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SPECIALTIES Software Quality Assurance Software Test Automation tools expert Application Performance Optimization (Load/Stress Planning

, Testing, Diagnostics, Mitigation, Benchmarking) SDLC Tools, Methodologies and Life Cycle Processes IT Technology Roadmaps Project Management Integrated Requirements, Configuration, Build, and Defect Management Automated Regression Testing Beds Requirements definition, analysis, traceability and full life-cycle management Application Development Methodologies Industrial/ business process modeling automation THOMAS J. POIRIER SUMMARY Seasoned IT professional with experience across the spectrum within software development, with a specialty in Software Quality Assurance and Test Automation. Executive experience includes founding/running a number of organizations and/or divisions and teams. Delivery experience ranges from serving as an Enterprise Architect of QA, designing and building "best of need" multi-vendor, integrated SDLC support automation frameworks from conceptual design through implementation and support, to building IT Modernization Roadmaps to move organizations from legacy systems to SOA/Cloud/Agile. Industry experience in health care, financial services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and high tech. Managed and contributed to projects that range from large-scale, multi-vendor, multi-cultural global application development efforts to reorganizing entire IT divisions to more efficiently and effectively support IT goals and strategies. Background as a programmer and software development manager, with deep experience in integrating disparate (multi-vendor) tools through open or private APIs down to the code level. Strong leadership, managerial, communication, organizational, interpersonal, writing, technical, and development skills and strong knowledge of all aspects of software development, with an emphasis on Quality Assurance, testing, and SDLC process streamlining with automation. EXPERIENCE 12/04 a" PRESENT PERSYSTENCE, INC. DURHAM, NH WWW.PERSYSTENCE.COM

PRESIDENT Founded an IT "boutique" services company providing best of need, streamlined Software Development and Software Quality Solutions to Fortune 1000, governmental, and international clients, helping to achieve verifiable confidence in performance, scalability, reliability, and functionality throughout the IT life cycle. Primary business involved contracting self and teams of IT professionals to meet clients at their point of need. Most activities involved direct client support, and managing all engagements conducted on behalf of Persystence. HIGHLIGHTS OF MAJOR ASSIGNMENTS FOR CLIENTS: ENTERPRISE ARCHITECT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE a" BLUECROSS BLUESHIELD OF MASSACHUSETTS Served as Enterprise Architect of QA for the largest health care company in Massachusetts. Assisted team in consolidating 13 SDLCs into 2: An Enterprise-Grade Waterfall model, and a "Feature-Driven Iterative" model based on Agile UP to support enterprise modernization activities (movement to SOA, Cloud, and Agile UP). Worked with CIO, CTO, and Chief Architect to align designed technology trajectory with short, medium, and long-term plans for IT, as it moved from highly-stove-piped to SOA. Researched, recommended, and guiding acquisition of a full suite of tools to support the SDLC, including Rational Requirements Composer, Rational Team Concert, Rational Build Forge, Rational Application Framework for WebSphere, Rational Functional Tester, Rational Service Tester (automated test of SOA components), Rational Performance Tester, Rational System Architect, InfoSphere Discovery, InfoSphere Data Architect, Optim Integrated Test Data Management & Privacy Tool, and the integrations of these tools with existing HP/Mercury Quality Center & PPM. SOLUTION ARCHITECT OF QUALITY ASSURANCE a" FIDELITY BROKERAGE TECHNOLOGY COMPANY Served as solution architect of QA for an IT tools and process consolidation project for a major division of the world's largest Mutual Funds company. Worked with various bodies and SBUs within the company to flesh out a technology roadmap designed to reduce costs, consolidate vendor license management, streamline the SDLC processes, and improve quality and consistency across approximately 350 applications with development centers across the US, the UK, Europe, and India. Effort involved rolling out pilots in strategic areas and leading a team of automation experts in modeling and automating much of the processes. PERFORMANCE, LOAD/STRESS, CAPACITY TEST PROJECTS a" NUMEROUS ENGAGEMENTS FOR NUMEROUS CLIENTS INCLUDING: SIEMENS MEDICAL, NEW YORK METROPOLITAN TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY (MTA), PANALPINA (WORLDWIDE SHIPPING COMPANY), TIMEWARNER/SOUTHERN LIVING AT HOME, FIDELITY INVESTMENTS, UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER, NY Delivered projects to test performance, scalability, load and stress testing for numerous clients across the US ranging from IT performance optimization to IT bottleneck determination and system re-engineering.

