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Saheed Adebayo O.

27 May, 2011

Come 29th of May 2011, the two (2) newly elected and the only re-elected governors in
South-West, Nigeria will be sworn-in to start another four year term. Firstly, I congratulate
the new governors of Ogun (Ibikunle Oyelaja Amosun) and Oyo (Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi) for
the victory at the poll on 26th of April 2011. I can remember vividly you both contested in
2007 and lost the election which you later challenged and petitioned the outgoing governors.
However, despite various sittings of the election tribunals your petitions were dismissed. I am
sure August 2009, will be a remarkable day for Ibikunle Amosun when his hope of gaining
his mandate as Ogun governor was dashed after the Ogun State Election Petition Tribunal
dismissed the petition and rule in favor of the incumbent governor (Gbenga Daniel). I want to
believe in the saying that “Destiny can never be denied but can only be delayed”. The
number of votes casted for both of you in the recently concluded election has shown that the
people of your state really want you. They see you as someone that has something to offer, a
performer and a befitting governor.

At this junction, I will like to remind you all the promises you have made to the people and
the masses during your long years of manifesto, campaign, during the trial period and more
recently when you were declared as the winner of the 2011 election by the electoral
commission. I will like to refer you to the Nigeria Tribune of Thursday, 28th of April, 2011
where you make some promises immediately you were declared the winner. For the benefit
of doubt and for the fellow citizens who are interested in knowing more of these promises
and monitoring, please follow the link here:

Ajimobi: I’II transform Oyo “...........Senator Ajimobi assured the people of the state of
transparency and open door policy. He promised to transform the state for the betterment of
the people. He listed his priority to include quality education, health services, provision of
other basic amenities. Senator Ajimobi, who assured civil servants and teachers of good
welfare package, said he had no intention of sacking any civil servant. Rather, he said he
would provide employment opportunities for the unemployed people in the state.........”
Saheed Adebayo O.
27 May, 2011

Amosun: I’II not abuse this opportunity “................Amosun, who was accompanied to the
INEC office by his wife, Funso; the senator-elect for Ogun East senatorial district, Alhaji
Adegbenga Kaka; the state party chairman, Alhaji Tajudeen Ola Bello and a number of his
supporters, promised to carry the people of the state along in his policies and prog-rammes,
irrespective of political differences……………”
The truth is that the masses are looking forward to receiving good services and governance
from you. All eyes are on you both at home and abroad as the citizens of the state are now
ready to support any governors that are really serving the people. Therefore, failure of your
government to deliver good services to the people of your state will be a big disappointment
not only to you, your supporter but also to the masses who have entrusted you with the
leadership of the state by given you their massive supports and votes.

On the other hand, it was not a surprise that the like of Lagos State governor; Babatunde Raji
Fashola (BRF) was re-elected but the only amazing thing is that he won by a massive
landslide victory. However, there is a lot of insinuations and saying among people that “a
governor that once served the masses and perform better don‟t perform when he comes back
for a second time” this may be true going by what we have seen in the previous years in
some state where some governors that did well in their first term only came back for the
second term to mess up the good deeds they have done initially and hence destroyed the good
name and image they have once created for themselves. My sincere advice to BRF is that he
should continue to do his good work and never try to listen to the sycophant as they don’t see
any progress in a progressively structured, developed and well planned work by a progressive
man. After all „one good turn deserves another‟ they say.

Having said that, it is not the aim of the writer to praise or commend BRF but if not for
anything at least for the sanity that his government has brought to Lagos and a lot of other
developments that are going on which are so conspicuous enough that even a blind man can
see. In my own opinion Mr. BRF you have just started work as there are many things the
masses are still expecting from your governments which has made them to bring you back to
the state for continuation of what you have started. I sincerely hope you can do more by
touching every other thing as arranged by master plan of the state one-by-one without
disappointing the yearning people of the state. More power to your elbow and the sky is your
limit as you continue to lead by good examples. God Bless Nigeria! God Bless you all!

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