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DANIELLA HELLER 6705 144th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052 206-854-1837 hellerdrind@gmail.


CONTRACTS MANAGER, PARALEGAL, IN-HOUSE COUNSEL Area of Interest: Corporate, Banking, IP, Real Estate Remarkably astute and competent, experienced in corporate, commercial and bankin g law, in both local and global markets. Eager to pursue a position preferably in one of the corporate or banks’ legal departments within the Seattle area, making into use her legal knowledge in the above legal fields and her expertise in all aspects of legal service honed through in-house and legal firm experience. Skilled, efficient, and persuasive writer and oral advocate Able to multitask and maintain poise in stressful and deadline-driven si tuations. Proficient in MS windows 97/Vista, MS Office 97 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint ), legal data searching using software and Internet Bilingual; able to communicate and negotiate proficiently in English and Hebrew

KEY STRENGTHS Legal Documentation and Research Analytical and Strategic Planning Case Management Client and Public Relations Regulatory Compliance Problem Identification and Resolution Organizational Development Oral and Written Communication

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE DISCOUNT MORTGAGE BANK ~ Tel Aviv, Israel In-House counsel 2005-2007 Proficiently served as sole referent to the financial sector in a mortgage bank in Israel, responsible for handling legal aspects of the financial sector’s clients such as corporate, entrepreneurs and contractors. Efficiently managed both new c redit loans and exiting ones. Prepared documentation required in a new loan application procedure or alterations of existing one, verifying qualifications as well as financial and l egal stability of prospective client requesting loan from the bank; reviewed cli ent’s legal background, assisted in the evaluation of suggested securities and warr anties, and existing contracts and company’s ties and relations with other companies and share-holders. Gave effectual recommendation as to the necessary legal actions that cou ld be taken in connection with breach of a loan agreement by a client Ensured the best possible outcome for bank’s objectives by coordinating with external lawyers Part of the drafting team, involved in the development of the new generi c loan agreements

Responsible for writing the minutes and /or protocols of the bank’s manageme nt meetings in respect of the financial sector, as well as reporting to various governmental authorities such as the Bank of Israel where state regulations and \or the law required to do so Provided counseling on broad legal issues required by the financial sect or on its daily working; Composed responses to petitions from the regulators Carrying out the above assignments in accordance with the bank’s policies, o bjectives, and applicable laws and regulations. PRIVATE PRACTICE ~ Herzliya, Israel Lawyer ~ Owner 2002-2005 Assumed full responsibility in establishing own private practice, singlehandedly managing client litigations. Provided efficient assistance and counseling to cl ients by ensuring quality of the service. Efficiently utilized specialization in corporate, commercial, IP, and re al estate law, and providing full counseling to clients and often litigating the ir cases Performed diverse tasks such as constructing, analyzing , drafting , neg otiating, and following compliance with the terms and conditions of corporate, commercial, IP, and real-estate contracts, including NDAs, Sales / Purchasing Agreements, Sub-contracts, Consulting Agreements, review of customer proposed te rms and conditions, Distribution Agreements (resellers, agents, joint marketing etc.) and Commercial both in the local and international markets, as well as co unseling upon, and documenting any changes that may arise during implementation or execution of contracts, all in pursue of maximizing financial and operational performance at minimum legal and financial risk Monitoring transaction compliance (milestones, deliverables, invoicing e tc.), and ensure contract close-out, extension or renewal. Provided negotiation services with various governmental authorities such as the land tax authorities for tax reduction purposes and corporate registrar authorities, providing registration services in various governmental offices and obtaining governmental certification services SHVIRO BUILDING COMPANY ~ Ramat Gan, Israel Lawyer 1999-2002 Demonstrated exceptional performance in serving as a lawyer in the legal departm ent of a real estate corporate, accountable for drafting and negotiating differe nt real estate and corporate agreements, such as purchasing/sales lease, contrac tors, sub-contracting and employment agreements. Administered proceedings on con struction deficiencies cases, breach of contract, and employees’ rights cases.

EDUCATION Master of Laws (LL.M), International Commercial Law UNIVERSITY OF BUCKINGHAM, THE LAW SCHOOL ~ England Graduated with Honors and Recipient of Excellence Prize Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) UNIVERSITY OF BUCKINGHAM, THE LAW SCHOOL ~ England Graduated with Honors Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and East Asian Studies With focus on Chinese Political and Economical Development

HEBREW UNIVERSITY ~ Jerusalem, Israel

PROFESSIONAL TRAINING Banking Securities ~ TEL – AVIV UNIVERSITY, Israel Examination of General and Real Estate Contractors Balance Sheets


Member ~ ISRAELI BAR ASSOCIATION Volunteer ~ AMERICAN RED CROSS IN SEATTLE – THE DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT Cultural Experience – 2007 – 2009 - Lived in India following husband’s business relocat