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Practice Papers : Economics IIyr. Section –1 [10 marks] 1.” Indian Economy is an agricultural economy.” Explain? 2. What are the causes for low productivity in India . Explain? 3 . Explain the various defects & remedial measures in agricultural marketing in India. . 4. What are the various causes for rural indebt ness in India $ write the remedial measures for rural indebt ness . 5. Define small scale industries and explain the importance of small scale industries in Indian economics. 6. What is tertiary sector ? write about the tertiary sector in Indian economy. 7. What do you know about regional imbalance ? explain the causes . 8. Explain the population policy of India ? 9. Explain the importance of female education in economic development ? 10.Define liberalization, privatization and globalization ? 11. Explain the role of education and health in India ? 12. What are the causes for small size of land holdings in India . mention their consequences. SECTION II [5 MARKS EACH] Define the concept of economic growth and economic development.. Explain objective and functions of W.T.O. Explain objective and functions of I.D.B.I. Explain objective and functions of GATT. Explain the role played by N.A.B.A.R.D. Theory of Demographic Transition. Explain about the new industrial policy of 1991. Explain about Tripps and Trims. Explain the importance of insurance in Ind`ia. What are the various forms of transports in India. What is the need for land reforms in India. What are the problems of population explosion in India. Explain the concept of human capital. Explain the role of regional rural banks in India. What are the sources of agricultural credit. Explain the importance of foreign trade in India. What are the different kinds of education in India. Explain the views of Amartya Sen.

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Service sector 41.C 14.D. Liberalization 24.D. H. Ancestral debt 27. Per Capita Income 3.GATT rounds 43.I.V. Green revolution 31. 13.A. IAAP 21. Inundation Canals 32. Regional disparities ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Allahumma inni ala Zikrika wa Shukrika wa husni ibadatika" excellent coaching for accounts call 9392319514 .D.R. D. WTO agreements 1. P. Plan Holidays 15. National Development Concept 38. L.W. Agmark 6. S. Foreign trade 40. Cropping Pattern 19. Cooperative farming 35.Y 12.A.B. Green House Effect 20. General insurance 26. Land Hunger 37. I. Disguised Unemployment 28.C. Global Market 4.I . Globalization 25. Uraguay round 39. Acid rains 34.P 10. Marketable surplus 36. Ozone Layer 17. Rythu bazaar 7. Rolling Plan 16.P 9.A scheme 8. Drain Theory 22.R. Velugu Schemes 29.2 Section 3 [2 marks] 2. Agrobased Industries 42.I. Global village 5. Per-capita GNP 33.I.Y.P 11. Micro Credit 18. Mahalwari System 23. Infrastructure 30.R.M.

3 HI-RANK Education Center Practice Papers :commerce 2nd year. ESSAY QUESTIONS What are the functions of marketing? Who is a whole seller? Explain the services rendered by him. Who is a leader. what are the reasons for slow development of consumer movement in India? What are the powers and functions of district forum? Explain the machinery established to protect the consumer rights at various levels. Describe the functions of stock exchange. What are the advantages of a computer and explain its characteristic features. State any 5 characteristic’s of an efficient leader. What is consumerism. Explain the role of retailer and the services rendered by him. Explain the significance and meaning of Speculation. What is listing of securities? What are the advantages and disadvantages of a) Road transport b) rail transport Short questions: Explain the differences between Life insurance and fire insurance. What are the advantages and disadvantages of T. Customs duty and Excise duty. Explain about bill of LADING. Life and Marine insurance. Home-trade and foreign-trade. Bulls and Bears. Explain various principals of Insurance excellent coaching for accounts call 9392319514 . Re-insurance and double insurance.V advertising. Gambling and Speculation.

