colonel NAPIBR T. ClDlTSTIB, (late 38th Foot,) Commanding.
- Major DICK, Major of Brigade.
Firll Battalion. - Major Elton, 22d Depot Battalion, Commanding;
Adjutant, CaptainJames Young-consisting of 1st Stirlingshire
Administrative Battalion; 1st and 2d Clackmannan.
Seeond BaUdlion.-Major Pitcairn, 23d Depot Battalion, Commanding ;
Captain S. RaW80n, Adjutant-consisting of 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th,
5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Aberdeen; 1st Inverness Administra-
tive Battalion; 1st Suth~rland; and 1st N airnshire.
Third Battalion.-Major Sir A. G. Cumming, Bart., Commanding-
consisting of 1st, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th, and 12th Perth;
4th Kincardine; and 1st Elgin Administra.tive Battalion.
Fourth Battalion.-Major the Marquis of Breadalbane, K.. T., Com-
manding-consisting of 3d Perthshire; 1st, 2d,3d, 7th, 9th, and
10th Argyllshire; 1st, 2d, and 3d Linlithgow.


Major-General. CAMERON, Commanding.

Colonel WALTER HAMILTON, C.B., Commanding.-Major BAILEY, RE.,
Major of Brigade.
First Battalion.-Major D. M. Latham, Commanding-consisting of 1st
Renfrewahire Administrative Battalion.
Second Battalion.-Lieutenant-Colonel Graham, Commanding; Acting
Major Fullerton-consisting of 2d and 3d Renfrewshire Adminis-
trative Battalion.
Third Battalion.-Captain Hay Boyd, Commanding-consisting of 1st,
2d, 3d, 40th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 9th Ayrshire.
Lieutenant-Colonel Sir ARCBTBALD IsLAY CAllPBELl., Bart., Command-
iDg.-Lieutenant-Colonel IBBBTBON, Major of Brigade.
Fint Baualion.-Major Robertaon, Commanding-consisting of 1st
Luarkahire Administntive Battalion, (Head-quartera, GJaasow.)
S«OfId Battalion.-Major Rankine, Commanding-conaiating of 2d
Lanarkshire Adminiatrative Battalion, (Head-quarters, Glasgow.)
T/r,ird Battalwm.-Major Reid, Commanding-consisting of 19th Glas-
gow, (2d Northern); 51st, 67th; 74th; 75th, 80th, SIst, and
83d Lanarkshire.
Fourth Battalion.-14ajor M'Brayne, Commanding--consisting of 47th,
89th, 91st Lanarkshire; and 1st Bute.
Lieutenant-Colonel TEN:YANT, Commanding.
Fir,t Battalion. - Major Jamieson, Commanding -consisting of 4th
Glasgow, (1st Northern); and 60th, and 61st Lanarkshire.
&cond Battalion.-Lieutenant-Colonel Stirling, Commanding-con-
sisting of 5th, 21st, 34th, 35th, 49th, 58th, 59th, 64th, 65th,
66th, and 90th Lanarkshire.
Third Battalion.-Major Rigby, Commanding-=-consisting of 6th Lan-
arkshire Administrative Battalion, and 43d and 48th Lanarkshire.
Fourth Battalion.-Major Ewing, Commanding-consisting of 4th
Lanarkshire Administrative Battalion, and 29th and 32d Lanark-
Lieutenant-Colonel GARTSBORE, Commanding-Major NELSON, Major
of Brigade.
FirBt Battalion.-Major Simpson, Commanding--consisting of 16th,
37th, 42d, 44th, 52d, 56th, 57th, 55th, and 73d Lanarksliire.
S«XnUl Battalion.-Major Dawson, Commanding; Adjutant, Captain
T. Graham-consisting of 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th,
and 10th Dumbartonshire.
TlKrdBattalion.-Major Walker, (Inspector of Musketry), Commanding
-consisting of 1st, 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, 7th, and 8th Dumfriesshire;
and 2d Wigton.
Fourth Battalion.-Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon. W. F. Scarlett, Scots
Fusileer Guards, Commanding-Acting-Major Dreghorn--consist-
ing of 3d Lanarkshire, or Southern Battalion.
IN TU .uurr LlB'l'•

...... no.e Corpt 1Mial *"' ~ WO

k,. for ~ '" ~ omw fIlIia be jotfllfd, lit

I'ttIIIdn.. GecqaPoeH o-p RIIalIl DInI4 JJerw\s,'cor. hmll!WaJlaee
John Bu.oIl WIIlle.m '&mlrid&'e T. Walk~ 3cI, ear. Rolltltt WaI:&
lilt 'few. J"",ea Rabert80n Wlllam OUphAnt Andrew tken, lit George~
(CVpar.) WUliam Altken D. PO&l1IOO Andrew A.Itk.... 2d Pe&wWblIe
J . .&. Thomeon. cap. Jam.. Heldnl.m A.Cunie Andrew Benrtck
(~) W.B~ r.Vld~ RobIr$P'W.lDg 4iIl 'f.roIp.
W.Dry . Bardle George GoTUl
J.c.r.taIn, II(U'.-m~. G. Pnmtice Artbur Ruaoll .JoImHq (D!uV'-'iat.)
-H~_. R. Prentlce Diehard 8t.ormr Peter Bepbllm Sir P. Artblll' B.tJbIt,
Fredk. edderbum, R. Blrroll John MeIdnl.m JamlllBIll
J. ~c::mCOl'!let
l-eor. D.R!lMell Ra ben Balfour Robert Bedge
Dl'W.Dewar JobDObeIDe .tloxander Provall .Jolm HlIttoI1 - Aitt&ll, _ •.alil0I' .
iD DlVIIIlOlC. .. !'loop.
Da'ftd IflllaDcI
Tho-* L&Il4el-
-1'--. ....
J. T. Oawal:\:1t
R. Cathcart, u B=.fon~, lIlaIcolm Lo... l.I1a
John Bell, 1IIIl'. 'llIl\I.
Jamlll Walker, cor. JIoht. JOtchell. cor.
.JobD Ploc1dlart
John BrIIId
T. LIuidale, cor.
(Br AII4mt'..)
J. 'W.,capt.
RobL B8tlll1110, n_ J::--
A. Nlcoll, 1III:.-Illl\IGr
.tloxander Bill, _.
Tbomu Ho11oll
Walter Jolm~. -&.ertdge
Detid EdIe Jam... lIolvUle Davtcl B:\ 001'. Jam_ a1ker -Henle
Bobert Altkeo. Bobert J(eIdnl.m T. Walker, lit, 00l'. OeorgeW~ .&. JI4ld&lle

4th Aber4tII.. .Wm. D&nlel A. )I'Culloeh, ser• Duncan )I')IllIan D. Llving8ton. lilt It.
Dunca:n Clerk, _. D. )I'Klch&n, lid It-
1h.Ire. A1n~' Dunca:n LITlngaton
( ~) ... Wm:
onald Wm. Fletchor. B<U'.
John M'Innes
J oeeph M"lAaD, lot
D. 1I'Lachlaa, eR.
Peter )I'InI;)n'e. .."..
Wm. PoI'II)'th. cap&. Bobert Beverldge John Brown Joeeph M'Les.n, 2d John )I·Inqn., .......
ADd. J opp, 181. Uoot. Patriok Gatherer Donllid Brown ~M'Grell"r John )I'Lupa._.
Cbu. 8hep _.
Jamee01yno Donllid M'!tay, 1st Fi y H'lntyre Peter)('~
JameBAirth John M'KAy, lot Arch.. M'Orogor Dunca:n )l'
JameeJohn8l.on, Ier. George Connon Donald M'lK!l1an John M'lntyre Donald I f ' x -
Ale1, Du.IfulI, lIft'. Jam08Bun>_ Peter If'Lean John Brown A.rehibe.ld )l'Intyn>
Jam.~cr,_. Bobert CreIg D. M'Dongal1, lot John )I'Doupll Colln M',Kay
Goorge alker John Aben>otby William Buchanan Thomae Jolley Peter If'Ka,y
John Duft'ua ThomIIA Slnolair Donald M'Dougall John M'Gregor DonaldH~
Alexander LoIIie lVm. Garden Donald~,2d Duncan M'Loan })untan)l' y
J_8mith J. B. JII1ne Colln M' d Dnncan Clerk Peter Hunro
Jam. 'RettIo A.lex. Smith AlOx. M 'Grogor D.M'~2d Al"ehlb&1d II~
HughPruer Duncan M.mro JohnCl td Arehib&1d 1I'Lopa
J_Oemmack DonaId M 'Grogor John )I 'Callum A.Iound.... X~
A.leUDd.... Watt In .&rs'1lkh1re. John Clerk, 181. Peter Camphell Dunca:n M'J)oupll
Jam.~lIh&r (Ba.Id4lL) Donald Munro Peter M'OWloeh Noli X'DoupD.
J_n.. dIIon JohnM'Kay A.lex. Brown
J_lI1lDa lIIt~. lWl:nX'Kay
J oIon M 'Lean Nen Ji'loteher WU' BaIaIr
J. G. 8twr.rt J. M'DolIgall. capt. ArchIbald Porgnaon NoIl II'KetIJIIe W11llam .JobIIIIbJa
.&In.tDder YnIe A. Wh7te. lit Hout. Jam.,. M'Lean
~lO.tcheIl P.Campbell, 2dUwt. Duuce.n Brown
"~. ~l;;'i..
lit ArgylIBh4'It. J Qhn Galt, CI)l', JOhll~ 6UL~' John White
M coxn.-cOllti.... John Cowan, cor. JllmesH (Ka~.) Ro~)fllN
Nell Clerk FnKl. Alexander,cor, KooreHllitV1\l Robort Orrok
JehnM~ Georgo M1tcheU. cor. J limes Stalford :o,vtd ~eapt, A.rehbold~
BdwwM y Jamee Low:ll Jam. ¥'Crea4!e -l ... Kelile, 1 \IlI11t
Wllliam Nlmm..%
Donald Fletcher George Dav1dJlon Jolul Brown G. Morr\lOl1, M lIent.AleL ){actavl
John .'lnnes Jamee GUftll&n James M'Co!n\ ReT. D. V. Thomaon, Jamea Herrlott
DoDa1dL1~ James Brown John Walker Robort Fa1r
A.rehib&ld ?of
~tI=~~PheU WIlII&nl K'KIlIlq WI.lllam Glover'
d mphell Alexander l'letoher ~'ill:..M~m::i lit BenlIUbhiIt. William Tndner
TholDllll Robleon
John CronJ:;ll LaIlNl1041 GvvIn JOhllH'O~ Androw Palmer
](a.1colm pheU Alexander G~ J olul ?of'Cal alii J. R. L' Ami,'cap!:.
J. Glheon, d lleut.
Dsvtd Cookbum
~h~~=18Oll A16Ul1der Hall
WUllam Brydon
Robort WhIte
J&mes Paterson, ser. Robart Pelfere
John ll'Inncs J~How:I& WDllam Flggans J amel Cos, ller. Rohert Rohertaon
A.reh1ba.1d ll'!ntynl Wllliam Hunter WIllI&nl ThamplIOn Wm. Cookburn, aer. Ales;. Lounton
John FOrg'USOn Robt. M. Hutchl80n Alexandel' Hm John Allan, lM\I'. Thomae Cbapmilol1
John L!ving&ton Archur Jeftrey WiUlam Oehlltree John J ohn.lon, per. Btephen Talt
John M'lntyro John ]('CuUooh RObert Ferguaon T. Stair"m, cor. Jnmea Benton
AleL ]( 'I'heraon Archur M'Dougall John Johnstone John air, eor. ThomaaG~
Wm. D\ck8On
=:;1r~ Charles M'Leaii R. A.. Hlllar TholDllll ThomptlOl1
John .'Lean Joht\ OehUtree Potcr Bmee.tton JohnDerry
John O. Oamp~ D&v1d M'Lellan WllUIIm lIt!rIls Georgo Ni&bet Wm. Maoonochfa
CoUn K'Douiall Dania.1l1aroh D. M. L{{'n Georgo Aitch\.&On, Robert Thom~
John M'Eachnle Jam... Ha.rtIn Rltchla UlT"f Robert Edgar
Dugald Cront'hell John HathlflllOD HnghBenry James Burgan
Launmoa ](athIeIcm Dand Bone Petor Altchiaon lItCa1i1m1&
84~~' John M'K1nlay Patriot.: W!!&on Jame& Gih!\Q[\ (Jrd.)
DandNlven Jameo Henry JohnVeok
P. ewnBtie, 1st tlllut. A.reh1ba.ld Jiizon
John Patenou
WDllam Deaaa
John IAndlfll\, la~
Goo.l1a), ~i!~~:r-
D. ]('~ lIeut. J. llaeLean, 2d Ua\l;'
D.A. _. Alexander Parker John Ollver ~wLopn Alal£. Kerr, lilt. "
Wm.l'lenderleath JamelGl81l m. Weatliilrhe84
B. ]('Douga.1l, __
D, Gnnt, IW. WIllI&nl
Robert8 th
:Tth0Ul' WUl1IIm JIot1oD.
John DrbIDr.n
NinIan J. BI&4
Alexander Git.on
smea Ro!ach, Hr.
Dsvtd LeIth, CI)l'.
O. Bucbanan, _.
A. K'Ln-. eor.
!>avid 8tevenl WIIUam ThoZllp8QJI ~patel'1lOll ~~a;..~~~~
C)eorge Teml&nt
J. A. • 'Archur. cor. WIllI&nl urt&
- HamIol1, bollub. Dsvld W"rk
Clwles 'ere-
BabenJQ1l81 Dan Fruer
A1eunder La:Il4l_
Arehd. Paterson
Goorge 8Ino W4
B. IAuronoe
WDltIml. WylUo
Wllliam Cowan
N.l~ David Ewa.rt
Peter Dlckson AleXl;Uder ~
J.M' (LGrn) Cbal"lee Redpath WiD.Iam Bteven
Alexander }"orroster WlIlInm Dunnllt.
Id~ ~ hell, capt. WIIU&m Gu1Wl~
(.4."..) W. ,IItHeu!;. JOhn~dJOII, 2d
A,K Peter winoy Wl1I!t.m Doull
W.R.](~ Henry J &mOll, c:w,t. C. Jl"raeer. t<l Hemt. Rohert Mom.,n
A. Fnllanoo,'JoU ent. T. Crawford, aor. RoOt. S!.min&ton Wm. Butherlau4
N. BuchaMl!. Alextm er P&teraa!l
D. M'Il!aao W. B. Cnthberlllon, John Houston, ser. Fmncia La.x\dlea James 8uthorlal\d
H.Al!iIIon 1st HRl. Georgo Main, ...... WilliaIn~
A. La... W.~e,2dHeul. T. llaekAy, _.
John Cowper, _. WIlllamI!'!\~
Robert John Brllce
D.:MeuIeI W • . O.B1l!'IIlI,1IIIr. JameeBrown Al..:s:ander~
W. KelllliM !teT. • Shaw, chl\Po D. G. G1el1, cor. Robert 4ndu-lJ>l1 John 1IIaru!an
A.M'DoIqjall Archd. Guthrle, _. John Barr, cor. Charlea Thollloon
H. t. AIlan, _ . Thomas Brown, cor. John Nlabe\
W. :Maoldntoeb Peter Pur~ea Patliclt Davf~
D. Ballan= ser. B. :Maodonu.ld, COl'. JAmeaAnld
W. BI&tr
A.Li~ Ja.s.H'H e._. Jam.. &IDle, bomb.
~tCOlm, 00%1\'11.
Joeeph GlbIQD
Donald CrnIg

D.L1~ J M. 'H'Geachtl1l, llet'. A. JamesBromIl,el'
H~ Bamsay,_. W. aek, bomb. WIIU&m~~
J. Uvingatou
P.Xiller' W: • H'Cubbln~ D. HW<lry, bom~ lIt~:UllQ. WIll1a.m Grant . ,
P. ]('ArchIU' W. Y. CtII1Illn& J ol1n AlIail George O<mnaelt
J. COr. J&mee Armour WIllliIm 1{elt)l
J. W.F~Il.eor. John Borr 'l'homaII AlIBn, tap. WIlli&mSh~
P. Davld oung, cor. Rohert Berr J. Purves, In I1eUt. James BIm}lllO\l
W.8keoch Thee. Aitll:eI!, cor. Rohert Berrlo A. Thompeon, td. a.
John Wltaon, cor. John Csassdj, - WIllIs, fIIlt'.
K. ReMle, cor. WIllI&nl OIl' e T.Tbom~_. lit 0um1lt.r..,
P. :]('001 .(~)
J • ..,. •'K4lQII\o JQIll.csFi&kon W. Alder, ser.
R.Lovo J"m .. .t.Ind~ :M. Ol')!!IIllnan, S&r. J&mes~&ln
J.BlacIt WllliamMae T. Betchelor, iICI'. C. FishOlr,lt.
J &mes lrrtne. bolll. John ){'Lauch John Fender Jamea J&I)~ • •
w.Lln~. John ]('Leod Rohert 0IU'r Hobaon, &er.
la'~ J;C.Da Davtd :M'Laren
WIll1a.m W..taon
Charles Kanderooll :M..tthe~ lI8l'.

J. O. HallwoU' Duncan Tay\or
fleorge Bichani&on
Wllliam Fairbalm W~~~;
Al~ on~~ Rohert M'Craatb JohnWatoon George Sample Andfll'lJQ1\
($P~ John .Brodie
.. H,){'I)ollald DavtdWhittifbrd
J ohri • In H01l\. John K'Klnnon Jamee Barbour Thomas GUch:rtl!t
A.. 8tewart, ~ J. J. H'D<mnllld T. Cnthbcrtson WIlli&m ArI:ili bold Bell
Rev. J. B<>nun Archlbald RlIQ Dugald U>chhood James PattenlQll mookbu\'lt
eba~n RohertWllIlc:r Jam ... Morrloon WIll1a.m Rohi&on Beteman
Wm. IdB, 1IaIlst.- Walter SWill JohnK.~ Goorge DIck Coekbalq
Jllmeo ){urocb WUlIain Mat 0II0l1 Henry Leclde Cr&On
A..~80II.l!Cr. Wllllam I'::art Jamea Rohertoon Goor);e OUchrllt Qaaely
D. M.. F~ubar,~. J amea ld lame Arehlba.ld Morri& ;;e.FetlAw Fowler
John DI e, wr. ThomuJones Alexand&r Entorkln Gunn Feai-on
John lWkor, acr. Thomu Crawfqrd He~D, DsWllOQ Bamua.! DlckaoD, Pletcll«
_T..._ lluf"hruun. M1". John Undenrood Char Leelle W1Illam 0<IIl1{\e Fray

lA Cllmberl&ud- 84 CmDberlaDd. WlIlla:aI Plu-klDa A1e~erTbomJlOll. B. GItIeon

~ (Mal')'1X'l"l.) Tbomu Plaaket Jam. RooolUon JobllOrey
1I'I.t.zaImoDa Jam"" BQ6Ch Robert K'hl-Iane .It.flu&ei'
Orlflln John AddI8oD, eapL W.Beay J_R1.Ithven J.R. BolmM
Blade W.W.Wood, lotUeut. :Ba. Smith, lA

T. B•. Bnmpb1'8)'
8y. LIn.uay. 2d Ueut. :Ba. Smith, 2d Jobn HUlle,
JOlllph H. Wood, ser. wnUam Scott J. J. BonelIeI4
Badwtn Jobll I. Sealby. aer. John Btewart W. D.Irwln
Jaekaon JOB. Sealby. om.
Jam. Lalnton, Mr. WIlllamT~ D. KlJunond
KenwOJ'tb.¥ Chambere ayl", John La1lT1IIIC8
LintoD Davtcl Bewle,. 1IlI'. Joaeph TbOUlll()u A ..... Lotlns'"
)['Gowan T. Walker._. P1etcber W..- W. "'Icldloml.
)[etcalf TbOB. Boyd. eor. John Wateou
John R. Ttekle, cor. Jam"" WUlcl:n.ton ~Ohn Metcalfe
lIetealt J. • A MOOl'8
lIanu Husb Carr. eof. WIllIam Whltoh8lld T. NlebolMD
OeDrre Frith, cor. D.
lIar1.In Chu. Eaa18llll~d
Joaeph WnI:8on
SamUal M 'Kerude
Win. .001'.
Jam. Berpor. 001'.
J, 11 onrtDaIl

Nlcbolaon G. R. Poua
NIOIIe }"lwam ArmJlNug
J.J.Boattle John ChaIm=t,-.
J. 8ay«r!l. bom F. H. R&bn
den Jau: J _ IAu>g. bomb. T. W.80a.llll
..",Ho M J. M'KeIlar. bomb. W.D.StolllJ
Ray e
JonaUIIUI R. Ban" WlllIa:m ~ T. Forgan. bomb. John Service
Ray JohnPooley Robart Orr Rlebd. TbomplOll
Stewart WIlUam Armat;rong John Banllah Jolmson Thompaoa
J obn Ratcllft'e Wm. M'Farlano
Smlth TbolllM HaytoD John M'l[ens\e J.H.WIOtaoD
TalIanlln John Co11l1Dey Petor M'MInn Wm.Wauon
Taylor JOIepbTemple WIllIam M'V..,. P.J.W_ _
s"mnel Booe John Drel:mon J ...._GWlOl
~,:!pI!Ou. George Grecglns
Johu Stonn1ug: Allan M'z-n
John Pattereon R. eoWOll laaa.c Flem.Ing 8dDarJwa.
WattleWOl'tb CharlOI Porterfiold
JamCIIRedman (SovfA 8Aid4)
Wu.on Harrison !at Damba.rtoa. John.Munro
Jooeph Betherl.oKton lhire. ABdrew)['X- J. O. SteV1lllllCllly aapt..

Whltelock Itohort Sonthwell (HilUMb1c"llk.) WIllIam Gordon T. B. BIIrbr, let
Ale:a:ander AddlMD Ju. (k1bn1lth. ca~ John M'Nish lleuL
WWlam R::r..- J. BoneymAll. lit t. John M'Naugbton J. L. Thom~ !Id
TbomuA Wm. Beld, 2d lleut. John BiJ:bum liont.
DoueJ.d KUl"l'aY••f. 1 _ TweddeI. _.
John Davl.claon Donald own1o
JohnC. Toelw.IIL,_.
14 CmDberwlIL John
WlWam P. BanluI
Bell ~~.":;..
R. Buchana.n, _.
John Rosa
John Gill;"" John RobeoD, _ .
Itohort Bnl1ll DanIel M'Eachnm
IL G. 8au1, lIt lleut. John DlsOll A. W. Swan, er. John PoUoclc Thoe. s.m_
.1. G. ) [ _ y , 2d It. Rlebanl Walton Robcrt AngulI Ale>:. M'Laghlan Charl,. Buabel1
O• .Arm8trong, Bel'.
O. B. Dison, ......
Martin Magee
T. B. Christian
Tbomas G 01
Crosrut NeD M'Lean
8alomon LutteTal
Rkhard Brvtm
John Bell
Wm. Watkins, Mr. Benry TbomplOn Rector Gay Arch. M'KeIlar Hugh R. Oampbell
W. B. MansoD, .... WDUsm TbOUlpson Robert Jaidlne WDIlam Korr JamOlO~
John Lotb, er. FJeteber Tlelr.1e John BendenOIl John CuaId.7
G. Brittaln, oor.
T. 8. Dodg8oo., oor.
Jota AeIIbnrll
Sam..e1 ...·Jlaoter
Hodc;Ion 8&ndereon
Devld Johnllton
DugeJ.d MorrIson
w. J. YonnLaptaln John
John DevllKm
John Belten
Thomu H. Gadding
Dona.ld M'Laren Robcrt M'Lachlan wm1am:fl*
~::~~e,. Hughll'CoU COlD.

JameaPatan .1. Hamnton, !at It. Robut Par.IM

Matthew Papa WIlUam RoberUon O. 5. Moon, let lIent. 'l'hoInMGuS
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WiIIlam Bow.
John GibllOn 'th Robert Brown
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G.c. W. B. Ourweo, capt.
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WIllIam Graham laaac I!cott. lot 111II1t. WI1lIam sur~ -Slml!)'._.j John Kareb'-b
IaKUolm"" A. Penrlce. 2d lieuL A1eunderBa - Abbe, ser. T b _ KotIIl
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'l'hoInM Kirlcbrlde Henry ~IIOI!, 1Ier. John Cameron - A ntttD, cor. WWlam Morr:Iot
J.-phJ.i' . _ .
Wm. eampbell, lA -'p, oor. IlIIorp Jl6lrilIII
J., !ler. J&IllOll White - Y01ll:lger. cor. Th_pib
lIdmnnd G. Lloyd Bobert Oold1e, cor. Dend.Smlth E. It. Browne., cor• John Poorker
.1. L, M'Cut.cheon Bdwa.rd Little., 00t'. Audrew Cafton - Puton, bomb. John Port_
B. H. MoUDlle)' Arth. Beueon, bomb. Wm. Campben. lid - Rocb_. bomb, John 8. PurriII
WIlUam 8. Metc.aU Robert PeJ.l, bomb. Tb_BattNm - Tnnlbull, bomb. WIlIIam BeoIh
John Nloholaon Archlba.ld Allan Bd........tQuln T. w. lIroW'D JOoMph~
JohnNhon :BanolIMI Brown WIllIam Bu.ell E.WI!)' .' JOoMphRo~
WIllIam Noble
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Tbomu~ John BalD Ed". BrImI ThOmM Roadforod

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Andrew'l'attle Solomon lh.yto:m Peter M'OeJ.Ium Tb•. Cocbrao8 Johnl!eJ.UlOIl
John HeUon BellI Glbson C.Cnunllngtoll WUlIam Shield.
JOoMph Irvtng Jam,;"Dow John (Ionn IlIIorp 8eotl
H4O!II7 A. Band_ ReMJ_ SoweU
Jeeeph O. 8t.olt..
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JOIIIph Wm. . b>a'
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John Morrisnn
WillIam Pat<mlon
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John Glbooon
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ThoI. Fa.lrle, •
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J. Kt.Ie HendenlOll Tb_ A. Camero:.
latOoml'll"7. ' W. T. Lnekle,r Maclar~8 AdaIn :ror-t ,. P. CuI
Wm. C. Ward Ja,ot. R. ll'KAsle Jam. WateoQ J. (JhryIJta1
IOn, c&ptllllI com. J. Il'JlUlu. Peter Bnlndon W. Crawl'ord
E. s. Jobloll.l.t lIe1l&. J. Iletcall'o H&rdIo Robert Brown A. Porbu
O. Smales, 2d llenL J.llldgl.y :MacdonaId Bobert Plnkerton W.:rrtlMr
G. Elg1e,nr. J. Kowbnr.y Doig AIlWLIlder RosUe J. Friend
Fred. Nev",.
J.B. FI&tmea, • • Johnlll'Gmw J. GJ)land
J.Hurray."" W.P....klnaon Peter Kelly J.Onlnt
H. Ta11or, aer. W.Pl.elr:llII G. Muirhend AndrcwGra.r
- Button, eor. Tboa. PlnooU A. Mulrhead M OomJUl7' Daniel Gray
J. O....lmtt, cor. JOfI. Renal. DrCappio J. Boyd,. ca,p~ . D. Grieve
G.N. W U1d0J0ll, bom. RfRoblnoon Ferguaon J. M""n..b, lot Uout; J. HamUwn
G. Banaolll. bomb. R.Roberteoll .'Claw W. ElgIn, 2d Iiout. J. Barloy
H. Sale J. B. Rollllller Cameron H. Woore.....r •. J.lngU.
8.ArmairotIg Fled. aadlu 8coU A. Stowart, ser. T. Keddlo
B.R.Allen T. Stockton FuIlartou D. Reid, ..r. A.Ko'IT
E. Appleton A.Slm~n ' Pratt W. Oormack, _. G.I....Mer
J. J. ArmotrOl\.lC
John Thos. Be~
Tbo•. AP81ebY
T. Sew 1
T. Thom1*ln
Robert Ttnpen
S. EdmoDaton
J. White. oer.
W. lIl'CrI.o, bomb.
J. Lindaay, bomb.
Richard ooper Wm. Talo SW&D J. Rldloy, bomb. Alexander IIaaoll
WUllam COXOll JOII. Walker ThomllOu P. Brown, bomb. James MlI80n
J. P.l>enton J. Waiilon Hargitt J. A.bucklo I). Mein
Rlcbard C. DeDtoll Alkm~ J. M. BethunO G. Millor
R.~ l.)lrand J ...mOll Mltcball
R.E... Thomu Belli:, .,.pt. J. B. llruco John Mltehe1l
J. E1ltt1oD W. W. llruulon, lBt Johnaton A. a.J.der A. Mow...t
R. FlIiDt lIeut. Rou J. DruIWllOJld H. Murphy
T.H.FI~ H. Ca8ebonme. 2d It. ~bardson J. Fairwoother W.M=
H.O~ T. Brunton, !!<lr. J.Craig A. MM do
E. W. . .butt. JamOll In(Us. eor. W.Gnoy W. lIl/lCdonald
J. E. Holrnea F. T. Cac ott ....... Kirkpatrlck C. Hodgu J. M"darlano
J. El.stob HuttoD G. Rymer. aer. J. lIfaCllrt P. MncgibboJ:l
Hendr:lchH_ J. Mountford, cor. 140-,...,.. C. B. MarehaJI G. MIlt!g111
H':i IUted
T. anIuIl1
T. Cl_by, cor.
T. I4w80n. bomb.
Martlhall, bomb.
Tb.02UIIlMll. eaJ:taba
J. MUne
Arch. Oa.mpbe 1st J. Nob4>
T. Ma.ckel12io
""~~:iam Bale1 lieu!.. R. Rutherlord W. Oswald
t;e<>Tg9 }foor WUli_ Aiston . J. M. K'PvJa.u, 2d R. F. Read A. Paisley
C. NielRn John AIlan llout. J. i!tobo J. Palon
Ra.T.Peanon WUlIam Atltlnaoll J_ea Patereon, 1IOl'. T. Stoddl4rt W. PaW.on
J.R.Proctor Thorn... Bele John Seatt, _. R. Stecl T. Raloigh
J.RoCOll Jam... BlOOI1ltleld T. Roid
~. J."t!.'i~
T. Rutherford, aer.
J. B. "-Y Cbnrles Ca8ebouroo T. Robertsoll, l1l1I'. W. Richard80n
Emu. Spence
John Dougllls
o....ld eel'. J. D. Watt A. JWbert80n
Hugh Robortl, eor. W. Pllxtoll
John SandeQoJl, J. P. Pea JalON Arundel, _. P. Henry J. Scott
A. E. Sc4lea WllliRm FInch T. Fatereo~ 'bomb. J. Cropper J. Smith
J. Tu.rnbl11l Fredorick Gordon
Otlo TreeIIm&, John Hunlitcy
T. Treobolm W. T. Hlndmal'Bh
J. GellAtly, mb.
Wm. BIrrell, 'bomb.
T. Pendrcl(h. bomb. J. L. Brodio
R. SpGllCO
D. 8. Stowart
K. Sucklilllf
J. W. Wba.ley 'Edward Hudson Jolu/. Fra.&er.bomb. J. P ....~ Alexander Taylor
TholWl8 Hunter Goo'll'8 BimpllOD. J. Hardy Robert Taylor
B. G. Iroland Jam08 Cra\g H. Andenoon AdaIn Tunlbull
J. YOllQg G. KIrk WllIiamKoffilt J. Maedooald Goorgo Turnb~
Georgex..mb Goorgo J ohWlIon A. P. Nesbit P. Wight
14~ WIUlam~ Robert Edgn.r . It Stabie T. Young
F. A. JlUbaIIk":I" Richard T. Cl' WilJ.lIIm Smith . s. MROke.nsio
J. Kaektma.l.. la/, • W. A. M'.aginn ... DavidNowbi.lilliD J. 800tt 6thOomt¥7.
J. Bano...b, 24 Uea.L John Miller
WlIllam Mow'bray
John MoY08 R.Adamaon n. BarrIsoIl.. CIlp~.
W. Caldorb&nk,_. Jamu Dla.cklo A.Ra.maay W. Henry, l.t hout.
H. B. MWT"-Y• .er. WUlirun M'Lane John M'GIU W. Stohl~ W, 8. MilIar. 24lla.ut.
Cb•. PlIC&> _. R. l'arklnson JohnBaIDlII\Y O. Todd Willi&Jn A. Seatt,"'r.
And. Fo....I..., _ . J. A. Fa'IT WAltorRobb n. JWlIlln John Gleu. _.
Ch... FrlllO, cor. Roberl Prlnglo Georgc Tbomton W. 11. }liIuer AIex. Coekburn. _.
Petor Lou...... oor. T.E. PynUUl JIlIIIOlIGrant G. W"llaoo In. H. Elder. boll)h.
Joa.. GoUlb. bomb. TbolllM Pollitt Honry 1'ar6t o. Longsb'enl!th Jam... Fruer. boAlb.
Ale:<. Iugll., bomb. J. Robil1llOn Andrcw Willla.mlOn J. Grady R. RobortRon. bouob.
Oeo. lWown, lIom,b. J. P. Rlorden AlexllIldor Tull' Jaa. Goedoir. bomb.
Georgo Ba1I~ SIImuol Smith Hugbllte.._ 'th OomPllllT' JM.AnOOnioll,bomh.
H. H. Burne, Wl\tford Tholl1M AI.nnd,q~ M. (J'¥. captain WiIlirunAdam
JobllCarw HonryWLsc John Stod.da.rt J. M. Smd...·, l«t It, Jam"" Ma.ckellar
J. H. Bll,Uon WUJIam M'Leau J. R. Flndlay. 2d It. David J),\\;dROn
-01_" Bdbi_7f_O!.tr. John Burle1gh J. Low....... Jam .. loIu1rboad
J. Cout J amoo Tb.ODl801l W.&~r. TbolJlllllSmith
J.Draka 1.t~.' WUlIam Berry D. Lock , ..r. EdW&rdPhil~
Qeorgov-. J. BI!.llantY~ Aloxa.oder A.Qdono». lIl. M, Stenn. Hr. Will lam GUe .
A.Or.,.ory J. ~1lC8, 24 . GntJwn Broom1ield. w. IW.... bomb. WlUiun AndOl'tiOll
J.1Ia.n1o RI ill, '1. l\l. . HughOardon J. Hlludel'llOll, 'bomb. Cbm'los Fr.....r

R. Hodieu ftoben-._. Dantol M'Douald D.M.A~ W illlam 800"
Ha~ _. Gool'ge GUWl T.B&Ird. G~Walkor


O. mally R. Bank, JohnS. Bo~
W. 11 Smart .r.dnrdTb_
H.f.:J::nm Linton OooJ:&llAlliln W. lhmoan Harpai-
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Bdblburgh CIty, I_CI&rk JameeBalalWe G,H.Llmb

