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GEORGE KOKKINOS 3 Lewis Hollow Road Mendham, NJ 07945 (973) 361-7227 (H) e29e@westpost.

net CREDIT RESEARCH / PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT/CREDIT REVIEW Comprehensive credit and market risk management background with leading global f inancial institution (including predecessor companies) and prominent regional co mmercial and savings banks. Experience encompasses all aspects of in-depth cred it fundamental analysis and portfolio evaluation and management with solid track record monitoring/managing large and diverse portfolios. Led the Credit Resear ch Team within the firm's public shop, and the Portfolio Management Group within the corporate bank. Efficient and highly productive with outstanding interpers onal and excellent communication skills. Effective negotiator with win-win phil osophy. Hands-on leader/manager of credit analysts and portfolio managers with strong backgrounds in credit and quantitative analysis. QUALIFICATIONS * Credit Research & Analysis * Pro-Active Portfolio Hedging * Portfolio Management & Evaluation * Systematic Portfolio Monitoring/Early Warn ing * Desk Credit Analyst-Relative Value * Strong Relationships with Public Side Ana lysts * Credit Review & Audit * Loan Loss Provisioning * Credit Risk Management * Credit Training gk85

MIZUHO CORPORATE BANK, Ltd., New York 1994 to Marc h 2010 Entity formed by three bank merger - The Industrial Bank of Japan IBJ); The Fuji Bank, and The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank (DKB) - 2003. Since 2005, assigned to Mizuh o Alternative Investments, LLC, (MAI) a wholly owned subsidiary. Team Leader, Credit Research (Trading Desk, Relative Value Fund) 2008 t o March 2010 Senior Desk Analyst covering all sectors with a focus on Financial Institutions, Healthcare, Aerospace & Defense, Retail, Real Estate, Transportation, and Diver sified Manufacturing, as well as follow significant amount of Investment Grade a nd High Yield companies. Staff: 3 analysts; reported to President, MAI. * Consistently recommended profitable investments to Relative Value Team traders , mainly within the following sectors - Hotels & Leisure, Insurance & Banks, Ret ail, Real Estate, Auto, and Basic Industries. * Instrumental in Relative Value Team's posting ~16% return on investment (April , 2009 to December, 2009) under significant constraints. * Prepared power point presentations to senior management on economic news, cred it strategy and credit markets trend and outlook. * Held positive view and made recommendations to senior management on the direct ion of credit spreads since March 2009. Team Leader, Credit Research/Portfolio Manager (Credit Structured Division) 20

05 to 2008 Tasked with establishing the Credit Research Team (CRT) within MAI. Through a s ystematic approach and fundamental credit analysis provided CDS recommendations on sectors and specific companies to portfolio managers. Additionally, develope d credit risk management process to monitor executed transactions and investment portfolio on daily basis. Staff: 6 analysts; reported to General Manager, Stru ctured Division. * Conceptualized and supervised development of systematic monitoring and investm ent selection tools. Oversaw, trained, and guided staff of six, with primary re sponsibility to perform research and credit analyses of sectors/companies within the High Grade and High Yield universe. * Primary analyst status on following sectors: Aerospace & Defense, Oil & Gas, F inancial Institutions, Transportation/Rails, Retail, Real Estate and Diverse Man ufacturing. * Played a key role in expanding single name CDS portfolio to $1.0B. Improved po rtfolio's performance through timely asset and sector reallocations. Based on C RT's recommendations and under very difficult market conditions, Group reported strong capital gain at FYE March 31, 2007. * Group also managed self managed synthetic CDO - mid-March, 2008, against the t rend was upgraded to AAA by S&P. CRT was responsible for the selection and monit oring of companies included in the CDO and periodically identified credits to be replaced based on early warning system and supported by credit fundamental anal ysis. * Voting member of the CDS (primarily Investment Grade) and Mountain's CLO (High Yield) Portfolio Management and Investment Committees. Team Leader, Credit Portfolio Management (MCB) 1998 to 2005 Established Portfolio Management Department and introduced pro-active portfolio monitoring and optimization concepts. Major responsibilities included the monit oring of credit risks within the USA loan portfolio as well as identifying oppor tunities to enhance the Risk Adjusted Return profile. Created the Portfolio Man agement Task Force which reported to the Portfolio Management Committee. Staff: 5; reported to Portfolio Management Committee consisting of all the General Mana gers in US. * Developed and enforced (a major change in Mizuho's credit culture) proactive a nd systematic credit risk management process which included credit fundamental a nalysis as well as trend analysis of market driven data, i.e., equity prices, CD S and OAS spreads, the KMV EDF, etc. * Provided early warnings and recommended strategies to Senior Management and Bu siness Units on deteriorating credits and asset reallocation. Saved millions of dollars for the Bank as Business Units were able to exit deteriorating credits at or closed to par. Was commended by Senior Management on high success rate. * Played a key role in introducing portfolio hedging concept on large industry a nd single name exposures, as well as on deteriorating names. * Evaluated new and existing loan portfolio based on Risk Adjusted Return and KM V Portfolio Manager. * To achieve portfolio optimization, identified, analyzed, and made recommendati ons to Business Units new profitable opportunities (more than 500MM), primarily in Secondary Loans and CDS Markets.

