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Kathryn Hardaway

To gain real work experience with an Industry leader that will utilize and furth
er my writing, communication skills, and Web 2.0 knowledge that will accelerate
my career and my passion.
Work Experience
Hardstone Development, LLC
Greenville, SC, United States Sep 2003 - Present
Chief Financial Officer
This is a commercial real estate development company that my husband and his par
tner, Chuck Stone began in 2001. I was hired on as their bookkeeper, but quickly
moved to the CFO position handling all banking relationships and proposals, pay
roll, audits, delegating of jobs, accounts payable and receivable and site devel
opment. I still handle all of his banking relationships, but the bookkeeping is
now outsourced.
Postec, Inc.
Greenville, SC, United States Sep 2002 - Oct 2003
Account Manager
I sold high-end point of sale (MICROS) computer hardware, software and help desk
support to
mainly restaurants, bars and hotels. I was responsible for weekly sales reports,
forecasts and
creating long term relationships with the customer.

Greenville, SC, United States Aug 2000 - Aug 2002
Retail Sales Manager
I was hired as the Retail Sales Manager for Metrocall and was in the TOP 5% in n
ation for highest sales for 2way pagers. I sold numeric, digital, text and two w
ay pagers & was an independent salesperson for Suncom, Alltel and Nextel phone s
ervices. I had to do monthly equipment inventory, sales calls, handle issues, co
mplaints or concerns with customers, daily cash handling and balancing of books,
training on new upcoming technology products. I was promoted to the Direct Sale
s section of Metrocall after the retail division merged.

Bill Smith
Rita Stone Cammie Mackie
(Subordinate) (Client)
Monica Smith
Salli Alexander

Sassafras Southern Bistro

Greenville, SC, United States Apr 1998 - Feb 2000
Restaurant Manager
I was hired as General Manager and opened this new restaurant in Downtown Greenv
ille, SC in
spring 1998. Daily duties included money handling and balancing ledgers, bar and
food inventory,
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front of house-bar-host schedules, vendor ordering, payroll, hiring and firing o
f all employees and problem solver.
Trio - A Brick Oven Cafe
Greenville, SC, United States Aug 1996 - Mar 1998
Head Wait/Key Employee/Trainer
Running reports, opening and closing of the restaurant, balancing of money and b
ooks, writing
weekly front of house schedules.

Longhorn Steakhouse
Greenville, SC, United States Nov 1991 - Aug 1996
Head Wait/Certified Trainer/Key Employee/Bookkeeper

Greenville Technical College
Greenville, SC, United States
almost an AA, nursing prerequisites

Interests and Activities

I love to network and learn any and everything I can about new technology and ho
w it can best be best applied to better serve people. I have 3 children (ages 14
, 5 and 2) and a husband that keep me on my toes. My favorite thing to do is to
meet new people, create new relationships and grow my knowledge of how we could
possibly work together in the future. I love to laugh...and I love to make peopl
e laugh. One of my all time biggest goals is to be on stage at The Cafe and Then
Some. I have run two 1/2 marathons and raised over $10,000 for the Lymphoma and
Leukemia Society. Although my lack of a degree could work to my disadvantage, m
y established personal and business relationships, along with my experience of l
ife and public relations should speak volumes and give me the further opportunit
y to speak with you.
Personal Accomplishments
Executive Board Member - Upcountry History Museum 2010 Membership Chairman -Upco
untry History Museum 2010 Chairman of the Board - St. James Day School 2008-2010
Secretary - St. James School Board 2006-2008 Secretary - Stone Academy PTA 2004
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