John .Patenon 6th I'iI'eIIdn.
M.h I!()m.~"iUd. W.H.CraIg HoberiK":bt (Ki.rtotJl4,.)
Jam. Drummond ])and Came,beU W\lliam W er F..d......-d. Salter
Jam... G. Cownle peterOoek Jam ... Brown D. Fraoor J. N. H'Leod. c.pL
Alex. B. Cownle Aleunder Andonon Jamee Petrie Adam 1IIIUldol1lOn John P. Ay\<)UD, ht
Alex. C. Jobnotono J_eeCameron WUlIam Brown JohnH'lnr l!ent.
Ale1&1ld.r Knox . WlllIam 111 'Bean ])avid Hobert.oon Peter Hac e D. Iaing, id Ueut.
lobn HowIOIIOIl DuncanM'~hton Jam... Dunean Jobn Strath J .... Do'l\'llr, ........
Jam ... s.- Thom... Ou e DandOgllnu Wllllam Simpeon
Dand Skirving J.-ph Cameran
George Cormad::
J lUll'" Lamont
Jam... X ....y
George 8cott Jo~n,_.
Alexander Dalziell Wm.R.S~""',
each ....... Donald ThomOll CraI8e Jamell Femlo 4th PifMh1re. WIII!IUIl StorrIlr. _.
Jobn Dick Jamus Korr Thomall Kldd (I..~g.) WUlIam Hiehio, .....
J ameli M'IntOllh Thom .. W. Ruue1 Petor WII80n Wm.E1dor,:C, James Bamot, ear.
Antbon~Obert.oo.n JamllS K. Holden In. Grant, 1st •eut. Geo. Job.wlti>n, 0fIr.
Donald id Andrew Hercer W. HilI..... 2d Ueut.. John Dell. oor.
Thom ... Lennio lit l'ifechln. D&rid lAtto Tulloch WiIeon, ....... Hobert Brown._.
John Smitb John Cunninghllm J ... Ale1&lldoJr, - . Henry H1Uar, bomb.
Jam.Smlth (PtI"Ty.Pon--c.:.lg) Wllllam Jobnaton Bd......-d. Pinnll<. ...... D. Brownllo, bomb.
Jobn Mulr Hobert. D. Pryde, 181; Pater Jeffrey, .. r. F. Halop, bomb.
WIIl1&m Wablter !laut. Alax. Penny, ..... .lohn StAlwart.. bomb.
A.S. Dunn P. Chrlstie, 2d Haut.. Joeeph Leaoela, cor. D&rid L. Inglia
Hobart Duncan - LaIng, 8Urg8On Bobert Horn, 002'. JIUIlM Andenocm.
0e0rglI Doblon
baae Ferguaon
Thomall Ingl ...
Alu. BraId. aer.
J _ Iaing. ear.
Bobert Bnddo, _.
Wm. F1ndla
Jam... SmI
r yoou Andrew DowIe, cor.
J. Andenon, bomb.
John HuttAln, bomb.
WUlIam Andonoa
Henry Angloe
Thomas Jlurphy John Hilne....... John'lWhat J ....~,bomb. D&vld e. llelI
lam... Gllebrtllt Chariee Brown • Hobart ForrMter W. • bomb. George BnOl'id,ge
B. H'DonaId WUlIam Bobert.oo.n D&vld Duncan
John llelI Jam.. B. Hobertaon John Hackie
Jam... Barla8
lohn Hobertaon g.":l~w-t
John MortImer John B. Bobert.oo.n Jam ... Anderaon Junee Bonnot Henry BonthroD.
AI_darn- And...,w Bmce ThomaaGome Thomas Jl'AUan Bobert Brand
Robart MiUona Edwlll'd Mathew Davld Walker Murooch CaUon JlUIlea Brown
T. Caroewen D.l". Bobertoon J. H. Robertaon D&rid Beverldge Jam..... Bu:rnot&
Jamea Aitken John BnIfonr SIlve8ter Cbalmere Jl:rrlgor Be.rrlo Darid Candle
D. Challi'
J. M'G
Jam... Pattle 14 OIl d M'3....
ThOQlaS erd
Henry Connell
John Crawford
WIWam BW'tIe DaridSC (SI..dtld..... ) John Blacki& Alexander ~n
John Llvlngetone Bobort poon J obn Purvt.o. ~ptaln TboDl&l8Young Thom... DIc~
P. Jl'EwOll.. George Duncan And...,... BIako
Jamea Cormie
B. Oraco, let lleut.
J. BoJn. 2d Ueut. J_ll.eddle ~Dowie
D&vi Dull' ,
eth~. Andrew Keay D. A.rcbibald, aurg. Colin Grtodlay WlllIam Duft'
G. Meldrum, captain Jam ... Wh1te ADd. Alkman, _. Darid Hoodie HugbDunean
01. G. Hanieon. J8I; John ChrlsUe J_Hall,Er'. Jam... Butberland George Ednia
!louL D&rid WIIson Jamu Dunean, Im'. peterHendenoon .lam... Forbee
W. J. lIAtheeon, id. Charl .... Ratt.ray George BTueo, .... lameaWelab Andl'ew GIbeon
lleut. John Black: Robt.: Bonthron,_. Alexander Brown Aleunder G<mie
W. L. AndtmlOll, _. WiUiam B1aek J .... M'Dollpll, &er. JohnAllen Alexander Orabt
Thomas Cralk Jam... G. Pryde Thomu NlooD, &er. Boberi Curr\e Bobert Grtoton
Alexander Creerer Thomaa SimpllOll Wlllillm Roaa, cor. Wllllam Hutton John Fraaer
Hobart ""le HobartHain WI1lI&m oawaId, cor. Adam Carlyle Bobart B. Hegie
Aleundor Eopie WlWam Bett Jamt'. MaIcolm, ear. Hugb MUITIlY Gilbert H....on
Andrew Ferri..r Bobert Livlngstone Jam... Bolland, cor. Henry Glbeon Bben.... Hom
John D. D. Fruer David Ogilvie, JAt L. AuchtAlrlonle' And",w Fair DavldHutAl~
Joeeph Hardle Da.ld 0gi1vie, !Id Jam ... Auebterlonle WUliIlm Crawfnrd Alexander JngIis
Alexander Grant Darid Hackle David Andenocm. WUlIam Henderson John Ireland
WUlIam tawrle
Rlchlll'd LiddeU ~o:n!'\"!l~ Jamea Alexandor
Wlllinm Berwick
W\lliam ArmiU
John Armltt
Andrew lUlp.triek
John Leitch
JohnLlr Bobert RIle D&vld &mellS D&rid Ram""y Robert Little
Junea acpheraon John Dlckle hter Davidllon John G1'OI!JIit John Meldnsm
.lohnKolr AleL BaUd Chari... Donaldaon Robart Lotham John JlIebla
Wllll&m Phl1Bps Chariu !'Im7 Jam... F~uhanoon Jam... Temple Thomu Jlillar
J obn Boberl:aoll George Dnlnimond Bobert Fou i. Bobert Brown Andrew Nei1aon
JohnBb&w JohnH~ Henry GIheon Bmulllna GeorgeP--
Jobn Sbennan
WlllIam H. Smlth
.AIex. Butheriand
WI1lI&m eaT, J'"
WI1lI&m Keay, !Id
John Brown
»arid Hond.erIIon
Charlee Howie
John RIle
John llama;,
WUlIam Jamleoon Alexander Hay Davld Reelde
Jam.. TaveDdale DaridBuddo Rlcbanl Litlltar DaridBrowu AnlhlbAld Rltdlfa
=Wlgbt Ale UDder Bett Alexander LondOll WillIam Martin Joh.. ~
C ... H'Quall' Robert Kirk D. C. H1teheU JohnAllan J_W.
Darid Wallw- HIIIU'1 Jleldrum J'oeeph lIaclde Jam. Dr;vlIdale Hobart Salmand
Walter Foyer Peter Jlaule George Motlon D&rid GlbIon Darid Bc:ott
Alennder' 1bnha1l. JohnH'G;t: James Kf4Iuu.r .l'ameeBlr.tJm.
1d1'1feIhlre. GeorgeM' _ Alexander CoWer Jobn Bmar1:
'Nl00a,..,.. (N~.) AdamM'Pheraou '1'homu Gowta Darid 8taric
Jam... 1Iaclean,capt.. H. Walker, ...~ Alax. PatAll1lOn Henry HeruIer80n John T. Btocb
J. de 10. Condamliio, D. 181; leut. Jam... RintAlul John HelriUo WUlIam 8tunoek
]81; lieu\. Wm. !Id Heu\. Thomas Rodger Robert CoWer D&vid D. TOO
.AlexandOl' L. Iltobo, Ja_ er" aor. Peter 8taele Charlee GlbIon John T01TU)(lO
!Id Ii....t. Jam... ::::r;:",aer. Da~ld SI3:OO WUlIam Collier Hobart Walker
lhlllam Bothwell Darid We h, aer. Charl... mart. Bobert Milne WIllIam Weir
.utred BeIrIricIt 0410. D. Thoma, Mr. DaTid8cott. Hoberi JtIlgour ADdrew 1r1II~
BobertBOM .John Bhlnd. _. D.8wtntAln JoIm Button WIlIlam 1I'1w..-
lfraderiek .....leIt J _ Thoma, cor, John Smart I_ThomlOll WI1lI&m W'TIio
'l'hemu~ DuD.. C a _ 0CIr. Peter Thomaon
John Dklde John'l'llmbull, wt. Dand Tb~1nIO!\
Bobert GowIe WIlIIanI llO7
»arid GlbIeIl
8th PlftlhJre. Charles Orelg Davld Oray. cor. Jam. KoberlaoD ; Donald RoM
(BKrAll6laM.) John LlvingstoD Alexandor Phln, cor. Peter FerlrQlOn John AlIardice
JamCIINeavo H. l::\-lisJam08, oor. WIWam Kldd Aloxandor Wobeter
J. Young. capt.aln James Ireland A. D. oung, bomb. WIIDam Wa1laee
R. BrownUo, Uout.. Poter Dain
CharlCII Black O. F!nlayoon. bomb. Georgo Wlll Jam"" Tindal
J. Williamoon. eurg. JlIUlea AndOJ'llOn A. Grimmond, bomb. WllIlam Robertaon
J. Carneglo, ..,r. Petor E<lward
Goorgo Fu.lrweather Jamoe SUlith, bomb. Bonry Johnetone J. H. Smith
D. Low, ser. James Gouek James M'F....IBDo Jooeph K1dd
T. Hutehlaon, _. Dn.ld Low
John Wannan Rohort Mudlo JameoLowdm . Georgo &ott Calrd
W. sUman,_.
A. Hcndoroon, ser. Dand Taskor Georgo Wall""" Alox Weir
J. ll'Intoah, cor.
84 J'orfanhire. Wll1lamMill Koberlaon WaUaee WIIUam Rclth
W. Swnn, cor. (B""""III,.) John llonziCII ThOl. H.... denonGeorge Huntor
W. Wobetor, cor. J. E. Patoroon. capt. AIoxBDdor Davidoon Davld Lamb AlexnndcrConnack
H. Torronce, cor. J ohu S. Norrio, let Poter Crigh ton WIWamLamh Robert Brown
A. llorriaon, bomb. llout. Goorgo ~landa Alox. nuhortl'On
J. Balrd, bomb. J. C. Llndaay. 2d JamOB MB .. all William Cowlo
lit Had~toD' Androw Smilh
D. Wood, bomb. lieut. Robert Patriclr.
James Molr .hire.
R. Walla, bomb.
J. B&ldcraton
O. D. Mount, lOT.
A.. MBDn, IOr. Androw Slater (Dunbar.) t'!~d~~~e~
J. Fuller D. BaIley, acr. Robert MArShall J. O. lIay, caftain John W. Thom80U
J. Dewar T. Watt WlIllam Chaplin J. Jafl'ray, 10 Iieut.. Dnvid Mitchell
A. Braid
G. Boott
. F. Rudd
Dand Napier
Poter Stewllrt
J. Dunlop. Burgeon
Rev. T. Burnet, chap.
Dn... ld Murray
Dumett ForrcBt
John Braid Henry Reld, Ber. WIllIam Forbea
A. Blnnle
J. Scotland ~~j!t~":'vidaon James Whito Andw. Ba\e11lie, IOr. Wi1llam Mulr
D.ElMle JohnBeo.. John Turner, &er. JamcI 8ymmcra
W. Brown John Gunn
D. Johnaton O. IJndoa,. Wllliam Robb. IOr. Wll1lam Macbeth
C. Reld John Chyno AIex. Klnghom. cor. JamCII Corm.ek
D. Charleo Henry Stewort
A. Robertaon DanIel BoI1 J. Kirkwood, cor.
H. Hendoroon J.H. Bume JamCII Darie John Nlobet, cor.
D. M'Culloch J.C.Petor James Don A.. Gardner bomb. Alexander Napler
A. Duwdro O. Baxter Georgo Raltt A. Aitlr.en, ~b. Arthur Robertaoll
O. MaIcolm D.Carey John Todd John Smith, bomb. Robcrt Torry
J. Dick J. Watoon John Sinelalr Alexander Wood John Taylor
A. Brodle C. CryBtal Wllll&m Cameron WUllam Moir Rohort M'lntoeb.
J. I!angater Alex. Watoon John Douglno
John M'lntr.;:
James Knox
WUllam Sanaon
oeoif. Torry
Dan Tarry
A. WUlIOn Wm. Mltcholl
A.lIaclde Charlee ItJnnear W!lliam D. mith Alexander PArkv Robert Mltchell
O.P.......,n Wm. Cuthill Alel<. Robertaon Thom... M. PontoD John M'Oillivray
James Flnleyoon Robert Mundle Samuel Melville, David Oreig
J. NCIIB WUllam Maberly
J. Maoterton Robert 8cott JC80ph DawlIOn William Konnedy
J. Pratt· Wm. Pringlo John Kny John Talt Wllliam Hunter
A. Slmpoon J. Bolle James Stoedman Alexander Pratt Henry Watt
R. Donnet J. lrvlng Edward B. Smith Robert Molvllle
Oraham Smith James Cogblll Thomas Denholln
g:~~~hnn J. M'OUroy Andrew Black
WiIllam Ioles
Robert Oibaou
An:h1bald Rodgor
W. Btlrllog J. Dewar
J. Eroklne D. Dewar Oeorge Grnhaml Joo. Shand, catt.
Wm. Dow....
6th J'orfanhire. James Fendor Jno. Orleraoo, eu'.
J. K...... (Dundu.)
W.JonOll A. lllddleton J ames M 'ClIaIr.le -Camlhan. _.
H. ThomlOn Wm. Smith. sen. H. Oonrlay. capt. Jameo Rohorta>n Wm.KIgg,_.
J. Bulllvan C. Hutchcon J. Rsm1&1.1n lieut.. Petor Robartoon John Gordon. In
D. WWlamoon O. Whlto J. Cargill. 2d lIeut. Androwi!S" John Gordon, 2d
J. Hamilton -Kay John Ogllvie,_. John Foro h J. Stevenoou
A. Hutton James Tcl!ord W. M. M'IDtpe, aer. David Su erland M. Shle1c1a
J.B. WilIIOn Georgo Tei!ord W. W. Matthe.... _. Riohard Stoney J. Kae
Wm. BaItour Robert Dnncan, cor. JameB Orlo...e W. Connlll
A.Oillles Ju. Saunders, cor. Thomas Pateroou R. Flaher
lit J'orfarUhoe. Wm. Smith John WllBOn. bomb. Androw Tumbull A. Rankln
Wm. Low A. Crawford, bomb. James Hume W. Cairn.
J. Addlaon, 2d lleut.. Geo~NICOU
Wm. aylor
R. Brown. bomb.
Jameo Moor
W. B. M~oribank.o
.Archfbeld Smith
R. Slbbald
W. lJUlo
James Charloa,_. Wm. Renny Oeorge NlcbolBOu Charles Johnotone S. Donglal
Wll1lam Dov.. _. Wllllam Cathcan James Aitcheoon
.1ohn P. Kfd, _. J.8cott J. Nlcholoon
D. M'Naughton James AllaD AIeL Stoodmanl J. Thompaon
Jamee Chriatlo, oor. J. Smlth Thomu Barc1ay Thomas CrawIord J. H'Whae
D. Alexandor. cor. D. Do.....rd Jobu Todd HUton M. Whito A. SttlltoD
David F1e~cor. P. Norrie Andrew Cra... ford WIlliam Trotter J. G. Rltchle
000. WhItton, mb. J. W. Lovlll Jameo !IIaUhew Matthew Liblter
.Tames Allan, bomb. J. Chapman Andrew G. K1dd Androw IDDes lit LIUl8rbhire.
8. Potor&, bomb.. J.&rCIay J ames RI tehie
Wll1lam C\lU'Ir. (Gkug01D.)
H. Glbeon D..,ld GlftDlaw
WUlIam RamIlllY J. Wl1aon Alel<ander SteTIIII lit XiDcanUDe- H<mf)f'ary MtmM'o of
Edward M'Oogan TbomuKell1 ahire, lot. 24. "lid Sci JA.-
Oeorge Fulton Robert Balfour (81011cAa..... ) ftark,hi,c.
Leith F. ~e
6th J'orfanhire.
Wllllam C\lU'k A. Innes, ca~ H. O. Boil, Eoq.
Ooorge K th John Sturroc\[ Chaa. O. Ro • J. Glboon, ltoq.
John TholNlOD Dav. Stowllrt LIttI&o ThomuSmlth lot lieut.. C. 11 .•'urlong. Eaq.
Patrick Sturrock john, captain Alexander Andlll'lOn WWIam TholWlOD, 2d J. Blnnic, Esq,
Robert MUno D. Jamee, lot \lout. Alexander Tolmel lie ut. R. Nell, Jo:'q.
David OgIIvio J. K. Ca.ird, 2d lleut. Da'rid Davidsou J. Crockatt. _. Rob. Walker. Eeq.
Walter LaIrd Dav. Wlbranta. IOr. John M'Laren. James Wood, eer. Wm. ~iven, Eaq.
John M. Dunrard ThOll, LltUejohn, ..,r. Dand Younr J ameo Fettee, Ber. Wm. Talt, Esq.
John Dorward AIex. OrahAm,_. Thomu Deucllan Robt. Falconer, cor. Wm. Mirrleoe, Eeq.
Da'rid 1......haIl Androw Scott, aer. Alex. DlcUon Oeorgo Smith. cor. John Angus, Eeq.
.1ohn Hendanon Robart M'Ewon, cor• Jam.Seott Robert Duthle, cor. O. B. Hunter. Eeq.
WilUam Wllrhtm.&n llat. ArmatroDlr. cor. WIllIam liIvl.. Anrl .... Ram ..." N'I" 'P n .11.1'1 ".an
Tbo&.lIeM.ed:r. _. J_SioIlU
-~""'" R.J·~u
A. FoJ:llyth, cor. WilHam_,..... J_1iIamaou, ME. J'I"'OS D. BoyacIr.
- M'JrarlAne, cor. JameII Nell1 Jamee Jlaok&:r. _.
-- JobnGemmen
J. WI1kJe. captaln Ben. Btchal'dll, TboIIWI An<\Or'llOll
- ll'Lood, bodlb. Bobert ilmpIQIII
J.D.Kirkwood, Uout. - Elsworth, bomb. Ooorge WIIaon A. S. Pll,ttenJon. _. Matthew Wili!on
J. Stewlu1:,. ut.·Slll'g. -, bomb. William LcIIUa JNI. Johnetono, ocr. Wllliam M 'Crono
J. JIruttn. qr••mastcr - HetJy. bomb. John Patou, 001'. Thomas Wlloon
Alexander Rolls, &er. Tbomaa CBrH1Q 'Ut. ~kQi'r:e. Jamoa Brown, 001'. Wllllam Ooehrana
~Gl'Ower,llQI'. D. Buchanan (GlatgO'llli H. P. IiIalaI.ou, <1(lI'. Alcuader J'nuno
J. Bloan. ser. WilU&m WRtaoD J. T. B. )(. ~, Wm. Xu.rray, bomb. Goorge Il'()onnj"k
000. laWllOJ:l, _. captain Geoqe l.'\oJ.""""';oo
Dand Adnm Jolul D. Sart, boIDb.
000. Wright, Bor. W.J. Melkls H. K. Dick, 1st Uout, ChJ\IL IDgtalll. bomb. J8m... Patet'lOOl1
B. WalJa.c:e, cor. Chules M'KilIop W. W..toon, 2d Uout. W. C. RWIIIOll, homb. John Cr&wfoyq.
Peter Turner, por. Georgo HIlI.r Johl1 Wills, 1ICl. Jas. Kennody. bomb, D. Harrower
R. Bold, cor. T. J4atthowll, _. Thomas Hart, bomb. J. De.......
Thomas Falconer
W.Ltvin(!llton.bomb, J. M', SQI'. D.Hamllton
T. Nalsnilth, bowb.
Patrick Falconer WUUa.m Pu:n:lIu, _. Donald X'Arlhur
lIo_Tbomson J. M'
James Steel
W .b. T. H. B. Chrlstle JallIOII Fultcll, ocr. James MathesOll John Doul
John b. JalIU>B D. Smith JohnWU""n Donold Waters Andrew RoM
W.V. Ob&rles M'Arthur Robert Wllli.t!.mA. Bla9k James Orawford
'1:. Dougln.s John 8tcwart William Rrun.a,ge John Cmlg James Gra.\"
J. D. Veitch ])avid Smith James Stark Jobn~ Davld Marttn
Jam. P..,ronou John NeIloon~",,~ Hngh)('~
Alf;ed A. Cnrtcr
Alcx. Duthio
Thomas Gra.l' .
~e:u.uder CIlOri<
Peter .Bs.rdie
~t=.KlrkwOO<\ JohnBmith
Andrew Seott
Peter M'Ewu.u TbomaaBIUlIJ.l>Il
P. F.Stcddsrt JohnW~ Davld ll'Farlane Matthew 'rytler Peter M'
John M. 'Rosa B. H. Oa.mpbeU Malcolm M'i'a:rlane William Porboll J ..mesBonar
Ale:.:. Arm.lItrollg .Ilavid )l'Ql1OOIl WiJlle.rn M'eonnCll John CraIg W'tIllam~
J ..m(jjlButc~ Robeff;WU- Andrew MU.. James FI:n.lay W. Whltehoou:l
TbolWl.8 J4uir Jolul ¥Ular James Waggot Jame. !!haw J. Young
P. Colquhoun J. B. Guthr!e Arch. M' AloXlUlder Sm!t.h R.Hurdoch
John Llr.tta John lIWU'O John Dorut.lJ:isou ,)'amo. Borland P. Nalsmith
Prank MIlD<IUJ' JolmJIIC~ JamC8M'n~ Aloxander GlbIIon. J. M'lAchlan
RH. Cooper o.orge ¥a,rtin Robe!:i Grahrun Ale:undqr Cam.eron
Chulea Cm.wf0r4 James ()ruick&hankll Alu. God<lOlt BughCtlrtwrlght 8th J.anerJ.Mi:t!ot.
W. S. Pat.eraou Roh<l.ri SinI_ Wm. )l'Ech1lnlA Alex. J ohnstcn. (~.)
John Clark. Ro'bert Weli- . John FergJUIOn
Oooqe Altbu Will. Bannerman
JameaCook W. B. FeUd. ~
Pa.trlcklolurdooh Tbomaa M'CIIun J. Gilebrillt, hiUeul
Robcit Bovio Volvld Flab« David Symin!{tcll .lloXAnder DIlwar John Scott. 2d1ic\lt.
W. DonaldllOlI. J.W.J~ Thon:\fLII Pringlo Robert InglIs Oooqe Kidd, ......
JIWl. D...rwmll AIe:under DoI!,It Davld WIIlIam BitlJ:l<i.U
J ..moa G. acid Wm. Beudoraon John Dcm~ -et.
WUlilUll1llllck.l,e RulllOU And. lol'C:iUum, 1!U.
John B. Gartly P. l\attl'&y RobertDunn - Noiloon
Pat. AloXlUldor J8111011 John C. GnUli, ocr.
JohnA.Ra~ -Rodger In. B. )(·i'ady.... ..,.
.Allim Rltchio F. L!Mlle Goorge Smitb. Peter Briab:mlt
W.Llddell Bamuelll'Adam JohnMuir
Jam.! lOrk""ood Arch, en.wfurd
Jarnea Dodda ~t~Q\lre· Jsmea HutchOllOI4 Wllliam Bo.dd,pw J_Cl! Robert.aon,
P. S. LanKStou (Ql~.... ) Jam... Cholmcrs Peter Mllno
J.ll. Gomou WlUIam Stew...... Archib&l.d Paul
A. S. Ba1rd, orollialu John:M~ Robert&nd_
Boberl M '1 ntyro Robert l('Farlano John Uno
John Crawford G R......U, 1st liout. RobortJack JIlmesCO'lfl1'tl'
D. K. Fleming P; G. Ironnedy, ~ Arcl>. M'MW""
Rlchsrd Bill Jam""W. • '~
""'ut. Jamoa Fortu ... R. HoW&l:d Gade
AdJlm Oibb Robert llbwk, __ Wm. Buehan&n John M'Connell
Jam .. H'LolUl@ 'l'bomAaYuiU W.B. Dunlop
J» Gllohrilli, 1I8l'. AloXlUlde.l' Brown John Cow....
J. B. OIbb John M'Le!lnan Bugh M'<:lIinn
Robert cutb'belteol:\ John lUller. oer. A.loundar Geerge Virtue
H...,. WMIIo1ll, ..... Matt.h.ew Weir Robert Gardn«
Dunean Kcith Wiabart Robort Bendel'llOlU John IAmont
RB. Cannor OooqeBlloxter, Mr. Boll
D. W. Lockhart. oor. Charl... RoOOttton WaItcreo.......
Hendol'l!on ll'lino GeorgeDlak -RoOOrtsou
Robort J4'Lunan ltcbert White. 00l'. Jamca M'Ewan WWJam . . . .
Ju.M'~oor. -UJckfq John lla.ckio
Andrew Alcxandv .Yam"" Hamflton Davld Jellroy
Thomaa C...mphol\ J. P. OrawfoM; eor. Robert Suther\a,n.d 7\11. LlJW'b1I.ire.
TbomasHuir A.ln:. Boylc, bomb. A. B. Wll&on TbomBo/lOw_
&eo. Neamith, bomb. (QWgoIO.) DanlollL CraiK
Thomaa Whitc Aloxlltlder Ii'eddiIf
R. ()g8tnn J. B. bomb. James Slmp;bn W. ltcbortsou, • • J alIlOll Mw
Robert Hlltohison D. Hogg, bomb.) Chsrlcs Motult.~I\l T ~,l.tUeut. Bobert llrpn
JohnH.I~ John Taltt WlUIam M'Lnuahlaa iM'Kn!gnt.:ldliouti. Robert X"rr
D. Sommervillo Waiter p"tou, _. JIobon Guthrio
Thom.... M'Fndzoan David ll'Lean
H. Campholl D. WUkls George Fionllug Dav1:d Storet, ICr. Thomu Ada.m
Androw ThomllOD. J_NoW John V'FnruUlo 'rhos.. Oabcnlo, 11«. Jam... Oouston
Robert Bucbanan D. P. Parvis EdwBrd (il'lUlt J ..mes Oairna, lOt. Peter o.mpbol\
J.Gm.ham R. G. Molvin Samuol Bolloy John M:a.n1n. ocr. Pater )('D0naJ4
-Brown John MiUor EdwBrd WllIIOn D. W.lf 'Laoh'lan. \lO1'. William"~
:a.M'D. ShanuOl1 F. A. C:u-ter
John 8eoulRl'
Robort M'Gtegor
John WlUookl eor.
John Dowto, oomb.
.A.ndNw 'tB~
Jail l!&1\IU'Dhirt. B...,.WUoon John Raid . Jolu:tC.~ A. B. Il'Pheo
John M'<negor Bobert Downlc John M'~la:v J. A. 8ooU;
(Q!l4IgoVl.) J. 0. S4lrllng Charlea Bogglo 6<>arge s. Butt JamOillW1i)1'
J. a. )('Dowall, CIIop\. JIIm ... ll'Cabc Cblu'lca M'LOan Robett 1l111D.r GeorpBuma
D. )(\Don&ld, 1-. JamMBlaIlLkI l>uncau Stcwnrt. Goorge Brown Johnl!om\
lio"," JohnGentu. Wolter M'Onto Ooorge Drybllllh Alex. Jfonteil.ll
111. ·Olt.rk, 9d IleWo.. John ll'Xochnlo James Bo:ne J ....... TNfvr
J. 6. WllIIon, .....
A1_ l!alrd, _.
WlIlIt,m PerguJIOIl 6UI. 1.Ir.uarblIiIe. JIoben Gf1chrill BUfi'hPe~
N M 'N.
1VI1Uam A.lIan, _ . DanIel Stark G.H.Th_
RoboNon PetcrButle J.P........
..... Obalm_ ......
~~~~. _eo-... M'CI'M
M. Bul1ocll, I . lfGut.
A.. O. 8cott, id lint.
John O. Boyaok
Davld Logan
Bup K:;::!l
Wwn 9hnmWdl a#IIt" n knn~ J.~
8th~ 'J.'homas IJoward Thomu .lI(oodIc t
~ David Jl'Adam
r ·s.oraru.m Wi1llamul, l1li'\ \'id l(&cftIrIaM

Laueb. M'Iauob1ia ])avid llU1ar . M. t'orter • • BIac1t;
Ale:a:.~ lam... )('WhlDDIe F.~1or . R. M'IDtceh
W. H. ADdmron lames M'Gregor R.~~ m.l!. Glass
Robert R. Bra.... Arehibald Cameroo G. M'OalllnD . B. lIcnd.r:r. _. obort Knight
Jamee .'0111_ Rleb&rd Btu'ke John StoMo""" ohn llunceabell atthew Tbyne
John HIIotXli!toa »avid Laurencot P. Slmp80ll vld Hendel'1lOll
8. MlICkay
Henry lIart!haIl
Welter Monroe
R. Stewart
W. Haprty
amlll! Tllit
m. F.....ubar
.JamesBIalr O. Smith ,Id J. I!W'ImI1iI tth Oompa.b),. .
8th J..a:na:rbtd:t' ChariBB Byars J. Armour AmellTod (P~.)
(Gl<uoaov. ) J'ameIJ If'L!ntoek J. Lookie Wm. F . ..t..ud.ort!on bavid Craig, e&ptain
W. B. Dick, capt.ail1 Mitebell \V,,1'd G.Burt Robert G. Knlgbi; .anan LtviDgst.oD. 1""
A. Whiteln.w, lilt .Jamet! Thom80n 8. Jcnltins JohnO. Young liouL
liauL J'oeeph A<latnll
lllo:J:. Howat, eer.
G. Black, 2d Bout. AleXBllder ThomllOll l>eter Hcphum .......
.Tames JIl'NaIr. ser. John Montgomery lit JlidloUIiaD. WUIlam Cocltbarn .rames lnglla, bomb.
- Loclchart, _. John Rao (GoaIi.) Robert Durie ~m. Praetor, bomb.
-M'Ewan, ser. Clellalld M'Farhme Nllpier OluarOl'd !l11lgO Paten, bomu.
- ll'Lood, 1Kl". John Morris (BdillbUrgA.)
:RobertGlbeon Jam"" PaWn
- Pul'dlo, ser. WII1I&m MIUilIOI!1 htOom.....y. 'W1I1Iam Browno \Jamet! Oraig. 1111;
- Patrick, cor. J ohD HOUIItoan W. A. Parker, ~. Wm. M. Chahnera John HepulU'tl
- 8mw, cur. Robert .li'ra8er W. D. Bentley, 1~ H.W.Hagart Jamet! Hcpbum
- Pender, oor. "lUllell Crala liout. John Murray JohnJnek
-Newton, cor. Jamosl:ug1!iJ W. Gardyne, _. Robt. H. HtUnlltorl Robert Bell
- Roilel'll. bomb. Ale:u.nd« CmIg R. Dick, BOT. James Simpson Georgl> M'OoWlltl
- !!mlth, bomb. 'W In. Pettlimlw D. W.lf. Tumer,IIer. WllliAm Slmp80n Thomas Hunter
-l'urdio John Wriglit J. S. Forbelt, aer. Thom ... A. DtUlc:en Jobn ToUj(b
John Lang D"Yid Gibeon John M'Nee, bomb. TbOmM Todd Tbomas &gom
Robert Graham lfuJoohn M'.11'a.t<1.m6 n. Plendcr!oatb, Alexander Brown .ooorge M'JUnlay
Samuel Findlay Duncan M'B1VIUl bomb. Jam"" G. I!urenne Robert Logan
J. A. M'Leo.n Georgl> F. T. !!utherland, Rabert Andrews John HWl
Grieve M 'Crono John M'Derma!d bomb. Ooorgc C. H ......ell William Gillespll,
Adam Holbortl William 8band J. A. Sto_n. Jobn L. Boutter William M'Vey
Hobert etovcnso'n ,John Nlabell bomb. Robort &lldoman Donald M'KllWIio
Hobert M'Lawn WilUamBeIl A.GIlIman Hector 8w8Il80n Andrew Calder
David Templetcn \Jamell O:rr BoaIt R. E1ll8 WllUAm Donaldllou James Bumett
John 8piera James M'lntosli W. M""kle RobcrtLsmb W1llIn.m Bervie
John C. 8h1ella Alexander W.u- 1'. Peddle Andrew Smith John Flookhart
Wliliam F. M'ran John M'DooJraIl J. Buchlmlm Goorgc lfackle Peter Hunter
WII1I&m Noble WilUam 81nclalr T.8te?ellsoti. Thorn.... M'Lennan James Cmig. Id
Walker If'Naughron Jam"" Potte G. 8. Morton Robcrt Kerr TboDl.Wl Cowle
Jam"" Dougall Andrew H. lIIlllIr R. H. Bow Wil11nm M. RamMY RobortDonglaa
J.D.Thotuson Andrew Aitk .... R. Darling l!:dwa:rd L1vingstone JohDTumer
WIlI1nrn Black Robcrt Wrlght Thomas Lalng G. R. Diakio
JohnForgan J. Lees
Georgl> Ja:rdine J. W. !!cales Jobn Harpct-
:MAtthew "Forsyth Thomas lI'Oregor J. E. RotIe Id V_pallt'. WII1I&m Inglla
~o~Ker WilUam Hellion W. Davidlton Alex. Edmollllton,lst JamesHnlg
R. ~.lI·Aul,y
Robort Bdmond J !lmee Roborillon lieutenant ThoIlWl Tongh
Peter Flsber J. Too D. O. H. Wateon, W Robort Kenned:r
John I!miUl WillI&m Paul P.800tt Robert Selby
Alexander Boair lieutenant
TbOmM tItowart W. H ...ton Matthew ]<'rlcr, 1ftII'. ThOIrul8 Small
ThOmM OalbraItli
D. M'CoIl
Henry Glen D. Donmln G. J. M/lCqWre, ""r. James Bonwlck
Fnmcla Renn\e W.F.r....Uo J"""ph 0"",11, SIIr'.
Edward Barn" wUliam 8b ..w H. FairOOJrn 5th ()ompafIt.
Thomaa Leithead
J&mes KIng
John Alplno
llth tanuklkire. WilUnmMny
Ch ....le. M'Of'OROl' i
G. WUson. bomb.
Clla.. Stewarl. capt.
(M"ryhiU.) JameR Mallohllno' S. VuJcnC<l. bomb, J. T. Rlo1dockt ]at
HenryWystt Wm. HOll'lnan .
Thomtlll lllU'clay E. Collins, captain Eo B. R. Sutherhmd, llettt.
Willltun C.....wford W. Swan, 1st 1Ieut. D. Braldwood bomb. A.O.8penee,ldllcut.
WllIlnm Dick80n J. M. Taylcr, 2d lieut. James Mil«!r A. K. Frier A. M. 8&1101_0, ....
Jam.. Robillllon G. Aildet'llOD, 101'. J. ChlIIholm A. M""lood IlIl1tant.lnrgeon
Jamee !(ay, eer. AI.x:wder 1!lallton Al'chd. Bdmmlstou Fred. R. Boltoo. eer.
10th La.U.rJllibJre. A. KIrk, ..,r. John DInclc A. Camoron J. Legat,oer.
(GI4ll1C'l".) WUli&m DaviJl, _. Jamo8Crown G.S.lfacItonzlCl C.D. WolJa,aer.
D.llatbet!Oll. capt, R. M'Kinlsy, er. Alexand61' Hardlo JamosBa:r J. Wakelln. Bm'.
R. LyelI, I"" Iienll. A. lUtohell, cor. RobertGood JAm"" f:loott J. 5tocitll'ell, .er.
.T. Coat., 2d /Jam. JamOll )funroe. OOr. Robert Melvillo Dunoanlf_b J. Mackay. bomb •
w. M.acgregor, I!IrI'. James DalgllBh, 001'. Gcorgo Melklo ThoIDM Inn"" A. UNjuhart, boInll.
Jamee Wi1IIon, • . Alex. Wataon, """. W1llIn.m&lton Thomas Foulls W. TbomloD. bClmb.
'l'homaa Ronald. lIEII'. Jam08WilIIon. bomb. Oeorgo 8ldnnor TholllA8 Hlt!lop J. Altken. bomb.
WOIIam Ftoher. sll'r. JohD OoVatl, bomb. Willlo.m Muir Do.vid Stott Wm. Motfat
WilUam Y01.l.llg, eer. John LaIrd, bomb. JohD Chalmel'll WllliaIDBro'll"n Wm. Wella
.T. Lallrtm.,." M'. F. B. Jeff.ray, bomb. JohD Conn""k Adam Inno! J.Hatton
Jameo 8tea1, _ , A. K'Intyre Jamea Cormaok Peter Mlicphenon Geo. Klrkwood
A. Brown._.
R. Pettigrew, _ . Jamet!MeIlr:Je
James DttDlop
Wm. Prlngle. bomb. John MoIr
O. Young
Chnrlee TholI1l!lOn
Uti vid Forrest
Bob!. Dudgeon
JRI. Bourhill
G. TempJeto()n, bomb•• ThoDWI Cummina' t4 Oompaa,., D. K. n. Wbyie Ala. Innls
J. RoberbIon, bomb. Adam Y01U1g Geo. Todd.. captain Alexander Bo.nk:s JM. Eaetoll
E. Mnrrar, bomb.. Wllliam Brogan D. Clllll1e O....gor, 1st WlllilllllOunto Ollver Seo~
HupX'xYOy D&niel MO'Ilnltl UINt. Jamell Borthwlck Geo. Oalbralth
J. Hawklu
A. Honbargh W. WatlJoD, Id Uwt. Henry GreeJl
WJ.liam :venue J.n_
a-a.. . . .
J. ll'J'....hme John WIlU, - .
Robt. Clar~ _.
Frank Law
F. Fartu..a
70 LtsT Oll' VOLU'N'.rElmS-Alt'lILLImY.
lsi lIidlotbllUl. 6th
com. _ _ ",ul!d.
Robert Purrea Jllmea Bolton D. c. lIW1l"O T.R.Bed
James Kwr J. WlIlla.tnaon Duncan Dun'bar O. A. AlIml
J.0Illlo"'''1 Duntv K'Caba Rlchanl Dleksoft John Kunro H. B.LIIWBOIl
P.Steeplea II D&v1d Pateraon John Kltchell Jamea Robertson Steph8ll.Nott
J. JIlIlIa Thomas Jaeluon Ad.t.m CurrIo John Nicol JAlnuWU-
James RoM
B.Lyllll Jamee Parl8 Hugh ClMke
D.Nesa Goorgo Melv1lle James Anderaon Geo1:ge 80uter
P.Hood George l'.'nIldno Dav1d Tough Wm . .Mecdonald J.Ken.nedy
Arcbd. Brown Ooorge StenhoUIMI Dnncan HQy Bobert Den""" W. L. TeeIa
Thomu Steeple!! George Thom80n D. K'Nllughton Alex. Maclennan W. DyltM
O. Herdman Henry L'ht!.mberlain W. Harrower Jam.... Calder J. 8mI'p"on
»evld GoUan Alexander M. Oroi« A. F. P&tert!on Bobart Milne Robert Beat
Geo. Sbort Robart Wateon Alexander LIIwrle Alexander FiIldlay W. Wright

Methven Allan WllllamFecn Ollbert Innee J. B • .BIi:rker
Robert Slmpeon Cb.rl"" O. enry WalterTalt W.Dunn
Bobt. GII1 George Hendel'llOU lI'lI'WIWItle-upon.
Jobn Baplle 8th Oom,...y. Thomas Finnle Tyne. Robert
"Jebn Seaten T. A. HIll, capl¥in W. Foster J. SbJeld. lid Ileut. T. J. Harbutt
V.Orah.m O. Wauehope.lIeut. J&mes BaI1Ingal1 WUlIam Watt, &e1'. O. R. BNwstcr
J.AndenoD "I D. M. W..toon, aer. J ames 8InelAlr T h _ HaMI... aer. ~Shotten
J. Howllston, so •. J.~ B. Jaelr.BOn, &er. R. .J.......,n
8th Company. J. O. Stewart. sor. A. . W John Stelr.oll, &er. O.F.Shotton
O. Rolsnd, captain Arehd. 8ommervW... John Dicluon John Ombham, 1!IIll'. T. Martin
R. Richard, !leut. bomb. W. Klnnaird WUlIam Soott, cor. George 8torey
W. T..U,se •• John Haley, bomb. John Seat!, 1at J. AtIdnaon, cor. W. C. Cotton
J. M·Qua.ig, ller. Robart 8ommorville. D. Stoddart Joaae Nichol8on, 001". JAlnesRlr'"
J. Bteedmao, ser. bomb. Joseph Morrla. S. O.Whorley W.eo_
J. Herdman, eor. Adam Brown, bomb. T.D.Tevlotdalo O. H. Booth O. Brown
J. WothempooD. Aodrew Brown C. 8. WIahart N.Moody T.GreeD
bomb. Da.v1d Watt Peter Hut.:hlaon Jam08Jacluon T.B.Todd
A. C, !!mith, bomb. Peter lDDes H.8. J)yer
B. Fry. bomb. Peter Chrh!tlaon A.B.Ha.l\ J. M be
A. Bouchard, bomb. T. Wllaon &aWe Jam... wUsen A. Allr.en hea.d T. M. Mather
W.F.Kay John Foroyth TholD8fl Waldle Jun.. Hldl.". W. AllIton
A. Comrie -M'Kerrow John yatea WUlIam Benaon W. Koore
J. Leoaela Hugh M'Bean Jam8llFord W. H.Jobeon C. Shotton
c. Cockbum
W.8eott George Forreot WUlia.m Stewart
J. ADdel"llOD WUlIam Stolo Alel<. Ctmni~
A. Bheppard
T. GihllOn
Peter Boberta
John Forrest
Wm. Cun Alfred. Fox
ThoDlllB Burtt
Robert Taylor J. E. Dykes
T. Hart James Cl\lIlBll John Beott, 2d Edward Jaok8Oll W. Rao
W.A.Dea.& DavldOreig James Wob8ter Oeorge H. Farmer Thomaa 'I)1temouth
J. Prtngle J.G....y John R. Blaelr.1e AdAmBenton BobertCarr
W. MMtorton Alexmidor Bobble Peter M 'Pari....e K. K'Clymont -Hardy
P. Clow W. Wateon Turobull James G1WIowa.r WUllarn M'Nlekle RaI:&.h Cowell
J. Pattoraoo Willla.mCromble Bobert Cowan Fred. Horne O. Cra1g
W. J. Johnlltou.
J. Adama U B1dloUUan.
A. C. Slmpaou
H. Ksufl\naon ~~I.~re". 11 Herdman
Dav1d RaG
J. Moffilt (Leit1.) Alexander Kloghor1l Thomae :ill'.ntor John SbJeI

O. Mitchell W. E. C. Fell. capt. ThomaaDWl..... H. J. Jordan J.R.Hurot.
R. Carmlcha.el D. Young. let !lent. C. S. Chalmers WUlIam Coward O. Coatea
A. M'Konsie R. Hotchiaon, lot Peter Cunnloghatn Hobart Atldnoon Geo~ Kennedy
J. lIunay lIeut. D. C. Yule John Bowman W. Riell.a.rdklu.
J.Hard.le O. Vertu... id lieut. John lsmay J. L. Drydon
O.B.Omham 1.. Watoon, 2d !leut. Brown
Are bald Currie TheophllWl Storey R. DonkIn
D.Dow T. WIU1ameon. IIW'. J.Bn~ John Hidley F. R. N. H. lJllII!'II'dI
P. Maodonald John Smith, ller. Robart _1 Matthew Parker George Morrisoa
J. sc:.d1og D. Kinleyolde, Hr. WIlUam Drover ThoDlllB A. Ha.rdle John KorrflIon
W. oDderBOn Chao. MotriBon, Hr. J_eo Orant J. B. FeIeoner
J. T. Oo.rdin~r John Peat., onr. Jamoa Morrison GeorgeWood
J.B. Raobum R. Shorrock, !ler. John Chi.hohn 1st B'orthumber- WIlUam Dalgllllh
G. Smith J. Cla~rton, Hr. John Kcrr land. Johl\Olbeon
W. Woleb
J. Berdman
John wnes, ser.
M....k Rit.:h!... bomb.
DavldStolker, bomb.
BoOOrt Mewr.I...
Bobert Walker
E. Younbi' captain
W. F. P tor. ca~taIn
John Salkeld
JII8. Thomoon, bomb. Ed. WIl80n T. Hansell, 1st lout. .Toe. 8aIkeld
7t:hCom,...,.. S. Balmer, bomb. WUlla.m. Steedman J. Sbield, lllt lIeut. Da.v1d PhIllps
T. E. O. HOMIc, ear; Wm. M'NaIr, bomb. Robart BuneD C.-J. Le...... Id lleut. JamoaBrown
Charles G. H. K • Peter 8t.ock •• bomb. W. Tw:lr.ell, 2d !lent. Alfred. Goddard
D8Ill'. lot lieu!.. Dun. O..v1n. bomb. L. Emmorson, JohnFeeter
KlIIlmUl'C MniUand, M. Fonyth. bomb. 1st B'ainllhire. Wm. K.D.. lOUrg'. WIllIam Bell
2d lIeut. O. B. Wyee (Nm.... ) - Nolan. set. 14 .orUlum'ber.
Wm. B. Calm., l1li1'. J "m"" Wa.l\nce A. PIn~ captain Boht. M. Tate. oer. laad.
HClU't.BaTdy, 1161'. B. T. Tbomal)n D. M' lot lleut. R. Barker, aer.
Wm. eozlcs. cor. D. B. Waucllope A. llano, 2d lieu!.. W. Haniaon, ier. (.fbolrid:. )
James T.Ueld Bobert Fortune Alexander Hay, _. C.O. 000. Poreter. ~
EbenC)$CJ' Mllrmy J. D. Murdoeh Wm. N<'<lDer. ser. M. F. Holl&lld, ltrt tieat.
Orab ..m More W.WeIker A. 8. BlAck, Hr. J.F. OD"Ber. John 'fate, !Id lieut..
Al8"""dor Em.lie Goorge Rltcllle G. D. !lath_n, 1IBr. J. Glbeon, _. Ho... C. Oraa...m..
Alox. Macphe....,n W. (:roou D. Mackenzio, cm.-. John WiJaon. cor. A.K.,,,~
CharieR Houston W. CbNtle Ju. G. Malcolm, cor. 001'. Thomaa
T. CUnkskl\l T. M. Berry F. Jlaedona\d, eor. COr. ser.
Alexandor :Moflb~ Alexander OoodaIl John Maclde, cor. Wm. Tmnbnll, _.
John Drown W. L. MltcheU J_DuIllla W. H. Johnaon. cor. JohnThobtr-._.
Davld WWiam_
George J1&ttoD ~:Ml!"~7 WU1IamBo~
WIIIlam Wllteon
P. Thursby, cor.
J. W. WIIteon, cor.
1'1'. ._.
Jamoel'un... A. T. Htebb1Qe D.QI'IiOi WlD.Iam Maule, _.
w. B. P - - . cor.
tIS1' OJ.l' VOLOJ!ilrltlUf.8-AB'rILLlmY. 71

~ ....
td Nort.1raIa1ledaud B4wl1l HIll.., • •
St...n. _. aim. Smith, cor.
Will. CocII..... cor.
00Hn 1I'GIll
J ........ X 'Cormlalt
Jam... Oallo_y
WIIllm1 'Nfw
KaIoolm X 'Leo
trIWam DaI1
Alexand.... Donean
lam... FamI.
John Bradley. cor. Jolm Xoo4,., cor. ThomuCuthberttoD Thomu GAlbraltb
A. RobertaoD. 001'. Johu CocII..... bma. Oeorgo Rodg1:r lAurenoe GardiDer
J. Rlebardlon, cor. CollD Qalbralth, bom. H~'Dermid A.nd:rew A. G....t
.r::l:Jh Yeaman, oar. Hq;b Docberty.lIoIII. WI K'Inlc.h lat IUrJinl*hh'e. J_Klttbew
])a d P. Bell, oar. ThomuWer.ou Da'ridBeld (9raoIgt!llOVlA.) Samuel Kerr
CbarI.... Bradley Noil LeDDox JohnAlIbon Waiter Lennox
Oeorge Bolan Wm. Rlcblldloll JameaWhlte J. 8. M""kay. ""pt.
John Thomeon, 1st Petert-
Thomas Forete'l' NeII X'l(ellar Katth_ Leiteh
Ueutenant Jam ... Mel...... ,
aeorge ThomJ50D Wl1l1am S_art Katthew Paul
Bobert W. Fawdon WUlINllHughee John M'Nair Francl. P. Denmm, Bobert Mercer
2d lieutenant WiIl1am Manht.l1
o-ge 8. Smart WIIII&m DIlTOCh David Crawford
.rohnForeman JObDHem~ John Wblteford C. G. BobertooD, oet". Jamee X'AIlon
WIllWn Scotland
:Fro<1erlok J. lfaWe lob,. 8mall Samuel H&Ir FrMcla Btlrlln~. er.
ThOUllUl Belby ADd.... K1rtwood Arcbibald Miller Arcbihald GAul ,oet". Oeorge Smith
JOII. Lelshman, _ . Jam... Botherluld
A~Btalg .rolm Cndg Alox. N. Banle J&m.... Ta~lor
.rohn A. ClArk .ron Br01ll1l, 1It WllIlam Don Jam... Prentlco, IOr• Jam ... Ve tch
. 1 _ L. N_1:IIgvlim WIlIlam G"'1 L&cb.lton M'Ken.aI. Ed-ro Yule, cor. WlIlIa.m Wrlgh~
Oeorge Hubblck RoIIert Leek WWlom Barr J .... R. Walker, cor. Da'rid Young
Alexander M'Lclab RoIIert Faltoll Hogh Thomaon Thoe. Coehnme. eor.
Oeorge N. Tate RobertBarr lam... Gordon Jam"" Breon. bomb.
By. AJ';)hbold Hobert X'FarlaD. Bobert King John Falrley, bomb.
.rolm Glut.. JohnTuruer Georgc F. AdomlOn
Patriclt T. DlcklOn
Th01nuLalrd K&tthe.... Tel ford Box. Richmond lat Wigtollllhlre.
ThOllJ88 Clutterbuclt
TbOlllllllCoWD80n WII1lam &tbonr Peter Frederlek BobertBuchan (81"'.....",..)
.rohn Machrlane JohD Fernson Jam.Clark John Chalmel1l
Tho V!lJcount DaI.
NlxOll St....frord
WllI1am Glb80n
1 _ X'Tagprt
lam.. )I'Arthnr
AJ';)b.lbakI. Kenned3'
John M'Naught
Da'rid Hardle
GecIrIre G. Mackay
Andrew Mackay
pbell, let
WlUl&m J. Hubblck AndrewManball !ieut.
J am... Snowdon Jam .. Harper Eben..... Ferguaon Albert CaretlUS
John Harper Bobert WaIlnoe A. Guthrle. lid Uout.
])&vid Tait John Hardl.
.r ohn Short, let Jam.. )I'Culloeh WIllWn P&tterlOn .ram.. Drummond John~8Ul'lI""ll
Colln X'Jteule Duncan WIlIIon Bobert orlAnd,_.
By. Gr;!. WI1lIam M\lIer A. AdaIr.......
. r _ • Clark Xalcolm X'Gregor T. Da~p1e. _.
John Short, !d Tholllu Blaell: 3d 1leDfrewlhire. Peter George Rankine
ArdIlbaId Blue Seouller C. M. untor.......
Chart... W. Dlxon H&:daIr,lOr.
.rohn J. Hondoy DonoJ.d Nairn (UT""",".) Ale>:. G. Bueban
.r<*ph Fnlten Jam.. J. Btork WU Btuce. Mr.
WllIlam Ht.I1 John eapt. Jlm .. M')(IIluI,eor.
Maleolm Smllh Dun. K'Ca1lum, lit WlIUam~ Bobert Dick, cor.
W R. Dariiug J_Bo"I. Al.:under omllOn
Da'ridHnlCb_ Ueut. Ja_ Callander Cb&rl.. Brown, cor.
~Ifu:,~bold John X'Pheely
Jam.. Bogl"
J. NeIl!.
id lIeut. Daniel A. X ' r -
Charl.. M. AUan
~ Corkran. cor.
bert Xorland, cor.
Bobert T. Maddlaon John A. Herr\ott Hugh M''Le!In
Samuel M. King
A\uuder Connell
Adalll Steel
Jam .. Gardlu..
John :tt'.f. John X. WaJker
Bobert B. Wateon
A:tobI.bald ohnston ThomaaFerguaon
Jam.. ~
Wlllla.m BennIson John Steedinan Gilbert Murray
Charl.. )I'Klonon Robert RU8II6ll
.Joeeph~ Wllllun Kerrlgan NeIl X'Ko""le John Korr Andrew M'Rara'
Georgc C. r1ey WIlIiam Young WllIlam Altken
Tbomaa Clulrlton Wllll&mWalku Ro bert Marshall
Jam.. LaWIOD SAmuel Wa'IJaA)o John Boberto J. F. Edwardll
.roeeph Bell John llanmnnan Pertet' M'x..""io
Thomas H. Sharp Jam.. Don HeDIT RUMOll
Pet&' X'Qu_ Bobert Olllcor Wi1llam Ferguoon John M'L&chlau
John Foretcr David G6I1 Wllllom Kartln
WllIlam Wateon DoDald Cameron John Rankine
lohll Clapperton Johu RUSHIl lam... J&f'f'Ie HoghAltken
Jam.. FIfe JohnCanl~ Jamee Torraneo
ChaI'lea S. Smart J ...... Rankln Bobert RankIne
TbemuWard WlJliam John Clark Tho""", M'Kll,.
Bobert Maul. Wllll&m Pb.Illlpa J. O. MaDn
Jobn A. 'fate John Docherty Joeeph Ruaell
John Melvin... Jamea M'Kende
B. H. Thompaon DuneaoColl!lUI
TbomuWelr DaVldF~
JamoaM'IU. Peter MfIlII Peter KIlo>:
Samuel Thompaon Ale:s:ander Annour L'bari... Hunter
GoorgnBo~n JameaDevll1l John M'Call
Robert Cald ".ll Pot.... Camphc11 John Rutherford AJ';)b.lbald Hunter
Thomaa White John M'F'adyon John M'O, X'Queon
John MlU'llhall Jobn Brown, id WWlam R......,ll
A.nd:rew eonnel J _ :Dryed&Ie Robcrt Sh&w
Jam"" B. Strotbet' Thomas Canleron W. R. M'Dow-oJ.l
James M'Culloch
WlJliam Btrotber Id :ReDfmnhlre, J ameli Cblaholm H......" Burrell A. M. DouglM
Robert Da'rioon
( 01'UlltlCi.) WUIhun ear.on EInil8&lv_ Aleundor Young
John F .....cua Jamee~rs JohnSmlWe
lohn Snowdon Bebcrt Blalr, capt. Duncan ItcheU
JamoaScott J. R. Bill. 1st lleut. John )(alcolm Id Btirlingahlre. Bobert Ague....
Peter Glbaon
Jtu.lph llanlh Hogh Cutbbert, 2d Donald Clmpbell (~.) JohnJenldna
Ralph Enlbleton lI.ut. John JI{'Artbur .r. Vurrlo, let lIeut. Andrew Agnew
'l'bomu Boboon F. Foroyth, .er. AndrewByenl T. F. Alh, 2d Ueut.. WWIam Ke..
W. BIw'p ....... AndrewGray Da'rid Grelg, eor. Bamuel Jenklna
W. F. Duulop, er. WJIllam V'Intyre R1cb&rd Bon.., ear. TbomM lI'Lean
1.t BeIi1'rewahire. WWI&m Ray, IOr, WWlam Fletoh« 8. SAm~n. cor, JameaMay
Jam.,. lAfr..rt1 WIIIlam FaJrlie J&mea 0; cor. Alexander Greer
James Cume Johu Cunolngham J. Henderson, bomb, James Co1l1na
Jobn Scott, captalll J&D1.,.V&DCO Thomtlll Oemmn J. Canltll. bomb. Stair Guthrl.
Rob. S. Seott,lat Hnt. NeIlBIoJ..r Bobert 1f~eton
CbarIee • eady
Pow bnar JamoaCa1nuo
B.*- X'Brlde, 2d llen$. Bobert Crawford Archd. Bevorid,p WlJliam Pnton
.Jam.. M'Co"IIII,_, Charles Alexander JaIllllllH&rdI.. Willi&m Bell JameaCaln
Wm. SIm\lBOn,_. J ....... Valllly SamuelKiWn AnguaCammm Alexander lIartln
'l'boL lIaIrd, .... ~Falrlie Da'f1d Polloclt ThOmM Couain Andrew KUlTll1
DH. Ca14well, •• Wm. ll'a... Dtmn
Johll )('.llpIIIe,_.
Huahe.w.tth WWIom BoblnloD :m~errr. WW1am Al\l.ooll
lClhn 1Iurrat
72· US'J! tlJ VOL~

Bdiabugh Oity.
J. Miller. 1st Uem:.
James C. Walker, 2d John
James =
ltev. R. T. JefI:rey, W. T. Blid!:

ai8lri .' WUUamRodCW
A. Weir
John M'Leo4
lamlll:&' IIfDW
Thollllll Bral4
Bobert Iteddle
Ja_Pbil 1*
Walter m,t'Ii
John 1I'Gragor
Alelt. Kelmm
Tllom.. II alI,-. lamlll COWllll
- J,primer. ser. A. C. Hnnter, Mt'. John M'IAIIIIIl J>tm4 Glltbrti Johil )(·Pb....-
-GOOd.... &er. rl'll.llcIJ Stlrrat, eer. John Csrrtel< Boberi Wblte Jolm B. WhIte
-Cunningbam. cor. T. D. Smellle, IIIIr. Roberi WhltlOlI WIIl1IaI IIaIV Will. Lamaden
- Clouaton. C01". J. l(. Gale, _. Jamlll Ban Jam_Burnet
- Be!fr&ge. ear. J ... Hamilton, eor. Jamea Wlllter Tb.... Hilroy
- Gome. cor. Mllnr C. Dd, cOS'. Roberi Patoll ad Lanarl'Jhiie. lamee l:ifl;"'
John .Il&bnain Da.1 M'Ca1I, cor. Peter Seatt (G/<Ug""") John Kin
H.C. Bell Gavln Part, eor. J amlll La.114111e Willlam Beck
J. O. Brown wnUam !leattle, cor. Henry Dee... J. T.lIoebNd, apt. WIl1lemG.-t
John BryC(! G. J. Hom50n, oor. Wuu.m Denl_ T. Cum.. G~. WUUamWatt
John Bry<iono TIlom.. Stewart, cor. Robert Dtmeu 1st Ueut. Robt. F100khaR
Augustm Cameron Thomas Ro..... cor. Jamee81:srm Wm. Moore, 2d Ueul>. ArthUl' WU!IOIl
lIonry Cbanoellor J.D.lierllerUoD, cor. R.B. DIl I Dr Btow&rt., surg.
A. C, CleUand F. A. Hontelth, cor. Roberi Brydea TbOR. Halket, _. bt. Dick
T.M.Durham J amea Stewart, cor. WllllamSteT_ Patriek Rou, Mr. Illlam Wto
T. M. Barr, cor. Johll White John LoCkhart,_. ilohn Woodrow
n. R. Ram!l&J', I. eor. Johll Gardller Janu. Klntrea, ocr. WIllIam Thon_
Jam... HargaIl. ...r.
M'Coeh, I. cor. lamea W. WIll_ J"""phConio
Andrew Laurle Provand, I.oor. HqIi 8tewatot JllmeoM'FarIan,_. Peter Buehaaan
John Lesnnonth • cor. Jamlll 1Iad4ow Alelt. Klloolm. eor. Jamos Bur
Alulll Ma.cdougu,1l I. cor. Roberi WabOn James Crow, cor. Thomas Dayt!
N. H, M'Dcrmo&t Jamee Bradley, eGI'. WilllI¥n H. Karr
WlIliam Ormiatoll
EdwlU'd B. &ott Jame. White
I. cor. lamlll B. Kent
Aluander CampbeU.
GeoIp Raddo"ll'
ii B. Coupet', eor.
• Cbalmen, cor.
Alfred Weir
Thorn .... iltortnolltlt R. B. SymlngtOn Jam ... Ingletoll Bobt. Whlto, eor. Androw Coram.."
'1'h"""," Stmchan Donald Black, L':l:h Coehran DODA!d F'rt\Iler. cor. Robert TaJlor
Archihald Butter R. B. Llndeay ellqralD li:bell. Weir. cm'. CharlOll H'~
WIIliaiu YQIWg John Stewart Rugh Ronald Alelt. PIlten!on. cor. Jam_WhIte
Johll Bremnl)t' Samnel 0Taham Jas. AreblboUd, cor. D.C. Forren
D. Lockerble John SIIl&lI Wm. Bert!'!Ull, cor. Henry RoM
llt~. Arehlb&ld L1vlngstol1 Thomaa Loekerblo Jamllfl Har.' cor. John WhIte
WlllIam Altkenhea.d Georll"Ltt.lllg George !:Ip ers. cor. lIobe!1. Klntroa
(m,,"fI'Otc.); John Shleldl! 'Vllllam N. T"!,t Tb08. Ruthvcn. oor. Tbomll8 IlWwart
ROllald Johnstone, JameaAdam WllllamSlro And. PhllItps, cor. Hatthe'll' M'KMUIIe
ClIptaln John )fartlll J _ Calrd Bobt. Moll'at.. cor. Bobert M"l\ntnnie
B. H. MIId~ ht Thos. Kennedy Jamee Wlloon A. K. 8trn.thcrn. cor. Johll ¥itchoH
lIent. WlI1lam D&_n G. N. Benn,," And. M'AiORh, oor,
H. HorbertloD,2d D.1I:'Don&ld Georll"Smlllt James Carr
llenl. A. J.Smlth John RattraT Malcolm M·Z.lcol

lit AberdeeUlhire.
(..tll<rd<m. )
Bobert c, Ol'll.y
Alo:u.nder Hay
James Weatlond
Rlcbmond "iUock
I John Cummlng
Benry Patel'8Oll
Jamlll Cr\ehhm. _
Robcrt Ewlm, ......,
Alex. Duguld. _.
Th"""," Heetor Thomas WUlocl< Georgo Gold...
Id Compcl,J. Davld Howle JameeF. Wood John Walker Alox. ~, "'1',
A.. Thomeon. C!\pt. J OM li unter Alelt. T oung!JO!l Geo. Kitchen James ru-t
A. F.dmond, Ueut. Geo~W;de : WllllAm King Andrew Bruee
P. Cooper, Ucut. Char es BIIJlody Jobn BalIUe Bobert~
Hootor Anen, ensign E. W. Von IMr W. Bt<mll'\!!Otl, ml't. Georgo Yeoman JarnCII Cant y
Alo". B. Bade, seT. Jobn Laillg Wm. Beott, ensign' John Webstor John Crult-k.ehant
Thomtlll C. wm, •.,r. Daniel IAI:rd Jam.. (JoopeT._. John Hende..- John Ji'alcon()r
G. Cannlehael, .!I!lr. Geo~ Lethbridge George M.... I., ".... Willi ..... Wood Alexander ForgI_
Wm. M 'Hardy, cor. Oeo. . Llttlejohn Alex, And""""" Rer. John Chri.tie Wl11iam"~
William LlttleJohn Andre.... B&xter, ear. 1I.nryT~ler WUllanI Fyfe
C. A. MoU,j'1!On Alex. L1nd....y. cot'. Jl:lh iddleton Charl... {lo!'don
JamllflH=y Jam .. B. Lo...., cor. A ..m B&tten John GordOll
Jo.m ... B&tebOll John C. M'lnt,,"h Jllm .. M'Intyre John Sto....noon JameaGray
000. J. R. Dmteble J. O. Orehard '1'. L. Praser George Taylor
Oeorge Christle WlIliam Reld Robert lfi!loek Alex. Kontgomefy
Johll Clal'k Wllliam Bobhfo Ooorge Bpence John D. Bkene JameaK:
Aloxander ColUe George Robcrtoon Aloxander Roe! Thomas ~Ivle DaYld M
Rebert CoIlle AleXa.lldor Roger J BInIr John S. ddeU Oool'3\' EdmOMton
PetorCran John Seott Alelt. NlcoU John Mllne John ltanhall
Arthur "::'I,uhar D.H.Bofton Jam... Mllne Alex.~am JobnB.M~
John l"arqu ar
.A.ngwI I'r:urer
C. B. Sldmlll Alex. 8b.phen! WUllam D.
Ooo.C.l;,uck.~t John lltohie
"'Q »and M'OretJor'
Alexander Stables
Jamoe 1>'rMfIr Wll1iam Stabl... Jobn Runelman
D.e.!!'....."r Robert Smart JOhD&'d"~
,thOom....... Jolm MU ...
•'arqubllol"llOn Gard«I. WUllanI T..,IO!' Robert Arthnr F. M~
H. Rohln:1tear-
Douw..~ Ora.cle
GoTt\OtI J ....... Turillr Ueorge Reid C, L. Grant, IN Wllltatn ¥"X8IlSie
J_Valentme G. B. Both......u, ...
J_Gnmt. a--p D. Wa.lker
=~e A.. Goodbruld,_• J'o:""'~
~ 0" VOLOliitB.........B1JUII1 - 71'
1at AberdeeMhl!'6,
Willlaw O. ltettIe
Jam... RWlllelt
Charles Brown
iames JuRtiee. ht
amee J Wltlee. III
~Be!drgII Adama
Joeeph Frlutklhl
Andrew Shlnnle
6eorp DunCllll
' ' ' "",. Ir.::-......
loeeph CIt.m beD
Alexiwd.... ~~
r.;illlAm Br;ydOll
ohn AdMia
ameo ~
IJfllI:IIIlder PUMn
moll!' Robb .
Qeorp Wright.
AleLSandleeon J:ibettKIlgotU" WilWt.m ",,,,vor Thomaa~ -
Jame. W..I1< .... llllam LAw JamM Webster
Jaml!e F.·Wyn... Geo'll" M'Don&ld (leorge Sbecd N. Arollillte.
Jamee FrMer Robert Mllne John BteWlUt (h~.)
JameeWyn_ William Rhlnd Aleximtl.... l'ldilel WIlItam Keet J. H'Arthur. eapt.
GeorpAdam John ShankB WIUlamAndet"!lQll ThomMll&In H. D. I'lmltb, lIeat.
~;m::~ ~lU:!s;r~n Thom""AlIM Rlchard Buiat J. Buchanan. "nligll
Alexander Gill lWbert.bd_ O. Arl:mckle, ......
F. D. CoI1l" ~We\,. Davtd LAw Jam... NlcoI lWbert Rally. lieI'.
Geo~Wilkln lohn Walker RobertRoberilon (}.~on .......
Do Kll:!g
5tIi 00Inpa!I.7.
IIIi Otmpu)"
J. Kempt,llout.
(leorge law
Ja.mes Slmpson
J. H. Bower. ensign (loorgo FrMot
WUlIam. Ne!
a, J. ....lan,
John M·Ven.n. ear.
John Dew"t, cor-.

Blr W. FotlJes. CApt. Wm. EspUll, 1NlI'. Aloxander MUne Cbarlea DaWllOll O. M&ckenzie. eor.
A. P. Hogartb, Ueut. G. W.lIfl\cdonnld, IJer. Aloxanger M'Kay WillIam Dtmcan i.Fo~on,.."..
John Moo,.".,. ser. WIlUam Malloeh,cot. WUllam DunCAn AndrewDtmeaa Angtts U
n. Co 111 '!nWob., COT. WllIlam Drolme!' James (J(nr ~w:.M'N"ab
!l:!: ~:t~~: ::: Robert RoUo, 001'. Alexand.... YoulIg
WilliAm Haig
Joaeph 8herl.ft
U lam D1alr
John 1II'lnty1'C
~~iw~ug~'c~:'- AlelUUlder Rsogatel'
G. S. Smith, .."..
Doug. Dunclln, eor. John WrlKM WUliam Bont4in
.o..vid AndufllOll,cor. Georgo J. Hru:voy J olm COIlh.'" WllliIIm WatsoIl James "",Itch
Wm. JllIIl.ieson~ cor. WUliD.m Minty Thorn.... cpherd WllliIIm ~e, 1lrt John M'N,,1t
WUllam Andorson A. Ycoma,n 'amesM'KAy WUH.nP IIIp Donnld Mulll"O
JameH And."..on J amea Preston James RdIs Thomas Bruce Jamee Munro

WilliAm Alexander Davld Wrigbt K.mnetb M'Klly
David Alien Wm. M'Phor8on lIonry E. Jonea
James W. &n:IA)' Alexander 'T,L'lCr John &.rI<a:way James BattenJby
SAmuel Baker John Thumpson Alexander Sh!. . .
John Crumble,
Pat.rlck l,'balmera
Aloxander Harpor
Jolm 8cott
navid Ilrebner
i:'0I CnUg
vtd Collie
Jam... bie
Donnld M'Kcny,!"
Archlhald !It 'ltay
Jam08 C"tto David WIl."n WIlIlam Stili 6oorgo Allan Nlool Lemon
John 8. Chall'l'u,'I'II A. E. 8tewsrt WllIiam Render1!Ol'l GeorpR008 James !It 'lntyre
WilUam Cormon WilllamLnw Charl"" O..U Wllliam Fyf&, ti Arch. Bochanan
WllllAm Ilunam John Cameron Alexander Hundle Robert Smith D~d Campbcll
Wllliam IJon&Id J. Rohe!Uon Robert M'I("y J_Duncan AD w Munro
John 1.&weon WlUian, 111 'Ilrnyfn
John Dtlne:ul
Alexander Dlack
Alexander m ~n&~~~ Goorge Farquhanoll John DowN'
Ale,,,,,,,,ler ElIi. Ja.mellOl'll.lOllck John Dufl\l8 J obn Stewnrl WlltIam Outhrle
AIeL EdmOlld Alel".!!dcr Maee!Id!e Alexander Fm.act Henry Smith Petor ){\lJll'O
WIlItam FcrgullOll John Humphrey £n ..... Andcl'Son Donald Clark
Jam ... ForlJes lllmes BIIdenocb WlIllam Fyfe IItII ODmpuy, Dunean Clark
Jam ... J. Gftriooh Willlam Duncnn WlUlam Outhrie R. Abernethy. capt. Dona1d Sillew,.
Alexander D. Gill Robett Brown Al.under Haig Wm. Duthlo, jun., DunC4ll L'lnrk
AIeL O. Gillespie WiIllam W..t.'!O!l John Ruthcrlom lIeut. 8imou Fnuoer
WlIlter0\-a.7 Robert .r "e1<1IOII J3Dl08 Matthe'lvl! JOINlph.R. Comwall. Duncan Campbell
Charles T. Glover John Hem Willi&m C. Andcnon Alel'. M'l.Ional(l
J "mes Glover WWlAmJ..e.Ue J Rmes Christlaon Al'!'i!!!llo, BtlT. AieL M'A.rthur
Willlam GordOft Tho""", RMiie JamesRno Wm. CAlnpbl!n. IM!I'. NeIl Dowat
GOOl'gO 6omon AleL Ferguson
OoorpB~"h AndJ'ew 'l'rtMnt'el'
Jam.... B/lxter
Ooorge ThOU'!, 8er.
Angtl& SinelUr
Wil.1.IAlIl8. om_ George T"ylM' A. Strachan, ......
R. B. Home DoVidBowe Rouben IIllntcr. let J, M'Olllivtay, cor. John Frnser
J. Humph,"" Alexand.,.. To':g" Charles Strnchan C. ('''ummlng, COt. Aloxander Bell
Ha:rv..,. H&U Alexand01' Glh David Mitchell James Cooper, 001'.
Geo'll" D. Kelth JalllOl! Steele AlelC!lntler Fmnklln Robt. AndcrllQlI, oar. 3d Argylllhire.
John !ltltcholl (CampbolUotm.)
Hen:f!' Lumeden J"m"" Ledlngh"m
Wm. m"t:u Jun. G. A. Farqllhar Roberl f),,\V90n
Goorgu 8crogto
~~~:Ibe..t8on Lleat. - Col. Cb....
Alexander .. F. G, Johnstone AMm Drown A. 8~wart, apt.
J. R. J\('Kenlie Oeorgo C. {;e.1te Willlam Hurry Wl1li11m K"l't' eom.
Ale:z:. M' .l'*rllum JamesDun..... Rouben Huntcr-, td
Charl"" Welt
Alexander Cllmltlll\g C. M. or.uart. • .
A. M. M_Id" Juhn M. Gl'llut In.mes Davidtoon D. Fore' IleaL
John Manoon. Jun. OoorpSmllh Willtam DavldlNlll Ooorge Davio Tb... ,,",,11ft'.
ArchlbAld Drown c.
Wllllam M'Pherl'!Ol1 C. 01'8011180&, ens.
A. H. Ogston 7th OoaJIUIF' Samucl Bumett Tb .., Gt-eenl-. 011'.
A. 8lmpeon, ~i.taln WUUam DUl"ll"tt
lIalcoIm ()"wald Johll PIr1.., M.D,.
JohnT. Paul A. Me.cdl!;'ld, ent. Ale:under M 'Oreror UIletent-nrx-
GOOTge PlayfaJl' WillIam nul. Ueut. John 8tewnrl Georgo Mat!' M. Watten, Mr.
T. L. Runry Charles GtMldo, RCI'. George Mllne Alex. ){'Kelrte, _.
G. D. Rutheri'ord Jam"" JohtUlton,_. 8th o-}IIIII)'. Jam_ Moll' Johu Mutl'llY._.
Arch.J. Rennlo J olm Pruer, _. Wm. Ke\th, ('IIlItaln James MOI'I'boon Wm. Edwarde,.... i
James Stables James Still, cor. L. ~n, \tent, Aleunder Mnn:&f Robert Hnnter, _.
Dand Smith
:Hugh Sutherland
Henry Mnrmy. cor. J. M. rk,
WllliIIm Forbe!!, _. John C1a.It, ......
.""tfgn Alexander Paul
WUllam Rat
wh. 1I'11ltyTe, ......
J. L, Armltrong,_.
Ales:. Sutherland J ..... Robertson. <»1', Jnmt18 Elder. 1lOl'. John .ReId A.Cnnlllnghame, ......
J RlIle8 J. Todd Jamet! JOkmes Downl.., ...... Alo:under RoW_ Wm,u:......"Y.......
CorneHUII ThottulOft AlonanderC Ales:. M&ckay, Mr. WllliIIm RoM! R. AJuUlder,_.
John Tawae llavld8hAw ChIlL LAwrence, eer. J",mell8ht'arot Jam.. lI'Emn., aor.
ThoDl/l& WII80M John Cook John Campben. ....... Alexander I!mlth Dollald Bl".., aor.
.AIeL Whlteeroors Jamee Gudea Geo'll" Sh....-ror, cor. Robert Smith John RaIston, ear.
Adam WataoII. DavtdL~ AlIIL ClArk,_. John WhytJe Peter Smith, eor.
~J""kaoti John Wood Jam.. 8lI111d,_.

T. A. 'W. A.. YOaI¥- J. S. Dane, eor.
J ames BruCtl
IIOD Ooorp 8aIMIh David I:en H1I&h BolJII'Ikj M.
741 L1!'l 0"1 VOLUlVTDIS-BULU.

lId~ ChII:!eII RalIUII

Jolm H. Bnnnl
.lohn A.I.lan
WI.Ulam Illlmll'
Richard WaUaoe,cor. .lohn BaIDIltoa .l..... BleW WIllIam Ban- Jam. )(ortoll
LaehWI Stoele, cor, lIieU B1"Odle JohnP. Boyd Jam. HilIa
Wm. Martin, cor, 7th .&rr11l1ldre. .&BdrewCameroa Robert CampboU Jam. H. HariIn
Johu Galbralth (.DuIIoon.) 'WlIIIml W. CantaIrI Charl... Coppln &mu&! Hutill
Charles Morglll1 B. W. Yo~ capt. Arohlbald C_e11 John A. Cree Robert Muir
Donald Browu John Illtche • /Mlr. lIieYllle B. Cballoner John DIck Jam.. )('Laeblaa
WIllI..... Banlla9De })and Doeg. &er. AIII1. CuuulDghim Jame. Dlelde John )( 'Creo!th
DIlDean JI'JlIIlan Thomu Leslle. _. Roberli Cumming John Dougherty John JI'Gill
Jfaleolm Il'Bean G, A.rchIba1d, aer. John Cnrdle })and Dunlop, jun. Jamea )(·Hutcheotl.
John Lothian Donald Cook:, ser. Thomu Cuthbertaoll .lohn Key Ferguaon WIlllam Il'Nelgllt
Daniel JloberQooq Charl... WJlaon, cor, AI.l<&IIder Dlckle Da.nd FIndlay Robert M'Callum
.lohn JI'Callllm Nieol Leltch, cor. Wtlll_ Drinlllll1 Robert H. Ooudio Angua JI'Cleod
JobnTho_ Peter Weir, cor• Goorge Dyktll .lobn Auld Mackle .lameaX'KiIlDOrt
.lohu )('NeIlI Da.nd 0hrIat1e, cor, John E.uIou })and .l. )(aitland Jam.. Jf'Crirlclr:.
John Jf'l!.acllrall Robert Brown, L 001'. WIllIamEld8l' Peter 1IlIlIer AieL M'CrirIcIr:.
J ohu )('Sporran Alez. Mulr. L cor. UI'J.,.o..lrdn8l' Thom... Miller AleL :IIl'Cubbln
John:lllurphy I>onaId Wolr, L cor. D ....ld Grlenon Wlllfam M 'Call WIlllam X 'Call
NeU BIlle J. Jobnston, 1. cor. J_es HAmilton Hugh X'C1ateble Wllllam )('Cowan
Doaald M'Eachrllll John r,ia-Iey, 1. cor. Jam. Beuderaon Ro'liert X'Crend!o Andrew )('I1wnt.1lb
Johu )('Klunen Peter 'Ken.l.\o Thom ... BllIboWle Robert M'Cro8sRn George X'Creadle
Jfaleolm )(artin Johu:lll'Cormaek Roberli Iagr&lll Wm. C. :IIl'Dona1d Thomaa 11. N_bit
AI""lIlIder )(ath_a Thomaa )('RaIth Joha M'DoII/Call Robert X'Kenl. Robert OUver
.l&meIll'Qlleen Peter O'Ha:ra John A. Jlather John M'Jannet WIlllam Prain
Edward )('NeUl Peter M'Lean Aluand8l' Jlorlaoll Wm. D. )('J8.lUIot WIlliam A. Park
Alldrew :IIl'Lean Dollgal Cowau John JI. Illllr Matth ..... P"tterson Qulntln B. PolJ.oet
Dagald Horg&ll TboDlBl Barkn_ O«!rge H'La:en Crawford Raid Jam... RanldWl
Arel1lbald Smith Henry GrIeve Andrew M'IhaD HughRetd John Rankine
Fr&llc1l Patonon Alexandor Stuart Henry B. Norle John 8heddoD Carruth B. Rowan
Daac&ll JllI1'ray Alezander Fletcher ADdrew Oilyel' Alexander TbomllOD
Robert YOUDII: James lllloe Hogh Patea Charlee Wark ~~=,lwid
Charl... Martin WUll&m DaYieon .loha Patnn ThoDlll8 Watson
Jam_ H&1"1'<!7 JoIm8band
Frederlek Jordan Alexander :IIlolllson Roberli W. Betel Robert WI1lIon })and Strathle
DIlaean lIan1n A.rchIbald Hamilton HoghBetd Robert Wrlgbt Da.Yid Smith
Doneld )('Ph_ Roberli Bold John Young Johnllmith
Maleolm )l'Fater Wlllfam If 'Kell S-uel Ste"en
Da'l'1d JlofI'U JamesTelf....
J amea Ms.oon WllIIam Stewari 84 AJ'I'Ihbe. WUlIam TempletoD
BamllolAndenoa John M&rtIn Andrew Sl1rret (d/fl".)
lUeI1ard X'Dermott Alel<. N. Tweedi"
Jamea B. Suttle
Jolm Jlatheaoa ~~J:Ji..ulloeb Rec\Dald Smith 1Ila~r Jamell G. Hay W!!llam Tennant
yd. captain W.Und~
.lames JI'Callam WlIlIam Fletcher O«!rge 8. Stevenaon
WDUam )(arah Robert paton. !lent. HughWijrbt
Robert Wilson JameaTaylor Jam.. lInrtin, 8118. Hugh WOOdell
Noli Fergasou Jamea 8. Tbomaon
John X'NeI.ll Wlllinm CampboU Jamea Dobbie, BUr. Jobn Wll1l4maon
John PhUllpe Roberli Walker WIllIam Cowan. 1IClI'. WUll&m YOWlg
J"",.""I_ WIlliam l1eit..,en AI... &IIder Walker
A.rchIbald Galbralth })avid Hunter. IICr.
TbomuB""",, HugbTumer J"",ea Wallac8 Robert Gra)" ser. 4th Ayrahire.
John Y'Arthur. let JameeWelr AleL Paton. Mr. (r-,•. )
John Wallaee
Donald JI'Pherson
Hugh )['KeUor
Jam. 8. Wlloon
AndrewYatea P.B.HIll, .... H. M. Lang, oap1-
JUtthew Adam. cor. ..lIft. Blalr. eaalp
DuUcan )('Dollgal Robert Tu111e J.:IIl. PergllllOn. cor. Wm. ThOIlUlClll,_.
George Anure .... John Dow
Wmlam JI' JamOll )('Lucldo IA_ce Anderaon J. Andereon,_.
John Douglna Joha Humpbrer RobertAdam
A.rchIbald TbomllOa Jam. Asbe John PatoD, Mr.
Donald II'Mlllan John &rr JobnAdam John SllleIalr.....
Jobn M'Laeh!nn Jam ... Nlcol Ine Alexander
Jamea Galbrallb Joha Shearer John~d,_.
J ....esllllloy John Paton Thorn ... Bishop Jobu Caldwell
John Parker J _ . Armour
John X'Connlck GeorgeDow Jam_Bone Alez.o-en
Charl.Fr_r John Bumett DonaJd Currl& Jobn)(. HiU
J""'e8 Boil Wllllam BuMon!.
Robert GUr.n Androw Fyre Jam ... Crawford JohaCaroyI
Robert Hoglll'th John lI'Arthllr, ~d W. C. CO..,&I1 John CraIg
Georgo Patel'llOD ThomM Hutle
DaDean Galbralth Robert Beat W. G. Copeey AI.... II&rI:Iov
Douald Ste"art Hector Sutherillnd JIW1e.B CunninR'hnm Aiel<. Yonng
Jamell Donaldeon Wllllam Rm ......
Dllaean M'KeUar
Doaald Coebrane John WIleon RleI1ard
WIlI.l&m ck
}'i'fe Willlam JI. Dick
Jamu Dobbio
WUDam Oraw1ll!rd
John Brown
John Rybarn Alezandor Douglna Tllomu Stew.n:
J ....... FlDae&ae .l_ph Enokine .lohn Bedt
:Hell X'Callnm btA,mnre. Id Ayrshire. JohnFrew J ....eaJaml_
Jobn Campbell ( RflfJl4f'll«k.) (lmu) EbenuerFllnt Wm.Loehead
Bobert M'Fadyea J. H. Plckn. apt. John Smith. ""'p,tain .lohn Oa1braith RobertGlbooa
Doaa1d 'tlllten RoM. Rallten. Uent. J. Patenon. 1IeUl Robert Ooudle Dr Robert Itlr1r:woo/l
AlIdrew 'NellIage A. Gavln GIl'Wood .John Slaelalr
~"':h 1;.~~:':U.
J"",ea Croob, Mr.
Da.Yid Gibeon
Lachlm Bodpr
....I...aader Hurray John Dlckl", eer. 1flUlam Gal th Petor M'Jlajn
Douald Reld Robi. Blaclc.wood"oer. W. Canulngham....;.. Jame. Gray. lot Arcbtbald MaIeGIaI
DaDean O·Jl., Wm. Jlncbell, eer. WI.Ulam Off. l1l1I1'. JamesGn.y,2d Jamea Crawford.
Arcbtbald Jlath_ WIlI.l&m Jliller, _. Abraha.m WaIee, Mr. Jamea Huteb1llon DaD,*, Hopkldt
Robert Ralltoa Wm. 8tommaon, cor. J. 8. Crawford, _. Jamea Iinmiltoa Da....d Clyde
Areblbal4 Gal1lralth John Browo. cor. John WhJtelaw._. Jameo Jo!metene Robet't JlIlIr
~~..:~- Thomu Brace, cor,
R. Tbom8Oll, cor.
W. T. )(iIt'rY, 001'.
Wm. Bnockenrldge,
WUlIam Johnaten
Thomaa Kerr
Alez.J....I _
BI'Jeo Ilnlr
Doaa1d Jl'Kenale Them.. Blcket, cat. oor. Andrew King WUlIam CrawfOl'4
DorIa1d JI'DolI&id MIIWIew Arbnckle C. C. Kler. cor. R.:IIlunsyKay Thom.. Bular'
JohaOUUea JameaBlalr J. :H. )(UrTaY, cor. H:ttb l.6urie Hagll PatcIl