Assisted a large transit authority in locating critical scalability and performance problems in its IT infrastructure. Assisted a large magazine publisher in tuning and proving the scalability and performance of its on-line offering. Assisted a large international shipping company in evaluating a targeted IT acquisition. Managed and delivered all of the load and stress testing activities for one of the largest medical equipment suppliers in the world. 10/02 a" 12/04 DARWIN PARTNERS, INC, WAKEFIELD, MA (NOW WWW.DEXTRYS.COM) VICE PRESIDENT, SOFTWARE QUALITY AUTOMATION Successfully negotiated the sales of the services division within Cogentric, Inc. to Darwin Partners, Inc., and lead the SQA team within the acquiring company. Responsibilities included working with the sales team to bid on new contracts, meet prospective clients to understand needs and formulate plans, close and deliver contracts. Led numerous projects for Darwin Partners in the areas of Application Performance Optimization (with Load Testing tools including Mercury's LoadRunner and Compuware's QA Load), Disaster Recovery, and Quality Organization Assessment & IT Division re-alignment. HIGHLIGHTS OF MAJOR ASSIGNMENTS FOR CLIENTS: ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSFORMATION PROJECT MANAGER a" CIGNA HEALTHCARE Led a group of 24 people across a range of disciplines to transform the IT claims-processing division of a large health insurance company from a software acceptance organization to a software development organization, with the development being moved to India. Project concluding by saving 40% of the divisional cost per year, ($2 million/year), reducing defects per release from an average of 250 to an average of 10, and reducing cost overruns per release to nearly zero. Client was able to recoup cost of project in just over 1 year. DISASTER RECOVERY/BUSINESS CONTINUITY TEAM LEAD a" CAPITAL ONE Engaged as one of a number of vendors into one of the largest Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity projects in the private industry for the largest credit card company in the world. PWC acted as the prime. Project involved a DR exercise for an entire data center housing approximately 350 applications across a spectrum of technologies. Recovery site was in a secure bunker in an undisclosed location several hundred miles away. As a team, we had to determine how to recover disparate systems and find common verifiable links to preserve data staffing, training, and mentoring the QA team for the Pilot Project. SQA Process had to be congruent with culture, critical success factors of organization, demonstrable ROI, and emerging SDLC process. The SQA Process was designed in terms of "value sets" that were implemented with a cadence that integrated with the project milestones such that each construct was designed to demonstrate as much value as possible to build momentum in implementing the next value set. Evaluated and selected suites of automated process and test tools, and integrated such tools according to the schedule. The full implementation of automation included Requirements Management, Defect Tracking and reporting, integration with two Configuration Management Systems and a Test Management System.

Automated the Functional Regression Test System, Load and Stress Test System, Nightly Build and Baseline Migration System, and created a "Project Central" Website that was automatically populated with critical project information, build statistics, defect logs, and test statistics with drill-down capabilities. QA AUTOMATION TECHNICAL LEAD a" MORGAN STANLEY DEAN WITTER ONLINE Served as QA Automation Lead Architect for a very large on-line trading company in San Francisco using Silk and Silk Performer to incorporate streamlined methodologies and risk-mitigation processes to achieve our "Quality On Time" objectives. Results were to: a) have a documented, repeatable, flexible process for automating new Web release candidates to achieve a 24-hour test execution cycle (development work is still underway); b) improve metrics and controls on internal software development processes; and c) produce more predictable builds by automatically performing a build audit and smoke test on new release candidates. NUMEROUS QA AUTOMATION TECHNICAL LEAD ASSIGNMENTS a" JOHN HANCOCK, LIBERTY MUTUAL, FIDELITY INVESTMENTS, VANGUARD, BOSTON TECHNOLOGY (COMVERSE NETWORK SYSTEMS) Served as QA Automation Lead Architect and Project Manager for several large financial service and insurance companies along the eastern seaboard. For example, engaged a large Boston-based insurance firm to automate the testing of a new client/server project with Web interfaces using the Mercury Interactive suite of test tools (LoadRunner, TestDirector, and WinRunner). Achieved goal of reducing test cycle from 7 days to 24 hours with more controls and metrics for root cause analysis of defects. Designed and built an automated test architecture that: a) extended the class support for many custom objects that were previously unrecognizable (Far Point grids, tabs, calendars, etc.); b) provided a State Navigation component that allowed an average of 40% reduction in coding necessary to build a test case, saving enormous time in building and maintenance of these scripts; c) provided error-trapping and recovery to allow scripts to be more robust and run overnight; d) provided mechanisms for data independence between scripts such that the tests could be distributed on many machines for execution; and e) designed a relational database schema and built connections between test tool and database for a common repository of all test data (input and results). 2/99-3/01 CONDUCIV, INC., NASHUA, NH (ACQUIRED BY COGENTRIC, INC.) FOUNDER/CEO Founded a consulting organization focused on automated testing services, SDLC process automation, and performance tuning/optimization serving Fortune 1000 clients across the US. Negotiated successful acquisition of Conduciv in March, 2001 to Cogentric, Inc. of Portsmouth, NH. Story can be found at this link: 14977 Oversaw all projects engaged by Conduciv, with 12 employees and up to 45 contractors. Delivered 22 projects in 25 months to various industries.

