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The Indian Call Center Journey

"The call center business appears to be going the dot-com way with a lot of big names pumping in dough. Ultimately, only the fittest will survive." A Mumbai based call center agent, in 2001. Call Centers Fare Badly In the beginning of 1999, the teleworking industry had been hailed as 'the opportunity' for Indian corporates in the new millennium. In late 2000, a NASSCOM1 study forecast that by 2008, the Indian IT enabled services business2 was set to reach great heights. Noted Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) scholar, Michael Dertouzos remarked that India could boost its GDP by a trillion dollars through the IT-enabled services sector. Call center (an integral part of IT-enabled services) revenues were projected to grow from Rs 24 bn in 2000 to Rs 200 bn by 2010. During 2000-01, over a hundred call centers were established in India ranging from 5000 sq. ft. to 100,000 sq. ft. in area involving investments of over Rs 12 bn. However, by early 2001, things seemed to have taken a totally different turn. The reality of the Indian call center experience was manifested in rows after rows of cubicles devoid of personnel in the call centers. There just was no business coming in. In centers which did retain the employees, they were seen sitting idle, waiting endlessly for the calls to come. Estimates indicated that the industry was saddled with idle capacity worth almost $ 75-100 mn. Owners of a substantial number of such centers were on the lookout for buyers. It was surprising that call centers were having problems in recruiting suitable entry-level agents even with attractive salaries being offered. The human resource exodus added to the industry's misery. Given the large number of unemployed young people in the country, the attrition rate of over 50% (in some cases) was rather surprising. The industry, which was supposed to generate substantial employment for the country, was literally down in the dumps - much to the chagrin of industry experts, the Government, the media and above all, the players involved. The future prospects of the call center business seemed to be rather bleak indeed.

000 level by 2002 employing approximately 18 mn people. other financial services. call centers became necessary for many industries. It was expected to touch the 300. or was linked with other centers or to a corporate data network. interactive voice response systems. the global call center industry was worth $ 800 mn spread across around 100. investments and securities. marketing or technical support in areas such as airline/hotel reservations. For instance. irrespective of the client company's customer base. with its own standards for quality. for a biotechnology company. microcomputers and LANs4.' (the people working at the center). In certain setups. Call centers began as huge establishments managing large volumes of communications and traffic. retail banking.000 units. when the travel/hospitality industry in the US began to centralize their reservation centers. the task could be of verifying genetic databases. Each industry had its own way of operating these centers. while a FMCG company could use the call centers for better customer relationship management.000 seats. manned by 'agents. an EPABX. banking or regarding telemarketing.Next Page >>> Call Center Basics In 2001. The call center could be situated anywhere in the world. including mainframes. etc. (Refer Table II). market research. . while in certain other cases. the clients bore the call's cost. The total number of people who worked at the center at any given point of time were referred to as 'seats.' A center could range from a small 5-10 seat set-up to a huge set-up with 5002.The Indian Call Center Journey . With the rise of catalog shopping and outbound telemarketing. These centers were generally set up as large rooms. Call centers could either be 'captive/in-house' or in form of an 'outsourced bureau. and its own preferred technologies. Call centers date back to the 1970s. with workstations. the caller and the call center shared costs. The center was either an independent entity. sales. Broadly speaking.' Captive call centers were typically used by various segments like insurance.3 headsets hooked into a large telecom switch and one or more supervisor stations. (Refer Table I). a call center was a facility handling large volumes of inbound and outbound telephone calls. The calls could be for customer service.

The Indian Call Center Journey . setting up of the center. entertainment. • Facilitates business round the clock and in any geographical region. helped in lowering the operating expenses and financial risks. technology. Outsourced bureau operators were utilized by companies at various stages viz. excess traffic situations etc. • Offers an economical means of reaching diverse and widely distributed customer group. • Global call centers handling calls from across the world. manufacturing. Source: Compiled from various sources. Source: Compiled from various sources.Next Page >>> Call Center Basics Contd. • Allows customers easy access to experts. TABLE I BENEFITS OF A CALL-CENTER • Enhances the customer base and business prospects.. • Fine-tunes offerings to specific customer groups by specialized and focussed assistance. transport. travel and tourism.telecommunications. TABLE II CALL CENTER CLASSIFICATION • Voice call center with phones and computers.Next Page >>> . internal infrastructure revamps. The Indian Call Center Journey . assisted in using latest technologies. Outsourcing bureaus were outfits with prior experience in running call centers. These helped the new players in dealing with complex labor issues. • E-mail call center with leased lines and computers.. • Regional call centers handling calls from local clients. healthcare and education etc. • Allows a company to reduce the overheads of brick and mortar branches. • Web-based call centers using internet chat facilities with customers. utilities.

