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Elizabeth Crews

Raleigh, NC
Phone: 919-798-8595
In search of a creative administrative position in which eight years of media de
sign and web development will add value.
Summary of Qualifications
Equally proficient in both Macintosh and Windows based systems applications
Adept in HTML and CSS
Eight years experience creating, editing and maintaining web pages
Knowledgeable in SEO practices and standards
Organize usability surveys for testing web site interface
Understand essentials of communication design and intuitive navigation
Accomplished in technical production and design of multi-media
Sixteen years experience with Macintosh products and computer systems

State University of New York at Buffalo
May 2005
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Majors in Media Studies and American Studies
North Carolina State University
Pursuing Web Masters Certificate program
Computer Skills
Photoshop CS3 and CS4, InDesign CS3, PDFmaker , Flash CS3, Fireworks CS3,Dreamwe
aver CS3
Final Cut Pro, QuickTime Pro, DVD Pro, Pro-Tools
Word 2007, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel

Independent Consultant
5/2009 - Present
Working for small-medium clients supporting web design and development work also
pursuing Web Masters Certificate program from NC State University
10/2008 to 4/2009
Job title: Web Production Lead
Managed five sites with a total of over one thousand pages.
Edited and created pages within a CMS and also used a project tracking tool to l
og each job.
Worked with a worldwide staff that allowed for most effective turn over.
Utilized my knowledge of several different web applications and resources to ass
ist web builders in producing pages within the specifications of company standar
Monitored reports for IT compliance and made necessary correction for site secur
Applications used: Dreamweaver CS3, Internal CMS, Photoshop CS 3, Adobe PdfMaker
, MS Word, Lotus Notes and SameTime
Erie Insurance Group
2/2007 to 3/2008
Job title: Web Content Specialist
Processed an average of 25 web requests for content changes daily
Managed web content for three company websites, one public site and two internal
Administered daily news articles for employee intranet
Implemented SEO and usability standards for meta tags and page copy
Developed pages with HTML and CSS sometimes included Java Script.
Applications used: Dreamweaver CS3,Fireworks CS3, Photoshop CS 3, Adobe PdfMaker
, MS Word, MS SharePoint
Urban Erie Community Development Corporation
8/2005 to 2/2007
Job title: Media Director
Direct assistant to company CEO
Edited and maintained company website
Developed all company media and public communications
Created company branding architecture and improved company logo
Continue to work for company contractually
Applications used: Photoshop CS, Adobe InDesign, Dreamweaver, Fireworks

Website: and
1/2005 to 5/2005
Job title: Web Content Specialist
Maintained and edited E-commerce PHP website
Created product catalogs and publications
Designed print, email and fax mass distribution
Photographed products and edited images for web
Applications used: Dreamweaver, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop
1/2000 to 12/2007
Job title: Web Master
Designed complete website and maintained updates
Site created with Dreamweaver using HTML, Java Script and some flash
Created logo
Setup email list serve
Applications used: FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Photoshop, Flash
Reginald Wallace
Business Owner
The Broadway Theatre
Buffalo, NY 14204
Business Phone: 716-715-0225
Marcus Greene
Lead Mechanic
L3 Vertex Aerospace.
Raleigh, North Carolina 27560
Phone: 919-279-8894
Preston Lindey
GGL Processing
Erie, Pennsylvania 16506
Business Phone: 814-835-3719
//Work History Details//
Research Triangle Park
1 Davis Drive
Durham, North Carolina 27709
Phone: 919-337-1371
Supervisor: Dana Mc Cown
Contact: Yes
Erie Insurance Group
100 Erie Insurance
Erie, Pennsylvania 16508
Phone: 814-870-4475
Supervisor: Carolyn Sennett
Contact: Yes
Urban Erie Community Development Corporation
2246 East 19th Street
Erie, Pennsylvania 16510
Phone: 814-899-3904
CEO: Gary Horton
Contact: Yes
5333 Washington Avenue
Erie, Pennsylvania 16509
Phone: 412-877-4224
Supervisor: Kennedy Thompson
Contact: Yes
235 Elm Street
Buffalo, New York 14205
Phone: 716-856-2646
Supervisors: Bill and Rick Puglisi
Contact: Yes