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Robert C.

Ph 810.599.0277
6794 Westridge, Brighton, MI 48116
Business Management Professional with successful experience in managing people a
nd processes; using team concept and continuous improvement principles to increa
se productivity, improve business metrics and change organizational culture.
Assumed role as 1st shift Production Supervisor over PCBs, automotive cameras an
d electronic assemblies.
* Worked daily with a cross-functional team on Quality, Delivery, Cost and CI is
* Met twice weekly to make decisions on production related customer demand sche
* IPC Instructor certified.
Launched a new machining line covering 115,000 square feet at an investment of $
85 million:
* Worked with advanced engineering and the machine builder company during the pl
anning and project management stages which included extensive travel in Germany.
* Assembled and trained a team of machine operators during installation & qualif
ication of the machining line.
* Brought on full staff of 22 employees using formal training, on the job traini
ng and job rotation.
* Ramped up production from one unit per shift to the full production target wit
h a two shift operation.
Promoted to Production Supervisor
* Assumed supervisor roll over one of the most high profile machining department
s in the organization
* Improved first pass yield from 85% to 96%
* Improved productivity from 50% to 70%
Michigan State University: 1986-1989
Bachelor of Arts-Cleary University: 2001-2002
Master of Business Administration-Cleary University: 2006-2009
Professional Overview
Lead Supervisor, Magna Electronics 2010-Present
Supervisor of 48 direct reports and 6 support personnel in the manufacture of PC
Bs using surface mount technology.
I manage the operators and process of populating circuit boards, in process test
ing, final assembly, final function test and pack out.
Lead Supervisor, '06-'09 Detroit Diesel 1990-2009
Selected to be the first Production Supervisor of a new engine block machining l
ine that was designed to support the launch of a new world wide engine platform.
Implemented lean manufacturing, team concept and continuous improvement in this
new line as well as, participated in the planning stages of a new connecting rod
machining line to support this same engine platform.
Lead Supervisor, '03-'06
Promoted to Production Supervisor. Managed 20 direct reports plus support staff.
Developed a system to reduce defective out of flow material from $.5 million dow
n to $50,000 in inventory and stabilized.
Successfully re-allocated work content and job assignments resulting in labor co
st savings. Responsible for meeting production schedules.
Team Leader/Team Member, '90-'02
Functioned as a department trainer. Operated machines, troubleshot tooling and
machining processes, in heavy machining production lines for engine blocks and h
eads. Worked with tooling engineers, manufacturing engineers and skilled trades
men to fix or improve the department. Functioned as an alternate UAW Committeema
n representing the bargaining unit in 2002.
* As an hourly Machine Operator, I functioned as a department trainer for trans
fer machines and repair procedures (OJT). I trained over two dozen machine opera
tors in one or two week durations.
* Served on a weekly committee with the Plant Manager to establish a Supervisor
Expectation list used for training existing and future Supervisors (creating a n
ew standard).
* Participated in Production Supervisor training sessions as a presenter.
* Developed a rotating schedule to cross train all employees on all operations.
* Facilitated weekly regular communication meetings with team members. This prov
ided a forum for education, ownership in the business and opportunities to make
suggestions and problem solve.
* Served on a committee to evaluate and select new software packages for a Time
and Attendance program then functioned as a test pilot and trainer to other supe
rvisors. This included formal training sessions and one-on-one sessions.
* Trained many new supervisors in machining. This included supervisor expectatio
ns, UAW contractual issues, disciplinary procedures and policies, day to day ope
rations and computer software & systems training. (OJT)
* Developed training for supervisors on new policy for reducing employee tardine
ss. Functioned as a presenter.
* Participated in and helped with training for Lean (CI) principles. 5S, 7 waste
s, push-pull production, etc.
* Facilitated (Lead) and participated in numerous Kaizen workshops.
* Participated in HR meetings to develop methods for enforcing safety rules.

(Safety glasses, safety shoes, proper attire, use of cell phones, headphones, et
* Helped develop the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to the UAW contract for j
ob expectations for employees posting into any new machining areas. This was our
new Heavy Duty Engine business (HDE), in which we were implementing Team Concep
* Trained employees in team concept principles
* Trained employees in holding their own Team meetings/Team Huddles
* Trained employees in CMM report analysis and problem solving. This is a dimens
ional report that is used to sustain the quality of the product.
* Facilitated Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) small group meetings with machi
ne operators, skilled trades and process engineer.
* Developed TPM check lists to guide operators in the TPM activities and also us
ed as a visual management layered audit tool.
* Developed data collection sheets for team members to record downtime and quali
ty defects. This fostered employee participation in the continuous improvement e
fforts of the organization.
* Developed Standard Work Instructions (SWI) and Job Element Sheets (JES) for CN
C machining operations.
* Developed SWIs for standard work routes.
* Developed Department Training matrix. A spread sheet with training categories
and scores that denote an employee's skill level.
* Developed Training Verification check sheets. This is a tool that served to va
lidate the Training matrix, audit the training process and highlight areas where
improvement was needed.