... W
J9II& 'I John Borl&lld
J .... B. JlI'OWII
John Clark, L 001'.
John Dunl"P. L _.
WIIllam AiUi:ou
Art ur Lang
AndNW' lIlu:woll
Bo'bert IU:Im
WIlI.1&m 8Iloddea
lob <:rrJ.r
tIflT 011' VOLON'rEOttBS-R'Ill'L'ES. 76
.th~ Jam_lAmble JllmeaBo,yd Jobn .A1tob.t101l ~NkIho&on
.1_lIII BOUIllon
RDbart Bra,",
.1allu. M'CuUnch
D.II:_ WIIlIaIn Alm.rtrona' Tbomaa Palmer
R.8t.ewart RobmtBrown Joaepb RaId
TllomuCW1t WIIlIam WIIIoII Robert Goldle Gearga Bruce Andnnr Robeoll
Oeorge Butch8lOll. D ..vld Ma.clDnl .lom Lees
.J_... Fyoch Andre... Goudle JllmesKeIley 11:~=hope Aleu.nder Bcott
Jam"" Bh&..
AnUlonl M'Leod. Rober'! NIInInO TholllM Lees Robert Calder WIIUam 8mltb
GeoqeWeI8b WI\lIam B. Mulr .lain... Crallr. Adam Thomson
Alex. Houton Rober1 R. Temp\eton '1th A;vnhire. N..thanlel Dods Jom Thomaon
ThOInIl8 Duff Jamoa Relit (8alt<:oaU.) Jom Dickeneo'll Peter ThomllOn
»&..Id Gnlgoraou WUltam M'Hallam Jom De....,n M. J. Turnbull
Cllo.rtes P ..tenoll Jolln M'Dowall :R. It. Ilaroour, <'apt.
.lames Balrd, Ilout. J ..tues Donit1 Jom Turner
.Jolln Robenlon WI\lIam }'o/'8well J M. Anderaon. _ Jom D&rllng John Walker, 1st.
Archlb&ld Hill Thnmu Dunilu: Jom A. Edmond John Walker. id
Huall Sheditell Thomu AleltlDiter Jom Maeculloch.
aoa1et. ....tug. WlWam Forreetor Jam"" Wblbthead
.1olm W&t80n Al8lt&Dder J &Ok Jam Ford Thomu T. Wrlght
.JamllllBowle Peter M'Cullocll Jam Lockh&rt, 1Mlt'.
H. H'Donnell. er. Aluander Ford GeoqeBrown
Huah Btalr Alex. M'FadJoean And... B. FlnIa)'1OII Thomas Mill
John Klrkwnod Thomu Goudle Hugh Btirling, o.r.
Roliert &,rmlr. 1Mlt'. WlWamGovu. Robert Mill
Wl\llam Barbour James H'HUlan JameeHIIl WIlliam Oilvet'
.Jom Mlllcolm Richard Po.rldnllOn Charleo mlth, eor .
Devfd Macnalr, cor. ThomuHutle Andrew ahle!
PeterWlllOn Jolm Radger AndrewJohnaOOn WIlllam Tilt
Alex. Graham Jam .. L&IIrie A. Cummlng. cor.
John .Dryan, cor. WlIJlamRowe
John Orr Jolm Burna WllIlam Hendenon
John Fleck Jolm Ferg'\lllOll Jam"" Balme, l cor.
John Sym, I. cor. Jam_Lamb GOOlJf8 Mauehllne
Da..ld Campbeil ThomuBa!rd Andrew Mercer
Thomll8 Patel'llOn John Finia, Wfillam Aitlr.en
Gabrlol Armour Jam. T. MarahaU g.e:irx!=n
WIllIam Hunter ThomuRamuT Charles M'lAan .lolm'l'umbull
WUlIam Moodlo Jam..,Mart.In Robert Aitlten
ThomaaAuld WIlliD.m Marahall Jamea !lcott
JameaReld WlUlam M'Lella.nd
Jamea Po ....eonl HugbAndrew RobertNew~ ThomOJl Elder
John R. Brown Pater Newbi Pg Jam Jelfretle
JamClPoll~lr. 6th A;vnhire. WilllamBrown Gilbert Prln~le Ch&rles J. 'I
Ooorgo Lamont (B.uA.) J amll8 PrIng e Jam,," RulI'e1
Andrew lIalcolm Willlam'l
Hngh Brown, capt. Jam"" Bryden John Pa.xOOn Robert Bermet
AieL Malcolm WillIam POIICOck
Jam.. M'Call H. Crawrord. Ileut. Robert~n
Wm. FnlOOn Love, Thomaa men Andrew Pa:r.OOn 84
ensign Robert Dickson Thomu Ruaaoll (AytOll.)
6th Apahire. Wllllam 8h&w, aer. James Dryden ThomaaRanlr.ln
(.I(/If6<IU.) Robert Orr. SOl'. Robert A. Eadle 8e.muel I. Redrth D. pop~well, !lout.
J. P"trlck, ser. James Rodp6t D. H. mmervillo,
V BM'II'lI, capt. Alox. FuIlertoll
Wm. HUfrlll, U....l.
ThOl. AtI!t1n, 8111.
Jom Crawford, &er.
J. Ba;rcla'l, _.
Robert B. Klnnler
John KIrk
WillIam Refell
Jo.rneo Rid ell -~n.ser.
R. 8nodgrasa, cor. Andrew I:!tenhoUBe J'0fI8'[lb Ro-t, ser.
R. Glrvall, IIlq. Andrew Leekle
Bey. Johlt ThomBOD, N • .B. Cunnlngham. RobmtMuir Archlba.ld BtoiIdart Jamee KeWe....r.
ear. WillIam 8wlne Robert H. Hume
chap. Robart Miller Jam"" MartI.n
'Thomu Jack, IMII'. J. R. Duulop, ear. Jam .. Meorns WillIamS....&Il
Jam... M'Lore, _. Jam.. PulOOn. cor. Jamee Tholnson Pote.rTod
Jo.rnes Mlllor John Boott
Jolm Kennedr, IMII'. D. Crawford, L cor. John M'Alli&ter A. C. ThomllOn
D. King, I. cor. AltIxander Wardon Jam.. 800tt
nollert Jack, IMII'. WWiam Or: ThoDU18 M'Vicar
WIIlIam·W""C, _. JaB. Btewart, I. cor. Robert PaIaley Robert Wblte
Johlt )I'lIll1an, _. WUll&m Lo.o. I. cor. John Reld John WilllamllOD Jam""Henin
Robert Watoou WillIam Andol'1lOn
.Arcbd. Martin, cor. Jam"" Calderwood Archlba.ld W:1r I_H. Knos:
John BneDuUI, cor. Devid CraIg Arch1ba.1d ThomAS WhIte
John Jrving Jolm Whltel8.w Alexander White
Joho CIUTIe, cor. Robert Lllnfilands Aluander Furv""
Wm. M'CartDey, cor. Waiter MillAr Andrew Po ock Id :Benr:ioir.lJl1n. Robert Clarlt
.Jam.. Dlek, 1. cor. A.Hamllton Ales:. Grinlaw
W. /tl')lIIb.n, 1. cor. Thorn .... And.raon 8th Aynhlre. (Coldot_IH..)
Charl.. TeuulIlt Matthew C..ldwcll (Co/ln"""U.)
John Burns
Sir J. Mar,joribanks. GoorgeWelr
Ro\Jcrt Dnnean R. M'KinlAy A. Thom""n, ca~.
Willlam Cra",ford WiUi&m Oru-dncr W. M·Cnlloeh. li.ut. M~tnUllter, WllIiamTod
Ileut. .JamOl Whltelaw
lIatthew Gllt.l!rle .lames Crawford A.\Iu. D. H·Ilrmtb. Thoa. Hood, ensign Hllten MlddJeOOIl
.John Clo.rk AIldrow Stowurt ensign A. Drown, aUlJfOOn Alex. DeIt!"tJ'
Rollert Brackem1dge Hugb J..ove Jamoa H'llrnIth D. Johnat.on, se•• AdomRcnt<m
.Robert Smltb James Darr J om Brackellridge Jom AlliBon. _.
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do, WlllIam Chalmero
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'l"IIoDlUGrabam Davfd Orr (Du ..... ) Ralph AlIAn
J_lIIIHalo Jametl Dale TheHon. A. F. Cath· Jom Balm 4th Barwicbhire.
Jolm Aleunder Robert Love cart, captain Andrew Bonnet «(/rmIla".)
Bollert Alexmudef JlUIles MillAr Jam .... C11IUlIngham, WlllIam Bowmnker G. Wammdor, capt.
Davld Cr<n1er .lames Reld Ueut. Turnbllll Calder W. Bromfteld. lIeut.
WllU ..m WllIon Andre." M;\ler D. Ferguson, en~ Alex. Cameron Ju. Nlabet. ensign
:Kennedy Hendr,. Pntrick &Ith R. C. M'Watt, M. ., Tb_ Carmichael R. H. BobertIIon,
Tbomu Rannla WlUirun I:!harp ourgeon WlllIam Coclcburu &MIst.-IJUt'.
JamesGray John Crawrord, 1st. o.orge WeIIa, _. J.Cunninghrun Robert Foroyth. ser.
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AdamGnT Jame.CIark John B. Kellle, 1Mlt'. Jom Devidoon Jamee Gardner, cor.
WUlb.m Mardoeb John Crawrord, !d 11. WliBon. _. HemyEeleo Jamll8 Wood, cor.
Jam.. Rodger J.Ferg'WIOI1 R. N. Blight, ser. GeolJf8 Fel'J(UlIOD GeolJf8 Gibaon
.Jam_ H'Cllbhln Thom.. Robertoon Wm. 81neat<m, cor. Alexander Ford John EWot
.Jobn rubeou A.. W. H. Walte, cor. Jom Hendenoon Fnwela Bprigh~l)'
Davld HamUIoII. P.J",, __
R. G. Swan, I...".. Thoma.s HendenlOD David Panton
A4am HamUtoD A. Pyro Andrew Swtne Pater H)f.D!;h J'om )(a.nbaI.l
HlIIbM'CouelI Jolui Gray John .A1l&D Jom B. 'Doupl HugbBalu
WIUlIa:t. Kean Jam.. IrrinIr Bobelt .A1tcbi11an .1 olm, Jl\ll1'&)' i'raDela IdJqton.

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Wm. DalgloitIh Wllllam Bell, ..... Ooorge Me»<- r.:aGmy David WIIIIt....
Geo.Oommon James Ftnlay, CIOn WUlIamHeri>ert Willlam Hend_ John G. WaIlace
Androw Taylor Robert KBy. cor. Daniel Dun.-, 1.t WIlllam J..,k lam_wmsate
Geo. Lyall
Robcrt Hopper
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John J ohnoton
WilIiam Turner, _.
Chas. Graham. oar.
Wllllam HasweU
Wm. Weathorhe&d
Dani.1 Dm1can, !Id.
Thomas Duncan
t,dam Duncan
amet! Brown
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ohn Kerr
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John Common
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John Dun"""
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James Laing
Peter Lonnox
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Robt. Walk..... Ueui.
Davld Robertaon Ooorge L. Pnnlin Georgo Llnd.oa~ . F. M'DowAll John VIe"",. ensign
Geo. Ln.Idlaw Thomas Weatherly 1>uncan T. Tay or WlllIam M'E_ J. 8omer\'llI., sot'.
Uobort Brown Thomllll Pnrvia Robort f:ltewart Alex. M 'Far\ane Alex. M'Larcn, IICr.
Adam Hi1I Richard Slmpson Thomas It. Stewar~ WIlUam M'Lu.h 1>. Woth.nIpOOn, II1!r.
J oooph Robortaon Oeorge PeAnoon Ch ....I•• M'Kirdy Wl\liam M'Lolland Robcrt Lonnox .......
Wm.Oill Andrew Foulds Adam llon~merie John M'Lochmn Wllliam Mllmr. ear.
John Wood Adam White Peter Camp ell A1exand.... MlICklt A. Robertaon, ear.
John Martin WilIiam L. Miller Andrew RObertaon Robert Malller John Houston, COl'.
Geo. Ttdt Robert Morton JIUDOII Heron Oavln M.. rtln 'WilllAm Dnlmmooo
A1ex. Frater Henry Banden!OD Rob.rt :Maclle Jam.. Melvill6 Robcrt Moodie
Alex. LyBll Wllllam Drown Alexander M'Ewen J ameli MitchoIl Andrew Hcrron
John J"'Ckle Jordan Evan. John Heron Thomaa MltcheU ~bcnezer Marshall
John Richardson Willlam Patteroon ChArI.. MewlAnds Robert Morgan . &owdowne, ~
David Richo.rdoon Johnson Pattl80ll WilUam M'Grigor John Page
J aDles Smith
Robort DRrIlng'
John M. Davil!Oll
Wm. Montgomory
Jame. M'AlAster
Daniel M'Kenzle
Archlhald POrteonl
James B. R1chsrd8o!l
A1exo.nder Hunter
Wm. Stark Oeorge FotTeSt Robt. C. lIact.aggart RobmtM. Roy Robort Button
J ames Whltelock JBmfl8 Bwinney Alexander M'Auslan A. Bcott Robert Dottomle~
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NieholAs Moore Duncan Hart Robcrt Mitcbo
0.0. Mathewson William Nlchol_ Donald M'Millan Dennct.
J .... M"theW8OU RobcrtMoore James M'KWy WIllIam Wall&ce Robort Robcrt.sou
Robort Hogg James AddiSOll John Turner John YOUDg Androw Davids.m
David Hrug Robcrt Currle Cho.rles Alexander WIlliw:n Goodall
AIlan Purvea Robort Yellowly JamesSmith Id CoInpuy, JamesVi""rs
John Kay Ralph Clellhorn Alexander Walker
John Loarmonth Robcrt Drown W. B. C1Ark, ~ WUllam M'Heath
CorncllUB Ncsbltt Wil1lAm PBton, lent. Robort Snowdowne
Oco. Lauder John Cmwford James Macfte J. Youn,er. ensign J amee Watson
1'ho•. Frator
Wm. Wbyte
WIllIam Mi11.~
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Walte~ Duncan
WllllAm Robcrtaon
RoborL I11l8on, ller. David
G802'R8 Bennott, lieI'. Dnvid
J88. Butherland Theodore Taylol' John Thont80n .tohn Kyle, ...... Henry Biaott
ThOR. Jnmeson AleX8llder JaekllOl1 Thom.... HamUtoD. J. K. Brown. _. John Duncan
Wm. Il~ J amee TrAiner Duncan Wllllter James Panton, ser. John Smen.toD
000. Ja y Thomas M"""hBll 'William ThOllllOll James B. Lee. COI'. J ames Drummond
Wm. BrownlOO8 John M'Kirdy
000. Hognrth ~W::..?W~ Oeo~Hlcu
Robert M.lvIn, _. John Hunter
Jame. Coc~
L. DryadRle, eor. JolmLogan
Tho•. Dougnll Davl Campbel1 Robort Morgsn, COr. Petm ThOtnllOu
Ooorge Purvls William RsmSAy W. Snowdown8, la!
6th lIamobhire. John M. Calm. lit Claokmalmala- John T. Ansell Andl'ew Manoball
Alexsnd .... Bolg .hire, John Blytbt!l John Walker
(Louder.) Henry Pntt.l'!IOn
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W. Falrholme, \leut. Alexander Cook JamBS Cullen Wm. BuchaDaa
WilIinm D. .A.ikman Robcrt A' PRttilJOlt 1.t Oompu,.. J ames Downle Ooo~Bharp
Cha~I ... Donalllaon WIlliw:n Holme. AleL IlItoheU, capI;. John Dnlmmond Char .. l(urn1.7
TholWl8 Edgley WUliam Rnmngo corn. J ames DunCllll John Rennle
ThOmM MorrlllOl1
Alex. FotherlnC ~,~n.!"~elrord
Wllllam Orieve In. B. Harvey,lIeut. David Ounean
John R. B. Koan Benjamln O. BllIc1aIr R. BuchsnaQ, enstgn
Mark LlddoU John Morrlwn Rev. Jolm HAeleod, John Fothering JamesAm'riL
Robcrt Lya11 RoboH. Weddell chal,iain Adam Frame Robert BamerriUe
Ooorge Murray P. Brotherston.8Iltg. WUlmm Olllesp!e Aleu.nder Drod:Ie
J ames MU1TII.7 Robcrt Stnmg, ......
lst lIutelhir&. WiIllam GIImOt1l"
John C. Monre Thomllll Fox, ...... Wllllam H:\ldano
R. L. Newton (ROCoW«,.) Andrew Robb, _. Charles Honoymm D. Armltege
John Robori:loon Dan. Xacbcth, lIct\t. J aIDCR DaWBon, ser. Daniel Hunter J ames Blnnie
ThOlD88 Ritldell Charle. F. Maclaeh- Wm. HarroWbr, 8Or. Ebenezer B. Hunter Willlam Candle
Oeorge RlddeU 1An. ensign J. M'Clelland, Iter. James Imrie RobcrtF~
William Riddell J. C. Mnddever. t!1ttg. Jame. Molr~r. Alexander Kirk Andr-owUre
Peter8cott J. D. M'CRllum, _. JamC8 lAm rt, oar. J amea Lothian Jamell IsdRte
John Bimson
Wm. M'Corklndale, Wm. Chrlst!e, eor. David Wr1ght
R. A. Rmith scr. Androw AlUco, 001'. Andre1ll' JAm_
Robert Taylor John Law. 8er. Peter Rlntoul John M'Gechan Robert Wril!itL
Robert L. WaddeU Wm. Dun""", • . DavidAdsm. David M'Watt Fergus Buntet'
John M'Ewen, cor. Thomllll B. Adamaon John Malllor Robert l!loott.
Wlllam Bro"'D, cor. ThomBII AllIco John Mitchell James CleutImoa
ThOlD88 M'Nab, cor, William JW\lIs I. N. MorrlsoD Peter 8talker
lit ~~upoIl- John Kldd. <or. Thom.... ll&lIanty1le Andre1ll' Mot'f!&D DavidBmaU
J. FullRrton. I. ear. JAmes Bathglllie Dnvid Panton Jam"" TbomlII>D
Robt. Ramoey. ""pt. JohnPBterMll.I,COI'. Rlcbani Borthwlck John Pnton WiUlam ADd_ _
Henry L. ChlilltbOn, A' H. Hnnte~.1. oo~. John BrydIe JohnPa~n J ames lflUTllJ'
lleutenRnt Daniel M'Phe.- Alex. Carmlchasl Ooorge PeareoD William Orelf
R. Thompson.: Hstt.ltew Hllnter Robert Chalm... John Philp WillIam 8ome...-ut.
R. O. Flnker, - Dunoom M'A"- James CIark A. Bnaddon Thomas WIIbooD.
John T. Wilson
(Ieorge Boaue. _. Alexander T1mooelt
R. Doupl
WiUlam PaW'llll
J amea Bt.nnIrt
Andrew Thom801\
John Oampbell
Thomllll FIIdrfInaI
Aleundur :MacfIe ThoD11\8 Frwne 10hnF.ThOlllBOft Davl'~
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B. E. Turtl
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WIII.RaD.1.! """. Tbomu BIKklock OCIG"P llobtrh<>1I J o",. IIU1drJ'
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J. N. BIAak W. CroIth,,-.!WI Tho •. S Ih AMbonr l'"" ~II IlobDr\ )I'Al1lIW'
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Wm. C&lTlek Wm. WIIUII,",II CI"hIQphar Wilte D. W. Blnl'''''", .., . Wtl\I&IJI . ':bt;.
hue: C.u1m1U Job1l CboJ.mon n ,l. A. .1. 11110.. , «I'. Oo1oald )I'KI" r
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It. S. Dlao.., ""~ D. S. T l _ U",I. J ob" I.... !J\D1I,IIl~- AIu. Heu""'- L ""r.
T. 1: . .1.11......., l, Wm. J..uoa. _ . J ob .. IIoU J . 1).",),,;.1 .... 1.......
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id Dumbal'tonahlre
_ _ in1Ud. Hobart Bmith D.P~_. Hobart B~1ers Bt.muel OIbdume
Jamea RIlA80U Alex. ,Ue, cor. WUltam hOll)p8OIl Jamea Rmlth
B11SI'h Klrk ..ood ThOlDM Perguson Robert Brown, cor. Malcolm WaJk~r Peter M' Keilar
TbomaeCntJg JlUIl.... M'Donald John Montelth. eor. Alex. SmoUott, MfL John M'Cullocb
John Ma.rtJn Duncan FergulJ<)n John Taylor, <!Or. wwmbtr Peter M'Do.tgall
Willtam M'KIn:r; Duncan M'Int.yre D. M'lAron. 1. cor. Poter M'lntyN
Willlam M'Luc JObnEw~ Wm. M'Adam, I. cor. 6th Dumbartoll- John M'lArdy
Wlll\am Kirk Thom.... 0' eI11 John Duncan. I. cor. IJUre. GoorgeMeIlr.lo
Andrew 8tenbonae Hugh L[!.IIB Wm. WhIte. 1. cor.
Goorgo Ant\,,_ (.4iualldria.) =~mpboll
Jam... Buchanm Ooorgo nlo Matt. Clark. capt.
WlUlam fmrie J .......... Knox. Robert Bruce R. Turnbull. Ucut. John Ban-
HU~lven Robart. Bell Jamea Buehal14n J.J.Turnbull,cmigu Peter Ferguson
Wl RwIaoll NeIl Dronooh Thomas C_la J. Buebanan, !!Cr. Allan BllIland
Robart MolTI.un John HRrlot. Mal.. Clark 15. R. TUl'llbul~ ...... JohnHUl
Wil1\am Mulr H ..nry Ho Angus Cameron John Kerr. &or, WiJltamJanio
ThomuCralg JobnM'i~ A1"(Iblbald Ewing Arch. Wllkl., acr. Jamea M'K""bnio
J obn Alexander Willlam HtlWlton Thomae Ewlllg, 1st Robert Ulg1l8t, ee •• Hugb Turnbull
Alennde. Bmce J. M'Kinlay D. M'Keehnle, cor. John CarnogIe
Jam .... IadAlo Grogo. M'Grogor R. Hendrie. cor. Willtam Nl"en
Deojamln Kirk John W. Patel'llOtl John OaJlacher W. Walkiruthaw, cor. Hobart NngenL
John Go .. Jamea K'Ewan Jamee 01"" John Kenoedy. oor. John Walke.
John Whit.. J amea Da:rrooh Maloolm OIen J"meo Ban, 1. oor. Waiter Walbce
Androw Mul. ArobllJald Campbel1 John<klw John Kean. I. cor. Thomas J ohnston
Alexander Kay
John Lyle
Robcrt lIa.!.ldem
John Char:
Low }I·1nty..
Jameall' ntyro
John Grant
WlllIam Hendrr
Thom .... Hogg
A. M 'intyre, 1. on••
Th08. Brown, I. co••
Peter M·Artbu.
J ameo Cow....
John ChrlBtio
Henry Alrlio
WlllIam Lonnie Jamea JQCkaon Davld JQCkllOll James Or&ham
Areblbald M'Inn. John Smith John K8llll00y 8th Dumbaram-
Alex. Pateraon Ja_Li~w L&uchlan Kennedy ::8:&be1l Ibir•.
WllUam Andrew Joeeph M' arlano Arcblbald KeIr WiIIl&m Nowland (DKmb«IUA.)
Jamee R.oid Areh. lI'l"arIaD" Jamea Linley John M'Indoe J. M·AusIand. eapt.
John MeoJ. Wat8Cn M'Dooald John Lottimer Dooald CraIg W. PII.te_ lleuL.
Arehlbald Gibb Alexa.nde. Outhrle A1"(IblbaId Logan George Roeo wnllam~ ....
JM. Cunoingham Peter M'DougaId WlDlam Lindaay John lI'Farlane Robert B. Pope, Bar.
JOhnPalaJ~ Jam_Paul HenryLlnn Charlllll ColUn. WilUamS.............
MatthewJ ne John Sewell Robert Lonnle Robert M'Aualau AieL lI'..LuaIan, Hr.
Robart M'DoweR JWaiter SmIth
_ _ WUaon Hobert Lockle David HIll John Bte>'oneon._.
John Mulr
Hobart.M'GUl DunClln M'Ca.Ilum
Cb&l'leo Murray
Moses Miller
I JamesRou JIIDlOIlM·Leod, ......
AI8Xl11\der Btoele Hobert Miller, cor.
Hobart Muir Angua Ca:lU~n1l
Jameo Miller
Charlea )I'Parllllle Hobart BIalr. cor.
Thomas M'Naugbt Nell Brown. oor.
WllUam Fuloon Juhn Glen Jamos M'Auly Robcrt Buohanm Oeorge Crawford
WllUam Guthrle JohnM'Auly Charlu Btewart AIlati )I'Doupll
ad Dum'bartou. BenJAlDIn Brown Alex. M'Dougal Alex. Drummond John )('Aul&y
.hire. JOhnM~ WllUam M'KInlay James M'Dermld Thomas Veltch
(BoakiU.) JohnF h John M'Kln!ay ThomM Olh'er Robert Cbalmere
Matt. Gr&/,' captain Jamell III ey Donald M'Leuchlan Maloolm M'Parlane Wllllam Alston
T. L. BtII e, Jleut. Arcb. Campbell Duncan lI'Lauohlan WUltam MiIle. Edward Johneon
:& M'Intyre, ensign Dunoan Nochar Lauehlan lI'MII1an WUllam Davle Thomu lIuirbead.
J. F. Cullen, -...sW'. WlIllam Paul Archlbald M'MIlIan Alexander M'intyre John Bleckstock
J. M'Kiol~ym. JameeM'Aua!ane Hugh M'Phereon ClwieII K6Ilnedy DaYld Reid
Jamu& _. Thomas Mille. Poter M'IntyN lfaIcolm M'Farlann WIllIAm Smlth
Thoe. Rochfort, eor. Aloxrmder M'Lay Angus M'Lo&ll John lI'Gown Feter M'Nldder
AIeL Brodle, eor. Hobart AUeon Alexander M'Kay John Calvert Andrew NIcol
Wm. Smell1e, _. WllUamLIWg )(urdooh M'LareQ CoIhlM'Naugbt JobnActon
DaYld Dunn, Hr. J_M'Gown Allan )('Laren John Wilkle Will lam OIll""'Pi&
John M·G~• .er. Aleunder M'Neill Jamea )('Laren WUIlam )I'Aulay JAID... LoaIle
W. Camp 00•• H~JQCkaon Hobert M'Gmthor DaYld )('K!nnon Jam"" Potrle
Aro )('Intyre Colln M'Intyre
Alex. Hunter, cor.
John Korr FInl&y )('jntyre
JohnBmlth Daniel CoI~~=
John Lotbam. 00•• John )('Intyre GoorgoAn
Jam .. Glue, 00•• Goorgo Chapman Waiter )('Adam Andre... 8 h _ WlllIam LIoDpttWl
W. BIleland, I. oor. Alex. Buchanan Aroblbald M'DonaId Daniel CIarIc John )('KenxIe
Hobart.FlBber, I. co•. JlUIle.JI(~ Alu. M'Donald PeterB~ J~esHo~
B. )('PheTllOD. I. cor. WlWam)(· Duncan M'Farlane Georp 'Le!ah AlcXADder Cormie
Jam ... Bowell, Loo•• J_Llndmy John M'Yar1aoo WllUam M'Lo&ll Gearge Hodge
JameoBarn... James Cralg John 11'Le10h Georgo Hudaon Samuel Bennot.t
Jam08 Hunter Thomas M'DooaId
Henry Mayal1 Jamea Hudoon
DunClln M' ArthW' Duncan Culihborteon Duocan M 'G"'fI'Or JameoMIlI....
WDllam Barclay ~ncan )(urpby Hobart M·Go.. u Alex. Matbleeon John Dell
Hobart. Knox ohn Crawford DourleIM'Leon Jamu Bunton WalterMann
JOhnM'Koan J_Roll8O Hugh M'Kenzio WllUam Blaland Thomae POUOC:k
AdamSh_ Peter MltcbeU Alex. M 'Cormoehle Jameo Thomaon John Babtle
Charles Froebtllm. ThoIllUHodpon WiUlam M·.Nlool Charleo Stra.chan Adam M'Ka:Y
JohnH~ Arcb. M'Aulay John Nowton .1'_0111'8' Ho!.\eton M<:>odJ'
Robart. )(alt.bm4 A.Ie:r. Cuthbcrteon DaYld Nelaon George Battbion Arthur Coote
Duncm )('lnty1a John Nalrn Waiter KeIr HobertIAnn
4th ~bartoIl- AdamPrlm....,

WIlIIam )('NlooU Hamllton Oltver John~
Peter Hunter John Puroell Danial Yerrle Jamea T
John Watllon (Ja_) JamO'lPauJ JameoGardn.... Alexande. Drown
Samuel )l'PhkI A. O. .,.pt. WllUam Paul John OIbourno Dolvid De...,.
Robort )lWltard T. Rox • !leut. Jame. RoM Andre... TayJor WIlllam I.ang
WUli&>DRodpr R. Jrletcher. eo&lgn John RoM Robort Thollleon ThomM O!l.-w
~~pm,y J. :a~hreya,&IQ1f. Th08. Rltcble
IIobt.. . you.,., .... J ames Hoborteon
John Gslbraith
Dcm.aId )I.'V...
Hamllton 0Il'I'V
AIeL P. MIller
P_Ca_ 0 - . DNft!', 8f11'. Robert Sharp
J_Br<nrn ..L. WamooIt, _. WllUam )(lIikle Robert X'.ue.ter
Areblbald 8ce-.rart; Georgo B&oeet DaYldTh_
WIWam WatItoa CloUD O. Oodn. Mr. John Strv.thora Win I..... b - _ n. ....... I1UU_
8th DUlllbMtontlhfre John Had8l'lane - M'Gowan. _. John 1l'K1nlay J ........ Lop.nBal!
~lI<d. JohnBegg -Smith, .., •• Wm. D. D1ckBon JameeBigg
W. Swindon Malcolm M'Munich -PIk.o,J._. Adam Jlenzlea Oeorgo Shankland
P..t.1'F'ilIho. Peter M'AWllane - Stmchan, I. BIIr. Robett Coh1n JamcBl:!todArt
Jamea M'K8IIoD Duncan M' - Du:nbar, eor. John JohllBtone Jamea Wateon
ThomuBell - M'NeIllio. COr. J _ B. Johnotone John Wall'
Henry Wateon - Helloo, COr. Ooorgo M'l.6chJan D&vld WIJaon
Thom... Hudeon WlllIam Colquhoun -Rae, cor. Thomu K.elloclt James Wllliamaoo
Robert Heu4enon John MllJor So Adam_ William RIle Samuel Whlghsm
Geot-go Pollook James PMon Robert Altken Edward BlOOn
John M'Cormack
WilliAm WIilloo<I
M. M'LAcllI4Il
D. M'l.6cb.lan
W. C. Bell
Jamea Barbour
Wllliam Love
J A. A.In)1I
P.Fre\l Alel<llnder Crombi.e WlllIamHyalop (Pmp'»".)
Oeot-gu Macfa:rJane Wllllam Coroon James Haatlngs R. RetInedy, llent.
Robert Gutbrlo R. Macler.n Robert Cowau WlllIam Hunter
Thomu Heodenon T. Ma.c1'Ariane George Dalslel, ellO.
A.H.Cn.w WIWam 8cotL John BeatUe, our.
J ....esBume F. Fallow R. A. DJck"on RobettPapn
T. CampbeU Henry Smith, 1eJ'.
Boru:wary M ....l'lerl. J. Drummond Wl11latn MllIigm Th"". M'George, er.
Pete.DeDny John D1ckeon Peter Brown John Hope, oer.
R. G. Mitchell 10th Dumbar&oa- WUli..... Austin O. Crawford, eer.
J. Colquhoun 1hJ:re. WiWam Nivl.eon Robert Cume, cor.
(Eirl:i~) Wllllam Mnirbcad John Mltch.l!, cor.
8th ~barton- A. B. Armour. lfout. James Fort!yth Andrew GI8IldIn1ng Robet1 Aud_n
Thoe. Bmwn, entdgn WlWam GonmIl Robert BaeUng. Johll Black
(Booo.) James GanIner, eer. =Gracle John Brown Adam Brown
John 8oott, _. Jo Grlenon Henry DlnwoodJo Ahman4er Brown
John Cabbcll, llcut. John Smith, _. WlllIam Gordon A. C. Hlelop
R. B. Browno, eDII. John BroW'll
D. )(aclio:rJane, Ber, Cb&rI. Wright, eet'. WlWam Howat WIl\lam~ Alexander Brydoll
A. H'Donald, _. D&nd Talt, eer. Alexander Barley WlllIam ngl HezuyCanon
Androw Honde:nlOn
R. HamUton, eer.
J[. l4'.aIone, Ber.
Alel<. 8cott, cor.
Willlam 8cott, cor. Jobn Ha.In.Iog ~':~T!tQ Robet1 ColYln
John Nei1aon, cor, Alex. TholllllOn, COr. John Johostou. WilIiBm Seaten Cbarlee Dalrymplu
A. Cameroo, cor. Goorge Bhlrlaw, cor. JohnJonea John Ken aobert Dalzlel
John Aitken, cor. John Calder, I. oor. WilUamKem~ H ugh DaLdol Robert Dempeter
John Clark, I. COr. Oeorge Kelloc John Kellock Wllllam Dempster
D. M'Lean, I. cor. RobertLewte AndMw Ba.stlnga
A. c.un~bell, L cor. AlJan Gray, I. cor. Wllliam Murtln John WalLIce
Jamea Donaldeon
Peter ton, L cor. John Mart.In, 1. cor. John Donaldeon
De.n4 Flndlay WlWam MarsbaU And...,.... Dougl.. 'I
John LaurI. Fogo
J'ames Laurle Fogo Jamea Robertaoo W. S. Hurdoob 84 Dv.mttleuhlre. JobnDougl ..
James M'Gregor A. Malam Cbarles FergullOll
JameaKek!8D Alex. Campoou JOhn~
Theod.ore eydeu Jobn Oracle
Robert Hendry John)( e J, Kenneciy, captain. WIlJi&m Grade
Waiter Keydon John Mltchell
John M'Fad.l'en ArebJbald NaIm H. D. B. Hyslop, Jamea Hair
John Couper Jamea ll'Gowan lIeut. Jam. Hangb
J' ohn Patel'8Oll Tho1lll\ll M 'Clure
Harttn Galbrnlth John Dtmsmoro W. O. M : o , ODJI. Jam. H..... eteou
Jamee Low James M'GrIgor GaTIn LI.n y. eer. Wllllam Hunter, lit
Malcolm Gordoo John M 'Oeorge
WilIlam Bryco John Cunia John TholllllOD, _. WlUlam Hnnter, id
Dand Gartebore Jameo A. Onay J. WlIlialllllOD, ser. Jolln BYalop
~~~ifL::, WlIliBm Llndaay
John Stlrllng
Rohert Osborno
James Payne
J. Wlghtlll&D,_.
J'am"" WihKm, cor.
Rober1 Hyslop
SamQeI Hyalop
Jameo Hana!!lloll J.A. Patereon Cralg Wm. Urle Pate,... J. BroadIbot. cor. WIlIIam Hyalop
Jam.. Hapkln. Willlam l':r:ImrooIo Charlea 8eott, cor Wm. Kennedy, let
Jamea Armour ·A.8tewart
John Yatea Andrew 8th-ling ThOl!l. Btoda:rt, eor. Wm. 'J[onlledy, id
J. B. aincla!r Tbomu M.,.....e11
A:rchd. MOIltgomer;y WlllIam CrIchtcn Oeorge Stitt
Thomaa Waugh
Duncan M'KoIlar JOhnNl1!Ibot D&vid Borthwfck J_MIII~
John BolDIl1onill.o WlllIam Bmit.b A. C. Bramwell Robert Mo at
John Hamilton Robert 800"-
John lK 'CuIloch Waiter M'NaIr John CampbeU Ewvt Morr\8on
JohnDunn John Weir Thomu CampheU John MDirhoad I
John BaIn RobertWatt
JameaBaln Jamea Grabam Georse C!onneU WllJlam MDirhea4
John Bulloch John Watt Alex. DaLdel John M'Cboyne
John Loekle
WUlIam Calderhcad WIlIlam Wazod. JameaDrlfe Waiter M'ltlnnell
llAleoltn Co!1uhOUD WUIIam Brown ThaIllU Y'LeIchla
D. 8. Itenn .I' Id Dv.mttltuhlre, JohnRobertDuft
Jamea WJIUatMon FergwJOn Thom .. M'I!IIIao •
Ale:u.nder ~ J _ Roberteon ( 7'AornAiIl.) Dand M'MI11T&]'
NaUM'Vlcar Jameer.:= John Pagan
.A.&ron Bp;,. James i'nIaer W. Mexwel!, ea~n Ale:r.. Free
J _ . ProWlfoot
Thoe. Dlckeoo, ut. Arch. Gllmour
Wm. Smith, entdgn John GllmOIU' Joeepll Sharp
Alexander pago J.Jl~e, ...... Arcldbald HaIr Jam. Smith
8th~~- llartI.oWhItt John Bmltb, Hr. John Hair WUlI_ Smith, JIt
K~lI.oon Charles Howitt, eer. Balllll>tIne Hom.t WIlJi&m Smith, 2d
(LIoI.t.) D&vId John NIYiBon Samnel Steel
John Hyslop
Jl. T. JI&rtln, Bent. HeoryCo...... JOhD 'f1re
WiWam De.'rideon
A. HiIcnIven, 0DIIIp John Murphy Chorge CoI'llOD JobnWUlOn
John Watt, Ber. D&vidWbyte John Ollleaple Jam"" lngram WIlJi&m WII.ooII.
G. F. TMaIo, aer. HenryHom Robett GraCIe John Itorr, lilt Jom WJII8
D. Macfa:rJane. IQr. Jam. Donaldflotl "_Little John Kerr, 2d
RobertBegg AIox. Gemmell J amea StoveDIIOI1 ThomasKorr 11th Dumfr1el-
Danlel M'Nab Rohert AltkeI\ John lKllIlpn Robert Laurle .~.
J&DlesMwm Charl"" KeIr WUIIam Canon George Laune ( ..hlllall-)
JamoaGlen Goorge Lorlmor Jamea Laurlo F. M'Coone\:ptaln
Goorgo Colfl:uhoun --'I Thomas Milllgan OaTin Llndaey Wm. Doblo, ut.
Thomu M' Inlay Jam. MUIlgW.o WUlIam Lorlmor W. Roxburgb, enIIp
JohD !Wbralth lit Dv.mttl.:bift. Geo. D. M'Laucblan Thomaa Mo1fat D. Montgomory. Mr.
J_Lennox (~.) Abn.m Ken- JameeMoft"at J. C. Mom-, II1II'.
Dona!d M'Nab P. Dudgeon, eaptala John Coltart Jamea Murdooh J, Jobnatone. _.
John J. Slor.n, lleut. John 1'uorie
Peter Mooeful"".. R. tMrdMl. e1'IJI!aon ffiuuoIM ~ ....IIr ..
James M'NaugM
.tnl,,"I PAIl,...,.." ~i1~b~,!~;,....
80 Lll\i' or VOLUl{'l'DBfh-BULBS.
6tIlD~~ JohnCowaa JftlI\IIII S&&IIord. 3400mpa~ J.G.IlIaIE.
Chu. lIaxt....
AIex.. Johrultan
Andrew Inlng'
JoaepII Fon&er
John {)o~per
T. E. Ch&pIDIIIl, • • Tho_GffiJi
C. T. POIlI.1.I.eU.
Da.vid Doo.~ia JamoaBeid W.H.O '"er R. lUll. 1Ilt\gn J'-loh )lattboa
John Doll J ohn D~dOIl.6 JameaPrIoot Dlxoa,lIel'. M. UDW
JohnBrowu Dwol liot JohD T1tD.n D1tehbllrll,aer. C. Dodd
Oeorgo Cal"tUtho ... D. W. D&vId.ton V~.cor. Willlam CoW&Wlo
Petor Cbalmora 8th~.. JohD lUeh&rdeoll Kltldl--., ...... .A.. Coupland
Wm. Cuthbortsoll John DaU Jolm.son G. TomllD.lol1
W. J. Cuthbertaon (L<d;lri>ie..) S.Gowdy Rohllllon F. Watoon
Hugh Davi<lllaQ O. do H. Steuart, W. T. Rlclw:<lIOll T&"IOI,' J. P. I3&mlott
J.F.Donald captain WIIU&I11 RUlIOn KIrk JohnJ ...
Wm. EnllOr Th08. Btodart, llout. WilIt&mRoblOn K:rle Jameseowma
Robert Irving Wm. W..u..oo. enai;rtl Tbomu Hl1l)w IIIIrre*l ThoIIIM Roheoo.
N atb. Irving BlacklaW1l, _. Jamea A"re Llndoay Wm. IJex. lIIat"Jwn
Jam ... Littlo - Math-.n, IIOr. A. Doxford LackaDlIf JIlIeph Putts
Robert )I'Loan - Mackintosb. _. M.Corn .... Tborpe John Wolton
Tbos. M'Lollan - Carruthors, _. Jam.. Bumphr.,. Noble H. Kllburn
Jlllnca Moft'at -HallIday........ J. H. Watoon Harrlll H. TonkinllOIl
John Nelaon -Dobill, cor. WllUam Rtltled,t!o J lUll.. Lewla Henry Eggleston
John Ricbardson - Scboolar. cor. O. B. Lee A. T. Lewla R. B. WiIll<m
ThomuStark -Mun-ay, cor. Jobn Benth_ Pyla E. H. Piekoring
Goorgc Stoole J. M. HlteheU J.J.8awytltB
Andrew C,
- Gmhaw, COl".
Adamaon R. Slmpaon
J. C. Coanorth
~:'Jy Willia,m Grievea .
Edward PCntberton
A. Balrd Oray
R. Bcattlo A.L.Doblo B.Browu Spur J.1Wlcy
Gilbert TweQd10 J. Richanlaon W. Go.. dy Pylo G. Grant
Ja.rn.... Watt
Ilavid Watt
ThoIIllloll iIlw>ltland
S. H uteblnson
W. H.Poanoll BrI:t':'-
WillIam 8hall_
Jobn Be.ntDg
B.Wik"~ GCorgcl Dinwoodio S. BlIXltley BumphI)' ~EIJ.lo.t;t
John W OIl F. Dobio WfiUwn Po"" Ichor4 G.B:
J obll Cumo P. Oillosplo Jam.. Marb Footer I J. Rc.e ny, J-
Thoe. Fcator J. P. Douglas WUUam Hngblll Telford J. R. Gibh0f4
-Bell J. BaIrd R. D. C.rlln, Garrlek Samuel Scu.rr
-Irving G. Kirk WillIam Rohlnscll. Davl80n
-All\&OD Wm.Jnrdino A. WIlson Appleby '1iaBu....
O. .J.Al'llLItrong
J. Jardino Lamb (BwAai Oi/r.)
'1tll~ Jam"" Undcrwood W. J. Arm&trODB Smith JohD F. ElIJot, eapt.
Wm. Wrlght WlUtam ElUot' Scott
(Langl.!....) R. Laldlaw com.
J. Gurdinor Hod,poll
J&I1181 Ko,,", ~
W. E. llalcolrn, capt. A.Jardinc
Hen1ng W. H. Bn,m,..en.
- Dobl.o, Iielltetuant Geotge BolI Cbali W. Green..e11. 'IIeIIs.
- Carlyle, en&lt!D R.Co.wlUl F. C. Hutley, capt. Farbua. Henry Bmal-. - .
- Laurio t &Cr. J. ll<mttio A. W. Dlsoo, Jkv.L Cooper C. Bowlandooa. - .
- li:Mton, IOr. E. &~t.i.o J. G. HIU'I'lIon, - . H. Lothlan Rev. Alien G,-'€.n,
-, 1III.r. John Donaldson W. Tarnbo.ll,_. W. Easton chaplaIn
- W&Ilace. aer. J.Joh~ W. K. WUcox, _. J. G. Cooper £dward T:rler,_.
J. Glendinlng. Hr. A. Gifl'ord J. La....,o, eor. B. Smith Jam.,. Flack, .....
Wm. Allderooo, _ . J. I!cbooler W.BUl.. WIUlam Ro'beoa. _.
W. B. BarrIaoD, COI.'.
R. Coultbard, cor. Wm. Jcb.nstow> T.H. Bpeaao W.Darntoll J. H. FofMer. ser.
R. lII. Rome, cor. R. Davidson J.T. Hal.... If_v" JohD Stodd&n,_.
Jam"" PMm6r. cor. D. Stew.... t F. B. Wile"" W.Southurall Thee. Ba...,.,.... _.
John Moliio\., C9l'. G.Graharn Pat. Murther
Gilo~ S&IkeId, _.
P. Borthwick, cor. F. G.n-uthol1il RObert Cooper W. uteblnaaa,_.
Tho_ Bell. 1st R. Oardiner SU1t1e1 WIlaoJI W. Hanter Robert TIDdale, _.
AndrewDo ... H. Oardiner R. Bedford P. SImp80ll WlllIamA,.....,_.
A. B. Tod &.&7 H. WlIcox Curtiedgn J. Tlp1ad7.IJeJ'.
Jolm Honn.un Will.iamRopn W. Bathle N. Ta"lor G. D. Newb:r. _ .
Samuel Hormam A. Gtabam R.M.Ord R. Hunter Jooeph La'll1lOll, cor·
Thomu 8atld_ Wm. Grabam F.Smitb .Jamea Euton WUlIamHo1lH,,0Dt.
Archd. Glendining Wm. Little F.lAD!J O. H. Lowthlan Hem'S Ped~ cor.
A.dam Smitb. J. HcndQ\'llOU P. M. JIunw Jobn o.yhooll, CIII'.
B. K. Hurry Jamea Durulo M. G. W ..toon CrinIou J.T.M~a._
.lohn BclI
ttII 1JoDIpu,.. Job HI houar, ew.
Johu Robsoll
WIUWn Grlove G. M'Dougall John Arcboa' TholllJlll Blll'Il.Jun.. J_ph A.UI!D
Gilbert Byora .John MolfAt J. K1daon captain Fran. . Alke....
Jam •• Ilarron, Iiou\.
John Crou
Wm.Oommon ~Ha.l1iday
G. FalrgTell".
W.Snaltb &muolAkook,jWl.,
Mlcha.e1 I!er-kII
WU1Iam Br1gnaD
WJn. Arms4roDg G. F • .Kerrlnum. CUll~ Henr,. BrigJro
Blmon lrving J_Cwte J. n. a.nnell, 1lO1'. MaUb...- Bud""
W. Klrkpatriok 3d Durlul,m. WIlUam H....rlIoll John Roaoberr.l', IICr. nomuCalTect
John Browul_ 'l'bom.. ~ -Gray. Mr.
ArthW' Bell
Irving Dunlop
\Villi"", SOUIdfll1l
G. W.HamI~
Georgo WU11ama
L. Waters
Ada.m Tudbopo E. T. Gonrler. u,pt. WUllamDalIl W. Blcbardson Tbo_CIIu:Q
1Iobert MillIg'aD T.R::t11el.\t. H,\vood G. FI'lI.Wr JohD Clarte
Thumaa BoIl, 2d - Crao 07,l1li'. H.Brodwk:li, John~ Geor&a Claru
Rot.a LaUaaor
Thomu 81.011:
G. J. s..r.-.
W. L. l>OblUOD"ICl'.
J.G. Br",".
J. ronter
Robert Uew:oll •
TbolIlll8 Cllt.USton
Robert Clerka
Thom... T~ JohuG~IIII'.
R.IlArI .. lW...ard~
ADdro... Boe.tUo - CnIlelor4, cor. J. R. Hu.ow ThomuDa-n..
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W. R. FItqenl4
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O. WooJaton
John Lamb
R. X. Davidson
E. B. Goldon, cat
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J. Bo ...e
A. Browu
A. W. Duohan
R. L. B. B. CbrlatM
Jobn CIlrtatUon
Henry J. Coventr7
Tholll&l Ford C. J. Hoeld1l8 P. 1.. X. eriot, en-. J. JlWbop JobnCO....
Peter Fl1nn W. B. Quelcb B. Baker ser.
l R. Br.cbln Alex. D. Campbell
Oeorl(o Go1rlaud W. Hoxley R. B. BlackhllrD, .... A. X. Bruoe J obn Dalclel
WIWam G1b1on C.J.Bertram O. Dicbon, _. B. L. Co"&D I.e.urence Da..uuon
John GlbIon Jame.Lamb A. B. Bell, _ . O. Crerar Davld 8cott DlckaoD.
WIllIam Oray B. J. Proctor C. HUI, cor. W. C. C..... ta\rR A. Bbolto Dou~
Peter Oradon C. F. Oreene J. Ivory, cor. D. J. Crawford JamesS. Darl
Samael Goodwin Jamee Gibbon J. Dove wn.on, ocr. O. A. Clark William Ellla
81lu Hall W1lUam Snowdon J. B. NioolaoD, cor. J. Denham Charl... P. Flnlay
TbonIu Rogarth E.M. Wooda J.AdamI R. Dobeon WllIlam 8. Fruer
Joaeph Hope W. R. Kell A.Andonon A. C. Edmonda Jobn Forman
Joaeph Ra\cblnllon Jobn Buldng J. B. Balrour J. Ferguaon Henry O. Gll>oon
wnU.m ROOll8On C. O. Palm.. R. Berry B. FiBber Colin C. Grant
Samnel Hol_Ol1b J. M'Ca\l J. B. 1.. BIrn1e D.Praser Jamee Orant
John Jerraml TbOlll&l Alllaon A. BJair X. Praser Robart Hill
R. W. Klrtley W. H. BWothmpe P. BIaIr J.Oreenaway W,lUam V. Hunter
Richard La.....a Rlohard Oregory J. H. Burton A. Glbeon Wm. Fred. Hunter
John LawlOn
WIlliam Dodda J. Hamilton Tbomaa Hendel'llOD
John Longmlre J. T. Fal.. W. HutcbllOn John Hendry
Robert La,," Tbolll8ll Bnowdown D. P. CE:lmera W. Inn ... Jam... R. JamllllOn
W. A. Malcelm T. W. Clark A.Wee Thomu W. Jone.
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WlIUam MlddlslOO B. W. Hawko, capt. W. CbrUtie T Kerr John Kennody
Gearge Ill\chell O. Oreen, lIsut. T. C1egborn W.LaIrd Rohert~
Joeeph Illlbam H. COWIll1 R. Laird CharI.. B.
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T. Rune man, 882", B. Matbsr J obn :Mackenzie
Matthew liIorgan E. HorR', IBr. J. X. Duncan R. Xorbam Wllliarn J. MenzIM
Thom .. Muten W. Haatllon, _. O. D. Fordyce J. A. Morbam Alox. M1tchell
JoaephOrd J. Gardlner J. G. M\IlIdge Wm. XODtjJom:l
Henry A. Peele N. Hookl,,!, cor. B. Balkett
Geo. Bhlel oor. J. B. 1dIIUgan A. Burn Murdoc
Roberl Peanoa W. O. Cbapman, cor. H. Bamllton B. R. MarobaU Androw Murray
Thom.. Ramaha... T. Prlngle D. B. Hope J. llilton George. J. Murray
Thom.. Redaba... Wm. Lowthln A. Forhell mine J. Macklntoob wUUam C. Murray
Henry Rllllyeley JamesBrown W.lvory A. MacpherlOD AlJan B. :MacAllan
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Jameo RoberAoo Cuth. Dinadale A. B. KlnnBlll' J. MacklnJay John Ne\laon
John Reed Wm. Howe A. C. Lawrle C. Paton Thomaa Patenon
John R. Reed Edw. Hendenon R. Lees A. Phemloter AleXlll1der Peddle
John Rlchardloo Win. Kennedy J. Lorlmer W. Rltchle wUUam Reld
PbUlp Boblon Win. Olivor O. M'Bwan H. M. Bte"arl; wUUam Bldnnor I
Thom.. 5arIlleld Wm. Rohlnoon D. Mackondo D. D. Bidey Thomaa Bpol~
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Henry .snowden Mark Ruthel'ford J. P. M' O.8cott Charleo Bteuarl
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Thoo. Renl Smith RohertHogg W.1.. J. Squsir Goorge Btodart
Thompeon mlth. Wm. Cole R. MontjJomerle J. HonryTod
WIWIUII Spance Wm. Ap'plehy A. Mure A. 8cott
John Sheppard Wm.O,boon J. Mure J. X. Thom.Gn Itb. OaIIIpuy,
Joaeph Taylor A. Erak:lne Murray A. Trottar
WWIam Taylor Alex. Valentme Ju. Webrter, capL
George Rutberford A. Nevay W. Traqualr J obn CanDent, lieui.
J oaeph Thackery T. H. Orpboot J. Thom.on
Gearge ThomplOn George X 'Farlanll D. T. Lees, enoIgn
George Bhln.. R. Orr C. ThomllOll W\III&m Clark,_.
J ooepb Thompeon A. Roherteon J. Taylor Rohert Flnlay,_.
John Tlndele OeottC K1rkwood
E. Tlplady Ma ow 81.mpkina F. Ruue\I O. Wauchope Oeo~ Cotton, _.
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WUllam Tlplady C. J. Bhlrro« A. Weston Jam... Blnny, _.
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H. Bmitb W. WWIaIU
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J. C. Bmith J.Wl\aon H. CorniUon, ocr.
Thom .. WallOa, ~ J. O. Bmlth J. P. wateon
T. Redley Wallaee Jobn Yate C. N. Cowper, ocr.
Wm. Jam.. Oray C. J. ~ittal A. Young AJex. Huntar, cor.
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lfarlln W\IkInoon John Xllllk G. K. L1v1nptOD.
Geo. Cummlna J. Too P. Young L cor.
John Worlley W. WatlOn
John Tboo. Co&tII C. Rltohle, I. cor.
Thom.. Worlley
Rohert L1ddle O. Webeter ada-pu,.. ,J. T. Outbrlo. L oor.
Jam.. Wharton D. WedderbllrD
Wm. Charl. Ward Wm. Dalrymple Thom» O. Xurral', WiIIIam Brown
Fomor CbarltoD J. P. W\Iaon captain John J. Andel'lOll
8th Durham. PetorBmlth C. O. Wotheropoon T. Maeltonzle, Ueut.. Jobn Andenon
(GcztaAtdd.) John Laldlor J. B. wnlla, ensign. Jobn D. Bruoe
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1"' Clompuy. Th08. WllklDson A. W. Black, UeuL Geo. :Mackenzie, _,. Thom» B. C1ar""
O. H.1..Hawlu, ""pt. Jobn Bmith A. H. TurnbulJ, en&. Geo. T. K1nnear, II«r. J obn K. Crawford
:e. B~r, Ueut. MaUb_ KandaIl - Xurray, .... A. Cam&hell. ocr. Arcbd. Carmiahael
W. 8. iabman,_. Wm. Crocker - ~hUngal" MI'. Jam.. unt, cor. Arthur DioUon
W. RohlnlOn, IIUJ'. George DclbImon - "T,-. Hugh J. Bollo, cor. Thom»Dunn
O. Hawk&, qr.•maat, TbOlll&l Fenwlck - tehell, .... James B. TytIer, 00II'. J. Hope Flnlay
_ Humble, MI'. TbomasJonee - KJrkwood, _. J.1f. Bell Jam.. Gardlner
Jameo Blgaer..... Wm. Tuck.. - Henry, &10'. Robart ~e Bell Tbomaaart..
- Bortnm. cor. Wm.Law*<ln - Taylor, cor. lUcbardBe WDlIam C. Huntel'
J. Newton, cor. Prancl. MoocUe -~t",cor. Patrlclr. Blalr Aleunder T. Inn.
R. J. C\ephaD Wm. Jameo Barln'f - cJce, oor. Jam .. Bruce JameoLang
J. H. Frencb Robert Bummero J.Al1aon J&II'l"'~ J. B. W. Loe
R. A.. Katbel' John H, SWrol _ D,S,Aloton Ooorp 'l'Il_UntGa
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6thoom.~ Jamea C. Boa JI.m~. XacIlde Wm.J~_.· Jam.~.cor•
.ullam M\tne John S. Slnclalr John .!tIebard.eon J.~_. .&.. Wu.o.. ear.
WUllam Xltohell WWlam H. Smith Job BKobte DaTidS&:-_. Bei!t.or • •
J. S. PortooUl JOhnD.~nae ChIHee Q. s-era Robftt Off,_. Roberfl Ml4_
WilIiam L. PII%'9\!8
.&.. P. l'IrM1lII
WUllam . W. . . . 'Rdbert A. 8«Itt
ThomaaWaIiIooI!. Samuel. P. 1l1mp1cm
000. L. Jf-..-..
John . . . . .
Andrew Ardae
J. 1.. Phllp TbOm&8 Whlm.e IIimnI81 'I'horo~
John P. &l!bIIm W!lllam WoocI 000. D. W. 8ootA; Jam_BuftIl
'John D. Robb CharlaP_ David ...... , Charles Ben'
John Smart '711 0IiaI{IIIIJ'. . JohnSl.<>bbI JohnBNlWll John 1'Icr1aD4
WilUam B. B.rcul. IlNee John~J.,.
Samuel Bay. ~.
Oeo. M. 'l'ytJel', ut. lIIlf_ Ort.ham WIlUIIID BueUIl Edww4Bro_
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Jame!! B. Sutherlaud J . .&.. Smith, &er. Arcbd. M'l)lamdd John CNig . Wl:..mBe~
DaTid SutbGrisnd J. T. Shoarer _. RobeTt (lleeldll~ Andrew 0ilIlIne . n..mcl Bla.Ik1ll1
George B. Smith . Al.",. MItch~ &et'. Robt. O. Ruth lm:!. Johncun.r4 JoImo.-
C.T.8cott J. C. Robertson,_. Jam_Smith Da.nlel~ J_~
Geol'll" M. Ta.ylor JameIJ Wood, car. TholllM Oonon .Ale>::. DonhoIm .amy
JamcsTod W. B. Jlarcl&y. cot'. An~DIoIrit Jam ... ~
R. D. WaIlaoo J. R lIlack:a;f. cor. lit Bla'llJaD4 GIlD- RAcbszd 00bIe JohnOclnMe
John Wallace J. C. Bt.owart. cor.
JIUIIP', J_Drum-.d J oha 0r00IID
GooTgo WlIaon
W. B. Andel'8On
A. T. CannlehMl
J. Uilm:!.OlIt,
t. t.
John Forbea ~&~
G.8. P. Deao '&"NIoo~.~ J_o.rn. Rlcb&rdDo........
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J. Valtland, ~ Alelt. SmlIib FfmI1e
Wm. Ttuetitt._. GeoIpH~ JoImGlbb
T. G, DIcl<Bon, ut. ThOtll&ll Gordon John Kc&moy. _.
Ju. Howdon, en.sIgn J. M. Gow JamesBog Pot« (fta,y
R. O. Cowan, ser. Charles W. 0 0 _ Thomas Ftuer. ear. RobeTtBOIII' John....,...
TholllU 8cott, 1101". ,James Gray Peter'l'ruefttt, cor. J"""Ph Bume HemylJf~
AI.e>::. Dunlop. 1101". Wl11lam Iriilea A.M·~._. Robert HunMr' CluIrl. IHI'Iot
:RIobard Wiloon. cor. Jam.. ~~D. A:rchd. 'Nab, eor. .toha kblstar George Boqe
A. LlUIlSdaIno, cor. James Mortan Peter Hendel'aOll. John I veracil JamOllBome
J _ Steuart, cor. Robed P. Role Dand COl"ttI&Ok Jam6lK~ Oool'll" BOI'Il!Ib1
Bd. R. Aitch.i.llon John Btnlth ~~hollJl lam_K.,. .John IrPtne
.LIex. B. Armltage CharlOll J. Sharp M'Nab John~ A1a::r. lJobn8taIIe
QooI'ge Harbour John Thomaon Norman Bethlftle John 'l'bomllA~
~bnW. Bell HenryRrun ...y Wm. Xeryok BIII>IaI J amOll LealAe John KetT
Wlam llertnun Charles Fcrmo Wllllam Qlttal\seh DavidLowdea .LIelUlllder
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Jam... M. Bog AielUl.ll4e. OhiHbolm Petor JIlllI.n
John T. Bow;"
Wll1lam Braid
Jam ... A.. Bra,,",
A1ennder ThOGlaCCl. JameaDlmdaa
Alexander DuII_ Jam... Mitob.n
Robert J('AJpb!le
Jam"" .'LauebJaft
BenryBudgo David, R. 8!W)n EdwardDa_ John Jobll1lhcnle
Jam... R. Carphln Charlea Bruoe Patrlok 8. DeIuJ Andre'l'l' ¥1ml'O AlellAllder ....
WiUIam Ohri.atio James G. Boutai:' Henry F100khart Arthillr ¥. A.r41o J amtll lIlelkle
David M. Clark John G. 8bO~hlm:!. John Gardnet- J_X'OOl Wrut.mlle1n
Aleunder CraiB Georg& 8. V0 tell Alaxande'r Klnloeh Wm. x'eau WiIlIaaIJ(_
John~ AndiewSymo J.rehI'b&Jd I..ttde John ]('DoIu\kl John Ifmdoc!1l rawflm:!. Archd. M'K!nl1\Y =L~.1d m 'Nab
Jam. X'FwrlaIoe
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J aim Ne!IIOIl
A.le!u-. 'PI~
Henry Crawford Archibnld Horn
Th .... CWlDingbam Aleuruler 1lac14lOlll. John M'Nab Thomaa X 'Gow. . TholllU POW'IIIl
Wllllam B. DJDlook James FairbBim W. Nairn M'N1Ib JohnX~ John P.......:l1
Thomaa RhInd.
JobnEsp\e Benry A.. lIac~ ~~::,.,.~ Maloobn X eo
Benry A. Plnls,y
HonryRF~ , In.m ... And_
Jrun"" A. Wenley J. Stuart _.tilJaIm A.Ieuwi"" Noble
Ale",. ~
JohnT. B.
Thomas C. GroIg
Wamer Baldarle
er Wil.IJam AuId
J. LeoU. Brodle
Btusrt Cane
Wllllam Porteou8
Darld Sutherland
Wllllam Rutherford
Ra'ln.. =r~ber'IIooD.
Thomas C. li&lIDA Alexallder DunoBn Wllllam Tarnboll John~ James Sands
Prancta B. Hill RlchardB. Beriot David WaI1ace Alfred Scoft J amM Smith
Thomas Bobday RobeTt Nlmmo Danlel Wall""" JameaBoott JloIDea 80meniIIe
JohnHUR RobeTt Jl. :RaseaIl WIIJiam Y"Band. Jo'hu. 80aCt wnIlam
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RobertW. nglla Robert Steveneon John Yella!Id George 8ootA;
Robert FOlIIyth JohnX~ JolmSbadden WIDIam 800tt
John J IIClo!on
Joeeph Johnaton Wllllam RobertilJon Tho_B........ George SkiDMr 1_8tr&CbaD
John Latta RobeTt Clark Geol'll" Kay ~Span. .AleDnder~
Alexander Logan C.8.C~.
Samuol I.Au:Ig AllIa Stark ~ 'I'otft.nce
Jam.. W. Loglm George Go dJe WIIJiam Non1e Robert &teel JoP blaB.
Willlam O. lU.ughan I. A. Hend6'l'8Oll. .Ale>::: G. Durham WIlUam1'o- CbartesVIl'l:'!t7
David Merrll_ JamesKn"", Charl"""W. 1lIrBk:Ioe WWIun ThG~ DulI_W~
Jsmes A. Molllilon It. B. M'Juoahall 'WlllIam~
S=Oottam X'BeAn WlHlam Mlddletoll Pa Wood James~ 1011a~.
ThclIllIA 'Hendenon
Jom M'Gleshan. J. T. )( 'XettricI<
Jlf.1JId Cottam J~
A. W......
_Bon. R. F. E'r:\m.
, John M'Lntoah E. B. X'lIlllan
R. D. Tun!bull Pel:ertlordan Bell WIllla.m Watt I. ~y. Jtm.. Ileut..

Alezaer 1letIIIIIu W_WyU!e
Fatrick M'VICRr T. W. Wanen
~ 1L Ognrle' WIlIlam Wataon
Robert 1.. OUphant. John':Rb1ad
georgo A. p ....l.<>n DaYld 8 • .1llu1 ~~
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:rhomu C. Cllmpbell Edaoc>DIl

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Donald 8. Peddle John J. Cotton Dun_ iI'CalhIm
Th_P __ J.~1MIgIl i .JM.~_
'l'bomu p. Pee.ooek I A.rchd. R Pal_ Wm. urd06. tu'. A..,,*=.
'lI0r0.tIo R. B. Peele, Obadea 8. J "". James il'lllhGl'. _.
WUlI&m Porteou WIlllam. ~ ~ "-'Brown. ... Alu ...... _ , '.-
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10th OG.
ta" , J. Bertram
J. BrodIe
.L :o:ruw.
U. . . .
Jamea Wood,-..
J. P. Oa:Jdao,-.
I.~.. - . J_JI'.Dale
I. Buchauan O.6Nensh!""'" _. .LG. :or--, ... WalWrGmlll
J. Clen:
B. CroIll
I. Dick
B. D1cbon
Wm lII.tcb1e, -..

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Ja Davtaoa, _.
H. Bltcb!e, CGI".
Robert FoAer, _.
J. Hepbara,OOl'.
IW>erC LlIlUm
James G«dcm
Alexander JIuMy

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Coltblui Ias. Maodoualll, _. lameol~ AI.Iexa1Ider RoM
W'ii!r .A.2tlIar Tbom, L _ . lobD :sr._ Adam ArohIbtId
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R. Pdbster ~~ !']~ L <101"., JohnBro_ I_~
Robett M'K:ooIulie
Torqull Bra. Lawl1lllOllB~ Timothy Campbell

J.9rleve WlIIIa.m BeodUe JoJuo lIullI:a
Dun..... B. Honderson .L BobertHq
.hI_ W. 1'IendersoD, lA Ho 8.:a.o.m Alexa%iIW 0IIlJ'
J_~ W. Hendlll'!lQn.. !d Tbow... :IIe«lU R.~ MJcbaol M1U'ft(Y
Georse~ D.1'IC'mdrle R.IJ.()at'hje Jolm ... ·G...t
8. Koens.n

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.L 1I'DODald
John 00IrlJeri
Cmwford~ =r:.::.
J. Mann .L0nIt
P. Maclde Robm:t D&'¥i4aon W. Crt>lJble
Jack W. Martin , J<>bp DrW!.'roa. I
E.F.CWke John Som..mue
Kenne4T A.lI'Innee JohnGnwt. . )I. ClnbbM An~AdameoD
KolT D. JI('lnto6h WilIlaw. Grabam John Cribbas D& vid 8Inclair
,I.a",- J. J('QuOCIl I John GemmaIl WIlU&m Oombe JohnM'~
Llndaa:r A.~ J_aU- R.Cooke Devid~
Lowe. O. lIunro i J _ Galbnl1tJi Willlam~ Jam"" Wa:r'bl:rrt.oD
W. C. JiH!Iqr Alennder .,. . .
J. DIeklIOIl
John Warburtoa
GeorgeW. J:l'l.rIber
lIluckle W. Nkho n L. GonlOl1 JamesTballOl1
J@DlLldd Al'ch. vfddlem_
.::.,~tv A. Plltaraon
J. Pllt.eraon J ames Lai<UIMr
a.Home Robett G. IlUl'l'looh
lIacIt!{via I J. ;@obertoon John LoIlj' .LHu_
. .ok_me I R. Robert.llon Al~l--a J. Hutkla 17th .,.,..,..
lfamIeIl : J.Boaa TIIom.u~ w. 1.. Jt\IpCIr John Boy<\, oap"
I W. Blmpklr,ul J. H. lrngoar
, W. SmItort Rlahatd¥M<ID R. Lan«er ~eut.
W. -.
J. Smlth Alexander~ T. Lotbim J aim B. JI:ac.ka,r, ....
Ormlaton 8. SmI.Sh Al.ennder Mttohell J. LeConte J. D •.BIackwooCl._.
w. Smlth G-ae 1II'Ca11mn
PrIeaI; ! J. Sutherlaad ~~ lames )('DanaJd
Wm. JohnatoD, _.
.A. Robed8oa
W. Thorbw:a WlllIam )1.....,-
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1f::t., .L :IIaeadam, oar.
8hiella %. '{:'e'ltl!. RIobard~
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Slmm J. W"tAIon AlOXAllder Bremntr
Slater J. WIlIIon Robelrt. lUQab W. JiI8b Tbomaa lbemwIr
8meWe J ••WIahart Oeolplieil .I..... Jtikla Lewla BrodIe
~ John-..u-, .LG.~
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R.e-... JOhnB~
8tewllJ.1; llIth~. WWIam~ Robert.
ThollUlOll Alcb1ba1d l'rI*
W• .L Laurle, /IIBpt. JO&.PuiaD JameeClerk
Thorn. T. H. DotIII-. II1II1. WIIltIrm I'. l'hlIp D..vid Craig
W.)(. Dryne._. Robert. Blob dEn
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D. l'!tmaoII.
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John La1Jrie, .......
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'Wamm O. Bz'yee Brvwa., 1I8l'. ~~;::"- JamaeSldt Tbom&llF~
'White H. w.
:FIn1&Il.:.:::fiI Alex. BI.m:s- JameeW~
WlllIam Firth
W. PilIbar
WIIeon B.~
'l'boaias eo- Tboml\e Frier
Alolt. YOIIIIIif
J. Weir
D. PluJa,)'IIOIl
GooIIiJ'8 8eioa
WiWaID 81atar
AlexaDder W. . . .
I John ~ captain
Thomas GTa,y
Thom.s He:ndAnon
Jamesll och
SIr G. Home, :s.rt., W. H. :or".. John lIcu:t. Pater )('Ewan
TbODlllll I!mItI!. ])avid lI'Phsraon
.,. E. RousalQ
WlllIam IItoIJaJt A.~'cnsIp
W. a LeI;t;on John 1!eI'. ~llulrhea4
Areh. Badth, ~ a. M. WC-
Wm. O. E. JlI'IDle8aI1, John Ilumoy
'W. J. Campbell, IICIZ'. WlllIam IlU~
D.'l'a;yior.lOr. WIlUa.m Wat.m , la W&.terstoJl. ... Alexander NI'
J. B. 8. .'fj!::
D. J':;\.,,:.:... ... J.Co Har. W..t.Iou Wm'C::l!~_'
Gavin .0111'.
Benjamln Napler
AlOXAllder Ori:ock

.A. RImld1le, ... W. TaIt Pater JI('Nou. car• Goorgt> PatGtaon
O. BteveI:uIm1, cor. O.P&tcm Robert. RusseII, car.. J o'hn Pr;y4o
:a. Dlmavan. cor. J.mor&r
WalterP-. John Yo~car. John Re1d
J.~.COl'. G.IrelaN Tbolll&8 Ko Bobett Robertaoa
J. Hutkm, car. .L~
li.Illlam Lsa:&tI I WIlliam Honilrle WilIIa.m Bober'tI!Iln
D.Ta~Ulr. aY_ 1. . . . . . . . .
John 1l4J'ha;rlane James &ndaraon
.A. W L ear. Wtmam '1'bmn8on TbQDlIIII 8eot;t
J.lkunnl cor. D. WDlIam PiDDIiI GIlbert. SeIby I
G.B*4, __•
A 'Ra,.hfow, .
J.~",I. ,_ ':
.1'''~ -... I DmdLuke fo4d
fI'I'h_ ..... 'R"~ ... =Suttm
bald I'ImIf:ta
1't'I.. . . .l_"ID" ..._ " " "
.~4 LIBT 0l1' VOL~'RIPLm:

EdIDbmgh C\~:y. AleDllder Pyle SImtm~ -Allan WIlIlun l.aolie

17th co.-.:onIinoud. Ja""",Gray AleL Naught, -M'Bath lIobert BIaek
Walter Stewart Gmham Grieve JohnStBwaot - Morriaon Archlbald u.u..
J ame. Stoddart John Grieve W.IllIam Patel'llOll AleUDdar lIaeadam
John D. Sutherland Davld HannahCord AleJ<allder Wataon 84 ElgiDahire. James Adam
John Tay!or Thomas Hall John 8ml~ (B/giA.) AlelWlliar Fo""
Davld TulIy wilUam Hendo\'llOD DonaldHrn ' Jame. Dunbreclr.
Thomas Watt Jamea Hill I.eehJan M. Illar Wm. CuIbard, ""pt. DavldRoy
Goorge WilJJamaon ·DavidHome Bobert Chlsholm H. !!quire, Uout. J amea SI;uart;
Andraw WlJson Charles Honeyman JlUDea Ra.If C. Cummlng, enmgn George Dunc:an
Thomas Hay, BeJ".
E. G. Wlthycombe Goorge Iuglis Jam.. Meilia
Alexander R. Kay John Flemlng, ear.
Goorge Cunnlngham Davld Black, _.
John Kay Peter Roaa Jamea Wrlght
18th Oompuy.
Alexander Kennedy
John Mookay
WUliam RuaaeU
WIIUam Smith ~;1~C::,';;.,.. John Fal00ner
Hugh M'Conachie
T. Madar!ane, capt. Andrew Mackay Ooorge Hunter -lI'Kenz:le, &er. Alexander Wright
T. S. Undooy, Iient. J. Forbee Mackenzie John Mack_k Hugh Barron, oor. JohnHobb
J. GrabI', en •. Duncan M 'Gregor Davld Crow, oor. John Burgeaa
John SIm!:';' Alex. Miller, cor.
R. Purvea,-. Char!.. M'lntoilh John Mac BenJamln Gnobam
Alex. A. TraIJ, Ier. Bohert M'Connel Ale:u.nder Munro JImlea Sml~, eor. George Wrigbt
Jamea Knox, &er. Bohert Macinnee .JamesGill John Muuro J ames WataoD
A. K. MorilOn, aer. WilUam HaclDnea John Falconer J amea Mackenzie WIlUam LaIDg
J amea M' Escbn.n Wllliam RanniD
A. G. Yonton, !or.
Edward Ay ton, eor. 14 BlginIhire. WIlUam ABher Wllllam Riach
John Fletcher, eor. Douglas Marr (liIqiR.) John M'Bain W.IllIam TholllllOD
Tboa. H uwll, .,or. Bohert Maule John Lamb Peter Sutor
J aa. J ohnaton, capt. John Sherret
Robert Yonng, cor. J amea Menslea A. Cameron, Ueut. J amea Macld.
John Glllesple WIlUam Matthew Alel[. M'Lcnnan Goorge~e
J. Jamooon, enaign Goorge M'Kenzlo
George Cockbom if John MIlne G. G. Seller, ser. WIIUam LeaU.
Thomas WlllOn Wm. Gregor Munro J. Hanywood, ser. James Tbomaon
John Gray WIlUam Munro Ale:u.nder Meilia
John Anderoon, .... Alexander Milne lit PiteIhire.
John Baxter John W. Nalamlth Wm. Walker, _.
John WllIOn J amea Pcndrigh Alexander B...... (lMIf...-.liat.)
John Durward, ser. JohnOmy
Jam .. GlbIOn John Rennie John Lealio, oor. bto-,..,..
John Farl!ie Hohert Bdeuard J amea RWIIMlII
Alexander Reld
Adam Guthrie. cor. Alexander Ruoaell EnkJne Beverlqe,
Henry ShleIB Wm. Bimpeon, cor. captain eom.
Peter Stewart Thomas Shaw Wllliam Daweon
A. Thompeoo, cor. J amea Btephen WIIUam 1I&tb~
John 1I1110r John Tarbe~
Wm. P. Elder
WIUlam Slm
Thom.. Hardle
;J. M. Young Jamea~
Jam.. :r.
Rohert F ley
Jamea Jamiesc:m.
George M'Kay
Duncan Rooo
Wm. G. Doble,-..
- KeUoeIt,_.
Aloxander Forbea Wm. Morrioon, aer.
John StIlrroelr. 1st :Blfinahire. I.eeblan M'Intoah
Alexandar Btcphen
John Boy Robert Reld. .....
WlIllam B.Dow (FOJ'I"Q.) Frank Sutherland John Ruaell, . . .
Sam nel Maclallrln D. Falooner
Fellx C., John M.Tod John Lamb John Drnmmond.eor.
Thomas Allan
John MUno Hugh CampheU Wm. Speddlnlr, .,.,...
WlIllam SWlllllOn Ueat. Donald M 'Cnlloch
John M. Ad8Dl1l0n Alex. Boh8rteon T. Nlehollo... I. eor.
R. H. Harrla, ena. James N. Davldeon Alexander Murrny John LaWlOn, I. cor.
Davld Maroonald George WiJaon, _. Hugh Stewart George Reld. I. cor.
WIUlam R. GlIl1Ion
G. Macmillan, aer.
John Boa, ser.
John Anderson
Bobert Andm"llOll
~~~~ John GUleopte, I. ear.
John Couper
Edward Rlddoch John LawlO", _. Peter M'KenEle
Alex. Mulrheed
Andrew R. Duncen AlexlIDder Smith Alexander IbebetII
D. Macpherson, _. AleL Maroonald John Pre
Charles S. KIng Alex. M 'OUlivray
Bobert Kynock, ... Alu. Mackenzie John Gnmt Peter Bobertlcm.
Wm. MackenzIe A. Mackenzie, cor. Thomas Bogie Arehd. Co.nnlehael
Walter stewart
Jam .. Waddell Alex. Smith, cor. Alexander Morrlson i=eeKW~::: John Moultr1e
Wllliam In""", cor. Alexander Rll1III8ll Alexander Bmith George C\arlll:
John Hnnter Alex. Roaa, cor. F. J. Crulcuhank Henr:y Lame
John lIackar John R1d.doch
George Wood, cor. Jame! Wateon John CbrIatle Peter Martin
John Tbomeon Daniel MacklmmJo WIlliam Edwarda Jamee Bam""" .
John M'Ewen John Martin
WllIIam 8clanders JohnMackay JameaCam~ Arehlbald RomUIIII
George MBIIOR Androw Leiteh John Barron Duncan CampbeD
JOhn Fowlu WilUam An n
John Fergnson Jamee Donald John Harp Alexauder Hood
Joaeph Mercer John WUeon Andrew WaddeII
Id B1ghJud 00..• Jamea Stuart
J>IIIl:Y, John Nomea
WUliam Hobertaon
Jamea Anderson
~~;:fi:wn .lamea AIkm ...
Ai_tier IUrUa
Charl.. DunhAr
Dun. Menzi... lieut. Duncan Macn&ir Donald M'Lcod WIlUam Arnott John BI'01nl
DILvid Korr, ensign Jamea CrWcltabanlt George Wat~ Thomaa Grant Arehlbald Kiln'
Hobt. Mend .... aer. John 1I:err Ale:r.ander Grant John Inn .. WUUamHead. . . .
D. Mackenzie, &er. Patrick RJach Alex. Morrlaon WIlUam Munro WUUam Jrakobn
J. M. DalElel, ear. Alexander Dunbor Alexander Paul Oeorge Tomp~
Alex. Crerar, cor. HugbGalr
John Adam80n
John F0"il:: 4th Elgmahire. ".JamesBrrdoa
Charlea Se\b:y;
Hobert W. Macka:y
Alexander Agnew Andrew Roberteon (RoUIa.) Manrlce Scatl
Bamuel AUari Alexander Youug .lameaBrown ;John Grnnt, cattain H1II:h F. VaIlaIi.,.
Thom ... AndOl'llon Alexander Smith Alenoder G. .Al.IIID John Gardner, leut. Georg;, Brnntoll
Alexander Brown John MacLeod WIlUam G. Kemp Alex. Btewwt, BeJ". Andrew Brimer
Jame.Bowman WWlam Taylor John Potrio J amea Bobb, _. Thomas Ad.&Il:wa :
WllllAm Cllmeron CoUnBo ... WUUam S. JI'lcoJl Jamea CI....k, _. JohQ WIlIoA
Thom ... RoaI
i~~: ~.:':id.ear.
=dClerk Jamea Munro JameoAodeno.
WIl iam Cormack Wllliam Pea~ WalterRoal JOEph Ha. . . . . .
Alex""dor B. CouD WIlUam Anton Alexander A. Shanil J amea Creyk, eor. John K'Klon...
JohnCouam Arthur Dutr... J amea Anton WIIUam Orabam Peter CbrIJISe
AnguaCowan Alex. CrulckBhanIt Hobart Ba.rrota J amea Proctbr John HamIItoIl
Donald Cralg Alexander Kerr W.IllIam Ow!tar ;Jameo 8tewart Thomaa W&Da
JObD B. Crow Jom.. Maclntooh Peter' Smith ;John1lllne John.u-
Alexander Dowar Jom.. Beat ;Jam"" A. Jeoua .
,Toha )'ut'- John .Kellaa De"fldF~
lit. Jam", OUlr.n -Orclg' , • GeoraeDayjilQa . lolm Oft'
lRl'If. . . . 1R Da'tld. Btewart, l1li'. 'WI.IBam. GOcIu::Iet Dtnid Meldnlm 8th 1'ifeIhiH..'
oom.. _1iM".
ChItIeII 00tlUa
Jouph LutIt, _ .
A.wn ReId., cor.
Alexander G\'8Ig
John a.llOW&y
John Chambers., cor. Alexander Bay
John Meldrum
John HiIlar (L«lig<U,. )
Darid WatIoIl Jam.. 1WI.or R. B. Al!i'un. capt.
Robert lniIIe 'William RnMeII, cor. Martin Jnnee George Motion A. Len B, lieut.
WIlllam~ 'Walter Ireland Andlilw 8. lIitohell T. Goodall, enoi""
.JameoSIII&II ThomlllKey ThDmuNeoa R. MungaIJ, aaaiot.-
PtUr BalItdq AIex. M' Arihur John Nicol Burgeon
.Jolm Tolmle A.Y~.cor. CharltlOl 1tl' Alexander Oo.ald John Conns!, IIOr.
Alesaader AdamIon 'W. Da'tj n, I. cor. Bobert M 'Bobble Peter Paton Da... id WaIte, acr.
Alezaader "Al'I.IIIII:- G. Johnston Jam.~M()()re WIIlIam Rw.,ell ~ Galloway, 88r.
.Ale:uIIder Gibe4m Wm.Fllftlle DtaYld. Hathemou John steel. DaYld Paton. IIOr.
Thomu AdamB John Mitohell John&rley W. Smith, Ber.
14 00DIpu,y. Aleunder DoddI Alezanlfer Parkor DtaYid C. Smith WUIiam Arnot, cor.
DImIItb lIaW-. Jamea Btephen James 8tlUToclt Bobert Crombie. cor.
_plain Wlw..m Btephen Dta 'Old Pe&t.tW Georgo Stratll Dtavld WIlson. cor.
.Jolm Laudl!le, 1IeII.~. Robert Robertaon HughRoola Dtaor:\d 800tt A. Henderoan. cor.
Gee. Bo_n,_. 'WUlIam 800tt JlUtltlOI Reekl. Jam ... ThoDll!on Adem ArmBtrong
.JollD M'Pberoon, 1IIf. Dtaor:\d Jameson Georgo Shelley JamtlOlWalker Jam6llAytoun
Geeqe GrJerre. 1IIf. Dta.. ld Wallter GeorgeSlm John W!ah.vt Alexallder llarcll1Y
Geerae L. Death. 1IIf. John R!tchie Robert B. Tod John Beck
Robert Campllell, .... 'William Bumot RobertTod 7th l'IJ'eehire. Ja.mell Clomellt
..JamM BoD.DaI", cor, Jam8llJobn.eton PhiUpTod (Kirkcaldy.) Ja.mea Cook
Tbomu Balfour, cor. Ale". Good1'ollow RobcJ1ot Thom80n J. F. Bromner, capt. John Couper
AD4. HeadIll'llOll, cor. Jame.. M.eroer George VI.kery R. R. Lendalo. Ueut. Dlln=> CamjlbeU
.Jobn WanIIA•• cor. Robert S1mpeon Thomas Wllliam!lOn J. Shepherd. enalgnl Jamcs Ctotnhio
'Wm. Spence, I. cor. Bobart l4Ing WIWam Walker Jam. Smith, lie•• John Cunlmillgs
H. D. QIII'Of'd, I. oor. Gool'll'oYoung Georgo White Wm Jaml"""n, ...... David Drummund
Thomas HUnG, I. 001'. Gool'll'o ThomllOu AI.under White JIlII. Dom/::,ter. 88r. John Eld"r
R. Hetberblgton, l. WUllam Alll!lOn T h _ White, 1at M. B. Na • sor. Oeorge Forni.
001'. WlI.IIam Hutchlson Thomal! White, 2d Alelt. Leltoh, .er. BtunueJ }o'owl.r
RobertHa 7 Alexander D1ook. John Llster Jamea Lockhart, COr. Robert Fowler
.ram.. )('FarlaIl8 wUUwn Walker AIIdrowTod J ameli Sandors, cor. JobnOllob
.J&IDeo Shearer JameaLow JameaGul1ll Wm. Pctt.lgrow. e<>r• John Gilbert
WUllam Dick WUliAm Smith WIUlam Lumsden L. G. Ferricr. I. cor. Goorge Gmespic
Daalel Lammond James 80tll Aleunder Rcdpntll !!avid Lornic, I. cor. O. H. W. H ..ttllraley
Andrew Cammlng John 800tt Dtavid Young John Davie, I. cor. Wllliam Rill
.J &IDes Grieve Jam .... Goodfellow E Androw, 1. cor. Adem Heild.".."n
WWlam Brown Peter Anderaon 6th I'ilelhire. Androw U'Ke1l2lie John HondCl'llOIl
Rober1 WUson Androw Young (StAnd,..",..) Jobn Key Jamea Ksddie
Alexander Turnbull Thom"" Huttoll 'W. T. MUton, capt. Alexander Davidson ThomuM'K..
Thomas Cralgle John8to.....rt TB"". Hodge. ll.ut. John Harper Willlam D. Nelson
JAm .. Dlcl<le Peter War<llaw W. F. Ireland, one. Jam. Dorwwil wUUwn Penman
Geerge Kldd Dtavld Hepbum O. H. Be~urgoon J ..mOll Honeyman !! Paten
Robert Dawoon AndrewLow Wm. KJds n ........ Robert WillIon Wlllillm Rooort.on
TholllAO Donald WUIJam Nhton John Ksddle, 1IIIl'. WllUwn Hutehiaon James RobetUoll
Peter Talt LBchlau 8WllhoUlJO Geerge Omn.n. lMll'. Alounder Rougvle Jamea Raid
Bernard Reld Androw Brown Robert Forgan....... Robert Smith GeorgoRoM
Geerge Bell J&IIlOll Brown Peter stunook, _. Ale", Boxburgh
Robert H'ConnacbJe
84 J'ifllllhire.
Wm. ThODll!Oll, _ . ~::~,!.. 'W. Smith
J am88 'Wfl<Idol
T.bomaa BalUngall John Niohol. sor. !!avid Barrle
.Jam.. Cartel' (A_her.) George Klrlr. cor. John W. Barrle Robert Weleh
Robert King SIr ThoDlll8 ...k.Ine, Robert Rltchle, oor. DtavidLaw Jam... 'W..lkirushaw
Geargo Hunter John A. Watt, cor, Flndlay Brown AndroW Wylie
.J_.. Ba.nter .Jam.. m....k. !lout. J&mea Steele, cor• Bobert M:a.rtlu
.JamellGlbb John Key. en6lgn A. Alexander
.J&lDes B. Coapel' lit I'orf'arahire.
T. Black• .....m.t.·.ur. J. Jam"~lo
,,&ID....Coapel' WUll&m Stalker. IIOr. A. Ale:mn or C1un1o (lhmdu.)
.J_esSe1hy John Bonthron, sar. l.oor• DtlYld. G. Guthrlo In 00DI1,IU7•
.J_eo Holland Jam_ Brown, BOr 5 " Henry G. Ada.m J. Keddle G. L. AIlil()n, captain
WIlUam And"""'1I John Foster, !!er. Wllliam Ayton R. ll\tehell J. Jack. Ueutenunt
WlIIwt F10dthAR Dtaor:ld Slme, aer. Il&Yid BahdlUe, 1st John Hendenon 'W. S. Btophou, CUlt,
.J&lDea Pallia Hartln Tullocb, cor. Dtavld BalsilUe. 2d Robert Melville - Boo.tte. ser.
WIlIIam Molr Dtavld Cromrne, cor. Thomu Berwick J ..mea Butt -lugll.. ser.
Geeqe Benlllea : Phlllp Attkeu DaYid Ilcrwick - Frnnoia, _.
.John H. KlU.. Thoe. AndCl'llOn, 1Bt CoUn Berwick G. W. Cusln LawSOll" &er.
Charl...= I . Thoo. Anderoan, 24 Thomas BroWll John Talt -Jobnston,80r.
Bobert • JohnAnderaon 'William Brown Androw Helvllle A. L. Lees. cor•
.Alox&llder Keddle Robert B1rre1l Dtavld Buiat AIe"&nder Ness -Hynd, cor.
Robert LA_co George Brown Alexander Cook John M'Kenzle Androw Taylor. oor•
.James Hecherlngton ThomasBettlo John Conacher HenryBoak - Fyfe, cor.
.lam_ Dnunmond Daor:ld JI&roIa~
Ebea_Reld Aleunder B yth t~°rnetng)wn T. W. Smith
Il&or:\d Too
- Sm ..rt, cor.
_ Brown, t cor•
. J _ Robertaoll D.B. Wemyss
Robert Anderaon
Alexander Connaclr. Wllllam Davidson
Goorge Croll
Thomas Chr!8tle
Peter F10ming
Ale:r&nder Outhbert David F1etcher
Jobn ColvUle
AIIdrow HRlloy
Androw Wright
- Nelson. I. oor.
=~\~~f.' ~o~r.
- Welch. I. eor.
John Dtav1deon JohnGey C. J. Hurlo John TuUoch
Willlam !!avidson D&or:\dGrieve GeorgeGI'1lY Jam .. K.InInson
Thomaa DaI.!lell Duncan Inino WIIlIam Wat80n D. Smith
Aleunder Dlluoan Dtav1dKay W. Robertoon D.Moir