American Express. leather merchants. Citibank. This was cited to be the biggest advantage India could offer to the MNCs.000. ABN AMRO. BPL.000. the manpower cost was approximately one-tenth of this. many people began thinking of entering the call center business. including lorry-fleet operators. the Government's pro call center industry approach and a virtual 12-hour time zone difference with the US added to India's advantages. manpower typically accounted for 55-60% of the total costs in the US and European markets . During this rush to make money from the call center 'wave. tyre distributors and plantation owners among others. Deutsche Bank. In a call center. The Indian Call Center Journey .in India. Moreover.' NASSCOM received queries from many people with spare cash and space. There were a host of players in the Indian call center industry. British Airways set up captive call center units for their global needs.Next Page >>> Indian Call Centers – Myths and Realities Contd. ICICI Banking Corporation. Apart from the pioneers British Airways. After the projections of the NASSCOM-McKinsey report were made public. GE and Swiss Air.Indian Call Centers – Myths and Realities There were many reasons why India was considered an attractive destination to set up call centers. Global Tele-Systems. While per agent cost in US worked out to approximately $ 40. reasonably tech-savvy personnel. Wipro.. Mid 1990s . Bank of America. The boom in the Indian information technology sector in the mid 1990s led to the country's IT strengths being recognized all over the world. (Refer Table III). in India it was only $ 5. Godrej Soaps. India had the largest English-speaking population after the US and had a vast workforce of educated. TABLE III THE INDIAN CALL-CENTER MILESTONES GE. garment exporters. Swiss Air.. Apart from these. and Bharati BT were the other major players in the call-center business. HLL. Airtel. Global Trust.

They assumed that by offering cheaper rates. The Indian Call Center Journey . from plantation owners to lorryfleet operators. However. Venture Capitalists rush in. More than 1. Brokers and middlemen make an entry to fix such deals. New ventures still coming up: capacity of between 25 seats and 10. As call centers were a new line of business in India. client servicing issues etc was very poor. December 1999 May 2000 A NASSCOM-McKinsey report says that remote services could generate $ 18 billion of annual revenues by 2008. the field required experience and a sound business background. Once they decided to enter the field. indicates that a center could be set up with $ 1 million. Though the medical 2000 transcription business is not flourishing.000 seats per Quarter 1. Over 600 participant firms plan to set up medical transcription outfits and call centers. strategic partnerships and joint ventures. the lack of track record forced the clients to go for much . wanted to set up centers. These players seemed to have neglected the fact that most successful call centers were quite large and had either some experience in the form of promoters having worked abroad in similar ventures or previous experience with such ventures or were subsidiaries of foreign companies. without having any idea as to what the business was all about. Gold rush begins. Most of the call centers are waiting for customers. Small operators discover that the business is a black hole where investments just disappear. Make huge investments in call centers. The real trouble started when these companies began soliciting clients. they found that most of the capital expenditure (in form of building up the infrastructure5) occurred even before the first client was bagged. Quarter 4 2000 NASSCOM report. most of these people entered the field. they would be able to attract clients easily. the marketing aspects.Next Page >>> Indian Call Centers – Myths and Realities Contd..000 participants flock to the NASSCOM meet to hear September about new opportunities in remote services. Their knowledge regarding the technology involved.. Everyone.Following increasing interest in the IT-enabled services sector. May 1999 NASSCOM held the first IT-enabled services meet. They look for buyers. 2001 company. call centers seen as a big opportunity. They did not realize that more than easy access to capital and real estate.

