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Jason James Trujillo

331 Ridgewood Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55403
(612) 716-0954
13 Years of Diversified Experience in Project Management
Project Size Range: $3,000 - $500 Million
Proven ability to coordinate efforts across multiple tactical teams for several
projects simultaneously. Traveled nationally to meet with executive business spo
nsors and senior leaders. Experienced working in fast-paced, highly technical st
art-up environments demanding strong organizational and interpersonal skills. Pr
epared Statements Of Work (SOWs) and Requests for Proposal (RFPs) for Account Ex
ecutives and Senior Sales Executives. Collaborates closely with teams to ensure
projects adhere to requirements and are completed on time and within budget. Pr
oactive at risk mitigation & planning. Effectively leads teams to creative solu
tions when faced with unforeseen roadblocks (i.e. natural disasters). Able to q
uickly learn a new business. Completed Six Sigma training to ensure projects ad
here to strict quality control requirements for Financial (ACH) Software migrati
ons for Payroll. Completed Complex Adaptive Systems (CAS) Agile Methodology cou
rsework. Interested in thriving in a creative project-centric organization.
Member of Project Management Institute (PMI)
Scheduled for August 2010 PMP Certification Exam
Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Course - 35 Classroom Hours
Agile Project Management
Scrum for Success
Implementing Scrum
Six Sigma Quality Assurance
Certified in AQMS (CMMI Engineered) Project Management Methodology (for Quality
Microsoft Project 2000 - 8 Classroom Hours
Microsoft Project 2003 - 6 Classroom Hours
Microsoft Project 2007 - 5 Classroom Hours

* Highly effective judgment and communication skills
* Workflow Planning & Prioritization among Shared Resources
* Time and Resource Optimization
* Ability to manage multiple projects concurrently
* Customer Needs Assessment
* Creative Problem Solving
* Presentations to Senior Management
* Budget & ROI Optimization
* Relationship Management
* Highly effective critical thinking skills
* Effective at Translating Business needs into technical requirements.
* RFP & SOW preparation

Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Project Manager - Software Migrations, Jan
uary 2010 - Present
Project Scope: Migrating clients from the Wachovia Integrated Payables platform
to the Wells Fargo Payment Manager platform. Payment types being migrated: Inte
rnational Wires, Domestic Wires, International ACH, Domestic ACH and Checks.
* Lead the development of escalation and risk mitigation plans for the project t
* Managed the development of Validation Documentation being presented by the Pro
ject Team to clients for final approval on business requirements.
* Developed the client facing communication call scripts.
* Managed SharePoint site development for Change Control updates. The site is b
eing used to communicate project status and requirements among various tactical
* Maintained strong relationships with clients, business stakeholders and relati
onship managers.
* Provided direction and management across multiple cross-functional teams.
* Consulted with Wells Fargo technical resources to confirm business requirement
s per account migration.
* Confirmed technical requirements with clients.
* Ensured timeline adherence among several cross-functional teams for multiple p
* Published weekly status reports for multiple projects.
Minneapolis, Minnesota.
ject Manager - Database Implementation, February 2008 - December 2009
* Scope of Projects: Implementation of Ceridian's HR/Payroll Latitude product.
Latitude is an integrated Web-based HR, payroll and benefits solution which comb
ines a common cross-border HR foundation with in-country payroll capabilities fo
r both the United States and Canada. Program Manager for Ceridian's ancillary s
olutions which include time management solutions, talent management, recruiting
and employee self-service, tax filing and COBRA.
* Managed nine projects with external client project teams and multiple internal
shared resources that were locally based and working remotely from the Pacific
to the Atlantic coast. Average project team included 10-15 team members.
* Traveled nationally and presented to senior level management and project teams
to present our project methodology to launch each project.
* Facilitated change control management to ensure projects were delivered on tim
e and within budget even when there were changing requirements.
* Created and maintained project plans and work breakdown structures for multipl
e concurrent projects.
* Published weekly status reports on project health status, risks, constraints,
issues, assumptions, schedule milestones, and change requests to internal and cl
ient project teams.