Jam88 DuDcan Da.YId. l4Ird Gool'll'e D<!mpllter R. Y. Robartoon
JA....rencG DotWdaon John L&verock Henry Kirk ll. 'W..teon
AJounder Forbes GeorgoLote Henry Cromble Georgo Pate.rllon
IIIlII. DtaYld. FortUDO John DOi'(v WlIlIAm Parkor
DtaYld. :Fo.rter Ebeno... r UlIa1lllOD WllIlam RoId
Roberteon, lIer.
bert Xurra1, ~f Waiter .falcollCf ADfh1lw ~lQl~ Robcrt GilU08 E. E. !!oott
86 J.Jfft U. VOLO»'tleee-w:r...
lit J'erIInIIIfN, B. F.1Iml WU1llm~ Datt4 JIIvwII 'WaDI JIIIDD:
lotcom.~ John lfIIn Hemy PIot4D J_~ lIdwwd l'IIaoMl
Thomas Lelteh John MIbIe Andretr PIebIIs Johnn.u.- Henry PaaIr
Ale:under MllD George JUt.ehII Thomaa PoIu AI. . . . . . a- lames l'eImey
JohnEmalle JaIllI. M!tcbell A. K. P<!II11ycoo1r IlImd Wardea
Leith Emslls Jo!m ? lIlItehelt Petor HobertlOft J ....... B =
John Nlea! J.H.Hon~ Wm. RobertsoB WilIIam arqala JameeRo'-a
D.lJynd GeorgeH. _ ThOmM L.Bou J ....... Oeekle J ames B. lkIlIIrIIaa
J.:M. Low W. L. Hurray AlelL Balldi1aBdIJ Davld 1l'l>GMId WIlllam IJm1tIL
P. CoplaDd J ames Hlller JImIM~ WUliul &lIov P-~
RIIbortG. _

JamesBany John !fleoU A. W. Beott WIlllam RieMrdaIl
P. Ba=dero Charl"" Nonie J olm W. 8mtUJ. WWiam ~l>oI* Aleuad.... TIiII1IIIl
Robert Pmi<er .lndrow 0Bl.... Peter Lake Wi1Uam Toeb
Gcorge (!onion JamOll Rao JobA.B~ AndJew TbOlUlltl
JOlleph BRrry JohnRam~ WIlliam M. TayIeP Robart BUIIRd W1Wam YaleaUM
Thomas Thom8llll. Davld RIte JohnTodd WIlliul 8tewaft, l8fI Davld "iIchkm
Alexander Ta~ CharlOll 8coI:t Richard WatlI Davld etwwvt CharIs oro.
John WU.on George J. Bcott Alex.B.~ Aleu.ncl..... 1It--' yoUt..
Henry H'Oollllld John Beott Davld WIlkie WIllIam !hwut, 811 J _.. W~
JamOll Petrio Jam"" Bcrymgoour James Hutton Robert BoIod
J. Cuthhcrt W. H. Sldoy John LsmbePb James B. .'Nab 1Paa...,ur.
George W"ill Aleundor Slme John Kesy .JlIs.J~1IM.
John M'::rm
Ale;u.uder ill
Robert 8teTens
WillIam Btunock
R. P. CampbeU
J.F.AndeT90I1 -~.
A. Anderoon, capt.
WIlIIam ][ay. _ .
-Elder, .......
WiUiam Laarle J_s.n..w.n J amea Oeekie HOIllY, Ueut. Matthew ....- . _.
WIlliam M'Far~ W.B.'Ih_ A. B. Ben. ena!1Pl AleJ:.JfaedoBaId,_.
D. Pet.rle
~=~"\: -~. A. Henderson,_. John 1l'.MfIIr......
}lamS::)t.~ J_IiLY.-g t~s~~rui.
B. Davldaon, ller.
Davfd &masy......
Peter Iknr, eor.
WIlIIam l'ittlay. _ .
J amea MIIIltortoI!. T.~eho~,~ Jamoa Ranken, ..... DurlelDvw.......
J ..mea Crlchton Maa..p..,r. J. A. MltoheU. 1Ie~. Edward Doaae, Her. Thoe. Smith, 1. _.
Thomas Patom. D. Pltl'S!m, ca~ AlelL L ....k, ser. Thomas Halley, cor. J .... BuasoIJ,I._.
Alexander Thomson. Alex. Ogilvy, . James Frier, oer. Geolfa &ott, cor. Dav. Yeoman, 1 ..w.
GeorgeH~ P. G. WBlker, ensign JII8. A. Ste1n.rt,_. W. exander, cor. Davld Mm..., 1. .....
John ra;
Alexander GIbb, 1!Cl'. B. Blvewrlght, ller.
Wm. 8. Thaln, ser.
J ..... Andonon, .or.
Robert 81><mce, cor. J. Wlloon, cor.
H:':l Mae!tq. 1......
Da' Broup
Thomas eMer Da vld Plltel'llOll, aer. James (hay, cor. George NJooll, I. .or. Rollert ][noJ:
Thomas Monroe D. C. Martin, _. Alu. WYJId, cor. John Wothe>spoon, FInlay DaYidllce
Willlam Galloway Alex. Davidson,_. A. JI'Phenoon, cor. 1. .or. .John TurnbuII
Willlam Rohcrtaon W. K. Niehoi8on, cor. W. 8. Smith, cor. JamesWot.llcrspoma, Robert ButtoD
WIlliam Galbralth W. X. Tnylo!-, cor. J chn Wllaon. 1. eor. '1. cor. John 1f0llJ'0
Charl... Dlekie, cor. .1.... LoDglllr, I. oor. A. Nlehol8on, 1. cor. Charlee Yule
Id <JoaltIu7. J anteII Ta-. I. cor. James Wynd, 1. cor.
A. M'lAIggnu, eor.
P. AnderBOll, ...patu J. M. Bmlth. cor. J. O. Bmltll.I._. David H. AdamIou
J. n. Dell. Ueut. J amtlB P'y1te, 1. cor. AI.underB~ Davld Andermn John .acdon8Icf
H. J. PCIU'Ce, 0IlIIIin
W. R. MorriaoD, __ H. Johnston, 1. cor. J ...... OgIIv\& John Brown JamesBmlth
J. M. Brucc, I. ear. Robert 8teph_ JohnBanb Thomaa~
Ocorge HalleT, _. J. Nicoll, L etJI'. J. 8.~ GeorgeW.n- DavidADd...-
G. T. Huma, ser. D. R. IJawaon, 1. car. OeorgeC. JameaBryan DavldO....t
J. )l'Kcehnia, _. WillIam Adam80D JoIm Do1P Alfreds.-& Jamea~
W. Y. AdalDB Patrlck P. Art.hlIr Geo'1l"LeslJe DaYid H. &ne.. CharitlB
Oeorge Alken JamtlB Allan WIl&m Chas. D. ChaImers Oeorge .olr
B. H. Balfour John Allan D ••. Nleoll Tb"""", Ca)..,. John WIII:eoa
R. T. DaIlour Alex. And.......... Jamee A. Browa A. Donal~ Geo'1l"Il~
D. W. IJaxtcr Peter Anderoon Robert eheacb JolmElder James BtrttIr
Oeorge Brown : Arthnl' Bo.xter AndJew Wil80n J &mee Fal.nrea8ter Davld Watt
Jameallwwn ,lohn D. &xter Alexander M'~ .1lO111eeFoor: Waiter llarsItal!
Johnllu~ ThoDWI Il4xter Davld Law .1olm OOIe11p1e wUUam BtaIItIll
W. T. Con Willla.m Bell JamtlB Camoron JameaHaD Duncan Sqttlre
Wlllfam CrowDe J ames Brown JamtlB lIMnMy. 1st R.·P. Hunter GeoX110 Fenton
Andretr DBvld80rl John Brown J amOll Rsmsay. !d Devld HallybnJieB AndriIw IIoborf:I!ua
JamesE.~ WilllamCh:ryot&1 . JamtlBBruce Balfour Horob11rg1l J ani"" Ifacdaoald
Richard FBrq John Criehton Th01llll8 Robb Dand HUIlter WiUiamTb_
J .... W. FIU'<J.uhS' JohnCrowUe Oordon SpnlIIt Dand HOBIo WiUiam IIarge7
John Ferrler Robert Dear JIIDIOII :&nlcs W.H~ Davld c&
J amtlB Fullortoll JIIDIOII Dleldo Willlam BaIbImfe Jamee Idd, 101; Andrew GeJ.haU,J
Peter 011"'011 Jam"" FlU'<J.uhnraon Robert Bruce James Kldd. Id WliUam !JwaD
W. B. Grant JamtlB Fulton John Grant AleJ:. LanglaBcIIr Oe<qe~
John Halliburlon George Oiheon John Patmr Davld Low WIDlam Peter
Aiex .... der 1l'01I1'ID Wi1UamLaw
WIlllam Hart Henry OUebrll!t
Davld Hcnderaoo Jl\meoOrubb JlaxweU Banks James Matthew
George Bowo Willhun Orubb WalterKing John MurraT Thomaa CocII::
A. B. Jack Benry Honderoon W8Bton OiblJon JamtlB MacfII1iIIm<9 JohnKnoJ:
Aleunder La...... WillIam Hend...,.,n J_Rollo DonaldH~ James C1unie
James Lelghton Alex. Henry Dtmd West Davld M....k JOhnKl~
O. L. Llvlnglltollo Robart Howie . John Anderson John W. •otr ThOlllllll
Davld Low J. M.Jammo J. Btmch .... Donald M'Intadt . AieL llac>:Iot\Ala
Peter Low, 1.tot George Kidd Wllliam Wbltton &muelMatll_ wUUam HIlqIIID.
Peter Low, id A. W. Jennlngs
Davld lIiIIar PeterBaftl
Thomas Low
James Lyoll
AleJ:. • 'Donald
.;ram"" H'DonaId
WlUlam M'Donrdd
John )['lAwchlnn
Wllllam M']'fah
W. M'CnIlocll
David lIal?
~'h:!r: =:'
Robert )['NaughtoD. Ooorge Wright Alax. MmUm
Jam"" 1IaJcolm JamtlBlfntthow Samuel Won-al John Ifeldmm.
11. M. lIeldrum RIchard A. IIlIJer Charl ... J ardlno
lohn 'P. IIIllAl'
wUUam M'N1IIr D. &. lIIIIer, ~
W!Dlam MoIIIpu Robert .u1r J. Heth...... AJar." ...,..
110. AlClL A. IIlIn Dand :aryltlB Jamos StewvI; 1Pm. ..,.. IIIIdm
La O"'V~BII'LKS. 811
l.tIi~. lohns.- WillIam=..w D.T. Webllt.olr !Mm WalloW
7thcom.~"_ Pet«eoo_
Edwanl. Ge<>rgo Talt
D. Scrimgoour. &er. JameeM..... John WateoD John Balharrl"
T. BcrImgoour. 1IIl'. JMepb~ Alexander K~ G.Low WlllIarn Gi b80n
lluId Stewart, -. Roller!. ButobllGq Edwazd Why c. D!mw .1 am.a Rohert.oon
Fulton Spin.... _. Tbo_m-5 J. Mack.le
Ala. EBau-t
c. Dllne ~~ERTraquair
t,;... Robut JIiIbe
Jam... Steel
AIeL MUoho!. W.Butchecn IJavtd Robe~
Wm. Bruce, _. Davtd W..iIIItw WillIam DougIu. W. Morrlllon Ale". Mann
Robert ~htc.._. ~erJoUy A. Rodgcn John Ferrier
on. 4th I'tdInIhtr..
John 1Il
Jehn P. Lee, L_.
l lIlOI'.
Alel<. CroM, l. CIII'.
Will Stewart
DorrId lflIAmoad
R. WUta
W. M.ILindal'
John Small
10th l'or1Uab.ire.
Arch. Berbe.., I. _. Jam... Mu,""-
James8m&ll W. A. 1IiU, - . D. Stelvon (Dtmdf.t HiDh14'J1d.)
R. J loo.. JameeW~ G. R. Tbom~_. J.~I'II Ed. GlIlld. oaptaln
John Jamea LtwgIallM Jam. WeboMer._. T. R. S tel' J. C. Kllgoui'. llout.
Davtd WJlIiaIlI Yoaman D. 11. SalmGlad" _. T. Kent B. BAllinl!l'lI. emlgu
AleXllllder IItiIlw
Andrew Croll
AlcXOllder High
Ar!.hu;r N. Dole
WUUam Pruct.or
WIIlJam Rou
John nc-IdaoD.
G&orge BRmook
J_ T. Ge:ralotl
G. Mnn"

R. B. Arkle;y. . .
Wm. M'P'arlauo, ......
John M. Ea..oon, ser.
Andw. Storrler. aer.
Jam<>ll8mall John 1.. l"nnton 1.. Tbompaon, 1lAlut.. John DoW• ..,r.
Edwud sn-bu. Tbom.... IooU. eer.
Robert Croal Ja.m.eeLaWllOll George~ R. Tayl"r. -tan WUlI&In M'lnWeh
George lIiller Andrew Lall'lIOn Edwa.rd Nleu!; J. Ta,ylor. &er. Andrew Gray
Pet« Paul WU1lam 'a1knor J. D. Wlntoo' W. Bmlt.h, l.tIt, &er.
John lW4ra1:.r
_ _ And_
George "V.d
WlllI/U:o. oallllUl
.1..... K. Andce.... D. Leya.._.
Wm. S. Roberison
John For"""
Charl.. Bonhwio&. Georgo Andnnon
Ale%. A. Anderaon J. M. L. K'Il<mNd, W. och. ccr. AIeunder I,.aJ,ng '.
CbArIee HtWllolt Douald Macl.1:It.QIh Arcb. Petri.., _ .
Jam.8coill D. S. Robert.aon
AleDDder lIIilDo John Proctor Willlam Weblt. J.Ed~""r. Alexander Bmlth
RobertPnln Charl... C. CO<>pel' John Yarrow J.OllJ:"t Robert Chalmo.a
David"'...... J.6mes S. Gray Tbom.Y_ .rOIl. tt JamoaMath8l'll
DanIel Kona,.,. David'&uon J _ W.... J. CaUendar Rober!.Rattra,y
JohnBood J&meII Carnegte E.G.~ W.Crow DavidJoeh
=COlC Charlaa Ferrler . WWiamSoot, G.Tho_ WillI&In Mooa
Da J. WlIIt.. Davtd Mltchell Jam .. :aru- JlIllletl Barclr,y J. C. M'DonaJd
John RobertIJon Davtd Stcole DaniRewW! B. 1IlI.obtWl Willlam Anw.r-
Thomaa Smith J_Flnd~ WalIaoa IJo;:oU J. G. Brown .101," M'Do~d
George ~miBg Tb0m&8BnUth W. f!lrnltb. Id
JlIlllcsWlu W
Wllll&In Mud1e IJavtd Fenton Jam.... Mitoh.eU G. Ilallyburten
Georae H. "em. Robert Taylor Peter Flndlll.1 Jam.... M.~ David Davideon
JohnCIII.th_ A. eu.b~ChdJItIjj AJq, 1IaihoJw_ J,OUpbant Davld Tay!or
AliaB l'Iouw Jam.... Co AIeL)[_~ C.8cott A, M'Duriald" 1st
Robert PeiftMm Aleunder e~ Arch1hald . W. f!llI:IU~ Ikl WIlllatn Small
Goorgo MU ... David MUne W. P. l>olI'all J. I)anoc Poter Maclda
ChrIarf.:'"' BellI
Da.vtd eWl'
Alexander Watt
Andrell' Chryata1
Davtd .BootII '
Andrew 1.. Dooa
T. M. Lowden
Charl.. 8. LAw.m
J ack.sou Rob!>
Ho:nr,r l'IIme .A.lWl Dulf' ThOlllll8 i'oJ:bea W.CO...... Arcb, ll'
JOIIM IlIdd A. Brownlce Robett JIuaD. C.lMUo John K. RoborY:>n
WillIam)('11iI!'O'J' Alexander lIUln" f!ltuart Davie D. BIlmlltt John Ogilvie
WilUamM~ J. Boyne Becto.NJIe A.8m.Ith Wlll1amThoma
WlllIam Badge Peter BrecIlilI. ll'Cowm G. S. Nlcoll
Ale"ander Cralg 3d :JedI.rUfn. W. DalIM Davtd MitoheU
Cbarl.... 1IMe 6th I'orWIlIire. D.Hen<i:r:l Jaoob LAlI'lIOl1
Jam... ~~ (.JI<mtroM.) JIIlll"" Foi!bIMt C. ArmBtnmg
GeoJoge RankllMo J. A.DkboD." l.~. 8t,~ J.M. For.
C. W. CO&'IIIIJ'. 8lMIp Charl... Cranunond
John G. Smith J.'I'nJ.ll,-.",1q. T. Roon;r 'hil1o~. (NNC,le.) Bam""n Crammcmd
James Phln A. 1110_ ..... captain R. TbOmM, OIIptaln W&ltcrCnll:nm<Jad
Jamos Will John St.UoIIrl,-. B. Smarl, Ue\lt. D. Waddel. lieut. Ale:r.. RoOOrtaon
Thomaa HutIIoa
J. P. Do.. ..u. _. J. Donaldson,. _. Ale". Black. enalp Wm. M, Roberteon
G. O. Ilrowa. eor. Jamos 8cIby. 80r. Robert Waddol, NI" David Gill
Jobnllmitll John Walker, ...... ThOll Snundere, _. IJavtd Patrick
IIll'oduIIIiin. John BroIVll R. W. Mllne. 1IGl'. J. Robertaon, !le%'. John Soutar
(Il11f'/«f'.) AIex. Millle, I'" W. AndelllOn,. ""•• John Davideon. 8e!'. Jam ... 8tewart
Wm.Q Davld Hunw C. J. Dunn, cor. .18.11. Cameron, eer. GeorgoLamb
Ge<>rgo n"..1Dfr W. Rodgwe, COl'. John RobetWon Jobn Ra.ttra:J'
Jam.... Clarlr. .. R. ThoDl8On,. 1101', Davld &U John Cant
Pall.J.Tbotn~ D.GreIg Do.yid Butter Davtd Brown
John )fun-ay._. Robel'tGleig G.l!umllI WllUaro DonaldllOll Andrew M'Le!sh
Robel't Toeh. _. J M'Him A.PhIn Androw Wblttob.~1IIt Daniol Wal~
Jam .... ~k, !ler. Davtd 'l'bODlJ*lG D. MuniJIon Andrew Whltton., jd WillI&In M'IO.
JOhn~_. AIax.=i<l D.Macki.o Allan Roberieori. JlUlleaW~
Jam. John J.LAw J_Nic:oU John Martb:a
Jam<>llGordon Cho!I'IeI &1nl ?;;ameaK. ne.
K1ddleton Geoifl LaIno.nd A. M'Donald, itt
JobaLt*d Georve~ IJavl Lamond Jam.... KonnMh
BoMnaavc W. H. Ronald
G&oI'gO YoWl8 John Duncan
~.a-liI. Jam... It:elib. Alex. )filler Ale.I.aDdcr Tbomaen
ClIar • JilAi'iI David~ .1..... RnbertilloD Ale", SUdd_
Wuu... lh.rtin .4lIu BIII'IIOUll F.W.J~ Peter lIergin
A.1N. X\IIdoQk Francls 101 urdoch
W.D.J n Jam.Hogg
WIllIIm ........
........ 1!lM-.t
Jam. . . .WW\
Davld Jarna.
AlelC. Pairll'eatlIflI'
Da..ld llua>com
\Yi1Ilam lU.rtIa
Donald Murray
AI_del: SimplOa Joba )('lntyre
Aleundor vIlJo.
WIlIIIm Ciu'lI J.
.AriIlQr WIId!W
.;r. . . ~

