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Highly accomplished educator and academic administrator with extensive history f

ostering engaging learning environments through commitment to excellence and int
egrity. Results-oriented, decisive leader, with proven success cultivating relat
ionships with parents, students, teachers, staff, community leaders, and governm
ent stakeholders to deliver educational programs that instill moral and social c
haracter while fulfilling academic, economic, and psychological needs.

Strategic Planning Relationship Management Administrative Operations Team Lea

dership Budgeting
Institutional Change Management Partner Development Program Management Facili
ty Management
Innovative Problem Solving Emerging Technologies Educational Strategies Train

Suburban Illinois Charter School-Rockford Illinois
Instructional Leader/Director-Legacy Academy of Excellence Charter School
Provide school wide guidance and support to faculty and staff in all aspects of
education, planning, and school administration. Devised and executed strategies
to engage students, parents, and community stakeholders in school initiatives an
d to instill appetite for academic pursuit. In conjunction with Management, deve
lop, design, and implement all school systems.
Supports the vision of the schools Founders.
Initiate solid community relationships and partnerships.
Provide disciplinary leadership to students.
Assess and monitor teacher performance.
Suburban DC-area school district with over 140K students and $3.00B annual budge
Science Teacher-Argyle Middle School Information Technology Magnet
Provide correct classroom instruction in life sciences, earth science, and physi
cal science.
ACCOMACK COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS, Accomac, Virginia 2007-2008
Rural Va., school district with approximately 5,400 students and $25,000,000 ann
ual budget.
Instructional Leader/Assistant Principal-Nandua High School
Co-led 50-person team comprising faculty and staff in all aspects of education,
planning, and school administration. Devised and executed strategies to engage s
tudents, parents, and community stakeholders in school initiatives and to instil
l appetite for academic pursuit.
Supports the vision of the school district and the principal with specific over
sight of instruction and program development.
Administrator oversight for the Forensic Team. Winners of the Virginia State Hi
gh School League (VSHL) Forensic competition.

PRINCE GEORGES COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS, Upper Marlboro, Maryland 2000-2007

Suburban DC-area school district with over 130K students and $2.5B annual budget
Instructional Leader/PrincipalAndrew Jackson & Kenmoor Middle(TAG) Schools
Led 100-person team comprising faculty and staff in all aspects of education, pl
anning, and school administration. Devised and executed strategies to engage stu
dents, parents, and community stakeholders in school initiatives and to instill
appetite for academic pursuit. Cultivated relationships with state-level educato
rs and government officials. Recruited, developed, and retained top-notch teachi
ng and administrative talent. Planned/managed $500K annual budget; oversaw facil
ity administration.
Initiated solid community relationships and partnerships that helped secure sig
nificant material and monetary contributions.
Forged strong relationships among parents and teachers, driving PTA membership
from 11 members in 2004 to more than 300 members by 2007.
Fostered student- and learning-centered environment that facilitated increases
of student attendance from 67% to 97.6%.
Launched innovative after-school programs to provide supplemental instruction i
n language arts and mathematics as well as to positively impact students with in
-school behavioral issues.
Selected as key resource and primary presenter for Superintendents Reporting Co
mmittee, which crafted and presented school improvement strategy to remedy count
y school district performance concerns to the State Department of Education and
the County Board of Education.
Collaborated with technical teams to research and implement emerging technologi
es to streamline instruction and administrative processes; directed technical tr
aining/development programs.
Directed project planning, funding, and execution for major facility initiative
s and capital expenditures, which included roof replacement, exterior safety lig
hting, teachers gymnasium, professional library, and aesthetic interior/exterior
Delivered 2-year, 23.6% increase in the math and 21.2% in the language arts tes
t improvement results for Maryland State Assessment; recognized as most improved
middle school county-wide.
Implemented study session that aided 22 teachers obtain certifications by passi
ng Praxis Exam.
Orchestrated higher education relationship with Walden University that prompted
7 colleagues to pursue Doctorate degrees and 5 to pursue Masters degrees.
Oversaw change management strategy that incorporated Dean of Instruction, Dean
of Logistics, and Dean of Students into middle school environment.
Earned numerous awards/accolades for superior performance, such as 3 Outstandin
g Leadership Recognition Awards, PTA Recognition Award, and Governors Citation f
or Instructional Leadership.

ELENA L. CHRISTIAN JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands 1987-2000
7th/8th-grade middle school with 400 students.
Assistant Principal (1995-2000)
Supported school principal in administering school education initiatives. Provid
ed disciplinary leadership to students. Assessed and monitored teacher performan
Science Department Chair/Science Teacher (1987-1995)
Oversaw department planning and curriculum implementation. Directed scheduling a
nd assigning of teachers to courses/classrooms. Led classroom instruction in bio
logy, life sciences, earth science, and physical science.
Served as primary point of contact for teachers and school administrators to fa
cilitate communication and to disseminate information.

Adjunct Professor, UNIVERSITY OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Isla
Science Teacher, BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS HIGH SCHOOL, Tortola, British Virgin Isl

Doctor of Philosophy Candidate in K12 Educational Leadership
Walden University, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Master of Arts in Education with Administration/Supervision Focus
University of the Virgin Islands, St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands
Bachelor of Science in Biology & Chemistry
Oakwood College, Huntsville, Alabama

General Administrative K-12 (2010-2012) Illinois #2429851
Postgraduate Professional License-Admin and Supervision PreK-12/Biology (2007-20
12) Commonwealth of Virginia # PGP-0626204
ADV II Administrators License (2006-2011), Maryland State Department of Educatio
n # 16 ***-**-4021
Teachers License Science (Permanent), U.S. Virgin Islands Board of Education # 6

Drug/Alcohol Abuse & AIDS Awareness Hip-Hop Counselor ~ Gang Abuse Prevention Tr
Gifted & Talented Education Program ~ African-American Studies ~ PG County Schoo
ls HR Training

Association of Supervisory & Administration School Personnel, Executive Board Me
Association of Supervision & Curriculum Development ~ The Heritage Registry of W
hos Who
National Registers Whos Who in Executives & Professionals ~ National Staff Devel
opment Council
National Conference on School Violence ~ Maryland State Middle School Associatio
National Association of Secondary School Principals ~ National Middle School Ass
National Global Change Environmental Education Committee