lack of processes to scale the business7 and the lack of management capabilities. it was this very set of people whom the Indian call centers were finding extremely difficult to recruit and more importantly. as the unemployment levels were much higher. The clients expected to be shown detailed Service Level Agreements (SLAs)6.. Many US clients insisted on a strict inspection of the facilities offered. However. cafeterias and even the restrooms. The reasons were not very hard to understand. The Indian Call Center Journey . the same trend was not expected to emerge in India. retain. with agents being fired frequently for not being able to adhere to the strict accuracy standards. the players hit another roadblock .detailed and prolonged studies of the Indian partners. Even for those who did manage to rope in some clients. In 2000. most of the Indian players were unable to get international customers. A typical call center agent could be described as being 'overworked. The work was highly stressful and monotonous with frequent night shifts. Because of the inadequate investments in technology.Next Page >>> Indian Call Centers – Myths and Realities Contd. In a eight-and-a-half hour shift. Under these circumstances.. with about 10-15% of the staff quitting within the first two months itself.this time in form of the high labor turnover problem. Even though attrition rates were very high in this industry worldwide. the business was limited. stressed-out and thoroughly bored. the agents had to attend calls for seven-and-a-half hours.' The odd timings took a toll on their health with many agents complaining of their biological clocks being disturbed. As if these problems were not enough. Agent performance was the deciding factor in the success of any call center.' The agents were frequently reported to develop an identity crisis because of the 'dual personality' they had to adopt. which a majority of the Indian firms could not manage. They had to take on European/US names or abbreviate their own names and acquire foreign accents in order to pose as 'locals. no US company was willing to risk giving business to amateurs at the cost of losing their customers. underpaid. (Especially the ones in night shifts). Job security was another major problem. the average attrition rate in the industry was 40-45%. (Not more than one mistake per 100 . such as work-areas. Companies had recognized agents as one of the most important and influential points of contact between the business and the customer.

They generally got fed up and left within a few months when the excitement waned. The entry norms established at this point were . Such students with a good basic level of English could be trained easily to improve their accents. While they were initially excited to work in the excellent working environment of a multinational company for a few lines.) The industry did not offer any creative work or growth opportunities to keep the workers motivated. in a 426seat center. they were not willing to make a career in the call center industry. 20 team leaders. a minimum qualification of a university degree.Next Page >>> Future Prospects The Indian call center majors were trying to handle the labor exodus through various measures. Analysts remarked that the fault was mainly in the recruitment.a maximum age limit of 25 years. Organizations that first set up call centers in India were able to pick and choose the best talent available. pronunciation. The companies hence did not have to spend too much time and effort in training the new recruits on the two important aspects of a good level of spoken and written English and a good exposure to western culture and traditions. This had been . going up the hierarchy was almost impossible for the agents. spelling and diction. The scope for growth was very limited. and career progression policies of the call centers. They could be trained to become familiar with western culture and traditions. grammar. English medium school basic education and a preference to candidates belonging to westernized and well-off upper middle class families. training. four service delivery leaders. For instance. A consistently high attrition rate affected not only a center's profits but also customer service and satisfaction.8 The Indian Call Center Journey . However. there were 400 agents. This meant that opportunities for providing higher levels of customer service were lost on account of high staff turnover. This was because a new agent normally took a few months before becoming as proficient as an experienced one. Foremost amongst these was the move to employ people from social and academic backgrounds different from the norms set earlier. one head of department and one head of business. Thus. The housewives and back-towork mothers' pool could also be developed into excellent resources. companies soon realized that people with such backgrounds generally had much higher aspirations in life. Young people passing out of English medium high schools and universities and housewives and back-to-work mothers looking for suitable opportunities were identified as two of the biggest possible recruitment pools for the industry.

