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Christian Schechinger

14930 Outlook Lane

Overland Park, KS 66223
Home: 913-681-5124 Cell: 913-948-4999
Summary: Highly driven, successful, energetic and creative sales professional wi
th over 14 years of sales and sales management experience with a proven history
of exceeding sales quotas. Conscientious and motivated individual with excellent
leadership, interpersonal and communication skills, who easily adapts to changi
ng priorities, and takes initiative on challenging sales and managerial assignme
Education: University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware August 1993 - Bachelors of S
cience Degree
Experience: Property Tax Advisory Group (PTAG)
Overland Park, KS - Nov. 2008 - Present
Director of Sales & Marketing
Responsible for the training and management of new sales representatives, sellin
g, promoting and marketing real estate and personal property tax consulting serv
ices to Property Managers, Real Estate Brokers, CPA firms, small, mid-size and F
ortune 1000 company's throughout the Mid-West region.
* Provide leadership, training, direction and mentoring to sales team;
* Work with Sales Representatives in the development of proposals for key
* Review weekly, monthly and quarterly numbers with sales representatives
and perform sales reviews as needed;
* Attend meetings with sales representatives to provide feedback and help
close deals;
* Present and implement various marketing ideas to management;
* Establish lasting relationships with clients, prospects, Brokers, Property
Managers and CPA firms in order to promote brand loyalty;
* Create PTAG name awareness throughout the Mid-West region;
* Assist sales representatives with qualifying leads that would produce
winning opportunities;
* Work with several Brokers, Property Mangers and CPA firms, utilizing their
client base to increase my prospect market;
* Manage all aspects of targeted prospecting, facilitating sales meetings and
Relationship development, and ensuring continued customer satisfaction and
profitable revenue growth;
UHY Advisors SALT, LLC (UHY Advisors, Inc.)
Overland Park, KS - 2007 - 2008
Senior Client Solutions Manager
Identify and provide comprehensive, independent solutions to complex business an
d state & local tax issues to UHY clients and prospects throughout the United St
* Responsible for planning and executing UHY's business development efforts with
targeted prospects and clients;
* Manage all aspects of targeted prospecting, facilitating sales meetings and re
lationship development, and ensuring continued customer satisfaction and revenue
* Team with UHY consultants, to broker UHY's services to prospects;
* Schedule and conduct client meetings;
* Develop, maintain and drive business with new and existing target clients;
* Work with local and national leadership team, to ensure activities are aligned
appropriately with internal resources and firm direction;
* Act as a client advocate, communicating client needs;
* Perform client satisfaction audits throughout the length of a project;
* Represents UHY Advisors in the business community.
Joseph C. Sansone Co. (JCSCo)
Overland Park, KS - 2005 - 2007
Vice President, Business Development
Responsible for business development of state and local tax services to Fortune
1000 corporations in Chicago, Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Delawar
e and Maryland.
* Create JCSCo name awareness throughout the Mid-West and Mid-Atlantic Region;
* Establish long term relationships with clients, prospects and key executives;
* Support direct marketing campaigns and follow up on telemarketing efforts;
* Assist consultants with qualifying leads that would produce winning opportunit
* Create strategic and tactical plans to uncover and close various state and loc
al tax projects;
* Network within a client/prospect corporate structure to sell various services
to different departments;
* Work closely with consultants to determine solution details and what approach
to use with clients.
Stout, Causey & Horning LLC (SC&H)
Wilmington, Delaware - 2003 - 2005
State & Local Tax Sales Manager
Managed a staff of two Business Development Managers and an administrative staff
person while meeting a personal sales quota of 1.5 million dollars.
* Effectively established and maintained relationships, as well as sold and mark
eted, SC&H state and local tax services to key executives of Fortune 1000 corpor
* Developed, defined and implemented new policies and procedures regarding the s
ales process, which helped refine the strategic direction of the company;
* Designed and implemented training sessions for the sales people on all state a
nd local tax services, selling strategies, and communication skills;
* Monitored and reported sales activities, successes and challenges to the firm
* Worked with the marketing department to create and implement new selling and m
arketing ideas;
* Directed, motivated and mentored sales people so they would meet and exceed th
eir goals;
* Had weekly meetings with the partners to discuss sales results and marketing s
DuCharme, McMillen & Associates, Inc. (DMA)
Wilmington, Delaware - 2000 - 2003
National Account Manager (NAM)
Sold and marketed DMA services to Fortune 500 corporations while effectively est
ablishing long term business relationships with prospects and clients.
* 101% of quota for sales and use tax services - 2003
* 168% of quota for state income tax services - 2003
* 128% of quota for property tax services - 2002
* 117% of quota for sales and use tax services - 2002
* Generated over 1 million dollars in cash receipts for calendar year 2002 and o
ver 2 million dollars in cash receipts for 2003
* State Income Tax Sales Leader - 2001 & 2003
* 400% of quota for property tax services - 2000
* 150% of quota for sales use tax services - 2000
SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - 1997- 2000
Senior Pharmaceutical Consultant
Presented, educated, promoted and sold a variety of prescription pharmaceutical
products to physicians, hospitals, pharmacies and other health care professional
* 1998 Gold Tier winner - Top 4% of company;
* 1998 Percentage of Goal Attainment: Augmentin Adult 272.6%, Augmentin Pediatri
c 231.0%, Relafen 158.4% and Bactroban 150.4%;
* Ranked #1 in the region out of 45 Pharmaceutical Consultants for second and th
ird quarter 1998;
* Beecham Labs Sales Consultant for fourth quarter 1997, second quarter 1998 and
third quarter 1998;
* Ranked as one of the nations top performers for 1997 & 1998;
* Increased my region's vaccine sales 55% by becoming the exclusive supplier of
vaccines to three major hospitals in Delaware;
* One of ten consultants nationwide selected to the vaccine advisory board.

Automatic Data Processing

Newark, Delaware - 1994 - 1997
Associate Sales Manager
* Directly managed two sales representatives, while maintaining my own sales quo
* Helped develop Rookie of the Year.
Sales Training Manager
* Responsible for the training and development of new employees, as well as inte
rviewing new recruits.
District Manager
* Sold and marketed employer payroll services to both new and established busine
* Worked personally with the owners/managers of many diversified companies, help
ing them find solutions to their payroll and payroll related needs;
* Worked with many CPA firms, utilizing their client base to increase my prospec
t market.
* District Manager of the month: August 94, January 95, May 95 (Highest dollar
amount, percentage of quota and number of units sold in our region for the mont
* District Manager of the quarter: 3rd and 4th quarter 1995 (Highest dollar am
ount, percentage of quota and number of units sold for the quarter);
* Rookie of the Year award (Number one in sales for all new District Managers i
n our region);
* 133% of quota for the 1995 fiscal year;
* Champion Circle winner 1995 (Finished fiscal year over 115% of quota);
* Received MVP award for fiscal year 1995-1996 (For outstanding sales and leade
* President's Club winner 1995-1996 (Top 5% of sales in entire company);
* 146% of quota for the 1996 fiscal year.