lOUlP~ AncIrew Hu1eh, cor. J'rancII Doda .1ohn Batbgate It& IDftruII.
_ i.....d. John Bell, cor, J _ Duncan TholDM Burt 1lIire.
Hobart Brown Adam GoodaU, cor. WUllam Falrley Hobart DlckBon (111-'.)
Hector Cam8l'On John Talt, cor. James i'erguson ThOlDM RUl.herfurd
Andrew Burns C. Lyon Mackenzie,
G. Thom. John lW1ht. cor; Th"""'" Forrester captaln
A. Robert60n WUIIam • Allan Archibald Goodall WI1llam Sanders
Robart Hodden James Hendaroon D. A. Nicol, lieu\.
J. Coutte John Andenon H. C. Macandre....
J.Bobertoon Peter BoIIlJe Archibald llardfe DanIel Brlma
Thom.. BaIllie
John Black
Andrew Hardle
Leonard Thomson
WI1llam Forreat -~nan,eer.
lit HadcliDgton- ThOlDM Brovm James Ingll8 Andrew Harpor D. M'Noil, ser.
Ihire. RobartJames John A. Fruer, aor.
George Brown
(Hadd/nglOll.) WUllam Currle I..., Johnotone 11th HaddlngtoD.- George Rose, ser.
John Johnotone Ihire· James Forsyth, oar.
A. I1:lnloch, capt. Francla Chirnoide JamesBlm~c:or-.
Adam Lockhart (BtJIt .£inton.)
O. Oaakroger, IIcat. John Denholm Wm. FenWl,Ck, cor.
B. Rlchll'l1loD, ea•• WIlliam Dunbar AleDllder MIller 8Ir Thomu Buchllll
Heary Eastham William M. G. MIller W. Gowanlock. 001'.
- Crookob ...k, ..r. Hepbum, captain Fred. Fraeer. cor.
Charleo NotmloD, oar. WiIU&m Forrest Richard Mulr AieL Bcott, UllUt. Peter 8tewart
Robt. Coaqaer, Mr. Robert Gordon TholDM Murray Wm. MlI8On, enolgn
John Henderaon JamesMUne James 8harp
.1. Flnlayooa, ser. J. L. Porteou.s, oer.F. W. Wiedom
Walter Hair, ser. Robart Hewltt Alexander MIlligan WWI&m Ford, &Or. Donnld F.....".
Da'l'ld Bell. cor. Archibald Hunter Robart M'Watt James Alkmon, aor. Alex. M'Kil!op
James Dodo, cor. James Lldgote JohnNeWnga George M'Lood, ""r.
Peter Logan, 1st Peter N elliDga John T. Rose
J ameo Sloble, cor. J. PetUgrew, 1st, cor.
James Munro, lot
Peter~,td WI1llam N apier
M. Badger
W.Brlrgo RIchard 'Intosh John Ogil vie ~rw;:!:!~~~;.,~r. .1ohn
Robart 8mith
Jam"" Rou
T.Brown Wi1Ilam Paxton Peter OrmIaton J"",es Herrlag, cor. WiIU&m O. Douglas
A. Bara. George Puton Charles Patereon ThOlDM Olllie, L cor. James Forbeo
T. Bura. Oeurge Petrers George Paterson George Brown, 1. oor. Arthur Davidson
O. CocbraDe Peter Robartaou Henry PaterBOD James WlI8oa; I. cor. T. J. Blllkloy
T. Cowan WUllam Robortson Patrlck Pea Chu. Moraer, 1. cor. W. B. Mackenzie
D. Croal J oaoph 80uza Alex. Porteoua. lort George Bcott, 1. cor. Willlam J ohwstone
.1. Croal Peter 8teohouao AieL Porteoua, !Id Jobn 8torie
RobartTalt Andrew Paul Kenneth Rose
J. Ollnnlnltham Johu Hurdie John Macqu""u
J. Darling Willlam Wu1Iace Dnllcan Roberteon George 8m.llio
P. Dempster James White AIel:. Runelman ~M&Cleod
J. Elder John Wlght, lort Oeorge Roberteon J!;a~\lrn
,§".!'!.&8 A. . W"alaon
Jamea )[unro, 2d
A. Ewart John Wlght, 2d Alex. 8a.ndllnndo WUlIam 8torie
WUlIam WIght David Bandlo Dnnoan liIact.avi ..h
W. Frier John GrublUll A. W. Hay
B. Oalbrallh Jam""Wight WUlIam Bounders Jam"" Kuox
John Young John 8cott JamesH......,k
W'. OUchrlat George Knox Wm. Ibodooald
W.O\lIl... Jame.8tenhOWl8 John Pettlgrew, 2d John Fo>rgU8*>u
J.OoodwliUe 84 JladcliDgtoD.- Charloo 8towart Thom .... Muir
W. Hadden aJUre: Robart 8towart Jamee Pari<
Alexander Laing Peter
(Haddingl ..... )
W. Balllda,.
W. Bendre,. D.~head, ""Ctslu
=':~06 KeDIleth Olllie
John Fo.ich6l1
David 8. Ounn
D. J.Blyth
W. Hunter D",.id hirrlfl', eut. TholDM 8oun""" John M'Carter
F. Laiog WUliamTears Jameo Andenon
Wm. J. Dodo, eu.slgu David 8lncIalr Alexaodor Cowan
G. LaDdlea J ... Aaderaoo, &er. George Tumbull John HantIBD
W.La... Jame.Wileon Robert A,noott
John M'Oill, ... r. John Farquhar J. M. Mackintoeh
J. Maln Ju. M'Phersoo, eer. Hobart Wllaon James Black
A. Malcolm JunesM'Inncs
George Reld, eer. JobnaRoM Andrew Walkor
W. Martloe Jam"" Booklaso, aer. 4th:a:~Jl- James Walker
D. Ni,.en Ihire. James Donald
Wm.H~cor. George Bruco 81mon Fraoer
R. NOble J olm Guy. cor. (.dbtrl4d,.) John Gordou
A. Nolman E ...... Camel"Oll
James JIIiller, cor. T. M. Roduey, capt. JohuHetum Alexaoder Manhall
J. Palenon Duncan Cunning· T. C. Burnct, lieu!. John DI enllOn
A. Paal J. M. Mltcheli
hame, cor. Wm. FInlayeou. eno. Benjamln Falchen John Colvin
B. POrieoua Peter Da vldoon Peter Brovm, Ber. Robart Roberteon
W'. Robortoon : W. Mackay
John BarkuOSB J ohu Conga/ton, .er. Jam,," Brown AleUllaer Jladeo<J.
,s. Show John AlIau Fred. Punton, aer. James Neleon
R, Shlelll W.llas8on
Jam.. Andereon John Cuthbert, .er. John LaW1lOJl H. Maoeou
,sohn Smith
John Sarrle
,sam.. Bird
Jame. Finlayaon
Charle. Burnet
James Hamilton
Robart u.urle
James P
W. Smith ~itll': ~~te A. Edmund
Oeorge Hadden Howden IMine
W. D. Fonyth
.1ohn ~rthwick
W. StepbanlOn W.8. Webber
JamesReld Oeorge Black WU1iam Ferg1UIIQI1
D. SteveJllOn John Brown John Wileon WIlli&m Bcott
G. Spun George Henry
W, Talt WlUlam Brown Alexander WlI80n Jam.. P. Mitchell John Poa.rson
DavldBrown Jameo Wlleon Thomaa Flndlay Alu. Macdonald
A.Thomoon William BrownhUl WI1llam Dnnlop JamesM'Leod
D. ThomBOn WillIam SIm
,s. Urqllhart George Burns HenryM'Kay Robart Bleoet
Pater Black JameoSa~te
H. Walker
T. Walker
Jam,," Campball Robort 8inc air ~~;!,~~ 841:--
P. White WUllam Comb Robart Brotberston AIeL M'Nanghton
Richard Cook Peter Mltchell Peter Anderson (1.., , _ )
,s. While
[~eT~:u~n Robart O....t, IleaL
G. Young Robart Crease Willlam Brown O. O. Mackay, eapL
Peter Cromble Mark Barker
Robart Crombte WUlIam Ormlaton Andrew Purvee John M'Ewan, ___
8d~ton- Wllliam Cowan Alexander M'Lead CampbellM'Phanoon R. F. Ka.rtID, _ .
Peter Cunningbam John M'Lelah Oeorge Rlch&rdaon Neil Bethune, ....
(~.) Peter CaIrn. George Steel Jam.. Boott ,sohn lIei1rille,_.
P. B. 8w1nton, lieut. Alexander DnrIe ThOmM Hadden WIlllam M'Lean JobnMun .........
R. B. ~uo, enstcn JameoDavlea Thomas 8aneon WillIam Leannont TholDM lIalr, _ .
Wm.. Crtc ton, Mlr. Alexander Denholm DavidBlaok George Young Ch&rIes lI'~ _ .
WIlllam OsIlvle, 1IBr..u.x.oder DlcUoq J amea 00Inu0
... R.~",. ~1Q.piokq WIIIiNzI...,
A. F:v.d:: . . .
Jam. . . . . - - .
un o:ITOL11lm'EBS-mLBS. 89
1II1n. . . . . 1IIlr&- Davld Oordon lit KJrkouclbrirht. Jolm JllIJ'dooh :: R.~I
-'ioo1WOf. Da-.tdBlmtU (JrlrkoulbrigAt.) llemard O'NeII J_B.OrI'
Jam. R. Ilaok..... Wlillam llAcdoup11 .JOMPhP-- Hob. Strathoaru, 1.
A..J. Fruer DoDaId Fruer D. T8IInant, Ueut. .J....eoPeanon J&mea Andenon
WIUlam Anderson Roctor Charleeon T. R. M'Le1lan, ena. Samuel PaullDc A. Hamilton
Jam .. Wll.eon RDderIcl< DaIlaa
J. W11llamoon, _.
BenJamln Rae Robart.Howle
Robart Bardealey Rugh Bhaw A. Campbell, ..r. .Jou Shaw Jou Graham
.J....... Jlehllle Jamea lIaodonald Rob. T1iomoon, ...r. Rob. Stratheam, Id
John It'Dona\d William.J. CampbeU DaoridCralg, .... 4th KJrtca4- BIcIteon Fergu8OD,
Donald M'Bean AleDnder Cameroa Jam... 8J:roat bright.
WWlam M'Bean
J, W, Grant
Francla R. CIar1r: Hobart teveDlOD
wnllam Martin (ClauAo1ue. ) ~:J!':'l:clr:
Oeorge WIahart J ..... MacnOB
William M'o.m.Jd JohnShaw Robart G. Blair D. J. Ewart, ensign Thomu Davidam
J ou It 'Lean Alex. Macldntoeh Robart Broatoh Samuel Waugh, ler. James R. Paul
Jam ... Calder Alexander Jack WUllam Brown JoUS~, ...r. WUIlam Whyte
Alexander Beclr: .Jame. yUe, car,
Jou M.h1lle T. R. Jobn8tone
Daorid FmtIOT Davld Niven Jou Runter .John W. 8cott.
HobartGunn WUIlam Cameron Alex. Donald .Jobn Dralt JamesC. S ......
Allan M'Donald Davld Fnoeer Alex. WllIlamaon H. D. Glo.,.r Alex. D. Robertoon
John TumbuU Alexand.r Go1lAn Douglas.WllIlamoon AI.x. M'Culloch George K. Edward
Alexander Fru.oer Donald MacdonAld Samuel Willlameon WIUlam M'LeoI!. W. C. Crawford
Donald Roa DonaId !!haw WUHam M'Naught .John Hall Edward H..,..}w.t
John Gunn OoorgeRoa Hobart ThomBOD WUllam Gordon Davld Balliugall
Oeorge M'DowrJd Bod.rlek Maodona.ld WUllamGraham John Wood Alfn>d Brown
Hugh Koll~ AI.xander Calder A.M~t Robert Cochranel
Jam.. Mac y .John Wlncheater Wm. htbody 11th KJrtea4· J. W. Cook
Dona.Id M'Donald .John Smith Andrew ~roat bright. Jam .. Soton
Bobart Black Kanneth Mackenzie John III .11 (Ma:notUtOlflL ) Andrew Tannahill
A1eUDder Adama Alexander Noblo Davld Bell J. B. A. M'KinIlel, Davld J. M'Gown
.John Munro Wm. llacdona.ld Daorid J8IIklna captain W11!i&m GUl..pie
.John Gow Anthony Mackenzie F. S; AIlan, Uaut. Archlbald Colvillo
Alexander Munro JohnF.~n
11th Invel'lUlll- J=.. M' klmmlng J. G. Stark., ensign Jobn M'llUlan
.John C. Munro Ihire. John Hoberta, Bcr. John And.rson
Wlillam M'Kay Andrew Hannah John Dow ...., IOr. Willlam Brown
John M'Kcnzie (1".....-..) Thornaa BroWQ Thomas Kirk, _ . John 1dltcholl
Davld M'!nto.h .J. Mackenzie, capt. AI.x. Gourlay
J. W. Mackenzl. A. Crackotono, ...r.
Alexander M'Kay Jamea Rae Jam .. Murdocb, _. Id w.narklhire.
Edmund Farquhar John Frnscr Jam .. Payn.
AI.&l\Ddor Macuy Jamee Glover, cor. (GlaIgotD. )
Davld M'LeIlan Ooorge Watoon, cor:
John MWlro
Thomu Stev.U80n
Samuel Steveneoo AI.x. Walkor, cor. T. Andoroon, capt.
John Davldoon, cor. Ju. M'Ghl., H.ut.
A. F.rguaon AI.x. CampbaU Jam .. Rae J. G.8. Coghlll, ena.
John M'Bean 4th Kincardine- John CampbcU John Gri.raon Davld A. Reid, IOr.
A. It'Lonnan Ihire, Jam.. Grieraon Archd. RuUnlCB J. W. Baxter, ....
(PtCUreaim. ) Jamoo BeUord John Brunton, ....
WUIlam lteld AnthonJ; M'ltlllan
4th IaverneD- W. M'lnroJ,' U.ut. WUUam White Waiter Iyth Wm. Greeuleeo, &er.
Ihire. Da.ld Du 0, 8Ilo\gn HobertHutlnga John B. Hannah,_.
(I"..,.,..".) 1!lr.J. Stuart Forbeo, John Paterson ~Mather, ......
Bart.,lIOr. 2d Kirtcudbright. John Davldoon Ju. RuMeIl, cor.
C. F. Macklntoeh, Sir ThoL Gladotone, (Cult DovgIIU.) Matthew Glov.r Thomu Barclay, cor,
Bart., aer. .John Bell, Ilent. T. E. Crackotone A. Couper, cor.
Jam... llltchell, cor. W • .J. R.nny, .nllgu Davld Gour1a~ John A. Easton,Lcor.
A. Matheeon, enalgn WlIllam A1ken WUllam Roberbl, .... Robart M'Kn ht John And.raon,l.oor.
Wil1iam Forbeo. _. .John W. Brown Adam SklrYln!!" .... Patrlck Han Wm.A. Wilaon,Lcor.
.1 ohn, ....
.John Noblo, IOr.
WlUlam Brown
Alex. Chrlotlaon
.J. T. Blackley, .... George
Gea. RobertllOn, .... John Hannah
M:h: i. ~r:ti, 1. cor•
George Reid,_. Hobart ChrloUaon Andrew Nalrne, ler. Jameo S. Rae Thoo. Sommerv\llo
Duncan Macl.......r. Alexander Don Uobert H'Vano, cor. WIlliam M""....1I Jam... A. Allan
'1'. B. Bnowle, &er. Cbarleo Dorward J. R. M'Muter, cor. .Jam... lI'Conch!e GeorgelWny
8. llaadonald, ..r. Charl.. Durie J. B. M'Mlcllan. oor. Davld WUoon John Murray
John P. Brodlo, cor. John Durl., lot WUlIam Aflleck Jam"" Hope WUIlam Uwg
A. llaadonllld, cor. John Durie. Id Tbomu Altken JohnW ..t 000. p..teroon
.A1.Dnder llaeIeod Alex. Falcoaer W. D. Borland AI.x. C. !rvIn~ Thomu Anderson
Al.". llacIennan, lot Jam .. FaIooner WlIUam BoU John T. Slater
John Fraoer John Falconer WlI1lam Broadfoot John W. Herring
Donald Macklntooh Jam.. Guthrio T. \V. CampbeU Jam .. OwoDll WIUlam Brown
Jam .. MACir:enzl. Ooorge A. L1ndMy Jam.. ComUne WIUlam Wllaon P. H. Molr
.Aildrew Mackenzlu JOhn~ • Thomu Crooble Bdward Motrat M"""" Provan
John Monioon Jam.. 'Donald WUllamGray Robert X'Ka:r Hobart W. Anderaon
WUllam Bezoclr: Jam .. Mackay J OMpb Grlerooa Waiter A. Morrlson
WlUlam RoM Jam.. llackle .Jam.. GordoD R unter Finial'
EYIIII Chlsholm Jam... A. llitohell Jobn HewlIoIOD Samuel A. R.ld
.AIeJ:. Maclennan, Id Robart lilIlDe Gecrce Hendenoa lit Lanarbhin. John Carmlchaa.l
Jam .. F.a...r A. Murr&lam...:r PoterHuUon (11I<uIlO".) George Brown
DoDa.Id Mackinnon JohnC. .Jamee J ohnoton P. K&ltWell, captain Robert Bar.ey •
Pranclo WUoon Davld Hobertoon Daorid Jard\De A. Morri!on, Ueut. Davld D. Roberteotl
Jam... Macl .... WII!i&m 8cott John J acl<oon R. C. Todd, .nsign JohnFram.
D. Ilack8llzlo, lot John Soutar Jamee Kennan T. 8. Rada_y, _. John Dryoda.l.
Jam... Flndlay Davld Smith Geo... Kellnan Geo. Bucbanan, ..r. John Manhall
D. Macl<en&ie, id John Smith Ales.ander Kirk Da vld R. Guild, &er. Franclill R.ndereon
Donald Mackay DaoridTbomoon BobertM'GnlI'OC J. C Buchanan, oer. John White
.Andrew lIaodOnald Patrlck G. waUace wUUam M'Xenzle H'!Jh Renwlck, .... WIUlam L1ndMy
John llacboaa Davld W.1oh Jam .. M'Learle J. . Pateraon, cor. WIUlam Clarir:
.Arch. llaoI<lntooh Hobart White John M'Clara G. 8. BuchanaD, cor. Hobart Meiklem
Wm. x.cphBl'llOD .Jam.. Wh;rte Daorid M'Georp Jam.. G. Smith, oor. Donald OampbeU
Alcrx. Jbcldntoob .John Whyte MaIoolm M'Grqor Thee. LocIr:hart, oar. Dauiel Camerotl
lam. v.IluItIDct Iu. l'1nIdI~ I. M. JfaIco\m Wblt.o
...--~ Job M'H.n
LJIJ:r 91
----. 'l'homM'Od:
John lIotIeli8oIt, • • JohnC.lhIl
Charla 1I'fJ1b1loa
. . . . . Tft.,0CIl'.
ThoL De.ftdIOa, cor.
A. M.'Ph01'llOlI.,CQIC.
.1_ L. llfltclteU
Jam.. 0. On'
ibW'll'h. Ger. Da9\d lolaaweIl
J. M'MeIl
John R. C0:;::.tOOl'. A1eunder 8meru.
J. B. l!'1emlD& car.
Pranllla 1IomJielf. aer. PatrloIt 0. ~ BugbBeid T. J. 8ID1lll... L COl'. W!Illaa Weir
G. B. RIft. _. Peter Feutoa. 'l'ho_Remd. Thomaa Stout. WDUam Rankin
R.O.8&"e.... _ P. B. Ranltaa. Tbo_ Hobelt8oa Am"" Lockh.azt J amOll lIlaeJUe, ut
TbOtll&l .&.rI&Iq. _. JohnM'r- Ja_lIo~ Hobart Carsewl\ll WlllIAm O. SlmpllOXL
Wm.~d,._. Johll.Wu.. A. RoxlMuowh John H.u:t.on JohnRiw
,John Co...., " __ lohnJ.~.lJII Wllllt.tII l'lcoet Bmith John Steele lIack
C. BOl'tlIIby. L . " JohnBa:dler W. C. T. SIoMI J.F.II'~ W1Wam 0mDt.
Jaa.Bo=-t-. J'ohnD.:r- TIIom.... 8mItb. J. Mflno Belt Tbolll&ll8tA1'111'Uto
Tb ..... o.bbii\, _. Johnc-lll Hobart. )f'Murtrlo Andrew Wrtght
JobnAikmaa John John Bend<liaoh
J.Brou_ John 0 ........ Jam",,8~ ~W'~n JohnF a
A1eX&Dll81' ~ AJe:u:.dlr ~ S.P.S~ Bobert A. )fa.cQmo W
WiIlIua eam-
John A. (JIniati.
JameeJ. eat
D. w.,.. I. D. ChrIatlo
J. B. 1ftagaIo&
John T. 8mith
W... Wliigato
lIark )f1U"&ha1l
Hobart. Doualdsoll
R.Cawbrwp J ...... ~ W. W. TurnblUl
Andrcw Bluna
John C1'ceIe WilllIIIIo PIIbenou. Robart. )['ClllN.
. 1 _ J:lru--.I. J_.A.II·....... JohnBoag
Jam.G. Dr..... D. M'Lean .1amOll Bar.r
Tbomaa~ (~.j. A:od.rew BraDd
Peter s. hill JOhn~ Tb.,.,R.K...,...... AlexandcrJo John )f'CdhIm
W.Fe~ Chart. .".,.. Rob. M'Lean lIIaek,. lfIchael B. CO'II'IUI. Baorman lI'Callum.
Patrick PlemiDg Jam ... BJuoo onal8n JameaDow TbO!J1M B. Wanr..
~l.h FP;"~:1iir WIlBamCalMior.
Willlam V. C. IVIIt
Jamea 11""7 - . StAlwart Black
Davld B.oInr!!th. Mt'. 6oorgeDyk...
Pew i'orNOt
ThomM J'. Muirhiled
J.O.FoJrIay Roberts..- D.~._. lt. Lothian Munq Thom811 FiIllater
D.I"..- Oearge R. Tbo- John Boyd, _. John M'Farlane Bobert~
W.:J'reGIad RobeltCUl7 W.B.Jaml_._. Daniel Bell John
George B. 0eddIB l.auNDce L. :IlIultcIIt A. B. lAu:rIe, CO't'. Jamea Caldwell Gavin lI'Ohlot
JohnQlbiooD »avid )f'AriJo' Bamuelll'Nab /lOI".' Robert Mitchall R. D.l'Ink~
t m • Oordllo
bert Gooria:r
J. M'XInnon, 1 _. Robert Oonion
John Armour, L 001'. llobert Brodie
J_"" BoruleftlO'b.
WIJl.iauI. Beildenon
W. N. Gnbam HCI1J7Bam. J. Blaekwood, L cor. Franala Tayklr Jam. Kackls, id.
Froderlek JIal~ Chariea T. Cobuia J _ BobortBon Thomaa To.........
Jame8B~ Robe" :iWfoW' ~~t.k .. WlllIam 8cott Hugh M'Dono.ld
B.U~ Androw Btovenaon
Thom&8Brown W.B. Leecb BobertKore
Jamee Macldo
A.U. Areh!b&ld BlIO'lftl It. M. L.Indsay
T. B. J. JoImIIIo:Ia A.... DalIieI. John .8allach WlIllam Bamilton WWia.m Roid
W. Lot.kUonr Binnle~ T. W. Aleu.ader DcwarYowag
Robert JIHebeIl
Uth taDarbhfre.
John C.... W.lot:. Mulr WUIJam FI&tc_
Arcbd. TemplatoD
John IIoodIe
Jam.. lI':tu.
D. JI'PbenoID.
R. B. T_ I"",
C. B. ilmbb, ....

Jam"" Cbbholm
Tbomaa Chapmeu
TbOIDAll Dnnn
John Boyle
Waiter Lyl<t
Thomas M'NW!
Wllllam. &0_
B ............... Oeorge FOf'iWIOD
D.C.NIool J. D. OImpbell, _. J.J.Oow David~ WIlIIam euma
Bugb P&toI!. H.W...... _. James G:;t; John Mo Robert Millirr
Sam...1 PepIoe B.II. ea.... _. Davld B frY AleDnder Burrtil WIlliamFl~
JohDP~'" John Smith TbomuAllBn
Hugh Pollook D.Onl~;' W. J. IWIe,-
John -. John Bute"-'a N~ eampbll11
John:ruc~ Wm.~_. RobeftRu~ .10 Muter A1exaader Wilklo
Dunctm RobeirtIoIl wUUam m..... _. J_ .. U ....... Jame8 Sollt.lrk
J ames 'Rltth1>rfwtl W. B. I!oIoU, CIII'. A.rcbilMold IIMwalt 18th la. . . . .' .... WUlJam MWar
Robert 8errIce R. Miller, cor. . AndJew KGft' Johalflllolzo
Alel<lUldeT 8OO4iO (H~) Jam. M'NW
WUliam Jade, I. oar. George Le9aeIIt
JaDl"" 8cott
Willfam SteeJ
Gea. ~lai.oh, t. _.
WllUam 1cu,1._.
F. B.: II'Leo<!
John M 'KinlaJ'
John All.tltIn... oap!;.
B. D. Muirhllad, ~~1!t!r.on
T. B. 8!ruth.1W Tbotllfllt .AUtm 1I01lt. Anthony~
.John Tayl.... Oeorge ADdeIIIorI
Hugb M. Miller
John JIorin, ~ John BeoU
Davld AdAaia
106'--..... Jam08LoudoD.
R. B.AKkeD J _... NorrIe Th_Be1I
( G"""",.) Oeorge .Bruwn Robert~ Re~. Boberteoa, WWia.m FNg\18OIl
W. B.
Chaa. O'N
B. Bnl_
R.C.n_ cha~
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- Pb.In
barbIuIo,_. Andre ... Ilorton
J. Rlch&rdson, enA. J. WhlC& John Tumbull J_l'onwt,_ W1WamCOI~
Robert c-a. 101'. J. CvwIoD W. P. WiIBoa Gea. W"mock, eer. JameJIWh ....
, Gearge LlDdsay, Er. J. L. CoIIIaouI WIUlaIll lI'ebIttr Bd.... Bo~,_. Archd. lI'Intyre
Ernost CIaMeri, aor. R. C. C1M Hoben JlIOlI:aoo, _ Thomas Ro.... t
Pet.... F<iIrgUOOn. Q()O'.
Boben CWk. cor.
G. W. Btetllllfll'.L oor.
WW ..... m._
W. K. YOImfr
L.D......... -Blaney._.
John W,,", __•
11th taaubhhe. Ancmw AuId, _.
..... Hoben )f'Fvw.

(~.) JooepIa
Ales. 8~ JOhnA~1.e
Tb"". oar. J.Ben~_.
1".1wIton. _. Jam.. A. B. 1l'Gr1/rOl'• ..,e. J"_A..... _. Robert
WilUam TumbnU A.G~ J-. JllGrftaoo, u..R. Robt. Fram~ L oor. Jamee Yuil
'l'IMotnM~ w. 0IlJII0n T. G. ~h" tlDIdp WIl1Iarn Roi 1. cor. Il&vid 1I'lDt.rN
l!rteholu Dloboll
H. G. Forbee
J. JohaAoDe
'JboI.. lU'IIIlII,"'.
John B. DUI, -..
Alez. .Jack, 1. cor.
JoiIa lane. 1. _ .
Robe", l'alker
Tbomaa Pa&ilnoa
y:~.I= R.J~
J. Km..Id
DavldD. _ ..... John~
Jamea Maaoll
A..B.WIaoro B.B.~ JaIIa~_. J_8oo(;t Jamell
Qo:noIeklll_ WIllIam-...a huOlllllllC ........... a....roX-. J~JJN1'

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1I~ LuarlDJUre. D. Kmar. . . . P_Llndal" Job GflcIu1.t-
R. P. RobeNooD,_. Jlmeo 8ld=&~ Robort liI..,...
(" -.) (Q./cup<>oo.)
Al.", o .... Jam.............
WIDlain ,o\ul<l. <lap\.
J. W. Oulld, U... t.
.1. . .1. W.ta.o"._<aIga
JohD we,
R. D. "1110, eapWn WUU&m KeM',_.
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ADdnow 8ml.tb., lilt, ClaTlD I!ht.w
WLlJ..Ia..g, B'!fl!n.t
""""'" O.

J. 11. F ........ t.or••• r . Oeoryo Muoh:rJ1
JoItn N . I~ .... . Jobn 811rlillj' . .
~ R\aHlI, H •. Col ... 1II.'Artbur, Mr. A . ... _. .I ... B<oyd Tbo_
D. odaTlADo,_. .T.",. RoM
.o.nJeI Mun"", ler.
Jotln P~t. Mr. Oeoryoln,rUa, IXI'.
Ju. R<>beruon. ""T .
Robt. &ott, _ .
Alox. Brald1OCOd
P_ ~- Wlboft,
8 .... 1..,. LoUa_, __
0.0......,,&It, Mr, WWIauI. S",ltll, """. Job.. Aga .... , I. eo •• Jobn Whit<>
(,le<Ira:o &11. cor, John Wood, 001". 0."'" ,\utn, ....
.1_ Wbfo::
N.II'lo oe. tor.
cor. Ju. 1II'C.w,1. ""T. JohD Ktikl.
Johlllll·~c:or. J..",u hrkor, L..,... Al • .,. Iilltob. U
W.1,.III'O; ,_.
A.It~ .. Whlte,~.
Job.. .&.IId......n .....
Tb_ Bootan, cor. Alo1Ol>do. nru.... John K1t.cb.U Alu. Codtb ..".,_.
Th.",.. Addleon 4.lIX. Borthwlck Wllll&m I!~burn
J&III.. JlWr, l ~..,... Job ronwt,_.

Wi1U&<Q .4.ddJooo" Duah Bot.ill J I U/,,,,Whl\CI
.1.0. Wat.oa,l.=. .I"",. Asm1t:n:>ns" .101111 SWlW..-t. cor.
1.8 . Fal7\U<l".I..,..... Job" C.J.u Robel1 D•• I., eM.
Tbo"""" &llAn Jou Call1Pb6lJ. &In.. )(·Douorall ""(\no .. Wal.k.-. COO'.
Iou lIIo1l'aU. I. cor.
AI.undor n.orlJlon
W. 1... )f'UnD
?::e•• U:'~"" Tbo ..... Chalm ....
AIoxaDdor Ol"Ono
J . III .. Mwrloon
WlWam Bl)'tho
P_Allkoe . ......
HUTf' SmUh. I.,.....
John_. Be" .,. R. DI,.OD WIlll&m lIIotb ...... oU Alu.C ..... .,., .. I....
Jam. T. TIoJ'k>T &I.,...,dor Carn~bell J oU O.-eenl_
D. II.·H .. ter N.tb. lIIoI.I> ...... oIl J ...... IoIIId1ell.I . .....
8. 8. Hutchl.ooa RobertCact!rl:: J ...... OeIll .... U JohD Hutch.l.o" W. P&llO\loorp, I. ......
AI.,..... d.r
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WUUam RUler
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K. W. 8 ....... Job .. Duper Job .. Lockle ~C .... pbaU
Pwldmek O. 8-.. 1IlaW.... ~ Jolu> Howt. WUll ..... II.·Farlano O .. ldc..:.. .
o.yld Ougu d Robert B&rd.lo
Oeo~" W.tea ..
J , m_ MuIr
Jam_ J n
.I(al.ooln, omiD&'
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Jolu> K....
Al.u.lI>d •• HUb.
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J ...... ""Robolu
Charl .. R. llrowu
Rob." (llklui.1
WUu .... CM
GrllI'OI' CTai&'
WUII"", Don .....
W. C. RruHton Pinbton (lln ... ArcIllMld P .......
Job_ .. Mu _
..... ' J ..... e.a 11 ..", "lo~ . Ho.mlJ.toll Tbom.. l·o....
J. A. Rold ~~B;:.~ ArclJlbald M'AUlmr J ...... Do.rnaD
I)o.vId lII·Oon.oJ,1 J ..... eo Peddiot
ADd..,.. Frt.
J ....... Bu~l&l>l . Robo" M'AUla, J.." .. Mw Oulol GAll ..
JohD lIIiII ... J .... _lIOT111b'
.1am_P",..., WUli.1II Pate,.... .1. III&1tm ... IIC11Nrl Olbb
Job .. IniDo J • ."... Pollook Wll1Lo.m Coop<Ir Robort H.~blcll
Robet1. Tborbun>

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ArcblboJd Ro.bul'lfb WtlU..." Inn ...
Al<clllb&ld H'MWan Gni.. Ii Robb Mb. "-pu:y. GoorpB"",II"' ..
Robert H. J ob ... toD
Robe" DtTang
Juh" IfIIl'"
1 <>110 JIICk no""" O. &Id
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O. ""plain
P. )1'11. DIo,
P_O .... _
J"", .. II"fttI.
J.m~ 1l'QullteD Aleunder 8mll.1o BolHIrT; U",,-,.
Wll1Lo.m Onohtolll O.)\· &lllokr
&roue! Tbomeon John SI>\Il'1l!er J. R. &e....t, Mf. JooII .... U _,.
Tlobort II. ' PIo_1I Tbo ..... 8harp
Alexander 61 ..... llunald X'lnto_b J ... Dun ..... , Mr. WWIOID lJ.oIbU>o<lJ'
Banlo A.. do ...... BUJlb TbomJIII<)D J ... ~, .... CbAT1.. ~
PoUt. M't-n WtUllm Turnu A. X . Lt.....-M
BUt......t .. ......,. Jam., lII'er-tio John lII'CntIdI., ....
Aclt.IllOill'm J\!ound.,.. Wu.o .. J.III .. 8to.....t., ...... JobD MaIn
J.m", M'Bold" RoobertWott ",,,,,, .. lIIlUn,,
Jam .. l1'od..- Jnbn "'·BulI... J ..... 8moll1., cor.
WtUlAlIIWlltoon Alu. 8k.iD.a ......., . D.'I1d lIIoo,.".
A. I. lilt""
Jobn 1l'lAod
N O. O. Xotk,lljolu>
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JohIl R. Elder l tob<:rt Martin R. ll'Cu!l ... b. capl A. Boatea... l eor. RObf" lilAthaoll
Rooben c-...... \l' Ul ln.m M14dI.toD A. a DIck, U.uL. J . Cl,rdeod&l., L .... . 1'l>am .. lIIo~
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0e0l'lJO Ward ... J""'d KoI. '111' .... Ba ........... IlaDIeI lII'lIaatcr
J .."oo W.t.oo - Borlo.nd, ... . Tbomu DolJ&nd WUllo.l:n If""",,
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C. St.wut J NlcoI -Douata.o. ..... 0.0.,.. RanlUne

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1 ...... If'£ .....

R. Lln<lay

Wl!Illm RoY
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'Will. R. RuU. ...l ... lliclunl.& ...... .....
Willirom Ill. 00W' .... _ Pate ...... , I. ""r. J ...... Par..... J ..... RoM'
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Wl1ll ..... W~ A.r<:h. K ' OllOUQ Jolu> An:o.trol>.lr
JohII M,lob Rob&. IIInnlI>.r Jolu> w.n:or A.adre.. o,.1.&r
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R. M. Cm:". r,.-b&rII
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J'raod.o E. 81t1...,... J_ .. P. uido DII.IIlolllmlU. lIaaJI ... Wa4do.U
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John P........1cr J.." .. Thom Jam.w~ WWJamRu..eU
WoJ'-r DIck .&n:blbald J ...... ADd_ A .. ~W't le
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lfllllam 'f'a"lor W. P. lII'NAb Robe" •