editor and publisher of 'Call Center Managers Forum' came out strongly against India being promoted as an ideal place to set up call centers. make that antiquated: The attempts by a major US corporation to set up a satellite link has so far been expensive and not very successful. posing threats for the Indian call centers. in face to face conversations.. A survey of Fortune 1. Electricity infrastructure is going from bad to worse – in fact during my stay at a 5 star hotel and at the corporate HQ of a big MNC. Another solution being thought about was to recruit people from non-metros. The Indian Call Center Journey . The promise of cheap. we had on average 7 black-outs a day where the generators would kick in after 2-3 seconds. a host of other issues had cropped up. This did not augur well for a country banking on its cost competitiveness. The infrastructure is bad. How will this play out over the telephone with people much less educated that my conversation partners? The non-existent customer service culture in India will make training of reps mandatory and difficult. Niels Kjellerup. English speaking and technically aware labor from India was suddenly not as lucrative in the international markets. Also. and international calls . as people from these places were deemed to be more likely to stay with the organization. The telecom market is not deregulated. though being more difficult to recruit and expensive to train. China was fast emerging as a major threat to India. It took on average three attempts just to get a line of out my hotel. since such a luxury as service is not part of everyday life in India. where call centers employed a large number of housewives and back-to-work mothers. as it had embarked on a massive plan to train people in English to overcome its handicap in the language.Next Page >>> Future Prospects Contd. The telephony system is analog and inadequate.000 companies on their outsourcing concerns showed that cost-reduction was not the most important criterion for selecting an outsourcing partner. I found it very difficult to understand what was said. He said: "The English spoken by Indians is a very heavy dialect – in fact.. In February 2001. Even as the people and infrastructure problems were being tackled. no.successfully tried out in the US and European markets.

Whether the dream of call centers contributing to substantial economic growth for India would turn into reality was something only time would reveal. the company decided upon the appropriate technology and solution platform after evaluation. hope still existed for the Indian call center industry. Although inexperienced in the call center business. Exhibits Exhibit I: Call Center Terminology Building a call center Manjushree Infotech wanted to enter the IT Enabled Services space and decided to set up a call center in Kolkata. And in order to support the operations of this .are very expensive. With the US economy facing a slowdown." Despite the mounting criticisms and worries. the need for US companies to outsource was expected to be even higher. Analysts remarked that the call center business was in the midst of a transition. In spite of the downturn. the shakeout in this industry was not only because of an over supply of call center providers. Add to this a lack of a call center industry and very few people with call center experience which makes it very hard to recruit call center managers with a proven track record. Florida. The Reliance group was planning to open call centers in 10 cities across the country. by Soutiman Das Gupta Manjushree Infotech decided to enter the IT Enabled Services (ITES) space because it felt that this area had a lot of business potential. the call center business was considered to hold a lot of potential by many corporates. wherein only the fundamentally strong players would remain in the fray after an inevitable 'shakeout. The business culture and the mix of Government intervention will be a cultural shock for Western business people with no previous experience. Other companies including Spectramind and Global Telesystems planned to either enter or enhance their presence in the business.' Unlike other industries. but also because of the quality of supply offered. It received a mandate from the Health Management Organization (HMO) in USA to support its call center in Tampa.

THE SOLUTION PLAN The plan was to build a small setup comprising 25 seats which could scale up when business picked up and new clients were acquired. and the Web. data. Manjushree Infotech. Manjushree Infotech. voice. And the solution had to support multimedia applications and use the benefits of convergence to deliver multiple modes of interaction with customers.facility. "We had to look for a technology platform and a call center solution that would be quick to deploy keeping in mind our customer's need. address our expansion plans. The solution had to be scalable enough to support the company's expansion plans. The company had to keep a number of aspects in mind in order to plan the setup. The availability of a wide variety of applications on IP for voice. we decided to adopt an extensive evaluation process. "Since we had no prior experience with call centers and there were various solutions available in the market to address our needs. and multimedia integration capabililties. Manjushree Infotech decided to set up a call center in Kolkata with the required infrastructure." said Sam Swaminathan. and video. The problem Since it had no experience in call centers the company had to decide upon the appropriate technology and platform on which to construct the solution. The company conducted discussions with various vendors like Lucent." said Amit Choudhury. It wanted to enter the IT Enabled Services space and decided to set up a call center in Kolkata. Principal Consultant. Nortel. voice. multi-service infrastructure based on IP. It enables the company to track expenses and agent productivity. It was compulsory for the WAN to have QoS features since voice would be the primary medium of communication. and support a future need for convergence. The solution The company deployed an appropriate call center solution which had QoS features and supported voice. In a nutshell • The company Manjushree Infotech is a part of the B. It had to be built on an integrated single infrastructure in order to exploit the convergence in data. and Cisco for architectural designs and directions for the call center technology. Birla Group of Companies. CEO. data and video were highlighted as key drivers for the adoption of technology.600 incoming calls a day. Customers can use multiple reporting capabilities through email. • • • It was also important to build the converged.K. All vendors presented their suggested technology direction for voice and video to our decision-makers and teams of technical consultants belonging to our customer in the US. And this infrastructure had to interoperate seamlessly with legacy PBX. . The benefits The call center is able to support 1. based on TDM voice in the US.

