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Charles F.

Haneman 219 Westchester Way Easley, SC 29642 (864)248-0132 CAREER HIGHLIGHTS * 24 years of outstanding performance for SCESC as evidenced by awards, promoti ons and increased responsibilities * Loyal and dedicated service in US Navy * Recognition by SC House and Senate * Asked to be included in 2006 edition of Heritage Registry of Who's Who * Coordinate services of local, state, and federal agencies * Managed several successful One-Stop centers in SC * Significant increase in productivity by offices managed * State, National, and International recognition for development and implementa tion of programs that have greatly enhanced and impacted workforce development * History of successful reorganization of several SCESC offices to include init iating partnerships with community based organizations to increase productivity, efficiency, and quality of services * Initiation of Media Marketing Plan for promotion of services EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND SOUTH CAROLINA EMPLOYMENT SECURITY COMMISSION Area Director V Greenville ESC Workforce Center December 2007 - present * Manage all programs of the largest Workforce Center/One-Stop in South Carolin a serving 1000 - 2000+ customers per day. * Increase and maintain partnerships and relationships with other local, state, and federal agencies within the Greenville County area. * Serve on local boards and committees to increase effectiveness of workforce d evelopment. * Compile workforce information and present it to new business prospects throug h the Greenville Area Development Corporation. Area Director IV COASTAL WORKFORCE CENTER July 2003 - December 2007 AIKEN ONE-STOP CAREER CENTER December 1995 - 2003 * Interview, counsel, supervise and evaluate staff. * Implement, maintain, and deliver all employment and training programs. * Plan and effectuate partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies. * Develop, oversee, and sustain partnerships with community organizations to en hance services to customers. * Promote services through media: television, radio, newspaper, etc. * Update customer and client information regarding child labor, wage and hour, ADA, etc. * Prepare operational reports for timely transmission. * Devise and conduct in-house training programs for effective and productive te am building. * Serve on local boards and committees. Area Director III BEAUFORT JOB SERVICE February 1993-December 1995 * Managed all programs and functions of office according to state and federal g uidelines. * Planned and conducted an active employer relations program. * Exercised and oversaw the implementation and maintenance of all employment an d training programs. * Formed partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies for service enhan cement to the community. Area Director I * Managed the operation and activities of a public employment office.

Local Veterans Employment Representative Supervisor COLUMBIA JOB SERVICE November 1988-November 1992 * Assured the timely referral of veterans to appropriate providers of supportiv e services, educational services, and employment and training programs. * Program recipient of state and national recognition. * Initiated and marketed veterans through large scale job fairs, attracting 300 0+ visitors. Assistant Area Director MONKS CORNER JOB SERVICE January 1988-November 1988 * Assisted with the management of a public employment office: promote services through media. * Supervise, train and evaluate staff. Disabled Veteran's Outreach Representative ROCK HILL JOB SERVICE September 1986-January 1988 * Coordinate services with the business community with emphasis on employment o f veterans. * Received state recognition for efforts. * Initiated and promoted job fairs. UNITED STATES NAVY USS LAND LANCE (SSN 660) November 1983-April 1985 * Navigated a nuclear powered fast attack submarine. * Assigned 30+ personnel to watch stations, ensuring safety and integrity of bo at during 24-hour time periods. Port Services November 1981-November 1983 * Supervise a 4-man crew operating a tugboat to move ships and barges safely on 12 miles of the Cooper River. * Assisted with planning and scheduling daily naval ship movements. COMMUNITY SERVICE/INVOLVEMENT * SC Employee Association Board * Myrtle Beach Area Hospitality Board of Directors * Waccamaw Workforce Investment Board * Job Expo Committee Chairman * Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce & Education Committee * Conway Chamber of Commerce * Horry County Technical Education Advisory Committee Chairman * Greenville County Workforce Investment Board * Publisher/writer for Business Solutions, a monthly publication for 700 busine sses/county legislators * SC Chapter IAWP Local Arrangement Chairman * Waccamaw Council of Governments Economic Outlook Board * Horry County Mass Transit Task Force * Greenville Works Board * Greenville Workforce Collaborative EDUCATION Limestone College Gafney, SC York Technical College Rock Hill, SC St. Petersburg College St.Petersburg, FL