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.A.. X'O. 1f0Dlla... (W """""""}f'~) 1fllW- ..... """';7,
C.B. ...... " a..-"
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Andft .. c..,""'ord
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w. H. HllJ. -
Wll Tb........ Clu.aJe B.R~
• J _ Q. lIOeeIc. J _ f\>It"'Io !iou-" 'obo"", l I){ . . . . .
1ttBT 0)" VOLUN~mLM. 98
!l.t~ A.llctmr JInnm Jam.JOIIe\" Peter er-t'or4 Al•• Xitcbell
<1HII1oo-'. ThOL Oardner JohnPatoD Jameallorna
- XAiber, BUJ'II8OD John ParraIl DupId Mitchell Tbolnall IImer
(leo. 8tn.them....... An4rllw Ro1lertlloa John lI'Pheroon Donald Jl 'Coil Roderlck M'Leod
Jaa. Prentice,_. John BIaIr wilIl&m 8helld& James Armatroug James lI'Gllchrlet
Robed UlW', ser. Darld Bro1l1l AIelW1der 1I'la.n WlUIam Altlten John M'Owllt
And. Wablon,_.'II'D Adam 8choolbred WllJlrun !!toveneon Thomu M'LIlcblaD
W'dUam Ilulr, ser. Wm.aumu John Davidson James M'I:IcmllId, lilt Geoqe Pirrlt
Wm. Hamilton, oor. Ales. Il'XwaII James lIlilmh:Io Wmillm P ...1ane Wm. C. I!almond
Crawford BaIllle,cor. John Sharp Charles Wn.on De.vld Sm!th
John Wlbon Wm. Crawford 18th LuarlElJUre. Robclrt
David Little Wailer Paklno.n (t1IAurIOIO. ) Archd.Tbo_
Jam"" ll'Crooaen Robert RoberUoA WillIam Barker James Waddell
A. Duncan ThemasHIll J. D. Napler, James M'Lelsh Jobn WBddoll
Wm.lIontgomery BUlh Baln John Dowell, Ueu!.. John ll'Ewen Geoqe Waddell
J_Sim Jobn Dcuehle H. Brook. ensign John lI'Allillter J. B. Wbltelaw
Geoqe Prentlce Jobn Patenon Alex. Shank., ..... Jamee &ott Tbomu Warnock
WiUIam FaUeerviee Robert JOhnltone John Raukln, ser. WImam Brook WiIllamWhlte
Joeeph Brown John Dune, _.
John King Sutherland Lang JameaYoung
Joh" M'Gil'II'D DcntJd Gibb, Hr. J_1lather
John Peter BrowJI WiIllam &ott, cor.
Kotmetb MU'tIn
John lI'Mm&n
WiUIam Andenoan JehnGray Tbomu hulda, cor. Peter Jl'VIe&r 80th LuarlElJUre.
Robl!rt Altlton RebertOwen TbOmM lIs.ckio, cor. Tbomu Smith (Ollugw.)
J ameli Grabam
AlelUollder Little
Jamlle Aodenoll
J. GillIUan, L cor.
Robl!rt 1.6mb, 1. cor.
John 11 'DontJd
A. C. =:tf,
D. Kacli", ;ent.
JObnLl~e JamlleBay J. C&m~ 1. cor. Jamee C&mpholl Allan MlIClWlghton,
Robl!rt ReI Wllllam &Ott Jam"" penco Neil M'CalIum
AleXllllder M'Gregor ensign
Alexander Selkirk Collll Il'Dougall Aleunder PalrUe R. Pony, augean
J o.mes Martin J_lIe Elliett wUUam GllllOlple Alexander Steel
JAmes C'ro.ble P ....... Low... lI8I'.
Coventry Chork Frallcia M'Grsgor Jam..... Jamleaon J&&. Jobnatoue, .er.
Bugh FUltoD George Wlloon John Shleldll
!16th Luarbhire. JAmes F. N..... A. M'Fari&ne, lOOT.
TboDlllB Rankine John John""n W. J. )('Kensle, 110.1'.
Da.9id Glen (61<11(1_.) Geortl"Weir JohllHannah W.Il'Gu....... _.
.John BalfOW' J. R. Mlller, ClIpt. TbOlllllll Driver WIlliam M 'OachIe
J amea 8tewart. Jamee AllaD, cor.
Jamlle GUmour D. Andel'llOn. Ueu!.. John JeDItlna Bect.or )(.t.n,-.
John lIltcbell Dun""" )('Dcnald
W. E. Jevollll, ell8lgn Jameell'Callum Jamee )('DcntJd, Sd John S. WilIon, 00.1'.
lIAloolm M'Donnld ThOl. Wallaoo. ller. WIlIIam Buter W. )(on.on, 1. oor,
Robert M'FlII'lane J. Cerrllthcrs,_. JameeCurrlo Jamea AltJtIn
DanIel Stewut J. Cameron, 1. cor.
Tbomu Dccherty J. Caldwell. ~er.
Da.vid Malcolm J. Lumlldon. cor. James Lawrie 89tIl Luarbhire· JG..... Graham,1. cor,
1. cor.
.JOhn~en Alex. Mitcholl, cor. Peter M'Intynl (CoGtIwidge. )
WlIlIam Steven James '
JIlm_ ardI&w Alex. WltBoIl. cor. T. J&ekoon, CAptain A. Adf.e
John Iuglla Robert
J. M'Eaehran, 1. cor. David RUMell 11 'Cowat
000. J. Pollok, lleut. WI11lam BafIlIe
John BelT Robl!rt DIcIt. 1. cor. Wm. M'Kechnie, let J. IlaxweU. ensign TbomuBro'lnl
.Jllmelll. 'Crbl<'I]o Pnwchl WUCOlt - Milieu, Mr. Joaephlloglo
Jobn Held Ooortl" Dun<an Jom Br-yco
Sill Luarbhire. John -Bendenoon,ler.
8herrlff' Jam",,~ -&11,_. JameeCalder
(GIaIgow.) B. B. Lawrenee wm.~ ..,2d Jamee Cltnpbell
John - Murdoch, ..,r.
Bobt. O. CoguJ, capt. George Sutherland
E. M'KIn:fd.Ilent. John BurnIItd.. John FaJrHe
ArchIbaJd IlWlhet
-J obn ck80n, Bar.
L, W. Cbld.'.!:'an
D. )('Dou e.u. James Keddle John Ronald - Waddell, cor. Thomu sUe
'WlllIIm WIWo" _. Peter IlaralW1 -Bm, cor. H. Church
JUllIe Bnnrn,_. Ja...... Alexander Robert Tbo~ - GlbllOD, cor. Peter B. CoIM
TboDlu ;Hart, Mr. Dunean M'Fs.rian David Arthur - Johnlltone, cor. John Davidson
I. Blltherford, Mr. WIlliam WOItWld De.vid lAird - Clad., I. cor. Jamel l)ouglal
Chu. Mltchell, _.
~~~ John Glheon - Brand, l. cor. WUliam Dunlbie
Bobert )('hl.y - WllJlrunson, I. cor. J. Edwardl
.Jam_ M'Cooneehl. John AuehlnelOl!ll
Jobn DIlDhU' JIlmet! M'Bryde ~:~'C~~rn - Mun1'Oll, 1. cor. John l'rMer
~:::: ~;!':F
Wllllem Campbell Jam. Gordon
George Baln Robl!rt Munro Dupld Workman John Boullton
Wllllam )('N&b John )( 'FIII'lane James PriIlll'OllO John Brownloe Wait... .iD.glla
Jlobart Park Robert )('KInnon GaM O&rdner Jam.. Bueha:nan Gllbl!rt InlUlll
Bobl!rt Brown John C&rswell Wllllam Forglo John Burnlsb Oeortl"Johutone
RobertMDlr WIIlIamBou George Morn-. JohnBnmd Aleuoder Lau:rio
Georpll'CU'ten1lT John !!'f,hom Henry C'romblo
.Ale1&llder )('lUrtIay Matthew ottlgrew John Steve.-n
Alenndm Brash John Cromblo
Robert RroWll Andrew Peanon TbomM Crichton
)llchul DoclI ...ty Andrew M&rtIn Robert Crawford Tbom.u M'PberllOll
Dand Blllhop Tbomas M 'Oregor t'1th Luarbhire.
.:Jl/Jln Slahop DaTld Lawr'" (Olalgow.) !,~er~ham Oeortl"MUkIr Robl!rt Mathlesoa
Bohe~ Templetoa Alexander Pbyn W. GUmour. ea.ptaIn Wm. Duncan JohnMlllt:r
D..,ldBvr Don&ld Pope Arch. D. )('ConneIl, Hobart Dcbblo Ale:oader lIUlT1Q'
DlmdOl_ Fergus Goudl. lieu!.. Aiel:, Davidson B~ Pate:noon
...... Telter
.J'amee )l'Cammllll
Alex. Hohortlon
NelaonlSh ..w
Jamee Hosken. en·
Charles Dobble
John Flnla,y ~ohn=MT '
Wm. YOIlDI D. Robclrtson Tbomaa PoUock..... Daniel GI~le J_Rltcble
JohnWall_ w. Rlchaniaan TbolDAll Walker, 1IIr. B ugh Gardener WiUIam Rlteble
A.lGaIlder TnUoeh John Polloci: Arch. M'Muter, Mr. Jam"" GUchrillt G, L. 8cot~
J10bert 1l0000Iea Tboe. Hoblnaon Peter )(alenT. _ • Thomas Gray, let David Slll&rt
.Johu PalenoD John BtJn Wm. Morriaon• ..,r• Tbomu Gray, 2d Wllllam Stonier
.AJeu. WII11unIon J obn Altlten D. Jl 'CalIum, cor. Wm. Gregor Alu:. Suthe.rlaad
Char!ea P ...... Uce JIUDOI)('lIlllan L. )('Loc~cor. Wm.GraJ: John Sutherland
J10bert )(oaheS Ooortl" Bo.J;d John Clmpbcl • 00.1'• Tbomu ohmtono B. Sutherland
.:Jobn Lee HenryW ton James W=r' cor. Al.ex. B. JIlCkIOD Wm.
Tbomu CIark lIaIoOlm M'Intyre JObDC&m~ John Lumeden A. Webater
Dm4lba4ry JobnXaf-a, A.nlb.I'b6ld 'Doupll Al.ex. Lumeden 000. wmlamloo.
WlII,lIrowa WIll1Im Jam. Drown Wm. LUIIilIden JohnWWw1
40th !,aD,,...,,j-
Joeeph W. Whfte.
hall, !lout.
J ahn Pal'l7, ensign
Samuel Boyd, ler.
J ame8 )f'Ewall, 1Sat.
David Fortune. 1Ier.
WUllam Willde,_,
Oearge Bu.rnI>, MI'.

Peter Ed_Tds, cor.

JameaOOchriat, cor.
Arohd. Rosa, cot.
J. AndetllOll, L cor.
Adam WsJ.ker, 1 cor.
Alex. M'Donald
Charl... C&vGAllCh
lobn Nlckeon
Andrew Morgaa
John M'lUchael.
Joehus. Bteel'lllllllt
Wil.Uam Purdlm.
BoOOrt Kiln'
wUUam AlUson
Jouph H.W.
John .Arbuckle
J oh:n llnlwford

AIldrew Andereon
W1Wam CulIen
Jam... BeiI(6'
Walter Tu:niben:
&ID. Kilpat.riok
Wi.llUam W&lIaIr
.J)eDh HIllldrJ'
John DoWlllo.
Bobert. lliIler
John M'Dd
:MusdoooIL AJJea
W .... U .........
-;S~li. .
Ala.. IIlnDIe Robert Bl'O'InI ClIII. ..,......
4Mh'Lall.srbhlN- lohn WIIkte Ale,..,.,der TbomIIoD WI1IIIm 800tt
.",.,.,.tW. Archd. WUIi_ J ..mes GlbIoD
John Pate J ..mes 81dnner Colln Ctmpbell
J. It JI.'Nab ADm::llI8ell Alumdfl.'WeIr
WiUl&m Douglu W! Slmpeoo WUIIam Pate Wllllam Rankine, id
HenlT GlbeoII Georp JtougheoId Robert RUIMIl AndrewSWtl
ll. Fletoher WUlIamHIIIdIIIaIt
J&mOll Tr<lop Wnllam Bnudle John Khmon
JUllee F. JIIlldlell 49th Lauarbhln. R. Rosv Malcolm Ifatilllllll
W. Thomoon TbObl ..........
James Bruce G. n. WllIchollo (LambllUl.) WiIoon
Btebo Alenoder J[1IIIIJt
J. Dick A. TbomllOD, lleut. D....I4A..~
John M'LIntock 48th LaJwbJIire. John .R.enl'l'ew
J. C. W"'oon.. ensign John Clark WlIllam BaIIIIt
J. M'Kecbnlo (.dWrit.) J amee Mo:rton Tbom.. BrUtIIII4I'
D. BineWr WIJIl_ Elder Aluander TI!ompooa
P. R. Adam. J. I!dd, ':f.taln
John Ran n, Ileut. Matthew Ifa,y
3lrt J:.aDarbhire. Robert Loudoll
A. J.lrI'KeW'Jo Robert Addlo, elUllgn Dsvid LInn (OOupN.) Davtd 1"onoll'
Thoma8 Connaehal" T. Tol'tllIloo, aaaIIt.. WIlllam Dunbllr J. Crawford,: J.omll:lSmltll
lL Patel:1llOn IIW'. WIIllam DaTIeo F. J. C. D1etrl , Robert CbaImaI
t':if.~,;,:an Bugh Dlclde,
~ Gentlea,
Jamee Gray
John Bell
J. B&milton, t!Il8Ign
Robert MIlItr
Robert l!UrkIIH
Robert M'A", Wm. eming. ser. Wm. M'Artney T. Johnaton, .urgeon Arcbibald wu.e.
J. Aitken Ilavid Walker. IIOr. John M'G1ll John Kerr. _. A1aander PIIo
. WIlllam Kettle Gavln A1aton. 8OJ'. John Clark Willla.m '2:e, lIot-. F. If. Brolllfbllll
JameeDsvidson JAmes C. Dlack. oor. J~Clar" W. D. DI ie, 88r. AIeUllder Gnal
JameoRold Tbom... Louden. oor. Jam. Clerk CoUn Campbell, 1WIl". John If· Do.....
Jlllnee Buntly J. F. Klrkland. cor. Jamoo Klnnlbllrll'h Wm. PetI:Ig1'ew, cor. JameeCutrle
WlllI&m Tbmneon Tbomas C1 ..rk. cor. Thom... Bucha""" W. K. Mulr. cor. Jam. If'LadIiID
Tbo_ Patenon Jobn Lcvack. I. cor. AllWUlder lloyd David Peanton. eor. lebn Cbanll
Davld Cbalmera
JIIII. Paterson, I. cor. JlAtthew F:I~trick: John Brodie, oor. JehnBaIJJ.le
Wm. Tormnco, L cor. WilIiatu Wrlg t J. Bcotlond, L cor. Robert Coekblllra •
W1lllam I'latnaon JamOll Willon, I. cor. Tbomas Wrlght W.8. 1lM. I. cor. lIogh A\I.u
John Miller John M'Glnnes G. F. Wlloon. i. eor. John Ban
41th Lauarbhire. John Barns J<I!1tIMillor JamesNapler.l.OOI'. Jam .. ~
(mal""",.) Ga.vinLan~ Wllliam AllAn Lloyd Jonce, let Da.. ld Polloclt
John, captain Ifatthew adriel1 Tbos. Shaw Lloyd JonOll, 2d WlIUam I.aIuId'
WIJlIam Smitll, Uen'. JohnBOD~ Robert Forrooter Jam.,. Nlchol J ou CnmmlD.r
James O. Ml1nro, l1li. Jamee Cb e Ale!<. Cla.chera JameeBu~ JehnCodt......
IIIgn Wl1llam Logan John Ilavles TbomuS. th Jobn8.mlth
Jehn B. Weblter._. WIlllam Barvle Georp Wardle BobertW_
Robt. Ifacdonald,eer. 60th LauarDhire· Jlllneo A1llIIon Rebert
J obn B. Do",.... Mr. R. A. Miller Tbomae Smith
Tbomaa JI. 'Kllllcan (QUugow.) W1U1am Mackay DaTldS_art
T. Da"f1deon, eer.
Jamee Grmg, _. Robert Anderoon J. W. Kerr, ca~n Jameo GlJletlpie Jam .. Muoo
Jam. Chrlstle, cor.
Bobt. Thom.en, eor.
WIUl&m Too.odnle
Robert Addle
W. W. Bcott. out.
A. Wileon, 8JUIign ~~S~::ord"....-
Robert Heod...-
Gcorce La• .rte, cor. Robert Davld80D Aiel<. F. Bb.up, _. NeUCamfbeU Alu. Baml11011
T. Armstronf.' I. cor. Alex. B. :Malcolm John lL Grant, _. Petor Bel JohnLqpte
T. Cald.ell, • cor. George And .... w WIl1lam KYle, ..... Davld Nblbet JCba:rlee RoM
_ _ J..o1IIIo.
Andrew Scott George B. WIlUon WIlllam Slme, _. JobnBumet
Jam. F.Xowat Jam"" Pateroon lUelwd GJaea, _. Thom.... NeIaon ....Ie:uuder .'CIaW
Da"f1d~moll Andrew Rsmsay Wm. M'l8hett, _. A. lrIo:rton AIel<. lI'OeedIP
John A. od Wllllam BaIrd John M'Dona.ld, 001'. J ames Walker Jam. Allu
And....... Seaton John""w D. Ban""", cor. A...,b1bn1d If'llralt.h JolmWaIk<l' .
WI11Iml B. Ameli Andrew Cullen Jno. If. SlneWr, cor. JohnW~le J_lIon
JUII. Lam ThOlllM Llthgow Peter Buehanan. cor. Nell If llum Robllrt BeD Andre .. Donaldson WIlliam BI....., L eor. Goorge R. P ..tton J _ lI'CroIM
JOOn lut Jam""Wbyte F. Donollghy, I. eor. Tbomaa Boyd WIIIWa~
Georp WalJace AIeL F. Kldd Wm M'Vey, I. cor. R.F~ar RobertBamIUa
Andnnr Maln : Alua:nder J arv!o W. K. :Mu...y.!. oor. Jam.... I1&ld Ga"f1n La"""
Johl! Dlyldale Wm. PatertlOtl, lot Jamee CbeyoG Wllllam RslfOur Jam_Dante
Waiter Hnme Robert J. WUlIOn JamOll Sutherland Jebn Kennedy J. JL I( 'CuBodI
XOIe8 Foroyth Alexander Burns Bugene O'Kooffe Jam""Bun John DI1ft'
Thom ... De",.. J oeeph JonOll J_III a MlteIlell AI..:u.nder Kepple lam_ CGtbDl'
Robert ClelLuld Peter A1tken Peter Pellow Jam. Nblbet JobnSte~
Tb _ _ OI .....
.Jam. ~nnont.h TbOlllM I.ongglulr John Thomeon John Sutherlend
D.B.Eatber Arch. H'DougvJI Dun"""lrI'KlIIlllie W. Gall SUIInel M'NUr
.1"",. Parker Wm. Patarson, 2d WIIllam Rt.uldne, Jet G. L. TooI..y John BeaYkt
Jam. Bro1l1l, Jet. ])avid Jolmoton John BTf: WIlIIam WardlAw D. C. Ban-
J ..... BroYII, 2d Jobn :M ' Charleo 'lntyre Oeorge SUnlllC
WUUam BreWlllie John Bay Alfred Payne . 524 LaJwlr.lhlre. FraDeIa IfIlDlBIoI
JobnBow1e Geortre LaInI\' JamesRooa
(Oamlltort. )
WlIllam Selkirk
TholDU Doql_ JohnConnor J"""PhThomaon WIilla... B_GIlIII
Nieol Bre1l1l ' Nblbet 8lnolail" John M'Lough.Un J. Nilbet, capt. John B,..,ds
Jam. X'Donald WIIllam Pulton Robert :IIoaI&r W. Fo".eat, lIeat. ,. John 81lml1ll!n
WllllamPyper Jamoo IDgbpte Jamee Gardner E. P. DJk., ..,allIl AI"",ander PICIIr""
JAIII. Jaebon Jamoo Pet.en John 11 'WiIlIams Jobn A1ten, eer. __ P
JlUebard -.
Jobn Parker J_Pate:naD Robert GIlli' A.Tllmer._.
.lam. Dochard John Fotteet Jam"" Grindlq 8..8~ • • SUIIael Fal_
Natbanle1 Darroeh • JobnAndrew WIIllam Stltt Jamlll Smith, • • Joba Pate
ColLn Clmpbel1 . John GaIlacber JI.lehael lfUl"Jlh.y Prude WIIaoII, - . Da'l14 TarHlH
WIllIam R. AIih... BughDuncan Bobert A. HaIm_ W.Xnrdocb, - . WIlI1amC.....
JOOn Dtn1d1oa J"'!"Pb K8DIl<Idy Camet'On 8.. CnnDlIIgbllll. eor. A. RoINI'taaIi
llobert W:yw.
Robirt T"lront
Robert 9mlth
RobertJl.·W. . . .
"Mo Mu.fIlI, cor.
lobn Maok.'III-, eor.
B.ebert Pom.r-
.JobIa X ....
Wllllam oameroa

A. ll'Jteebllte Al'ch.ll'N= W. If'Oeeeban, cor. JoIul Wan:.
A. D. 1l01lG!1elf J_M'Do d J_Calder WlUIam 1l1ll... 1. cor, JoIm AIlaa
A. G. Maetu:1Ime J""'IIIFonwt J. JoImIIIoa, L cor. JoIul~
![eat J_X- Bobert Tb:L.- G.W.Ro_ _
Wun-Btt l. ea.mtnc.1 .....
~Wu.. . . . . OOlq~ W. B. XNOIIIm J'-PIIIlIr.L ..... no.. .......

184 LIoIJIU'bhire. I Ban. Newau.. 8cr. John .'.A1l.i!Itar Wm.D~ Ja'mee Mlllor
(Gku""",.) i AdAm Wylie,_.
Robort.8hnw, ....... flnniel M: ']t"y
William M'Kanzlo
Alexander Du.IY
Robert Downio
J ames Steele
lI. capt. Wm. )I'Indoo, cor. John M'Buwheu John Druulmoud Robert Benwick;
G. l1ettL John Pentland. eor. Andrew ){"lIoch Jam"" ){<JODOY Hugh Cbalmere
ensign JlUIlee MItA:heil, """. Robert C. )Iurray John Alllloll John Allan
R. ~dtll', - . John Garth. cor. JAm.' RitA:hie Jam... Hamilton Goorgo M'Ji'....iaue
])avid Mit.e:heU, oel'. Rob. Bbanka, 1. cor. John Sandilands Ooorgo ){'Dougall William RoId
Roberl Well'. Ber. W. Altchlaon, L car.
Robert Robertaon .)ohnCbal.....
Gaviu Walker. Hr, Jameo Btnulg. L cor. J&lnOS Downie Walter~n
Robt. PMl'lIOn • ..,... John 1IuIIJ'O, L cor. John Stewart Wm. Watson J_lawrle
N. Cadenhcad. cor. WDlIam Saw_ WUliam Btc_rt Wm. Gou.rlay Jam.. MuJr
Ben:ry PooI.e, cor. Thomn.o Forrester GoorgeTholllllOll Robert A.Ird
Gee. An~. car. Jam"" Kaye Alexander Wood 1i7th Luarbh1re. William Muon
JII!'- .Bennett. L cor.
Willi&ln ~ 1. cor.
Andrew Loga.a
Thomas Clyde
Alexander Yuill
Andrew W. YullI
(". ) F. M'Mallon
John M'ClMhnn
ThOmM &eel, L cor. John Malcolm J.X.lf.acl<easi."
Robe:rt YullI J. GIuB, lilIu_t
Gllbert Clark, L oor. Jam... )(.Kay J ..m .. WesI; G.8blrlaw.ensIgn
Arthur Femer John Held John Wbitcford J. Steele. _t._rg.
1i8th r..D ....V hi....
fIO~~denon George SutilerllUld James A.ndm!au
Robert BoyIe
Jamea M_ball, Mr. (9"",,_>
Fra.nela llan7 John 1!&lston Robert SteeIe, .... J lIS. Thomson, ""pt..
W'lliam Brown
John Cadenhead
RobertJ.1I'. Bunter J! Brown
John Jleld
FlWlda AIlliIgham
Robe:rt CNoIg
John Dunlop
Thomaa Bell, ....
Wm. ThOlDllOll, .er.
A. Bbirlaw, Her.
H. Colqulwun, lleQt.
-R. Blaclr.burD, _._
Tholllllll Cannichaal !!h!~r!.~=
Waiter French
John Gilbert
Robert Douglaa, cor. -r-._.I
ThOll. R. Addi., cor. - Ha,y. 8el'.
Wllllam Oaniok Alennder Small George J aa.p Wm. )I'Oresw, cor. Nixon, Her.
lIatthew CI&IIUId John Cmlg Wllliam Lockhart John )I'MInn, cor. -, 1l'Indoe, aer.
WllIlam Cnmllton Georg.o TholXlllOn J amet! Saidler Wm. Shirla..... - Wadd,,11, ear.
Benry Danald.ton Peter Wright RobertSwan John MuJr - Munro, cor.
WIlllam DoupIl Jam .. Scotland Robe:rt WaddeU Ale>:. WatAoon - }fair, eor~
Peter Danald Jam... Flndlay Jam""W..ugh Robert Lees Wi\!On. cor.
wUUam BrsItIne Ja.mes Calderwood WaltA:r Waugh JamOll Watoon W right, 1. car.
J ameli Elder John Gordon Willfam Wi1liamaon Ada;m RoId - M'Gregor. I. cor.
Jam .... Gemmel1 wnllam J. EUIson John WIItIton J. Wallaee, hon.
Jamee Gnr.y Metthew Burt .r8IIl0ll memo
Bugh Haddow Alnander Roes 66th LanarkJhire.
Al.ex. M'Aula,. J ames Denove.n
Dav!d BaatIng John Dunn (BotllllfiL) Jamea I..\vIng1Itone James8tar1l:
DaVld Bedriotp Bugb Welahman A. Turner, captaiD John~ John lA>....
Jam"" Bendereon James Dunnacble J. Baln, lleutonant John CIarl<e John FUnn
, Davld Bennedy John lAul'e'll"" D. Lockbart, enaIgn Robart lAwrio John lil'Guire
, Peter Jardlne John P. Davldoon T. J., oer. Wm.Skead Davld 1.0....
RoberlJohnston John C Be Wm. RankOll. _ . John Patereon Thomn.o Gmnt
, Alexa;nder]tlng Robert 'Biaoe'1t John Long, _ . Nell Andcramt Edward Black
: ~~~~ WiUlam A. Celdwell Jam"" Scott J &mea Patereon Pnwcis M'GIllre
, Ga.vln MartIn IilithLaDarkahiH- Andrew Rlntoul Dunco.n M'Th:ma1d John Cempbell
ThomllllAdAm JamcsDunw., ThomlllJ Hahon
Charles XJller (LatIart ) JamCII B. Bumet. Robert llra:nd' John Shepherd
, ])avid G.1IilIer, •
, Thomas Mltchel1 Wm. lleIVam. capt.. John CeIms Wm. Peddlo John Rse
I Alexander Moire FA"(&rd GUroy, lleut. James S. Connell WaIter Stlnton Gee. Rae
John ]{om.on D,md 8todart,enaign J amCII CnIiIf Wm. Thom-.. !at John M'Knlght
~ Andrew M 'Bride A. M. Adam&, II1I8I&. Robart Elclfuton Wm. Marehall JamcsAdama
, Ne1l M'Ewen surgoon Robe:rt Ffemfng Goorgo MarllhaIl J/UDOB 1Iillar
J ",wee M'lntooh Rev. A. Macready. Hugh Flemfng naotd Hamilton Fmnel.s MtIllro
. John M'lntoeb chaplain John FottMt Wm. Thomson, lid Henry Walker
; John M'lUe John Annan. jICr. John Finbl,y Robert Douglaa Henry Wall:Gr8
I John M'Klnlay James Wood, - . ])avid Gllmour Daniel Crichton Waiter H'KlDnon
,])on&Id H'Nell John Boog, Il0l'. Davld Geddoa Wm.8tro!n Thomas Morrlson
,Da'Vid liU"bR Gee. C&lnl,bell, ...... WiIliam Ro.IItie Robe:rt LotbIan Honry HRrtiey .
'Jame& P"tcnon James B. Yulll, ear. And. Beudenon, 1st J ames N ewlaDdlI Charlea )I'Na!r
'WilUam Pea,noon Jamea ll',ct, cor. John Hewitt BryceJ. M'Aula,y Jamee M'IIIllan
I WilHam Pea .rohn Y051' cor. Gaviu Hewitt
And. H",,<!ol'llOll. 2d
Robert London wil.llAm John lloyd
J)&vid Phlllipe Ju. Helklo on, oor. Thom&!! Whitc8ldC
iDaYid Batt2'&y Alex. Pt> 0, cor. John Hendenwn James Llndall,y
,Wi1lIa1:n Robeort1lon Wm. RltA:hio, I. cor. Wm. HOIldOl'llOn Ada;m Nicholaon John Lalng
,l!'AI,_Td ~d Wm Llndaay. 1. cor. Alex. HamUton Atchd. Kirkland John Gallagber
WIlliam RwI8eIl Allan Bee, L cor. Jam"" ltont John Mackenzle TholD88 MitA:h.u
.W1lJiarn SIren. Davld Brown: L cor. Jamet! L1tUl1lohn Robe:rt Baxter John Gordon
'~SmIU1 John Alexanaor Robert M",,\d8 Robert Alnww John Raddow
~ Smitb Robe:rt Auderson Wm. M'Doug&lI WilIiam Brown WDlIam JlII& WIlson.
:\Villlam Smart Jam... John H'Coll ,\leXlID<U>r Loudon Andrew Nelaon
~daUl 8co'IaDd Ninlan Barrle Atchd. X'K!llnon Robert M'.lWtb Thom.. M~
:o.,rid Tod.d Andrew Boa John M'Allllne William Bailie JamOll Laden
Thomas TurnbuIl Thomas Brown Alex. Mltr..neU GavinAllan Morrlaon Tayior

J.-pb Warrlngton WiUlam Crlchton m""
J .. Pollook
Wm. Pollook
Willirun Scott.
])avid YooI
Thomas Buc1wlan
Thomae Rendereon
d Wbyl;e Alexander Curdo
obn Wilaon J _ell D\mlop ])avid PorteoWl Robert Psttlgrew , ThOm&8Bay
JlljaIn WIIoMID Robert Dunn George RussaIl ThomasRold I ThomaaCuihbGrt:am
)lunge Dymock Henry Ro.fllMd Gcorge Tayl... John JQhn8ton
Jlth J:,aDarbh1re. ~~G:r; Robert Scot.t
Robe.'!. Btcwa:rt
Wm. Crichton George Dick
I (Ql~.) J"",,,,, R&mC Wm. Shields Wm. 8p!ingall Alexander Renfrew
Wm. Jlorler, ea'PtaiD Rohert Henebllwood Wrn. ThomlOll Wm. LothIan Willlam Ainal1c
peter Fclton, )feut. James Hender80n John Watson Wm.Cullen Riab.e.rtlRoM
wm. 81llitb, enaip Laumnoe HIaIop Wm. Wood J amee Dahrle1 Jame.BIacli::
1!1iroeB Logan. - . MatthewKay Wm. Young Jamet!lI"""n Jam.... Crlghton
!UC.lL ld. Bro1nl, _. Robert 1.ongmuJr Wm. R.Drake Jame!! Roid WIllIam ll'.!&waD

69th L&II.arbhire. Hugh Breakcllrldge Henry Proud James TellJlllIlt John Smart., 1IeI'.
James Fleming. _.
~~~~ ~:~W,bcll
(GllUgMI.) DuncBII C~mpbcll ThoJD&ll Rosa
John S. Dewar Adam Kerr Ale,.. Smart, _.
John Bnnkler, lieut. Neil Id'Eachnlllc J oscph Id' Phail Jaa. Y. Adams H. 8tlrling, oer.
P. Robcrtson, enalgn J. }o'a.lrbainl Willinm Anderson John Grloreon C. C.....1&, cor.
Hugh M 'Kenrie, ser. A. Fletcher Alexander Kerr William G. Eopie W. Lochead, cor.
.1ohn Wadde~ su. Wm. N. Hendersoll John aillle. Robert Paddle T. Boyl., cor.
000. Thom80n, ser. John H!810p Adam Walker J oscph Chrlstlo J. Pnterson, 1. cor.
John Docherty, !!Cr. A. Cameron Donald Kcnnerly. Robert Rltchle J. Drummond, 1. =.
Arch. Lelteh, ser. Wm. C1ark James 8incJslr WIlIlam Gilchrlst W. 8ncddcn, 1. ""r.
Alex. Id'Donald, eor. DonBld Id 'Ewan Duncan Id'DoIlgnl! Wllliam:A. I.ockbart A. Thomson, 1. cor.
John Gray, CQr. John }( 'Grogor J. W. Flemington J ames Henderson John Dlcki"'"
J .... Cameron, cor. Archd. Froebairu
John Kelso Alex. G. GUmour
:Robt. Id 'Ewan, eor. John LerulOX Donald M'Kinnon John Calder
Davld Hunt, 1. eor. John IAwsou Jam""Yollng James Glen John HamP!!&1
G. Thom80n, 1. cor. Matthew Id'Lenn J. B. M'Cnllum Duncan M'Arthur Davld White
D. M 'Kinnon, L oor. AleIBllder Cume RobertHoo:Ie
Robert Mel vin
A. Colquhoun, 1. cor. John C. Munro John HastInga Wm. W. White
AleIBllder Smith James Monteith Johnston Paterson John Camoron
Andrew Paterson Duncan C. MiIlroy Hugh M'GU""y 84th L&II.arkahire. AIeL Brown
Hugh RusoclI Colin M'Nlcol Jehn 8ft1.ith Thomaa Cralg ,
.lames Bowman (Bul/lnvltn.)
Jam"" }('Farinne David Brown D. Oolquboun
John M'Le1lan Patrlck Held J """e. Farle, captain Mathew J acltaon
Charl"" Rohin WWlamHae J. Matheson, lIeut.
A. Ramony Aleunder r Robert DrwnmOlld I
Robt. M' Ale,.. Boott WiIllam Miller John C. Matheson, Bobert Kitchen
WiIlinm Tulloch A. H. Robertson Anthony LY80n onsIgn Robert Richanlaon
J oscph Hemphill lIartin MuIr, ser.
John CamlJ:ll JOhnT~?or John Conacher John Hunter
Wm. Davidson, ser. G. M'Lean
Charles M' ugaJl
W. W. IlUamaon
Francl. Younger
WU iIoon Geo~teel, ser. John Thomson
WiIlinm 8cott Wm. Bucbanan John Lamont J. M' lan, &er, JohnGraJw:n
Fred. Longmulr JamesDou~ JamesAndrew Arthur ~n, oer. J.B.Butcheoon
Thom.. Fllhor Ronald M' nald Matthew Armour Jamas W to, cor. Jam"" PinkertaD
John JamlO8On Thomaa Hunter DonaldDow Robert M'Call, cor. Jun<J8Onham
Wm. M'Munlo Donald M'Kechnie John Menzlos T. T. Robcrtaon, cor. JunesRo~
Daniel Dochcrty John Cha1mers John M'Intoah Thomaa Long, cor. R. Klddie
WaJtcr GrnhaU1 Adam Brown John R. lrvine James Hodge, 1. cor.
DanlelMunn T. P1tc1\1m, 1. ror. Wm.Fle=
Duncan Galbralth John Held John Mars
Rob. Camcron, 1. cor. Jam"" GenunIII
=~b~ck-re James M'Kechllie
John M'Artbur
James Murray
Andrew MUI.. D. Warnock, I. cor. Davld Edmund
CharI08 "\lc:xander Ale,.. 8tevonaon Alex. Ferguson Andrew Leitch Aler. Lang
Robt. Carrlck AlellBllder 1I 'CaJ.I
Robt. Wylie Wm. BiIlanda
lIBloolm M'FlU'inne John King Gerard I rvine James Macfarlme
John P. Eadle Dona1d Campbell John Barr Robert Hill John Wick
Henry Hunt J. B. M'intoah Robert M'Crsth WiI\Iam Cralg John Reld
WiIlinm Turncr Duncan Campbcll John Fyfe Robert Ure
Daniel M'Arthur Ale,.. Fisher 834 LaDarbhire. Alexander M'Artbur WalterGow
John Divot John HWop GI<Uf1"""') John Stevenaon A. M'CaIIum
AlellBllder Wyllle (
DavldF~n Jam"" Park J. Dlcldson
David Wiloou ~ Lowe, cnpt. A. Allan
Duncan B J... Inclslr, Heut. J BIIle. Altken
Jam08 ThomlJOIl John Robcrtson Gnvln Pateroon Jam<J8l1trlr
George Khmaird Davld Watt, ensign
Wm. Waddcll
N ell 8inclslr
Davld Ore;'" ser.
C. Aleun er, ser.
~::li'::J John White
Richard Ben
W. Brown WUliam Pulton Jam08 AlIan
John Cowa.n W. W. Ro.., ser. John Cooper
Georgo Morrlson Wm. Gerdner. ser. Wm.Th~
Robt. Reooh John M'Fadyen Robert Camerou W. Dalirlei.~
George Jnckson Robt. Mlll'llhaJI, ser. Wi\llam MIlIr
Dtmoan Bannatyne John Smltb, cor. John Femer
JnmesGmbam Davld i>Utul Davld SlmJ*m
Davld Thom80n 8lH taurbhire. Davld SclandeJ'l!, cor. Davld Orr
Robert Young, cor. Henry Black
Goorge Douglaa (fa (}(tug. BIglo!4f1d.) Tho. Beulden. 1. 00•. D. Cam~boll
Ale,.. Bryson Robert . Murray 68th~
Arch. Rodger G. 11. I[err, captain A. Crothe ...., 1. cor. Davld M'Call
John Hllwilton MaJc. C. »acgregor, Alex. Brand, 1. cor. (GIGIg_.)
AlellllDder M. Boyd.
J. }('Donald, 1. cor. WllIiam Warnock
Robt. Hunter J.'
John D. Alien Andrew Waroock John p..w-. u..u.
80th Lanarkahire. Wm. C. Hamilton
Robert 8tewart
Davld Fraser
John R. Flint
Jam"" Barclay D. Btewart. ~
M. lI'Callum,_.
OltGI...,. BIglo!4nd.) Rod. B. M 'Klnnon Robort Gemmlll
J. N. Cameron Robert Bainbridge John8te_"".
D. Jlacfnrlan, capt. Donald M'lntyre John Reld Oeorge Black, .....
D. Campbell, lieut. W. L. Rome
lAchlan M'Klnnon John Gallo,....y Thorn.. Klnnon Robert. Dab:lell. 00:.
W. Wb$tc, el1Blgn John Roberttion Malcolm M'Arthur John Brown
Henry kunro., _.
T. D. Bucbanan, AieL Henderoon John Morrlson Andrew Cook John M'Calhua.. ~.
&8II!st. -BUrg. Robert Harri80n JamesGrove .A.lellllDder Barclay John....DtU.ieU,
Jam Luood_ _ ea_
Colin Ca~bell, ser. Andrew Robertoon Wllllam Hamilton W. E. RobeTtson
.lames M ,ser. .1ohn Park WiIl!8m Taylor James Robart""n Rob. 8hep~ NI_
AlInn M'DonaId, ...... An~ Mltchell John Harper John M'LachllW Lewts~ Lea
John Pulton, _. Ne! Campbell DavldBrand Duncan Cook J. M'Knmcm. L """
Davld lIaclure. ser. John M'DougaJI AlclIBIIder M 'Queen .A.rchlbald MuIr Jam.... lAud«. L " ..
B. Carmlcbaal, cor. Ronald M'Dougall J. B. Roberto JOO!8ph SmUh., l N
Andrew Hozlo
~~~:T~,:~. John M'D"a"
John AllI80n WlIllam Guthrle John A.Itchlson Al""""'der~
Poter M'Brlde WUUam Rlchardson John Douald
John Rltchl.., cor. John MUler J. R Gardner W'aillam~
J. Fergu.ocm. I. oor. .1ohn Luak AieL Wat80n
R 8. llacCarlane JameeWU-
W. Stewart, 1. oor. WllUam lI'~de B. Tarlor AlellJlllder L,ylo
JohnNeU Alex. M'Do Samuel Wl\oon 86th LaDarbhJre. FrauciaWn-
John AIlIfUI! Wm. Robertson Robert Sclandel'll (BKt/lnvIm.) Th01I1&ll )(~
JohnBrown Arehlhald M'Call
John cameron Ohaa. S. Corklndalo J. Fleming, Ueut. Wl1llam )( "Oaoai
Thom ... Wataou George Nap\., W. I,. Dunn, enalgo AndnnrKiD.
Jam""ll. Dry"" Fergwo Oowan John ThnlUOll W. W. Gorman. ler. .1amosOra,y
~ La.t!.arkJIhJro- Jamoo B. M'DoIlIl'&lI
C01'IllftUfd. W1lli&m M'Farmeo 70th Lanarkllhirt. WUIIam Andel'l!On
Daniel Ste.1
Konnrlh M. lIiDer
WI1tIatn ll'Culloch WllUam M'Adam ' (GUugflU'.) Jam ... IAwthor Andrew :Bownl..,1
Jam .. M'XI\Y Wllllam Muckle Wil'~~utton IngUo. John 11'Douald WlIlIam MOrri8
And ........ Lltbgo.... John MUrdocl' John M'Fadyon Jamea M'Keau
wtlllam Perey Fmncl. Miller Wm. Macby, ens. John DrlnDAn WiI.Uam SandorHOn
Jam... Carrick John MllIo. Jonn Jnglli!, ""r. WUIIam Barkn..... Henry Oats
Charles Watson Archllmld Morrloon r'. Walker. oer. Jam•• M'Xenzie William MQ88Dlan
W1lli&m Wood WUIIam Mllroy Geo. Ferguson, ocr. WillIam Llddell Ja,m.o Ollllea
Bobort Carruth P'lemlng Marabo.ll R. Jeflrey••er. James Symington John M'han
WilUam M'Luro Wllliam 11ltehell Obadlah Booe, &er. JOlOph AtklllllOu Matthew OoHlo
John Pearaon JamesNoble 8tephen Alley John Binn\e Rubert Fulwn
Wllllam W&I\ace Willlam &eburn lvle Conper John Brown Jam... Goldle
lfooes Pollnck Alexand.... Stad....ard.
John .'u'buckle Alexander 1I'Ortg<>r Tho""", Rodgor
WiDlam DennlII Jam .. Splers BobertAnd,..,.... James I..<ang llarid C&mpbcll
Davld Cran Richard. Smith Jamoo Pandor Jam ... Wllaon Robert (......w(ord. 2d
Hamilton X'Alt.ter Louis Stew..rt WUllamLnke Peter Auld J .... Brown
Wllliam Collln. John Steuart John Ponder John lIIathleaon Jame. Porter
Ja.mee Bankicr FergwIOn Tonnant John 'MartIn John Johnaton Alexander M'Lood
PeU" FarrelJ Jamoo WllAon Davld M'CoII WlIlial:n .lfulr John Connoll
WIlUam Mnllen John Webater Andrew Young J amee L1ndaay Thom... Sinc\alr
Samuel Po"""t Goorge Winter I ..ule Baln Duncan .lnclalr WllUam Deans
Campboll GreenhlU Daorld Johnatone Will lam Wtigbt Johu Edmonotono
Bobort 8te....Art Jam08 Marshllll
69th Lanarkllhire. David WIIllam M'Cull Wllllam Held
Thomas Davidson M'Coll John BaIn James Smith
Waiter Nel1 (11!a1qcnt. ) John Paterson John M'KAy Gearga Smith
G. Th!'mson. caplaln John Crichton

Bugh M'Geachy WUUam Clarle John BIll, jun.
W. &. Mac1aren
Hugb M'1I""hon
Aleu.Dder Muon
T. Barclay, enalgn
James Tbemaon, Waiter )lacl""" ~::'~e 7Scl Lauarkllhire.
J obn Baroollr &er. Duncan M'Coil BtlIlI711a1'l'l1ml1 (OUrl>lh.)
Dennla 11 'CaIbo
John Trotter
John GUlan
Alu.. Hunter. ser.
John Dow. ser.
Davld Marquis
WIIlJam Innes
C1aud Wllson
Sam neI Cooper
T. Matthe...... capt.
A. C. Solk:lrlc. \1flut.
A. Meecw, ser. Wm. 8. Kerr. eW<ign
wtllIam 8Wwvt D8\'1d Parleer, Oer. J""'08 IJougIao Davld Cameron John Forrest, ser.
Tho....... Shepherd
.Tohn KIrk
Aln. Goldle. cor.
Wm. Giboon, cor.
John Morrlson i~~ tm~ John GardIIHIr, Mr.
Hugh Do\lld4ll Davld DIck, Mr.
.Tam" Young
J &ID 08 M'Connell
Wm. Andonoon. COr.
.Tamee Cowle. cor. ~~~~;'Giboon JOIlICPh Halbort
Samuel StcWart
Goorge &e, &er.
WUIIam Dick. er•
L. Ru...U. I. cor. Alexander RaAkin
Bobcrt Bordman W"'ter Young. cor.'
88th Lanarkdlire. J. M'Donald, I. cor. Thom... Lobb Jam68 Hunter Bob. P~w. cor.
P'\n1ay M'Call, I. Bobort Ure
(11ItUj/01II.) Duncau Skinner Wm. M'l{au~hton John Mite ell, oor.
cor. Bob. TholllllOll. cor.
W. M. Nellaon. capt. W. Prentice, I. cor. Th"""," Mact..rcn 8
WIlUam tI.r U8 John Lelper, I. cor,
11. Martini, llellt. John Band Samnel Connell
Waiter Arbuckle 724 La:Aarkllhlre. A. Tudehope, I. cor.
11.1... Grah"",.enolgn GeorpG ....y
Thomas Short, ""T. AIel<. Pbilllps Thomas Patience '~'-".)
(11- --
Sarn. Murray, 1. oor,
Th"", lI', I. cor.
J &ID'" BalU1e. &er. J amee Maitland Wllliam Scott J. J. Mulrhead. capt. John 8cott
Davld Dry"", Mr. Ale%. Threlpland Dol\jamin Mackay .T. M _ Ueut. Thomas Pettlgrew
Adam Peebl..... &er. Thomu ShArpo Alexander Rooch N. M'PhaII, cnalgn JamCl! SomervlUe
Thoe. Lawrence, cor. Arehd. Pooble. John CUthberhOll D. M'CIdloch, &er, TbOm&8 Young
Davld Oiboon. cor. Rob4lrt Bepburn John Campboll W. FerguMOn, set. Bobcrt Jenldns
.Tou Ftn'gUoon, cor. Wm. O!11esple Bobert Black R. Sugar, _. John Barrle
11...,.,. Mnnn, cor. Wm. Pettlgrew JamesPerry W\U1am Taylor, &er. Hugh Ph1lIpa
50hn Adam. I. cor. JohnM'lAan Thom"" :BI&ck J. M'W'attera, _. James KeIly
Jam"" Good, 1. cor. Wi1llam Bulk. ThollllUlStecl J. Cunnlngham, cor. ArchIbald Boot!;
Jam. Look:lo. I. cor. Johu Borke Thoma&Bl'Own John Lawaon, oor. Peter Stewart
Wm. Whyta. I. cor. J ........ Miller HtlIlI7 Sutherland Waiter YulU. oor. WIUIam Matth .....
Aleunder Stewart
AngU. Andenon
Alexander Black
Samuel Bannl\h
Wllllam Andersou
Jam.. Donholm Wm. Smith. 1. COl'.
Wm. Cochrane, cor. John huer
wmlam Crawford
.Jam" Barr Ebeneser Rlddoch John Miller J. Hutehlaon. I. cor. , WllUam )lOrton.l.t
Hllgh &lllIe John Anderson DougaII M'Taggrut G. Melklejohn,l.oor. : Bobert Llndaay
.John Brown Matthew Ollmonr Samuel DlckHou D. lllUer. I. cor. WUllam Reid
.John BlaIr D. M'CoPDoohy Hebort .lforri1oon Albert DullUer ; WllUam Morton, 2d
~~ ~u~me
Robert BlaIr Jame• ....,..,n 'llIt Lanarbhire.
Wllllam Buckl.". AdI\m Grant ..Y:=L 1
.Aleu.nder BlAMtt WIIlIam Kenb «(JI.a.IgwI, ) Adam Ktrkpatrick Samuel Perg\lSOD
Donald Blru:k WIIllam Chapmtln J. Murdoeh, caplaln James Nlven James Mortan
.JobD Connoll Thomu Herrlot W. 1... Eo M'Lean, It. Dunam )('Ca.llllm Jrun.. H. Stewa.rt
Jam •• CArdey l>Ilu.-n :Black J.C.Bunten,eD&lgn W1111am Dre_ Jamee G.1!!tewart
.Jam. Camerott Bobort Douglas John Hamilton, IOr. DanleIM'lllJ.Ian W!Ulam Burn.
John Doble John M 'Lll:ren Willlam DlckIo, &e'. John Gentle8 Thomas lMhlan
WIIllam Dlngwall Cbarlee BIIl'rU Chaa. M'Kenzie....r. John 8cott. Jam.... Euton
Ale%Allder Duff WIlliam 8tewart Wm. Crawford. _. Jam08 M'Lel1an WilUam Gegg
Fnmcl. Falrley Davld Tennant R. Altltenhead, cor. John M'Pvlane Jam... Cook
.h>hn Gllinour M..tth.... Buasell Aiel<. K.lri<wood, cor. Jam .. Gentlee James FotTeSt
Thom... G1ennle Wm. Cnmmlng Pater /mrie. cor. John M'Connel! James Diemn
'l'hom.u G1enerou Ale%. Stew&rt J. )('Cr\ndle, I. cor. PolAr Bolland Bobort Young
WIlIIam BIll Wm.Brltbane A.. Thomoon.1. cor. Robert &Ilinl1all Wllllam ThomllOll
WI1lIam Hood Alex. ComIachar Hugh Hollnes. 1. cor. WUIIam Martfu George 8. Barvle
Davld LlndMy Hugh Kerr John Oilchrltt John Marshall Bobert era....rord
John Lyall John Caldorwood Bobort Brown DIWIeI M'Kende Alexand.... 8 _
WUlIam Uthgcw Donald )( 'N aJ.r Charlee Houston WUIIam Alexander Bobort Dick
Archlbald M'lI::oUar J"",.Wlllde John Mltehell AIlan Davld WRlker
Hugh )I'Cr\ndle John Jobnaten Davld Campbe11 Daniel Wllten . Thomas Wa_
.Robert )('Dougall Dooald 11 'Coil Wm. Butterworth Bobert C.,.wford, lat Anlhlbald Taylor

A.Je.L )I'Pu'lane WIIlIam Lynch Jam .. FlBher Aloxander Bro1l'll Robort Foeter
.J_)('Jtem Bobort IIDilth Jow Goodwin WWlam 8cott ; John Smith.

1Sd Lanarkshire- AdamGo... die 71th Lanarbhire. ~v1d.T. Dunlop .Tobll SmIth, lot:
comin....J. Andrew l1' EWlIll W. P. Lowrle John La...
(GIIu(lOW.) .T....eeeam .......
Alexander Pilla.wI D. West JohnDu~
John Raid James emlbi Wm. ThomllOn. O.T.B. John Smith, X
Andrew Dyrne DavidCmlbi Wm. NeU.on, llellt. John Loehore Jotepb )l·
John TumeI: Wm. Cooper, eoaIgD Robert. BIshop R. Cre
14th :r.a&r1alh:ir9. Stewart. 'hit D.P. Lo1ll'._. John Parkm" A. Bell
John M'Cash HUlCh Flnlay,8C'. Andrew StAmhouao G. M'G1ll
(fJl.aIgotD. ) J.W.Roao,,..... Alel[andClr RaaIda
William HarIdn8 WUlIam Hunter
John B. llacBra,yno, WilIlam Wa1Iaee Robert. EaatoD, aer. W. G. Holl J.o..1In
ca~ain JamlltlLyon W. A. )lonou,_. George Sk:ln:oer A.ToU_
W. mmlng, licut. John Roes Jahn Gedd.., COT. ~lolll'MUIllD J&meo BaJle
Alex. Sword, enolgu Georgo Robartooll D. D. H'Daaal!t, cor. All .... Granger Joeeph Fletchar
Jam"" ){'ere"th, aer. JohnF....- J ameo lI('£1II'&I1, car. Andrew Flaming
Edwln L. Adams Peter MorriIlon Malcolm Adam, cor. James C. Andenoon Samlle! WJIIe
Jam .. AInJ<.tWder Wm. Ware, I. cor. Rabert l\and
Wm. J. Armsl:rong
J. M'DougId
John Wa.nrick Dnncao CI.r~ I. cor.
J. K. Flnlay. • cor.
~il~&i~ GeorlJ8J1~
C. )('J)ooUd
Alex. Melvilla Samuolll 'CIIIl
Charl ... Dorrow
A. Brownleo
F. Braldwood
Goorgo Green
John Bell
C. Sacks
John .Morm...
John M'l.&ughUn
Thom.. Howe.1. cor.
Ale:land... W yllle
J"meoBalrd .
J. B. Hamilton
H. Drodie
Robert. M.lddleton
A. Glrier
J. Ha.rrta
G. WoodGIId
Arch. &llantyne John ll'Lo.ugh.ll.ll a"vln Bp\en Robert .M'Nab
A. S. D. Colquhoun P. Corrigan Rahert l('Jntoeb J. Lyle lid Luaazb1dr:a.
W. Y. Craig P. M'Dcvit J ahn M'CnUaeh Ja.m08 W. Ande1'l!On (ma-.)
J. t'laritson George O. a_ad
Xonneth Douglu
John M'Fadyan
John LIIId...y
John Ito\:Jert<I<>n K.Bo~"
J. Nieol, IIUt.
Andrew DUllC4n
JameaWlloun Ja.meoD~
Andrew Ha.Ig A. B. Calqnh01J1l Willlam.M' Wm. It-. 8II.tIIp
John Dryadale JOSCl>b Boyd J. M'Lauchlan -Fi~_.
John Davidson 71ml Lu.arb1lire. Allan BOna!OD G. M. PlayCoJ.r
000. Bauodtoot, __
Robert FaWll& (Port-DKAdaB.) Robert WlIIon Daniel FnMr John Gilm._.....
S. F'ra8er Alexan4er R. Wrlgbt John lIiu'Oh&J1 WIlIIem W...... -..
R. G. Plnlay W. Harvey. ""~n J. C. Caropb811 Matthew W ilson Wllliam Cook,. __
A. P. Ge1loway R. Reodman, out. WlUlam Gllthrle Rob. JI'CaJl...... _ .
Douglas .MUll'$)'
Davld Goldie J. Harv:,r.' ensign Jobn G. BtBwart. TholWLS Crawford CiIIIries NIcoI, _ .
JIUn .. Gold;o ~vld C dwell,_. ThomuMWer
WlIllam Howo Davld Reid, ser. James loIUler
Wm. J. Canewe1l J~"'"
M. CQt..
Thoma. Holm. Robert. B\1II8eIl. !!er. M. T. Clarlt Andnnf JlartID. __
JohnTurnbul1. ""r. R. F. Eoston
Thom .... H. Bume I W. R. 8te1lI'art Jam... Douglaa Wllliam Rcld., L_.
o"orge J etfrey Henry Stcwart, ocr. Ale:under BeaWe
John Baln Patnek lIi~h8n LouIslllt.eheU, 1...,.,.
J. Kennedy R. 5. R1ntonl S. G. G. CopeIItako BenryTaylor. L_.
Andrew Lyon Robert Jlaln WlIUam K'Leod
DnvldBegg Robert. AlIan Samllel Grey. L ear.
Jameo Lopn J obn Tenoent John Alexander lOhnK:!t
Wm. MAcmtosh George B"iTell Rob
William Bum>ll ThomuBrown John Blac
Robert M'Klrdy Alexander Ban- J_os Bl-oadf~
Corbet Mudla Peter BrowDlie
John~ John B<wa
John 1dltch..U Thom811 BrownliG
Jame. A. Cemaro:n.
Androw MoIfat
Robert Mulrbead
William IIrydon
Nel.l.IOameron I Jablle...
W. C. Smith
Jobn Thomson
John Hen
Th"""", Nlebott J amea Ca.riylo Thom.. Dnnoan
J ramee F<>rrooII; R. F. Alexander JohnDuniop
John Niool John Garven John A. lWth • J obn M'Oi1\'n1¥
Thomu PaDl WlIlIam FoI'l'C8t A.B. M'~W11
Alounder Fonest Matthew M. F'nIse!' Pet.erCameron
Peter Robertson P.M.Rou John Guthrio Smith JamN BorlllDd. •
P. M'K. Blnclalr Duncan Forbea WIIlI"m BoUllOu
John Fulton Michael Honoyman ArohIbald Campbe1l
Loekhart Sugar J. B. Fonyth H. W. Button BughXeUy
Robert Sutherland Albert~ey Davld Benrlilge
WIlliam Haney WUliam Bwper
John Smell Davld JohUllOne
J_ Wllllam Mltehe1I
Arch. Stewart Blit Laaarladdre. WlIlIam Gl.JleBPe
w. C. WllIIemoou Pater
DavldThOlDllOll. (G".". ...) John Young
AlOl<. Aine1le John OgUvle John &.e
John Jobnatone Thom.. W. lIUIllIl G. GIlmOll.l', aptaI1l
75th LaDarbhire. Robert. JollMWne
J ameo GoWaDII John II:eamd1. IleU.
W.Grmt, eDIIp ~m<i;~
(Gla.Ifo!D. ) Alexander lIIill.. 79th Lanarkshire. John AIeuII41lt, ... OeorgeBUD_
J .... WilOOD, ...ptaI.n John MlUer John Cuttct, _. WUlIam SmIth
H. Berzfeld., IIeut. Ed...BrdMoIr
J. SandllaDds. en.oIgn WlIlIam Moflllt
A. O. Brown, capt.
Jahn Ed«ar.-.
John Il&vld.Ioo
Davld .M'QwIl:_
Th"". L1tbi!OW. _. James Martin Hugb Howie, Ilout. John RaakIII, • • JohnLl~
Robert. Wlloon, _. Jamee.M'Doaald W. ConIborn, lieut. A. Ai:bcor. J . - p hta_
A. Fomllltcr........ WUllam M 'CaIlum G. M 'Coll, en.oIgn Tbom~_. JOhnCol.~
earl Ahnste:r, _. Robert. Naim Dr M'Leod, I!W.'JI!IOU G.N. . _ . WlIlIam
C. ){'1aughlln, 1IOl'. Wm. Pleoderlelth R. Locltbart. Mr. J~h Flllldler, cor. Da.vid Llddel.
Ch.... c:lrbell, 001'. John Ra.nltlt>e Davld=:r. R. orrlloa, I. cor. Il&vId
D.Mlt. ..... Jnm .. Thoe. eer. R. IDIlop, L cor. John Immlto
Davld HOWIl Robeon Alex....... Glen, _. J. M'Xtmde, I. cor. Jam ... c-.a
Jobn l~l1mBdll1
H11gh Weil'
James "RUMoll
Jam... StcMUt
R. J. on-m.-.
C. Long, ....
A. Kaaltla, L cor.
Alexander K<J.....
w. B. Sb.a..
Mchlbaid Scott
G. Y. Strang, cor.
A. A. FeJ'lfll"OD, cor.
Peter BoJIe
J.Tho_ ~Mt~
I.. Kslloh Wilflnm Stoddmt. Wllli&tn Fraaer, cor. A.MIller J_e8~
Jam_h,,1 John 800tt .lohn ~, cor. T. Groaoart Thm:t:IM JI'}iW
Jo:dwBrd Bony WIlIIAm Smith D. M'Lead, cor. John Ne1U Robert. J-u-
John HrownJ ht M.oJ.ooIm Tumbll.ll W. T. Wllaon, L cor. A.HMI Ancl._Il·~
J()hn .ftnlW'D, ~<l Jobn WaIla.ce (,hM. PhiIlIpa. I.. cor. W. Turt.en
John &ott Willlam Watt Dtn1d Burr. L aor. Jam.,. Btalr 884 1 .............
Jam... Hannah Robert. wfllIo J. 1'. Paton John LaD« (~
JfUllce Altken Hugh W~t_.. D. M 'FllriaDe B. W,,_ RobertPlrrie.. . . . . .
Ooorge Dobbba JonnC. Alexander Kltcholl J. Leven J. FiDAIiJ.....
8sd Lanark.hire- Anguo T~ylor J. R. Lambert, eer. Adam )!oore John C. Tellll&Jlt
amt.iruud. John Anc.ll Th08. lIlaraden. _. Robert&nd......", Alexander 8elldrk
D. Hutcb_n, _. Alexander Hamilton A. Donaldoon, _. Samuel 8108D J. T. Andereon
John MorriBon, _. John Morrioon J ames Young. 881". Robert Snndenoon John L. X'CaIl
Thoo. Gi\Chrlot, eer. Wi\llam Walker Thomaa Barn.... _. Andnow Waddell Ilobert ~T8IlIIOIl
J8lIl"" YOWIlf, ...... I Jam"" Flemlni Robert Straua", cor. Wllliam Elder Jamee R. Gregmy
Andrew llulr, .... Willlam Forbeo John Hall, cor. Goorgo ll'PberBOn WUUam llartIn
Donald Fraaer, cor. N oil Cam8l'On Robcrt Raid. cor. Jobn T. Wil80n
John Po\look, cor. , Andrew W. Rati:my Ale,.. Pollock, cor. 88th La.Dubll!re, Robert M. Scutt
Peter Kidd. cor. Alexander MonJico John Smith, cor. (9",-) Alex.ander Soott
J. Newlanda, cor. J. Galb",ith, 1. cor. w. Robertoon, capt. Jam.. Kerr
John Pullar, L cor. 88th Lanarbhire. Aw. Maitland. 1. cor. W. M'WbInnla,lieut. J8m08 Woodrow
J amea Gn.nt, L 001'. (0"",,_) James Elder. 1. COT. A. S. Knowl........... Thomas K. Mulllg1ln
Robert &dIa, L cor. Mungo P. Wm. John Moodie, 1. cor. John Hay, _. John P. All....
John Wright, Loo•• Jam"" I'ruer, lieut. ,John M'Rae, 1. cor. J. StevelllJOD,_, John Dougl ...
John Young T. Humpbre.{, .. em. Thom""Liv_y James Dow, 8Ir. WilUam Campbell
ThOLn.B~ John K.imol y, oe •. ArchiboJd M'Ewan D&vid Fonyth, eor. IJavld IlTown
JaOlell Goldle Ch"•. M 'K4lIWd, ser. George Pollock Wil\lrun Aitoll, _. Luke Brewer
Campbell Hunter Robert Stewart, 1lCl'. DlmcanA~wn J. Robert.oob, oer. IJavld G. Blaik
Willlam Crawford Robert BelLh. ser. Robcrt Oil ie. D. M'lntyre, cor. Alox. P. Hutcbl.n8on
Jam""Walkel' John Stowart,. ...... John Flnlayson Wm. Meigluw, cor. Wllllam Young
WI.I1.lam Miller Thomas HaIg, _. A. M'lndoo A. Clark, cor. WillIam K.,...
Duncan M'Laren J. Gla.sgow, L oor. Jam"" M. M'Kay
:;,~~ John Reid, oor.
Davld Booth, cor. Jamoe CrRIg W. Hood, L cor. WlllIam Graham
Robert Curr Joo. RobiWlOll, cor. Gregor Watson Robert ThoDlllOIl John Strang
John Sh........ J am"" Booth, cor. R. H 'Farlano David Alton Jam .. D. Portooaa
Tbolll8ll SwiDtau J ames B6IIttie, 1. cor. John All""" Goo. SteveD80ll Jam .. )latber
Willlam M'Lo!laB M'GiIl, L eor. Dun""" 8lnelair Andrew Cook WI\llam Douglas
John Doig Th08. DickMm, L cur. Willlam Dtckie
Douald eawt':!.
Douald M'
J .... stewart.
J amos Logan
Wllllam GrIereon
Robert Otterson Ralpb Glasgow
J. Carrlek, ".."..
John CmIg John Sharp Robert Graham Poter Campbell 90th LanarJalhire.
John Stewart John M's-17 Andrew Hendry William HarkinB (lnitnal •. )
George RaoIdua Jam .. Smith John Brown Jobn Black Jas. M.>irbead, capt.
WIlliam M'Cro&*!e JamesEdF. Adam Kelly George Pridie Jobn Russell, lieut.
Douald M·Far...... Thom ... ;Sevln Thomas M'Cudden George D1ekaoll 80 men, nOD-com-
HobertM'~ Jam.. Wllkie William S~.on JamesWood mi..loned officen
Andrew CaIma Ed ward Cammock John Wil80n Jam"" M'Millan IlDd rIlIlk and fUe
John Andoroon Thomas M 'LeOO J ame. Munge Brown Thomas SWel.
Jam .. M'Donald WUlIam Locb~ Jobn Jamleson Charloe M 'Alhone Slat Laurklhire,
John Smith Angu. ll'Caskill Archlbald M'Nah Pctor Allan (Qla.ogov.)
WlllIam M'Dona!d John Sanderson Robert A.\Ian
Hobart ThomaGu. g:~oC~~: R. )('AuolllD L~chlnn WGll vray
Pat. E. Dove, ~
D. Lcnnox, 1I0u
Frederlck Montro8e John Gibben Alexander M·~ W. MRekay, enalgn.
84th l.uarbhin. John Stoodart Robert Wbyte John Haln 1'hoe. Aneott, oer.
(Ol<ugow.) Wil1iam Saint Robart Bn.oo ThomM Counell Jam.. Rankine, ser.
J obn Arthur, capt. TbomuMllDn Pnlrlek PW~ John Jenkina Jame. Clark, ....
J n... Thom8Oll, ensign WilIiam DavldaoD Wllliam Bo,. Robert M·Vi....... J. E. Taylor, ......
R ugh Alton, ser. William Turubull John D1ekle Ilugb M'Fie Wm. C1eLand, Ber.
John KIrtWmd,-. ThomuWard Jam"" Dleklo Alex. M'Lachlan Jao. Honderson, cor.
John M'Pboreon Ro~ ArcbiboJd
Cbarles WI'1I4M, _. John StirllnJi' cor.
Alex. Veitch, _. Mattbew Pollock Alo,.. Comes Hugh S. M ar, cor.
Rohert B"~ ..r. John Drummond John Brown Robert Muir Wm. Guthrlo, cor.
Jobn M. Smith, ear. Dovld Lawson WI\llam M 'Gregor Jam""Gmham J. Andel'llOD, 1. cor.
Hugh Wn-, car. And ...... Dewar Thom ... Calderwood Robert Grcellhom John Murray, L cor.
Jame. Law, car. David Borthwick John M'Kechnie JamesM'l\oil J. Whiteh\ll, L cor.,
J Illll"" A\lI.oon, ..,... Pcter AnderBOn Do vld Galbraitb J ame. Earle Leek James Greer, 1. cor.
J ames WIlson, 1. cor. Alnxander Dewar J ..mes AnderBOll Robert lIcpburu Thomas Biekle
Wm. Smith, 1. .'Or. Jam .. Taylor WIl\lrun Ward
Aloxander Keith
Thomas 8cott
John Soou1ler
Thom... Warden
Oeo. M'lntoeh, L cor. Thomas: WillIam M'Gown
John King, L oor. James Culh t WilliRm Bell Waiter Duchanall Gilbert Gardnor
Alex. Alexander William Christle William Tbomp80n "\dam Still WI\llam !!haw
Audrew Bal1antine Hllgb BJ'UOka J""eph M'Llntock Jam .. Liille
J am08 PatterBOn John I.&wrie William JII'Grad,. 89th La.DuklJUre. Robert Calms
John Ridden Alexander Buehanan John M'Gredy (91a.ogmo.) WI\lIam Mackay
Joseph Martl.. IJavid RobertsOll Jam.s 8cott T. D. nutler, captain Wllllam GUmoro
AleXlU1der Walker WUU..m Macban Jam .. Hart ,T. G. 8toveU80D, It. WiI\lrun M'Vey
TholllB8 Nlcol Jaruc8 ThoID80tt Thom ... Kain F. AndorBOn, enllign Jame. Frame
John Gait J amos Lockbart Arthur Gibbou 'V. n. Torra.nco, aer. John M. Watt
WIlliam Linm-y John CllI'IIw.ll Waiter Orlndlay Gc'Orge Smith, ...r. Petor Hurll
Andrew Tbomaon Jame. Laing Arthur Cooper .John st.wart, lor. IlobertCralg
.Jam""Gall John Adair 104lah Sand.rWOII Jam .. Glllles, _. Honry Boltoll
.Jnme" SIne1alr J llIDes lI.' Ailloter Jame.., Killen John Leo, ller. J nmes Blaekwood
WillIam HamilI:r>n William Clark John CanlAw Hobert Dodds, cor. JosiAh Begg
Rugh 6emmell Johu Oo~'ans Hobert Coubrough J. H. H"mUton, cor. J n me! Gibson
.Alexllllder 8lirnlt JnrncfiI Dlmlop Robert D,me"" J ames Fel"J{lI80D, cor. Jam .. M·Credi•
Waltl!r Paul John Rnm.."y' Alo:uUlder Wi!sou Wm. Woodrow, cor. JamCl! Bry(!8
JameaLin~ Gcorge Me1 •• llQ Alexander Maltland A. Cn.rnerou. L cor. Jam"" Maitlnnd
liohen Mon~8lie In.mos DickBOu A. M'Orcgor Wm. Smith. I. cor. John Roxburgh
John Walker John Kirkpatrlck WillIam :I!'Callum 08 ...·1n Lawrie, 1. cor. WilliamR058
Alexander M'Orcgor !\lark Morris John Homer John Toward. 1. cor. Wllliam Chalmen
Jam•• Linton WiIli.. m ElIlott Ucorgc Ktcwart John Crai'l'
Andrew Mooll 87th Lanarbhire, M"Wlew Wylie Hobert CormBCk Andrew M....hall
( Jhub ,.)
Jam"" Hend6lllOn
John lIL Crie J amOR Hall, ....~taln ~~!"'~Ie W. S. M' FarlBIle
Ehcuczer AdamsoD
Hllgh 8haw
John Kane
..Tame", ~ime W. Wakefleld, lout. lI.attbew Johnstono Wllliam Toward Jolm M'Galrgan
Alexander 8ime Alox. Miller, QDJ!ijp.' John Sanderson JRmeo Lord Audrew Docherty

91at P.Turllbull.lieut. John Sneddon, !d D. W.H8Ilderaon,ser. John X'Cart .

<I. John Begg, ~... Richard Bneddon
Wm. lIu.rmy, _ ..... Robert Bneddon
R. S. Jones, _. David 1I111101l
DaniIl1 Fraoer J. Wood, ser. John lIel"rille
Peter lI'Arthtu' TbomtlS Sneddon And. Aitlten. ser. George Jlulr j
Robert Greenl_ T..~!el,_. John Stepbons T. RobertllOll, ser. Willlam New1s.nd..
llavld Lumsdm W. Johnaton, _. JohnTerrls Georp Carr. cor. WiIl.Iam Roberteon
John Sltolly Willlam lIllIer, _. Robert Thomton R. E. Barveyl cor. lIobert Rowan
Pe. L. Fotpn, ser. John V!IDll&tl S. lL S~._ cor Tbomas Smith
Alex. Robert.iJon, &er. John Whlnnell J. M. E. .H"''''bull, Davld Steel
latTJ~i~- PotAlrJohnaton, _. PetAlr Wright 1. cor. Jam... Stuart
............ James lI'.a.rIIhall. 001'. T. W..taon
Tbomas T&ylor
(LWltAgov.) Wm. Au.atl:ue. eor. 3d LiDliihgow- Tbom&ll Veltch
John Lamb, cor.
R. B. J. SteWllrl, JIII!. Johnaton, 1.001'.
shire. A. H. HutchlnllOll Tbomu Wataon
(Batkgal ••) James Webllter
T.'CC:ertI, lieut.
Ja&. Barnett, I. cor.
Tb"". 1I1l1er, 1. oor.
Adam DaWllOJl, jllll., W. DonaldllOll.l cor.
A. Gillon,
W. M'Kin1s.y, Iie,ut.
George Blaruohards
GeGl'Ke Bertnun
John Watt
John White
StanIey Booth Willlam White, lot
Jamee Adamt< D. Slmpeon. en&lgn W. J.Cundell W!.Il.Iam White, 2<1
