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Mr. Eyone D.

Crawford Req Id
17078 Volante Drive W 909 574 3999 H 909 267 4094
Fontana, CA 92337 Security Clearance- Secret
Career Objective-
Systems Requirements & Interface Engineer/Architecture Specialist (Certified) re
sponsible for Space Transport and Missile Systems operational concept developmen
t, requirements capture trace matrices, validation, decomposition, and allocatio
n to subsystems. DOORS is data repository utilized for the development of system
level requirements, interface control documents, architectures, system solution
s and enterprise level architectural processes. I'm a key participant in impleme
ntation of net-centric architectural baseline in approved views and products usi
ng DODAF formats. Special interest in application of interdisciplinary approache
s toward defining and developing interfaces with definition and documentation of
verification methods to ensure systems component development quality.
Summary of Qualifications Seasoned professional with 15+years experience.
Skilled at System Development Life Cycle planning and evaluation of concept of o
perations in definition of requirements, technical parameters and interfaces of
large, highly-complex computing environments for major programs and enterprise-w
ide systems. Perform DoDAF with SysML and UML 2.0 architecture products to repre
sent Operational, System and Technical views and products utilized in air and sp
ace situational awareness development for strategic weapons systems.
ARCHITECTURAL FRAMEWORKS Translate elicitation derived space system and ground
station functional and quality requirements into architecture utilized in deter
mination of problem solution scope. Collaborate with stakeholders, domain expert
s, managers and engineers in trade-off evaluations of conflicting issues during
architectural engineering of evolving goals and requirements. Generate DODAF for
mat documentation and present architectural operation and system views of essent
ial product artifacts understood by stakeholder communities that focus on system
engineering, weapons modernization and infrastructure support.
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT PLAN Responsible engineer, team lead and author of B1 In
tegrated Battle Station Software Development Plan, to provide an evolutionary pl
an to migrate the B1 Bomber to a service-orientated, and net-centric architectur
e to achieve enhanced flight-crew situation awareness within an open system arch
itectural approach for software development organization, CMMI methods and proce
DECISION ANALYSIS RESOLUTION Created team and provide direction for industry-
wide trade studies with technology/risk assessments of RTOS and RTDB utilizing r
esolution definition procedures with released reports.
TACTICAL DATA LINKS Generated COTS Router/Server signal process requirements a
nd interface control documents for network management functions documented by Wh
NETWORK TECHNOLOGY Utilized Ethernet switch in communication with nodes within
the subnet via data distribution service to achieve net-centric service-oriente
d architecture in achieving air/space situation awareness.
TEST AND INTERGRATION Skilled at use case generation and test case developmen
t. Configure and evaluated competing vendor products of large, high-complex auto
matic test suites in computing environment requiring DO-178B compliant unit and
integration test of Primary Flight Indicator system components.
PROJECT MANAGEMENT Utilize PMBOK principles to provide ingenuity in schedule,
cost, quality estimates and technical direction on numerous projects within avi
ation systems development processes.
Work History
The Boeing Company, Integrated Defense Systems, B1 Division, Long Beach, CA
Avionics Software, Architecture Specialist 2008 to 7/2008
B1 Bomber Integrated Battle Station - Member of the Air Worthiness Team for Prim
ary Flight Indicator architecture and system development with certification comp
liance testing via automated test tools and the DO-178B compliant airworthiness
certification document upgrade and maintenance.
The Boeing Company, Phantom Works, El Segundo, CA
Software System Architect, Transformational Satellite - Request for Proposal.
Responsible for the Proposal Life Cycle UML modeled artifacts required for gener
ation of satellite Mission Capabilities; Service Orientated Architecture with Do
DAF and FEAF essential views and design product documents development. Applied a
dvanced architectural principles and concepts to achieve quality driven software
design and architecture to produce proposal section content consisting of view
and product outlines artifacts in areas of satellite network security, multi-lev
el information assurance and system survivability.
The Boeing Company, Integrated Defense Systems, B1 Division, Long Beach, CA
Senior Software Engineer/Arechitect B-1 Integrated Battle Station 2004 to
a. Developed advanced technical ideas to assist in Basis of Estimate Proposal su
pport by conducting evaluation of the current set of estimation parameters and d
etermine the configuration of data items required to generate a realistic, relia
ble project estimation reports utilizing SEER/SEM, PRICE-S and COCOMO management
b. Lead and coordinate Architectural study group in performance of trade studies
and technology/risk assessments to select the common operating system and embed
ded database utilized in aircraft sub-net processors. Study utilized as guidance
in engineering selection process.
c. Perform Tactical Data Link radio communication subsystem requirements elici
tation and analysis to translate stakeholder requirements into software specific
ations for Graphic Controllers, Integrated Data Link and Common Link Integrator
Processor. Negotiations conducted to resolve stakeholder configurations conflict
s to ensure mission success. Played a major role in Preliminary and Critical Des
ign Review development and presentation per CMMI standards.
d. Authored Tactical Data Link communication system Software Development Plan th
at serves as B-1 Integrated Battle Station software development guides towards e
ffective software development practices in the areas of engineering process, org
anization, implementation, requirement management process, and readiness assessm
ent processes.
Northrop Grumman Inc, Satellite Div., Azusa, CA
Ground Segment Software Engineering Specialist 2001 to 2004
a. Responsible for requirements analysis and object modeling utilizing UML in de
velopment of ground segment software. UML methodologies of Use Case, class-desig
n artifacts and Patterns in UNIX environment were utilized for IR target detecti
on processing within SBIRS exceedance data downlink stream.
b. Responsible for conversion of legacy satellite (DSP) status monitoring ground
system software package from "C" to "C++", with added methods to create user de
fined types that interface ground segment with expanded satellite (SBIRS) capabi
lities. Provided class structures and inter-task message queue management to han
dle data transfer rates upgrade.

