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7 Robins Nest
Roswell, New Mexico 88201
Primary: 1-520-979-8926

Executive level Information Systems Manager experienced in providing innovative

telecommunications, distance-learning, networking, automation systems, analysis
and problem solving solutions to ensure that the organizations vision and missio
n to higher education institutions looking to move forward as fast as their stud
Aside from truly creative self-funding and cost controls, Leibles bywords are fl
exibility, patience, an incremental approach to projects, and teamwork (Campus T
echnology Magazine Innovator of the Year Award, August 2006).
Proven capabilities
Expertise in analyzing, designing and implementing creative solutions for infor
mation systems and unique strategic planning needs.
Planning, implementing and overhauling networks, policies, and procedures to pr
ovide up to date technical capabilities in direct support of the mission.
Experienced in ensuring the organizations information systems are value added i
n support of achieving the institutions vision and mission.
Dedicated, professional, and reliable leader that understands local to global i
nformation systems requirements while providing critical liaison between technol
ogy and management.
Motivated and motivating team leader dedicated to the professional approach to
every situation adept at working within a variety of political and organizationa
l cultures.
Formal graduate course work provides wide range of training in management, proj
ect management, systems operations and design; as well as human resources, ERP i
mplementation planning, legacy systems integration.
My career in the military and subsequent jobs has allowed me the ability to be f
lexible, able to move on short notice and willingness to go where needed. I hav
e tremendous amount of experience both in government and educational organizatio
ns for assessment, strategic planning and execution of budgets and projects with
in existing constraints. I have completed both the Roswell, NM, and Tucson, AZ,
Leadership Programs and am active in both in support of growing the cities and t
heir communities. While I have primarily work on Banner ERP systems in higher e
ducation, the concepts and modular approach of various administrative systems su
ch as PeopleSoft and DataTel are similar.