Bonded ware. F. Chain stores. E-commerce. Low speed printers.4 Very short questions Voyage policy. Out door media. excellent coaching for accounts call 9392319514 . Wash sales. Time management. Surrender of policy. Insurable interest. Letter of credit. Ex-dividend. Rigging Indent. Entrepot trade. Lame duck.houses.R Stag.O.

powers and functions of parliament. 5. Discuss. powers and functions of loksabha. excellent coaching for accounts call 9392319514 . (Or) Explain the composition . Give a brief account of the composition. (Or) Explain the composition of union council of ministers and the role of union cabinet. (Or) Explain the structure. 3. Republic”. Explain the powers and functions of prime minister and president of India. Explain the salient features of Indian constitution.5 HI-RANK Education Center Practice Papers : II yr civics Section –1 [10 marks] 1. 4. (Or) “India is a Sovereign. Secular. Explain the role of district collector in district administration. Explain the fundamental rights as enshrined in the Indian constitution. Democratic. powers and functions of Zilla parishad. Write briefly about their importance. 2. (Or) Explain the directive principles of state policy as provided in the constitution. Socialist.

Distinguish between consumer goods and capital goods. Distinguish between perfect competition and monopoly. Define elasticity of demand.D. Explain the law of diminishing marginal utility with suitable table and graph. Explain the Adam smith’s wealth definition. Define elasticity of Supply and mention its kinds.N. Distinguish between internal and external economics. excellent coaching for accounts call 9392319514 . Explain wage cut policy.P and G. Define national income and explain the different methods of estimating national income. state different methods to measure elasticity of demand. SHORT ANSWERS: Explain the kinds of price elasticity of DEMAND.P. Explain the law of variable proportions with the help of diagram. What are the characteristics of human wants? Explain the various concepts of revenue. Explain public debt. Discuss the assumptions of classical theories. Define Robbins definition of economics and explain its importance. Distinguish between G. Distinguish between cash credit and direct loans.6 HI-RANK Education Centre Practice Papers :Economics 1st year. Distinguish between demand deposits and time deposits. Define inflation and explain any five types of inflation. Write a critical note on classical theory of output and employment. Write short note on cardinal and ordinal utility. State and explain the scarcity definition of economics. What are the various methods of debt redemption? Define and distinguish between Micro and Macroeconomics. Explain the relation between marginal cost and average cost.

Cash credit. excellent coaching for accounts call 9392319514 . veblen goods. Oligopoly. Duopoly. Creeping inflation. Barter system. Sinking fund. Laissez fair. Homogeneous goods. Real cost. Legal tender money. Free goods. Exchange value.7 VERY SHORT ANSWERS. Circular flow of income. Cardinal utility. Consumer equilibrium. Monetary and real variable. Macroeconomics. Perishable goods. Economic activity. Exchange. Fringe benefits. Value Inferior goods. Burden of public debt. Deflation. Contract rent. Special assessment. Unitary elasticity Demand. Explicit cost and Implicit cost. Aggregative demand. Value-in-use and Value-in-exchange. Economic agents Quasi rent. Free goods. Currency. Piece wage. Devaluation. Giffens paradox. Full employment.

Explain any five types of Inflations.Fixed and variable costs. 4. Relationship between Marginalcost and Averagecost.Concept of national income. 3. Explain the Law of variable propotions with diagram. 5. 10. Short Type Questions: 1.8 HI-RANK Education Centre First year Economics : I. Explain the Law of Equimarginal Utility and its importance.Primary deposits and secondary deposits. II. 10.Concept of rent. 8.Explain a) Samuelson's defination b) Marshal's defination c)Robbin's defination.Demand Deposits and Time Deposits. 15. Essay Type Questions 1. 19. 14.Types of Wages.Sources of public revenue. Distinguish between Macro and Micro Economics.Free-goods and economic-goods. 17. 2. Why does a demand curve slope downwards to right. 7. 9. Explain the three stages of Production with their importance through the Law of variable propotions. 18. 8. 3. 23.Totalutility and Marginalutility. What are its exceptions? Explain the Law of Demand and its exceptions. 13. Explain the law of Diminishing Marginal Utility.Various concepts of intrest. How Markets are classified. 4. Define National income . 11. What is consumer Equilibrium. What are the functions of Money. Define the concept of wealth and welfare. 16. 9.Balance of Trade and Balance of Payment. 5. Distinguish between internal and external debt. 6.What is public debt ? What are the various methods of Debt redemptions. 2.Wants-Efforts-Satisfaction explain. 7. Discuss the various definations of Economics.Consumer goods and Capital goods. 12. Discuss the assumptions of classical theory of output and employment. 22. 6. State different methods to measure Elasticity of Demand. Define Elasticity of demand . . 24. Explain the various methods of measuring National income. 20. GDP and GNP. 21.Explain value-in-use and value-in-exchange.

