MPM2D Examination Review

WARNING !!!! • This EXAM REVIEW is a merely a collection of many questions that have appeared on previous assignments, tests, and quizzes. It acts as a set of review questions and is NOT a copy of any previous exams nor is it intended to be an exam “simulation” ! • Completing this exam is only PART of a good strategy of preparation for the final exam. Other suggestions include: o Consulting the checklist of skills from the exam outline posted on the conference o Completing the suggested review questions from your text that are listed on the conference o Re-doing questions from old quizzes and tests and comparing your new solution to your corrections • During the real exam, you may use but not share: o TI-83+ graphing calculator whose memory may be checked and cleared o Pencil o Ruler o Eraser • Rely on the graphing capabilities of your calculator as part of your solution ONLY when explicitly prompted to do so, e.g., “Use your graphing calculator…” • Present your final answers in the form stated e.g., “to the nearest meter”. • Be sure to set your calculator’s MODE to “Degree” and when using trigonometric ratios, use 4 decimal places of accuracy, e.g., sin 45o = 0.7071. Use this space to write some useful formulas Midpoint Primary Trigonometric Ratios


Law of Sines

Law of Cosines Distance/Length Quadratic Formula

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9m tall stands 10m away from the base of the school’s clocktower.2 m away from the mirror.doc Page 2 of 5 . This happens when he is 1. How tall is the tree? 2) Solve this triangle a) A 22cm B 37° C 3) A store’s sign is suspended as shown. What is the angle between the two cables? 195cm 29cm 4) A student who is 1.Name:__________________________________________ Questions Read each question carefully.4m tall. How tall is the clocktower? mac hd:users:ashum:documents:rsgc:2006:mpm2d:mpm2d exam mock. She uses a clinometer and finds that the top of the clocktower can be seen at an angle of elevation of 76°. Write your solution in the space provided. StickMan places a mirror on the ground 15m from the base of the trunk of the tree. StickMan is 1. He then walks backwards away from the tree until only the top of the tree is visible in the mirror. 1) To determine the height of a tree.

Scientist #2 Scientist #1 6) A triangular garden has fences that measure 9m. Assume the scientists are the same height and that the probes travel along straight paths.doc Page 3 of 5 . What is the smallest angle contained within the fences? 7) Expand and simplify (4x – 2)2 – 5(2x – 1)(3x + 4) 8) Factor a) m2 + 9m + 20 b) x2 – 7x – 60 c) 8x2 – 14x + 3 d) 6x2 – x – 12 e) 3m2 – 12m – 180 9) Predict the shape of the parabola defined by y = –3(x + 5)(x – 7) a) What are the coordinates of its x-intercepts? b) What are the coordinates of its vertex? c) Which way does the parabola open? d) Does the vertex represent a maximum or minimum? e) What is the maximum or minimum value of the parabola? f) What is the equation of axis of symmetry 10) A parabolic arch supports the underside of a bridge that spans a river that is 36m wide.Name:__________________________________________ 5) Two scientists who are standing 35m apart notice a flying saucer hovering high above a point between them. while the other at 67°. At its peak. how far will each probe have to travel. When a boat goes under the bridge at a distance of 9m from the riverbank. 17m. and 13m long. the arch is only 2m above water level. If both scientists fire probes to the underside of the saucer. how tall is the arch? f) 49x2 – 25 g) 36x2 – 1 h) 12x5 – 12x4 – 9x3 i) 5xz – 10x – yz +2y mac hd:users:ashum:documents:rsgc:2006:mpm2d:mpm2d exam mock. One can see the saucer at an angle of elevation of 39°.

4). and C(4. B(3. For how long is the balloon 30m or higher? 16) A student run kiosk sells hand painted T-Shirts to raise money for an after-school learning program. 4). –6). How many of each size did they sell? 17) A scientist wants to create 500mL of 18% acid solution by mixing together a 12% acid solution with a 21% acid solution.Name:__________________________________________ 11) Re-write this parabola’s equation in vertex form and describe the shape and position of the parabola y = –5x2 + 60x +10 12) In one of their mad experiments to prove that pigs can fly the Mythbusters set out create a pork cannon from a BBQ propane tank. Visitors drive at 85km/h and then ride horses across a trail at about 12km/h. –2) ! mac hd:users:ashum:documents:rsgc:2006:mpm2d:mpm2d exam mock. How wide should the porch be? Round your answers to two decimal places. At what time(s) will the pig reach a height of 85m? 13) Solve this quadratic equation x 2 7x 20 = " 3 2 3 14) A house that measures 28m by 15m is being renovated. they sold 98 shirts for $1322. The homeowners want the porch to be of uniform width and want it to provide an additional 275m2 of usable space to the house during the summer months.7. In one month. How far does one travel by horse? 19) A circle has its centre at (0. 15) A water balloon is catapulted into the air so that its height in meters after t seconds is described by h= – 4. Their adult shirts sell for $15. How much of each solution will she need? 18) A trip from Toronto to the Camp Opilongo covers 382km but takes 6 hours. 6) a) find the length of its radius b) determine the equation of the circle c) find the missing coordinate of the point(s) along the curve at (3. B(–2. A new porch is being added that will wrap around three sides of the house. C(–3. A(–7. and children shirts for $11. and a frozen ham.doc Page 4 of 5 . one of the 15m walls will not have a porch added because the chimney is there. A(8. ?) 20) Which triangle centre is most appropriate to help determine the location from which a triangular surface can be supported on the tip of a pencil? 21) Find the equation of the altitude through A in ABC.9t2 + 27t + 2. Find the coordinates of the circumcentre. 10). The height of the ham above the ground is predicted by this physics formula h = –6t2 + 48t + 13 where h is measured in meters and t is measured in seconds. 6). 22) Triangle has vertices ABC. a piece of PVC plumbing tube.4. 0) and passes through ( –8.

57cm 81.66m 11) vertex at (6.47O 7) –14x2 – 26x + 24 8) Factor a) (m + 5)(m + 4) b) (x – 12)(x + 5) c) (2x – 3)(4x – 1) d) (2x – 3)(3x + 4) e) 3(m – 10)(m + 6) f) (7x – 5)(7x + 5) g) (6x – 1)(6x + 1) h) 3x3(2x – 3)(2x + 1) i) (5x – y)(z – 2) 9) Parabola a) (–5. a=17. 190). 10/3) mac hd:users:ashum:documents:rsgc:2006:mpm2d:mpm2d exam mock.51m from Scientist #1 The corner “opposite from the side measuring 9m” or “between the 17m and 13m sections of fence”. 0) b) (1.85m ∠A=53O. 9.15s. opens down.29) or (3.52m 15) between 1.35s and 4. 108) c) down d) maximum e) y=108 f) x=1 10) 2.8s 16) 61 adult and 37 children shirts 17) 333mL of the 21% solution and 167mL of the 12% solution 18) 361km and 21km 19) Circle a) 10 b) x2 + y2 = 100 c) (3.7. 33. it measures 31.doc Page 5 of 5 . c=12.91m from Scientist #2.45O 42m 22.Name:__________________________________________ 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 12. or for 2. x=2. reflected across the x-axis. -9.5 14) 3.29) 20) centroid 21) y= 3/8 x + 1 22) (-7/3.24cm.7. 0)(7. stretched vertically 12) at 2s and 6s 13) x=8.

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