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ROBERT PASCIOLLA 5938 Fenton Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127 Cell (313) 319-8465 Home (313) 278

-3899 CAREER OBJECTIVE To join an organization where I can contribute my skills and utilize my experien ce, knowledge, and creative abilities in management, program development, and ma rketing to benefit the company, and at the same time further my personal growth and education. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE UNISYS Corporation 1977-2009 Plymouth, Michigan (Laid off due to division closing) A supply chain management that specialize in the technology service and solution industry. ASSEMBLER 1 2007-2009 a Evaluated laptop and desktop physical and internal condition in the DRM (Deskt op Resource Management) lab. a Categorized each system as repairable to be deployed to our internal and exter nal customers. a Loaded software and configuration to meet management and customer satisfaction . a Telecommunication with management and customers to assist with trouble-shootin g their system problems. a Established and organized layout of warehouse using MS-word to create pallet s igns for easier and accurate inventory. a Logged in using MS-excel to keep track of serial numbers of computer systems. a Achieved knowledge of installing hardware of memory, keyboards, & laptop monit ors. a Initiated floor plan inside the lab for quality controlled inventory and impro ved production. 2005-2007 a Cross trained to undertake a project to do a hardware setup of computers invol ving processors, monitors, printers, and hand scanners. a Acquired experience in collating with binary skills in the Print Shop. 1995-2005 a Adapted to working all 3 shifts with good work ethic and attendance. a Assigned as a 3rd shift leader in the Data Center to control workflow producti on of software replication and collated printouts to distribute to co-workers. a Performed daily and weekly data base backups on our mainframe equipment. a Scheduled a preventive maintenance plan on system hardware to prolong the life of vital drives to ensure quality products saving time on repair and cost on pa rts. a Operated pick carts and hi-lo to retrieve supplies and to deliver shipments to the dock. BACKGROUND SUMMARY . Triage and assessment of laptops kup . Daily data bac

. Staged and configuration of computers rt and hi-lo operator . Shift leader Print Shop binary skills . Replication of computer software pping and receiving EDUCATION

. Certified pick ca . . Packer in shi

College, Henry Ford Community College, Dearborn, MI a" Majoring in computer scie nce High School, Riverside High School, Dearborn Heights, Michigan 1976 ACCOMPLISHMENTS A+ 601 essentials & 602 IT courses 2008 Dell desktop & laptop course 2008 Kaizen Awareness Training 2006 Six Sigma a" 2006 Micro-soft word & ex cel courses 2004 Ethics training 2003 Computer Ergonomics 2003 Office Safety and Security 2003 Record Management 2003 Unisys Medical Team for nine years with certified refresh courses 1999- 2008 Dearborn Animal Shelter (volunteer) 2 years 2002- 2003 Berwyn Senior Citizen Center (volunteer) meals on wheels 3 years 2002 Riverside Middle School (volunteer) guidance office assistant 12 years 1995- 2007 Henry Ford Community College electronic courses 1984 Motech Automotive repair courses 1979 PERSONAL Able to organize and follow through programs from concept to implementation. Ea sily adaptable to new work situations and environments. Produce consistent high quality work on a timely basis. Continuously strive to be an impact aAa player to reach company goals as well as personal goals. Able to work well under pres sure. REFERENCES Name: Phone: Relation: Allen Yu 734 644-2556 Manager/Supervisor Barb Pasciolla 248 214-4411 Sister/co-worker Gregg Gabbana 313 680-0436 or Terry Shea Manager/Supervisor Additional available upon request

Manager/Supervis 419 205-7343