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology, Pima County Community Coll
ege District 2008-present
Instituted a professional development review and program for all 6 campuses, 50
IT staffs supporting over 6000 computers and 16,000 network connections to ensu
re continuous improvement in technology staff.
Implemented plan to review and prioritize all power and HVAC capabilities throu
ghout all 17 facilities to ensure continuity of operations.
Worked with Client Services to add all overhead and classroom projectors to net
work for inventory and management to improve delivery of classroom multimedia.
Created and chaired 3 district level working groups to develop new processes an
d review current processes for improved efficiency.
Continue process of integrating 6 campuses IT staffs with District Office IT st
aff to improve communications and coordination.
Created program to institute ITIL project management approach into College IT o
perations, standardizing several independent efforts into a more cohesive proces
Serving as emergency Interim CIO for Tucson Unified School District to resolve
budget, policiy and organization issues resulting from abrupt departure of previ
ous CIO.
Chief Information Officer, Rochester Community and Technical College 2007-2008
Emplaced the basics for a systematic review of all information technology asset
s, budgeting, organization, and strategic planning.
Initiated planning for migration of multiple disparate systems and network arch
itectures into a single unified redundant flexible system based on integrated ne
twork, switching, and services providing students, faculty, and staff with a uni
fied web presence.
Instituted a professional development review and program to ensure continuous i
mprovement in technology staff.
Created and am teaching schools first online Project Management course.
Dean of Information Services (CIO) Eastern New Mexico University V Roswell
Added the additional responsibilities for organizing and completing ENMU-Roswel
l focused efforts for institutional research, assessment, and strategic planning
Received two National Awards for Excellence and Innovation from ACUTA (2003) an
d Campus Innovations Magazine (2006), accepted as a 2007 Top 100 IT Professional
s for the HP IT Summit.
Provided concept for video conferencing network for distance learning to isolat
ed regional locations, and co-designed (infrastructure) the internet virtual lea
rning program.
Developed and implemented the first long-range automation systems architecture
and budget, Life Cycle Management Program (LCMP) and supporting polices. Matched
various computing sectors (network, security, desktop, laptop, switching) again
st anticipated resources to develop life cycle programs for each sector based on
criteria for applications and operating systems.
Designed/implemented complete overhaul of all network systems, added multiple l
ayer security systems, policies and staffing integration/cross-training programs
. Added in VOIP hybrid system to supplement voice digital phones in 2002. Formal
course work on both Masters degree and currently on PhD programs included Total
Quality Management, Information Technology/Business Consulting, Database design
concepts, HR/legal issues/ethics, information systems design, project managemen
t, and research strategies.
Completed coordination and implementation of enterprise resource planning syste
m SCT Banner modules for remote campus under very unique 2nd Instance configurat
ion. Directed customer support services, devised system training plan for IT an
d staff, and implemented network and performance monitoring of ERP system to inc
lude frequent updates for both general and specific requirements. Worked closel
y with parent campus to resolve performance and system issues, trained campus st
aff up to DBA standards while ensuring work requests flowed in a logical and tim
ely fashion.
Developed and implemented the integration road map to reduce duplication of ser
vices between the instructional and administrative systems areas. Through combin
ation of gap analysis and professional observation matched against the organizat
ions short and long term requirements, build a long term program for integration
of hardware, software and human resources to meet the needs while reducing conf
lict and redundancy of staff and expenditures.
Developed and currently teaching distance learning courses in US History and We
stern Civilization courses, and preparing business courses in basic business and
business ethics.
US Army Career:
Developed and implemented the long-range automation systems architecture, Life
Cycle Management Program (LCMP), and budgets at multiple bases and in multiple c
ountries. Matched various computing sectors (network, security, desktop) against
anticipated resources to develop life cycle programs for each sector based on c
riteria for applications and operating systems. Architecture design was based o
n understanding the mission, given resources and then proposing incremental adva
nces in a sequenced manner against funding available.
Selected to be Brigade Chief of Staff while still retaining duties as Chief Inf
ormation Management (a full grade increase in responsibilities). Successfully d
irected all staff functions for an organization spread over the entire Pacific r
egion that provided intelligence services for the US Army Pacific Command.
Utilized available project management tools such as MS Project for critical pat
h and PERT against resources including timelines. Utilized matrix project teams
to ensure expertise was available for each segment. Frequently required to det
ail out operational timing and strategic goals through both manual and automated
options (movement and operation orders).
Working with intelligence specialist/analysts, developed first Army white paper
on cyber-warfare which was later used as a basis for the development of the cyb
er-warfare recognition and prevention centers.
Developed and implemented a network and system integration to create a virtual
ERP from a diverse set of assets. Utilizing in-house funding, contracts and tra
ining programs for IT staff, created a base of knowledge allowing expansion of b
asic services previously not available to that command. Directed the creation of
basic total information systems for 2 geographically isolated bases and provide
d their integration into the regional asset systems for logistics, intelligence,
general operations and personnel data.
Developed and implemented transition from antiquated networks to modern local a
rea networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) as required at each assignment.
Directed design of automated property database which subsequently became the US
Army Intelligence Command standard at that time.
Developed US Militarys initial contract strategy for a base communications syst
ems $15M resulting in a 20% reduction in costs, developed, implemented and overs
aw $10M base telephone switchboard replacement (Kwajalein Missile Range). Review
ed and edited contract paragraphs for requirements, timelines, staffing, funding
, and determined selected deliverables. Worked directly with contractor as team
to advance telecommunications and improve automation assets on each base assign
ed throughout career.
Supervised installation of $25M Submarine Fiber Optic Cable Systems (SFOTS) inc
reasing Range communications capability, from a limited 256 KB microwave network
, to T1 through T12 capable high speed redundant network.
Planned and implemented upgrades or initial installation of video conferencing
systems in multiple locations and using satellite or terrestrial connectivity as
Selected to be in first fielding of new military mobile communications systems
and network.
Director of Operations for NATO internationally staffed communications network
regional organization in Europe (Central Regional Signal Group, LCO Senden)
Retired as Major, US Army, 2 Distinguished Meritorious Service Medal (internati
onal/joint units), Meritorious Service Medal, and 3 Army Commendation Medals. R
eceived additional specialty training in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention, elec
tronic warfare, supply/logistics management, network security and management, an
d space operations (through US Air Force/NASA).
- Ph.D., Business Information Systems, Northcentral University 5/10
- MBA in Business Information Systems, City University, 3/99
- BS, UW-Oshkosh, 1980
- Command & General Staff College, 1990
Other Honors: Attended the American Association for Community Colleges Advanced
Leadership (AACC FLI Adv.) program. Selected to present on information technolog
y at ACUTA, EDUCAUSE, Higher Learning Commission (HLC/NCA). Served as National A
wards Committee and Program Committee member (ACUTA). Serving as Publications R
eview Board member for ACUTA. Serves as reviewer for the international electroni
c academic systems (EISTA) organization. Successfully attended both Roswell Lead
ership Program and Greater Tucson Leadership Program.