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Marc Weiss

1337 Longacre Lane, Wheeling, IL 60090

Phone: 224 392-4760 E-mail:
The entrepreneurial spirit that drove my company from start up to industry leade
r over more than three decades makes me the perfect addition to a company planni
ng on growth. I am a dynamic hands-on manager skilled in interviewing and train
ing sales personnel. I have designed successful sales systems and methodologies
for numerous products. Cutting new ground has been my trademark; opening new m
arkets, creating new sales techniques, and offering new products. I offer a sea
soned professional with the experience and maturity to assimilate and produce me
asurable results. I am uniquely qualified and highly motivated to succeed.
October 1978 - March 2010
Paradise Rooms, Inc. and Sun Space Design Limited | Northbrook, IL
Construction - Residential
I have managed my own business for 32 years, selling construction related projec
ts directly to homeowners.
* Products:
o Sunrooms, solariums, conservatories, basement finishing systems, windows, bath
room refacing, solar, remodeling, and general construction.
I have personally selected every product offered by my company. I must believe
in what Im offering before I can communicate that pride to my staff and ultimat
ely to my customers.
Each product I chose represented cutting edge technology and the highest qualit
y available.
* Market:
o Homeowners in the very competitive Chicago market.
The metro Chicago area is one of the most savvy and demanding customer bases in
the country. Direct sales to homeowners in this market require well trained sa
les personnel and a strong support network.
* Marketing Campaigns:
o Direct mail, telemarketing, newspaper, TV, cable, home shows, and events.
I have used each of these common marketing methods with good results over the y
ears. Each may have its place in a well designed comprehensive marketing progra
o SFI (sell, furnish, install) relationships with various major retailers.
Displays and representatives in Handy Andy Stores, Builders Square, Lowes, Sams
Club, Costco, Home Depot, and Meijer.
I was an industry leader in the SFI marketing of sunrooms and ultimately other
products through major retailers.
I learned to navigate the corporate mentality of these large chain stores and t
aught many other companies how to succeed with this type of marketing.

* Accomplishments:
o Recruited and trained hundreds of in-home sales representatives.
All training and sales methodologies were developed by my staff and by me.
My sales representatives consistently produced higher sales volume per person t
han the industry standard.
Designed cutting edge sales systems and methodologies for various products.
My methods have produced some of the highest sales volumes per representative i
n the country.
My methods have been adopted by other companies across the country.
o Employed as many as 60 sales reps at one time operating out of 4 branch office
s, ultimately growing the company to an efficient staff of 150+ producing $12M i
n revenues annually.
* Recognition:
o Three time Temo Sunrooms, Inc. Dealer of The Year.
This award is given annually to the one out of 160 sunroom companies achieving
the highest sales volume.
My company, using the sales system and training methods I developed, produced t
he highest sales volume with less than half of the sales representatives of the
next closest competitor.
o Member of the elite H.I.M.S. (Home Improvement Management Summit) organization
H.I.M.S. is an organization limited to 35 owners or CEOs of industry leading co
mpanies in the home improvement industry with sales volumes of $10M to $180M ann
To be offered membership, company executives must be nominated by at least two
members, vetted, interviewed, and elected by the Board of Directors.
Operations Recruiting Training Sales System Design
Sales Management Marketing Management Construction Management
Some college coursework completed towards a Master of Business Administration
Tulane University / New Orleans, LA
Kendall College / Evanston, IL
Roosevelt University / Chicago, IL
I originally attended Tulane University, leaving after a motor vehicle accident.
I resumed my undergrad work at Kendall College, but I was forced to leave to wo
rk full time.
A number of years later I attended an adult education class at Roosevelt Univers
ity and, upon completion, I was offered an opportunity to take the entrance exam
for the Graduate School of Business. Based on my test scores and my work experi
ence I was admitted to the graduate school with 30 credit hours already earned t
owards an MBA. I completed several courses with a 4.0 average before the demands
of work and family prevented me from continuing.
References will be provided upon request.