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To become a professional engineer and to continue to help develop

and design projects that improve the quality of life
of others.
Louisiana State University
Degree: Bachelor in Civil Engineering, 1999-2004
Related courses: Structure Engineering, Reinforced Concrete Design, Principals o
f Transportation Analysis, Hurricane Engineering, Steel Design, Dynamic and Vari
ations, Strength of Materials, Finite Elements and Computer Science
Nov. 2007 - Present Drainage Project Engineer
AECOM Transportation, (formally known as EarthTech Inc.)
Dallas, TX
Designed drainage systems for several major transportation impr
ovement project in Texas. Develop drainage designs
plans and drainage studies for both schematic phases and
final design (PS&E) for TXDOT and PPP projects. This
includes the current and in construction phase, SH 130 S
egments 5.1, 5.2, & 6.1 North. I am currently working on the
North Tarrant Expressway (NTE) IH-820 Segment West final
design projects. Other projects I have worked on:
* RM 2769 (local road in Austin, TX) PS&E
* Off-System Replacement Bridges in Corsicana, TX
* SH-31 Schematic
* US 380 Section 3 PS&E
* US 190 PS&E
* SH-35 Waco Schematic
* North Tarrant Expressway Segments 3A and 3B Schematic
Nov. 2005 - Sept. 2007 Quality Control Project Manager
PBS&J General Consultants / Montgomery Consulting Group, Inc.

Orlando, FL
Florida's Turnpike Project: The Turnpike Enterprise Asset Management System, kno
wn as TEAMS, is an application that maintains the roadway assets for Florida's T
urnpike roadways. My responsibilities for this project include the following:
* Developing work schedule for office and field data collection team.
* Producing budget preparation packet for the 5 year Renewal and Replacement of
bridges, culverts, and high mass light towers.
* Placed in charge of Bridge, culverts, and high mass light towers and the quali
ty data control team for the TEAMS application.
* Working with asset teams leaders (ATL) to maintain and product quality data wi
thin the asset application.
* Develop data source spreadsheets, data dictionaries, asset-linked documentatio
n in PDF format, user requirements and GIS files for all data anticipated to be
March 2005 - Sept. 2005 Project Engineer
Montgomery Consulting Group, Inc
Miami, FL
MDX Project: MIAMIS asset management system for the five toll roads operated by
the Miami Dade County Expressway Authority. Responsibilities for this project h
ave consisted of office and field data collection, scrubbing, processing and pos
t-processing data for the assets and asset attribute information. Specifically,
data collection responsibilities for MIAMIS include the following:
* Develop data source spreadsheets, data dictionaries, asset-linked documentatio
n in PDF format, user requirements and GIS files for all data anticipated to be
* Perform office data collection, including gathering or digitizing data from a
range of sources, including but not limited to, spreadsheets, existing databases
, as-builts, final plans, or aerials.
* Perform field data collection, which consists of operating a GPS-based data co
llection device, laser range finder, survey rod measurement/or other methods to
collect data.
* Familiarity with FDOT referenced documents including: Roadway Design Standards
, Standard Specifications for Road & Bridge & FDOT's Plans Preparation Manual.
* Perform data scrubbing which includes a review of new and existing data for co
mpleteness, errors and/or duplication.
* Delivery of all data using the format and software specified in user requireme
June 2004 - March 2005 Project Engineer
T. Baker Smith & Sons Inc. (Professional Consultants)
Houma, LA

* Developed drafting layout for new warehouse buildings, trash-screens, and pump
* Proposed test frame for warehouse installation
* Designed images in AutoCad and inserted reference coordinates for drawings
* Utilized Client Manager to determine the labor cost of the project, reviewing
and utilizing data collected by the surveyor, and develop governmental documents
for projects.
* Conducted on site visit for pump station relocation plans and flood gate renew
al project.
June 2002 & Jan. 2004 Civil Engineering Co-op
United States Geological Survey (USGS)
Baton Rouge, LA
* Internal web page design for Louisiana's Historical Water Usage Data from 1960
to 2000. Including graphical and table designs for website http://la.water.usg
* Co-wrote surface-water report on Camp Beauregard as a historical reference for
a client
* Data collecting and research for Louisiana's Water Usage Data report for 2005
publication of water usage data from 2000 to 2003
* Updated aerial photo records for thirty-two water well locations for National
Water Quality Assessment Program (NAWQA)
* Collected creek soil, clay, and water samples for USGS laboratory studies
1999 - 2004 Research Assistant (part-time)
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA
* In January of 2004 worked on collecting data and research information on Afric
an American involvement in Louisiana's Charity Hospital a chapter to be implemen
ted in a book written by Dr. A. Roberts and Dr. Thomas J. Durant
* General job description:
* Researcher, data collector, secretary, supervisor, and grader for Professor Th
omas J. Durant, Jr. of the sociology department.

Extensive knowledge of the following Texas Department and Flor
ida Department of Transportations Design Standards
and Criteria for roadway and drainage design.
* Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Hydraulic Design Manual (March 200
* iSWM Technical and Criteria Manuals
* CDA criteria
* TxDOT Roadway Design Manual
* TR-55 Manual
* Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Standard Specifications for Road a
nd Bridge Construction (2004)
Programs and programming language experience:
* Micro-Station V8 & XM
* Geopak Drainage & Roads
* HEC-HMS & HEC-RAS ( HEC1 and HEC2)
* Hy-8, THYSIS, Flow and culvert master
* Microsoft Project 2002
* STAAD Pro 2002 (used in structure engineering course)
* AutoCad 2005 (T. Baker Smith & Son, Inc./Professional Consultants)
* Microsoft FrontPage 2000
* Graphical 2D and 3D plots
* Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, Microsoft Surfer 8, Microsoft Access 2000,
Well Finder (Access Database), Arc-catalog, Arc-view and mapping, and GIS topog
raphical mapping programs
* HTML & DHTML (dynamic html) coding, VB & Java scripts, and ASP coding
o Microsoft Office: Tee-chart Pro v6 AX control (for Active X)
* American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
* National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)
* Out-Reach Program with the United States Geological Survey (USGS)