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RESULTS-FOCUSED MARKETING PROFESSIONAL Production Management | Process Improvement | Tradeshow Coordination Innovative commercial marketing professional with

a passion for tradeshow produc tion and the proven ability to identify and capture corporate growth objectives. Quality-driven Brand Marketing Coordinator with a desire to utilize talent and p romotional abilities in corporate tradeshow and event planning. Integral in the participation and improvement of corporate tradeshow sponsorship from the develo pmental level to full scale production. Exceptional facilitator and communicator with a tremendous ability to instruct and guide others to strive for excellence and professional development. Advanced presentation, communication, interperson al, analytical, and organizational skills, with success in improving event proce dures and expanding client base. CORE SKILLS & STRENGTHS Marketing Communications, Cooperative Advertising,Operations Management, Event M anagement, Productivity Improvement, Process Improvement, Client Relations, Trad eshow Planning, Client Relations, Corporate Brand Recognition, Budget Forecastin g, Database Management PROFESSIONAL HISTORY Company Confidential, 2005- 2009 CE Brand Commercial Marketing - Marketing Coordinator, 2007- 2009 Coordinated and consolidated the financial segment of the commercial marketing b udget, processing invoices and performing budget review, utilizing operational k nowledge and internal controls. Worked in tandem with the Tradeshow Manager, cr eating comprehensive tradeshow and sponsorship events, improving corporate brand recognition on an international scale. Monitored and executed marketing contrac ts for sales and media, consulting Legal Service to provide mutually beneficial partnerships. Selected Accomplishments: * Collaborated in the production of the US Open PGA for 2008, demonstrating exce ptional organizational and operational intelligence in the promotion of corporat e brand recognition. * Handled the financing portion of a $14M commercial marketing budget, with know ledge of internal systems, and media print spending. * Assisted in sponsorship and planning of 6 national tradeshows, supporting mark eting campaigns and promotional giveaways. * Utilized M-System database for the outstanding maintenance of departmental inf ormation. * Tracked all aspects of sponsorship events from ticket sales and registration t o tear down, maintain operational integrity and corporate recognition. * Teamed with Senior Marketing Manager in the allocation, execution, and review of the ATL budget and media print budget for Commercial Division, providing effi cient and concise information management. Assistant Manager of General Affairs and Procurement, 2005- 2007 Collaborated in cost savings analysis projects, reporting directly to CFO and CE O to determine creative cost savings initiatives. Pioneered and cultivated excep tional partnerships with well-known travel and consumable supply corporations, f acilitating improved efficiency and cost savings. Monitored corporate fixed asse ts through the incorporation of biannual surveys, utilizing corporate accounting systems to provide comprehensive information and data management. Facilitated and performed administrative tasks, preparing expense vouchers, monitoring suppl

ies and managing materials, demonstrating a commitment to organizational excelle nce. Selected Accomplishments: * Generated $800K in cost savings with the incorporation of Expedia Corporate Tr avel. * Served as point of contact and travel liaison for LG employees and Expedia Cor porate Travel, providing improved efficiency. * Partnered with Staples, a major consumable supply company to generate 15% in c ost savings. * Coordinated CES trip for CEO of Seoul Headquarters, utilizing interpersonal ab ility, language proficiency, and relationship management. * Formulated executive presentations for monthly financial meetings, demonstrati ng outstanding communications. ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE Company Confidential, 2003- 2005 5TH Grade Teacher Conceptualized and developed curriculum in accordance with California State Stan dards and catering to multiple learning levels. Diversified and modified structu red lessons appealing to all learning styles and student abilities, improving ac hievement. Participated in team teaching with grade level colleagues specificall y in grammar, social studies, science, and health, allowing for a cohesive learn ing experience. Selected Accomplishments: * Co-Chaired Technology Committee and created a school website for teachers, par ents, students, and community establishing effective communications. * Partnered with Antioch- Los Angeles University in grant project improving teac hing practices for English Language Learners. * Prepared students for the California Standardized Test (CST) as well as quarte rly district assessments, ensuring educational standards were met and exceeded. EDUCATION CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY- LONG BEACH, Long Beach, CA Multiple Subject Credential Program, CLAD Emphasis UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, Irvine, CA Bachelor of Arts- Sociology & Education Technical Proficiencies: * Microsoft Office Suite Languages: * Proficient in Korean