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Tremayne Draper
Cell: 336 314-7642
Professional Profile
More than three years of Military Law Enforcement and
upholding Order and Discipline in the U.S. Navy and
fourteen years of Military Service in total. I'm
able to deter, detect, defend, and mitigate potential terrorist threats; possess
the knowledge, skills, and abilities to serve as a team member for a security r
eaction force; demonstrate an understanding of search procedures, use of deadly
force, and personnel restraint; and apply training lessons to tactical team oper
ations. *1996-2002 U.S.S. EMORY S. LAND AS39 STATIONED IN NORFOLK, VA, changed
Home port to LaMaddalena, Italy in 1999 *2002-2005 NAS OCEANA AIR DET NORFOLK ST
ATIONED IN NORFOLK, VA serving on Chambers field runway assisting aircraft in Gr
ound Support Equipment*2005-2010 U.S.S. GEORGE WASHINGTON CVN73 STATIONED IN NOR
FOLK, VA, changed Home port in 2008 to YOKOSUKA, JAPAN Crew member on the first
Nuclear Powered Vessel to be stationed in Japan
Proven leadership abilities
Quick learner
Proficient in Miniature and Microminiature Electronics Repair
Proficient in Definity Generic 3I (G3I)
Communications Systems
Administration and Maintenance
Excel in Armed Sentry/Security Reaction Force - Advanced
Extensive experience with small arms weapons
Relevant Experience
Applied safety procedures and policies as outlined in Navy Safety Manual.
Documented the 2M report for my Division on board the USS George Washington CVN7
Prepared the Force Revision for the 3M program for my shop ( scheduled the maint
Trained personnel in security procedures according to the USN.
May 2006 to June 2010
Provided on site training for patrolmen in security on USS George Washington CVN
73.The training helped them with the rules and regulations that they were to en
force and also to uphold good order and discipline.Successfully led our secondar
y team in different security drills which resulted in getting them used to tacti
cal movements, securing boundaries and dealing with hostage situations.
1995 Dudley High Greensboro, NC
All of my training, work experience and professional development is a result of
the USNavy.Completed training: First Line Leadership Development Program, Miniat
ure and Micro Electronics Repair, Armed Sentry/Security Reaction Force - Advance
d, Professional Range Instruction Simulator (PRISM)
Continuing Education, Domestic and International Experience, Communication, Micr
osoft Outlook, Team Player, Military Exper