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William K. Helmlinger 408 NW 12th Avenue, #306  Portland, Oregon 97209  Mobile: 503.779.

8425  Telephone: 5 0.1075 Email: ________________________________________ Director of Human Resources & Talent Acquisition Specialty Areas Include

Serving as a “Trusted Advisor†to Senior Management  Exempt Recruiting  Employee Re Executive Recruitment & Retention  Progressive Discipline  Staff Development  Confli solution MS (Business Management), BA, Certified Professional Behavior & Values Analyst, Director of Human Resources & Talent Acquisition, with more than 20 years of pro active HR leadership experience in recruiting, assessing, developing and deployi ng talent that converts corporate intent into action. Experience encompasses serving as the Director of HR for Saber Software, charged with managing 3 direct/7 in-direct employees for a nationwide organization cons isting of 1,200 FTEs/600 subcontractors that grew from $25 million in 2006 to $3 10 million in annual gross revenue in 2010. ________________________________________ Career Highlights  Constructed a new system for hiring/retaining top talent, which proved instrumen tal in growing Saber Software from $1 million to $125 million (8 FTE’s to 800 FTE’s + 60 0 subs) in 7 years, selling to EDS for $420 million in 2007. Built a unified com pany culture where turnover was maintained at less than 10% over a 4-year period , and integrated 2 acquisitions with less than 5% voluntary turnover.  Served as one of 2 key executives charged with establishing a new national opera ting division for Oakwood Corporate Housing that was profitable in 12 months. Wi thin 30 months, opened more than 20 new cities with annual revenue growth from $ 0 to $20 million while maintaining a 5% turnover in senior management positions and not relinquishing any other HR responsibilities while still supporting 2 oth er national operating divisions.  Entrusted by senior management with all aspects of assessing, training and coaching a national sales force that accomplished the following 5 items: 1) Created position benchmark and altered style of sales hire. 2) Reduced turnover from 30% to less than 10%; 3) Expedited the sales closing process through sales coaching; 4) Improved customer satisfaction; and 5) Selected the right talent to help accelerate revenues to nearly $7 million in less than 3 years.  As a consultant for Airborne Express, benchmarked personal attributes to success fully work as a collection specialist. Revamped interviewing process and coached recruiters in interviewing techniques, thereby improving the overall selection process. Within 18 months, departmental turnover dropped to nearly 0% from 40%, reducing number of lost clients and increasing collection of outstanding invoice s. ________________________________________ Benefit Statement Demonstrated 20+ year track record of business acumen and accomplishments in mat

ching talent to roles which positively impacts employee engagement, productivity , team work, turnover, and company profitability, while consistently reducing tu rnover 30%+, creating benchmarks for utilization in talent management systems an d coaching/mentoring managers. ________________________________________ Key Areas of Expertise

Coaching/Mentoring & Team Development  HR Leadership by Example  Formal Presentation S kills  Vendor Management  Supporting Multiple Business Units  Diplomatic Change Agen Productivity Improvements  Enhancing Internal Communications Program  Utilizing Benchmarks for Talent Management Systems ________________________________________ Professional Experience & Accomplishments HP Enterprise Services, (Formerly known as Saber Software Inc.), Portland, Orego n 2006 to 2010 (A leading global provider of products, technologies, software, solutions and se rvices to individual consumers, small/medium/large sized businesses with revenue s in excess of $114 billion)

William K. Helmlinger Page Two ________________________________________ Human Resources Executive – Scope of duties consisted of serving as the business par tner/director for a nationwide $310 million State and Local Government division managing the division’s leadership development, talent management, employee relation s, HR administration, integration activities, talent acquisition, compensation, and performance management.  Successfully integrated 600 Covansys employees into Saber Systems with zero payr oll errors, and then successfully integrated Saber Software into EDS Systems and Total Rewards programs.  Favorably negotiated, selected, and managed a wide-array of outside vendors for Saber’s benefit structures, simultaneously keeping company’s contributions flat while pr oviding competitive benefits. As a result, company savings estimated at $750,000 annually with previous year savings of $250,000.  Created a custom designed Mentor Program during high growth-stage of Saber Softw are. Consequently, implementation of program increased leadership pipeline, impr oved employee engagement and trained managers on becoming more effective leaders . Mentees also created sub-mentoring organization specifically coaching others t owards their PMP certification. Your Hire Authority, Portland, Oregon 1995 to 2006 (An HR consulting company focused on creating position benchmarks, conducting ca ndidate testing/interviews, sales/communications training/coaching, and general HR consulting for clients ranging from emerging to large companies) VP and Head Consultant – Charged with creating position benchmarks for a national so ftware company, including administering candidate pre-employment testing, writin g position descriptions, and coaching executives on leadership development. Clie

nt experienced 11% top line revenue growth in a declining market, experienced de creased turnover, and improved customer satisfaction. Company was recognized as one of the best places to work 2 consecutive years.  Created position benchmarks, administered candidate pre-employment testing and c hanged hiring profiles for key positions for high-profile employer. Worked close ly with recruiting staff to ensure correct candidate selection. Implemented chan ges, decreased turnover, higher employee engagement, and improved customer satis faction.  Authored more than 30 talent management and talent acquisition articles and spec ial features for and, providing concise guidance on perf ormance management, best hiring, and benchmarking practices for start-up and hig h growth companies. R&B Realty/Oakwood Corporate Housing, Los Angeles, California 1987 to 1995 (A $400 million, 3,000 employee provider of temporary furnished and serviced apa rtments across the globe with nearly 4,000 locations throughout North America, E urope, and Asia) National Human Resources Manager – Initially hired as recruiting manager and as a re sult of outstanding service promoted to Senior HR role within 2 years. Additiona lly, responsible for transforming recruitment programs that focused on selecting higher quality candidates and subsequent hires.  Created companies first internal search functions and filled all management posi tions for new operating division without use of any advertising or search firm i nvolvement (over a 30 month period).  Transformed hiring practices in key hospitality-related management category that decreased turnover from 40% to under 10% in less than 24 months. ________________________________________ Education/Certification & Professional Development MS, Business Management (emphasis on Organizational Behavior), University of LaV erne, LaVerne, California BA, German, University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, Missouri Certified Professional Behavior and Values Analyst Recent Seminars M&A Today - More Speed, Risk, and HR Involvement Best Practices in Global Training Programs Improve Your Bottom Line – Make Every Hire Count Achieving Maximum Employee Engagement How the ‘Most Admired for HR' Foster and Leverage Engagement 2010 Benefits Compliance Year at a Glance