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BRUCE BYERS NPO TECHNOLOGY PARTNERS (O) 718-354-7956 (F) 718-448-1295 bb88b38e@westpost.

net OVERVIEW SharePoint Application Specialist with twelve years work in information systems analysis and development, and seven years specialized work in SharePoint Information Architecture, Administration, Development, and handling Project Communications (business group liaison, project manager, write planning, and reporting reports along with system documentation and training materials and videos). Extensive experience working with business process owners to match system requirements and final product with the tools that address the clients' needs; (A) Attention to the full range of processes affecting project success, and insuring constant monitoring of critical issues; (B) full knowledge of the a wide range of object models, .NET and all aspects of system architecture, application and managing project processes during all phases of development; (C) Experience with business intelligence systems, collaboration, document and enterprise content management; managing information throughout its lifecycle a" SharePoint 2003, 2007 and 2010 * Proven ability to move quickly in the translation of work processes, data sources, and collaboration needs into business proposals, system requirements, system specifications, production testing, and review of legacy systems for SharePoint integration or replacement. * Strong communications skills at all levels, and during all stages of system development: strong record maintaining stakeholder and end-user buy-in, management of expectations and project scope. * Experience with Using all applicable MS system tools to develop or leverage capabilities of other systems; * Work in a wide array of development methodologies and extensive experience with emerging development methods in LAN, web and cloud based systems. * Ability to shift roles and responsibilities to meet project needs: work with hardware and software needed to meet deadlines, and adapt system to client IT environment; Ability to work productively with QAT team, and develop change management strategy, training, and rigorous system documentation. * Strong background in System Analysis; Needs Assessment; Business Proposal, System Requirements and System Specification and Project

Plan Development; System Documentation; customization in SharePoint Designer 2007 and Visual Studio 2008. SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT NPOWER NY (MAY 2010- PRESENT) SharePoint Consultant, Non-Profit Technical Services group associated with JP Morgan Chase provides technical consulting to a wide range of Non Profit Organizations; Provide SharePoint 2010 evaluation and architecture services systems under consideration either by other vendors, or by NPower / MPO Technology Partners. Provide project recovery plans for projects in various stages of stalled development; Generate project plan for new systems, designed to insure greatest simplicity, maximum use of resources, and granularity of a plan to allow accurate estimates for cost and time; Clients in NY as well as around the United States. OTICON, INC. a" (Somerset, New Jersey). System Architect and Developer (February 2010 a" April 2010) Developed ISO 9000 Knowledge Base and Procedures Document Management System for international hearing aid manufacturing plant and US Headquarters administration; in MS Office SharePoint Server 2007, (Enterprise); Shifted structure of system from read-only ("Fore Help") system: distributed authoring with centralized approval; Developed features for enhanced presentation of docx, pptx, vsd and html content. Dashboards on system status and support for internal and external audit integrated into final work product. NYC: HEALTH AND HOSPITAL CORPORATION a" CLINICAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS (NYC-CIS - March - Dec 2009). Developer and information architect to develop first unified system for Clinical Information Systems development. Project completed with strong buy-in. (a) sole responsibility for development of a new project administration system, to manage 52 active projects in 20 distinct program areas (e.g. patient referral, cardiac registry, blood bank administration, and similar systems). (c) Conduct business analysis and development plan ending with development of a system integrating contracts, work orders, project server, budget monitors within an advanced role and project based security system. BMW OF NORTH AMERICA (November 2007-February 2009): Project Manager, System Architect and Developer for new Company Intranet and Extranet tied to supply chain management system (SAP/"Atlas"). Responsible for all aspects of system design, development and implementation: Business analysis for 4 major systems, and minor systems for collaboration Areas, Document Management, Business Intelligence. * Conduct business analysis of processes managed in SAP for Order Process Management, and outline system requirements for integration with SharePoint; * Conduct business analyses for (a) needs of system to monitor deployment and integrity of 3GEN computer diagnostics systems for all North America Dealerships; write up proposal, and develop system; * Conduct system analysis for streamlining Integrated, Standardized and Automated Reporting System for submission of Monthly Reports to

Germany for NA operations analysis; Monthly Reporting Directly oversee the work of 3 developers, and act as business liaison for 6 divisions (envisioning, scope determination, implementation and change management). * Integration with existing Tivoli and LDAP authentication systems; BI tools to monitor warehouse activity and dealer orders in real time. PAUL AND DAISY SOROS FELLOWSHIP FOUNDATION (PDSF) "FELLOWS DIRECTORY" (August 2006-November 2007): _Project Manager and Developer._ Windows SharePoint Services 2007 and MOSS system developed as knowledge base for public and staff use as database for all Fellowship recipients. Migration of legacy data into linked table structure for Boolean search of linked tables. Key performance indicators and MOSS BI tools configured for tracking application process of 2000 candidates, and monitoring performance of 300 fellowship recipients. ARUP ENGINEERING (December 2005 a" August 2007): _Project Manager and Developer._ Windows SharePoint Services (2007) used to develop system for Arup Engineering - Electrical Division. Arup staff in England, California, Australia and New York provided knowledge base to monitor regulations for electrical system installations, as well as gather information on specific cases in which new regulations were applied to Arup Engineering projects. KPI's provided notification of code violations on new projects, summary reports by region, project type, and by internal engineering divisions. Tools developed to automatically update electrical regulations' database, and distribute notice of code violations to specific electrical engineering Divisions within Arup Engineering. NEW SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH "ICI VIRTUAL CAMPUS": (December 2005 a" December 2006) _Project Manager and Developer._ Developed systems automating document and task management for international students in Asian Studies Program, using SharePoint Portal 2007 (MOSS) tools for structuring workflow automated search and indexing, "Business Intelligence" and Excel Calculation Services, information harvesTing of external sites, automated emailing and alert systems based on changes in information stored by SharePoint (e.g. new announcements, levels of activity, approaching deadlines); SharePoint Group bulk emailing; centralized contact management, including Outlook integration; multi-table synchronization with organization relational databases. AVIS DENTISTRY (November 2006 a" May 2007) _Project Manager, Developer, System Administrator. _Staff Intranet and Extranet: SharePoint Services 2007. Developed company intranet with external access; site included links to image database containing oral images and image metadata (disease type, patient name, tooth number, image type) for research and trend analysis; second site developed to monitor employees' professional development, and provide workspaces for collaborative work, notification of new treatment protocols, and announcement of approved Continuing Education opportunities required by State law. SOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL _New York_, NY.( February 2002- June 2006) _Project Manager, Developer, System Administrator;_ *

