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net EXPERIENCE Charlotte, NC [1/2008-5/2010] Bank of America, N.A. Senior Financial Analyst Process, generate and analyze the quarterly foreign source income, foreign tax c redit, and tax assets reports. Reconcile Foreign Source Income by tying Taxable Income number from foreign entities to the 1120. Use various accounting systems to merge and generate these reports, by formulating the data using Excel and acc ess tools. Provide various ad hoc reports for the requesting tax preparers. Annu alize, and de-annualize data for the Foreign Tax Credit forecast reports dependi ng on which accounts needed such treatment. Set up variance analysis tables and reports that provides detailed break-down information. Design new Excel models t hat display information more clearly. Frequent data mining, and analysis of the data, using Vlookups, and Pivot Tables. Provide reasoning and rationale why data may have changed from period to period. KPMG, LLP New York, NY [6/2005-1/2008] International Tax Associate Prepare Form 5471's for multi-national Fortune 500 firms. Prepare and analyze In come statement and balance sheet data to coincide with that on a Form 5471 and p repare the relevant attached statements. Perform the yearly earnings and profits calculations for foreign subsidiaries of U.S. shareholders. Calculate and fillin the relevant 5471 schedules. Perform currency conversions necessary to situat e on the 5471's. Performing netting calculations on Inter-company assets and lia bility balances. Complete e-workpapers for the Form 5471. Tick and tie the 5471 to the source data provided by the client. Implement and assist E&P analysis tab les. Ceasar & Smilow, LLP (Certified Public Accountants) Great Neck, NY [3/2005-4/ 2005] Tax Accountant (Consulting assignment) Preparing income, corporate, estate and trust tax returns. Entering tax withhold ings, interest, dividend income, capital gains/losses, royalty, and rental incom e and expenses, Schedule C income, Schedule A itemization, household employee, h ome office expense, Child Care credit, education credit, and foreign tax credit onto Pro-forma sheets. Preparing capital gain/loss schedules, expense pro-ration schedules, and other return attachments. Constructing capital/gains schedule ne t of disallowed wash sales from brokerage statements. Producing projected estima tes schedules. Preparing quarterly payroll tax returns by hand and using 1099-Et c. software. Preparing attachments to payroll tax withholdings. Preparing and ma iling client instruction sheets. Performing projections for future quarters' tax withholdings and deposits. Site Service Software. Inc. New York, NY [3/2004-2/2005] Accounting Software Consultant Counseling clients as to effective accounts receivable auditing techniques. Audi ting clients' financial statements in preparation for data import. Training cust omers on Site Service Software's accounting software and Microsoft Small Busines s Manager. Aiding in the configuration of G/L postings, tax authority setup, pay roll taxes, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and posting accounts. Develop ing software instruction manuals, and help files for domestic and international clients. Providing technical support for clients in the Northeast. Marketing acc ounting software by traveling to conventions and presenting the software to clie nts in the Caribbean and Latin America which required extensive English to Spani sh translations. Staley Elevator Co., Inc. New York, NY [1/2002-3/2004]

Staff Accountant Process weekly payroll. Bill periodic invoices, and deposit checks. Post payment s against customers invoices and statements. Clear discrepancies in customer's b illings, by working with the customer to resolve the issue. Collect on outstandi ng accounts, and maintained over 90 days Accounts Receivable to below 1%. EDUCATION Baruch College New York, NY BBA in Accounting 2001 3.0 GPA Tutored in Spanish, Accounting, and Taxation. SKILLS & LANGUAGES * Knowledge of various types of computer languages, and software i.e. Microsoft Small Business Manager, Great Plains Software, SAP, WordPerfect, Microsoft Offic e Suite, PowerPoint, TurboTax, TaxAct, Lacerte, Corpt Tax, 1099-Etc., Go Systems RIA, E-Workpapers, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Hyperion, In$ight, CorpTax. Abil ity to program in Dexterity 8.0. * Proficiency of accounting, auditing, and financial reporting, sales reporting, and collections reports. * Experienced in accounting systems such as Great Plains, Microsoft Small Busine ss Manager, QuickBooks, MYOB, and Peachtree. * Fluent in Spanish