* Made recommendations to Senior Management regarding future strategies and loan portfolio's structure, i.e., credit quality, industry diversification/risk cont ribution and reallocation of capital. * Directed preparation of monthly risk adjusted profitability reports being used by Senior Management to make strategic decisions. Developed Business Units' Pe rformance Evaluation methodology. * Co-Chaired the Portfolio Management Task Force (members included senior manage rs from various areas of the Bank, such as Business Units, Syndications, and Cre dit Research). Reporting member of the Portfolio Management and Workout Committe es. Senior Credit Examination Officer, IBJ 19 94 to 1998 Responsible for reviewing the Bank's U.S. loan portfolio and reporting findings to the General Managers in the US and Head Office. Recommended course of action on specific transactions. * Established Credit Examination Department. Developed policies and procedures and implemented the on-site examination process. * Examiner-in-Charge, various on-site examinations. Planned, organized, execute d, and reported major findings on Asset Quality and Credit Risk Management proce ss to Senior Management. Coordinated efforts with Business Units that strengthe ned Underwriting Standards and enhanced related Policies and Procedures. * Developed Loan Loss Reserve Methodology. Responsible for reviewing the Bank's distressed loan portfolio. Recommended quarterly loan loss provisions and course of action on specific transactions to Senior Management in U.S. and Head Office . * Liaison with SNC, Federal Reserve, FDIC, and NY State Bank examiners during on -site examinations. CITIZENS FIRST NATIONALBANK OF NJ, Glen Rock, NJ 1991 to 1994 Medium-sized, regional commercial bank. Bought by NatWest, 1994 Loan Review Officer Responsible for risk rating the loan portfolio through adherence to Regulatory I ssuances, Internal Loan Policy & Procedures, Banking Laws, Accounting Principles , and Economic Events. Reported to Senior Vice President/Chief Credit Officer. * Analyzed financial statements, documentation, residential and commercial real estate appraisals to support the credit quality of the loan. * Team Leader, several on-site examinations, i.e., General Corporate Lending Por tfolios, Commercial Real Estate, Asset Base Lending, etc. Planned, organized, e xecuted, and reported major findings on Asset Quality and Credit Risk Management process to Senior Management. * Played a key role in the Team's successful efforts to lift Memorandum of Under standing (MOU) with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. HOWARD SAVINGS BANK, West Orange, NJ 1988 to 1991 Medium-sized regional savings bank. Purchased by First Fidelity, 1992 Credit Analyst

Responsible for performing comprehensive financial analyses on new/renewing line s of credit, L/Cs, participations, LBOs, and various types of term facilities. Reported to Senior Vice President. * Visited existing and potential corporate customers and then prepared and prese nted to the Credit Committee complete loan packages for approval. FAIRLEIGH DICKINSON UNIVERSITY, Teaneck, NJ 1985 to 1987 Graduate Assistant Research Analyst for the JW Sullivan College of Business - Hotel & Restaurant. Produced relevant studies on management styles and financial models. Tutor on su bjects such as Corporate Finance, Business Management, and Computers. EDUCATION MBA (Master of Business Administration), Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1987 BS (Bachelor of Science, Business Administration), Fairleigh Dickinson Universit y, 1985 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Attended Sector Specific Conferences at the Rating Agencies & Independent Resear ch Firms, 2005 - 2010 Credit Derivatives Course, CitiBank, 2000 Portfolio Management - Default/Credit Loss Seminar, Standard & Poor's, 1999 Advanced Credit and Financial Analysis Seminar, Dun & Bradstreet, 1989 Omega Extensive In-house Seminars on Credit/Cash Flow Analysis and Commercial Le nding to Business, Howard Savings Bank, 1989