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123 49th Ave N, St.

Petersburg, FL 33703
Phone: 813-810-7837
A highly competitive and accomplished Mortgage Banking professional with extensi
ve experience in Loan Underwriting. A top producer with high quality of work. Ad
ept at indentifying misrepresentation and other loan deficiencies. Background in
loan underwriting, quality control, repurchase management, fraud detection and
control. Expertise in FNMA/FHLMC, FHA guidelines and lending practices. Investig
ative due diligence experience at the macro and micro level for residential port
folios of prime, alt a, sub-prime, performing, and non-performing loans. Vendor
management, contract review, and development of databases, policies and procedur
es. Ability to improve front-end processes and recovery strategy.
Specialties: * Risk management * Mortgage Underwriting * Credit and Risk Analysi
s *Fraud Detection and Control* Repurchase claims and EPD analysis * Property Ev
Core Competencies: Excellent work ethics and organizational skills. Detailed ori
ented and self motivated subject matter expert. Ability to work independently wi
thout supervision and communicate effectively. Driven to complete the task. Acco
untability and flexibility. Work well under pressure.
Sr. Underwriter (March 2009 - October 2009)
Bank of America Home Loans (Tampa, FL)
Pre-purchase underwriting of residential loans to ensure compliance with interna
l guidelines and FNMA/FMLC standards. Analyzed and made loan decisions for loans
with assigned lending authority. Reviewed, evaluated, and synthesized data to c
onfirm loan viability and salability. Evaluated information and information reso
urces for accuracy, reliability and relevance. Identified risk issues and misrep
resentation. Researched and analyzed borrowers, corporations, employers and othe
r third parties involved in the loan transaction through public records and comm
ercial databases. Verified all documentation in the file and performed necessary
calculations. Examined personal and business tax returns, financial statements,
and all income and asset documentation in the file. Analyzed appraisals for acc
eptance. Coordinated the approval of underwriting conditions. Requested addition
al documentation if necessary. Reviewed condominiums and PUDs. Prepared and pres
ented loan findings to Loan Committee. Recommended decline of purchase of non-in
vestment quality loans. Determined corrective action. Maintained effective relat
ionships with Lenders and other clients.
Repurchase Manager (April 2007 - March 2009)
Avelo Mortgage ( St Petersburg, FL (January 1, 2008- March 2009))
Goldman, Sachs & Co (St Petersburg, FL (April 2007-December 31, 2007))
Managed repurchase activity resulting in over $50 million in repurchased loans.
Conducted investigations on non-performing loans for the purpose of identifying
repurchase recourse to third party originators and sellers. Researched and respo
nded to repurchase referrals received from asset managers, servicers, and seller
s. Reviewed early payment default loans and mortgage insurance denial claims. An
alyzed investor repurchase requests to determine if an appeal to overturn was ap
propriate. Rebutted hundreds of put back claims. Prepared repurchase summary rep
orts of findings with supporting documentation and appropriate language. Conduct
ed vetting calls with counterparties discussing outstanding repurchase claims. I
dentified institutional fraud cases involving multiple loans. Performed post fun
ding audit of loan products to ensure compliance with internal/external guidelin
es, US laws and regulations. Researched and analyzed people, entities, third par
ties involved in the transaction. Examined personal and business tax returns, fi
nancial statements and other income and asset documentation in the loan file for
accuracy and authenticity. Underwrote FHA loans for Goldman Sachs subsidiary -
Avelo Mortgage dba Senderra Funding LLC. Vendor management, contract negotiation
, and employee training. Slashed administration costs 20% by negotiating pricing
and fees, while ensuring the continuation and enhancements of services. Assiste
d in building repurchase database, writing policies and procedures. Provided und
erwriting and fraud loan review training. Conducted quality control reviews of p
