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John C.

11 Milepost Rd.
Reading, MA 01867
* Software QA Test Lead with 12 years' experience in Software Quality Assurance.
Leading the testing effort on large-scale core system and inter/intranet projec
ts. Well versed in QA methodology and best practices, with strengths in system/i
ntegration, functional, user acceptance, regression and performance testing. Ind
ustry experience covering Health Care Systems, Financial Services, Stock Trading
, Life Insurance, and Resource Management. Interface effectively with senior bus
iness management, project team, and vendors. Self-starter with demonstrated prob
lem-solving and technical skills able to manage multiple projects and enter at a
ny stage of the SDLC.
* Quality Assurance Methodologies, Product/Project Risk Analysis and Mitigation,
Test Planning and Control, Test Analysis and Design, Traceability Matrix, Test
Case Execution, Defect Triage, Analysis and resolution, Evaluation of Exit Crite
ria and Reporting, Test Closure Activities, Inter/Intranet, Client Server, and C
ore Systems Testing, Peer Review, Data Creation, Health Care knowledge, Test Sta
ndards development, PHI, NPI, HIPPA Compliance.
* HP Quality Center, RTMS, MetaVance, TPS, Data Warehouse, Web services, Single
Sign-On, Use Cases, SOA Enterprise Architecture, See Beyond, Tibco, VPN Tools, C
rystal Reports, MS Access, C Programming, SQL Server, Oracle, MS Office, (Projec
t, Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, Visio, PowerPoint), Net Meeting, Unix, PVCS Tra
cker, RUMBA, Data Reset Tools, FIX 4.0 Protocol, Reuters Kondor, Verizon PACE, C
heckpoint Firewall
Blue Cross Blue Shield - Quincy, MA 12/04-3/10
QA Lead
* As QA Lead collaborated with the Project Management Team, Business areas, Vend
ors and Technical Support to deliver the successful implementation of the busine
ss requirements. Ensured application acceptance by senior stakeholders through m
anaging system/integration, functional, user acceptance, regression and performa
nce testing. Conducted multi-system scope and strategy sessions building consens
us and support within a complex organization.
* Directed utilization of testing best practices and concepts, quality managemen
t, metrics management, HP Quality Center, build management, and risk management.
Authored Master Test Plan establishing the testing objectives for applications
tested in multi-level testing environments. Developed timelines for the delivery
of the test strategy, test plan activities, and release delivery schedule in co
njunction with the Project team.
* Worked with the Project Manager in the identification of risks, risk managemen
t, and risk mitigation plans to ensure a successfully tested application. Provid
ed testing guidance to UAT Testers on test approaches, requirements traceability
, test plan/cases development and defect reporting within Quality Center. Develo
ped defect management workflows, facilitated test status meetings and reported o
n test metrics. Designed, developed and executed transactional test scripts base
d on an understanding of the business process.
Modis - Burlington, MA
METLIFE INC. - Boston, MA (Client) 08/04-11/04
Software QA Engineer
* Verified and validated functional test scripts based on an understanding of th
e business process gained from interviews and Business Use Case documentation. U
pdated test scripts utilizing Test Director 8.0 based on upgrade of METLIFE INC
., CDI Cash disbursement system. Identified, monitored, and resolved system prob
lem reports with developers and project managers.
Ajilon Consulting - Burlington, MA/Nashua, NH May 2000 - 6/
(Full Time Ajilon employee consulting to area clients)
J P Morgan Chase - Lowell, MA (Client) 5/0
Software QA Engineer
* Executed functional test scripts based on an understanding of the business pro
cess gained from interviews and technical documentation. Updated test scripts ut
ilizing Test Director 8.0 based on upgrade of JP Morgan Chase's Global funds tr
ansfer system. Identified, monitored, and resolved system problem reports with d
evelopers and project managers.


Software Quality Assurance
Fidelity eBusiness
* As a member of the QA team for the One Fidelity project, designed, authored, a
nd modified detailed test cases based on an understanding of the business proces
s obtained from interviews, design, functional, and technical specifications. Mo
dified test scripts in preparation for an automated suite utilizing Test Directo
r 8.0.
* Executed smoke, functional, and regression tests within several QA Environment
s. Performed tests on multiple platforms and web browsers. Created and modified
test data utilizing (PAG) tool supporting mainframe and web-based databases.
* Attended daily Triage meetings with developers and project managers. Utilized
Teamtrack (defect tracking tool) in the effort to submit, monitor, and resolve
project defects. Prepared status reports analyzing and summarizing testing effor
t and provided recommendations on process improvement to management.

