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of MICHAEL W BULLINGTON Personal Information Name: Micheal Bullington Email: mb893e58@westpost.

net Phone: 1-(312)-607-4521 Home Location: US-IL-Forest Park-60130 (Can work for any employer) Experience Job Categories: Skilled Labor - Trades (15 Years experience) Manufacturing (10 Years experience) Installation - Maint - Repair (10 Years experience) Total years experience: 15 Years Company Information Company Name: Doralco alsip IL Start Date: May 2009 Job Title: contract completed End Date: September 2009 Company Name: Thermal Care Start Date: April 2008 Job Title: contract completed End Date: September 2008 Company Name: Trigon International Corp Start Date: March 2007 Job Title: Lead welder of precision-machined components End Date: August 2007 Company Name: O and K American Companies Start Date: March 2006 Job Title: Full-time industrial/maintenance mechanic End Date: March 2007 Company Name: CGI Automated Manufacturers Start Date: November 2005 Job Title: End Date: March 2006 Company Name: WMS Enterprise, L.L.C Start Date: August 2003 Job Title: Journeyman welder End Date: May 2005 Company Name: A-1 tool manufacturing Start Date: August 1997 Job Title: Lead welder End Date: May 2003 Additional Skills And Qualifications Managed Others : Yes (10 others) Languages Spoken : Most recent wage: 15.00 USD per hour Felony Conviction: No Security Clearance: No Military Experience: Education School: Triton College Major: advanced welding tec. Degree: Bachelor's Degree Graduation Date: School: Morton College Major: certificate Degree: Bachelor's Degree Graduation Date: School: Morton College Major: certificate Degree: Bachelor's Degree Graduation Date: Accreditations and Certifications Advanced Welding Techniques Triton College, River Grove, IL a" GPA 4.0 Advanced Mig and Tig Morton College, Cicero, IL a" GPA 4.0 Advanced Stick Welding Morton College, IL a" GPA 3.3 Metal S Morton East High School, IL a" GPA 4.0

Desired Position Desired wage : 20.00 USD per hour Desired employment type: Full-Time, Part-Time, Contractor Desired commute: 25 miles Desired travel: Negligible Are you willing to relocate? US Minor outlying Isl.-chicago (Citizen) Resume Let us create a resume that will get you noticed >> This is how your resume will be viewed by employers. If you find it hard to read , so will employers. Click the Edit link to update the format and/or change the content. Resume from; Michael Bullington Cell # 1-312-607-4521 5:00 am to 9:00 pm Objective: To obtain a full time position utilizing my formal training along with experience and opportunity for growth Profile: * Flexible and willing to assume additional responsibilities * Maintain a positive, professional attitude with co-workers and customers * Dedicated to achieving personal, professional, and company goals * Fully equipped with hand tools and safety equipment Certified and skilled in the use and maintenance of: * Passed certification test from American Welding Society x-ray wafer testing in four different applications * Most shop equipment: saw, drill press, etc. * Tig welder * Sheet metal tools for layout * Mig welder * Purge pipe welding stainless * Remove/replace 480 VAC motors * Pressure vessel tank welding * Heliarc welder Aluminum A/C from 10 gage up to a * Remove/replace hydraulic pumps * Flux core welder 3a * Chain-driven roller belt and conveyors * Plasma cutter * Install electric 120 VAC to 480 VAC lines * Oxygen/acetylene torch * Steel P.V.C. copper pipe welding * The building of fixtures and jigs * Stick welder * Turn Table Tig and Mig welding * Magna flux testing * Micro welding * Skilled with pulse Tig * The practice of heat affected zones and control of sheet metal warp age

Experience : 05/15/09 -08/15/09: Doralco alsip IL. (Recruited by)force staffing 312-455-9700 ( contract completed ) Production welder of architectural sunshades grills airfoils the use of and building of fixtures turn table t.w.a jigs welding mig welding stainless. mild steel and alum.respons ible for daily quota and quality and uniformed welds.

