Our Lives -CSF LEVEL4


Make a list of all the words appropriate to the Australian parliament. Find a press cutting of an issue before the federal or state parliament and in your own words detail what the issue is. Make a crossword of positions, processes, and issues relating to parliament. Explain how the position of Prime Minister is decided.

How many politicians belong to each political party in the House of Representatives? For a party to form Government a party must gain a majority in the House of Representatives

Draw the coat of arms of Australia.

Mime the arrival at the polling booth and the completion of the ballot paper in an election. Role play an acceptance speech after winning the federal election as Prime Minister.

Write and perform a jingle encouraging people to vote at the next election.

Create a poster encouraging people to vote at the next election.

Find out the name of the electorate for : Local, State and Federal Governments for your home. List the three form of government, Local, State and Federal and show the responsibilities of each. Write the arguments for and against duck season as you see it.

Which political party exists to care for the environment? Name its leaders. How did the State Government encourage people of Victoria to conserve water. Melbourne’s drought continues make up a list of laws to conserve water. Analyse how the government has tried to stop illegal migration to Australia.


Illustrate and explain what happens when your parent/guardian goes to vote at a polling booth. Create a caricature of a known politician.

What are the differences between ‘Advance Australia Fair’ and ‘God Save the Queen’. Create a jingle for a political party.

Create a display of news items related to Mr. Howard and explain what issues these articles refer to. Create a survey on whether people are apposed or in favour of the Grand Prix at Albert Park Using the above information analyse and present a report on your findings.


Use excel to create a pie graph showing what percentage of representation of the lower house for each state. In a Venn diagram show the similarities and differences between the premier and captain of an AFL footy team. How many Liberal and Labor Prime Ministers have there been since 1977. Show information on a chart. Using information from Application /mathematical, why does the senate have equal representation from all states.

Act out your personal advertisement to encourage voters to vote for you at the next local election. In a small group role play an issue of your choice being discussed in parliament.


Analyse two cartoons of John Howard and explain how they are similar and/or different. Form a political party to look after children, create a logo.



Write a persuasive argument detailing why a migrant from planet earth should be elected to the parliament of Mars. Prepare a talk how the student school council is an effective group in our school.

Write and deliver a speech to encourage young voters to join your ‘new’ political party. Role play a debate between two people arguing why/why not AFL football should not be played on Sundays.

Find a piece of music which has a political message (i.e., Midnight Oil songs). What do you believe the message is? Create a piece of music showing a heated debate between Howard and Beasley. Rewrite the school song so as to increase recognition to the school.

Examine the role of School Captain and state what you believe to be the advantages and disadvantages.

Write an interview with the queen

Justify why we need to have a Prime Minister.

Plan some policies to ensure domestic pets are cared for properly. Do you believe the city council has effectively encouraged households to be waste wise. Justify.

Design your own coat of arms using features that are important to Australia today. Explain your choices.

American elections are always held at a fixed date, in Aust the Prime Minister decides. Justify which is better.

Explain how you would feel if the government introduced a policy that required all school hours to be extended to 5:30.

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