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Roy Rumaner

1679 McDowell Ave.

Aurora, IL 60504
630.375.9045 (home)
630.973.3821 (cell)
630.701.6286 (office)
Twitter ID: rrumaner
A Certified Lotus Notes Professional (CLP) with over twenty five years of experi
ence in software development.
I have worked with a variety of organizations including, but not limited to, hom
e building, health care, insurance, automotive parts manufacturing, packaging an
d shipping, defense contractors, printing, electronics manufacturing and banking
on a full time basis or through consulting agreements both on-site and remotely
Technical Toolkit
Lotus Notes & Domino R2.0 - 8.5.1, SameTime, Formula Language, LotusScript, Java
Script, HTML, DHTML, XML, CSS, Relational Databases, Notrix and DataLink/400, Mi
crosoft SQL, ODBC, IBM AS/400, IBM Compatible PCs and Microsoft Networking, Blac
kBerry Enterprise Server, Lotus Foundations Server
Education and Training
Lotus Notes CLP (Development)
AS, Computer Science, Bryant Stratton College, Syracuse, NY
Special Edition: Using Lotus Notes & Domino 4.5 - QUE Books
Special Edition: Using Lotus Notes & Domino 4.6 - QUE Books
Author: Multiple articles for Lotus Notes Advisor
Other Accomplishments
Original member Lotus L-Team, Lotus Corporation
Former Director & President, Chicago Clipper User Group