Korelectronics, Garden Grove, CA

Senior RADAR Systems Engineer 2000 to 2001
a. Lead activities to develop, document and maintain SRS, data flow modeling and
system enhancement design. Develop embedded software with portable device drive
r on VxWorks platform with network interface providing FLASH remote site updat
es. Design systems and application software upgrades for miniaturization of digi
tized airborne RF test equipment.
b. Lead coordination of BSP and application design to upgrade target processors
with new chip select, FLASH bootloader, EEPROM driver, TIMER, LDC Display, TCP/I
P Ntwk protocols and graphics support.
Allied Signal Corp., Palmdale, CA
Worksite, Skunk Works and NASA/Dryden Flight Research Center
X-33 Embedded Avionics Software Development, Integration & Test - Staff Engineer
1997 to 2000
The X-33 Launch Vehicle autonomous Single Stage to Orbit launch vehicle and tech
nology demonstrator for the Reusable Launch Vehicle concepts.
a. Formulate methods for requirements driven test selection, test design and int
egration. Authored Vehicle Management System and Flight Management Computer Test
plan, Test Procedures/Cases for acceptance test validation at NASA/Dryden Integ
ration Test Facility avionics and flight laboratory. Responsible for installatio
n, lab simulation configuration of OFP and COTS execution within test computing
b. Responsible for requirements management and ICD analysis, integration and tes
t of Data Interface Unit consisting of a controllers and multiple I/O boards (15
53 bus, serial I/O, DAC, RTD) on a VME backplane with VxWorks OS.
Bachelor of Science, B.S., Computer Science, Harrington University 1997, Londo
n, England.
Assoc of Science, A.S., Electronic Engineering Compton College, Compton, CA
Software Architecture, Communication and Network Design, Systems Engineering, 50
0 semester hours, University of Irvine; Earned Value Management, Boeing.
Digital Avionics Systems; 40 semester hours UCLA
Spacecraft Design, 60 semester hours USC; Unified Modeling Language, 120 semeste
r hours, CalPoly, Pomona; DO-178B Training, 40 semester hours.
Tornado/VxWorks Training and Device Driver Certificate (Wind River Academy).
CMMI (SEI L5) Peer Review Process Coursework, Project Mgmt, 6 SIGMA.
Additional Skills
Missiles (CRUISE, AIM-210, AIM-9X) Space Transport (Space Shuttle and X-33) and
Weapons systems(F-16, F-15 and B1-B) development.