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Edmund F. Labuda, Jr. 43983 Urban Crest Court Ashburn, VA 20147 703-729-8904 el85a220@westpost.

net Project Manager Integrated Logistics Support / Life-Cycle Support / Acquisitions Risk Assessment / Regulatory Compliance / International Emergency Response / Disaster Planning & Recovery / Oil Spill Response Designed, implemented, managed and secured complex domestic and international te chnical projects/contracts involving both Engineering and Logistics support. Pe rformed a variety of assignments which include Operations and Logistics manageme nt and supervisory positions. Experienced in determining supportability require ments through systems engineering and design, failure modes and effects analysis , and logistic support analysis. Built collaborative relationships (internal an d external), driving strategic programs through complex regulatory environments. Analyzed problem situations and implemented corrective actions where potential r isks existed. Managed million-dollar, multi-site projects. Controlled costs, m inimized losses, attained compliance and increased overall project sustainabilit y. Key Skills: Proven technical knowledge with ability to simplify complex problem s. Very personable and good natured. Troubleshooter and problem solver. Meet demanding objectives in high-pressure situations. Win cooperation at all levels . Resourceful, reliable and well respected. Established global relationships i n public and private sectors. CAREER SUMMARY AND HIGHLIGHTS Senior Project Planner, L3 Communications, a subcontractor to Boeing Aerospace s upporting DHS/US Customs on the construction of multiple sensor sites along the southern Arizona border under the Strategic Border Initiative (SBInet), 2009 to 2010. Personally responsible for subcontracting and logistics support planning, as well as Earned Value Management of the project. X Recruited to manage the overall planning effort from budgeting, risk analysis, subcontractor support and integrated logistics support for the construction of the Tucson and Ajo Sectors in southern Arizona. Each sector required twelve sen sor tower sites, some sites in Native American Territories. I analyzed contract s, reporting requirements, and cost accounting procedures, and then developed Wo rk Breakdown Structure (WBS) to track all deliverables, project tasks, resource allocations, risk mitigation, and costs ensuring compliance. Program Manager/Project Lead, LTM INC., a $32M integrated logistics support comp any, 2007 to 2008. Personally provided program planning and management of costs , performance, schedule and risk. Developer and codifier of policies and proced ures for the TSA Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Program. Directed support o f TSA in establishing internal Government ILS commodity acquisition management c apability. Managed budget of $8M and staff of 35, 75% hands-on. X Developed Total Life-Cycle and Acquisition program for the TSA, securing $800M for project sustainability. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) h ad no integrated logistics support (ILS) or commodity management capability. Pe rsonally developed plans for passenger and baggage security screening and respon sible for airport readiness oversight, development of QA plans, and conducting s ite surveys in conjunction with TSA Life Cycle Support Branch. Analyzed mainten ance contractor data and life-cycle metrics to determine maintenance trends and critical failures to determine Mean Down Time (MDT), Mean Time Between Critical Failures (MTBCF) and Operational Availability of airport screening equipment for a complete Reliability, Availability, Maintainability (RAM) package. Used COTS software tool to model and simulate required total life-cycle support schedulin

g and acquisition. Provided total life cycle and acquisition program, withstand ing a Government Accounting Office audit and secured follow-on funding. Deputy Director, Cubic Applications Inc., a $400M DOD information systems suppor t company, 2007. Provided contract administration and management oversight for all chemical and biological defense program projects from Joint Program Executiv e Office (JPEO) and Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA). Oversaw Air Force R esearch Lab, Army Research Office, DTRA, and Space and Naval Warfare (SPAWAR) co ntracts. Managed budget of $15M and staff of 26, 80% hands-on. X Oversaw $12M Joint Operation Effects Federation project, securing an additiona l $8M in follow-on options. The Company had no standard procedures for project management, risk management and accountability. Developed work breakdown struct ure on the $12M Joint Operational Effects Federation project. Process and proce dures adopted Company-wide as part of overarching Company Policy and Procedures. Obtained $8 million follow-on tasking for the Joint Operational Effects Federa tion project for JPEO-CBD. X Designed and developed global tracking system. Cubic could not track progress /costs, nor determine Earned Value on task order contracts as required. I analy zed contracts, reporting requirements, and cost accounting procedures, then deve loped Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to track all deliverables, project tasks, r esource allocations, risk mitigation, and costs ensuring compliance. Wrote new section of Company Policy and Procedures Manual. Process and procedures adopted Company-wide. Project Manager/Market Manager, Battelle Memorial Institute, a $1B non-profit R& D firm, 2001 to 2006. Recruited to enhance security across international and do mestic supply chains. Oversaw TSA infrastructure protection project and TSA mar itime transportation security. Provided expertise to US Navy, determining missi on, objectives and tasks associated with homeland security/emergency response. Managed budget of $18M and staff of 40, 90% hands-on. X Coordinated the generation of a strategic business plan and the development of dependable marketing processes for opportunity management, bid decisions, and c lient relationship management functions. Developed supporting budgets to suppor t the business plan in prime market (customer) areas. Provided expertise to rei nforce the functions of financial management and contract administration. Perso nally tracked all marketing budgets against allocated hours to ensure proper fun ding use towards stated goals while balancing staff load and program emphasis, p roviding weekly reports to senior management. Also monitored all projects suppo rting clients, determining/mitigating risks, and ensuring cost/scheduling remain ing on track. X Recruited to be Program Manager for USDHS Operation Safe Commerce, a congressi onally funded $660 million dollar project, a public-private partnership dedicate d to enhancing security across international and domestic supply chains and veri fication of pilot security projects. Secured multi-jurisdictional federal contr acts for Battelle, increasing government project revenue $6M. Government did no t have organic capability to manage congressionally funded $660 million dollar p roject and audit or verify results of pilot security projects looking at various ways to ensure security of shipping container movements to and from domestic an d foreign container ports. Project involved multiple federal, state, and local government agencies, private shippers and large private teams. Directed 36 indi vidual international supply chain projects, involving almost 500 separate contra cts or agreements. Obtained Government Agency Legal Department and Contracts Of fice concurrence to provide cascading contract arrangement for four domestic por ts and each supply chain projects, presented same to Congressional Oversight Com mittee for their approval. X Directed development of emergency preparedness project for U.S. Navy, eliminat ing homeland security gaps. Naval Facilities Command did not have an all incide nt, all hazards emergency response program. Led integrated product teams to ens ure development of comprehensive $10M, global program for any incident covering preparedness, reporting, response, and recovery. Personally wrote several secti ons of Source Guidelines. Project completed on time, within budget and quickly adopted by the Navy.