rivate wealth management loans for Goldman Sachs Bank. Completed special project
s. Supported other teams or businesses (Goldman Sachs Bank and Senderra Funding)
requiring assistance or benefiting from the informational access or capabilitie
Quality Control Auditor (April 2006 - April 2007)
Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital (Boca Raton, FL)
Performed post-funding audit of loan products funded by Fulfillment Center to en
sure compliance with Morgan Stanley Seller guidelines. Reviewed, evaluated and s
ynthesized data to confirm loan viability, salability, and reliability. Analyzed
loans with guideline exceptions and determined if approval was warranted. Audit
ed underwriting operations and loan files for quality and accuracy. Reviewed, ev
aluated, and identified risk issues and potential fraud. Researched borrowers, e
ntities and financial transactions through public records, media, commercial dat
abases, internet and non-digitized sources to prevent misrepresentation. Evaluat
ed information and information resources for accuracy and reliability. Prepared,
distributed, and presented reports of Audit findings to identify exceptions, di
screpancies, trends and recommendations. Declined purchase of non-performing loa
ns. Determined corrective action. Underwrote to minimum expectations of 10 loan
files per day. Verified all documentation in the file and performed necessary ca
lculations to validate the pricing of the loan. Supported other teams or busines
ses (Repurchase Team) requiring assistance or benefiting from the informational
access or capabilities.
Underwriter II(August 2003 - April 2006)
Washington Mutual Bank (Lake Worth, FL)
Manually underwrote conventional loans according to the bank's guidelines and co
mpliance with US laws and regulations. Reviewed the loan application package for
completeness and accuracy. Verified and validated income, asset and liability d
ocumentation to support underwriting decision. Examined tax returns and financia
l statements for accuracy and authenticity. Analyzed risk factors along with the
presence of compensating factors that mitigated risk to the bank. Duties includ
ed calculation of income, funds to close; review and verification of credit repo
rt and other income and liabilities. Also signed off on loan conditions, analyze
d title report, purchase contract and escrow instructions. Identified potentiall
y fraudulent information. Performed verbal verification of employment.
Retail Loan Processor (April 2002-August 2003)
First NLC Financial Services (Deerfield Beach, FL)
Processed conventional loans (subprime and conforming). Collected and analyzed a
ll necessary documentation. Submitted loan files to the underwriting for approva
l. Worked on clearing conditions. Opened files in CONTOUR, sent the disclosures
Loan Processor (September 2001-April 2002)
First Rate Mortgage (Hollywood, FL)
Duties included: processing conventional loans (''A'' paper), ordering appraisal
s, credit reports, flood certifications, title commitments. Dealt with sales age
nts, lenders, borrowers and closing agents. Cleared all underwriting conditions.
Skills achieved: ability to process conventional loans quickly and accurately, t
o analyze credit reports, appraisals, income tax returns, title commitments, haz
ard insurance policies, knowledge of origination software (LP, DU, and DO). Deve
lopment of professional skills, marketing, phone skills, document processing and
sales skills.
* DE Underwriter, FHA Underwriting Course, Allregs, January, 2008
* Campus MBA: Quality Control in Mortgage Lending print-based self-study course
* Campus MBA: Detecting and Avoiding Mortgage Fraud, Washington, DC July, 2006
* 14 Hour Mortgage Industry Continuing Education Course, 2004
* Training for Underwriters, 2003
* Licensed mortgage broker, 2001
* Loan Processing program, 2001
* DU, DO, LP
* Interthinx Identity Misrepresentation Training
* Interthinx Red Flag User, DISSCO User, LexisNexis, Dataverify, Corelogic, and
Digital Risk training
* MS Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access
* Lotus Notes
* Workbench, MLCS, LoanWorks, PRM, Optis, Provantegde nVision software, CONTOUR
, Calyx POINT
Research Tools
* Interthinx, LexisNexis, Dataverify, Corelogic, Digital Risk, Dun & Bradstreet
, TALX, Google
* Accurint, Choicepoint, FastData, BasePoint, PACER, Realquest, TheWorkNumber,