info employed expert Results back office administration workers. is a leading and trusted provider of government assisted wireless services and non-lifeline telecom services. We have not been able to meet the expectations of our client but have been able to elate the company with our services. Client wonderful Program outsourcing Performance talks: experience. To cope up with the elaborate and painstaking work of processing applications. The purpose was to assist the customers effectively and quickly. We are . : caters about 60. Analysis: The client was specially concerned about the numbers of applications and the time of response taken by in-house staff. they have been associated with us. the team at callcenterinindia. callcenterinindia. : Thanks for providing such an excellent support. Our Solution : We deployed expert call center agents who were well versed in English and had accurate and effective account which would work in night to complement the day hours according to western zone of timings and other in daytime as per Indian Standard Time. we initiated two shifts of working. based in Columbus. 000 customers on monthly basis. The customers were provided with toll-free numbers so that they would not hesitate to call. To make services more customer centric. The company wanted a complete back up support system to cater its need of back-office operations where the applications of candidates can be tracked and verified to expedite the processes. I appreciate your timely help and for offering such a We are consistently achieving new benchmarks and exceeding services level expectations. and we are proudly handling their back-office and customer support operations. Once we presented them our delivery model of work. This was not only resulting in wastage of time but also in loss of customers to the competitors. The company was also looking for one stop source which can take care of their extensive and growing numbers of customers and provide them better and prompt services. since then. We provide bi-monthly progress and performance reports to our client as well.Case About Client Study and Company: The client.

Customer is the king and information in right time is the need of the hour. 2. 1. 6. The solution of the same was an integrated Call Center with all the CRM working in the operation unit. Workforce Management Critical Success Factors: . The system required should be scalable both in terms of increasing the service requirement and changes happening in the world of telecom services. CTI Server Flexible IVRS Agent Client Administrator client Scheduler/Calendar Monitor and Alarms Reports 8. Requirement Telecom and Energy was looking for a call center blended both inbound and outbound to cater the services being asked by their potential and existing customers. 5. 1. Inbound/outbound call center Components SaiCall is complete suite consists of various modules to operate call center or contact center in different situation. 7. Scope & SIS OFFERS: Technology We have variety of solution for various business verticals to provide complete solution in terms of contact center. Server based Call center ( Dialogic ) SIS offers number of solution depending upon requirements of out client and flexibility to integrate with their business requirements. The BSNL customer were facing a lot of difficulty in (1) Accessing the information about the services being offered by BSNL (2) Getting value added services (3) Information pertaining to himself (4) Complaints related to services. 2. We have call center solution based on different technology. Out solution is tightly integrated with existing CRM so that it covers all aspects of the business contact to give highly satisfied experience to their customer. 000 customers on monthly basis for this client and adding more than 60 percent as customer acquisitions monthly. The Call Center should have the basic feature of integrating with different kind of CRM packages working across the operational units. Call Center Development and Implementation Projects Scenario Today. Switch based Call center 2.handling about 50. 5. Inbound Call Center Outbound call center Predictive dialer Auto Dialer Preview Dialer 6. mainly 1. 3. 4. 4. 3.