SharePoint Portal 2003: Developed and maintained 10 upper level sites and core system to achieve centralized information management along with distributed authoring and rights management for 12 research departments; developed end-user available templates for creation of fully featured sites (Anonymous access external sites, internal, password protected sites for collaboration and document management) and approval process for final posting after site review by the Editorial Department. * Design and manage development of Dot Net / SQL application for online Scholarship application system: automated capture and storage of applicant data, monitored application rates, embedded help desk tools for staff review of ~ 4000 applications and 800 finalists. Developed tracking and support system to monitor applicants and fellowship recipients in real time; enabled elimination of 30% of the staff by conversion to paperless processes. * SCHOOL OF EDUCATION, NEW YORK UNIVERSITY a" IT ANALYST AND DEAN'S ADVISOR (_New York, NY. _December 1997 a" February 2002). - _Developed_ Information Management System for collection and reporting of information on students, faculty, and subcontractors and teaching facilities for integration and reporting to meet NY State requirements on teacher education program quality. Unix/Apache web user interface for data collection; Access/SQL/VB Windows 2000 Server back end used for data integration and report generation - Provide general advice to Dean's office on IT policy for the school; acted as liaison for work with external venders, as needed; recommended changes to, and design for, integrated Executive Communications system for the Dean's Office to manage staffing, faculty review, student problems, budgeting, Teacher Education Licensure for the school; ongoing analysis of 13 departments for maintenance of quality curriculum and adherence to Regents' guidelines for lice * Prior Work: * * New York University: Postdoctoral Fellowship in Sociology; Managing Editor, _Sociological Theory_ * University of North Carolina: Teaching and Research Assistant, 1986-1996 * Children's Orthopedic Hospital, Seattle WA, 1984-1986: Biomedical Engineering a" Intensive Care PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT, AFFILIATIONS

New York University: Certificate Program in .NET Programming (Pending) American Management Association: 2008 a" Present Netcom Inc.: August 2007 a" SharePoint Services and MOSS a" System Design and Administration (Certification Pending); Microsoft System Development Partner: _2004-Present_.; NYU School for Continuing and Professional Studies: _Advanced Project Management Program 2005-6; Mindsharp_ Inc: _SharePoint 2007 Development a" 2006; SharePoint Portal and Services Administration. _The Polgroup, Inc. _Integrating Xerox Microflow Imaging System with SQL Server_. 2006; Villanova University (February 2005- September 2006) _Project Management Program; _Project Management Institute (_Information Systems_): Member. a" 2005 a" Present. OTHER INFORMATION SYSTEMS AND DEVELOPMENT TOOLS Microsoft Systems: SharePoint Portal Server and SharePoint Services Installation, Configuration, Administration and Customization in versions 2003 and 2007 (MOSS); Installation and configuration of MOSS Workflow and Business Intelligence systems, including KPI's, Excel Calculation Services, and SQL 2005 and 2000 sp4 Analysis and Reporting Services; SharePoint configuration using SharePoint Designer 2007 and Visual Studio 2008; Strong knowledge of 3rd party developer tools for SharePoint: Bamboo Solutions, GotDotNet, Coras Works and Ontolica Search; Integration of SharePoint with Exchange Server 2003, Windows Media, Communications, and Project Management Servers; IIS6 web server and SharePoint configuration management; Microsoft Operations Manager; Front Page 2003; Access Development; LAN Support Systems: Symantec Anti Virus and Backup Systems; Checkpoint, Cisco and Microsoft 2003 Firewalls. Engagent and Microsoft Operations Management, Dell Open Manage; Triactive; Shavlik; Belarc; ISL/Zenith Help Desk; Engagent Systems; Development Tools: Component One; Infragistics; Smart Part; Citrix Server, Checkpoint, Watchguard; Crystal Reports 10; Dreamweaver; Xerox Systems Micro-Flow; Adobe Creative Suite; IPSWITCH FTP Servers; Front Look; E-Picture; Third Party Web Part Providers: Mondosoft/Ontolica Search Systems; Corasworks; Bamboo Solutions; GotDotNet; ASI; DotNetFactory; Front Look; Axialis; General Office Systems; Documentum, Docushare, Xerox Microflow; TurboCAD; Industry Specific Systems: American Fundware and F9 budgeting; IDATA; MIP; Paradigm; Dentrix Systems for CT Scan and image management, medical and billing records; EDUCATION: * PH. D:_ University of North Carolina, _Chapel Hill, North Carolina. * MS: _University of North Carolina_, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

* BA: _University of Washington_, Seattle, Washington. Magna cum Laude. * AS: Meramec College, St. Louis, Missouri. REFERENCES: Available upon request. Bruce Byers Page 4 7/22/2010