04/15/08 - 09/15/08: Thermal Care, Niles, IL(Recruited by)manpower staffing)847-292-0128 (contract completed ) Lead Tig welder/pipe fitter; building thermal transfer open and closed system units from blue prints, saw cutting 12 gauge stainless steel pipe from 2a to 12a diameter. Turn table welding 1a thick coupling flanges to 90, 45, reducers, tees, hot tapping fittings from a to 8a plasma cutting and out of position weld. Also performed final fitting from 150 HP pumps to pump and from residwire to heat transfer and chiller units back to pumps. Also small saddle pump units. Welded some Mig on mild steel platform cooling units 4a to 12a, 3/8a thick, same type of format as stainless steel 316 purge pipe welding with 100% penetration, magna flux testing, blue print revisions, Tig weld residwire sst tank seams from 12 gage to 3/16a, from 50 gallon to 5,000 gallon. Installed gauges, thermal, GPM, pressure, etc. where necessary. Building four large units for Coca-Cola. Cooling printing presses, plastic injection units all with excellent results and no leaks. Also fabricated stand for P.L.C. units overhead pipe stands, fasteners, etc. This was a temp job, but full time. 03/07 - 08/07: Trigon International Corp., Bolingbrook, IL Lead welder of precision-machined components used in aerospace, medical, and hydraulic industries. Responsible for welding hand-held surgical tools from 300 series to 700 stainless steel. Also responsible for maintenance of all Tig welding equipment, Miller aerowave (top line), Tig welder matching filler metals and consumables and instrumental in evaluation and education of newly hired welders. This was a piece-work job. 03/06 - 03/07: O and K American Companies, Chicago, IL (Recruited by espo)630-789-2525 (contract completed) Full-time industrial/maintenance mechanic. Duties included daily check of boilers, air compressors, water softeners, air scrubbers, water ph testing, hydraulic filter press, diesel backup for electric units. Licensed for large fork lifts, 15-ton overhead cranes, platform lifts, boom lifts. Designing, fabricating, and proposing concepts for quicker and easier manufacturing of product handling. This company is an ISO/TS 16494, ISO 14001, QS 9000, ISO 9001-2000 member steel treatment cold heading plant. Michael Bullington 11/05 -03/06: CGI Automated Manufacturers, Cicero, IL(Recruited by crown )708-656-9070 ( completed contract)

Full-time lead welder of 4 Mig and Tig welding. Helped with re-engineering Mig and Tig fixtures for high-speed production and showed other welders new techniques for Mig and Tig welding. Also responsible for setting up each welder with job orders and daily tasks. 08/03 - 05/05: WMS Enterprise, L.L.C., Franklin Park, IL Journeyman welder responsible for welding and fabrication from structural blue prints with welding symbols. Worked with engineers designing and building the safety pylons for Daily Center. Welded custom kitchen and restaurant equipment, benches, handrails, and bus shelters for the C.T.A. Operated general shop equipment. 08/97 - 05/03: A-1 Tool Corporation, Melrose Park, IL Lead welder for plastic injection mold tool and die company. Worked with engineering using designeras prints and drawings for repairs, modification, and fabrication of injection molds. A wide variety of tool steels and alloys were used. Developed a method to match and log welding parameters for different alloys and Rockwell hardness in order to create high-quality welds required in the injection mold industry

Accomplishments in tank and pipe fitting Open and closed system units (being contracted) to fit and weld ventilation vacuum pack system for Oscar Mayer, welding nitrogen nozzles for Glenmark large auger style mixers, TIG welding of aluminum and stainless steel top fuel car fuel cells and nozzles fittings for custom shop holding alcohol and nitromethane. Patch weld large tanks hydrochloric acid for O and K American Corporation cold heading plant. Also for O and K silver solder 70 joint copper pipe for large ovenas heat and cooling running nitrogen high pressure systems. Installing hydraulic filter press retro unit fit and Tig welding 308 piping to existing phosphate tank to filter press, removing phosphate chemical from water mixture. Fabricate/weld ventilation system for custom Chef Kitchen overhead grill unit. Very good at on the fly designing and following blue prints Michael Bullington Cell#1-312-607-4521 5:00am to 9:pm