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15 River Road
Cos Cob, CT 06807
203-629-9445 (home)
203-536-3849 (cell)
Professional Experience:
Financial Assistant Specializing in Loan Review/Independent Consultant
Most recently I have been working part-time with executives of a bank in Virgini
a organizing, scheduling, planning and conducting loan reviews and due diligence
reviews on potential bank and leasing company acquisitions. In this role suppor
ting two senior executives, responsibilities include scheduling, preparing and a
ssisting in the due diligence reviews of credits and loans within current bank a
nd leasing companyas portfolios. This job requires interfacing with bankas inves
tors, scheduling meetings, arranging appointments, fielding and directing calls,
maintaining Outlook contacts, coordinating travel plans and handling expenses.
Additional responsibilities include considerable phone, email and face to face i
nteraction with all levels and areas of organization from principals to analysts
to administrative staff. During this period I have also acted as a consultant
for small leasing companies in Connecticut by reviewing transactions for purchas
e and potential sale; preparing credit write-ups, analyzing financial statements
and updating credit files.
Vice President-Intermediary Funding Group (1998-2006)
In this group, we pursued new accounts with other leasing companies and banks wh
o were selling transactions to financial institutions. Our main responsibility w
as to solicit and service third party accounts (Intermediaries) who could genera
te a minimum of $20MM of volume a year in equipment loans and/or leases. Respons
ibilities included purchasing of third party loans and leases from other financi
al institutions, banks, leasing companies and brokers located in the Northeast.
Duties involved working closely with approved Intermediaries, structuring, biddi
ng, reviewing, analyzing, pricing, submitting proposals and sales presentations,
issuing commitments, documenting and closing transactions that ranged from $500
,000. to $25,000,000. in equipment cost. Collateral included aircraft, trucks an
d trailers, barges, manufacturing equipment, machine tools, construction equipme
nt and all other heavy equipment. This position included taking referrals from b
rokers, discounting transactions from banks and leasing companies and/or partici
pating with multiple institutions in larger transactions. Portfolio sales were a
lso solicited, awarded, discounted and purchased for our account.
PHOENIXCOR, INC. (Purchased by GECC in 1998)
Vice President-Syndications and Third Party Leasing (1985-1998)
In addition to the purchasing of third party paper, we syndicated transactions i
n order to maintain acceptable concentration with customers. Banks and other lea
sing companies were our customers. Duties involved deciding on whether to hold o
r sell specific transactions for our own account. We prepared credit checks, fin
ancial statement spreads, analysis of credit and collateral through offering mem
orandums, packaged transactions for sale, negotiated discount rates with various
funding sources, obtained commitments, negotiated non-recourse assignments and/
or participations, and ultimately discounted and received fundings from purchasi
ng third party. We also restructured and refinanced equipment for customers. Bot
h jobs included soliciting , servicing and maintaining approved Intermediaries.
We also prepared portfolio spreadsheets, placed portfolios out for bid, negotiat
ed portfolio discount rates and sold equipment portfolios to generate bottom lin
e profits.
Subsequent promotion from AVP-Credit (1985-1988)
Norwalk, CT
Credit Review Manager
This position included all credit review aspects of the external Commercial and
Industrial program. In this division we financed all equipment other than Pitney
Bowes equipment. We specialized in aircraft financing, lease lines for vendors
and trucking companies plus all manufacturing and computer equipment.

In summary, my experience has me proficient in analyzing corporate financial sta
tements and reviewing middle market companies. Determining how much to lend to c
ompanies by examining a companyas historical and projected cash flows has been a
major asset in my success and subsequent promotions. My background has included
lending through loans, refinancings, finance leases and tax oriented leases. Co
llateral analysis and review has been a major part of my analyses throughout my
career. Preparing spreadsheets for individual and for portfolio evaluation and r
eview has been an integral part of my experience. Structuring and negotiating t
erms based on collateral and credit quality and pricing of loans and leases for
all types of equipment and financings is part of my expertise. Database manageme
nt and document preparation and review have also played a large part in my solid
financial background.
Computer skills include Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, ACT and Supertrump.
University of Dayton
Bachelor of Arts
Major: Economics