Trichur and Calicut. Application to match Local Scenario: The requirement of services being offered through these call center is geography specific and depends on the customer base and competition scenario. UP(West) BSNL (all centers spread across Noida. . Ernakulam. Meerut and Bareilly Inbound/Outbound Call center integrated with CRM/Billing System) 5. Data Entry. BJP. Data Conversion.Integration of existing CRM Servers: BSNL has different packages working for CRM activities across the operational units. SIS practices this in action and hands over the complete knowledge to the customers so that the operations of the call center can be handled by the customer himself without the hindrance.BSNL (Call center Inbound/Outbound Call center integrated with CRM/Billing System) spread across Trivendrum. Ahmedabad Telecom District .Unified Messaging System 12. Back Office Operations like. from those who wish to establish a presence and create more channels for their business to those who require complex applications and more interactivity. Transcription Services. Call Center Offshore Outsourcing . Rajsthan BSNL (Call center Inbound/Outbound Call center integrated with CRM/Billing System) 4. From Fortune 500 companies to individual entrepreneurs. Accounting.A Case Study Flatworld transformed the sales process for a global software and services company based in the US. UP(East) BSNL (Call center Inbound/Outbound Call center integrated with CRM/Billing System) 6.Unified Messaging System 11. MP BSNL (Call center Inbound/Outbound Call center integrated with CRM/Billing System) 8. Ahmedabad Predictive Dialer International 10. These CRM can exist in Oracle/Sybase/DB2/SQLServer and even in Foxpro. Raipur BSNL (Call center Inbound/Outbound Call center integrated with CRM/Billing System) 9.i Factor. The Challenge The customer. Anand and Godhra in Gujarat. iCall. 7. we have rendered to them all. They were interested in understanding how the developing IT enabled services industry in India could be leveraged. addressing mid market companies globally had successfully established a development center in Bangalore and was looking at expanding the scope of activities in India. The Customer Our customer was a leading global software and services company based in Minneapolis and listed by NASDAQ. They were looking at expanding their India operations and Flatworld bagged the contract and delivered lucrative call center offshore outsourcing services. Training Agents and Supervisor: SIS do understand that any system integration project is incomplete without the handing over of the technical knowhow and operational knowledge to the customers. IT enabled services include Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Project done so far 1. New Delhi .BSNL (Inbound/Outbound Call center integrated with CRM/Billing System) 2. SIS does the case study of the requirement and presents the complete solution to meet the requirement and configure the application to meet the requisite. Content Development.. Finance & Accounting. Flatworld has done diverse call center offshore outsourcing work and cater to customers from all over the world. MGVCL Call Centers at Vadodara. ONGC Mumbai . HR Services. Kerala . Gujarat GSM -BSNL ( 150 seats Switch based Inbound/Outbound Call center integrated with CRM/Billing System) 3.

50. Learn more about Flatworld's Success Stories. The customer also expressed that the company strategy to differentiate itself from competitors in terms of the quality of staff deployed in its initial customer facing interaction and solution development was a success. the initial market scope extended from the USA to cover the UK. Our solution included: • • • • A team based in India. They made it mandatory for the in-market sales team to visit the development center in India and our sales support team and interact on a more personal level. Extensions were not only in business divisions. This will give a lot of ammunition to those lobbying against outsourcing in US. Some Indian Case Studies: 1 Pune Citibank MphasiS Call Center Fraud US $ 3. Design of a pilot program A team of Flatworld’s B2B specialists Relevant training for two weeks to make the first level pitch The Result The initial pilot program we designed for the call center offshore outsourcing service was an unqualified success. products and market scope but also in budgets. Flatworld was singled out as the best fit to undertake their call center offshore outsourcing. Outsource your call center needs to Flatworld now. communication skills and poise to open doors for the company’s highly skilled product specialists to take the sales process to the next phase.000 from accounts of four US customers were dishonestly transferred to bogus accounts. that had the required sales skills. as the results from the pilot paid for Flatworld’s subsequent quarterly service fees! The customer thought it was important to build a team rapport across customer and service provider. Read this Case Study on Call Center Services offered by Flatworld to a leading global Call Center Operator. The marked increase in productivity of the in-market sales team resulted in the extension of budgets as well. Canada and Anglophone Africa. Such cases happen all over the world but when it happens in India it is a serious matter and we can . Customer Response The customer remarked that the call center offshore outsourcing deal they got from Flatworld was extremely successful. Other Services including Remote Education and Market Research Services. The Solution Flatworld was awarded the contract for the customer’s call center offshore outsourcing based on the solution it highlighted to drive the customers' sales process. The customer then decided to extend our call center offshore outsourcing services to other business divisions and product categories. Engineering.Animation. After Flatworld’s pilot.