A.: u r , S'UrgeOll J am&ll Alla.n .r!A>ugmulr•• vg. W. B. Cooper John SytnOIlJI
A. Stewart, _. Georp NiIIh, ......
James Andrew George, _. David Cl&rkaon
John M'Ellrish, ser. John .B&lIIie
AI"". BlrnIe, _. G. R. Cochrane Itb.o-,.a,..
:';u,~~k.~:;. Arehd. IWlAntyne
Jamee BarroWlllllJ.l John W"ugb, ser.
D. 1'!ndls.ter
Peter Forreet
Jas. L. BoJ"d. Ueut..
John Kidd', 0nsIp
a. Barelay,_. WUlIam Bell TbotlWl Gentle., .er. P. W. Gavln T. Hope, ......
J. llicket. OOr. Henry BI.ocIc: Peter Gordner, ser. P. J. Gavtn W. BJailde,_,
a. Spence, cor. WiUlam SonAr
Willlam MlIn, _.
lIoberl Govin, 1st TbOs. Daw80n, 1IOr.
C. Watt, cor. Alexander Booth John I>o...oon, cor. Robert Gavin, 2d T. Douglaa, 8Or,
J. ~~fco.r. GeorgeBrown Arahd. Fisher, cor. M. Galloway T. Dyers
J. ton John Drown Wm. Btewart, cor. D. S. Grant J. Bcott
Robert A.ltken AIel<. Buchanan Wm. Anderaon, car. W!.Il.Iam Grant G. A.rmatlong
Wm. G. Aitken Robert Burnett Chn.rlea·Alls.n A. R. GUlespie A. Harper
NeilBry80n Jam611 Burna AIex, Antbony Jam"" Henderson L. Lorh
Andlew BlnnIe Hugh Campbell John Anthony John H&rdle J. Korr
RobertBoyd George Crmt J. Cant Jam ... Hay A. Cocbrane
James Cunle Hugh Cant Jam"" Caldor J. Jacoboen A. Orrock
Robert Carlow Joeoph C1arkeon WUliam Brownlelil David Kldd George Ji;unBOn
JameaCI....k F. Couperthw.ute John Cbapman S. Llafma.n WIlUiIm Stark
A1O%&1lder Dougal Robert Dempster JamesCook J W. lIood1e Wllli&m lIeston-
Alexander Duoaw
Andrew Duncan
John DenhoIm Robert Cowan
Ja.rn.... Donal~
ri. S. lIacdoWlld D.Llw
Adam B. Dorward J. N. Morrl6on G. Auld
PetAlr Duncan lIobert Dry8<\al<> Ro bert Dryod&le Mark Momson I. Watt'
ConnelDunn TbomM Dunlop WiIl.IamE&aton J. M. RuseeI J. Nelson
llavidDunn WUliam EMeon ThotlWlG.Fe~ A. Spence G. Tbomoon
Chad"" Dodds A1.xand.... Falconer Arthur Frlel Jobn 8Ught J. Hunter 11
JohnDymock JohnFollto'r JobnGodd_ George Stirling Wflll&mRu..e
W. Dymoek John Ga!r WIlll&m Gordon W. BImp80ll D. Whlte
JamesGlen JohnGraham J&mosHay Tb08.S.....ton J. Waddell
John Gibbeaon Tbomas Grant, 1st Thom.... lrvine Robert. Tbomaon S. :M'Lean
Robert Gatdiner Tbomu Grant, 2d Tbom.... Juhnaton John WrlJrht W.Artnmong
Alexander Bardle Ch..,.les Gneve Robert J obn8ton W!.Il.Iam Warden RobortHuntel"
John Bardy George Hamilton John J ohnston th C. J. WlllIama J. R!tchle
Tbomas Hardle, lilt WUli&m Haml1ton ruchard u.armon Wm. Walker A. Ritchle
Tbom... Bardle. 2d WUliam H. Hnrdlo T. Balfotu' M':li[o>.b L. LaCour J. Hunter
Wm. Hawuworth TbolllM Barritlon W. A. M'Grogor P. Brown
J. Kirsopp John.ra& John JlOOor 8400lll~, Tbomas AInaUe
lfungo Kerr James Mltchcll
Alexander Lll.w
John Jobn6ton
Robort Jllunre J. GllIo", jun., capt. A. Llwrle
JohnLII.w James Kirk A. Too, lieutelll>.llt W. Le.wr!e bol1
Tbom&l N.w1s.nds
Alexander LldJIe
John Kirk
J oseph Penm.... J. Coehnwe, ensign J. R. Camp
WlllIrun Llddle
Alexander Kirkwood
John Petrle John Thomaon, ....... TbomaaTalt
Dona.ld :M&clean
John Klrkwood WUllam Greig, ecr. H. Kin!{,horn
Wil!i&m P.trio
Andrew lIIcket
WUli&m Pori 00". Jamel )torton~ cor~ H. CI&r
James Ll!.w John Frame. cor. D. Robertson
It Micket WUliBm Luck Jamos Robortson J. G!ll...ple
J ameo :Morrioon, lilt D..vid Lumt.den Willlam RU&Ilell T. H. Carr, L eor.
P Cavenock, L cor. J. Georgeson
Jamee MOni80Il, 2d Th<lt!l8ll Holdrum Ralpb BineWr A. Harper
Andrew D. Murray Richard 81lllth WaIter Abernethy
John 1l'Kinlny Henry AndenlOll T. Bridge8
WiIl.Iall1Park John IjUr!ing
James R&e JMles M'uy
Alex. Straihea.rn 19nat. Bo.umgartcn H. Androws
Jameo P..rls GOOrgo Beo.ttle WiIl.Iam Buchana.n
Davld RlchardtOll John Paris Alex. Stewart C.Burrell
Le.w80n Rlchardaon Robert Rltohle Jamea Taylor Georgc Bell
Alexander Blsset Tbomas Johnatoo
WllIlamSmith A1ex. Roberteon Temple Watson A. Plcken
Jamee Sanders Thomas W&lls.ce Paul Blalldo
Georgc Robortoon "'dam Blythe J. AI.IIIon
John Sanderson Robert WaddeU
George Bandeno1/-
Jamctl lIobert.son
Alex.o.nder Young Rlehard Borthwick J. Mowat
Jo>.mes B. lIobertson William Brlgga J M'VI .....
J amea BtoddA.rt John lIobol'llton, lilt J ooeph Young Alexandor Boos
Adam StlmUenI Robert Young JooephBulJlt
John lIobert4!01l, 2d Charloo Cls.rke
llavid Sleigh Wm. R<>bel'llton, 1st
AlelUlllder TumbuU Wm. Robert.sOll, 2d John Day 5t.ho-,u,..
J ..m.... Turnl",.ll lat Illdlothiau. JamellDow W. P. Harper~ ""pt.
Andrew VeltclI Will. Robortooll. 3d M&leolm Durham W. Llndaa.l'. lie~t.
Tbom .... G. Eihl>.lld (LdtlI.) A. Duncan, erwgn
Georgu Wald!o lIobort GilIOll
A1exandor Wh,Yte Jam08 8heddon N !loarpany. Inn"" J .... Irvine, Hr.
R<>bertSmith W. Mou:!oriballks, John Lamb A1ex.· BurrWl. ser.
TbomAII 8mi'h WUllnm G. Crulck:Ilhank, _ .
2d Llnlithgow_ Androw 8ncddon J. Hardio, enidgn Willls.m Lumsden Wm. Hall, cor.
• hire. CIlArI.... Snod,lt... , !at J. 8t:ruthcro••UTI!'. JohnM'Kay J. P. Black. cor.
(Bo'""".) Ch ....l"" Sneddon, 2d Jobn HondcrllOn, R<>bertM'Kay D. Webeter. cor•
.. Wllsoa, CApt. John>, lit John ll·Yi....r Wm. 1'1IYlor, L cor..
let HIdlothWI. Edwln Edwsrda ThOruM Thomson Jl!.!tlOtlArchlbald ChArles Falooner
5tb rom .. . - i.....". Andrtlw Blllot Poter Taylot" Thomu Andel1!on Gllbet"t F&looncr
W. Deuchar, I. cor. J lUlle! Easton James TeIror Rlcbani At"tDatrong Wllllam Fraoer. 2d
R. liaLI, J. eor. Ricbani FalconCt" WUllam ThotnllOn Riclwd &rton Robet"t F""",r
Ow. Ronald.on )(ortInFlanlgan Loekhart. Urqllhart WIllIam BlrreU . Alex. Falconer
W.P.Dey Tbo...... Gllray Geerge WIbot!, let J om.. Brunton JllroeeGray
W. O. Loekhart. JamesGray George Wiltton, 2d Androw Brown Slmon 11 cndr,.
W.lloniJlon John Gray George Wilaon, Sd Thomas Burns Andrew Kurr
T.Baaton JobGodley Robet"t Wilaon Jam... C.,.... Robort Loalio
W. Hall AIel<. Herdman Davld WilklWlOD J_Crawford JemMY'Bean
H. )(JJne At"chd. Hodge Thomaa Wat&on Jobn DetDpotet" John )f'At"thur
Gee. ShAnd Da'l'ldHWop Willlam Wood JohnDewar Petor )f·Artbur
A. Elder John Hunter John Weir wlllIAm Dick Wm. )f'Donald
A. A. 8t ClaIr Jobn wllli&m Young george Doddo Wm. )f'GIllIvnt.y
Wm. A.oher Wm. John F'nuIot" Alex. )f'Intoob
W. E. Brown Jameo Herral 3d lUdlothiaa. Jamcs.Grelg H:1.M·lntooh
W. ll·Loo!.n John Hurry lit o-pan,.. ThollWl Hamilton Wm. 'I ntooh, let
John Cunnlngbam Jameo Jelferlsa (Pm/MA.'. ) And ....w Hlalop J _ ll'lntooh
A. Soott JemeoJobneton J. Clerk, ~t. com. Tholll86 Hondereon Wm. ll'lntooh. '2d
A. Rablen Da'l'ldJack Edwd. L. 'Dougal, Alu. J"bnaton John M'lnto4lh
T. Drummond GeorgeKemp lieutenant John Keare,. Jam.. M'Phoraon
D. Jenldw!on WUllam Xem~ A. PlendCll'leitb, ens. Wllllam Kerr AI.,.. Malcclm
J. R1tehi. Jam .. Kelloc Jobn Wog, ""r. Joeeph Lamb Wm. llaloolm
Ju. B1a1r
Jobn Cochtan
Wm. Cochran
£:,;.'! ti!b
Andrew Llddlo
Peter Robb. _.
A. Andenon, aer.
James Lamont
Jam •• Lumsden
John Mann
David Munay
Alox. TboIDson. eer. John MlteheU JameaPoo!o
Tb.,., Cochran Cb....l.. Laidla.... John EwD.l't, ser. Jam ..
Robt. Fergwoon John ll·OOw .... Wm. Mulr, cor. J"""pb N0180n ThODlU Riddle
J.Portune John M'ltommle Dav. Lot.wlIOU, cor. George Purve. Robert Ronnie
Peter BoIl Robet"t Muahot Wm. Brown, cor. Alu iIamJIge A1ex. Rohortaon
T.NaIomith J ..mM Melld.joR Wm. R1cbardaon Wm. Robet"toon.
Jam... Tl1it. cor. D.rid SlnclaJr
P. Bolton Jamest,Muirhe.d John Hcnderaou John Rlkhle
W'..!:fht ThOUl... Mlkhell Alex, Rohet"toon John Skene
R. Soott JameoStool
Ed Ruttan Alex. Mltoboll And. Talt, lot Darid SooLt
J. Lyle Arcbd. Mu:mI.Y John BeoU Wm. A. Btabieos
J. M'llllllUl
R. lUtchell
William Malo
JAm.. ll·Ken.'lie
y:~!ek~.t.~~ WUllam Beott
Adam Storie
James Btephen
Alex. atewart
Wm. Courtnay Darid TuIloch
Cherl"" ll'X.nna R.E-n Alexander Taylor
Id KidlothiaD. lIicbael M'Cahe J amea Motrat Wm. Tho1ll8On, 1st Goorge Young
( DaIkftlA.) Jam .. M'lAuchlan Jam.. Jones Wm. Thomson, 2d
Lt. ·col. D. E. Brow· Robert MelroBe Thos. Pattoson John WatBon
Btor, capt. com. WUllam Ma.xweU John Patel1!On Robet"t Whyto lit lfewcaaU••
w. )(UlIbet, captain Robet"t M'Lesn Jobn M'Load ,Alol<. WilUam80n upon-Tyne.
John G'M' lIeut. Peter 11' owlJindo J. BInclalr John Wllkill80n
Potor 11'1001 lato-lWlT·
RalJh E ot, lIeut.
W. • Andoreon. etlJ!. Thomas Noblo
Wm. Brown
Jam .. ThOlllBOn
sa 8ub4i'rit.lon. Thos. Auotln, capt.
J. PatOnlOD, enslgn Lot.urence NlcoIJIon Charlcs Glen (BOIlln.) R. Y. Green, !leut.
John LUCAO, 8Urg. John Nevfson Ch88. Ca)lloron T. A. H. llenieD, Charles E. Crlghton.
- Soott, 8erg. Robert Napler Wln. CI.'U'li: Ileuten ..nt ensign
Richard Albon Henry o.bome Arcb. Wood H. J. Herrlckl, ena. B. Meredith. _.
John Adom. Thomas POrteoWl Jobn~.2d George Bry... H. R. DavilOn, I!<lr.
WIlIIam Adoms
Archd. Alexander t':.r]Vt.!fl:.
Alex. Pateraon
Wm. Leu 0
D..vld SW&ll11Oll
John Black
J &mea Henderaon
Wm. B. Rold. ser.
J. E. Boeltot, cor.
Cbll& Readlam. cor.
Da'l'ldAdam. G. Maxwoll
JameeAdoma 8tophen Potter ADd. TaiL. 2d D&yldLa.. C. Lim~cht, cor.
Rohert ·AllIUI J ames PonOOU8 John L:rJ.nsc, 3d ADdle.. Trench W.H.:
RlchardAmos J Pringle John Todd John Scott R. BoIu <!go
John Andlaon PetorPeacock And. Duncan RobertTod4 A.Browning
Robet"t Blacld" Androw Proctor ThOR. Ltunb RlehlU'd Bend_n Jam... A. Burr
Peter Buncle Peter Robert&on Rohet"t Talt wnUam D ..vtdlOn JameaCoxon
Tho""", Bisbop JamesReld H. WiIBon Thalli.. P8IIman Ooorge Charioton
Wm. Robet"toon
Charl.... Br,y1lOl),
Andrew Brown Damel Robertl!on Robt S i :
AIel<. An rson
J. L. MonieD
Oeorge Llddell ~~':rf!1:;.en
Them... lIarcLay g:~~~old.e. AI"". Coult" Charl.. Peanon
Aluuder Todd
Thom88 Fisher
Tbo...... Blggings Alex. Stcwart FAwardHall
GflOrgO Brown Jam.. RoBs Wm.Wil80n Jam.. 81mpaon J"m.. HaU·
Davld Robort&on C.T.Robert&on Rebel1 Paltberer WI1Jl&m Hardie
John::!e George Held WWIam Lldde11 SlmeonJool
WlllIAm nnard Matthew Wlabart
Jobn Btand Wm. Sandenon JameosBrown John JobnBon
Alexander Bruco John Bcott JobnC1a~ Henry It. Kidd
Wm. mack1&w. Peter Smoall Jam.. Ro n. IItlfalrmhire. Tbom... Little
Tbom&8 Smith (Na.,.,..) J obn Leathart

Arebd. ChlBbolm Alex. HendmlOn
Bamnol Cblabolm Robet"t Sevack Thoe. Bell A. Clarke. capi:nln WlllIam J. Loekeri>y
O. W. ChlBbolm Them.... Sanderson A. Campbell, llout. WiIlIam MiIIII
John ('1oghorn Jam ... Buttle tit ComlWlT' J. M'Phel'llOn. OIlIign Ed..mrd Reld
James Cochran Robert Samuel (YaUtj(!ltld.) Aiel<. Alexander Darid Heid
WlIlIam Cralk Davld Sho.rp J. Cowan, captain Wm. Andel1lOll C. J. Reld
WUllam Cocbran AndroWSha::r.. C. J. W.. bnb, !leut. I Nlel Ash.r Tbomu Rlebard80n
John Cra1l< Thomas 8tod rt G. CO....&O, arudgn GeOlje Amott John H. Rleb&rd80n
AI.xander CraIg
Jam"" D(»lgl .... 18t
John StoddD.l't
Jam ... TbomllOo, l.t
lsaa<: Bharpe, seT.
Wm. D......... aer.
I Br.xliv Clnrko
WlD.iAm Clerk. 1st
Wllliam Shannon
Llon.l Spencer
Jam08 Dougl..... 2d Jam08 Thom.oon, 2d Robet"t Mennea, ser. PeterClark WillI&m A. Stowart
John Dunl'1" Jam .. TholIlllOD, Sd WlIllam Hall, cor. WUllam Clarlt. 2d Matt. R. WbeaUoy
JameaDry on Jam.... Too John Lalng, cor. \ J"mea Cummlng TholIlll8 It. Wlntor
Robet"t Dick80n Robet"t Thorbum Andw. Dotigall. cor. Ouncan Davidson JohnWalkor
Willlam DavJd.!<m John Thorbu,'n WillI&m AlIIeclt John Daridson Ollver Young
Anlb1bald Doda Robet"t TomUlco WUllam Artbur Wllliam Frasor, lot John R. Y"una:

Uo-paD)'. H. Wllson C. J. Cnldda8, lleat. Henry G!'abam F'nulcIa E. Allderam

J. Walton J. C. JobllDIt. euIgn Benjamtn Grey B.G. Wy\am
W. A. Mathen, capt. ThoMaa Brady, _. Nlcbol88 Hope . J ILlIlM AI\on
W. N""bam, lieut. J. B. Yonng
W. Moor WIllIam Coat"", - . JOB. Hethertngton Goorge Bao.y
A. If. Dunn, ensign Goorge.Wm. Hood J. Humphnly
Fife Bcott, !er. A.M.Lcdd"" J.Carr,_.
ll. P. Ord John In...,., eor. Willi&m. Holmea Jobn Waugh
T. C. Jack8OD, ear. Robert Uaber, cor. Ooorge I re\aDd John KarT
T. Bulman, ser. M. H. Gnrdener
Joa. Glbeon, cor. Ooorge Jobecm TbomuCou~
W. Pluea, COlT. J. J. M .....baU
O.W.Pe&nIOJl E. Ettrlck Jobn Lunn David D. Gwotard.
H. H. "Pears, oor. Frodoriclt Lundl Robert H. HarriIoon
W. A. Atkinson R. Skelton Jam"" BlDner
H. Arthur Hobert Buter Thom.. Loland GoorgeJ. P~
A.Boag Georg. Bramwell Edward M'Eneney
D. Birkett J. Balmor
R. Hudson Tbom.. CODIey William MolI'att Stewart Robeoa.
C. Cnmck Robert Crold"ard Goorge MUburn Donald M·Leod.
W. Clay T. Millor
H. Smltb Robert Curry Thomas MI1Iar Willlam IIanoey
-Dlcldn8OD George Fawoua
E. Downlng F. er.......r Jobn CoclIrllllB Walter\oon
A. MorlllOll Jam .. Carpeuter James OM John GaIr
-Gill D. Crawford Thomas Potta Robt. O. Wood
J.A.GraInger L.W.Peanoon
W.Leach Robert Can O.H.SInclalr John B. Wil8au
J. Barie WllllamCnrry Thomas SiatonIon John N. Ronwlck
T. Honderaon J. V. BwTows Jobn C. Cargill
J. Hunt.ley J. Watsan Wllllam Clarke
W. C. JacksOl1
M. E ..Jobling
J. Dougl .....
H. Angus
A. Fotberglll
Jobn Gallon Thomas Turnbull ~ull:,-;,~=
O. Hlltl:hlDaln Tbomaa Gallon W. R. Urwin John R. SmiUL
A. Ke .•y J. T. Gnbom J. R. Wangh Thomas BobiIJ8OIl
O.B.Kmt 4th Compall¥. John Grabam J. Walkinsb".... Thomas Rldlo:r
O. Lowther Jameo Orabam Tbom88 Taylor F.d w&rd K. Saorer
11:. Lowroy (Big1Iland.)
Thom .. Hendenon RobtnlOClD tonng AleUlldar Chftsde
W. Lockerby H. L. Patttnson, TbomuHall WaIter Young John Ollv...
C. L1ster captain Oeorge Holland WIlUam Young Marahall Manm
HoD. H. G. Llddoll, Alex. Lalng, llBUt. Rlcb. HenneDeY M. Llddoll Robert HuIdie
M.P. W. Adamoan, OIl8Ign J08. Humpbrey J. S. LIddeD J&meaHail
J. llttt!lera J. M'Ollvmy, Ber. Jam.. IrvIog - Slnclalr TbomaaAnd.....
C. Mn,.:ln ChM. RouiPer f 88r. All'red B. Hunier
Ant. Jacneo M.Oraham
G. Moat O. O. Taylor,._. Thomas Jamley W. SulJlDlll'bID Tbomas Davi_
J. MiI"';n W. H'Connoll, oor. John N1cbol..n J. Llddell Thomas HoImea
J. M'( 'ullock R. A. Wells, ocr. John Onion! J. KeIly, Goorge YeeIoe
And. Lawrle, cor. Thomu PrIce W.wailinr GoorgeBumo
Wllllatn Roy J obn Pltketbly _Orcon....oci Ro_Bo~!
-Punohuon J&m... Hnnter John Redaba .. A. Brooks ThoDUl8~
A. Reid Al.xander Burg_ Joa. Roboon J. Am ..... l8t Georp Barolay
J. W. Rldl.y Peter Donaldson J"mcaRoboon -Abbott MJchael HendenIoQ
W. RoblJwon John DonAldson Samuel A. Morrlenn
J.Roboon Androw Dudgeon J. Am..... 2d
-Appelby W1l1Iam Hlalop
C.Rooe Farqllhar M. La\ng Jobn Slmpoon -Brown John Hoeey .
H. Sbleld T. B. Sholl1 RobertScea -Bell WID\am WIndle
J. Smellie J. A. Ral.ton Jobn Thompson W.Darting RobertBume
L.8peneer W. W. Blnkey Ed"ln Totty Thomas Blackett
J.8WaD Davld Brown - Dawtl'y
S. Taylor John Currlo
W. Storey
C. Thomp8Oll.
John Alexande!-
J. ll. M'DooaId
Oeorge Trotter c.l1a~ Tbomas Smith
Andrew Devina
Joa. Urwln H.Ll8ter
J. Thomp8Oll. John M'Ewon Wllllam Walker J ames Liddell Joeeph Jolmaan
H. Wat80n Richard ElIIot Davld Watt W. P8IlDI&II Goorge Kay
H. V. WIIeon Henry M'Farlane
T. WiI.oon John Emallo
J.D. WU..n
John WUson
- RlebardaoD: ~~.!tTayklr
R.Young Goorge Hall - Stanley
Jobn YOIlllgel' -Smith WI111&m Wa.t
WiUum Robertoon Robert B. Brewfa
Bd ClampuI:r. Antbony Pape -Twaddle
8th OOlll~. Wllllam Bowell
H. 8cott, <I&ptaIn WiIllam WlIBon Samuel Steph_
W. H. Welford, Jieat. Jam"" M'Ken.le Wm C. Ilou.If\eId, lit .ortlwaba- J. RobertaoD
Jam"" M. lIumup, R. Tweodly cnpt.&ln laJuL J. M'Mi!lan
eoaign AIcx. M' I ntyra 1881lc Temple, lIeut. (~.)
W. D. Doijr, oar. JohnS. P _ C. F. Rlohardson, tdI. a-,.q.
John W. Brown, ""r. John Kidd enslgu bt o-,u.:r.
John Bmdle, ""r. John Holl J. n. Prondergut, A. S. Bteven8oo. cap. Honry Bell, capgin
John Burnup, cor. Mlcb ....1 Holl 8cr. 000. Fawcua, llent. J. G. Swan, IlaaL
Th01Wl8 OM, cor. Alex. M'Cloud William PItt, _. B. B. Lawton, ensign T. CrawfOl'd, .......
R Belwocd,...".. M. J. Detcbon, _. 3. F. Da..., _.
GecrJ>:. T. Tinn, 001'. John Carr John J OIUIII, _ .
J. Atltinaon Jnm •• M'Alltoter WiJljam P ....ker, cor. Tbo. Sutton, _.
J. Barnee WiJUam Forster Thomas Grieves, cor. J. S. Arwld8en, B<Ir. Goorg. Paad. 1IOt'.
R. Hendenon, ser. WUtiam lIunIa, _.
A. Dle\dn80n Peter Kelly Luke Tnrnbull, cor.
H. A. AdJIrMon T. Bel.b.... _.
A. Gorringo John Brown
J. H""lop Jobn Mudle J ame. Rlddell Henry T. Swan,_.
J. Hunter Robert Bowntree Frorlorick Ayre Frod. F. JackBOD
J. Hodgoon Mnttbew Brown Daniol Bowman
R. Lowroy Martin Clark William Bruce J olm Delober
R. S. Liddoll Thomas CaJ8ley T. O. Brider J. H. Johllng Willlam Jac:luon
C. T. L10yd Honry J oboon Jam .. Bolton WiJllnm Roboon Bonjamin na....
R. LawllOll GeOl'go Cro1Rs Gcorge Ilrown J. StevOll8OD David J enldno
W.W.Proctcr J obn Buntlng Gcorge Black G.Ewnrt Jobm Humpbrey
L.F.Rldley Goorge BoutWnd Wiltiam Balrg<>n C.Ro"""" HewtBew-
W.Robeon Robert Adamoon Gcorge Blackett Abnlm D. Lewis John P\aoe
W. Renton John Puma W. F. ClArk
J.S.Behean Honry Weld WlIIiam C10llaDd Ifohart ea;....,
J.800tt AIeL M'Pbenon Andrew Dougla! Jobn Evana Frsneis Hoa .
W. M. SIddell Jamee Orimansw Goorge Hendarson Goorge JUnbaIl
W. Wilaon 5th Com....y. ' .101ln Young WUliam Mlddlem'·
J. WIlaoa. W. D. Cnulda8, ""pt. ru:'G~~8by MoseB LotingB Robert~
ht Northumberland John Charleorwori.h IWleyDot.m. Thornaa H. Jobllng Edward Stanl81
4th com.--cOllliMlal WWIam Doddl Thom ... DiekellllOn John LawlIOn Mlchael Archbold
WiIllam lh.cbnln James P0tt8 JohnDodd WiIllam Rooo Chart... M'Laln
Robert Barnea Rlclwd Ncwbold Thomaa Emm""",n Henry Chaltoner Edward Tnrnbull
Edwatd Maloy Rieha.rd MAugbAn J a.mell Gibtlon William Bolton John Seholleld
John Sturgeon JohnWlltIon Wm. lIamIltoll, lJIt John Irwin
WlUiam Hobeon John IllIllott, lid Wm. Hamilton, 2d John Brown
J&mes Denhobn John Hn:ntGr Thomas LaWllOll lit Perthahln.
John ThotrulO1lL Bel lforthlllllhel- John liamIlton John 8. J ohliDg
John JI'Culloch lan.. JohnMAW8on Ooorge Scott (PmA.)
JohnLowe (SuAam.) Geoqe Nlcholtlon Thomu~o"" latCampuy.
Matthew Harv~ Thomaa Parker GeorgeF nt Goo. lIoncrielf, _pt.
James lUodOll 1at. ClomJuf. JamellPrice John Fllnt oom.
WWIam Bennett John lI. Bidl.eI/:Pt. I Hobart Pun!a Hober~ Coul8on
Wm. DunClZl, Heut.
Thom&l! A.rInI!troDg J. Nlahotoon, t. I John Hobeon WUllam Banks F. Bandoman. ensign
John Wlla>n Wm. B. ~ WWIam RogmI Hobert lIIattlson la&<> WalIace, IiM1Bt·
The_Rood Thomas 8 John Rewculle John Gn.ha.m aD~.UfIIIIOD.
WillIam Chri8tIe atIIlIlIt. ....trg. John Soott J ameaS. MBugban Cbu. BUl'!I..... aar.
Roborl Robeon John O. Hoad, laP. Ch....1e11 Smith W1Il1am SInftln Hobert Lees. &er.
OoorgoGwm W.J.Rklhardaoa,aer. W. W. Btal.nthorpe Hobert FUnt Davld Keay. aer.
Willlem DBvioa
lIorgBD DBviea
John P. Glbaon. _. C. Staph_n
Jas. F. An\lhbold,_. Wllllam 8eott
WWIam Hobeon
F ..1b: Maholemn Hem; WhI:-
JIl9. . Pu
1 BOr.
Ooorge Lowe John White. cor. WUUam Temple Pat. X'Lellan, lJer.
Angus M'K!nnon John Guthrle, cor. Robert W..tam 6th lforthumber- Wm. Hoberteon. _.
AIlnld HlIJ:ne, cor. Thomas Wataon land. Dand Grelg. QOr.
WllIlamGnthr\e,OOI'. J.-ph Woodm&ea (.dIn_I:.) Wm. Held. cor.
DBvld~ J"""ph Alennder
DavldAn William ArmIItrtmg 3d lforthumber- Major.Gen. Brown.. W. KeIlIo.r. cor.
C.B .• e8l>taI.rI A. M'Donald, cor.
~ ~~.fhl:::n..::r ;:Ui!'~ land. John A. WIIt!on,lIout. Wm. Stewart, cor.
R. Browne, esudgn G. lIonerlelf.oor.
WWIam Con1eon (M..,..,,-)
Ben. J. Thompooll,
Thomas Craira
William Dod
Gm. Bramell,
C. 8. SWIUl, UUIlt..
Georp Plke,_.
WUUamDod _.
Hobart Altken
Wm. A. Harelay
John Bell
captain ThOm&8 H. I>ol:«In
Jam... Fenwielt
w. JOb~en8ign WIIlImt WrlPt,_. Thomas BI.oBet
R. L. l&tim..... liAmt.. , M. Brum 8M1st.. J. ColllDPood, eor. Hobert Ch .... BIaIr
R. Cooke. ensign Miebaal Greon surg.
John l&woon Jam. Whltm&lI, eor. L. :M. BuchanaD
J.RiPI~. Hon. and BI!v. P. R. Robert Cameron
James eer.
John Archer. aer.
Aloxandm Mnir
Hugh Muir
Grey, chap.
Wm. AIIdl'ewa, _. ~~~~rl.":;. DavldCan Peter cann.tcha.el
John Dinning, BSI'. Robert OHver John R. H...-dy. _. Adam Doddll, I. cor. Jam... Carnegie
Wllllam PaanIOD R. GrlDIIIh&w, I. eo••
Jobn Maughan, 001'. D. 11. WUlIOn, ...r. J. Coclt1la.rll,1. cor. Wm.Cbalmera
John Potta
T. Carm1chael, 001'.
Robert Pletia
John Wataon, aer. BdwardADIIIl Cba.rlea~
Ja,a. Jacmn, 001'. Wm.Wl1~,Hr. O«>rge £. 11'. . . Ooorgo
John IImlth.
John O'N eIll
lot Goorge Portaom
JOMph lIil1a.rd, 1ICIl'. Georp B. 00111l1li
Ja.mea Baawttll, cor. WIWamWU-
John DougIae
Wm. Dew
Ooorgo Pn!.tt Ooorga Renwirlt J ..... WIlkiIlbOn. cor. GeorgaDlcltmaa Btsw/lrt 1Ienwlclt
John Shotton J amea Rltaon T. Croighton, cor. Alex. A. Flem.lng
John Hoblnson Mlchael RobeoD
Robert PnrvI.tJ W. J. AUdn...n, cor. Jam.Keen Wm. Fotheringham
WIl1Iam Hoboon
J. S. Joic...·ear. 11'1111_ Cberltou Wm.~
Thomaa Hoboon John lIarriIIon Jam_lmn..
John W. Hot.oD J_ph HeaUey
Oeorge W"mtGr John Angus TbemuDixo!l Jamell 8. lmrie
John BamIla,Y John Ridley Jobn Fowler
Robert BllrtoD WiUiam Ridley Robert Woodman
Cha.riea E. WIlldIlllllll
JamM C""" ~::: ~~t.!:na
John HoorG WIllIam Smith, 1st J ..mesKing Aiel!.. Kei11sr
H"nryBmith WilllamForatal'
John FOl"IIter
~.c:;:u.a John GlIl'07 Ja.mee Konnedy
(!bar_ )(.K.iJmon WUllam Smith. lid J ..m .... Kettles
Nlcbolaa'l'emperlay Jobn Reed
ThomuM..~ John Turn...- Joseph NewtIIggtD J&mM Knigbt
Robert XaUjf WI1IIem Urwin FrnncI.tJ Johnaon lIIIatth... A.rmall'Ollg lIIicbae1 Lot.I:Ig
Robert Walton
Jam_ Johnson
John Stmiford Robert~ John Tol'Ml' Andrew Low
John EIl1ott, lilt J ellrey ataon laaac Crisp Davld Luke
WlIlIIIm Hi.Illoan Andtew Wh1Ua1cer Micbael Mlddlemia8 GeorgeX_ JohnT. :!leek
J oaspb PeaI'IIOIl JamuPotta Rlohard Cureton GeorpP-," John Meldrom
Edwiird Weleh John LyOllS John Mlllill' Oeorgo L. lI.I1ler
Id ClomJuf.
James Gowe:ns Thomu DeIUla Jollll Mill ....
Richd. Glbeon, eapt. Hobert .lIenderoon Robert D. P""d/Jr John III erur:Ie8
WlllIam Livinptone Henry Dodd, 1Ieut. Thom... Bell Tbomaa Ta:vlor J ..m ... Honorlclf
Hobart Lyon, enaign Thom.... H..u .Franclll TbompiOll Jamell Mor!son
T. Alex:it.Dder, _. EdmondGarvte Jobn C. Ntsnoll Jamo. A. Xurdooh
John Baty. Mr. JohnBnrn George Bryaa D .. vld X'Cumu::n
W1U1am Metcalf R. Hamilton, cor. Thomas MaugbAn Davld Tb01llpaon, ht Hobart M'CllI'nIIJh
Chmtopher )(ooney Tbomaa Be1I, cor. JohnSt.raffin Ralpb lIIIoorhoaae Jam .. Iil'GUJ
Thomas Topping Ooorgo Hope, cor. Oeo~P...reon James Moore Andw. C. ll'Gregor
Nlcbol.... Graydon
John Smltb, lid
Ja.mea Baty
Thomaa Bcnao.n
Char ... B. Storey
Robart W.toon
Edward TlI)'lor R"bort M'G::t't
Davld Thomp!lllll, 2d Alox. M'NalllJ ton
Wm. M'GifIin George Baty GoorgoBum Joho ThomplOll John M'NalllJhtoD
J&mes Smith
Willlaro Johllllon
Jam... Rutledge
John Hudooll
WIlUam Lloyd
Charl .. Lloyd
John lIIac.nI&th
Willlem E. Otto
Ra1(lh Guthrlo Thomas BIrttIey Robert C&1'118 Jobn lloll'ett Jam ... Paton
John Tomkintton
J. Brown
Cbarlton B
Bt.:3'm..n Edwa.rd Philllp!l
Goorgo Storey
Jam .. Weatherl.".
WlIllam WaUdM
Alex. R. I'<lanlOD
WIllIam Poobl...
W. Sbort James Banka Edw..rd Hopper Oeorge Fa..-""", Pst&r Petri.
J. Rewo::Mtle John Blbby J_Brown Goorge GikB Rook Jamos C. Plnkerton
Jam... Cranston
~il= go.:1::f
Joseph Clw:nbsl'll Thomu Rodgera John Pitblado
Richard Jl.dIam John Whenbam Peter R1ddell
MAtthew Conltlon RobartThew John Keen Barber
Goorgo Churney Jameo llole D:m1ol Hobartsoa.
John Little Henry Dagllah . ,\\,1111_ Telford HobertIloberi&oll

I.t Perth.hire. Smith WUlIam M'Gregor James Nugent WU\Iam Duff
1st com.-«mtinutd. Ooorge D. St.wart Don&!d Jd'Kcnzle John Cam.ron Jamea MUDro
Alexander Ro.. John Stewart Duncan M'Kenzie De.vid M 'Lean Robert Robertoon
CharJ.. Shcdden John Ste.. art Dnnald M'Kerchar Archibald Forbes John Stunock
Robert Smith Duncan Stewart Duncan M'Kercbar Robert Netlson
Wl!liamSmith Jam .. Strnclllw John M' Kerchar. 1st 8dCOlD~. James Duncan
Robert Steele John Strath... m John M'Ken:har. 2d (8ITa1hftll4n. ) John Boott
Thomas Storer John Talt John M'Kercbar. 3d Edward G. Place. PeterToung
WiI!lam Tay!or Hugh M'l£ren captain O. L. Munro
James Whitelaw r~t:: I~~~ker John M'Laren. 1st Arch!bald Fletcher, WUlIam Geddes
Jam .. Young Jam .. P. Wh!ttct John M'Lr.rell. lid ensign Alel<. Hobertloon
William K. Young Alexander Yule Alexander M'Lean T. Place, lIer. JohnCowan
David D. Moncrlell' Duncan )( Lean David Dorrle
I D. M'Kera.cbor, ser.
George Robertson Lauchlan M'Lean Wm. B. Steel. ser. AIel<. Y""lDAIl
John M'Nab D. M'l£ren. ser. Daniel Borrle
BdCoa~. 3d Perth.hire. Malcolm M'Nab D. Fletcher, ler. John Panton
John Dicksoo. capt.. (Breadalbane.) Alex. M'Naughton Peter Clark John Balharrie
Robt. Walker. lIeut. James M'Naughton Dona!d Malloch De.vid Macdooald
J. Patenoon. ensign lit ComJl"llJ'. John M'Naughlon William Jd'Callum De.vid Peter
J. F. M'Corq uodale, (Ta.....outll.) Duncan M'Phcncn Gilbert Walker Jam... Stewart
&er. J. S. lIew:!es, Hugh Jd'Pherson Donald Frazer George S!dey
Wm. MI11er. ser. J. Wy!!!e. lIeut. Jam .. M'Pheraon Peter Stewart, 1st John Sa1UldOTS
Wm. Hobertson, 8.r. A. M ·Naufljton. ens. John M'Pherson Duncan M'Nee Jamee lIac!ntosh
Peter M'CaUum, ser. R. H. Wy e. Ber. John M'Rae Jam.. Stewsrt Da .id B!aset
A1ex. FarquharsoD
ThOB. FlnIay~on. 80r. J .... Allan. ser. Duncan Roberteon
JamesRobertson.lst ~~:t=t,!d R. Jamleson
John Kerr. cor. J. Cam1EheU•• er.
Wm. Ve!teh. ccr. David !lis._. Jam .. Robertson. 2d
John Boott
Hugh DownIo
Hugh CampbeU
Wm. A. Boott
John Costgro\'e
J. Sutherland. cor. A. M'Doug&!l, BCr.
John Kinnoch. cor. D. Cameron, cor. Duncan Sinclair Donald M'N!col Ahnam Neili!on
John Stewart. cor. JUl. Menzloa, cor. Duncan Btewart lJooald Cameron J tLm08 Bro",·n
Andrew Anderaon D. M'Alpin, cor. Alex. tlyme Donald M'Donald AIeL Jd'Kay
Oeor-ge Baln H. M·Diarm!d. cor, John Stew....t An~ Fletcher Alex. Dcwar
R. H. Bannlster Donald Anderaon John !l!nclsir Fin y Fcrgu80n Jam .. Crlchton
David Bell Jamol Anderson, 1st Jam"'Ta~or Allan M'Phenon J amee Waddell
Robert neu Jam"" Ande1'8On, t4l JohnToy r John M'Lcan A!e". Honry
John Brander John Anderson Jam ... Campbell DaTld Sutherland
Ooorge Btuce Peter Anderaon Bd ComJI"IIY. Peter Stewart. 3d Alex. Munro
Peter D. nuchan"" Colin Camcron (A~ddy.) Alex. Chrlatle Daniel Dull'
David Bumet Peter Cam....... John Stewsrt A. W. }hmro
G. O. Camlobell. rapt. Re.,. 000. Menzies
Alel<. Calrncross John Cameron C. W. L. orb.., ens. F. M'Keracher
Danle! Cameron Donald CllIIlpbeU Wm. Campbcl!. ser. Jam... M·Noe Robert Striton
Wm. CllIneron D1UlcanCampbeU,llt John caiJibel!. Ber. Donald lI'Int\'rO John Gray
JamesCaw Duncan Camt:ll, lid Alex. M' mIlD, cor. Peter camJ,bell Alexander GiIIiA
Jamee Ohalme ... Jrunea Camp I! Daniel Stewcut, cor. JamelJd' ~r Wl1llam CullOll8
FranC!1 M'NIL ThomasSh ..w
·i~~:~~:U Malcolm Campbell
F\nlay ererar
Hobert Stewart. cor.
James Jdurray Arch.1!·Pheraon Alex. Amhrooc
David Donnldson James ererar Donald M'Lean Angw! Cameron Thomas Hum8
John Donaldoon John ererar. lAt Malcolm Dunlop Duncan CampbeJl John Bryoen
John Dun""" John ererar. 2d Alex. M'Lean, lat D1Ulcnn M' N!co! Jamee Winter
Wm. Duncan, 1st Peter Crerar Jame. Patten Alexander CamcTOn Davld Robertaol>
Wm. Dunco.n. 2d Robert Crerar Robert Klppen J o.mea M 'Gregor Josoph SimpllOll
John Flaher John Dewar John Cameron John M'Vean Jamea Btewart
John Frazer RDbert Do ....... Adam Menzie. Hugh M'Nee
John GiaBgow Willlam Dewnr G. M·D. CampbeU Jame. M'Intyro 8th PerthJhire.
John Gray Jamee Downr DanIel Cameron M. M'Keracher (DKIlbI4.....)
Dooald S!ncW r
Lauchlan Duff Alex. Carmlcbae! Wm. Mitche\!, Ileat.
H11gh Ferguson Peter M'Dona!d Robert CampbcU L. Pt1llar. ensign
John Hendoraon James Feqru80lI. 1at John M'Donald Ale". M'Laren John Dunn, ""r.
AIel<. Hepbum Jam"" Fcrguson, 2d JameaM'Phet John M'Donald Thom... Bird, ser.
James Hepbum James Fruer Duncan M'Kerchsr Wmlam Cousin.......
JohnHoban WU1iam Geddes John Anderaon 6th Perth.hire. Thoe. Crawford, .......
Joh.. KeUlcr Donald Hagprl Alexander M 'Bean (Bl4i"""'ri<.) Jam88~e, ......
Charl"" Laiug Duncan HBgRarl Alex. M'Naughton J. L. Campbcll, capt. Thom"" .bon. CCIJ".
ThwIel Lockhart JObnH~ Jam .. Dewar W. S. 8outar. liellt. Jno. Hendol'801l, cor.
Wm. MaIlODS WiUlam eggie Peter F!sher R. Penkeith, en81gn Wm. M'Gnlf!Ur, cor.
Jamea Marshal! Robert Klppen J os!ah Deuchars Rev. Wm. Herdmnn. WWlam Wrlght, cor.
David M. Mutoue Duncsn' Lamont Duncan Boott chaplain David Toylor
Wm. Jdmer Alex. L! vingstone John M'Gregor Dr. R. A. Halrour. Jame. B. Cullen
Jam"" Moncnelf Peter MaUooh Them... Smith _ist.·ourgoon W. G. lJown!e
John Munro WilUam Murray Donald Stewart James Young. &er. John M. Mair
Alex. Murrav Alex. M 'Andrew ·Alex. Monziea Alex. Murdech, .. r. John 011ver
JameB M. Murr"y Duncan M'", JameaM'Nab Dav!d Chalmers. lor. Jam.. Cnunb
Peter Murray John M'Andrew Duncan M'Kay J. L. Robertson. sor. Char!es Dow
J ..m .. Macbeth D. M·Arthur, 1st Peter M' Lnren T. M'Lach!s.n, IIClr. A. Whitehead
John M'Donald John M'Anhur Alex. M·Lean. 2d James Crockart, sor. Jam.. Mackotuie
Allan M 'Dougall D. M·Arthl1r. 2d Thom .... Chrl...tie Robert Shepherd LewiB Grr.ham
Willlam M·F....!ano John M'C.ulum Hugh Jd'MiI1an JohnPeddie Joshua Pet~
A!ex. }[' Farlane John M'Dirutn!d John Stewart Wm. M. BlAck WiIIiam Grc. aID
Edward M'lotyro John M'Diarmid Robart M'Lean Co!1n M'Gregor Jo.m"" P. Held
William Pcar80n AJex . .M 'Ewon Ooorge lIe!k!ejohn John Lelllie Alex. J ohnsten
Thomao Ponnr,cuick Archd. M'Gregor Hugh Kippeu Jam .. LeBlie Robert Calm.
WlllIam Pring e Charles M'Oregor Alexander Cameron John Stewart Arch1bald Klag
WWlam Renk.en D. M'Grogor. l.t WilUam M'Donald Goorge Boott Jam ... BuchAnau
WIIlIrun Heid D. Jd·Oregor. 2d Char!el Il&ttray Thom"" Dowa.r John Btuce
Nlcholae Roberteon D.M'O~.3d Peter M'Lean Peter Bred;o J o.m... Fergwoon
Jam... RolJo Donald 'Gregor Duncan Meozies Wm. M'Naughtoo
Ja...... 8ma\l WlIJlam Crlchton
Jamea K 'Gregor Jam .. Cameron Thomu Brodio Peter F. Bal<1an6
6th Perlhahue- : Stewart OgiJ vy
tonli""td. I Davld Ogilvy
Thom... Hey. 2d
John M'Intoeli
John Brown
I J.Peter
B. Miller, .."..
Soott, ser.
Tho....... M'Oregor Jam .. P. Patton John Slnclair John Simpson W. Newton. eor.
Oeorge M 'Farlane JohnPlmle Adanl Stewart Roberl Thom!!On J. Reld. oor.
Al."""der M 'PhAil Jam" Ritehlo Peter Stew..rl ThotlW! Jaml"""n Roberl MuIr. cor.
Al"". F. Stowart Alex. Robel'l.lJon CollnTayJor Hugb M'K.ehnle Oeorge Dnncan, COl'.
JamesOawald Peter Robcrt8on Hi3!Taylor a.orp WyUie James M'O&vin
Andrew Pullar Peter Ritehlo WI . m 'fa¥Jor John Edward Maccall
John Stewart Jooeph Slme Alexander Thom""" WIUiam Bucbaue Thoe. Blnlr
Jam.... Allan J ohri A. Stewarl
9th Perthahire.
David M'Niven D~ff~! Macdougnll
Duncan M' Henry A. Torrey Jam •• Wllson W MolllOn
A. B. M'Lure WiI1lam White (Al)'th.) Jam"" Slmt:,on Jobn Smith
Wm. RAlne" WUllam Stewart, lot J. W. Ogflvy. <;atF.t. Roberl For s Daniel Sbarpe
Robcrt Pbl P . WIUiam Stewll.rt. 2d G. G. Ram ....y. eut. Waiter M'&l\!h WllllamSh"rer
John lIaxweU JamllllSlldera Wm. J~P. ensign Arch.lbald M 'Laren JameeTbo Bon
JameeOmy Oeorge Gllch.rln David GUter,oor. Henry Mltebell John P. Maxton
Walter M'Lean WiWam Patton David ~hton. scr. Al.x. Mitcbell John B. Crawball
T. B. M'Dougall Wlll1em Manb.all John Seo Duncan Forbllll Wm. Marohl\U
W. Ne:llson David MIl.rlln Charle. Murray Peter M'Nlven DunCllll M'Donald.
Jam_Reld lIAIcolm M'Arthur John Buahanan Robcrt M'Oavin
Ja""", Reaoeh J amca S/:ilding
GeoIllG Matbewmnn George alooner JohnBain HughM. Pyre
Robcrt Flnlayaon Jamee Playfalr JohnAdanl Thomaa Ratters Robcrl Grieve
DlUllol M'Queen Oeorge B. Willis John Eaaaon AJ.xand.r M'Nle Allan H. Black
Al.xander Hunt Peter X'Rltchle AloXjUldor Milno Alexand.r BIl.lfollr John Arbuoklo
Walter Bm... Alex. M'Ritchie AI.xander FindJay Thomaa Balfour John Jack
WilIIam Reld Da'fid Reld Jam ... Scott RoberlMaln Tbomaa Forreat
Archlbald Scotland Jnmes Ballontino
John Guthri. 8th Perthlhirt. John WII""n
Alex. M'Arthur lBth Perthahire. Aloll. M'Haster
John Kirk (Oril!jf.) John Walker (CalIart.<Ur. ) John F. Fraoer •
Thomas Fln1oyaon SIr Wm. K. MutTlly, James H. Roberteon JlUXlea Morrl.<!
Thomas Hend • ....,n J. H. Sk:l:nnor, capt. Robert John.tone
Bart., captain John Murray
P.ter J
John Glbson, !leut. James G. L. Pattullo
D. M'Gregnr, lIout.
J. C. Hllnds, ensign
Willinm RalI'
Maleolm Servic.
Ale:... Groham, en&. a--ge M'C!\Uum J. Stewart, aor.
John Morrison M. Ba1Il. Onlrdner, Jam... Re& John B. S. CoWno
JIUIl68 M'Donald D. M'Gownn, sor. David Milne
lLD•• IUI8.·lur. TbomaaDufr J. J'erguBOn, aer.
James F.tgWIOn Rev. J .Cunnlng-ham, J lInlee KlnniIIon Henry M'Oulre
D. Carm!chael, aer.
7th P8l'thIhire. Non e~laln
Peter Caimcro...
J ames M'Intosh
R. Reld. cor. ~~:rc!,~tt:ron
(C""pdr-41Of11U.) J. M'Farlanc. eor. Alex. B:iliwlck
John M'Nab, ser. AndrewSIm P. M'Farlano. cor.
]lung<> Mu.....y. capt. Dun. lI La.rcn, aer~ Willlom Al.:muder
4 A
D. M 'Fnrlane, cOr. J lngton
David Butter, lieut. John Rnox, sor. Jam"" Kydd J. Campbell
8. T. lL Hood. ens. Arohd. GlbIIOn, Mr•. David M. Robert8on 'Artbur
J.Chureh Willloru Lo1'.
Bev.P.J.SteT-, Alex. Andenon John Laing D. Cbriatle
chaplain JamesAmott Wllllom M'Gregor Robcrt Jofacfarl&llo
D. Drummond WlWam Lamont
R. Low, lLD., aUl'Jl'. Alexander Ba1tor John Dow J. M'Farlllllo
Alexander Rosa, ser. J amea cam:c.,bell Wllllam Xermaek J ameli Parkhtll
A. Forgu8on
Al.x. Geokle, ocr. J obn Camp n, 18t David Steel. D. FiBher
John Lennox
:Ht. Geelde,l.t, ...... John Campbell, 2d WUllam Wolkor John Cameron
P.Gow Jam... C. Lamont
G. P. ChAlmors, Mr. JohnCe.w Mung<>Crou G. M'CaIl
John EWott, ser. Al.xander ChrltlUe Hugh Pe.ttOTllOn FlnJai) D. Horrison
A. M'Donn.ld Wm. . Scott
E. L. Wallae., I8r. John Cbrietle John Smith A. M'Farlan.
Alexander M'Xenz!e Jam.. Clement Jam""Lamond JamesLon,
F. M'Farlane &njamln ellt
John Adam Roborl Cl.m.nt JohnLunan N. M'Farlan"
Charlee m.
Andem.on WIIlin.m Crerar JlUXles Findlay D. M'Lar\n
John A. CurtIs
Andrew Andenon W!U\om Copland Jamllll SteW&rt R. M'Lar!n
DBvid J. Bott John Dlnnlo Willlam M'Intoosh Id
J. M'Lnrin
Charles Boyd JlUIlee Douglae Jam.aCargiU J. M'Mullon Wm. Boos, lIeut.
D&vid Brown Wnllam Drurumond 11th Perth,hire. J. M'MlIllon H. ~I"'" lIe'lt.
Jam_Bum Charl.... DryadAle R. M'Nab P. . Blook, .nsirrn
Arch. Carmichael Swanaton DryS(We (Do""t.) W. O. Leltoh, ser.
T. Millor
Jam.... Carmieh""l James Edgnr J. Campbell, capt.. J. Morrioon R. K. Dutl', Bet.
J lUll ... Cam.ron J. M'Farlane, liout. A.Roaa Dunean Sbaw. !!Or.
Peter Dul! John FerguIlon, scr. J. Slnclalr A. M. Cwk. s".
Jam.. Duncan D... ld Roo!!, !!Or. D. Stewart Alex. Roaa, cor.
Wllllam Cralgie Dunean Klppon Jas. K'Farlane, &er. J. Taylor John Atlt1n., oor.
~b:rF~l!!bton George Jobn M'Ard
Robert Stewart, ser.
D. Hendel'tlOn, ""r.
A. Buchanan
P. DucbtllllUl
W. M. Mo.rt!n, cor.
Alexander Gmham
AIeL FarqubatsOn Petwc M·E.,n.n Jlnn .. Pcbblea, Mr. J. M'Phcroon Waiter Service
:Robert G..,kl", 2d JamOll M'Farlano J .a. 1da.xw.U, eor. L. M'Lnr\n John Thomoon
8tewart OUlOllple Greg.r M'Grogor Jam•• B\&ck. cor. J. Innls James S. Warden
George Gllchriet John M'Grogor J obn Wlngato. cor. J. Shearer John Camoron
Thomas H ud!!On Jamell M'Gulre Gcorgo Mathi.on D. FerguIlon Hugh Full.rton
John Humo Alexand.r M'Innes Peter M'Lauehlan W. DalgJeish Alexander Scott
JameeHood William M'Kcnzle Dunc:an M'Intyro A. )I'Lean George R. LaUd
RobertHood JohnM'Owan John M'Laren N. M'Donald John Low
Charles Xirkwood Donald M'Rory John Btewart Hugll P. Cumming
Jam"" Xennedy Thom .... M'Roatlo John M'LaucbJan Arch. Maclean, lst
Peter Lundl. Donald'XUler JameeMend .. bit Benfrewthire. ThomM N. DougL'W
John Lowtet HonryMlIl.r JameeDum (Gl'ttlwck.) Hugh Ritehle
JamllllLalng WlllIam Miller Jam •• M'Lean John B. O'NeiU
And....w Mu:s,hey Andrew Morrl.<!on Jam .. 5tewart 1st Hugh Boos
JAmellMtI~ oy JamOllPhil~. Daniel Fergoson n.p. Dompster, capt. John C. Macgi\lvray
Wl!llam M' endo ThomM Ph' ipo Andrew M'Farlane Robt. BurreD, lleut. Alex. MMdonald
Jobn Y'Kenzlo J obn Robcrtoon Jamee M'Laren J. Ciapperton, .Ill!. WlWam FO!'(l8t
Charl.. M'Kenzle WlIllrun Roberteon Thomaa Watt Wllllam W~bt, sor. J 1Inl611 Mltcbc Il
~?~.r: !~~!.I"
David Mann J&meIJRoy JamosDewar J. )[acdonal ,aor.
.. 1.,.. .............. u.v .. _ 'Q1.;1H*_ n __
I't"t.""_ ..... '1)",_ '1 .. 4- ,.,. D U .....1"....... _ _

Ist Remrowshire, Thoma.e )f 'Clelland J amea 8iuu'p Dav. E. Barclay J. M. Locbeo>d, ......
2d com.-..nt;nuetL
Hobert Crunpbel.l ~JlI::;'YM~~':sie
Alex. AlolUlDder
John CampbeU.
Lawrence m"I"",
l)Onald BeatOll
Jam"" Ilryoe, oor.
Jam"" _ .
John Jamlaoon Matthew Catnpbell Daulel 11'J.IowIJd, 2d ,\lex. Bowman Wm. lII'Fedri.., .......
John W. Grawtord John Smith MAtthew Ban Archibald BrocIt John M:new
George A. Ratr Thomas .Macnair Hamilton Cn.-.rfard John Barcley
Wm. N. A. Aitken J ..m ... Benzio Matthe... Blain
S. Shortridge WUliAm F""lllhar • 4th BeIlfrewUirt. John Crighton
Cuthbert John BonDar
Henry B. Dlclde Jamoa Hendry (Poll.oc.bka.,.. ) &muel Cba.\menl G""rgeH.B~
Duncan M'GUl.-...y WUllem SimPlOn R. O. r..own4eo, eaI'. John Campbcll .-\.Ie:<ander Boat.m
George BW'nliide D ..vid Fleming J ohll PetJie, enaiga David Dewar Robert Cairna
John Hamilton AleXllIUier DwUop John Oay, ""r. John Dunean John C""kburn
Andrew H. MU1"1'ItoY
J amee F. Serrioe
Peter Sll!eI&1r
John Gordon
J. S. Bickl.more
John Gould
Jam... Donlop, 1IClI'.
Nleal Camoron, eM.
Samuel Eaaclele
John EwIng
Angus Colquhoo.n
DlUlcan Cmmell
James COIUlEIll
John NiooIl George GIlJrl(mr John H'Ia1;yre, eor. J amea Fnr.eer George Campbell
Juhn Y. Folt John Wardrop John Hart, eor. Arcbit.ld Fultoa. GoorgeDick
F. CoUeclge, I. cor.
John A. Flacll; &mool FulOOn Jamee Dob""
MaIooIm (.'nrrlo H. M'Klanoll, I. cor. RoWt Fyte Georgo DUDaUl
WUlilWl Orr N onnan :lIIacJean Allll<ander Fln1ayson Mattbew Fruer Androw~
O..briel Wmgate Jam"" Smith Alexand... LemOIl (''harIee Gamoch RobertF~
JohnNiven Dun. M'Intyre lohll Bt.rt>om' Wllliam Hamilton J.rnM Gall
Alexander Brown Cleud Wyli. WaltorN... Jam_Holm Alexandor o.-mus..-
Hector M. Mw RoWt Muuro Robert Flnla180ll Davld HollJlton RoWt B. Hair
Willirun Too Hugh Diek Jam.. Roes DlUlcan J aml"""n WUlllun RardI.
Arch• .Maci<an, lid Edward Altken Robert C. JICbon ~;dward lrvine John Uodgert
Wllllam LewhI Jamea Whiteford Jam... Fllllayaon J. C.1"lne JamesHUIlier
JamooThotn Maioobn lII'Thggart A. Cnunl!!gllam, lilt WUlIam JohnetoDe ThotnaIJ KetT
Wm. P. Crawford Alexander 8haw John CrIIrn Robert Ke:rr Jam ... KirkpaViok
HtlghMac~ Charlee GallAchor Waltor Stew1Irt Jamo8 KeU, John Laurlo
W. W. ThOlllllOn Jamee M'KeUar Robert Bell David Kirk ThomaaLIDn
John M. Cn-wford J <lhn ConneJl John CampbIIU John XJ.rk Franclallal1.lD
John D llartin John M'Rae WIUlamS\IeVIm!lOll Alexander ado Georgellf~
AIeL Maclr.innon John GouId An",""" M'111tyre Alexander Lang Sam uel MlIler
Arthur Brym Jamea 011....,. John La.n.!t Daniel MUDI'O
8<1~7· AIeL M'D. Cameron Robert Reld Jam"" Lalrd WiIlIam lIf'Artbure
S. Nell\, co.ptallI. Joaeph Waten. DaVid M,u:woll Arch. Maefadycn
W. M'llwrnith,-. lthc-.p..q.. Jam.,. GoIde:r Goorge Moldrum J oI1n U- JIJoe.....
H. B. Cn-wfbrd, ..... Jaa. MUler, captain John Steel Martill MoldrnlJl Jam.lII~b
J ..m .... &ott, ...... D. Moolntyro. lIeut. Oeorge lI'Laurlll Matthew Miller Alex. lII·Kechnf..
Jrunea Newton, .... And. Dunn, eIllligu JallHlllllJl_ John Moore MaJcolm lII'lteehn1e
Peter 1II",,~._. Wm. To"~h, ser. John WI«ht George Mnrray DUDcon JI('
J. F .. i'l!rle ........ D. A. _. Joha )('Q_ WUl1B.m Murdoeb \ Wil!lam M'Nem
Peter L. Do., oor. D. L. Polloek, ser. MaWlew \ll1IPI' Cbari08 M'Artbur J obn 1'I1ro1.eon
John Campbell, oor. J, S. Bllrcla,y; _. John Did: John M'Ca.. Henry PatenooD.
David Agu ...., oor. Gee. Pat temon, Mr. Oeorge Alklllthlld David lI'CuIloeh RobertPatenon
James M'C ....... eor. Archd. Turner, cor. John WaIIIoft Colin lIl'callum WltI!am Pateraon
John Gra, J. B. Fat'llrlove, oor. A. Call1llnpam, :lIi! DunClUl M'DugaIl Alexander PIItoin
Geol'lCe A, Milan Angua M'Orogor John
John G. F. Patrioll: J amee Wllilon, cor. John Brown
Jam ... Fyfe, cor. DlIll10l M'Ph_n Colln Rentruw
iw,,:"J-I~ WlIJlem Dlekie Robert Graam
John Soton
John M'Intoeb PoteT Ritehle
JohnSto~ Andrew M'AlIetcr John C. M'Nair Tho""," Robertson
Peter WrIi1ht John Cook Jam"" WlIlII. DugaId JI('[.-n Robart Rouald
WllIlam lIlaonallght. Oeorge M orrlaon WUllam Ct/IIMP RoWt M'Kechnle William~n
John Macnaught Jam ... r..ow
John Hllld_a Alexander M'Crady Davtd Smith
John Martbl Goorge ....Reedy Peter NNmdth Joune.Bmith
Wm. Smith Androw Wlleoll
Gee. H. llAl'Ihall Jobn Coyla Robert Nlven Daniel Spreul
Jam.. lIfacfvlllle J. F. NobDan John St .............
WilllaDl Fle"'!ng Cb..,.l... Mu:rrnl Th_N...
John lII'Selll Robert Smith HughOrr J ..moa 8tl.rra1
Angu.o C.... pbtill
Petor B. lIfltc.bell M. B. Orr J oh", TbOllWlOll, 1st
Mattbew Dale
John T. Lelteh Thoe. F. Huuter WIUlam I'l1trlet John Tbo-..ti
Charles Dunca:n Wm. M'Gechan ISth BeDfrewUire· Jnme. Ptelomey Alex.Thom.....
John 8omn;uwril1.e Wm. Crawford ("0I't.~ ... ) WUllam Picking Jamee Walker
Androw MUIlIl David Androwa J. Anderaon, onpt&in Eug-hA. Rose Robert Wilkl4
Robert Heodr;? Thom8ll Hannah J .... DlUlbar, lleut. &mueI~ Jamee Youag
D1Ulcal1 Cook Alox. Jamie.oon D. GIl.Itleon. e n . J ames Ritehlo
Willlam Bucb_ JamosCmm John Eo Fn>elaDd, John RIgg
Eben. S. W...u-, RobertSernco Jam... RAlld
Willlam Marr Alox. l\' lIlllan AI~my... ocr. Hugh Rltchie. (N~.)
Dug.ald 1\1' Ea.chran Quontln Tannoeh Andw Harvey 8er Alexander Smith A. Gnmam. aop&ain
Petor DavidsoJl Jam ... Robertaon Peter John Smith M. Andenoon. u-..
Peter Christio Arch. M'Kol1ar R. S. Wlleon, _. ~etcr Thomaon, !'t 1I. C. Tho-. __
A~hibald Smith Jam.e W!lsou D. C. Smith, ""I'. I et"r Thon:tllO.n , _d M. Ande....... ..,...
ThomlUl Kirkwood Alex Tough D. A. r.raeleUa:ud, ser'j Thom... T?mlmaon i Alex. Gilmo.........
John TlIrner Wm. Sirupoon Hugh Diciti.., "".r Wllll.m W,lliama Thom... Rennle. ....
JuhnAndre... Thoe. And"""" Peter Jluchan, co;. John WyUle RoWt OBbonl, _,

Robert WVi""" Alex. G. Cameran Robt. .'r"...I...d. 001:'. Alex.nd~r Outhrlo Wm. Wishart. COl'.
Robert 1I'r.,allend l)Onald M'Cormick John KIrkwood, cor. John Rcxd,1oorL DODn.. John Clo_ ......
Wm. J. GarmicbMl Alex. Harper Wm. Joun8ton, eor. Jam"" 1.0......... cor.
John Bt-ymner Daniel M'Don ..ld, lot W. M'MilI.... , 1. (lor. 6th lteDfrewWre. Andrew Angua. ~.
John Rod""", Hobert Kennedy
AndnJ .. !;wan Tholllall M'llioken
W. I-ltewarl, 1. cor. . J. Armour-. 1.......
1I. IJompeel. L <X>l'. (Paillty.) J. Robe"""n,I. <:Or.
J&m""~n A.'IIUA Cook A. M'AdAm, L oor. W. MllCkaan. capt. RoWt A.ngw. L (:W.
AlOX1\tl(if.r C.&1llOl"CI1 JalllOlll:ltcuarl J oh 11 Alian !!t6wart ClaJ-k, lleut. John Duncan
Robe" jo'lemmg Andrew Sb...lcland And,.., ... Arthur Areh. Coats, enalgn R. Gilmour
Do.rid 11 'I1wraith Arch. M'Key
Davi<l Hond:ry John Arthur Richard Watson. Mr. .\lld~ Gilmour
JameeOrr , AIelt. T. Adalr Wm. MUrnl'V. _... Jam,. nrn.n
8th Renfrew1lhirG-1 John Boyd Peter Cllmpbell Thomas Miller Arch. Campbell
_ti"uod. Arch. l:IamIlton John Floteber Ja...... Chrl.t!o Du.v\d Bhaw
John OrT Wiltiam Galr John OtT Duncan Ferguson
Willinm O'Drien lOth~ Tnom.... o..ylar John DouglAll ADdrcw M'MIDsu
Thorn .... Colquhoun (lit GrtnVtd: High- Jam ... Gibboll8 Robert Walker Daniel M'Pbenon
:;lli!.PW= laM.) Jamea Gurdoo
Robert Handyllide
Jame8 A:rnot
William Klrk.Iand
Colin Hart
Tbom .... M'Leugblall
James Robertson J ..... J. Grieve, capt. Dugald M'Donald James Bolms ADdrew Hamilton
Jam"" Ho.milton John RellIlle. liout. Edwl\rd II'Parlan" John Caul.ran. John )('Lean
Waiter Burk:e J. G. Klnea.ld, ensI/tn Arch.lhoJd M 'GregQI' Willlam King WllIlam It.. Plcken
Petor Hendry Cbas. M'Dona!d, ...... Gcorge M 'Cartney William CJ.a.r1c Alexander Slater
Jrunllll Fyfe Wm. cameron. _. Charl... )( 'lntyro Alu:ander WUaon WI1lIam lrvino
Alexander ll<>wtd J~m ... Black. !!er. John )('Intyro J"mce Walker Robert Hutoh.l&on
Rohert Waddel Bwclnlr Bcott, ser. WW.lam )('Killop Jam.... HWltor JohnCouper
:o..vid Hill Donald Weir, oer. James M'Loan Jam""AlIan John Part<
Robert GaIt Alexander cameron ArchlhoJd )( 'Lean Robert Ritch.lo John Bryoe
Jam"" Andenoon Konnoth M'Donald Alexander )('Lead John Anderson A.rchib&ld Hendrio
J run"" Bmart Angus M'LeIlllAll WIllIam NIcol Wllllam )(itehel1 GeoIlI'e lliIIa
John M 'Crie John Notman W"'IaceR~lllt RobertLang William Btatk
ArchlhoJd Arthur Peter AlldelBOll WIII.I.t.oe :ao.-Il, lid John KltebeU Ernest G. ADde_
Willlam Hemp Hill iiro~~BaIn JamesBbaw Caldwell Blackwood WUliam DowaIl
Jam_Small Jam80l 8tevewJGn George H.annah
9th .II.erIJ'.rewIh. wUf:m 1la.lIantyne .A.ngus Smith John S. C&rtaide
(J~) ~t,n:i'!!":tou Ana:rew Tumer Roberl Brodie 17th BntrewIhire
Robert WUaon William Ji'Juer (~)
John8. Napler•.capt. Matthew Cameron
John !laImon, l~t. John C'&mpboU Willlam Adam JohnG ....y H. L. Harva,., cap;'
John Starke. ellBlgll Matthew C.unpbell Arcblbnld Bell John Walker J.Ha.rvay,llQut.
Peter )(ore, - . Alexander Cn.!g AlelW1d1l\l' Cam bell Jam"" LlnkJeter J. M'Nab, Q1lIlgn
Peter J&tfrv. - . Wm. Cunnlnglwn James ,1st ThomMBrown WWlam I..AlDg. !!Cr.
Don. M'Gregor. - . Hugh Forbes James lid Willinm Houaton Tbomu: Orr. &er.
JOB. Coobnme. cor. John L. Hendty DoD&1d I Ale.xander Wllkio Andrew Glen, _.
Thomao AlTol Will.lllln Love Robert Drwnmond Thom&ll Dunning John Alllioon. _.
John M'LeOO Peter Mackle Donald Perguaon AndrowJ_ WUllam lm'e, ...r.
John Boag NeU llontgomery Angus Kerr John M.iI.I.- Wm. Caldwell, cor,
James 8. Roberteon John Munro Peter Lyon John eDdy. cor.
Thomas II'Donald 16th BeDfrew1hire John LinoiM,. eaT.
Jan."" F. !lILiUlon John M'Dermot Robert M·F....1ane (T~)
Robert AIlan John M'FIe George WllBon. oor
James DonaId John )('Gibbon John 1I'F!o - Maclae, ll""t, Jam" )(1UT!lY. oor. W. ADd..-..m Mattbew )('I1wea.lth Dunoen 'lteclln.lo
Allan 11
T. (.'olledge. enalgn John &nnahan
Walter Holm... Duncan M'KIrdy A.rIlh HOWII:an. Mr. John Alli80n
Johl!- C. Yatea John lIl'LachlAll NIcoI }{'Nicol Robt.Oouhrough,aor. Jam... Anderson
WW~ Tayl"" Murdoeh M'Leod Edward Roberte Jam.... Smlib, tor. John Harbour
Du.vtd DoD&1d John Noil JohnBruoo W. M'FarIan... _. Thoo. Bartholomew
John M'Rinnon
Charles AlToI WIllIam Rodger Rob!..)( 'Naught, cor.
John OrT Arcbibald. DnIIald M'Klnnon John Bcott, eor.
A.killer WiU!am M'Kay, car. John BWr
~o:::: ~ Alexander 8tewart Peter Gatherer Wm. Hocluie, eor. WillIam Boyde
o NOn Androw Young Robert Btewwt
Oeorge Buohanan Charles E. Bursey WiIllan, Hol.<I.IDg Robert Caldwell
John Cam~ John Campbell, 1st John llaller John M'AuIy Angue Cam.ron
Robert Banldue John Campbell. 2d ArchlhoJd M'Lellan Bugh Bte.....rt Jam"" CampboU
AndreW' 8bmmaon Donald Domoch WIllIam Nobl.. ADdrewGn., John CampbeU
John Prentlce Robert F. Duncan Danald }{'iVlano Alex. Stark: JohnCrec
Robert eumo

Jan._ Orr Roberl " - J.-ph Skinner
Hugh )(elville JamllS rui:- ltIth BeDfttwIhiH Robert )('NAught
Jam.... Ritab1Q
Franc!B Donnaly
Jam ... )('Oa"in Du..ld Graham (11:'''--' _.) Hugh Ferguson
AIeL )(tIJ'Q Robert J _ """""-, ,John Hendrle
Thomu n-uIe AleJ:lll1der LowrIe J. Stlrll:njr. hon.oept. DonaJdCam_ Roberl GaMner
WllliamH.m" Jam06 GI'OVtll
Wll1I&m John M'Donald C. CIIJn>a, captabJ WUllam )('Donald Jamf!lll Kerr
Jam.... cam 11 HeetoI'M'lntollh A. Kirkland, Ileut. M''1)0"_"
vin .. D "'0
J 8te_ _• ...... _ _- u
WIIIWn [ a _ Tbom&ll Kerr
WUllam K.etT
