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2553 Wood Oak Dr.

Sarasota, FL 34232
Home (941) 378-5705
Cell (941) 780-7400
* Over 20 years of highly successful leadership and expertise in commercial and
residential construction industry.
* MBA and certifications, in addition to supervisory experience, prove business
acumen and technical competency.
* Demonstrated skill to coordinate architects, engineers, subcontractors, inspec
tors, suppliers, vendors and owners.
* Stable administrator and efficient multitasker, composed under pressure and ab
le to beat deadlines under budget.
* Attentive listener and persuasive communicator, with talent to resolve problem
s rapidly and to satisfy customers.
* Completed both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in seven years of night school,
while holding down full-time job.
* Traveled to 28 different countries. Willing to work outside the U.S. if prosp
ective job presents the right opportunity.
Building Contractor, Florida, CBC1253752
Commercial Building Inspector
Residential Building Inspector
Residential Plumbing Inspector
Residential Electrical Inspector
Residential HVAC Inspector
Concession Land Development:
* $85-million golf club, including the nation's 2006 top-rated private course de
signed by
Jack Nicklaus.
* Ultra-luxury, high-end homes, valued over $600 million.
Pruett Builders:
* $3-million-plus ultra-luxury homes, all completed on time and within budget.
Arthur Rutenburg Homes:
* Luxury residences up to $2.5 million, all completed on time and within budget.
Lennar Homes:
* Completed 52 classic and estate single-family homes in just 14 months.
Sarasota County Government:
* Earned merit-based promotion to Chief Building inspector within just one year.
* First county building official certified in all four inspection disciplines: b
electrical, plumbing and HVAC.
Sarasota County School District:
* 75 projects in 7 years, on time, within budget. Wrote construction standards
* Devised long-range plans for space containment and remodeling, still used toda
United States Navy:
* Navy Seal. Naval Special Warfare Group Atlantic. Top Secret clearance.
* Apollo space capsule recovery team.
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Concession Land Development LLC, Sarasota, FL (2005 - Present)
* Project Manager (Commercial)
Manage and coordinate construction of the Concession Golf Club community and
infrastructure, including golf course, underground utilities, lot construction,
lake construction, roads, bridges, landscape, three golf course maintenance bui
ldings, two guardhouses, two clubhouses and a sales center. Negotiate architec
tural, engineering and
construction contracts. Review all drawings and specifications for compliance w
ith design
Liaise among diverse agencies and organizations, such as South West Water Manage
ment, The
Department of Hotels and Restaurants, Manatee County, Fire Marshal, Postmaster,
Florida Power and Light, Peace River Electric, Bright House Networks, Peoples G
as and Verizon to insure the completion and approval of site work, utilities, l
iquor license and building plans.
Administration encompasses permit coordination, subcontractor pricing, pay reque
sts, bank
inspections, weekly construction reports, site records, construction schedules,
control assessments and continual analysis of $85-million commercial budget. Co
cost for 235 luxury homes is estimated to be $600 million-plus.
Pruett Builders, Sarasota, FL (2004 - 2005)
* Construction Manager (Residential)
Oversaw new construction of custom homes, including site clearance, plan approva
scheduling, coordination, supervision and quality control of subcontractors. Up
corporate schedules and vendor lists. Monitored and processed change orders, su
pricing, payment requests and work orders. Ensured smooth communication with ne
homeowners. Conducted final walkthroughs. Home sizes ranged from 4,000 to 7,00
0 square
feet, and cost $3 million to $5 million.
Arthur Rutenburg Homes, Sarasota, FL (2000 - 2003)
* Construction Manager (Residential)
Directed construction of custom residences, encompassing plan approval, site pre
coordination and supervision of subcontractors, pricing, estimating, change orde
rs, quality
assurance, pay requests and regulatory compliance. Met one-on-one with purchase
rs at
red-line meetings to facilitate accurate changes to existing blueprints. Traine
d and
coached new assistant construction managers. Homes varied from 2,000 to 5,000 s
quare feet,
and were priced from $400,000 to $2.5 million.
Lennar Homes, Sarasota, FL (1998 - 2000)
* Construction Superintendent (Residential)
Supervised and coordinated the building of classic and estate homes. Managed th
e work of
all subcontractors to ensure productivity and compliance. Ordered and scheduled
delivery of products and supplies. Mentored and advised new assistant superinte
ndents. Residences ranged from 1,800 to 3,500 square feet, and sold for $250,0
00 to $500,000.
Sarasota County, Sarasota, FL (1993 - 1997)
* Chief Building Inspector (Commercial and Residential)
Trained and directed 20 Sarasota County construction inspectors. Scheduled dail
assignments. Performed and supervised inspections. Interpreted blueprints, pla
ns and
specifications. Coached new employees. Conducted point-in-time quality control
and performance appraisals. Interpreted building, electrical, mechanical and pl
codes. Responded to citizen complaints.

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Sarasota County School District, Sarasota, FL (1986 - 1993)
* Project Manager (Commercial)
Administered the physical facilities and construction of new elementary, middle
and high
school building and remodeling projects. Planned, tracked, forecasted and coord
budgets for building construction, equipment, related school supplies and equipm
ent. Designed long-range plans for future construction, space modification and
cost containment
of capital projects. Negotiated architectural, engineering and construction con
tracts. Ensured compliance with design requirements and local, county and stat
e laws.
Prince George County, Upper Marlboro, MD (1983 - 1986)
* Building and Electrical Inspector (Commercial and Residential)
Inspected buildings and electrical systems for compliance with construction plan
s and state
and local building codes. Compiled daily activity logs. Inspected fire-damaged
and prepared reports. Assessed and documented citizen complaints.
Master of Business Administration * Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdal
e, FL * GPA
Bachelor of Business Management * Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, FL * GPA 3.8/4
Microsoft Project
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Windows
Net/Web Savvy
Microsoft Word
Fast Track Scheduler
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Excel