Division Manager, MTS Technologies Inc., a $30M global professional services fir m, 2000 to 2001. Recruited as Senior Manager of operations, marketing, and stra tegic planning associated with non-DOD programs and projects. Managed budget of $2M and staff of 20, 50% hands-on. Regional Response Manager, Response Management Associates, Inc., a worldwide pro vider of emergency planning, response, and preparedness services, 1999 to 2000. Provided expertise in design and implementation of an overall coordinated emerg ency response program. Served as Deputy Incident Command and/or Operations Sect ion Chief during actual incident response and incident investigations. X Saved Fortune 500 Oil Company $20M with oversight of containment/cleanup of ma jor oil contamination. Pipeline Company did not have sufficient in-house resour ces to respond to a major, and potentially catastrophic, release of oil in an en vironmentally sensitive area. Recruited to oversee containment and cleanup of a n 8,000 to 12,000-barrel crude oil spill in a wetlands area. State EPA certifie d the area restored to its original and pristine state saving company $20M in ad ditional cleanup. Worldwide Emergency Response Manager, Texaco Inc., a $32B oil and gas company, 1 990 to 1999. Directed development of a corporate response organization, includi ng response guidelines covering all modes of operation and transportation system s. Coordinated training and multifaceted response exercises. Wrote emergency r esponse program plans for varying operating entities, and developed all budgets. During the nine years, averaged 220 days a year on the road visiting the vario us operating entities, establishing local programs, conducting training and dril ls. Traveled to over 80 countries during period. Managed budget of $750M and s taff 15, 50% hands-on. X Recruited to design and implement international emergency response program for Texaco in advance of the U.S. Oil Pollution Act of 1990 required following the March 1989 oil spill in Valdez, Alaska. Recruited a core team of 12 people from the various operating departments. Within two years the Oil Company had three domestic U.S. and four international regional response teams, of 80 to 100 perso nnel each, in place, with all the necessary in-house and outsourced resources av ailable, to respond to any hazard, any incident. The Oil Company was one of the first to obtain U.S. approval of their program. X Restored international oil production field for Chinese client, with containme nt and cleanup of oceanic spill. Deep-trawling fishing vessel ruptured crude oi l pipeline, disrupting operations from a large Chinese crude oil production fiel d. Recruited to manage spill containment, cleanup and restoration. Collaborate d with Chinese Oil Ministry to restore production as soon as possible. Restored production field to full operation in three months. EDUCATION / TRAINING / PERSONAL Degree: BS, Marine Engineering, U.S. Coast Guard Academy. Certifications: DOD-TS/SCI Security Clearance and DHS-SSI Certification. HazMat and OIC certifications. Military Service: U.S. Coast Guard Rank at retirement: CDR (O-5). Date of retirement: 1990. Titles of specific military duties: Chief Planning Officer, United States Coast Guard Academy. Director, National Search and Rescue School. Commanding Officer, U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Gentian. Commanding Officer, U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Conifer. Director/Program Manager, Operations Center, Eighth Coast Guard District. Commanding Officer, U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Red Oak. Director of Recruiting, Seventh Coast Guard District. Executive Officer, U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Hollyhock. Communications Officer, U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Spencer. Sports and Hobbies: Golf, Physical fitness, Photography.