Oligopoly 33. 4. Homogeneous Goods. 34.9 III. 1. Giffen Goods 31. Ordinal Utility. Cardinal Utility 7. Complimentry Goods 19. Choice problem 3. Disposible Income. 18. Deflation. 28. Real Wage. National Income at factor cost. 37. Very Short Questions. 36. 10. Planning 21. 14. Real Cost 15. 2. 8. 40. Inferior Goods. Full Employment. 6. 38. 32. Duopoly 11. 20. Credit Money. 22. Legal Tender Money 12. Cosmopolitan Wealth. . Piece wage 29. Overdrafts. Devaluation Barter System 13. Currency 23. Exchange value 25. Opportunity Cost. Liquidity. Explicit and Implicit Cost 39. What is Wealth. Fringe Benefit. Visible items 35. Intermediatry Goods. Sinking Fund. Scarcity Rent. 16. Define Price 5. 24. Burden of Public Debt 41. 17. J. 30. Luxuries 27. Economic Agents.B Say Law of Market. Veblen Goods. 26. Quasi Rent 9.

8. Centralized Filing Very Short Type: 1. Secret Partner . Karta. Define a) Trade b) Business c) Industries. Define Co-operative Society and state the Principles and characteristics of Co-operative societies. 6. Short Type Questions. 4. Metallic Money. 8. 13. 9. 7. Define the Sole Trade Business. Article of Association. 5. Differentiate between Public Company and Private Company.I. Discuss its Merits and Demerits. 5. Perpetual Succession Prepared by Khaja Sir . Franking Machine. Define a) Equity share b) Preference share c) Debentures. 3. Public Company. Differentiate between Partnership and Sole trading concern. Entrepot Trade. Sleeping Partner. 2. 16. 12.10 HI-RANK EDUCATION CENTRE Cell: 9392319514 First Year Commerce: Essay Type Questions. 6. 11. Classify various kinds of Partnership. Strip Index. Prospectus. Working Capital. 6. Statement in Lieu of Prospectus. Explain the Functions of R. 4. 3. 3. II. Exim Bank. Certificate of Commencement of Business. 10. Extraction Industry. Partner by Estoppels.B. Lead Bank Scheme. Mithakshara Law and Dayabhaga Law. 15. 1. 17. 7. 2. 4. 18. 2. Private Company. Elements of Office Management. Explain the Characteristics of '' Good Money ''. 7. 5. Explain their various types. What are the Functions of Money. 1. What is meant by Joint Stock Company. 14. Legal Tender Money. Multinational National Cooperation.

.11 HI-RANK EDUCATION CENTRE Cell: 9392319514 First Year Commerce: Essay Type Questions. 1. (OR) b) Define State and explain its elements. . 3. a) Define Law and explain its sources. a) Explain the scope of political science and define it. (OR) b) Define Sovereignty and explain its features. a) Discuss the views of Bentham on ‘Utilitarianism’ (OR) b) What are the basic Characteristic features of maxism. 4. 2.