Verizon - Irving, TX (Client) @ Ajilon Labs - Nashua, NH

* Collaborated with Verizon's Applications Team to remotely test their company w
ide Resource Management software from their Texas location. Designed, developed
and executed detailed test plan and test cases to implement system, regression a
nd report testing.
* Attended peer reviews and walk-throughs of business and technical specificatio
ns in order to better develop a test process and test cases, which would facilit
ate re-use and automation.
* Participated in data creation, analysis, and data mining in order to appropria
tely test new system releases. Prepared transition plan outlining test effort in
cluding incident reports, status updates, and recommendations. Assisted in hardw
are configurations and in setting up test environments.
H&R Block - Cambridge, MA (Client) @ Ajilon Labs - Nashua, NH

* Participated in testing of several H&R Block commercial applications. Applicat

ions were tested on multiple operating systems and web browsers. Designed, autho
red and executed detailed test scripts to complete functional, report and regres
sion testing of weekly builds.
* Provided timeline estimates, analysis and status updates on testing efforts in
cluding QA recommendation on final ship. Prepared status reports and communicate
d problem reports on a daily basis.

HEWLETT- PACKARD - Houston, TX (Client) @ Ajilon Labs - Nashua, NH 8/02-3/

* Performed multiple software and hardware tests on new features of Compaq Pocke
t PCs (iPAQ). Tested varied models, configurations, languages and software packa
ges. Reported findings on daily basis.
FIDELITY INVESTMENTS - Merrimack, NH (Client) 4/02-8/02
Software QA Engineer
* Developed test cases for various new applications to (ACI Registr
ation, PIN Maintenance projects). Designed test scripts in preparation for an au
tomated suite utilizing Test Director 7.2. Collaborated on detailed test plan de
velopment based on functional and technical requirements.
* Created and modified test accounts utilizing various Fidelity tools supporting
mainframe and web-based databases. Performed functional, systems, and regressio
n testing on multiple platforms and web browsers.
* Utilized Teamtrack (defect tracking tool) to submit, monitor, and resolve syst
em problem reports with developers and project managers. Prepared status reports
analyzing and summarizing testing effort and providing recommendations on proce
ss improvement to management.

METLIFE INC - Boston, MA (Client) 4/01-1/02

Software QA Engineer

* Performed all aspects of system, regression and report testing for insurance i
ndustry windows and mainframe based applications. Designed, developed and execut
ed detailed test plans and test cases based on business and functional specifica
* Contributed to automated regression testing by developing and recording test c
ases and analyzing and resolving test results. Conducted multiple report layout
tests on new version (Foresight) vs. mainframe baseline reports.
* Verified complex application calculations against actuarial benchmark testing
program (APL). Provided timeline estimates, analysis and status updates on testi
ng efforts including QA recommendation on final ship.
PUTNAM INVESTMENTS - Andover/Boston, MA (Client)
Software QA Engineer
* Implemented QA processes with state-of-the-art Securities Trading software on
Solaris platform connected to multiple downstream financial systems.
* Developed detailed test plans based on functional and technical requirements.
Created test cases and test cycle matrices to appropriately verify data messagin
g and acceptance with other systems.
* Performed functional, systems, regression, and automated report comparison tes
ts on Fixed Income and Equity Trading Software. Set up and monitored test region
s within Unix environment.
* Rendered certifications enabling Putnam and Broker community to engage in elec
tronic transactions over secured TNS lines. Utilized FIX 4.0 protocol messaging
with UNIX scripts/files to verify order executions.

OASIS SYSTEMS - Burlington, MA August 1999 - April 2000

US Air Force - Hanscom Air Force Base (Client)
Systems Analyst / Tester
* Set up test environment on NT 4.0 server utilizing MS SQL. Analyzed technical
requirements, determined test data, and performed black box testing.
* Developed Access database in accordance with Air Force requirements. Utilized
hyperlinks to retrieve information and publish it to the organization's web sit
* Proposed changes to existing SQL Data Base in order to accommodate desired rep
ort output.
* Developed custom reports utilizing Crystal Reports. The reports used ODBC conn
ectivity to interact with MS SQL Server and Access data sources.


June 1998 - July 1999
Business Systems Analyst /Tester
* Developed and executed manual test cases in accordance with test plan. Complet
ely unit tested and debugged database and application prior to live date.
* Within the Client/Server Group, oversaw Mutual Fund Accounting System conversi
ons to new Client/Server platform. Developed project plan, set priorities, coord
inated functions with project team, and client in an all out effort to meet proj
ect deadlines.
* Worked with end-users to define business requirements. Setup clients on shareh
older account reconciliation application, coded SQL statements to extract and po
pulate data from mainframe to SQL Server database.
* Managed database privileges based on extensive communications with users and D
BA resulting in more efficient processing for the Accounting Department. Provide
d post implementation support and system modifications to end users.
* Created custom ad hoc reports for clients utilizing Crystal Reports. Documente
d conversion procedures for Client/Server Group and application functionality fo
r End-users.
Boston University - School of Management
* B.S.B.A. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
ISTQB - Certified Software Tester designation - SQE Training
Noble Business Analyst's Crash Course - Boston University
Software Testing Techniques Course RSEG - 0131 - Brandeis University - Graduate
Advanced Software Testing - Software Quality Partners, Burlington, MA.
Certificate in Client/Server Development - Boston University