2/98-2/99 WORKSOFT, INC., DALLAS, TX WWW.WORKSOFT.COM CO-FOUNDER/DIRECTOR OF CLIENT SERVICES Interface with clients in defining strategies and resolving technical issues in implementing Certify, a proprietary automated test solution developed by Worksoft, Inc. Certify is a comprehensive environment for approaching, developing, executing and results reporting of automated tests across multiple applications and multiple environments (Host-based and Client/Server). It features "build acceptance time" automated acquisition of an application's windows and objects, requirements traceability, and test coverage tracking of requirements and windows/objects. DESIGNER/DEVELOPER Designed, coded and implemented major components of the Certify product including "Build Import", "Impact Analysis", and "Resolve Build Discrepancies" in Visual Basic 6.0 with an ODBC interface to an RDBMS. Build Import interrogated either source code (Host-based systems) or executables and DLLs (Client/Server systems) to automatically acquire the windows, objects, and their dependencies within an application. Impact Analysis determined the impact of changes to windows and objects on the current crop of test cases. Resolved Build Discrepancies walks the user through each potential problem of a new build's impact on existing test cases to resolve them. 1990-1998 SOFTWARE QUALITY PARTNERS, INC., BURLINGTON, MA (ACQUIRED BY AJILON) CHIEF TECHNOLOGIST/SENIOR CONSULTANT Served in a variety of roles including: Developer (C/C++, VB, Embedded SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting, Win NT, Win 95/98, OS/2, Unix, telephony, and proprietary platforms), QA Staff, QA Manager, QA Automation Technical Lead, and a supporting technical resource for other groups for a firm specializing in Software Quality Assurance Consulting engagements were nationwide across a broad spectrum of industries. Highlights of Major Assignments: Conceived, designed, and lead the development of a workflow-based, multiple-platform, multiple-database issue-tracking system. Implemented in C++ on Windows 3.1 platform utilizing a Sybase SQL Server back end in a distributed database configuration. Tool was later purchased by a large Boston-based financial institution for world-wide implementation. Tool Developer for a telephony product manufacturer to automatically test telephony systems. Designed and implemented a tool in Visual Basic with a TAPI (Telephony API), and a host interface to coordinate actions within the System Admin function with telephony traffic. Also interfaced with an Amertitec Call Load Generator (to place large volumes of calls on the system) to simulate load conditions. Implemented configuration management (CCC/Manager), and negotiated with development and internal customer base to define the baselines,

migration policies (entrance/exit criteria, ownership, reporting responsibilities, etc.). Automation Lead Architect for the automated testing a large, multi-platform CASE tool utilizing Mercury Interactive suite of automated test tools. Supervised team of 9 automated test script developers. Weekly conference calls with Mercury's VP of Client Services, as we were the first Mercury developer to write tests across all of the platforms they supported. QA and Release Manager for a Client/Server project in the Financial Services industry. Project was written in an object-oriented CASE tool that produced C++ code, and utilized a variety of servers include RDBMS (Sybase SQL Server), Image Processing, and Workflow Processing. Developed and implemented a QA Strategy document intended to enforce the proper disciplines for the size of the project. QA Consultant to a telephony product manufacturer servicing the Regional Bell Operating Companies. Systems were highly reliable with redundancy throughout a" downtime measured in minutes per year. Wrote Test Approach Document outlining strategic and tactical approach to testing. Co-wrote, reviewed, and implemented Test Plan. Extensive amounts of stress, load and failure/restart/recovery testing. Designed and implemented automated Unix scripts which could be automatically kicked off at any time of day to perform specific stresses and call profiles on the system. QA System Architect for a large telephony company in Kansas City. Wrote a QA approach plan and implemented Pure/Atria's PureTestExpert (test planning and execution tool) while supervising two contractors and two full-time employees to continue to support the methodology. Developer and technical consultant for an interactive TV system. Implemented in SCO/Unix with a TCP/IP backbone. Developed in Progress Software's 4GL. Wrote the command interpreter/parser to communicate with the firmware. 1989-1990 ANDERSEN CONSULTING, LOS ANGELES, CA (NOW WWW.ACCENTURE.COM) CONSULTING STAFF Extensive schooling in formal systems development methods including Andersen's Foundation methodology. System Administrator and developer for a joint project between Andersen Consulting and Hewlett Packard to port an Andersen Consulting proprietary automated factory management system/MRP system from 3290/Cobol to X-Windows/Unix/RDBMS. Member of the prototype and development team in bringing project to fruition. Member of the development team in implementing a factory cell-control system for Boeing Aerospace and Electronics Division in Seattle, WA. System interfaced with an MRP (MACPAC) to automate factory floor operations in a paperless work environment. System was written in C/ESQL and hosted on a Unix platform. Performed market research on potential target markets resulting in an internally published report used to assess the viability of starting a new industry group using Dialogue and BRS database

services. Used information from Computer Intelligence, IEEE, Derwent and Predicast databases for supporting information. 1980-1989 VALLEY HOMES, AMHERST, MA FOUNDER High Honors; President, Phi Theta Kappa National Honor Society Persystence, Inc. a 246 Durham Point Road a Durham, NH 03824 a Phone 603.674.3656 a Fax 617.208.2942 jodc_in49762.doc