State and explain Lenz’s law. 14. What is the necessity for banking of roads? 16. What is the principle of launching of a satellite into an orbit? 19. 6. 20. What are ohmic and non-ohmic conductors give examples. Draw the shape of ammonia molecule. Explain the working of laundry drier. 13. Differences between orbit and orbital. What are Pharmaceuticals? 11. 18. 22. what is the electronic configuration of a) copper b) magnesium. What is the principle of screw gauge? 35. What is damped vibrations. What are isobars give an example. Explain why electron enters into 4s orbital but not 3d after filling 3p orbital. 28. 24. What are forward and reverse bias conditions of a diode. What is doping. 37. 31. 25. 10. Differentiate between mass and weight of a body. Distinguish between machine language and high level language. 15. State inverse square law of magnetism. What is artificial transmutation give example? 17. 12. 5. What is centrifuge how does it works. 7. What is ionic product of water? 26. Draw the structure of ASPRIN molecule. Subject: Physics SAQ: cell : 9391159815 1. 2. Distinguish between inertial and non-inertial frame of reference. Draw shape of pcl5 molecule. . 3. Define half-life period of radioactive substances. 21. What are the uses of laser in medicine? 27. 9. What is sulphitation? 29. What is catenation? 8. What is new lands concepts of octaves. Para and Ferro magnetic substances. Write any two differences between acids and bases. What is allotropy? Mention the application of radio 30. 33. Define solid angle. Explain the terms luminous flux and luminous intensity.12 HI-RANK Education Centre Class: x. 32. What is nodal plane? 34. 36. Define ionization energy and electron affinity. Write the differences between alkanes and alkenes. 4. 23. Compare the value of relative permeability and magnetic susceptibility of dia.

16.13 38. A house is fitted with 10 lamps of each 60 watt . 22. How does a peptide bond formed. 20. What are proteins. 25. State the properties and uses of junction transistors. ( molecular weight of NAOH is 40 ) Essay types: 1. What is fractionation? Describe about petroleum fractionation and mention principle products obtained. 8. How does it help in understanding reflection and refraction of light. mention the Important by-products and its uses. What are alkanes? Write the substitution and combustion reaction of alkanes. Mention the important function’s of protein’s. 27. Write down the limitations of Arrhenius theory. 15. Describe the method to determine the velocity of sound in air. Explain Ewing’s molecular theory of magnetism.V communication with block diagram. 3.4M solution. What is binding energy? 40. 2. Calculate the number of moles of NAOH present in 750 ml of 0. 42. How do the following properties vary in a period and in a group. Describe an experiment to verify ohms law. 24. What are isobar’s and isotone’s. Explain the formation of triple bond in nitrogen molecule. Explain with example’s. 39. How is the alcohol manufactured industrially? 5. 13. a) Atomic radius. 6. 10. find the cost of consumption in a month of 30 days at the rate of Rs. Write the important features of Rutherford’s planetary model. What is saponification? 41. Explain the construction and working of Transformer. State Arrhenius theory of acids and bases. 18. State and explain with one example Hunds rule of maximum multiplicity. What are the steps involved in the production of sugar from sugar cane. Explain the construction and working of Nuclear reactor. 11. 21.2. if each lamp burns 5 hours a day. . 23. How do you determine the diameter of a wire using a screw gauge? 17. 4. 9. Explain the formation of coordinate covalent bond with a suitable example. Explain briefly various stages of radio communication. Describe a ripple tank. d) Electropositive character. 26. Describe an experiment to verify Faraday’s second law of electrolysis. 7. Mention the application of radioisotopes in industry. 19. Define a) strong acid b) strong base c) weak acid d) weak base with example. Define ionization energy. Draw the block diagram of computer and describe the function of each component. Explain the different stages of T. b) Oxidizing property. c) Electro negativity. Mention two factors that influence it. State a) joules law b) Fleming’s right hand rule. 12.40 per unit. 14.

Transformer. Shape of D orbital. 6.V communication Formation of wave fronts. Manufacture of cement. Manufacture of alcohol. 5. . Nuclear reactor. 2. T. 1. 4. 7.14 Diagrams. 3.