This opened up the question as to what kind of distinction do we draw between Internet Service Provider and Content Provider.not ignore it. We must still ensure such checks when a person is hired. The CD was also being sold in the markets in Delhi. The CEO was later released on bail. However. 2 Baazee. There is need for a strict background check of the call center executives. Most banks are guilt of not doing this. They got these under the guise of helping the customers out of difficult situations. It is a case of sourcing engineering. Some employees gained the confidence of the customer and obtained their PIN numbers to commit fraud. There was not as much of breach of security but of sourcing was arrested in December 2004 because a CD with objectionable material was being sold on the website. 3 State of Tamil Nadu Vs Suhas Katti The Case of Suhas Katti is notable for the fact that the conviction was achieved successfully within a relatively quick time of 7 months from the filing of the FIR. Considering that similar cases have been pending in other states for a much longer time. gone out immediately to a cyber café and accessed the Citibank accounts of the customers. There is need for a national ID and a national data base where a name can be referred case CEO of Baazee. All accounts were opened in Pune and the customers complained that the money from their accounts was transferred to Pune accounts and that’s how the criminals were traced. Customer education is very important so customers do not get taken for a ride. The case related to posting of obscene. the efficient handling of the case which happened to be the first case of the Chennai Cyber Crime Cell going to trial deserves a special mention. Police has been able to prove the honesty of the call center and has frozen the accounts where the money was transferred. E-Mails were also forwarded to the victim . defamatory and annoying message about a divorcee woman in the yahoo message group. It also raises a lot of issues regarding how the police should handle the cyber crime cases and a lot of education is required. They must have remembered these numbers. In this case preliminary investigations do not reveal that the criminals had any crime history. The call center employees are checked when they go in and out so they can not copy down numbers and therefore they could not have noted these down. Highest security prevails in the call centers in India as they know that they will lose their business. The burden rests on the accused that he was the Service Provider and not the Content Provider. The Mumbai city police and the Delhi Police got into action. best of background checks can not eliminate the bad elements from coming in and breaching security.