amh811""_,_ ...._
J Q n.......
Duncan V'Lean
Jam"" K. Rae
W. Campbell ••urg,
J BB. 8teY....oon. ller. ~~.!~~ James[aw
&mue.l Leltcb Robert Robert'Qn Robert WiltJon. Mr. J oseph Bradford Andrew Lindsay
Robert Miobael Jam"" Roberta Robert ~,........ Jam•• Bucb.anm Rohert L1ndsay
Jan." Bproul Hugb &omAn OUverM'Gregor. aer. JamoaPro..... .John )('Dowell
John 8pronl WUliam l.'iemey Jobn lIILrbour, ...... Robort PendllfllTlllt John M'G1Llpin
AlelW1d~r SbnJllOD Jruneo Black Daniel Gray. IIOr. John'll'l_ John M'Gee
John Reid John Cbillholm John Hall, 001'. RobertJaok Wll1Iam Ma,..baI1
Robert DuDlop
G<;<>rge ~
Willl&m Campbell
Willlnm Balne Patereon
George )('Farlnne
lsaac Wallaoe, cor.
Alex. Gnmt, oar.
John Lang, 001'.
wnllam BlaIr
Robert Bcobie
ADdrew M.ltehell
Bemard Nenl;y
WUliam Ncill,
WlIllnm Nevin, lAt
J0illi.!.~ Oeorge Pureer John Eadie. L oor. JameaJ_~
TO~- • ~ John o..y. L oar. ArcblbaJd )('1_ Wllllam Nevln. lid
J";'-;"~ 11th llafte1Inhire M. Woodrow, L eor. Thorn .... Kidney Robert J. Patwrson
Allan Cameron Robert Robortoon
WillIam N. London (:id ~ HW'" ;i::-~ cor. WWiam Beatt.le Thomas Roborlmn
Aleunder WilIoon lnlUl:.) Darid ~ng John Dryee JamesBtevonaon,lst
Robert ThOlDllOll C. C'&mpbell, espi. Wllllam Hunter . Willlam Hart J runes BtovelUlOn. Id
John Patrlak T. JlaIlanIiDe, ht. Alexander MIller Alexnnder HallIdII.y WIllIam Wallaco
John Al.liaol) John EnldDe,enalgn Wllllam Hall Aloxander J ack.oon Du.v\d Watt
Nathanlel AlIan John Camaroll" _. John Love Ada.mOrr James Wh.ItAford
WWIam Hamllioll Archlt.ld Cook. Mr. In.mes 8pelr Jam.. BeIlentyne John White
Thom. TaylOl.' JIJ/!. D. Duncul. _. James WaI.l8ce Alex, RobertBon John Wllaon
O""rge BlaIr T. B. Nowton,lIII1'. WllIiam Hou.ton James CnI4r Robert W,llo
John M'Puiw:le J""""h ArmoUr WiIliam H.mtw- GI'IlII""Y Marsball Jobn YOllult
B. M'DonaId Robert Brown .John M'Echn.lo Arcbihald M'Lan RoOOrt Young
Samuel Pilber John A, Bruoe Tbom .... F'ulton Jam.,. KeIao WUllam Young

n. C. Olen, acr.
19th Renfrewlhire William Hoht. ThomflOn, cor. Peter'lRlt Jac!aon
Cmig, ser. <l<lorge King Andrew Wilson . Thom .. L. Jackaon
(Hurlcl.) John Kincaid, ecr. R. W. Hobertaon John M'Lei.h Smyytten Jetrrey
Wm. Farquhar, ser. J. S. Kcrr WIIlInm Miller Robert Kerase
Hobert King, ""pt.. William Wbyte, ser. Robert Blaland Alexander Peddie Waiter LaIDg
~d Dove, !ieut. James Jcffrey, ser. Oeorge Horaburgh J ames Finlayson WIlUam Leyden
J. ncaster, ensign Jam"" M'KelIar, cor. John C. Thomson Robert Thom... Samnol Madnme
J .... M'Donald, ser. Wm. Birtwell, cor. Jamea B. Thomaon J runes Pl\tcraon John Madder
John Dunlop, Ber. Hobt.Pinkerton,cor. Jamea Pye Hobert Malcolm Chrletol'her MlchJe
Wm. Tumbull, aer. Jas. Buehanan. eor. Thomaa Mclvln John lI'Le.'IIl Robert MoodJe
John Howi08On, ser. D. Mnthi.!IOn, I. eor. Jamea M'Cardle Dllncan Urie Andre.... Mnrray
Allan Kirkwood, ....... T. Birtwcll, I. cor. Waiter M'Ollvrsy Arehibald M'Ken.zie James Ollver
J.... Pattlaon, oor. WI\lIrun H. Truman Wi\llrun Armour John F. Petera
Willinm Scott, cor. ~:.'~~:'t ~:::,r. Robert M'Kimmie Robert Ollver John Prlnrle
Alex. Dunlop, oor. H. B. M'Lellnn Hobart Creely John MACk~y Thom.. RoborbllD
A. M'Calman !. oor. Andrew Thorpo Andre.... Rntherford
'1. ThomBOIl, L cor.
R. F1eming, L COT Hobert Muir ~~ifl;.!h;,:,cr ~:t~~;1 Fr&Dcll Rnther1<ml
J amea Soon, lot
J ames P1cken Oeorge Black John ThomBOn
M. M'Calman, I. cor. Rodger M 'Lean Jamea M'Taggart Thom... Shaw Jam .. Scon, 2d
James Hart; John Dick John W. s.,ott
Oeorge Lewrie Jebn Allan John La~lel
James Walker Joaeph lac Wllliam Ro"" Hoberl 8eIby
John Leitch Alexander Wal'dropo Dand Twaddle Thomas CrI~hton John SlmlOD i
Jllm.a Peacock Andrew Kincaid John Brown &muel Waddcll Du1d SlntoD -
Kenneth Beaton John M'Whirtcr Willlam M'Kimmie Alex. Don:J.!rlaon John Slnton
Matt. M ·PhllU Davld Buchanau Jamea Whit.. Thomas Barr Wllu..m SlntoD
Willillm Armatrong JameaShaw John Brodie James BIggar Harry G. Stnm80n
John Scott Andrew Mulr John Lawrle William Shaw John D. Story
William M'Michael James M'Ewan Malcolm eampbcll Hobert Dewar Adam TnmboU
.lameR. O'May William Noble Donald Jdacrnrlrw John Oroenbanlc George Tnmbull
Thomas Scott Jamea BaIlie David Brown Thom... Auld John S. TnmboU
Alex. Orahrune Dugald M 'Ca1lum Donald Hutchlson John Camrcll Wllllam G. Tumbull
Thomas Hobc ..tson John Rose John Izze John Thomoon
John O"",r
Arohd. Renf..ew
~3lia~ralJart;1n James Connal Arohlbald Campbell Jobn Veltch WeaTU
R. Whlttrorth
J aIDes Donaldaon
Da,id Young
~i~ru!.ll Jam ... KeIlU
John Farml Hen. Eadla
Wlllter Reld
Thomas Anderaon
Thom .. YOlIDg
.John BlBsett John lvory J. Miller J!\DICB Bmclllc 2d Boxburghahire
Tholllll8 M'LRuchUn Hobert Deardcn R. Coote J"mea Crlghton (KrlMl.)
Robert Thom!lOn Wllllam Walker Davld KiIloch Jamos Hanson
Archd. ThomBOn Blr 0. Douglu,
Wm. CunnIDII:ham James M'Loughlin
~~~! ~.:JJ'bell Jas. J ohustono,lieut.
:::;!'lf~~e Robart Hamilton
John Freeland
Oeorgo Murray John POATB?D
John Munro, OD8Ign
WIUIam MACkenZoie,
George Craig
Jamee Spoirs
Alexander M'MIllan Alexander lIi1lar John Wrlght
~~~! ~~!~one
John Peaoock Duncan M'Gilvray RaT. J. Bmit ,chap.
Thomas Mitx:hcll J amea Tny lor Alex. Robertson
John Morton John Darling, ser.
Hobcrt Peacock Hobcrt Simpoon Malcolm Nhoo .A. Roberuon, BCI'.
,J ohn Lindaay WllUnm M'Nee, lot WilliamNeil Henry M'Larcn
EdWllld Cook Jas. Hobcrtaon, aer,
WUliam M'Nee, 2d WilliamLalng, cor.
i':.d~.!'~~cA\nu OeorgeM'Neo
John M'Callum 2341 Reufrewshire,
Jamea Small, ""r.
Alex. )l'DOMld lit Boxburghshire Edward Bomner, cor.
John ern wford Jamea Cowan
J amee Fllulda
John J'crguaon
Daniel M'C"bbln
Jamefll Orllhamc,cDs.
(Jtdburgl.. )
WIIJl&DI s.,ott, capt.
John Miller
John Aim8TII
WIlUam Altcirl80n
Jaw .. Docherty Archd. Brownllo
John Mltcholl John Raid, ser. Hon. H, Campbell, John Altken
Jam08l1'Lintock Jamea M'Cready Alex. Motrlll, ser. .lIent. Ed.....rd BallAotiDO
WIlUam Brown Wm. M'lnneR, &er. Jam .. Dodo!, eoBlgn Chrlatopher Bell
Wm. Cuuuinghr.m John Dinning
•JameaDugan Wm. Erakine, ller. Thomas Bonyan, BeT• Andrew Black
J.-ph Wateoo Wm. Thomaon, cor. John S. E. Fair. &er. David Broomlle\d
Willinm Brown, lot John BtewBrt
Jam"" Roid Wm. M'O~r, <"r. Aaron Fornot,eer. JohnCaims
John M' AlUoter Dand F,ml cor. Andrew Haddoa, &er . Waiter Currie
.J am .. Stafford Hobcrt Ritchle
Willillm Lnidla... Oeorge Bhaw, cor. John Tnrnbnll, &er. Patrlck Darling
Samuel Burns John Wateon, I. cor. Andrew Aitkeo Milea DavidPon
William Edgar Arthur Pollock
Peter Llndony, 1st ,rohn Dewnr, I. cor. Alexander Balrd Oeorge »oddi
John Welch J. Samuel, I. cor. J .. hn Balfoor John DoTe
Adam Currie Hugh M'Menamy
WIlliam Brown, 2d R. Murdoch, L oor. Thomas W. Balroor John Dudgeon
Thomas Downs Peter BlnciWr WIlllam BIllfour WIlliam Eckford
Robart Kirkwood DanIel Mlll'tiB
Wlllinm M'lA1uehlin Thomas Docherty Tbom ... Bcattle WIlUam EllIot
David Dunlop !"7:::w°:luler JameoBole John FltLpatrlck:
James Coleman
~~= ~~?o~~Cy
Wllliam Poocock Thornal Boyd Oeo~ FOITeOt
John M'Allwaugh Thom .. Brockle Davld Oray
Jllm .. Webater Hobert Young
TholllM Richmond WiJUam HamUt..n Robart Bnlman Frank HendllnlOn
JOB. Lucaa
,rIlmee HoburtlOu Samuel Devlno C. Carruthera J amea Hendol'lOOD
Mal. DOllgal.
,r Ilmeo Laurle Wllliam Urie John Common John HeodeTBOD
Jamea Wardropo Andrew Tumbull George Dongl.. JOhnH~e
Joaeph Oray Jam .. Johnatone
JOhnBc~ Alexander Oay WlIllam EO.lon Wllltam ewiLoon
Peter Liu , 2d JameaM'Lean
2Bd Reufrewshire. Joaeph Devino Henry E1iiot WiJIiam Hogarth
Robart Elllol Oeorge Hunter
(IhKrock.) RobertFnmea
'lIlt ll8Dfrewahire D. Darroch, lot, capt.. Robert MnlT8Y
Hugh M'Fedrlea Robart M. GarrIck
Thomas Hunter
CoUu Butchinoon
(Ba ....Iwad.) Duncan Darroch, 2d, Jam""Oay Jameo Oray Robert IngUs
~'l::,1,~ft~l~ J. lIellt. Munafe, ensign
Hobart OourlAy
WIUIam Mackay
Alex. R. Guthrle
Juhn IngllB
Jamea Jack
J. a lIacnab. enllgn John PlnlByson, oer. WIlUam Baunatyne Charl.. HeDdenon John JohnotoD
Rev. T. Bucbauan, John Barolay, oor.
cb"t!.&in John Parken, Ber.
J IUD""Buchnnan
M. . . NolBOn
George HllBon Jamea Ken'
John HonevmOD Robert KDox
Dr Jo Macklolay, D. Ha.cfarlan, acr. John Walor Adam Hope Charles Lauder
SUTgeou J. F. stev.naon, cor. Hugh ark Adam Hnater I John Ledprwood
2d Roxburgb.eblre- David Thomson Mlcb.e.el Mormon Henry Buchan C. M. KIng, lleut.
John Ma1wel!
Waiter Thom.on
J amM Fonester
David ArehiboJd
Waiter Stcwart
Jobn Johll8tcn
John Bcgg, Hr.
J. N. M. Shnnd. "er.
Jam... Morris William Wnlk .... J amM Davie Davld iAlng Matt. Taylor. Hr.
Thomaa Ollvor A1e1ander Wood Jam... Chri.tlo John DunClUl Wm. Boyte, cor.
1I.Ichard Portoou.• James Wrlght J amOll Thomp!!o!l ])avid Hempaood J. Mulrhead. eor.
Androw Robertoon J,'hn Watson Edward J. CMd Jam"" DewelI J. Brown, eor.
John Robertoon Robert Mo......on R.. Davidson, cor.
A1e:lII.nder Robeon Willlam I!treo~ 3d Bti:dingshire. JameeStirll'!ri
ChariM Roheon lat Btirlinphire. Robert BrIohMe (Falki,..t.) AIIan Marsh I
Robert Rutherford (Stirling.) Ooorge Polioolt J. A. S Stewart, capt. Noli K'Allum
Jam... Smith a O. Molr, captain J amOll Flemillg ..&, Nlmmo, lIeue. J~hn Kennedy
MaUhew Tabour a Sconco, Ileut. Jobn Morti.nn
'Robert Trnnent P. G. Morrtoon, ens. 2d Bti.rl.illphire. Jam"" AltluJII, en••
Da..ld Badden, III1r. Francl.Ollflllim
A..ndrow Walker Wnl. Johnston, 8Ulg. (8Iirli"g.) R. W. Rankine, &er. Jam0!6 Proudfoot
Bdward Haddlngton A. E. Mell'an, oer. F. Maekl!!On, captain John AHieu, ler. TholllU Hunter
GeorgeWomY8" Wm. Pa.ton, ser. W. Mackison.lleut. AI"". Adam, _. John Bennlo
Oeorge Winter J. M. Morrl!!On, .cr. 000. Chrlatie, crudgn J ameo Wllaon. oer. John Bowla
John M'F,won, Hr. W. Ronald, _. John C. Rennle, ler. Jame<! Ste...1lJIOn
lat Belklrlrlhire. O.Jobn M'Nle, eor. Walter Rold, Ser. - Campbell,_. John Bolton
Dryodale. cor. J obn Hardi •• Acr. George Ganon, cor. Archlbeld Cl&rk
(Gala.!/twz...) A1ex. M'Lean, cor. Jam"" Bardle, eor. Jam.. NeIloon, cor. Robert GiHlllan
Hugh 8cott, capt. O. Robcrtson. cor. Wm. Duthle. 8Or. J. Richmond, cor. Mleh....l~n
Wm. Clm, Ueut. Wm. Wll80n, cor. W. Johustcu, cor. Jlobort Adam, cor. Jobn Fo
A. L. Coohrane. ona.. W. Cochrane, L cor.
O. M'Dout!al. IIUrg. A. Montenth, I. cor.
O~1f: ChrIltle. cor. Ilobt. BalrJ
0... Mitchol~ cor. Alu. HilI, • cor.
I. eor. Joh .. Fergua
DonRld Fergt\l<On
&bert Grant, ""r. W. Turnbull, 1. cor. Will. Martin, 1. .or. H. Coohrane, I. cor. Wm. Perguson
A. Rutherford, ller. .T. a Young. 1. cor. a M'P'tIrlano, I. cor. Henry Altk... Wm. Glheon
a Haldane, Hr. Wuu.m Andereon P. L. Macklaon, I. c. Alu. Andenon, la, Archd. Ol\fllian
Wm. S1me, ller. PeterAllan P. Nlcolaon Alu. Andenon, 2d ThOUlAB M'Lucldo
'Robert Fisher. 141r'. Wllliam Belth Ja~NIo1Jet John B&lrd J amee HMle
A. ThOIllllOD, &er. WiU!&m Ba.trd .Toll Paton WWlam Black ])avid Harper
P. Rutherford,_. Dun""" Campbell Wllliam Kerr Adam Blalr John HQlme
.Ta.m.- Doheon, eor. James Crnlg A<lnm Heron Dan4 Bowl. Andrew Hoel •
.R. Btewnrt, cor. ])avid Drnmmond Michael M'lntyre Robert Callander James Jamo
J fIlL Coobrauo, cor. Oeorge Drummond Wlllinm Willlson Davld C&mIlchael J KIng
'Wm. Omy. cor. Wm. P. DMlmmond WlUlam Hendot!!01\ WIIlIam Clark Jam08 Kerr
Th08. Wright, cor. Jobn A. DempaUr Willl.m Simr.:n John Connl_n Joseph Kcnnedy
])avld Slool. oor. Robert Eadle Arch. Mern 0\111 J obn Donaldaon WWiam Kelao
John M'Lelsh Eben. M. Oeorge James BWr Jame<! Duncan Davld Miller
WUliam A1tken T. L. OII.lbraith James Currie Genrlt'! Dunlop Wuu.mM'u.y
WlIIlam Brown o..vld Oallachan James Kerr WIWam Donn Danlol M'Nab
Adam Coohrano JameaHaw.r Hugh M. Kirkwood ThomasEadle Wm. M'ParbUle
Jobn Cochrnn. Benjam In owlt John MarshAlI WWlam F&lrllaIni W1Illam K 'Ororty
Waiter Coohmno Henry John.ton Leon.. Neilson James Fnrgle Robort M'HoWAt
Th08. C1apperOOn Robert Johuston RobertRou Jebn :Oentleman Jam"" Malcolm
A1elt. C1a~rton Jam.aJRCk John Cairn;" Jobn Onrdon John M'Lucldo
JobnDun Franclo Kane Maurlc.. M 'Jntyre Wll1Iam Hardle JohnFrew
&bert Darl.Wg JameaK""o JamesHal'V<lY WIllIr.m llnmo
Oeorge Dun Thomas Low WAIter Cuddlo Wllllam Hnnler
HughDoheorl A..ndrow Mlllooh WUllamCW!.r1u Jam"" Henderoon Thomas Paterson
John Doheon James K'[)QnRld Henry MilIar Thoma. Ble.c,.It WilIl&m Roo8
Ja.m.. Dixon
qeorge Freer
Alelt. Flah.r
Thomaa Freer
Henry M'Don,lld
Willlam M'Donald
Dnnlel M'Ewen
Jam. Mitchell
Ebenozer Mo~n
Andrew Ro)'
WlIlinm BonuJ
_4Jexander Cl'ftlg
Wllllam LllJng
Dnncan M'Orcgor
Wallace HaxweU
Peter M'Laren
Robert HlU'llhall
Dollllld Btewart
A1elt. Sutherland
WWIam Shearer
Thomu F.w-gri017e 'Robert Main Androw Hutton R. B. Mathle Robert Wateon
D ....!d Hialop Jobn M8Cltloon Jobn OlllllOn Geolll'e K'Roberta Robert WilIon
Charl.... Hinman Androw Mu;r ThODl&ll Clnric H. R. Max.... ell JameeWhyta
'l'holllU Hall W.illJam Moffat O....hatD Brlmer J _eo Rankln. Alexander Pat.rl<>k
'l'hOlll&l.! S. Hnll Thomll8 Mlddleton Jam"" M'Lo.nm Olinr I1lnOOol Jobn M'GUe~
J&m08 Butchi.n&on HenryNlmmo Jam,," M.iller Jnbn R_ Hugh Campbell
Jobn Hood Thomal Ronnld Hobert La.ndero Alaunder RlLOIIel Robert Gent.1ea
'Robert Hart ])avid Ror John Kyle J_nRoael Jam"" Hendol'3Oll
Henry HaIIlday Donald Roborteon John Mm..r WlJlIam Manle Andrew Inglia
'Robert H uOOhln8on
'Robert Haldano
Ebenezer Jobnaton
I Will!am a Sawef&
Oideon Bconce
Androw HerUerteon Robert S. Bhooror
Jam... Smltb
WUliam K 'CnWI
Honry Mutray
Jam.... BnId
Thom&1l Beckott
Ed....ard 8pence
Jamea S. stewart
Davl4 Strang
James Rennle
6th Btlrlingahire-
(BalJI'oIl. )
Alexander Inglia J obn Steel Alexander Patcrson WJIllam $omenille A. O. Speln, Ml't.
WiU!&m LaidJaw Duncan ThoDlson Jam"" JohnHoll John WM!!On A. G. Jafthly, lI..ut.
Jameo1lanhall Jobn Thom80n J_Beauhop Henry Weir J. B9 Buchanan. en~.
Ale",_ lfolvllle John Trotter WUliam Rhod... Robert Wlghton T. W. Burg088 ••urg.
.Jam.. MRCdonald JameeWoir JamesW"teon John Wllaon T. Andenon J aer.
Archihald 1folroeo R. O. Rutherford Peter M 'Gregor Jameo Wardrop A. H. W~Ie, OIOr.
.J_Moreor Robert Yellow!_ ArchiUald Cowan J ameo II&xter Androw "110\', eel'.
WlIlter Patenloll Jobn Lennox Robert Btevon RobortDlek Thorn... Yulll. oar.
'Robert R1ehardson WlIIiam Davle Robert HilIlop Thomas Altken AI"",. NeIIaon, &er.
Charles Roberta W.illJamThomaon Alennoo Komp Charl"" GrindldY T. Ki.nnon, cor,
.John Ra.nkin ])avid Olllesple Donald Gaskin Jameo Wb,te R. Oeburb, cor.
Willlam 1I.Iddle WiIIl&mGray D"vldDtck D.nd Draper Wm. i!lm!!OU, cor.
J"hnBmlth W. H. BA\deroton JOhnBroWll J.Coopv R. BuchanaD, I. cor.
Jam... Stalker And"", Chrystai John M 'GlaohlUl
'Robert Ste...a.rt Robert Daw80U Robert WilIIO.. 4t.b. 8t1:rlinphire. George Muir, 1. cor.
WiIIlrun Bh.......".
J ames Bteelo Willlam BtlrlIng CoUn Bharp (.c....1lO=01Im.) Jam•• ..&dAms
Jobn 8cott J. Chalmen Wuu.m MarthaiI i W. Pea:eth, captain Jobn B1aIr

5th 8tlrlJngobiro-- Cbarl08 Honie AJn&1lder Young JAm•• Sutherland 8d~7'

_inm. TbolIlAB Cooper Jam .. Jl'GUebrlat n:ue.... Cfr.D't>e1l (Brora.)
Angu. BuchalllUl. Rooort Arnott W Ullam Jl'Cormlclt BenjlUllln :& 'Kay
Ueorgc Cameron Jam"" RUlIII8Il Jam"" Hall Charles Hood, capt.
JamesCox Robert R.-U Al.,under H _ Oeo. 1&.....,0, \Ieut.
HoOOrt Claeber RoOOrt Hmimann
8th 8tirUurlhir'e. G. Bannerma.n, 3d. J.B.Du~enaIgn
Robert Do.. John Neloon (Stralltb_.) J '''nee Grant Tbom8l! .er.
Rlcberd FIlnn Tbom... Fomltlt J. Coubrougb, !lent. WUl!am H'Lonnan D. lI'Beatb. oar.
Poter Gilftllan Sneddon A. H. GrJlh_ ellS. &muol Taggnrt J ..... DavidJoD, ser.
Hugb :a...rpe.- John Bneddon D. Robertlon. tm. HugbH~:r Alu. Anderson ....
.Alexander H""drie A. S. Conhrougll, Mr. James Gonion WIlliam BaillIe, .er.
WiIllam Jard1ne John~ Daniel Grant, cor.
7th Btirliq1lhin. A. Cuthlll, Mr.
Ale". Helvllle. 001'.
WIlliam Kay (LorNtu MUl.) Wm. Ronald. ear. Wm. Sutherland
JII/I. Sutherland, car.
{yill:n~ Gordon WI18on, eapt.
John I('lntyr6, eor.
R. M'LeIluI. cor.
~ Sutherland
Tboma.s 'Munay George Adama
AlOL HJ\lcobn, Ill!: Tbo.. WIlBoD, llent. Jobu Alstoll, 001', G. BanUorDl8ll. 4th George BaIlllo
Ale". lIJ\lcolm, 2d J. Pnrdon, ensign A. C.meron Robclrt Sutherland J amea BalllIe
J !lIDeS JlJ\lcom T. lIomBOU. _. .AleXAndor 01lllA, lot WUIiJlll1Bruee
James Pe"lgrew
Jobn llalcolm W. M'GIlcbrIst,_, Jobn Grlllwn J Am6JJ Smith Charl.... Con&1I
Jam... Jl'A.iI.IJIto1' Jameo Co ....... eer.
Andrew Wblte, _. Areblbald No.rval Wi!liam 1I"&odonJ\ld Jobn DIngwalI
John llItchell John Mull' Ale"ander Oun.n, 2d WIJl!am Gun».
Dnvtd K'Gocbie Dand DslgIlsb, !ler. John Patrlclt Rodorick I.J.ndaaiy Aloxander Gunn
WllIJam I['Farlane Wm. Jam.... cor. John Dunne Hugb R088 AngusGunn
John H'Gowm Robert YoWlI!'. cor. Henry Wood John I>aldA!I B. H'ltq
ArclliWd Irl'ludoc James YOWlIt_. Jobn It\ng JObnK'Ka~
Wi!liam Morten TbOll,lIIathl_n.cor. John NOTftl 1400mpu:J. AndJoew K' ....
J obn H 'GI'O@Ol' D. Armill:rmljf, I. ear. JameaF1IIJI11'l Alexander 1('1I:1'l
Hugh M'Loan Tb.... Do-tnIIe, 1. cor. J ames N1coll (~.) Goorge 1( 'Donal
John Ruthor1'ord Ale". Brown, I. eo•• WHltam W. S.:Fraser, capt. Donold H'llonald
John RD... Wllltam Jaek, I. cor. W1l1Jam Dewar AlexJIIlde'!' Jl'Leod
Aluaode'!' I>a1gH.6h T. Xackenzle, Ueut. lInrtln MAtht.on
John Taylor John RalUlla:r D. Taylo., enaign
David Ure James M'Keand Daniel Ill'Arlller D. WhittoD, _. John lIelv\lle, lat
Ale:<. WoJ.ker JohnBrooo&II WJIIlam HamIll Jam""
JameoWeir G. lIackem:le, Mr.
JJ\meo Walker John lI'KJllau J. C. K. F..-r. _. Alexander lIelvflle
Wil.I1a.m Yuill John Mtupb:r WUllam HTarlane J. lI·KiDlay. _. John KelviU •• 2d
Peter Wllson JlUI1es Holm .. John Grant, _. JohnKIIJT&Y
Aodrew Kmlit'
W!IIlam RobertBou
John DUDDion
e, cor.
WIIJIam Mnmr.:v
))avid Roaa
?\!~!.~e;wJUl&DIII J lUI1eo Talte Robort 81mpolOtl
Jam"" lAinI!', capt.. Donald Hurray. oaf. John 8mItIi
J. CoU9111J1d, lieut.. George Hamlll Tb"", Haei<.ay. cor.
BllghXeend Robert Klrkwood Ale1. 8b~rtand
R. S. OnlY. erudgn And",. lna ... 1. oa••
J. OuthiD, 1IW'g00ll
Jami.,.. Pro'f&n George Robertaon Angus :r...--, l __• John sutherland, 1st
George Allan WUl!am NeIlaon Jobn ilutherJand, ~
Rev. A. l'akoner, lIaxwell Qruham James)lunro J om ilutberi&nd, lid
chaplain PoterE.......
Thomas Kooat, _.
Thomae Haird. _.
Hnll! lIIathl_n
Flnl.,. 1['X1Dla:r lit .ui1lerllUld.
Donald Mt11'l'a1
AlO1. Munro J &m.
000. Sutharlu>d, 1_
Alex.K~_. John MUleI' .b.inI. D. I[acquorquodala Gco. Sutberland, lid
Robt. Camp 88l'. WIIlIam~
WllllamCralc Ido-p...y. Geo. Sutherland, 114
~=t i
Jameo loUXlg. Il0l". ThomaoYonng Ampbell Donold ButMrbmd
A. H'Far!ane, cor. (Goupie.)
Ale:l&1lder Brogan Hart.In 8utberland
D",vld Short, cor. WJUlam Clime C. S. WeetoD, capt. John LoelIeurray
John Robart&, I. cor. S. Munay, llout. Jamee &dale BiIII:lIl'
Alexander K'lIUllan J"lll5H'Rae
D. Robertson. L oor. JohnWblte J. Pcaoock, 8b8lgn Munlo Munro
Aroh. Bitcll1o, l oor. John Mnrrow WJ\ltor GrIeve, .... Al.,1. GIlIlA, 1st
J .... Annour, 1. """. John Grant, .... Alex. GUIlD, 2d 111; Wipma'Idre.
Tbomu Car'rlDbota
Jam... Ta,.lor
Thornu Kothernl1 Roberl Munay, .....
Dand Boee, _.
WilllAm MacI....,. (JY'~)
RobertHue Jameo Blm Frank Sbearer R. V. ~, Ueut..
DavidThom~ WllIlamGra,. G. Suthcland, 001'. Davld Sutberland W. J. )I'HaftIe,_
John Boyd H. Kackewlie, cor. RobmClark
Willlam aIDocpIe
WlllWn Weir
Tbomu NtarIoD
J ames Stirling
Wllllfllll )loore
Wi.IlIam Jl'l:errodl
Rebott Roaa, ......
John StIIp. oar.
WilJlam Forsyth
AieuDder [nnOll
-8: ....
S. Snowdon. ourg.
-.Maek • BOt.
- I[ 'lIalIter.....
WIllIan> )lain JflIIl8B Bradl.. Alexander lI&WIoo Aloxander Mecltay -K_oor.
John Fonytb Robert Brmrn AleXlllldllr JlaoIeod W. Bnthe.rland, 1st
Dand HendenMm. W. Sl1ther~ Id -H'N=:. ear.
Georgo Forsr Robert Tornmce D.~
John Bune Alexander Gourlay ))anielGwm JohnFxuer R. T. oIloI
Hugh Willlamaon Jam.. HoUh,ood Tbomae Jlacdollllold John Ferbes G.Paton
Jamllll Cocbrsnc Benjamin Lo8Iia Wil.I1a.m Maclean

Robert HOIIe R. Payne
JohnD. Knir JamesNaplel' Dollllld M'J:.ntpe lftloIge Sutberlaml G. W. CIJrIRIIIcm
WUUam Klnghorn Jameo Bowle John Macdonald John 1It11'l'a1 J. GrJIha"III
Alexander Jnrvio Alu&1Idsr FIII_ HugbGrant David Grnha..
J&Ill88 Moast Murdooh B<- Robert MacdOWlld D. •
JameJI JI'DooaId B.M'
William S. Gray AIU&1Ider KlnCllA Wil.I1a.m Fowler WIlliam Jlathalon Jam.. SQjJh_
"Wil.I1a.m Mouat
David Millor
Jameo PIIIoD
John DougIu
G. llannetman, lit
WllIJam I[ 'Kay ~L~nsie TbOlllllll lIari.:1n
J. W. MacbaD
Gcorge Be.tty John BroW'll John Maclat.y Robott .MackBtJ.J:ie P.A.~
Tbomu 8bAnka Jam .. Br\HOft Eria~ Hector 8utberlaDd. Alexander &'.0117
J runOll Coulter Al....ander BUfIID« Roberl Camf,bell John Jtelly
John CouaJand John lohllll$oa. Wm. Suth.... and, 3d JamuTalt
t:l):A~:_ WIIl!am PU'UDgton
Robett Burr
Will.iam RoM
Wm. Sut.lliidand
J. Sutber!and, Ill!:
J. Buthe.rland, 2d
J. M'Roberie
~F..w Robert JI'IlmIJ' O. Ba.nnerm&ll, 2d PhI~~
Tbomao"'Iay ))avid Low Do d Roes
DUlleI Steel Alesander Roee John Matbeeon
Arcbfbald Gow JeremlJlh l[orrI_ John MU1'1'ay Hugh lllllllll (BI""' ......... )
NlcbolBo~ Wllll .... )llIItland
Wolter )""~eoon Donald lIutherlalld D. Gnthrle,.,t.m
BoIIvt .M:bcbeU Robert M'Xay Jumea 8uthorlaAd AlU.~u.t.
:r.un O:r VOLUNTEBlI8,
lfUII.... Pul41
JDb.C .... ptocll
JohD Coatlll. MWIc~
v.... ...
l oIuo
E. 8. 81&1.,~,...
",uu.... 11'<:... B. 1J'C0arDl.......
JolI. Gordo. B. C...... a, ou.
loh S u . W. DlcbolL,eor. {Ut. WlfWIlUJn.
J ......'LAu R. Plckeu, cor. (1nIt.I_.)
I ..... Saa4lonl WUu .... PI<,ken
J . "'I!II M'Ce.Uoelr
1."'.0. •• ,........
n.o", .. 1.1_4. .....
""nad... !I...."
WIW.."FI.,llIr .... dr •• Broo4rool n.. U·M...,... _ .
1 . .... W.tIoO. WWI.t.Dl /III'Co.clt.l. 'W. Cur4111lt., _ .
Jobl> AadlftOl> ""4.... M'C01Icbl. C. D. Itdl,.....
P_/III'C",b J"",h H •• _ . S. S. 1I'CoIuo.II, .. r.
Ant.boD,II'IIIll"" Tb"",.. x·nW\'Slt.b. J . .... Toaar,oo ••
loin. 1I'Illtnck lob. /III'COGdol. J-r>lt. Jltbb
P • • COfttu. O'O... H.... _ . Alu. n ..... J*la
WIUIam Jf'C1LllodI lob!....... Jab. tt'''III ...
JIUII.Balc~. " !Ulom D.~obo .. WUll.." Ro4aU
kma'" irC.llaclt. J ..... M'(lalfo, P_~""'a
P __ /III'Do .. or.lL ctwl. £nk1D. P . . . D. HqblQ


w",. P. 8""..... pt.
.Job .. caIl.tgai>
Peter Hllttcn
W1Lllo.m Tl.moU>J'
WIlIJ.o.m 'hot..
tU!. I.u.ubb1:e.
0 . 11·'....1&0..
Alound .. 8-.n
'::"$: .......
0.. I Critb"",
w Blow
n.YId 11""••
Alu.t.r:l.a •• Fft&e.
J . S. IIlIler, :.~ Oeorwoo Weir :ltol'iun c....1u
loin. Ra.e. td Ilfllt.
J. 8. LamOlld. ....
llaJqulo lbedonald
U.....,. 1I0TTIa
l!:d-..o;l U,,'1oa
Kalt" ht n.o...u J .... , ~ ,
J _ J '~t~ '"
l!:dmW>d H.y
J ..... ... J...,t
AloKA<ldc.O ...y
.J. II..Tut. _ . lob Be"""
o--,tt..u_ '".,
Will. U''''p, :td A"'h. )( 'Muul
WUllarn Uu-It
J ...... Robe" .... "
11. lI 'o-lIP<!
W. S. Y~._.

..... lIbIeWr. 10•. J .. bn MUNhlcr Job .. 1011<001.

(In.... ,.
.Jobn 00 ... 111.

J'*'Jlb J ac
tT, _.

T ........
J ob .. Ctookt
r_ •• ttaD
O-;e 1I'GII.... y
J .om.. L. ~ ..
Job .. Ooah. ",
hit. ""'blbcld
D.H ...d _ _ ....
It. "_1M3", ....
D. 1I ·000tp. "'.
A) .... To....... _.
A. o.~d.ooll, c«.
Uua" BliT. 00 • •
J . ·J'v\aae, .....
J........ Gl-.
J.",. Lam "."
\\, OLIo... l talo(.oq
Jau .... B<>aaelL
If Ul!am. Cam pt.o.LI
.\,..u.- Ilin
W .... nudl..,..n
"ID. J SlDl_
J obo. lI ·~
J ..... OoI
Tho ..... T&yl.>r Wm. /IIIorioon
Willl.omGl6ord. lI.ttl>_ Brown J. JohnoIoD,"'" 1. - n I _ U, Ueury .itb...
JobA 0000. '"
D.81JrtoD Wm. Lo"'; .. I.oooub. \ I>d.....
,. ....,...., \
Al.,... nd., Rt .. ai,
CJeor.gto fI!"'ptOn I . /III'klllor:r. boo ...... ......."Ibold Hood.
D. F~" !Uohar<I AdomoaD. o.~.a ht.oD., boaIb. lI'-11owtG.d.lM cb ...,.. It ......
.h ..... J.m .. D.,...,. It. Oedd ... boaIl>. J_ l''''~ WlUlom 0" •• •
lJ<n. Cle",.nto JoII.. PattuUo Jo"" Ilou;fIM J .... " }I ' S ,1o RoI>o" C.", pboll
.JohD Clrdtller ,_PoUt ltl~.u Rodlo OU..... Su. ......e o..ri<I Hannor

7th Abent_.
(Nntl, .)
.t.Io". CNkbbut
Ooorp.·Pt>. ......
lo.",. IIJlcbell
J.",.. lAooIJo
...... '-'"
JIDl .. Roberuo ..
OtoOl"p IIJlcholl
J.", .. An.a ..oon
PCIo' Smltb
J.m .. S",11h
Wm. OR9oy._.
J. C. 1'0......" .......
It. RobJ'-'" eo •.
Job.D. S~.oooo .. hru .. St .............. 'l'borrLoo lI onkb .."o
'R. 81ml*"'o ~a P"""'F. ....... o · Job ....... bcr JoblI lI '!lIlytD C. N ,,",1_
Will . Low_ 1 t. J OM I'orwyth IIDl" 1Io...... u Robel1.l\o,"""",
J ob" I'~rbeo., U.... t., hotrolo Steph... J.", ... Tbom J ... "b DrullMIlI
Wm.!!.baDd, 1<1'. Oeo",o Ba<I&lIocll "un.,., KII .... I.. T b _ UI.kotL
IAri<I CbrloWl. _. J.", .. .IIJ.o>!.O O<'C1'fO J&DlieIon 5th C1UDbeTlud.
( ........A.) J=h Co.U'!I
WIWI<a Ooopor...... AloxaDd., Tu" ,J"M O'-l' ,\ .. ~ on, . ·.uld ..
WUu.", M• • - . M •. WUIlom lhuulD J ...... T_f.!."'on W. ........ pt.. G"'b .....
'W. CNlcUholllt. " ' . J OM W.r.t.. AlulDd". """" 'P. Co-po,. U.. ,1. 0«>. Goodb"",. ~.t
Aln . SIml*<>1I, co •. .lIlt.1m R,...U O-voOordOll R<! • . II.BuU .... hap. J . ... . GoodtJum
000. 'l"bom.ooll, ror. WWJ.o.m .t.Ionlldar J ...... En.o C. J Rchol1 . .... m. WlIll/un Hcr'lin;r
W", . AMloorI., oor.
J ab .. Re11D. <'Cf.
ll'D17 x.loolm
J • ....,. )( 'Jti.Il_
Robort LImb
Char.,. Johnot.oa
O. Oooxl1><\I'1I, hl., .... Wil1ltr.", n",l ~-..o1\
'\. SulcUli'", .0 ••
Geo. Oo.Uo ... y, ......
Th ........ 110"",,,
W. J.I .... tu
1141 lJlB'l' OF VOLUNTKKB8.

6th cam_land- 80th t.aurbhin. Wllllam:T

JehIo. a.-o. _.
COlIC...... (Q""".) John Bbi.. Robort JmIer. oor.
Arib1lll' m-laI,. _ .
WIlliatn JIUlleSOIl John 8e.unclen
Edward JobDaton - Qu.IgIey. - . W. A.ThnIa_ ROO.t BewkiIt
- Q!,ropbell, ..,. J _ a L. Cua7
J_"~ - M·A:rtbur, ......
J_eII -B..,.., __. H.X. Tod Ba.maeI. !la!7
J"""ph lItatt.hews Laurmoe'l'hsDGa John BoM1oD
John Moor Whitehead, .... D.Ro~ WIillam 8mb. .
JOMph 0swal4 - M·Artbur. car. H . White J_A.'l'at.e
- Catbctn, oor.
J~s.ta AIexMlder W&!k.. George !lte1l1ll't
W 8cm$ Ca.!!oIdy. cor. Richal'd Alel<MMler .I_cum.
~T<lUdal.e Andlew SlmpilOIl - Eva:ruo. cor. WilUatn BeIl Danlel8mlth
Welford BuahSlarin John Jt'Cullocb. 1st, Lauritz La COIlT Robori II.a.iae
Roberi Slarin I.COl'. Mat. Galloway I JohnBnwn
- Grah&m, L _ .
Jam... Ii!tevaI:uIon
Rollert Jt·LIIckJm
RA. Peeoock :a-
mh~ Choriea Btewart
John l'raI!er
(td~NorlAmI) Wmiam RitJ_Sba.n~ J&m ... H~
A. N. !leotl
0 Ha..,.Weanr WilUatn~
Ja.mtlS Tbomson
Robert Tbom""n Franci.Humpbries
Frank Gibecm
Thomas &e.lq
John )('CIlllools, id Llonel.ll'orlltet'
John Young. to TholWlll TbolllBOtl John Dobbie
J.C.M·E......u,_ J",:ri:".. Wadden Robeft....,.
Jamea Soot!., aer. John Wat.son J ..m... Brown
Robort J. H_el
lIt • .....u.. JohnWal=
Malcolm Black• ..".. Donlel Walkor Ja.mes Oroan upon-1)ne. H6Ill7 W
John Loohrie. ser. WIlliam WsJkor Robert Bum
Robert U1'I), ser. Jam"" WIlliamIlOD R<>bert lI'Millan 6tbO ....puy. John Gllro,-
Jamcs Walker, sort ,Tabn WlI80n J ...... 8Im.- Jobn F. Tone, capt. J ameo Ilcott
Robert Wiloon Arcb. Arbucl<Ie W.Bmith, lieutenant M. PothergUl
ThO&. Gutbrl., cor. WilUam Mm ....
John M'Cance, cor. TbollUlll Winter Th08. Mordue, ana Rlcbard DowniDg
WilIi&m HawtbOlU John Cummins, ser. Bydne~ll&iTecoo
John 11 'Voan. cor.
John Young. cor. ~ull!:'n Y:,o:;t 'WUllam Hammel .1....- Inn ..... oer. J08h. bent
J obn Galbraith WUliam Usber. ser. C<lady
Robert AlexlWder John Robertoloo
WUliam RaJston 86th tanu'll:lhin. J oltn MicbaeJ. Georgo CalT, cor. Tbomu )('Douga1
Alex. Alexander J ..mea G1beon, cor. J _08 F10ming
(Qllugo ... ) William Owens Cbas. Hawkin.. cor. Jamea Denbolm
Georgo Arnot Jameo Henry
John Ilain J. K. Clark, capt. R<>bert Ad&ma Jamea M'Rae
.1 run ... A. Roes J. F. A!i&on WIlliAmWa:.on
Ja.mea Belf:: R H. Robertaon, JohnL&w
Tbomaa 1I ston liout. Cb....I•• : J08b. Dew....
RoOOrt BlaCk JameaO..-- RobertAt n Joeh. Hendonon
J. Robertson. ensign &muolOreer
ADdlew Braid John !!cott, _. Thomu Allen George Wblte
DaTld Bo,-d J. BlIIIlkwood, _. AlIllL Webollor
Jam", SiIllJlllOll
.lames AlI1IoJI w.a Wagott
Jam ... Broadly Arcbd. Logan, &e1'. William Atkinaon WUlfaDl BObba_
Thomas. Woods , Richard Blakey JoImDowne
GOOrge Bncb.tmaa Rob!.. J ohnflton, eer. ThQmllOn Bro....n
Jam... OiunpbeJl J. M'KInDon, _. JohnBlakq Thomu DaWllOD.
Jam... Coulter Tho_ Ounl'ooll 1 _ Cbrlatle G.J(.Da~
P. lItathlet!oD, eor. Bulg\cy
lIdwvd Coulter Wm. J('Lelsh. _ . Jam... Currie Davld )(aclnt.oeh
Robert Adama lbeIeom
H6Ill7 Cowpor AIeL Rn_n, cor. John Anld RalRh Cume AlCbil-.Id
Rollert Ctamond .1_ lIUI1er, I. cor. Will lUll CWIey HendryCroM
ADdlewCmwford Wm. Gray. L cor, .lames DonnJagn W. CaInIa
J _ CIuurl:Dgbam Jam... X. WAugh lit Edlotldu. JHanyli:R8l...h. Davis
Robert Dougiall Robert A.ndenIOn
Daniel PergullOn
WiIllam Jl'ljh....
Mair IledoI!Irl W~.
(LeitA.) Joaeph GreeabDd
Robert Gladst.on
Thomu Hawthom
John F~trlek
.1_ die
llicbael Ponl
Robert Goodma:a
John Dlok
Jam... ~
John B. Wilsoo
D.IL .............
w:ar.t'"m. n.....
J_Bmlth, eDlI!gn RobertInna
WIlli&In H,,_ 7th.,....,..

E. Spoor, cap&..
Wa!terffi)'lf J"""Ph l!lewblltgln W.G.PMU-........ WUliam Klrtoa F. Bh&w, liIIut.
J. H. BemIett, ~r. Tho_ )(0laIl
JohnGwynn Robert Xortlmer
Rollert )(0l"t1lI01l TbOOl.~""'"
Jameo Bamfltoo. WUlIamPoulda Rod. Cnldelillll, ..... Hon. .-..
WiIllam Harrko AlClI:. X'Donald L. W. Moxey, ror. WllIiam )(Ubum. H.H.....wke._.
John HamUton Tbomaa Silk J. IL Tod, cor. CharleeNe............m B.D.~ ......
WIllian Butcblson J o'hn Crawford Wm. 8mith, L cor. Willi&m Oxford W. W-. __ •
Il&vid Johnston Peter Oroona.n P. A. L cor. WUlitl.ti1 PottB E. Woodman, cor.
Tbomaa Johnston JohnB~ J. T. Carm.IchaeI, Richard Prioe J. Miller, cor.
HOIll7 L6very Andrew llocbun 1. cor. JAm... Rea,- E. M·Kinla.y, cor.
Robert Lavery David M' Donnld damoeAdam Richard Rapier Ale". La"",
John Ma.lloy AlexanderOr1' JameaAudel'llOl1 W. tlhann R. Elllot
Dunca.n 118.rcUJJ John M'Pbee WlIliamB**wood John Bl&ter E.Coul8on
Jam"" M 'Allister Artbur ltoid J. R CundeU Matthow Btobbs RCo&~
Btephen H'AI&ter Tbotwl.1lX'Naugbt D. W. CrudellWl GuySmltb RN.~
James M',UplDe Hantoll Tboe. Q!,rooron MattbewUa_ F. IrviDe
ArtbUl' Jt 'Cormick Jamea Dargc James C1erke J08b.. WIlacm H.M.Dbbma.a
Danlel )( 'Cormicl< John Jrv1De Jamea DickllOn I J. F. WhltAeId O. J. Britt&in
W\lUam )('Connlolt AIeL ~ben John DaW,.,I I J. S. WbIU\eld J. 'l'IIylOl'
Wlloon 11'eatberley
WIIIJun )('Culloch
John M'Do1l,lllll.
FnaeIa M'Eloon
Tbomu' dwoll
Andlew Fl'1UIlo
Jamea Johnston
David WeddeIl
S. Davidloorl
N. Leadbaliar
Jobn M'Olnlay RicU:rdN Andrsw LIne!, Jun. JohnBrvwR G. CoulMm
~c.iIoll·K.o,y H~bemethy N. M. Maokfe Alfred. WealIeDa J.lfaoqubo
WIllian H 'K:e8n 11' JlanIIoon HughJ('Ka!l Jobn Re<bhaw John I.."....,.
David)(·K........ .1obn A. 1la\'ll6t' Ale:u.nder lIf'h!toab Thom&ll Tld.rlwell Edwanl 6IabaIme
Joba )(·LWIk".f Alex.Y~ Oeorgo Mlnto H.!forrio
John Jt'MillaD WIIlIalu Xl. die Rollert lllUar 'I'IIl0-,...,. T. E. Saoftb
DanleI )I'N1ool Ilarnuel Alllaon R. N. Nayllntltb - Budd~ llent. T. B. OH....-
MWard lI'Sori"7 John N. TlIOftIe Jam .. Nlcoloon - lII0rt0n. enl!!gn S. c.Idm'
John )f'T"IW'rt Archlhald Wn""n O. G. Pattt..ol1 Roh!. Rh"l"T'~rd. tICt'. Wm. HogIf
10ltNortbumberland, John Paton ' Matthew Foulds Charles Wallaoe Jamcs Stlrrat
7th com,_"linlltd. TbomlUl Held Tbomas W....riugton Matthew Watlloll John You ..~
J. R. Ryott Jobn Held Hugh Leggat Lems Wbyte WillIam Clo d
T. Nix-on JAm""Heid Itobert R. Gray CharlOll A. WIlaoIl
J. M'Cord Tb,,". F. Itobertllon WilUam Arcber Jamea WIlaoIl
J. Wrutgh Jobn Smith WllllamBell 9th BLirliagehite.
E. Roboon
T. Wheatley
Alexander amen
a ..van Telfor
Matthew Blaclcwood
John Cume Hth~~w. (Bt......od.:b....... )
T. StethonlIDn Mattbew TbalIan JamosDuncan A. Wilson. captain
Wm . ........,r RohertUrIe Peter M 'Lean (PaWq.J
J. F. Halket, lieut.
W. H. Hodley Itobcrt Wate",ton &muel Cume A. Brown, captain G. Watllon. <!lI!lgn
J. Firth John Wilson OilhertCunnlngh&m J obn Held, lieut. Alex. Ducbart. ,",t.
J. P. WbeaUoy Hug!> WaIIace lieU Gray T. Omhllm, en.eip J8DlOll Jaft'ray. acr.
T.Rn .... Alexander Young Itobert Rowm>d, !ler. Wm. Dougal. _.
.J. Rldley John Young 14th Benfmr• Al631:. Gillespie. aar. James Currle. oor.
a.N. Bell • hire. W. S. MlICkean, ser. T. IHb.Oll ....r.
J. W. Strotber 7th Beuf.rewahire. (P4is/q.) J. ~. Bloir, oor. D. M'lnnC!!. cor.
.J. Robson (B4TThtad.) A. MIllar, lleu.t. &l>ert Oray. Cor. Jrunu MorrlllOn. cor.
a. Plckcring Jam"" Cunnlngham. R. PClICOCk, ensign AIcx. Hamilton, eor. Robt. Donovan, cor.
E. Dodd8 liellt. T. R. Cameron, .or. "JOH. Adam J. O. Steven.on, cor.
T. Pickoting F. Hey!!. enslgn MAtthew Mulr1 Ber~ Matthew Adam Dlmcatl Cram
a. Birkett Robt. Corbett, surg. Itobcrt MIlIar, sor. Simon Aitehiaon J obn Harvey
And. T~lor. ser. Johll KUl', cor. WillWn AltehIaon Andrlow LiddeU
Jamcs. 'Jndoe~ BOT. Wm. Smith, cor. Jamus Aru.on Hobart FergtlllO'q
84 BRfnnll'lhite. D. Tweedley, oar. Matt. BIair. cor. Jobll .Alli!lQll 'l:homas .HAIlI:Iah
. (PaW,q.)' - Poll",,1<, ser. Robcrt Ad ..m Tholnllll .A..ndoroo~ WIllli.m 'J en kiua
J amOll Coats, t! And,'M'lndoo,l8r. Arthnr Allison Willlam Andel'HOn Itohert Hend.roon
.J . .Maekoa.n, lleut. nanlol Koith. oor. James Andoroon Non Androlb Alex. Bucb:lUllI1
R. B. Stewart, 'ens. M. IllAckw60d, cor. Rnbert Andorson John Bell Andrew Chriet.le
11.. Ilraham. 8el:. - Leggat. Cot. Itobert !\nnour John Brletly John Hunter
G. Cummlng • ...".. Itobcrt BIaIr, cor. Hl1gh B.. iUie JobnBroom David M~ue
"Wm. Polo!!on, ...... T, lIi'Co_t, L cor. Itobcrt Bain J08. Brow-q 'CUb.
George Nos., ..,r. J 8DlCS Rosa. I. oor. John Harbour Jamcs Cherry Itohert Bowio
..'James Coots. OOr. -Drnmmond, L<or. Daniel Black Jam .. Coohran Jobn lI'iIIIIr
.A.. Hutcl)Joon. <;or. TbolllM Tumar, 2d, Dnncan Boyd Robert Cocbran Jam... Young
.1"". Gilmour, cor, L cor. Jobn Bayd WiIlIam Cunnie Jam ... M'lsaac
.John lieU • John,Cunnlngbam J obn CaTIIWell WllUam DaIgUsh
WI.IIi&.m Bell D..vld Cunningham Edward C.... idy RoOOrt Dlcile .
'Robert &rr Peter Drummond )(atth_ Cochrnn &muelDuJfy D...-td J enkbt.l
.r_Cmosle)' Ahraham Bod,ye Will laID Dob;e Tbomas Enterkiu Robcrt Penny
Arobibald C.....i/r Hobert Davle 'WiIIlam Donaldaon Davld F'raeer Mark 80"'"
Wflllam G&m)way
A1ex. CalderwQod Robert FOOTie,
JamesCraw Jame. Jack James Forbcs Mlchaol unnool>
'WI'Il.I&m Cochran Malcolm al·C..uum JamOllFo.."yth TboIDILS Olb b Cbu-* Lidd.ll
Willia.m Call'llll Jobn Dllncan I~,hert Fnu:er JobtiOilmour . J ..m .... Stevouaon
AlllllJUldllr Conbell W. (''ruickshlwkll WUliam Framr I)a.,id Hamilton Jame! M'Pba_
,John Camphell WllUam Stove\lllOn (fflvin Goudie Robert H untor Jobn M'Grogor'
.Tames Dunn . J aIDS P"tetoon J!II1lell Oralulm. lit Itobert Mamba! John Smltt.
J_Oold lJunctUl M'c;aIlum James Oralulm, id Jobn Millar J ame! BowIAI
Willlam Home James M'Cowal; ThmO!l& Greenloea Jos. 'Molr . .no.m... Ba1n
Bohert Ilondry WIUlam M'Indoe John Haalet nugl> Munroe J ..m ... W&ri:
John HOIIJ!.ton Stowo.rt PoUook W. F. Hutton Jame. Murdoch John M'Itory
Aroblbald H...tIo Jam .... BuebaDom Ja.".,.,Kay J ..m .. lIiur....y 0harIeB Bowi.
'l'bomas Hutehlaon Willillm Rohertaon JobnKnOl< John Murray Pe\6rRoid
John Rurr Robett Reach WiJlIam LAng Charles M'Donough Jobn ObrW.le
.James Kay Matt~ow St.ewvt John U>gt!.n Alox. M '1Jo.~ Albx. J ..lIi'ay
.J lWlOll Knox Arch bald Todd Hugh Mulr Jobn M'I..aCh • J obn Brisbane
Jam_lAng A. D.Wlloon Saml.leJ.Mnir A.Ia>\. M'Lean Wllliam Slater
Hugb Love WUliam WilUllOIl John M'Bride AIex. P"u.l'IIOn John Mouat
:MBtthew I.A)Chead WilllAm Body. Dugald M'CoU Jobn Pede. DunCllll PaWr!I<m
llatthew Morrtson John Csmphell John M' K'.ewIie ThOmAB Bitchle Adam M'Que
TbomMMoore John·o.UTOWay Pet,r lIl'Lallchlan Jobn Ronald J"mtl8Macld""""
WilIJ"m .M'ln!;po Alox. M 'Cs\lslin John :M'Munay ShopJl&rd Will. ,JaIfnly, 1~
John X'Nalr Hugh A. Cocbnmo Jamll8 N 110n JobriShoN Thom.... Smitb
John )(·CtOlman Thomll8 M 'Cubbln Hug!> P"teI'llOU Peler SU.Wllrt Potm Munnocb
Tbomu )(' .t.rtIIur Lo.uchlan M'M1lIaa Jobn .Rice AaronSmlth J8Dl68 P ..terson
.Tobn lIIl'Xemde Jobn'M'lndoe JohnSh&nd Aieli.'. Yotlng J ohlt )( unnooh
Wi111am M'Artjlur John MUIar George Slmpean WUllam Young J obn Gill':l,i.8
WilllAm M'lntosh Mattbew Ptlrdie Jobn !\tovenson JoM Walkllr WilUam J ray,2d
John l'ilabet JohnShanb John 8WlID And1:'ew W"llaoo . John Palmwon
WlllIatn S. Podcn Alexandor 8ervico Davld Tannooh WillIam Weir Geoi-go Benl\cr.!Qn
.John PeACock . Tholllas Turner. 101t John Tbomsoll David Wu"on William l('[nn08
Ale:<audor Paton W~nl Wardrope James \'alIance Matthew Stcw:ut Charles M'Art!lur


Fifeahire, 62 Aberdeenshire, • 72, 73, 113
ArgyUshire, '13, 74
Ayrshire, '14,76
ARTILLERY. Berwickshire, '16,71
Aberdeenshire, 62 Berwick-upon-Tweed, '16
A, · 62,63
Berwickshire, 63 Cumberland, 77,113
Berwick-upon-Tweed, 63 Dumba.rtonshire, . 77-79
Caithness, 63 Dumfriesshire, 79,80
Cumberland, 63,64 Durham, SO,81
Dumbartonshire, . 64 Edinburgh City, .81-84
Edinburgh City,
. 64,65 Eiginshire,
Fifeshire, 66,67 Forfarshire, . 83-87
Forfarshire, 67,113 Haddingtonsbire, . 88
Haddingtonshire, 6'7 Inverness-shire, 88,89
Kinca.rdi.neshire, 67 •Kinca.rdineshire, 89
Kirkcudbright, 67 Kirkcudbrigh~ 89
Midlothian, · • 67-69,113
N a.i.rnshire, . '10 llidlothian, 102, 103, 114
N ewcastle-upon-Tyne, 70 N airnshire, 103
70,71 N ewcastle-upon-Tyne, . lOO, 104, 114
104, lOO, 114
71 Northumberland,
Stirlingshire, 71 Perthshire, 105-107
Wigtonshire, 71 Renfrewshire, 107-110,115
Roxburghshire, 110
Selkirkshire, 111
ENGINEERS. Stirlingshire, 111,112,115
Edinburgh City, 72 Sutherlandshire, 11~
· 72 Wigtonshire, 112, 113


For the conTn.lenot or Oeutlemeo. ill H~, ilDd to .bew the TanOIll St,l" and Price. of the Ooodl,

AD ImmelWt Stock iJ alway. kept lleady·lIlade, of which

inlpectioll il rtlpecttully invited.


T ANCE," which entirely obviates the objeetiOWl to the ordinary system ot other Olll-.
OMISSION la pay a PnmIi_ &y O'I!erliglu lliHtlWf a,lc IAt .4_ra..... ad. q,fIw" time, PaY"W'l "'ay be inl$-
tWnaUy POllpo...rl lor a Year.
TIle ASSlJR.ED;, "'" ncbjfc: to ..,. Butricti... at>! Ocft~or~.. ..cJllO UT.IU PRBJlIUJlS ."'.
tv(T be pavablL
TIle ASSURANC1I v trirttl4l!y zt_./OrltriJ<1N.. <Md U~.
TIle POLlCY-HOIJ)/lR, Ott .......-ltri,.g /ta PolU7, ..... 'lllitAdrtllO "ft:a4 ad -..a,.I'4'l/t ~ 01 Ait
paymrol., or td:t tI """"'''.I'
PoUcy lfJf'do1l6U tM a _ : or ~ _,. w/Uirl"", tM . . . .um tu a Loa,., Gad
alill. rontin," tM Poliq_

So COMPLErE IIIId SATISF.\(."I'OJ1Y • .,.... 61 Uneonditional ~ 18 JIOt l1li bo found in the arra:oge..
ments of any other AI8urIIDee Olll.,... Exp~ ftlmphllltll may bo hOMl ClIII. iappUcatfon.
ENTRANTS TO THl!I PROFIT' CLASS ca M' befon the _ DBCEMl'IIIlB. l.' wlll IleCUrc Ol'<'"E YEAR'S
BONUS morc than wll1 he allocated to later eDilrllzda.
THE LIFE Allsocu.~ 01' 800'n.4tn> ..... !banded In 1SS8, &:Dd hM Iaaued lIpWlU'da of Thirl_ T~ Po/kW
Cor Llr" A88Urances, _ t I n g to _ l y Six JIfiIIioIoo~. The .An..w r - la upwa:rde of £100,000. The
Policl<l!l under the ongm.t I5eheme luml al80, for IIDIIDY :r-a. J:.m un'llSllalIJ' free from restrlctlOWl and impnfec-
tioWl, and the Assured haw racel.ved Iarp beDeItL ~ of thla
82 PRINCES snar, EDIlIlIUltGB:.
8eh_.aIIIO may 00 had on applicatioo..


Incorporaua by Royal CT.arter mul A.ct 0/ Parliamellf,.-Xtll4lJlisMd in 1809.



Preaident.-His Grace the DUKE OF RoXBUROHE, K..T.

The Moat Noble the Jll(A:aQurs OF A.BncoJUf, K.G.-The Ri,ght HOII. the E..uu. OF STAIR.
Willlam Bonar, Eaq. of Easter Warristoo. D. B. WlWchope, Eaq., 1lerchant, Leith.
J. F. Walker Drummond, EHq.. W.S. John AI:Ideno.n, .Ii:sq.. W.e.
Sir Jam_ G. Balrd, of i!eught<lG, Bart. John Brown mnea. Esq., W.I\
James C!UIlpben Tait, Esq., W.s. Henry D..Fmguoon, Esq.; w.a
Vice-Admiral Henry Duuau. John Mnitland, Esq., .\ceoUllUt-Genen.l
Laurence Du.vldoon, Eaq., W.B. to the Court of 8<lM1ou.
Robert B: MSIlOIlochte,' Eoq., w.s.

Policiu Ql'td.fd .,itA lAis COlllp4rtll rltorlng lk. p,'unU Year vi1/. be tntiil<d ID 8i:1: Ym,.' Bon... at "'"' Di.........
'1 Projlt.. .
The Company IMt year I.ottued 005 Poll aIM, Aunrlng £4.CQ.oeo.
At lut lnveotJgaUon, 31st D_1Xlber 181)8, the ...eertalned Prollts amOWlted to £186,000.
SECURITY.-Th(> Company has now be<lO <l!ItBbllahed for FVI, Years; 1Uld, In addition to the Capital, the
ACCUMULATED FUlIrnfl AEtT" TO .t1,031,W.
Pao~~lBION OF PROFITS.-Taz URGZ J'lrol'QRTlolI' 01' Nn<BrT PEIl C1IO<T. 18
TO POLlCll'!Sy Wl1'Il

PREEDQI( Ji'B,OI( RE8'I'B.ICTION.-C£M'll'lc.i.TE'I .La. IIIIIU1tl> FlIEEtSG 1'0=.... FBOlI!.·.t.LL Ulft'lllcttaR

WHICH CA'" AJ'F!cr TBl!fR KAIlRI.'t'A.'6LJC VALtrK, .urn )fA.Ba TB. . flmlllP'UTABt.'L
The attention of the PubUc ill opeclaIly called to the DOUBLX INsull.4"C>: SYBI'EII.-HAI.p PIlEKlUJI Sun.... -
and AlI8UlU.lI'Cll AI'ID AlI'lW''I'Y Sytrl:ElIl.-latel,y adopted by thill Olllce. For full p ..:rtlculara, reference la made to
the Proepeetu.. of~ Compmy.
Policies not al'ected by Partiea becoming Iemberl of Volunteer Corps.
,_ thTb~~pany IntmrO -mst FIre .VIIIfY description ot Property, at tho lowest; rate. of .Premium correspoudiDg
.... er..... Rents of Building. also I ..........
8 Prospectu- and all n""""""tY Information lXl&y be obtained on appJJoatton at the Head Olllee, No. CIf I'BDrcIII
TJU!!Jn', EdInb u.rgh, or any of the Agents in the Count.ry.
DAVlD SMITH, NIt'lUl(ltr.
'i!:I>INlfUItGH, AtogIUt 1_. .;rOlD! OGILVIE, 8«7Yl,..,..,.



this Society offers to good lives greatly larget original

,T HE adva.ntages/orwhich
...fIlllfllnlMII Pr.:If&i_, aM
IIJ1M ~!I at
la,.ge ~ at tIIMn tlatl
ordinary hign. rate 0/ Premium i8 charged.
For tTu lame yearly 81tm BB large an ABsurance can gene.mJly be secured from tTu fir",
as ea.n be looked for elsewhere after many yeazs' accumulation of Bonuses. Thus, a Policy
for £1200 or £1250 may be had for the Premium usually charged to asaure £1000 only.


The whole Projit' are secured to the Policy-holders themselves, and are divided on a.
system peculiarly favourabl" to good lives, no share beiDg given to those by whose early
deatha there is alou to the Society.' Policies originally for £1000, which have shared at
the two Septennial Divisions, have thus already been increased to £1300, £1500, a.nd in
IIOme instances to £1 iSO.
The A~UIN1STRATION has uniformly been conducted with liberality towards the
}[embers, (there being in fact no opposing interests,) a.nd with readiness to initiate and
adopt every avi.ilable improvement. Resolutions were adopted many years since, by
which the Policies are not vitiated by inaccuracy in the original statements, unlel!8 these
are proved to have been fraudulently made; and the Directors are empowered to give
exemption from restriction on foreign resideoce or travel, or from a.ny conditions of far-
.feitme other than non-payment of the PremitmllS, to Policies which have subsisted for five
Upwards oflO,500 Policies have been issued, ll.I!8uring £4,700,000. The Accumulated
Fund, arising entirely from Premiums, exceeds £650,000.
REPoRTS of the recent A.~UAL Mli:ET:tNo, T ABLJIS OF Pml:Mrr1H, and every information,
. may be bad on app~tion. " .. ,

WILLLUl CHURCH, jun., (Seaet.a.ry,) 67 St. Vinoent Street.
Mess1'8 RITCHIE & DREW. Acr.mlntAntJl. Q7 WPJlt. OM'I'<M Rt....."t.


incorpm'atecl by Special Act o/Parliament.



T HE ne.x:t Quinquennial Valuation of the Life Bu.sine8l! falls to be made &8 at 31st Janu&17 1861.
and all Policies of the Participation Claee effected before that date will eh&re in the Pronts
which have arisen since Slat JfI.Iluary 1856.
Proposals, full Tables of Bates. and all requisite information, may be obtained at the Herd
Office, or numerous Agencies throughout the kingdom.
ROBERT CHRISTIE, JUN., Secrdary in EdWnwg'lt.





ne lnItltution ~ 011. .OllDAY. the lat October 1880.

The lollowlng Branches are tauttht:-1. H.I!Itory. Ph~ and Political Geography. Gl8.IIlDW". Comp*ti-.
Ut.erlture. and Blocutio... I. J......". 1htt1IW; .Dqoort_ _Readlng. Gf&IIImar. DerIvation, HlIItory. GeoRraPh;T.
and I - . on OqJecta. S. Writing, ArlthmetJ.o, and Book-keeping. 4. Natural Hlatory, P~cal Sciiiixie
Astronomy. and Vile or the G10botl. 6. Singing (Part 81nlzlng and PiJalmody). 6. PIanoforte. 'I. DrawIDg ;;;;;.
l'mIpect!ve. 8. lIathematie& ll. French ~ and D.terature. 10. Italian LaIIguap and Llllntuno.. 11.
Spuilah LaI:lguap and LltaraJ,ure. 12. German I.anguage and Literature. 13. Dandog. Enrelae8, and Depott-
ment, for the Fil'It 'l'breo QuArtoi'll of each 1!eaIon.
L.uly St;P~)(1IIB HASWBLL,. AlnaUe Houso, AlnaUe PIaet.

:D:EB-lI'or the whole SeIIdon, _ Pa,.ble In Advance, AI follows, vis.!-

Puplla who enter OD the lit orOetober, and continue during the whole 8e8sIon, PIl for each of the
fll'IIt Three Quart..... .. • .. • .. .. .. . , • . M 11 0
.And for the Fourth Quarte.r • .. • .. ... ISO
All other I'UpIIa pay fOIl.' Quarter .. • • ... S Cl 0
For the UIIe Of l:Mtrwnenta tor each I'Upn attendillfr )(WIIe. per Quarkr 0 10 G
lI'1iIIA n,." of C>l!' FGIIIiI, iliuM, w tAin! iI cllarvt4 n .... auia"" tJ Qou:trfW, "" TwtIH 9t&'- pG' "f,,_
-'1Iriw D( d4rgtlfttr .Iluicall...~. •
llJ.u iIAaw-.u., thel.Ad.:v 8utlGl'lntandent. and }ler SISTD, who occupy one ofthe It.rgoet and most; oommodfoaB
ht::'" In AInal1. PIaoe, In the fmmedtlte riclnl\y 1>1 the lnatltution, "'''lOllv. a limited number of BoaI'dera who
Gov.!!:...~tUtfo... The BoarderII hay. the adftllt.l,ge of the instruction of realdont German and ~
A !tat ofl'NllOCtable PrIvate FamIllllll, who receive Young Ladiee u Board..... la kept by the 8ecnJtary fit. tile
h atltu\tlon; ana none ..... admltted on the I.\at but luch AI ..... koowu to the Directo.... and aI80 reeommeD4od hI
e 0 ~ ....hOM .h"",h they Mtend.
All ~ to be ~ to Dr G~..UI;' the Secretary, No. 1 )(oral PI.ace.

VaA. the ~ Patmlafe of :K. Xon QnoLou XtJIItJ tilt Q_,

BIt &qal Bie:bta tlr,. PriDoe C'0lLl0ft,
_ XiIat.Imperial
_, Jbjerty tilt Emptml' or Ur., FmWi,

For Seeds and Plute wppUed for the Ropl Uld Imperial FllI'1!lt and Gard,M.



EGS 1'8IpeCUu11,. to call atlAlnlioD W ru. .,lectel! Stock of Seed. for the F&nIl, KitcheD, \1.1111
:BFl.;n.eI' O.rden. A.leo. Choice Stock of ForeoBt Bnd Om.menta.! TreeoI, Shrubs, Dutch Flo1l'er
~. h , Deacriptin Catalogu. of which m:J.1 be had, pod free, on appliClltiQo.

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Published Daily in Edinburgh, at Id., or 78. per Quarter, Unatamped; and 2d., or 138. 6d. per
Quarter, Stamped,
Has a most extensive and influential circulation in the City, the oo.joining Counties, and throughout
Scotland. Established in 1660, it is one of the oldest JournalB in the three kingdoms; and being
devoted to the advocacy of Scottish rights and the support of that Independent Liberal course of
policy which has cha.rncterised the Scottish nation .since the date of its establishment, it enrols
amongst its subscribers the oldest and most respectable families in \he kingdom, and nearly all the
Clubs, Hotels, and News-rooms of the oountry.
As an Advertising medium, the MERCURY bns long been beld to be the first in importance
and influellDO in Edinburgh. The \enDs oi Advertising &I'tlllloderate.