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- Astute, experienced Legal Professional with excellent understanding of corpora

te law and extensive exposure to international legal processes, particularly in
Latin America.
- Native speaker of Spanish and fluent in English; offers point of view of attor
ney trained and with practice experience in Venezuela and in-depth exposure to i
nternational business and financial transactions.
- Extremely organized, focused, and methodical, with solid background preparing
documents, contracts, and agreements.
- Mentors subordinates, providing insightful and useful explanations and maintai
ning patience in high-stress situations.
- Extensive experience with intellectual property and solid understanding of cor
porate governance rules.
Contracts * Copyrights and Trademarks * Joint Ventures * Sales, Mergers, a
nd Acquisitions * Due Diligence
Corporate Governance * Foreign Investments * Articles of Incorporation/Bylaw
s * Powers of Attorney * Board Meeting Records
Baker & McKenzie, LLP, Caracas, Venezuela 2006-2010
Leading global law firm with more than 3,900 attorneys in 39 countries.
Senior Associate
- Provided international clients with advice and assistance related to contracts
' and agreements' compliance with Venezuelan law.
- Worked with wide range of companies, including commercial corporations and fin
ancial institutions.
- Assisted with transactions such as joint ventures; sales, mergers, and acquisi
tions; due diligence; and governmental audits.
- Prepared agreements, opinions, and acquisition review reports in corporate, in
tellectual property, foreign investments, commerce of products and services, and
telecommunications areas.
- Drafted Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, and minutes of shareholders' and bo
ard of directors' meetings.
- Reviewed documents based on forms originally created in U.S. and evaluated the
ir enforceability in Venezuela.
- Coordinated acquisition review processes and audits; provided legal advice reg
arding corporate, foreign investment, and copyright/trademark matters.
- Registered patents and trademarks at local commercial registry offices.
- Participated in initial testing and training of Electronic Matter Management (
EMM) software system for legal database and document storage, facilitating manag
ement of documents needed as precedents for legal opinions and other matters.
- Completed training on EMM and organized training sessions for local Merger and
Acquisitions practice group.
- Provided feedback from attorney's perspective to U.S.-based designer of EMM sy
- Participated in global project of Merger and Acquisitions practice group to pr
epare model documents and field questions, facilitating international due dilige
nce processes by forming base of legal documents.
- Standardized due diligence processes internationally to save time previously s
pent customizing forms and procedures related to due diligence in different coun
- Reviewed documents involving multiple countries on international basis, commun
icating frequently with large offices in London, Chicago, and Latin America.
- Supervised junior associates, clerks, and paralegals, mentoring and helping th
em grow in their legal knowledge.
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Caracas, Venezuela 2004-2006
International Professional Services Firm.
Senior Associate
- Advised local clients in various service industries, as well as commercial cor
porations and financial institutions, in matters related to transfer pricing and
international taxation.
- Developed and reviewed documentation required to prove pricing equitability ac
ross multiple countries.
- Created newsletters for clients to explain new Venezuelan regulations related
to transfer pricing.
- Gained understanding of economics and accounting and applications in corporate
L.L.M. (Master of Law), Instituto de Empresas, Madrid, Spain 2004
Merit-Based Scholarship, Fundacion Carolina
Law Degree (Abogado), Universidad Catolica Andres Bello, Caracas, Venezuela 2002
Class Rank #7 of 45
General Online Courses in Intellectual Property and World Intellectual Property
Organization 2010
New Tendencies in Venezuelan Commercial Law, Universidad Catolica Andres Bello,
Caracas, Venezuela 2009
Elemental Finance, Universidad Metropolitana, Caracas, Venezuela 2006
Corporate Governance and Sarbanes-Oxley Act Seminar, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Car
acas, Venezuela 2005
Venezuelan Bar Association