3−√5. 13. 10. by = c. The nth term of an A. then show that xyz = 1. Each question carries 1 mark. 5×2 = 10. cz =a. Section I: Solve any 5 choosing at least 2 from each group. Define bijection. Define a) convex set b) objective function.P is (3n+1) find the sum of its first ‘n’ terms. If n (A∪Β) = 51. Time : 2½ hrs.P . GROUP B 5.120) and (80. 6. 3.2. 8. If ax =b.5}.B'=B-A. 14. 12. 7.3} and B = {3. then find then value of g(1) + g(2)+ g(3) f(-4)+f(-2)+f(2) 4. If ( 64 )x= 1/ (256)y = 2√‾2 . GROUP A 1. g(x) = X²-X-2. whose roots are 3+√5. Hi-Rank Education Centre Marks : 50. Write the quadratic equation. Maximize the objective function F = 1/4x + 3/20y at (0. Find Α ∆ Β .40). 4×1 = 4. If A. n (Α) = 2 0. 11. Section II: Solve any (4) of the following (6) questions. B are any two sets. Then show that 3x + 4y = 0. if Α = {1. . 9. If f(x) = X+2 . Define Implication and write its truth table. then prove that A'. if the polynomial X³-3X²+4X+K is exactly divisible by (X-2). 2. Whose 8th term is 192 and common ratio is 2. Determine the 12th term of a G.15 A Model Question Paper Subject: Math’s Class : 10th Each carries 2 marks. n ( Β ) = 4 4. find the value of n(Α∩ Β ). Find the value of K.4.

Prove that (A∪Β) ′ = Α ′ ∩ Β ′ for any two subsets A. g (x) = 3x-1.5 + 0. fog (3).t. 24. 18.M. h (x) = 2x Then show that ho (gof) = (hog) of. y ≤ 4.16 (P. H.n terms. 4×4 = 16. Solve x²-x-2 = 0.555 + ……. Let f. then show that 1 + 1 + 1 =1 -1 –1 -1 1+L+m 1+m+n 1+n+L 21. √x‾ GROUP B 19. 20. G. B of a universal set.o) (Contd…) Section III: Solve any (4) choosing atleast (2) from each group. If lmn = 1.M. Using the graph of y = x2 . Let f: R→R and g: R→R be defined by f(x) = 1+2x and g(x) = 3-2x . gof (3). The A. Minimize F = 3x+2y. subject to the constraints 2x+y ≤ 8. 23. Find the sum to n terms of the series in G. .55 + 0. 22. Section IV: Solve any 1 Carries 5 marks. Maximize F = 2x+y. 16. x ≥ y. h be functions defined as fallows f (x) = x+2. 17. subject to the constraints x+y ≥ 1. 0 ≤ x ≤ 1. G. Find the term independent of x in the expansion of (5 + 6√x‾)20.P 0. Show that A ≥ G ≥H. x ≥ 0. x ≤ 3. Each question carries 4 marks. find fog(x) Gof (x). 1×5=5.M. y ≥ 0. . y ≥ 0. of two numbers is A. g. H respectively. GROUP A 15.

Show that (A’)' = A. Inverse and Contrapositive of the Conditional “ If in a ∆le ABC. 5×2 = 10. Section I: Solve any 5 choosing at least 2 from each group. . Hi-Rank Education Centre Marks : 50.17 B Model Question Paper Subject: Math’s Class : 10th Each carries 2 marks. Write the Converse. GROUP A 1. 2. 3. Time : 2½ hrs. AB > AC then ∟C >∟B.

What are respiratory substrates? Give two examples. 13. Define photosynthesis. 12. What is an electron acceptor? Give some examples. Subject: biology.18 HI-RANK Education Centre Class: x. 11. What is a reaction center? 2. 10. Explain why leaf is often regarded as food factory of plants. Write the difference between light and dark reaction. medhipatnam Hyderabad-28. What is cellular respiration? 14. What is a pigment? 3. How is citric acid formed? 15. 7. How can you prove that carbon dioxide is essential for photosynthesis? 8. 1. Draw Transverse section of a leaf and label its parts. Describe the internal structure of a leaf. 9. What Murad nagar. What are reaction intermediates? 5. Chapter : Life process. 6. cell: 9392319514 . 4. Explain the structure of a chloroplast.