* Managed Communication Management Plan for internal and external project stakeh
* Ensured quality adherence based on measurable, data-driven Six Sigma methodolo
* Worked with internal project team and our clients to format and scrub HR and P
ayroll data being extracted from their legacy systems before loading to Ceridian
's platform.
* Managed the auditing of data being loaded from clients' legacy systems.
* Managed testing of full scale Payroll processing.
* Ensured all issues were identified and modifications made based on test output
to ensure 100% accuracy for live Payroll processing.
* Managed the project plan using MS Project.
Minneapolis, Minnesota.
ject Consultant, September 2007 - February 2008
* Project Scope: Recruiting initiatives with Ameriprise Financial.
* Facilitated change control management to prevent scope creep and ensure reques
ted changes translate into requirements and deliverables.
* Drafted project process flows throughout project lifecycle.
* Managed Communication Management Plan for internal and external project stakeh
* Performed quality assurance testing on metrics reporting generated from an Exc
el Macro to measure vendor conformance to project objectives and requirements.
* Performed quality assurance on user requirements and test cases for technology
enhancements and gap fixes for web-based software development.
* Prepared presentations for senior level management using PowerPoint and Visio.
* Performed quality assurance on technology functionality through web-based soft
ware testing.
* Published weekly status reports on risks, constraints, issues, assumptions, sc
hedule milestones, approved and rejected change requests, and scope requirements
to Project Management Office and Senior Leadership two times per week.
* Consulted with third party vendor to document: (1) alternatives identification
(to generate different approaches to execute and perform the work of the projec
t), (2) scope definition and analysis to ensure prioritization of technology re
quirements, (3) approved and rejected change requests, product acceptance criter
* Managed the project plan using MS Project.
* Ensured project compliance with integrated Quality Management System (iQMS) pr
oject management methodologies through the application of AQMS Capability Maturi
ty Model Integration (CMMI) level three project management methodology.
* Worked extensively with Clarity, formerly Niku (project management tool).
Minneapolis, Minnesota.
keting / Project Manager, May 2003 - August 2007.
* Project Scope: To develop and implement multiple marketing plans including: in
teractive web-based marketing, magazine and newsprint advertising, tradeshows, t
elevision and direct mail campaigns for small to medium sized interior design bu
* Managed the execution of the marketing plans to ensure the efficient and effec
tive use of the marketing budget. Consulted on strategy to maximize ROI.
* Developed Project Charters to formally authorize the projects and document bus
iness needs, project justification, and understanding of customer's requirements
* Developed Project Management Plans which included subsidiary plans (as appropr
iate): quality management plan, risk management plan, milestone list, schedule b
aseline, quality baseline, project scope management plan, cost management plan,
process improvement plan, communication management plan, and vendor procurement
management plan.
* Developed, implemented and managed marketing, advertising and promotional prog
rams and campaigns for direct mail and newsprint marketing campaigns.
* Monitored and analyzed monthly performance metrics, developed and implemented
appropriate action plans.
* Managed Google and Yahoo paid search programs (pay-per-click).
* Analyzed response rate to various campaigns and improved response rate by as m
uch as one-hundred percent.
* Interfaced with Comcast for television commercial campaign
* Performed market research and customer profiling.
* Wrote, edited, and proofed off-line and on-line marketing offerings.
* Managed and executed design tradeshows and design seminar events at Minneapoli
s Convention Center, Cost Plus World Markets and Pier 1 Imports.
* Consulted with a cost per lead (CPL / CPA) marketing agency to ensure the deli
very of highly qualified prospective customers.
* Designed and implemented processes to ensure incremental improvements to super
ior project management and client service.
(Formerly Mellon Financial Corporation)
San Francisco, California.
Project & Relationship Manager, Bank Officer, July 1999 - April 2003.
* Project Scope: To restructure portfolios for 11 institutional relationships re
presenting $34 Billion in assets. (On-going client administration and relations
hip management.)
* Additional Project Workstream: Elected by senior management to a committee wit
hin Mellon Trust (an institutional investment firm) to redesign management repor
ting methodology to forecast quarterly revenue and fine tune the contract renewa
l and RFP processes. I was elected based on automation I developed using Excel
macros to track and forecast quarterly revenue.