Catwalk Consulting July 2009 to June 2010
Lotus Notes Team Lead
Responsible for design and development of applications for all clients.
Performed installation and configuration of Lotus Foundation Servers at client s
Enpro, Inc October 2008 to January 2009
IT Manager
Responsible for all facets of IT within the company. Oversaw the Network and the
Servers, all Lotus Notes Development and Administration, Backups, Disaster Reco
very processes, Telecom and the Help Desk.
Teledyne Scientific & Imaging August 2007 to August 2008
Off-site Consultant
While working from my home office for TS&I in Thousand Oaks, CA, I was responsib
le for over maintaining and supporting over two dozen applications that were use
d on a daily basis by all departments in the corporation.
All contact with the client was done through telephone conversations, email and
SameTime messaging.
Technologies: Lotus Notes/Domino R6.5.6, Lotus Formula Language, LotusScript, Sa
Sierra Nevada Corporation March 2007 to July 2007
Business Application Developer III
Developed Lotus Notes applications, redesigned and redeveloped the corporate Dev
elopment Request & Change Control application.
Designed and developed a web interface for corporate intranet accessibility.
Redesigned a workflow application to allow users to process requests and sign-of
Technologies: Lotus Notes/Domino R7.02, Lotus Formula Language, LotusScript, Jav
aScript, HTML, CSS, SQL
The Morey Corporation October 2005 to February
Senior Lotus Notes Developer
Supported all existing Lotus Notes applications and managed design and developme
nt of new ones.
Developed a Sales Tracking application that allowed management to chart sales ef
forts from prospect to opportunity.
Planned and implemented BlackBerry Enterprise Server and managed daily user supp
Organized and implemented the upgrade from Lotus R6 to R7 for the entire company
Technologies: Lotus Notes/Domino R6.5, 7.x, Lotus Formula Language, LotusScript,
Uline Shipping Supplies May 2003 to September 2005
Lotus Notes Consultant/Employee
Transitioned existing Call Center and Inventory Databases to R6 web-based soluti
Worked with users to define business requirements for new applications.
Provided daily administration and maintenance of three Lotus Notes Servers.
Upgraded the company from Lotus R5 to R6.
Technologies: Lotus Notes/Domino R6.x, Lotus Formula Language, HTML, LotusScript
, .Net, Cognos
Abbott Laboratories November 2002 to January 2003
Lotus Notes Consultant
Completed the work on a backlog of existing projects including technical documen
tation for company website.
Designed an extensive workflow system to allow for multiple users and reporting
Technologies: Lotus Notes/Domino R5.x, Lotus Formula Language, HTML, LotusScript
Kemper Insurance Company June 2001 to November 2001
Lotus Notes Consultant
Updated and maintained the corporate Intranet using Lotus Notes/Domino.
Implemented Lotus Quickplace to allow project coordination from local and remote
locations affording managers and staff easier project tracking and increased pr
Technologies: Lotus Notes/Domino R5.x, Lotus Formula Language, HTML, JavaScript,
Lotus Quickplace, LotusScript, Sametime
Lakeview Technology April 2001 to June 2001
Lotus Notes Consultant
Redesigned and rewrote the corporate intranet using Lotus Notes/Domino R5.
Coordinated departmental data conversion and trained employees to submit data th
rough the intranet.
Designed and built an interface to allow users self-service functionality to sub
mit new pages to the intranet.
Provided daily support of newly hired Lotus Notes Administration staff.
Technologies: Lotus Notes/Domino R5.x, LotusScript
Kimball Hill Homes May 2000 to March 2001
(Consultant for Braxton Reed)
Lotus Notes Architect
Designed, installed and implemented a company-wide Lotus Notes e-mail infrastruc
ture on AS/400 platform and transitioned users from existing Quick Mail system.
Incorporated Lotus QuickPlace applications to allow users to conduct `face to fa
ce' meetings, discuss projects and plans without travel.
Designed and managed the development of Lotus Notes application to interface wit
h existing RPG/DB2-based transaction system to allow remote users to update data
on AS/400 over the web through a Domino interface.
Developed an automated process to produce Notes-based reports using Datalink/400
retrieving DB2 data from AS/400 databases.
Responsible for system diagnostics, configuration, analysis and design, capacity
planning and computer security within Lotus Notes server infrastructure.
Provided first line support and trained employees on daily administration duties
and advanced development to support future applications.
Technologies: Lotus Notes/Domino R5.x, QuickMail, Datalink/400, LotusScript, Sam
YMCA of Metropolitan Chicago December 2000
(Consultant for Braxton Reed)
System Architect, Project Manager
Coordinated conversion of Lotus Notes system from NT to AS/400 platform.
Technologies: Windows NT, AS/400, Lotus Notes 5.x
The Morey Corporation July 2000 to August
(Consultant for Sprint Paranet)
System Architect, Project Manager
Coordinated conversion of Lotus Notes system to new AS/400 system
Technologies: Windows NT, AS/400, Lotus Notes R5.x
Putman Media January 2000 to May 2000
(Consultant for Sprint Paranet)
Project Manager
Managed the development of the Lotus Domino and NetObjects web-based publication
Coordinated and installed Lotus Notes throughout the company's multiple location
Technologies: Lotus Notes/ Domino R5.x, NetObjects, LotusScript
Tenneco December 1998 to January 2000
(Consultant for Sprint Paranet)
Lotus Notes Architect, Project Manager
Led Notes Development Team and managed Y2K Lotus Notes/NT remediation project on
150 servers and over 1,500 desktops.
Technologies: Windows NT, Lotus Notes R5.x, LotusScript
ABN-AMRO June 1998 to December 1998
(Consultant for Sprint Paranet)
Lotus Notes Architect
Provided Project Management for 20,000-seat national cc:Mail to Lotus Notes conv
ersion project.
Technologies: cc:Mail, Lotus Notes R5.x, LotusScript
Quality Healthcare Resources August 1997 to June 1998
Lotus Notes Project Manager
Designed and developed Lotus Notes applications for this international healthcar
e consulting firm.
Technologies: Lotus Notes R4.6
Terasys March 1996 to August 1997
Lotus Notes Project Manager
Managed and tracked development life cycle of all Lotus Notes applications devel
Designed a marketable product for IBM using existing paper-based Official Airlin
es Guide (OAG) product as a baseline.
Worked with IBM during testing phases for the AS/400 Lotus Notes R4.5 project.
Provided technical support to assisted sales effort.
Trained and supported the development staff at Sundstrand Aerospace Corporation
using Lotus Notes.
Technologies: AS/400, Lotus Notes/FSIOP, Lotus Notes R4.5