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Allen B.

Java Developer
(919) 390-8155

An industry professional with experience in a wide range of technologies.
Exceptional skills in large scale distributed architectures, frameworks,
compilers, virtual machines and design methodologies.
Technical Expertise
Development Methodologies
. Iterative, XP, Agile
Operating Systems
. Windows, Unix
. Java, C, C++, JavaScript, ActionScript, Smalltalk, PHP
Development Tools
. Eclipse, WSAD, JDeveloper, DreamWeaver, Flash, Flex Builder etc
Application Servers
. WebSphere
. JBoss
. JMS, Web Services, TCP/IP, MQ Series etc
. Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, SQL Server etc.
. Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
Job Experience
2010 - Consultant Cincom Systems/Kaiser Aluminum
Upgraded VisualWorks Smalltalk clients from 2.5 to 7.7, Upgraded GemStone/S
from 5.1.3 to 64 bit 2.3.1, Converted from Solaris to Ubuntu Server and
developed XML client gateway
2010 - SCG Labs
Designed and developed PayPal payment gateway in PHP
2009 - PhonePay
Implemented communications and message processing for SMS modem and POS
order fulfillment
2008 Consultant Cincom Systems/Qwest
Modernization of large Client/Server application written in VisualWorks
2006-2007 Consultant State Farm Insurance
Conversion of large multi-tiered application from Smalltalk to Java
2005-2006 Consultant RailInc
Web Developer for large system used by railway companies. This included
various languages and technologies
1/99 - Designed and developed compiler which compiles Smalltalk programming
language to Java class files and bytecodes. Required extensive low level
knowledge of Java and the Java Virtual Machine.
11/98 - 5/99 Performance tuning and development consulting for Florida
Power and Light Trouble Call II application.
1993 - 1997 Mission SoftwarE INC.
3/96 - 3/98 Directed Mission Software's services and product development
Consultant to major corporations on architecture, frameworks
and design methodologies.
3/96 - Designed and Implemented "Business OS" a framework for
Internet/Intranet distributed applications.
2/95 - 2/96 Chief Architect - Info '96 (1996 Olympic Games client/server
Responsible for the overall design and technical development
of Info '96
- VisualAge Smalltalk.
1995. Object Oriented Methodology Consultant - IBM OO Solutions -
Charlotte, NC
Training and mentoring in OO design methodology.
1994 Consultant - GE Financial - Cary, NC - VisualAge architecture
and design.
Design Consultant - "The Developer Connection" for OS/2
Development - IBM Boca Raton
- Smalltalk browser, search engine and packaging using Application Master.
Development of 'Application Master', a Smalltalk code stripper
and packager technology.
1980 - 1993 IBM Corporation
1993 Chief Design Consultant - Software Product Development - Santa
Theresa, CA
Smalltalk based product design and development.
Developed 'ReDiscovery' - a powerful (Internet enabled) Smalltalk based
search engine for finding and cataloging product source code.
1992 Technical Lead - RSS Internal Tool Development - Cary, NC
Successful deployment using Smalltalk
Corporate Reuse Council Representative for IBM - Cary, NC
Defined process to facilitate creation and deployment of large
scale class libraries

1989 - 1992 Internal Tool Development / Technical Support - Software

Tech. Center - Cary
Design implementation of development tools for IBM internal use
1987 - 1988 Enhanced Connectivity Facility, Software product development -
Cary, NC
Design / implementation of file and database services in
client/server environment.
1986 Software Product Development (Graphics Editor) - Cary, NC
1986 Level 3 Support (Change Team Support) - Personal Decision
Series - Cary, NC
1982 - 1986 Production Control - Electronic Card Assemblies (ECA) -
Charlotte, NC
1980 - 1982 Senior Materials Attendant (ECA) - Charlotte, NC
1977 - 1979 Duke Power Company
Facility Maintenance
Published Works
2 Invention Disclosures on ECF (1988)
1 Invention Disclosure on RSS (1992)
5 IBM Cary Technical Vitality Newsletter Articles (1989 - 1990)
Object World Award Application (published in Objects in Action
- Addison-Wesley Publishing 1993)