* Substantial verbal and written contact with Vice Presidents, Clients, Investme
nt Managers, Plan Sponsors, Auditors, Recordkeepers, and Consultants.
* Responsible for activity sequencing, activity resource estimating, activity du
ration estimating, and schedule planning among several multibillion-dollar portf
olios that may have been restructuring concurrently. This involved monitoring t
he work-flow of multiple cross-functional departments to ensure timely completio
n for strict funding and trading deadlines.
* Assessed business conditions, client needs and opportunities at key accounts a
nd worked with sales team to develop into revenue for the company.
* Responsible for ensuring client satisfaction and coordinating client requests
for product delivery.
* Performed quality assurance of accounting, reporting, cash management and othe
r services provided to clients.
* Met with legal counsel on a monthly basis to ensure on-going compliance of fed
eral regulations based on The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (E
RISA) and U.S. Department of Labor laws.
San Francisco, California
Manpower (Technical Professional)
Work Assignment: McKesson.
Project Coordinator, October 1998 - June 1999.
* Project Scope: To provide pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to newly acquir
ed client representing 450 pharmacies across the U.S.
* Administered the implementation and conversion of a large integrated health ca
re system with approximately 450 pharmacies, which represented $500 Million in a
nnual revenue.
* This project involved very detail-oriented work, and the ability to learn a ne
w business quickly.
* I managed two project plans using Microsoft Project.
* Prepared weekly project status updates which documented known risks, issues, a
ssumptions, schedule milestones, constraints and gaps in the project plan.
* Presented Executive Project Summary Report to Senior management on a weekly ba
* Developed and implemented staffing management plan to train pharmacists and in
stall new software and hardware in all 450 pharmacies across the country.
* Coordinated planning and implementation efforts across various cross-functiona
l departments.
San Francisco, California
Manpower (Technical Professional)
Work Assignment: AirTouch Communications.
Project Coordinator, March 1997 - September 1998.
* Project Scope: To standardize the international tax payment and reclaim proces
* Managed the sales tax refund process for European and Korean operations.
* Lead vendor a procurement initiative to replace a VAT reclaim vendor.
* Managed vendor relationship and negotiated competitive pricing.
* Designed a Program Evaluation Review Technique chart (PERT chart) to develop a
work-flow model to ensure quality control and an accurate collection of VAT doc
o This process involved coordinating the activities of three cross-functional de
partments within AirTouch*.
* Re-engineered the international wire transfer and check request process used t
o standardize the process of submitting international tax payments.
o The new streamlined process resulted in a 50% improvement in the amount of tim
e required to process a request.
San Francisco, California.
Manpower (Technical Professional)
Work Assignment: Citibank.
Project Coordinator, September 1996 - March 1997.
* Project Scope: To re-automate Northern California and Nevada with relationship
management software and update all hardware within every CitiBank branch.
* Tested software data feeds and tracked resolution for senior management. Foll
owed each gap fix through development to ensure conformance to project objective
* Maintained the project plan for the overall project using PERT charts and Exce
l Spreadsheets.
* Reported gaps, schedule milestones, known risks, issues, assumption and constr
aints within the project plan.
* Subsidiary Workstream: Independently managed a project tracking 12,000 custome
rs in California and Nevada for a Customer Communication Drop which involved sup
ervising two contractors.
o This involved developing a staffing management plan to acquire two full time c
ontractors, identify training needs, and quality assurance metrics to ensure acc
uracy of data being analyzed and collected.
o Developed a flow-chart tool to manage the process and ensure quality assurance
and quality control.
o Coordinated information between two cross-functional departments.
* Managed a database which was used to track $15 million dollars of fixed assets

B.A., International Business Administration - G.P.A. 3.6
The American University of Paris, France 1996.
Fluent in conversational and competent in written French. Software applications:
Several proprietary systems developed for the health care, banking, and high-te
ch industries. Working knowledge of Sharepoint, PHP, MySQL, Flash, HTML, UNIX, D
OS, and LINUX. Microsoft Project, FileMaker Pro, Safari, Access, PowerPoint, Mi
crosoft Word, Excel, VISIO, MYOB, Keynote 3, Windows XP, MAC OS X.