The posting of the message resulted in annoying phone calls to the lady in the belief that she was soliciting.000 vouchers to prove the legitimacy of trade and thought his offence would go undetected but after careful scrutiny of vouchers and contents of his computers it revealed that all of them were made after the raids were conducted. 509 IPC and 67 of IT Act 2000 and the accused is convicted and is sentenced for the offence to undergo RI for 2 years under 469 IPC and to pay fine of Rs. Further the Defence counsel argued that some of the documentary evidence was not sustainable under Section 65 B of the Indian Evidence Act. Egmore. delivered the judgement on 5-11-04 as follows: " The accused is found guilty of offences under section 469. the accused took up the harassment through the Internet. They sought an explanation from him regarding the unaccounted cash within 10 days.4680/2004. 4 PARLIAMENT ATTACK CASE Bureau of Police Research and Development at Hyderabad had handled some of the top cyber cases. The laptop which was seized from the two terrorists.4000/All sentences to run concurrently. The emblems (of the three lions) were carefully scanned and the seal was also craftly made along with residential address of Jammu and Kashmir. She however married another person.C. However. The accused person submitted 6. Ld. Based on a complaint made by the victim in February 2004. This marriage later ended in divorce and the accused started contacting her once again. The Defence argued that the offending mails would have been given either by exhusband of the complainant or the complainant her self to implicate the accused as accused alleged to have turned down the request of the complainant to marry her. . But careful detection proved that it was all forged and made on the laptop. The same was taken on file in C. who attacked Parliament. This is considered as the first case convicted under section 67 of Information Technology Act 2000 in India. The owner of a plastics firm was arrested and Rs 22 crore cash was recovered from his house by sleuths of the Vigilance Department.and for the offence u/s 67 of IT Act 2000 to undergo RI for 2 years and to pay fine of Rs. 469 and 509 IPC before The Hon’ble Addl. The accused was a known family friend of the victim and was reportedly interested in marrying her. was sent to Computer Forensics Division of BPRD after computer experts at Delhi failed to trace much out of its contents. Chennai. The laptop contained several evidences that confirmed of the two terrorists’ motives. including the witnesses of the Cyber Cafe owners and came to the conclusion that the crime was conclusively proved. including analysing and retrieving information from the laptop recovered from terrorist. namely the sticker of the Ministry of Home that they had made on the laptop and pasted on their ambassador car to gain entry into Parliament House and the the fake ID card that one of the two terrorists was carrying with a Government of India emblem and seal. On the prosecution side 12 witnesses were examined and entire documents were marked as Exhibits." The accused paid fine amount and he was lodged at Central Prison. On her reluctance to marry him. Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate. who were gunned down when Parliament was under siege on December 13 2001.500/-and for the offence u/s 509 IPC sentenced to undergo 1 year Simple imprisonment and to pay fine of Rs. CMM Egmore by citing 18 witnesses and 34 documents and material objects. It later revealed that the accused was running five businesses under the guise of one company and used fake and computerised vouchers to show sales records and save tax. the court relied upon the expert witnesses and other evidence produced before it.NO.for information by the accused through a false e-mail account opened by him in the name of the victim. the Police traced the accused to Mumbai and arrested him within the next few days. 5 Andhra Pradesh Tax Case Dubious tactics of a prominent businessman from Andhra Pradesh was exposed after officials of the department got hold of computers used by the accused person. On 24-3-2004 Charge Sheet was filed u/s 67 of IT Act 2000.500/.

In light of their age at the time and the fact that they never profited from their actions.S. the court’s ruling may prove to be a significant development in the nascent field of Chinese copyright enforcement in the digital age. and ordered the site to pay US$19. weak enforcement by officials. companies exceeding US$1. historic and economic factors and are further aggravated by inconsistent. one student and a third participant were given 200 hours of community service.cyber. including everything that may mean good for your business from sustaining existing business. or trouble shooting technical problems or administration . We believe that BPO is not just about “outsourcing”. The Beijing No 1 People’s Court ruled in April 2004 that the Web site chinamp3. Filesharing Web sites and networks such as Jelawat and Kuro have been developing rapidly. and therefore should not be held responsible for the IP rights violations.000 for one of them.000 in damages. The severe piracy problems derive from a combination of cultural. The U.800 pirated songs for download. violated the IP rights of Hong Kong-based entertainment companies Go East Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment (Hong Kong). According to which offered more than 1. Japan and South Korea. focusing on Australia.S. Be it taking best care of your potential customers. In Australia’s largest copyright infringement case.pd Fusion BPO Services – Business Per Opportunity Growth in business is what you desire and we spare no efforts to help you get that. Moreover. The considerable growth of the business process outsourcing industry has led to the inclusion of new opportunities. 2. management of all your important data.8 billion a year. Reportedly. 3. Copyright: http://www. 1. Increasingly. copyright owners and right organizations are challenging file-sharing Web sites on copyright infringement claims. but the Supreme People’s Court of China rejected this interpretation. too. diving in new business and eventually maintaining the overall growth as well. China has become a leading exporter of counterfeit and pirated goods to the world.SELECTED ASIA / PACIFIC CASES: The following section provides a selection of actions taken against file-sharing Web sites and P2P services in the Asia/Pacific region. China. making it a stepped process promising business growth. with losses to U. the court warranted 18-month suspended sentences for two of the students and an additional fine of US$5. The suit concerned the unauthorized distribution of MP3 music files. it is an ongoing process that has covered miles today. industry estimates the value of counterfeit goods in China at US$19 billion to US$24 billion. The distributors of P2P software claim that file-sharing falls within the private use exception to copyright. three university students received criminal sentences for running a Web site called MP3/WMA Land. The defendant argued that he had merely provided links for download and not a direct download service.

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